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Author's Chapter Notes:

(The version of Chloe used here is based off an earlier version I was helping develop with CrankoWanko, and is nonindicative of the way she may appear in his stories.)


Amy hummed cheerfully to herself as she thudded thunderously down the hall. Of course, everything she did was thunderous to her miniscule housemate, who was roused from his afternoon nap by the shockwaves of her skipping. John tried to ignore it by wrapping his makeshift pillow, a large cotton ball, around his head, but it was of little use. 

“JOOOOO~OOOOHN!” Amy called out impatiently, stomping a massive foot outside his miniature house.

Groaning loudly, the inch-tall man rolled out of bed and let himself collapse on the floor. It was bad enough having Amy interrupt his afternoon ritual by shouting, he didn’t want her to start trying to force him out by reaching inside. Or worse, picking his whole house up and shaking it until he fell out—likely into the depths of her immense cleavage. 

Opening the door, John was greeted by the sight of his titanic housemate standing with her hands on her monstrously-wide hips. Hips that could easily smash his entire house to smithereens without her even noticing…

The little man quickly shook the thought from his mind, rubbing the sleep from his eyes and nearly arching his back to stare up at the sky-high face of his gargantuan housemate. “Back already?” He yawned, resting his hands behind his head idly. “I thought you were supposed to be working out?” 

“I was,” Amy explained with palpable frustration. She leaned forward inquisitively and inadvertently gave the tiny man a full view of her breasts, safely packed within her heavy-duty sports bra. “And if you don’t wanna join me next time,” She punctuated with a menacing rock of her hips, “You’d better tell me what you’ve been doing this whole time! Didn’t you get my texts!?” 

“Uhh…” Stealthily, John reached into his pocket and glanced at his phone. Presented clearly on the screen were several urgent-looking messages. He guiltily rubbed the back of his head and began, “Well, y’see—”

A massive finger rocketed into orbit and came down on his body, pinning his back against the table. “Alright, alright,” The little man wheezed, “I was asleep! You know John Boy needs his beauty sleep!” He grinned sheepishly and hoped his cutesy tone would appeal to the inherently playful girl. 

Smirking, Amy lifted her finger, granting John a reprieve from her oppressing digit. Apparently that’d done the trick. “Alright, you get a pass this time, sleepyhead,” Amy said teasingly, “But don’t think I’ll let you get away with it every time I need you to clean up around here!

“Just look at this place! It’s a mess!” Amy despaired, looking around the greater room in which John’s much-smaller room sat. “How are we going to be able to clean all of this up? We have company coming over!” She took a step closer to the miniature house and once again John marveled at the absolute size of the young woman’s hips.

He wasn’t normal-sized like Amy, but even if he was he was sure he’d still be overwhelmed by the sheer mass of her thunder thighs. The girl had been known as ‘Superclutz: Squisher of Tinies’ around her college campus for a reason. She’d already regaled him with many “humorous” tales of the many tiny boyfriends (though they were more glorified accessories to the ditzy girl) she’d managed to accidentally drop and lose between her thighs, eventually turning up hours or even days later trapped in her waistband or even worse, between her cheeks.

Speaking of which… 

John rolled his eyes at the girl’s stunning lack of acknowledgement of the size disparity between them. “I don’t see—”  And then Amy turned around and bent over, forcing him to stop and marvel at the absolute size of the young woman’s hips as they loomed precariously over John’s miniature house while she scanned the ground for debris.

Amy was known for many things, the greatest of which was her absolutely gargantuan ass. If her hips alone could fill a football field, each generous cheek could easily overflow an entire stadium on their own. Bending over, she exposed her tiny housemate to the pitifully small gym shorts that had already ridden far up her expansive crack. John gulped as he watched more and more of the unfortunate attire disappear between her cheeks and prayed that he’d never have to pay a visit to wherever it all disappeared to. He wanted to look away, but found himself unable to take his eyes off the hypnotically-jiggling masses.

