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Author's Chapter Notes:

A brief followup to my very first ever story here. Thank you so much for reading.

Tags: Giantess, Crush, Unaware, Violent, Vore.






"We made it!" Steve cheered.


He was obliterated under the leather sole of a sandal only a split second later.


The sight of Steve disappearing under the thin leather, pale skin, and deep crimson nails shook Mike to his core and dropped him to the ground. He was numb to the pain as his knees hit the sidewalk pavement, and the sewing needle he had used to fend off a feral cat fell from his hands. He didn't even notice the shadow of the giantess roll over him. He was oblivious as her right foot, clad in an identical sandal to the one that had just crushed Steve flew overhead as part of the woman's unaware and uncaring stride. The shade from the giantess was momentary, her leg and sundress quickly passing overhead. Mike was too focused on watching her foot tense slightly in its stride. Her toes, the deep ruby polish just barely visible to Mike from his shrunken perspective, clenching slightly then spreading naturally over the sandal supporting her weight in step. And then the sandaled foot lifted up and was gone, leaving only an unrecognizable smear on the sidewalk as evidence that Steve had ever existed. Mike was still on his knees when another shadow fell over him.


"Hey, Sam! You gotta pay better attention!" Mike heard, just before he saw the hand closing in on him.


The hand seized him with little regard for his comfort, it's bright, almost fluorescent pink nails shining in the midmorning sun before darkness, claustrophobic pressure, and the heat of the giantess's palm wrapped around him. Mike hadn't been picked up since shrinking a day ago, and the sensation of being rocketed up, in a fleshy prison, without warning or finesse caused his stomach to buck and heave. For the first time since he had shrunk, he was relieved he hadn't found any food. The trip ended with the giantess opening her palm, exposing Mike's naked body to the sun at face level for her.


"What are you talking about, Tiff?" Mike heard someone say, probably the giantess that had stepped on Steve.


"You almost stepped on this little guy, Sam."


Mike wanted to scream. He wanted to tell the giantesses that they had stepped on Steve, that Steve was nothing more than a stain under the first giantesses sandals. But the last day, trekking through what was supposed to be Mike's city, fending off all manner of wildlife, dodging cars, and avoiding all of the other dangers that had suddenly been exponentially magnified at his shrunken size left Mike unable to speak, and unable to move. Instead he lay there in the giantess's palm, tears of relief, exhaustion, and grief welling in his eyes. Steve had been right, Mike realized. They had made it, and while Steve would never know it, Mike could finally relax, now that someone had found him, and could help him get to a placement center.


"Oh, Tiff, no. We're almost to the restaurant, and you just found him on the ground." The first giantess said, her tone carrying her disappointment.


"Could be a long wait, who knows when we'll get to eat." Replied the giantess holding Mike.


If he hadn't been exhausted, beaten, bruised, and at his wit's end, Mike may have comprehended the conversation happening above him. But he lay there, content for a brief moment in the comfort of the soft skin of a giant woman's palm.


His first alarm came when the world tilted, tilted toward the giantess's face, and he realized he was sliding down her palm, down her palm directly toward her mouth. There was nothing he could do to arrest his slide, he kicked his legs and he tried to stop himself with his arms, but her palm was slick with a very thin sheen of sweat, it was a hot day out after all, and his descent toward a pair of hot pink lips, framing gleaming white teeth, opening to reveal a nightmare that Mike had never considered, was quickened as the giantess tilted her head back, and raised her palm above her mouth, allowing gravity to do its work.


There was no fall, no sense of weightlessness, the giantess didn't afford him that luxury. Her tongue shot out to catch him, and Mike suddenly found himself dragged into confines that were even hotter, wetter, and darker than the hand that had lifted him there. For a few seconds, Mike's life was nightmarish horror. The mouth that contained him did more to him in a few seconds than the entire journey after his shrinking to find help had done. He was knocked about, smacked against the inside of her teeth, assaulted by her tongue, pressed up against the roof of her mouth, and sucked on, creating a crushing vacuum inside her mouth that left him disoriented and deafened. All the while, Mike coughed and sputtered, trying, and failing, to keep from breathing or swallowing more of this woman's spit. He was so completely at the mercy of this stranger's mouth that he barely registered when the tongue moved him into position onto her molars.




Tiffani chewed and chewed and chewed, holding up the pair’s walk to brunch.


“Can you walk and chew at the same time, Tiff?” Samantha prodded. We’ve got a reservation.


“‘Ou’re ‘ust ‘ad.” Tiffani started, then silenced herself, holding up a finger to Sam while she finished chewing. With an audible gulp she swallowed her morsel. “Oh I love how juicy they always are! You’re just mad that it’s my day with Greg.”


“Yeah, it’s not, but I figure letting you keep him inside your panties is the only way to get you to wear them. Can we go now? Or would you like to hunt for more food before we go? To the restaurant? For brunch?” Samantha continued to prod.


“Coming!” Tiffani said, as she adjusted the squirming man in her crotch under her sundress.


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