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Leah fumbles the keys to the door, having trouble getting the mechanism to meet snuggly into its intended slot. However, after a few short jiggles, it swings open with a satisfying click, initiating a hurried scramble up the stairs towards her room. She throws her keys on the kitchen counter in a flurry, not bothering to re-lock the front door. Her parents would be home a little later; they’d lock it on their way in like always. Although, she did make sure to close off her room just to be safe. She never knew how long something like this would take.

With a slight bounce in her step, the blonde practically sprints into her room, stopping only to take a deep breath once passing the doorframe. In with the good vibes, and out with the bad. Finally, she's home! Her bag is dropped onto the desk with a thud as she sits down. Putting her total weight onto the chair, only now can she afford to relax and unwind after a stressful day at uni.


The very instant her ass hits the chair, she feels a loud, messy impact from within the back pocket of her jeans. She has to think for a second; if anybody had been watching, they’d likely have seen the buffering of her brain behind momentarily empty eyes.

It hits her after far too long, "Fuckkkk, I totally forgot about Joey…." She reaches into her back pocket and pulls out what’s left of her recently shrunken classmate, her pale pink lips forming a sheepish smile. "Oops! Sorry dude." With nothing more than a shrug, she takes a few steps towards her garbage and unceremoniously drops what's left of him inside the unassuming grey bin.

"Ew. Well, that pocket's ruined." She mumbles to nobody in particular, dusting off her hands and more than a little aggravated that she had managed to ruin another pair of pants with her carelessness.."You're such an idiot, Leah. Ugh, where's your head?" Her murmuring trails off as she carefully strips the bloodied jeans from her body, revealing curvy hips and a relatively flat tummy, complete with a pair of cute pink panties stretching around her well-shaped, if only a little pale, thighs.

Leah always came off as a bit of an airhead to those in her proximity, but she wasn't stupid. Quite the opposite, in fact. She’d managed to maintain an impressive three-point five GPA until this point. Leah had plenty of negative qualities; however, dumb was something she had never been. Moreover, with that tiny mishap handled, she sits down at her desk before turning all her attention to a school bag.


The gentle light of afternoon floods the inside of her backpack as she opens it with a drawn-out drag of the metallic-sounding zipper. Her focus is very much on the frontmost pouch of the pink Vera Bradley. She’s a big fan of the pattern, Rosa Agate, a friendly and warm design, perfect for summer.


Three naked, extraordinarily tiny boys are suddenly flooded with light from the heavens above. They shield their eyes for a few moments, trying to adjust to the drastic change. None of the students are entirely sure what to expect, yet none of them ever thought they'd be staring up at Leah's pale, freckled face. The girl’s lips are already curled in excitement. She’d been waiting for this. They step back, uselessly pushing their toy-sized bodies against the bag's fabric as a milky white hand reaches in, plucking the trio up with practiced grace.

Leah had always been one of the quieter and nerdier girls on campus. She’s reasonably short even for a lady, measuring only about five feet, with an extra inch up top. Her hair was something the girl had taken pride in from young age, sporting a long straight blonde dew that nearly reached past her chest. She took care of her body through exercise and eating right. As a result, most would agree she looked good. Anybody she talks to had said as much. She worked out regularly, too; it took a fair amount of dedication on her part. So, although the blonde wasn't known for being outspoken, she never hesitated to show off her hard work.

"Chris, Elijah, and um, Owen... I think? Yeah, Owen!" She clasps her hands together in glee, only for her eyebrows to shoot up in realization. Quietly, Leah lets out a nervous chuckle, "Oh, and I think parts of Joey might still be stuck to my jeans." She blushes, hints of red lighting up her cheeks. Even for her, it was a super ditzy accident. Usually, she didn't care much about what the tinies thought of her. However, the group she'd shrunken earlier is different from the norm.

The three remaining survivors are horrified. One of their best friends' lives had just been snuffed out under their classmate’s ass, and she had the nerve to smile like it was a witty joke! Try as they might, none of them could place her intentions. Moreover, nobody in the group even knew much about her. In fact, up until now, they'd seen Leah as another reasonably attractive college girl; One who happened to sit towards the back of their class. As they take this time to reflect, Leah takes a brief moment to inspect the assembled group of small people. They aren’t anything unique, really. Elijah was fit, but not really her type. Leah never was one for the muscled-out jock figure. Owen: a bit on the pudgy side, but a cutie nonetheless! Comparatively, her expression softens as she looks over at Chris. The room's tone shifts drastically as she lets out a short flirty giggle before examining his small naked body with her gargantuan brown eye. Healthy and lean; totally her type!