“Look at this,” Amy tutted, holding between two fingers a comically tiny shirt. “You just left this lying around for somebody to trip on!” She threw the shirt behind her and sighed. She glanced behind her and noticed the vacant look still plastered stupidly on her tiny housemate’s face. “Ohh, I see…” She said in a mischievous voice. 

John snapped to attention. “Huh? What? What’d you see!?” His dirty shirt slapped him in the face and when he removed it he nearly had a heart attack. 

“Getting the usual eyeful in, huh, John Boy?” Amy had taken a step backwards, bringing her miles-wide ass within dangerous proximity to him and his house. This close, the tiny man could make out every single freckle and bead of sweat dotting her cheeks. “Don’t you think it’s a little big,” She said with a wiggle of her rump that sent waves rippling across its surface, “For a guy your size? Plenty of tinies have gotten lost in it before.” She put a finger to her lips and winked at him.

“Who knows,” Amy continued, “Maybe there’s someone still in there.” She slowly began to back up, filling more and more of John’s view with the expanse of her twin buttocks. “Why don’t you take a look?

So—so—so—so you said we had somebody coming over?” John stuttered, scrambling backwards, away from the approaching ass of his housemate. He hoped that Amy would drop the issue and not, say, accidentally trip and smash his entire house to pieces. 

With a satisfied raise of her eyebrows, Amy stopped just shy of the table and returned to her usual hands-on-hips pose. “Yeah. Think you can handle ‘em this time?”

“Oh sure, yeah, definitely,” John said nonchalantly, as if he hadn’t been panicking over getting squashed by the giant woman mere seconds earlier. “So who is it? Am I finally going to meet the fabled Jasmine?

Nooo,” Amy answered with a shake of her head that sent her auburn locks bouncing, “It’s Chloe. You remember her, right?” 

The equivalent of a Vietnam War flashback shot across John’s eyes. Quickly blinking the painful memories away, he responded, “Y-yeah. Yeah, of course I remember.” Trying to hide his miniscule blush, he gently fixed a lampshade that had been hanging crooked in his humble abode. “...I’m still cleaning up after her last visit, actually.”

“I know you guys didn’t really get along last time, but she promised that as long as you behave yourself…”

John crossed his arms, scoffing at the very thought of not keeping his distance from Chloe. 

“...She’ll play a bit nicer this time! Sound good?” 

John grunted hesitantly. Though his heart was still racing over another encounter with the legendary ‘Boobzilla’, he knew that any attempt at getting close to her was doomed to wind up with him a little too close. With breasts that dwarfed Amy’s and rivaled her butt in terms of sheer mass, Chloe far surpassed John’s picture of the ideal woman. But her bratty demeanor and hands-on approach to “getting to know” tinies made her far from the ideal houseguest. At least not one you’d intend to stay for more than a one-night-stand. 

In the middle of his miniature internal debate, John glanced up at Amy’s large, pleading eyes. Finally, he shrugged. “Eh, it’s fine.” He doubted Chloe could be any worse than last time. At least he was wise to her tricks now. 

Great!” Amy squealed with delight. A massive hand swept out of the air and snatched up the tiny man without a second thought. “Because she’s already here!” With a carefree whistle, she pivoted and eagerly bounded out of the room, swinging her fist without a care in the world. 

For John, the ride was practically nauseating. Granted, being carried anywhere by Amy was like taking your own private rollercoaster, but now he was nearly suffocating in her sweaty palm. With several muffled cries and a great struggle, he managed to poke his head out from between her fingers, giving him fresh air and a view of the outside world. 

Amy!” He shouted, his voice seemingly lost in the winds swept up by the swinging arms. “Amy, hang on a sec!” 

Against all odds, the titan seemed to pick up on his plight and stopped in her tracks so she could hold up her tiny friend. “Whoops, sorry about that,” She said, stifling a giggle. “Guess I was a little too eager...” 

“I’ll say,” John huffed. Standing up in the uneven surface of her palm, he continued, “Don’t you think you should’ve, y’know, asked before you brought company over?”

