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Story Notes:

I was inspired heavily by the site’s discord server and the ideas tossed around in there!

This version has been heavily revised for flow and grammar!

I stare up at my ceiling fan, whap whap whap, watching as the loosely dangling cord shifts with the fan's blades. 

Fuck I was bored, but more than anything, I was frustratingly horny. Today was just one of those days. No matter how hard I tried, nothing seemed to be able to hold my focus. Not good when I had deadlines.

My eyes drift back down towards my work setup—three monitors and a MacBook on the side. I look towards the middlemost screen, seeing the discord chat blinking off—notifications flying across the screen at a nearly startling rate. The top left of the monitor is abuzz with a swath activity. It's surprising how active it is today, but I knew it would do nothing to solve my sexual frustration. In all honesty, it's probably making it worse.

I can say with sincerity, some of the conversations tend to get me reasonably hot, and it's hard not to imagine some of them like bugs on my desk. Maybe even squirming under my toes! How great would that be?

It’s a dirty thought, but ultimately just a fantasy; One that’s locked away deep within the inner sanctum of my mind. Still, I get lost in thinking of raunchy acts for a moment, speculating on all the ways I could abuse and use them.

Be-boop, another discord notification chimes in my ears once again. The familiar tone is radiating from my generic pink earbuds.

Mmm, it gets me scorching hot when they talk like that. A burning desire just boils inside of me, reading the words plastered on the screen. I groan, looking over the chat, quickly catching myself fantasizing again. Ugh, why am I so easily distracted? I scold myself, "Come on, Alexis. Just finish up these last few frames."

I motion to pick up my drawing tablet, but an entertaining idea strikes me. After a bit of hesitation, I bite my lower lip and glance over my shoulder towards the contraption behind me. A cord runs from my PC straight to a grey boxy device that doesn't look unlike a microwave in design. I'd used it several times in the past, bringing creeps right to me, albeit at a fraction of their original size. It was always so satisfying to see how they reacted when the real deal was in front of them. ‘Gobbess plz step on me!’ Heh, careful what you wish for, I guess.

I can’t help but try and think back to the last time I used my little grey box. That guy never did come entirely out of those socks. What was his name again? It escapes me at the moment. Truthfully, it doesn’t upset me either. Why should a stain even get a name?

However, those cases were different. They were creeps, and these people seemed so much nicer than the rest of the bunch. People said hi when they got home and even a friendly good morning when they woke up.

My thoughts stop cold as I contemplate the reality of what I’m considering. Never before had I thought of using it for anything remotely close in scale. Although, at this moment, there was a solid allure to change that. I quickly tabbed out of discord and opened the application. Ugh, slow to load as usual. I figured I might as well switch back over to the server ch-


A noise signals that the program has fully loaded. Huh, faster than usual. That was a shock. The prompt appears in front of me with two familiar orange boxes, the text outlined in red. It was a terrible color scheme to be completely honest, one that would make any graphic designer scream out in pain.                                                                                                                                                         

Target acquisition pool: Discord.exe/???/active/userlist

   Verify?        Deny?

I sigh, leaning back in my chair. Did I want to do this? I reason with myself for a bit. They were all pretty cool and accepting; wouldn’t I feel guilty afterward? Leaning back slightly in my chair, I tap my nails against my desk.

In the short time I had been around, there was undeniably a strong sense of community. But, I was still outrageously horny. Something in me had taken the reigns, almost deciding for me, “Fuck it.” I'd almost certainly regret this later, but that was then, and this is now.


My confirmation meets a reverberating silence. Even the hum of my computer’s dusty fan seems quieter. Cautiously, I tab back into the discord.


Everything is deadly silent, total tumbleweeds. No new messages, and nobody is actively typing any longer. It had simply ceased on a whim. My whim, perhaps? I’m not sure. It’s hard for me to tell if my idea worked or if I simply broke the server. Though, all it takes is for me to swivel around, for my jaw practically dropping to the floor. 

The top of my fancy gadget was smoking, the delivery tray overflowing with a mass of tiny bodies. I question everything. Had it pulled all online users? No way.

I feel all the color drain from my face as I get hit with a realization: The tray isn't big enough to hold all of them at once! Shit, I have to act fast, or some of them will inevitably suffocate under each other. I hop right up to my feet and grab at the tray, the machine still making a multitude of labored whirring noises.