Briefly, Chris had struck up a few conversations with her over various group projects in two different Mathematics courses. Although, even he barely knew anything about her beyond a first name. Chris himself finds the situation utterly surreal, almost as if he’s living out the plot to a Sunday morning cartoon. What had they done to her to incur such ire? But more importantly, how had she done this?

A slow creeping sense of dread builds inside of them as they all stand with feet firmly planted on the desk, solid wood now under their feet. Each of them is transfixed by her looks but equally terrified by her unpredictability. Furthermore, none of them can get a read on her. An intimidating college student who just so happened to think herself a goddess. Before speaking up, she clears her throat, "First off, I am so very sorry about your friend! Total accident! I just wanted to feel him squirm around back there for a bit. Maybe hold me over until I got home…." 

She lets out a short sigh, still visibly frustrated that yet another pair of pants would be going in the trash, "But, I couldn't really feel him through my jeans, and, um... I sort of forgot…." The cadence of her voice is embarrassed and strained, yet hollow. She's legitimately apologetic; however, it's comparable to a student turning in a late project assignment. She feels a tinge of guilt, but it quickly bounces off her, excitement once again stirring up underneath. "Oh yeah, never really explained why you guys are here, did I?"

Visible excitement grows on her face and posture, "I always love this part! Okay, so I sort of have these, um, powers! Probably easier to just show you." The blonde waves an index finger eloquently through the air like she had done hundreds of times before. It has a certain charm, as she conducts otherworldly forces with nothing but her hands. Almost instantly, the entire group starts shrinking, losing even more of what little height they had left.

Leah's eyes grow wide in surprise, expecting the diminishment of height to halt, except it doesn’t. Down and down, they shrink until each of them stands roughly half the size they once were. The amateur witch can’t help but squeak out a gasp of surprise; She hadn’t meant to shrink them that far! Her jaw hung open, astounded at how abysmally tiny the toy-sized trio had become.

"Fuck, uhhh, shit…."  She can't help but wince when she looks down at the fleas bunched up before her.

"I was just trying to take maybe a fourth of an inch off? Didn't mean to make you guys smaller than my pinkie nail…." In silent contemplation, her pupils lower towards the floor before shooting back up, wide and alert.

"Oh well, live and learn, right?" Her tone is almost sympathetic, but her statement does not resonate. Her words still feel empty, artificial, and uncaring. It does nothing to ease the group's mounting anxieties.

"I'll have to check my manuscripts later or something to figure out what went wrong, but you're a teensy bit too small to grow back from, um, speck size."

Leah knew that it was possible to annul the hex, although something so involved is simply out of her league. Unexpectedly, Leah leans towards the tiny group, much to their mutual dismay. The imposing face towers over them as she sizes them up, her intentions unclear. "Right, now for the why." She takes a deep breath, carelessly letting it out in a huff across the gathering of insect-sized men. A long waft of minty-smelling breath drifts between her lips, making their nude forms shiver on contact. She pauses, casting a lazy look around the three, doing her best to discern their individual reactions despite their inadequate size.

"Honestly, it started with a bit of payback on Kelly. Do any of you remember her?" She waits for a response, receiving nothing but cold glares and a shuffle of apprehensive looks back and forth between each other.

Annoyed at the lack of acknowledgment, she huffs, "Well, it doesn't really matter anyway. Probably still have those boots somewhere around here." The insinuation rattles them, evoking a startling and stifling series of sobs from Owen. One she never would have noticed had she not been so close. It excites her, stirring inklings of heat in her core. Toying with them was eternally entertaining. The group knew Kelly well, through mutuals mainly. The whole campus had been shaken in the wake of her disappearance.

Leah moves right along, refusing to dedicate any more time to the smushed bug in the treads of her boots. "You boys are just adorable! You know what would be cute? A selfie with one of you hanging off my lips!" Opening her mouth, she lets her breath waft across them, "Any volunteers?" 

No response.

