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Story Notes:

Please check out my collage for this story on Deviantart (link below). I wrote this story specifically for this collage, but I thought the story itself become good enough and long enough to also stand on its own, so I decided to post the story here by itself. But feel free to also check out the image associated with it if you are interested.


Stacey was the prettiest and most popular girl at school, and for that many other girls hated her out of jealousy. One day during lunch, the girls plotted how they could eliminate Stacey so that boys would start paying them more attention instead of her. One of the girls had a dad that worked at a secret government facility on a shrink ray, and she would smuggle the shrink ray into school and use it on Stacey. From there, the girls would then dispose of Stacey in the most humiliating and degrading way possible.

It was well known throughout the school that one of the teachers, Ms. Pierson, was a Lesbian. One of the girls forged a love letter in what looked like Stacey's handwriting. This would then be placed on Ms. Pierson's desk, so that when she read it she would think that Stacey was madly in love with her and had shrunken herself willingly, and given herself over to her. This of course was the opposite of the truth, as Stacey was only interested in boys and found Lesbians to be disgusting, but this is what made this punishment so good in the mind of the plotters.

The next day, the girl with the dad who worked for the government brought the top secret shrink ray to school as promised, while the girl who forged the love letter secretly planted it on Ms. Pierson's desk. Just before class was about to begin, the girl with the gun blasted Stacey in the hallway, and then handed her over to another girl, named Becky, who took a seat inside Ms. Pierson's class. After awhile, the opportunity Becky was waiting for finally came when Ms. Pierson walked over to an adjacent desk to help a student with an assignment.

With Ms. Pierson's butt bent over in her direction, Becky quickly affixed a piece of scotch tape to the squirming popular girl, and then very carefully pressed her face first into the teacher's huge ass crack. Becky managed to do this so well that Ms. Pierson did not even feel it or notice it. Becky gave a thumbs up to the other girls in the class to let them know she had been successful, and pointed towards the teacher's butt as she walked back to the front of the class and resumed her lecture.

The girls began to snicker and giggle among themselves as they watched the hottest girl in the school being stuck helplessly like a bug in the crack of their teacher, and forced to inhale the smell of her butt with every breath. To the girls, this seemed like a very fitting comeuppance for this arrogant blonde girl who thought she was superior to them. It wasn't until after class that Ms. Pierson finally noticed there was something stuck to her butt, and peeled it off.

"Oh my God, you little pervert!" Ms. Pierson exclaimed, seeing that what she thought had been a bug, was actually a shrunken girl.

Stacey began to scream as loud as she could, and tried to explain to her teacher that this had been a cruel prank played on her, but her voice registered as nothing more than shrill squeaks to the teacher's ears.

"Wait a minute... Stacey?! Why would you of all people perv on my ass? I thought you only liked boys?"

Stacey began to squirm and struggle violently to try to escape from the tape, while continuing to shout that she had been set up. Meanwhile, Ms. Pierson finally noticed the note one of the girls planted on her desk.

"What's this?" Ms. Pierson grabbed the love letter that was carefully decorated with hearts and glitter, and began to read it.

"Dear Ms. Pierson, I can't fight these feelings I've been having ever since I first laid eyes on you." Ms. Pierson said, as she read the forged love letter out loud.

"Every day, my eyes are glued on that thicc booty of yours, and each night I finger myself, and drift off to sleep, dreaming of being buried deep inside of your lovely crack." Ms. Pierson raised an eyebrow and paused to look at the cute young female still stuck to the tape.

"I didn't write that! I'm being framed!" Stacey shouted, but it came out as nothing more than mouse-like squeaks.

"I know you are attracted to the same sex -- just like I am -- so I thought that if I shrank myself down and offered myself to you in this gesture, you would be kind enough to take me in, and accept me as your loyal and obediant butt slut. I want to spend the rest of my life serving and worshiping both of your heavenly cracks -- front and back -- with my tiny shrunken tongue."