Placing their platform gently on my desk, I stare in almost child-like wonder as they start to pile off, some of them even helping others up to their feet. It was adorable in a way. However, I stay as still as possible, watching as they form itty bitty groups, most of them seemingly unaware of my presence despite my form looming over them.

I don't bother with an accurate headcount, but there have to be just under a hundred of them here. All different sizes, too. Although, it seemed like the tallest was maybe three inches at most.

Height-wise, this was a relatively short batch, but that isn't necessarily a negative. Amusingly, none of their clothes came with them. Weird, that hadn't happened last time. Hopefully, the newest OS update hadn't screwed with the program.

I decide I’ve had enough waiting. It’s time to make a move. Scanning the desktop, I single out a particularly short, tiny, well apart from the others. Meaning I can ever so daintily lean forward without too much worry. The shadow of my hand rapidly eclipses the bug in its entirety. It never even saw me.

My well-manicured finger smashes hard against the desk, dragging it outward, creating a screech not very different from a shoe slipping on a wet floor. Fuck, that felt great. As a bonus, it got the rest of the group’s attention as well. All tiny eyes were on me. Perfect!

I clear my throat and address the insects before me, "Hi everybody!" I can't hide my grin; I'm so big in comparison to them! I give them a minute for it to sink in, drinking in their looks of helplessness before continuing, "My name's Alexis! It's delightful to meet you all in person! But, before we get started, I'd like you all to group together, ‘kay?" I noticed a bit of hesitation throughout, but eventually, they start to form together into one solid crowd.

It makes me so unbelievably hot seeing them all dutifully obeying me, except for a select few. My eyes drift towards the front of my desk, my gaze turning cold. I take note of several stragglers who seem to be trying their hardest to get my attention, in vain, of course. I stare down at them with silent disapproval, hoping they get the hint.

Surprise, surprise, they don't.

With a sigh, I lay my chin down lazily on the desk in front of them. It's so disappointing. No matter how big or small, every batch of bugs always seems to have a very animated minority that doesn't want to listen. Why don't they understand how utterly pathetic they are? Maybe a second demonstration is required.

"Do any of you realize how completely powerless you are?" I raise my voice, knowing just how harsh it is at their embarrassing size. One of them even falls over in pain, clutching his ears. "Ugh, seriously? You’re all so fragile. It’s almost a little sad, to be completely honest."

Slowly, my jaw opens wide. I let it hang in front of the microscopic server members in front of me, well aware of how offensively minty my breath is: A big perk of being such an avid gum chewer. I wonder if any of them like how my breath feels against their naked bodies. It’s such an incredibly lewd thought to think, one that makes my whole body flush with excitement.

On cue, even while terrified for their lives, I see several getting hard. How very predictable. Just watching them get it up from my breath alone is a fantastic feeling. I manage to spot a few girls in the sheer mass of people as well, squirmy and flush with arousal.

I'm in an imaginative mood today, so instead of brushing them off the table like crumbs from my lunch, I instead rear my head back and let my tongue touch down at the base of my desk. Sure, it’s a little on the gross side; however, it’s worth it for the dramatic flair. After all, it’s only fair that I make the most out of this whole situation. It’s not every day I get to play the part of a goddess.

Slowly and dramatically, my massive muscle approaches them. Closer and closer, it moves-the majority breaking into a futile sprint towards the back of the desk. Blind panic breaks out, and several get trampled, falling roughly to the ground, only to get beaten down under the heavy footfalls of the others.

One stops in terror and, as a result, is unceremoniously slurped up into my waiting mouth. But I'm not done. At the bottom of my vision, I see at least five more bugs just begging to get eaten.

Unfortunately, playtime is over. I consider playing out the rest of this cute scenario, but I'm already bored of the little game I'm playing. I move forward, licking up the rest of the crowd in one fell swoop. So utterly insignificant that I can barely feel the miniaturized bodies squirming against my wet tongue.

I do my best to speak without losing any down the back of my throat, "If any of you ‘o cum in ‘here, you shoul' ‘now ‘ha' I swallow." I giggle at my dumb joke and promptly send them down the back of my throat. They're much too small of a group to create an audible gulp by themselves. However, the pooling saliva in my mouth ends up making a small one as they are washed down my throat and into my warm waiting tummy. Yum~!

