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Confused and overwhelmed, nine students stood scattered, within a completely alien, yet oddly familiar environment. With blinding, almost heavenly, heavenly lights beaming down on them, they tried to make sense of their new surroundings, and while not all of them could see the area around them, a majority of them laid witness to colossal structures beyond their comprehension. Below them was a massive array of square plates, with each square spanning hundreds of feet across. Surrounding the students were towering spires of metal, each with what seemed like a bank vault-sized combination lock, fitted to sides of them. And in the middle of this massive area were what looked like wooden highways, suspended by tall metal contraptions. It was mind-boggling to the nine of them. One second they were mundanely going through their lives as college students, and the next, they found themselves transported to what felt like an entirely different world. But as strangely familiar objects fell into their line of vision, they began to understand that this was not a different world, but something all of them knew very well.

Scattered throughout this expansive room, were massive piles of fabric, and even what looked to be building-sized shoes. With this, a new perspective formed in their minds. While all these towering metallic structures and wooden highways seemed unbelievably massive, the fact of the matter is, they were but everyday objects. Benches, lockers, floor tiles, and scattered clothes, they realized that they had been shrunken within their school’s locker room. Reduced to a minuscule size with not a single soul around, panic-filled their souls as they scrambled to understand how they were shrunk and, more importantly, how they could get un-shrunk. But before any more thinking could be done, a vicious earthquake shook all nine students to their very cores. Accompanied by the sonorous, reverberating chit-chat of a group of girls, they realized all too late, that this seemingly empty and massive locker room was about to be filled with the equally colossal and terrifying women's soccer team. The humidity shot up, and the smell of sweat slowly filled the room as the girls poured inside the locker room. For some of them, it was a good sign. Thinking that they could somehow get the girls’ attention, they thought they were saved from this seemingly hopeless situation, however, most of them weren’t exactly in the best positions to be saved…

Standing on top of the so-called “wooden highway,” one of the students stared, awestruck at the giant woman as they stamped around the locker room. Each one of their steps was like a localized earthquake or mini-explosion and when they talked, he could feel his minuscule ears shudder from the intense volume. While it wasn’t exactly the time, he couldn’t help but feel a little excited as he watched the girls change out of their sweaty soccer uniforms. To have such an amazing view of so many hot girls, while every single one of them remained unaware of his presence was truly amazing. But soon, this feeling of arousal would turn into a feeling of pure terror and dread, as a massive shadow fell on the minuscule college boy. Approaching him was the backside of one of the players. The shadow grew darker, and all he could see was the back of her ponytail, the number on her uniform, and her grass/sweat-stained shorts as they grew closer and closer in his vision. Unable to contain the copious amounts of fear and panic that filled his soul, the boy froze staring helplessly as the girl’s butt plummeted towards him, in what almost felt like slow motion. By the time he could muster up the strength to move it was already too late. The shadow grew darker and darker until he was completely encompassed by the soccer player’s plump ass.  

Everything went dark as his body was buried under the massive soccer player’s butt. However something seemed strange, despite feeling the insane amount of pressure fall onto him and every bone in his body creak painfully, the boy was far from dead. Sandwiched between her colossal cheeks and buried underneath the moist fabric of her shorts. While he wasn’t exactly in the best condition, he wasn’t the puddle of gore spread across her ass that he thought he’d be after being sat on, or at least for the meantime. Chit chatting away, the girl was completely unaware of the tiny college student that was currently lodged underneath her butt. And while at first, he was glad that he was still alive, every second underneath her was starting to feel like hell. 

Every time she readjusted her butt, the pressure would change dramatically. One moment, the girl’s butt would squeeze the air out his lungs and the next they’d press down on him to the point where he could feel his bones start to slowly crumble under her immense weight. The softness of ass and the fabric of her shorts may have prevented him from being crushed instantly, but being between her ass cheeks was more of a curse than he could have ever predicted. Every second was pure suffering and pressure aside, there were still a million other things that caused him even greater suffering. Considering how the girl, much like her fellow teammates, probably entered the locker room after a hard day of training under the burning sun, the heat and sweat that emanated from her body were extreme, and under her ass, it was even warmer. At first, thing’s felt like a sauna, but as time went on, it became more like a pressure cooker. The smell wasn’t exactly the greatest either…

Wanting the suffering to end, the shrunken student crawled desperately. Hoping to get out from the soccer player’s butt, he clawed his way out from under the mass expanse of sweat-drenched fabric till he saw a glimmer of light from underneath her cheeks. With broken bones, and an exhausted mind he put everything he had into a final sprint, hoping to finally be free from under her. But, just as he was about to escape, the girl’s butt lifted for a moment. Seeing this as a good sign, he tried to get up and run away, but as the girl murmured a few words, his heart sank.

“Ugh, these shorts are always so itchy…” She said, readjusting her shorts before slamming her butt down on the bench. Unlike the first time, the college boy wasn’t as lucky and instead of ending up between her cheeks, his body was positioned right underneath one of them. And like a meteor descending on him from above, he barely had enough time to react before his bones shattered instantly and his body was rendered into a minuscule puddle of gore underneath the giant soccer player’s ass. 


In an instant, the locker room that once harbored nine diminutive college students, now held only eight, and much to their dismay, many similar and equally painful fates awaited those that remained…

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