Amy considered this. “Well… Okaaay…” She at least seemed to acknowledge that he had a point. “But don’t be asleep next time I text you!” She moved to curl her fingers back around her housemate but thought better of it at the last second. Picking him up as gently as she could, she hoisted him into the air and deposited him on her shoulder. “Better?” 

“Much,” John answered with a grateful sigh. “So… Why aren’t you working out right now? I thought you and Chloe liked to get your exercise in after class?”

Amy sighed. “Yeah, we were… But then a bunch of tinies got all worked up for no reason and we got kicked out! Again! Can you believe it?” 

“Hardly,” John replied dryly. He momentarily glanced down to Amy’s bouncing buttocks and wondered if there really was anybody stuck in there.

“So after that I remembered that TLC had that new show coming on today so I said we could watch it together. You remember the one with the mixed-size couple?” 

John nodded. He knew it well. As much as he was loath to admit it, he’d secretly been counting down the days until its premier, if only to ridicule it. “Okay, so how come Chloe had to come here?” 

But he would never get his answer. Suddenly, Amy came to an abrupt stop, causing John to tumble from her shoulder. Reaching out desperately, he managed to grab hold of a lock of bright auburn hair at the last second. “Amy!” He shouted, flailing his legs about, “How about a little warning next time?!” 

Y’know… I should probably hop in the shower first,” The girly goliath mused, ignoring his cries. “I probably reek from the gym. What do you think, John? ...John?” She turned her head and noticed he was missing from her shoulder. As she did, John found himself swinging through the air like a 1/100th scale figure of Tarzan until he slapped against one of her sweaty breasts with a pathetic ‘plap’. Amy was about to get down on her hands and knees to search for him when she noticed the tiny man stuck to her chest out of the corner of her eye.  

“There you are! Thought I lost you for a sec!” She gently peeled her tiny housemate off her and deposited him on the dining room table. “Stay here, I’m gonna go hop in the shower real quick!” She turned around and began to saunter towards her room, her colossal hips bouncing with each playful step. 

“Aren’t you gonna ask if I wanna join you!?” John called after her half-jokingly. While he would’ve given anything to be in the shower with a girl like Amy at his old height, a shower with the clumsy girl at his current size likely would’ve ended with him getting mixed up with her sponges, nearly getting sucked down the drain, or worse. 

For now, he was content with being left to his own devices. Just as long as…

Well, well, well. Joooohn Little,” A sultry, larger-than-life voice boomed from above as a dark shadow cast his entire body into darkness.

Taking a deep breath to steady his nerves, John and turned around to greet his unwelcome guest. “Well, well, well, Chloe…” It suddenly dawned on him that he didn’t know her last name. If it were anything like his, it’d probably be something along the lines of Megatits, or Squashman-Squeeze. But for the moment his jaw was left hanging as he found himself face-to-face—or rather, face-to-crotch—with the infamous Boobzilla herself.

Indeed, from his position atop the table, he was only about level with the thinnest pair of gym shorts he’d even seen. They clung to the fearsome titan’s broad hips so form-fittingly that he could almost make out the shape of her lower lips. The sight was tantalizing. So close, yet so forbidden… 

Freeing himself from his fantasies, John attempted to achieve eye contact with the enormous woman. Craning his neck all the way up, her face was completely obscured by her breasts, which threatened to bust out of the microscopic sports bra she had somehow squeezed them into. It wasn’t like she had to do much to burst right out of it, considering the inappropriate gym attire left plenty of underboob showing. 

The legends were unclear about the exact size of Chloe’s world-renowned bust. He’d heard whispers (and gossip from Amy) that it was definitely somewhere in the middle of the alphabet. Double G’s? Double H’s? He wasn’t even sure if that was possible. Then again, all of reality seemed to curve around the weight of her boobs. It broke the laws of physics, almost. 

“What’s the matter, squirt? Pussycat got your tongue?” To emphasize her double-entendre, Chloe rocked her hips forward, almost presenting her nethers to the tiny man. She pinched the sides of her shorts and hoisted them even higher, perfectly outlining the shape of her sex for his viewing pleasure. 

