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*Rachael Sweetheart* 

My girlfriend and I were talking and I convinced her into giving me a hand job. Since its nothing but a woman masturbating her man, and that’s not having sex. She is jerking me off and it feels so good that I explode and I ejaculate (nutt/ bust a nutt). I lean my head back on the brick wall and I tell her, “baby you did great.” I open my eyes to see Rachael’s face is huge. I look around me; I see that I’m in the palm of Rachael’s hand. I scream and I cried out, “Please…please…don’t hurt me?” She replies, “Now why would I want to hurt you? You’re my boyfriend, I love you.” And she puckers her lips and she moves them toward me. Her lips connect with my body and I get smothered in her soft lips and lip-gloss. I said, “Thank you for the lovely kiss which was smothering soft.”


She holds me in her hand and walks over to her friend’s house. She rings the doorbell; her friend Victoria comes to the door. Rachael says, “I’ve got something to show you.” Victoria lets Rachael inside the house; they go upstairs to Victoria’s room. Victoria asks, “Now what was it you wanted to show me?” Rachael opens her hand and shows me to Victoria. Victoria then asks, “How did you do this? He looks so cute!” she says in a baby voice.


Rachael tells Victoria how she did this to me, Victoria than tells Rachael, “I’m going to get my boyfriend and do the same thing to him. Victoria calls her boyfriend, she tells him to come over. He agrees, an hour later he comes over and comes into her room. Victoria introduces her boyfriend Robert to Rachael. Robert asks Victoria, “So why did you want me to come over?” Victoria says, “You know what I’m talking about,” raising her eyebrows to emphasize her point. As she raises her eyebrows, Robert says, “I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.” Victoria tells Robert to close his eyes. I then start yelling, “It’s a trick! Don’t…” and that’s when Rachael puts me into her pocket to shut me up. Robert being oblivious to my warnings simply closes his eyes for approximately 2-minutes.  Then Robert says, “Honey, what’s next?” and waits for a reply. Soon after waiting a few minutes, Robert opens his eyes. He found himself in the very palm of his girlfriend Victoria, Robert panicked.


Rachael pulls me out her pocket as she and her friend Victoria sits us down on the floor, before they lay down in front of us. Rachael and Victoria stare at us, which made us, feel completely terrified of them, because of their size and the authority they each have over us. Victoria says, “Let’s put them in the village we made.” Rachael picks Robert and I up, carries us over to the home-made village, putting us inside the village. To our surprise the village looked exactly like our neighborhood. And then I see my friends, I go over to them and I ask, “What are you all doing here?” They responded, “Your girlfriend Rachael put us in here!” I reply, “So that explains why you all were not at home. My friends and I sit and talk.


That’s when I hear Rachael call me. I look up at the sky (which is actually the ceiling of her friend’s bedroom), and Rachael and her friends’ were standing just outside the village (which they’re practically towering over) smiling and laughing. I yelled up to them, “Where the hell did you all come from?” They all continued smiling and laughing as Rachael’s gigantic hand lowers down into the village. My friends’ and I scatter running and screaming as her enormous fingers rummage through the village. I’m running as her giant fingers knock over trees, smashing through buildings, flipping over cars, destroying street signs, and light poles trying to grab me. It seems like I was running for hours when I came to a dead end, I hear Rachael say, “I got you now, sweetie,” as I slowly turn around. Rachael’s giant fingers push me over onto my back, she begins using her index finger, and rubbing my crotch. Doing this, she calms me down; she picks me up out the village and showed me to her friends’. They all are amazed at the sight of me. She tells them the secret and they use it on their boyfriends’. Rachael puts me on my stomach and rubs my back with the same index finger that she used to rub my manhood. She then puts me on Victoria’s bed to fall asleep. Rachael walks off; I sneak down onto the floor. Rachael. She’s over in the corner talking to her friends. I see that Rachael & Victoria are barefoot. I run under the bed, and watch their feet. I see Rachael’s feet walking toward me. I watch as her feet walk up to me, her feet are right in front of me. The first thought that entered my head, “What does her toes and feet smell like?” 


I walked up to her big toe and I smell it. It had a smell that gave me a boner. I waked around her foot to her heel, I looked up and I saw how phat her ass was. I thought to myself, “I want that ass!” I see Rachael’s shoe, I run inside and I wait for Rachael to put her foot in. Rachael grabs the shoe, I watch as her colossus toes stretch and flex before she puts her shoe on. Her foot enters halfway into the shoe, she was going to insert her foot all the way in, but she felt something nudge her toes. She pulls her foot out and looked in her shoe. She saw me standing in the toe of her shoe grinning, she pulled me out, and told me, “Don’t do that again or you’ll be wishing you hadn’t,” as she yells at me, I yell back, “Don’t you yell at me, you can’t tell me what to do!” She replies, “Oh really, is that so?” With a huge smile on her face, Rachael tilted her head back, she opened her mouth, and she dangled me over it. As she dangled me, I looked down in her mouth; I saw her huge teeth and bubblegum-pink tongue flattening out getting ready to devour me. She slowly lowers me into her mouth. As she lowered me into her mouth, I yell, “Please! Please, don’t eat me!” She laughed and dropped me onto her tongue. She closed her mouth, pushed me in between her teeth and around her mouth using her tongue. She tossed and bounced me around on her bumpy, slippery tongue. Rachael opens her mouth, pulled me out, places me in the palm of her hand and then flicked me off. I fly through the air, twisting and twirling about until I land on something soft. I stand up and I see that I’m in the fibers of the carpet.


I then see Victoria walking toward me; I watch as Victoria’s feet step down on the carpet, pressing the carpet fibers outward as she applied her weight to her feet to make a step. I was too entranced in watching Victoria’s feet push away at the carpet fibers to see Victoria getting closer, as I come to; I see her big toe raised over me. I couldn’t say anything as Victoria’s toe rushed down on top of me. As her big toe landed on me, the force of the impact of her toe landing on my small body pushed out all the air out of my lungs. I was pushed harshly between the carpet fibers; I was amazed at the sheer size of her toe, as I watched Victoria’s toe rise from over me and she continues to walk on, oblivious to her stepping on me.


I pulled myself from the carpet and walk over to Rachael’s friends. I see they are all wearing sneakers, I get horny again. I walk up to one of the girls who wore All-star-Converse High-tops. I looked up at her to see if she was looking at me, but she was too busy talking and giggling with everyone else, totally oblivious to notice me. I looked back to the sole of her sneaker she had her feet crossed at the ankles, propping her feet up on her heels. Her soles were mildly worn which told me she had these shoes for a while. I walked up to her sole, smelling the scent, it smelled somewhat Earthy. I then got the idea to lick her shoe, I open my mouth extended my tongue planting it on her sole. I licked upward with long wet strokes and repeated this action 2 additional times. The taste was pleasant to my taste buds as I realize that the taste was only good because of the fact that I had a foot/shoe fetish; the despicable thoughts about how I wanted to fuck her shoes and her feet drove me wild with lust, I was like a hungry bear going after its pray, the way I licked her shoe’s sole.  I looked up again at her to see if she noticed me, she still was oblivious to me, so I continued my task.


I climb into the tread of her shoe and I wedge myself in between the treads to keep myself from falling. All of a sudden her shoe lowers to the floor sealing me in darkness trapped in between the tread of her shoe that I wedged myself into.

 To be continued....
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