As the feeling in my throat fades, I briefly consider logging them as calories. I shrug it off though, whatever they’d contribute towards me wasn't significant enough to matter.

However, I did question how long they'd last inside me. Ideally, I wanted the dissenters to be around to hear me cum. That sounded pretty hot. 

I give my belly a few solid pokes, listening to it already start to gurgle and churn the tiny lives inside my gut. If only they were a little bigger, I would have loved to feel them squirm. With those little ones out of the way, I turn my attention back to the rest of the group.

There they were, all in a neatly condensed crowd. I grin, "Aw, you guys kept lining up even without my directions!" I figure they deserve some reward for that. But what could I possibly give them? I rack my brain for an answer.

Statistically, I guessed at least a chunk of them liked feet. I could work with that. Swiveling backward in my rolling chair, I head over to my dresser. I Throw a few articles of clothing out of the way, sending them careening into the air. Unintentionally creating a flurry of aerial chaos for the people behind me, as they anxiously watch articles of clothing get closer and closer to landing on them.

I finally spot them, right at the very bottom of the messy drawer. Aha! My pink fuzzy ankle socks. I love these bad boys. So soft and oh so warm. Scooting back up to the desk, I throw them down, clapping my hands together in glee.

"Because I'm just that nice, I'm giving some of you a choice." They were understandably wary at first, but eventually, a good chunk of them began to funnel inside. I am so good at this whole benevolence junk. I mentally pat myself on the back for that one. My socks even smell of strawberries, courtesy of that lotion I put on the other day!

I watched impatiently as the last tiny, cautiously funnels into the fuzzy opening and disappears, now hidden behind the fabric. I pick up and slowly slide the socks on. Immediately I feel the squirming around my toes. Not a sensation I’m used to, but in a way, it was sort of exciting just knowing they were down there.

I had my toenails painted to match my pink fingernails too. Is that something feet lovers are fond of, I muse? I’m not entirely sure, but it makes me feel pretty and sexy all the same!

Gently, I set my feet on the ground. I make explicitly sure to shift most of the weight to my heels since I figured they had all reached my toes by now. Immediately, a warmth trickles out from under me, presumably from several smashed tiny's who had gathered around my heel. Shit, I sucked at feet. Wonder how many I just killed?

Whatever, out of sight, out of mind, right? I look back towards the remaining tiny's, and I'm surprised to have so many left! I pick out some random faces in the crowd; I can see the fear pooling in their eyes. The hunger and need to escape burns with intensity inside my poor captives as they view my gaze with something akin to distrust.

Watching them come to the silent realization of how utterly fucked they, ugh! It’s just such a huge turn-on. The thought finally pushes me to let a hand slip under my waistband.

Admittedly, I'm not wearing anything overtly sexy, just some comfy yogas and a pink tank top that I often end up using as PJ's. I didn't start today expecting to be a goddess, after all.

Typically, I like to warm myself up first and foremost. I tend to start by teasing sensitive parts before focusing on the main event; Letting my desire build and my body grow hot. Today that isn't strictly necessary. Saying I’m soaked would be a severe understatement.

Teasingly, I let the index finger of my non-dominant hand glide across my clit, to my entrance, before finally dipping it inside. Fuck, that felt incredible. My body had been crying out for attention the entire time.

I take a second to treat myself slightly, angling my finger upwards and massaging my pussies slick walls. Then, after only a minute or so of gentle teasing, I let it slide back out with a wet slurp.

Bringing my hand up towards my face, I inspect my finger. Mmm, so gooey~.

I awkwardly yank off my pants and panties with my one free hand and throw my legs up over the desk. At least half of them fall over from that motion, which is, as always, predictably pathetic.

Carefully I swipe a sizeable chunk of the group, watching with absolute delight as they adhere right to my finger. Even though it's tempting to get on with it, I've always had a flair for the dramatic. I bring them up toward my large eyes, letting the big pools of black fall across them, only stopping to breathe a gust of warm air on them from between my lips. It was so tempting to suck them right off and brutalize them with my mouth. However, what I had planned would ultimately be much more satisfying.

I inspect my handiwork as they finally meet my grand gaze. Small dots amid an ocean of lady juice. Seeing the mass of wiggling forms trying so hard to break free from my juices is such a powerful sight. I just hope they can see the amusement in my eyes.