Not to be intimidated, John forced himself to reply. “I heard you got kicked out of the gym,” He announced. He mentally debated whether or not to raise his voice, uncertain if she could even hear him through the sheer boobage that stood between her face and his entire body. 

Chloe seemed to find this amusing, if the low chuckle that echoed from her were any indication. She shifted her weight and her breasts above him wobbled with the hint of a threat. 

“It’s true,” Chloe finally replied. “I got a little handsy with a little man who reminded me of you. Thought I’d tuck him somewhere for safekeeping, but now I just can’t seem to find him…” She put a facetious finger to her chin and gave her weighty breasts a gentle jiggle. “Hey, I know! Why don’t you—” 

“Take a look? Nah, I’m good.” He smirked with superiority. One step ahead of her.

Chloe pouted. “Aw, did Amy already…” 

“Yeah,” John confirmed, “She already did the Take-a-Look bit.” 

Dammit!” Chloe swore under her breath. Toying with tinies wasn’t nearly as fun if they already knew what to expect. Part of the joy was catching them completely off-guard. Though… It wasn’t like she couldn’t find other ways of having fun with him.

John watched cautiously as one of Chloe’s massive hands loomed overhead menacingly before abruptly dropping out of the air and snatching him up. He let out a cry of pain as he felt her long nails dig into his chest and back. Unlike Amy, who usually made sure to pick him up by the back of his shirt, Chloe clearly didn’t have any knowledge on how to handle tinies like him. Either that or she simply didn’t care. 

Bringing the tiny man up to eye-level, Chloe smirked delightedly. If she couldn’t outwit her pocket-sized rival, then she could always overpower him. 

Alright, alright!” John called out, squirming between Chloe’s fingers, “You can do the Take-a-Look bit too, I won’t judge! Just put me down first!”

“Nah, I don’t think so,” Chloe replied, lowering him down to level with her large, plush lips. “Y’know… Earlier Amy was talking about wanting you to come work out with us.” She lowered him again, until he was directly facing her twin tits.

Watching the beads of sweat roll down Chloe’s breasts, John decided he couldn’t take it anymore. “Is this going somewhere?” He asked impatiently. If she was planning on sexually frustrating him again, he’d appreciate it if she would just get on with it. 

Getting there,” Chloe muttered, squeezing the tiny man between her fingers. “I tried to tell her it was a bad idea, but you know Amy!” She chuckled, causing her breasts to jiggle in front of her tiny captive’s face. 

To John’s surprise, she lowered him even further. Was she really putting him down? No, he realized as the woman’s bust slowly eclipsed him. She was sticking him somewhere far worse. 

“So I figured I’d give you a demonstration of our session!” Chloe laughed, sending the breasts above his head jiggling again. 

“N-now Chloe,” John began, noticing that he was slowly being brought closer and closer to her exposed underboob, “Remember what Amy said! You told her you’d be nicer this time, right? Chloe—” The rest of his argument was lost as he was unceremoniously stuffed between the goliath’s giga-sized tits from below. 

Chloe grinned as she felt the tiny man’s protests get lost between her breasts. “I don’t remember that,” She continued pushing John further in, making sure he was nice and wedged in there before removing her hand. To her confusion, it was slightly moist. She shrugged it off. “I said I’d play nicer. And what’s nicer than getting a facefull of your favorite thing in the whole world?”

Whatever John said, Chloe didn’t hear it. Instead of dignifying him with a reply, she simply gave her boobs a playful bounce and enjoyed the feeling of the tiny man squirming from deep within her cavernous cleavage. 

After a few moments of toying with her new titslave, Chloe grew bored. It was time, she supposed, to give him some air. Leisurely, she sank a hand between her breasts and began the near-impossible search for the little guy. 

Feeling around momentarily, she was able to locate her prize and pinch him by the leg. Or arm? It was hard to tell. 

