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Author's Chapter Notes:

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A couple in their early 30s sits on a bench at the edge of a pond in a neighborhood park. A nice, fancy suburban neighborhood fit with all the luxaries of life


So dude, what made you want to come here? To bail on your life and live in this box.” She asks him, idly kicking a stone and watching as it skips and sinks into the pond. Causing ripples acoss the calm surface


Oh you know… the usual. Too much student debt, life going nowhere, I figure if I had any hope of enjoying my future it would be in here. And I wouldn’t consider this a box. I mean it IS a box, but it’s a nice box, you know? No more restrictive than the outside world is that’s for sure. I mean I get my own HOUSE in here, isn’t that cool?” He smiles, holding her hand as he watches a couple of birds chase eachother across the sky


Pff… fair enough! I’m sure you woulda done just fine out there though. I love you and you’re great c:” She reassures him, resting her head on his lap


Aw I love you too babe! At least we get to spend practically forever together right?~” He says with a smile, putting his hand on her head and stroking her hair.


And then all of a sudden, the world got weird… an energy flying over the landscape and enveloping the whole planet in the blink of an eye, and causing everyone’s mental state to change. The planet caught up in a field of control by some divine entity.. except instead of anything divine, the control was quite simple. The couple’s tender moment spoiled as the mood instantly changes


Oh my GOD I love jennifer’s armpit! I want to rub myself up against it! She shaved so well I can’t believe it!~” she sits up on the bench, suddenly full of energy. Feeling incredibly alive, but having all that energy focused on appreciating an armpit of a woman she’s never known


ME TOO! It loks so soft and clean! I wanna fuck it and kiss it and worship it all day…” he tells her. The couple looks at seemingly nowhere, but them, much like the rest of the world, were enveloped in the same trance. Cities and countrysides across the entire globe suddenly completely abuzz with discussion about one single topic. Their sights clouded with visions of armpit. An entire planet turned into devout worshippers in an instant




Jennifer smugly looks down at her handiwork. All it took was a picture, and a few clicks. The planet on her screen rotating as it always had with a dialog box popping up with the message “1,332,204,119 entities affected”. The woman wasn’t much of anyone special really. Just a typical stay at home suburban mother with a lot of time on her hands. With her husband out for most of the weekdays, and children out for school, he was thoughtful and left her a flash drive on the kitchen counter one morning:


Good morning sweetheart! You know that virtual world you said is for losers and freeloaders who can’t contribute to society? Well here’s a copy of it; courtesy of Jim at the office who made a copy when doing maintinence on their servers. Don’t tell anyone okay? Love you and I’ll see you later <3” –Kent


She warmly smiles at the note. Reaching for her phone and texting him “Aw sweetheart I LOVE the present! Thank you so much!!! :)”. Before she turns her attention back to the world. Made to worship her armpit as a test.Finding it all too funny, she reaches for her microphone, and opens her mouth. Her voice shaking nations and rattling continents


aww, how CUTE! Look, I gave all you toys a purpose, aren’t you all happy?~” She says, laughing as the stats on her side show overwhelming, absolute approval at her godlike voice. Full agreement and happiness and love. “WELL as much as I’d like to keep you all like this, you’re all people right? And I’d rather play with people than robots~” And as quickly as it started, it all stopped. The world coming down from that high energy state, and back in control of their own minds


With this restored freedom came chaos. The world squeaking and panicking, alarms ringing out and people rushing around in a frenzy. The planet’s authorities struggle to getting a grasp on any sort of order as people run around like a colony of ants that had been agitated. Billions of little dots running around in their speck sized cars around their rice-grain sized skyscrapers on her screen.


Oh wow… you all really ARE useless, look at you all, running around like bugs.. you can’t do ANYTHING righ can you? Here let me help you silly things~” Her booming, giggling voice rocks the world, screams ringing out and then all of a sudden, complete silence and order. The world eerily quiet as people orderly grab the goods they were trying to get, and work their way back home. Left unable to move once back home 5 minutes later, just sitting there staring into space, internally terrified “Oh no! I forgot how to free you guys… oh well! Guess I’ll just have to throw you guys away, haha~” Her voice echoes across the silent planet… and then suddenly, everyone strips naked at her dictiation, “Eeeew! Bunch of perverts, you’re all getting off to how hot I am aren’t you?~ Well, can’t say I blame you! Haha~” She watches it all unfold, seeing through ceilings and into private spaces. No matter the authority, gender, and age, being able to clearly see whoever she wants to make sure everyone is obeying her almighty keystrokes. “So GROSS! Here I’ll give you all something to think on you gross, tiny freeloaders. Reality’s too hard for you? Boo-hoo. Here’s a peace of reality for you all to worship until I get back from having my nails done! I’ll make you all like it as much as I do~” She smugly looks down on them. The billion and a half people unable to even talk back or resist in any way as she takes a photo of her husband’s cock that he texted her years ago, and jams that image into their minds.


Suddenly, the earth was a world of people showing absolute devout adoration to her husband’s cock. Noises can be heard of her getting ready and walking out the door, and then nothing. In the 3 hours she’s gone, the world is left with nothing but his particular penis to occupy them. People doing highly detailed artwork of it, creating films of it… using all skills at their disposal to show appreciation to it.


The boyfriend at the start, along with several others in his nice neighborhood, defaced their front lawns by going out, and immaculately cutting the grass to be in the shape of husband dick, while girlfriend was busy inside, baking husband-dick shaped cupcakes. The entire world united by a single purpose and in absolute bliss

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