But, regardless, I figure that should be enough of a show, and my finger dives downward at a sickening pace. I move my index finger lower, tracing my asshole with a bit of flair before pushing it in with a satisfying pop. Unquestionably, at least a few smear to nothing on the way inside. I can feel their warmth as the bodies break against my asshole—the sensation driving me completely wild.

I’m too focused on feeling alone to stop myself as I reflexively curl my left toes, unconsciously smushing several. Oops~! At least I had some still enjoying my right sock. I could feel them squirming between my toes, pretty cute, if I'm honest. They felt nice, a faint tickle just below the fabric.

I trace my wet cunt with the index finger of my other hand before starting on my clit. I get into a rhythm, focusing on both the squirming in my socks and the struggles in my butt. The sheer raunchiness of the act felt terrific, their efforts only elevating it.

At some point, I become conscious of the tiny's on my desktop again. By now, the collective screaming was just barely audible. Huh, I guess my dramatics were a bit much. Some had even taken to lying down as a show of submission. Admirable attempt, but ultimately meaningless.

I take my hand and roughly scoop the ever-dwindling crowd in half. I waste no time bringing the bugs inside my hungry mouth. It's an instant explosion of sensations, like sentient pop rocks. Their squirming sets my mouth ablaze with activity.

I bite my lower lip so hard I nearly draw blood, doing my best to stifle a loud moan. Fuck these thin apartment walls; I want to scream. My whole body is awash with sensations, and I start to feel needy and desperate for any sexual release these tiny's could provide.

Much to their protest, I grab the remaining tiny's and drop them across my crotch without much care. My drop is far from precise, and I watch as the little people litter the area, my impatience growing. Some end up towards the start of my tank top, while others miss my body entirely, landing on the chair. I slide two fingers down, steamrolling anything in my way. Several get trapped against them and under my pink-painted nails. Due to the sheer difference in size, many of them get dragged inside.

Shlick shlick shlick

I'm not entirely sure how many I manage to vanish inside me. But to be fair, would you keep count how many ants you smashed if you found a bunch crawling on your desk? I'm far too focused on myself to care anyway. My breathing is staggered now, and by complete mistake, I suck down a bunch of the bugs still alive in my mouth. In a way, it feels like accidentally breathing in some pepper or cinnamon. They go down not as a gulp but a tickle in the back of my powerful throat. A fittingly pitiful way to go out.

The thought of them floating around in my stomach while I'm getting off is what finally pushes me over the edge. Every single muscle in my body clenches up, and my drawn-out masturbation comes to a close with an exciting climax. My pussy clamps down on my fingers, squeezing and massaging them as all the tension leaves my body. I involuntarily clench my butt in the process, snuffing out the last of their struggles.

I try my best to catch my breath, "O-oh... m-my god." Hands down the best orgasm I'd ever had, no contest. Withdrawing my finger, I noticed it was absent of tiny's. Not surprising, no doubt plenty of them had gotten thrown off during the whole ordeal.

I swing my legs back to the floor and scoot forwards-my ass obliterating the few lucky enough to avoid the previous danger zone.

I give my arms a slight stretch, feeling stiff from the general lack of movement. I close out the program and navigate over to the server. The last message was sent only a few minutes ago, huh.

Soosh — Today at 10:06 AM


Sparks — Today at 10:21 AM

Good morning

Soosh — Today at 10:24 AM


Sparks — Today at 10:28 AM

I'm the same as usual. How about you?

Soosh — Today at 10:29 AM

Fine but bored

Sparks — Today at 10:29 AM

Boredom is a killer

Soosh — Today at 10:31 AM


Look’s like a couple of people are is still chatting away, at least. Though, who knows how many I just killed? I have rather exact needs sometimes. Can you blame a lady?

Well, the server likely won't bounce back from this anytime soon. So, without any further ado, I hit the big red 'Leave Server' button before shutting down my computer for the night.

My mind was already wandering, thinking about what to do next. A nice long shower sounded terrific right now. All that exertion had worked up a sweat.

Exhausted from my latest excursion, I can't help but feel I forgot something important. Whatever, It'll come to me. I let out a cute little yawn and hop to my feet. 



"Oh, that's right~."

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