Now came the fun part. With agonizing slowness, the massive woman began to drag John up through her cleavage. A large, dumb grin split across her plush lips as she felt his miniscule body being helplessly dragged through a doughy, marshmellowy heaven. 

For John, however, the ride was more like a trip through a steamy, sweaty hell. He opened his mouth to breathe only to nearly suffocate on the sweat trapped between the titan’s tits. Apparently, Chloe hadn’t bothered to towel off after exercising, and now he was being forced to endure the results of over an hour’s worth of boobsweat buildup.

Unable to prolong John’s humiliating journey any longer, Chloe finally pulled his tiny body out from between her breasts. She was just about to tease him again when she saw the state he was in and curled her lip in disgust: her tiny rival was sopping wet, drenched from head-to-toe in her foul sweat. “Haha, grosssss!” 

“Why’re you upset!?” John demanded, hanging upside-down by his leg. “It’s your sweat! Imagine how I feel!” Unlikely, but it was worth a shot.

“Aw, I thought you would’ve liked your private sauna session!” Giggling, Chloe slapped John’s wet form onto the table and rubbed her sweaty hand off on her shorts. She leered down at the tiny man, and as she did another mischievous idea floated into her head. 

With a grimace, John rose to his feet. Being soaked with water was bad enough for a person his size, but getting a bodyful of some brat’s post-workout boob sweat was far, far worse. He would’ve taken off his shirt and wrung it out, but he wasn’t about to give her the satisfaction. 

He was in the middle of trying to wipe himself clean when the shadow of Chloe’s house-sized hand came into view. “Need some help, squirt?” Chloe mused. “How about I give you a hand.” With a playful flick, John was launched from his perch atop the dining room table and sent flying across the house. 

John's chest stung as he careened through the air with a yell of surprise. His surroundings whizzed past him in a blur, too fast to tell where he was headed; his only real point of reference was Chloe's dwindling sneer as she watched him soar across the room.

The inevitable impact was surprisingly soft, though it did leave John temporarily winded. Collapsing onto the ground, he coughed and wheezed as he attempted to regain his composure. Looking up, he saw that he’d definitely traveled a good distance. The table where he’d sat was far away, but rapidly approaching was the titanic form of Chloe herself, who had a knowing smirk on her face and was swinging her hips exaggeratedly back and forth.

John’s stomach dropped. He knew where he’d ended up. Looking down at the soft, pillowy ground beneath him and up at the wall of equally-soft material behind him, his fears were confirmed. He’d been launched directly onto the couch. Out of the frying pan, into the fire…

Chloe did her best to suppress a villainous laugh. This was just too perfect! She dramatically swung her backside around towards the mite of a man, exposing to him her delectably round ass, every single curve of it accentuated by the tight-fitting form of her struggling spats. “Make room, squirt!” She laughed, “‘Cause here comes Chloe!” After making sure to stick her butt out as much as possible, she began her dramatic descent backwards onto the couch. 

Time was running out for John. The second he’d caught sight of her ass, he got to his feet and broke out into a mad sprint. He had to get away… He had to get away… 

The shadow of Chloe’s backside grew darker over the tiny man. He closed his eyes and focused all of his energy into escaping his gruesome fate of an eternity under the maneater’s carnivorous curves. With a running jump, he launched himself forward with the last of his strength.

With a soft ‘pompf’, Chloe impacted the couch. She sighed and took her time getting comfy, but noticed a concerning lack of a struggle for air beneath her luxurious ass. She gave her rear end another exploratory wiggle, but couldn’t feel anything beneath it. She looked down beside her and noticed John’s puny form flopped out on the couch cushion next to hers. So, the little ass snack had managed to escape after all. 

She started to lift herself off the couch to rectify her mistake, but thought better of it. She figured she’d let him have this one…

John was still gasping for air when he heard Chloe’s domineering voice again. “Better watch yourself, squirt,” She teased. “Almost gave you a full tour of the outback!” She gave her hips a playful wiggle that John couldn’t see, but could feel as the entire couch shook beneath him. 