Ms. Pierson paused a moment to blush, while Stacey continued to squirm and scream in vain. Finally, regaining her composure, Ms. Pierson continued to read:

"Let this letter and the fact I have gone through with this enormous sacrifice prove to you my sincerity. No matter how much I may seem to scream, struggle, or resist, please know that this is just because I am playing hard to get. That is just part of the fantasy for me. I give you complete permission to dominate and use me in any way that you see fit. I offer myself to you as your own personal living dildo-girl. Please take me with you when you go to work at school every day, buried deep inside that sexy thicc ass of yours. Let me be your living buttplug-girl, hidden secretly inside of you as you teach my classmates.

As you teach them in order to prepare them for life in the normal world, please also teach me in order to prepare me for a life time of being your own personal butt slut, and your sex toy. Please also teach me on how to be your toilet paper, and clean you up after you go to the bathroom. I may be a slow learner, but you are an excellent teacher. No matter how badly I seem to struggle or resist, know that deep down this is what I really want, so don't feel bad about disciplining me, until I learn my place and lick and eat whatever you instruct me to. From this time forward, you are no longer Ms. Pierson to me; instead, you are now my Goddess.

Sincerely, your eternal Butt Slut, Stacey. XOXOXOXO"

"Oh my God..." Ms. Pierson said, blushing deeply. "I just find this all very hard to believe, and yet this is definitely your hand writing. This is all just so much to take in, but who am I to deny a young woman her fantasy?"

"NOOOOOOO!!!!!" Stacey screamed at the top of her lungs. "I swear, I didn't write any of that! Please believe me!"

"Wow, you really weren't kidding about playing hard to get," Ms. Pierson chuckled down at the pretty blonde as she thrashed and squeaked violently.

"And you're such a pretty young lady," Ms. Pierson added in a husky, aroused voice, as she lustily oggled the beautiful shrunken teen in her hand. "It is going to be sooooo much fun playing with you, and forcing you to pamper both of my womanly cracks with that younger tongue of yours."

Ms. Pierson began to unbuckle her belt and shimmy out of her trousers. "Okay, let's get you introduced and settled into your new home. I've already done the work of wiping myself, so you won't have to worry about doing that today, but I will be expecting you to take care of that for me from now on. I'll be grading you on your performance, so consider this a test." Ms. Pierson laughed, as she dropped the hottest girl in school down in the dank depths of her thicc butt crack...


Stacey was never seen again. No one except Ms. Pierson knew what had happened to her, but the girls that pulled this elaborate "prank" on her had a good idea, when they would look at Ms. Pierson's butt during class and notice tiny movements inside the fabric, as if there was something small trapped inside there, struggling to escape. Every time they seen this happening, they would laugh.

The girls never spoke of what they had done to anyone. As years went by, the girls graduated, married the boys that Stacey had once stolen from them, had children, and lived otherwise normal lives. Over time, the memory of the cruel prank they had pulled began to fade, and they began to dismiss what they had done as having only been a dream.

But for Stacey, each day became an all too real nightmare. Despite how beautiful she was, Stacey was denied being able to date guys, get married, and live a normal life like the other girls did. Instead, she was made to serve and worship an older woman in the most disgusting ways imaginable. Perhaps the saddest thing of all was that as the years passed by, she gradually began to accept her fate. She learned early on that any resistance would be met with punishment, so she began to eat Ms. Pierson's waste without complaint. Because of the forged letter, this is what Ms. Pierson believed Stacey really wanted.

It wasn't. But at least she had learned to get used to it. If nothing else, it was sustenance that kept her going for all these years. What should have been the prime years of her life were spent consuming her teacher's waste and serving her in unspeakable ways. Whatever Ms. Pierson decided to eat eventually became what Stacey at as well. Ms. Pierson's waste became the building blocks which nourished Stacey as she transitioned from a teenager into a woman in her own right. But no woman should be made to live as she was now forced to live.


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