The little man thanked whoever was listening for sparing him from becoming nothing more than a chew toy for Chloe’s ass. He’d managed to save himself, but he was spent. All he could do now was roll onto his back and glare up at the big-booty brat for the derriere death trap he’d only narrowly avoided. 

He was about to come up with a snide remark to rub Chloe’s face in the fact that she’d failed to squish him when another shadow overtook his vision. A much, much bigger shadow…

“Sorry I took so long!” Amy called, just finishing up fastening her bra in place. She was dressed only in her underwear, her hair bundled up with a towering white towel. “Just got outta the shower, but I’m ready to start!” 

John hoarsely tried to call out to Amy, but it was no use. The girl was notorious for her total lack of awareness, so if she didn’t already know he was there, he would be practically invisible to her. 

The cogs in Chloe’s head turned as she realized that she could still get the last laugh on her tiny rival. Casually, she replied, “Alright then, take your seat. Girl-friend.” She punctuated each word with a heavy pat of the comfy couch cushion beside her that threw John off his feet.

John’s jaw dropped as he realized the punishment the big-titted she-devil had arranged for him. If she couldn’t squish him herself, then she could at least make sure somebody did the deed. 

A premonition of death flashed before the tiny man’s eyes as Amy’s immense ass swung over him. He tried to make some last-minute eye-contact with his oblivious housemate, but her panty-clad buttocks eclipsed the sky, seeming to stretch on for miles in every direction. And he was on a collision course with the dead-center of it, right between each planet-sized asscheek. 

So this is how it ends… He closed his eyes and tensed up, awaiting his inevitable demise beneath Amy’s endless ass. But it never came. Slowly opening a single eye, he saw that Amy had stopped just shy of actually sitting on the couch, bracing herself against the couch with an arm before standing back up. 

“Wait!” Amy boomed suddenly. “Where’s John? I wanted him to watch it with us...”

John said a silent prayer of gratitude for the gods’ mercy. Now he just needed Amy to—

“Oh, John?” Chloe answered, “Don’t worry about him. Said something about being tired and needing to lie down. So I helped John Boy get a little shut-eye.” She glanced down at John and winked at him devilishly. “Figured we’d just have ourselves a little girls' night.”

That fucking bitch. 

“Typical John,” Amy sighed, shaking her head. “I just wanted him to spend some time with us. Was that too much to ask of him!?” Frustrated, she collapsed backwards onto the couch. 

As Amy’s roaring rump came down on him, John used his last few moments of freedom to scream the name of his eternal tormentor. “CHLOE—” And he was gone, swallowed up by his oblivious friend’s all-consuming ass. 

After John had disappeared beneath her friend’s curves, Chloe blew a small kiss down to where he’d been visible only moments prior. She was so glad she was friends with Amy. After all, nobody could squish a tiny quite like her! 

. . .

The show lasted over an hour, and afterwards the two girls spent almost twice that amount of time talking about it, laughing over the mixed-size hijinks the couples had themselves gotten into. Finally, after several hours of girl-talk on the couch, Chloe had taken her leave and gone home. Amy had enjoyed her visit, but she was relieved to have a chance to stand up and stretch her legs.

For the past few hours, she’d been feeling a weird buzzing underneath her. She’d ground her ass into the couch a few times to try to smother the irritating itch, but it hadn't helped. So she had been waiting for Chloe to leave before investigating. The last thing she needed was to give the obnoxious tease yet another excuse to make fun of the size of her ass, and anything she might’ve accidentally sat on this time.

Amy rose from the couch and inspected where she’d been sitting. Aside from the massive indentation each buttcheek had left behind, which took up half the area of the couch by itself, there wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. Maybe it’d just been her imagination…

Instead of investigating closer, Amy simply shrugged her shoulders and yawned. It was a mystery. One that she’d need to get to the bottom of tomorrow. For now, she needed some rest. 

Sauntering to bed, she would never hear the muffled shouts wedged between her jiggling cheeks.



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