"Ugh, come on! You're making this no fun." Leah sulks, the very corners of her mouth forming into a distinctly unamused frown. Her pupils drift off to the side, only coming back into focus as a grin crosses her lips. 

The college sophomore continues, knowing the group is far too terrified of her to speak up, "You know, I wasn't targeting you or anything. Just lucky for me, the parking lot was empty." She blows lightly on Elijah, smirking as he predictably falls over, "Just wish I hadn't made you all so small." The large lady idly taps the ball of her foot against the floor. She’s restless, horny.

Next, she turns her attention toward Chris. Her face lights up instantly, any hint of a sour mood melting away. "Okay, confession time. I kinda sort of had, like, the biggest crush on you!" She buries her head in her hands, face burning bright red with discomfort, "Oh my god, that's so awkward. It feels good to finally get that off my chest, though!" The giant lady lets out an exhale of relief before leaning back in her chair, finally feeling a pressure lift off her shoulders.

A smirk grew across the girl’s face as she thought back to her time in class, "Seriously though. That math project we worked on together last month, total torture." She looks right at Chris, inching ever so slightly closer. Her gigantic face covers what seems like miles to the mites on the edge of her desk. Her scale is hard for them to even comprehend, her mouth alone dominating the boy's perspectives, startling them as she moves closer.

She pauses for a few seconds, a smirk creeping across her gigantic pale-rose-colored lips, causing Chris’ joints to stiffen. He wants to run but realizes that even if he could get away, there really wasn't very much he'd be able to do. Get eaten by a bug? No thanks! Regardless, her mouth seems so impossibly huge to him this close, his brain has trouble quantifying it. How could any of this be real, he thinks.

Meanwhile, Leah giggles, speaking up. "It was torture because while you were talking about equations, all I could think about was you bending me over the desk~." She holds a terrifyingly close position to the group. Owen and Elijah debate running, but Chris isn't paying them any mind. He'd become oddly entranced by even her most unimportant details in the last few minutes.

The pale-skinned boy never noticed at full size, but now he could see every little aspect of her, every iota of her perfect skin. All the imperfections in her teeth, each taste bud that dotted her tongue. He could even see where the ruby red lip gloss that paints the outside of her mouth starts and ends. He gets lost in her features, causing the other two to write him off wordlessly. They see his vacant stare. It was every man for himself at this point. He'd likely only slow them down. Besides, he seemed to be distracting her right now anyway. The giant sophomore's heart melts as she slightly lowers her head, her gaze meeting his. She watches him hum and haw over her most minor features. So cute, so very perfect. "Aw, even tiny, you're still too damn cute!" She sighs dreamily, puckering her lips at him in a pseudo kiss.


Leah pulls away from her tiny lover boy, and on a dime, her giddy expression changes and fades out to a more solemn one. The atmosphere shifts dramatically to that of almost overwhelming dread. The girl runs her hands over her milky thighs, unable to meet their tiny stares directly. Finally, breaking the silence after a few agonizing seconds, she addresses her newest smalls. "So, I have to be honest with you all. Normally I don't keep tinies that are this... well, tiny. You guys just aren't particularly useful for much. So, after we play..." Her sentence trails off. The threat was assumed.

Owen and Elijah share an unsure glace between each other, agreeing without a sound. It’s now or never. Elijah breaks into a sprint, giving no signal to Chris, leaving a man he had only about an hour ago considered a close friend entirely in the dust. Shakily, Owen tries his best to take off, still heaving from his sobbing fit just moments earlier. Running for their lives, the two make a break for the back of the desk, Owen lagging just behind. They have no plan, but if they could get out of sight behind her tablet, they figure that Leah likely won't have much hope of finding them at their size.

Knowing they couldn't go far, Leah gave them little thought, "But, I wouldn't mind having you as a pet, Chris. You're just too sweet." She carefully extends a well-manicured teal-painted fingernail towards the desk, "Climb on, little guy. I promise I won't bite." Having plenty of experience with small people helps the girl know exactly how to treat tinies respectfully and, more importantly, win them over. She knew firsthand that simple manners like not picking someone up without permission would go a long way in earning their trust.

Unfortunately, Chris is still having a hard time processing everything. So much had happened in just this last hour that he craved the floor, wanting nothing more than to lay down and weep. But something about her is so alluring to the college-aged boy. Conceivably, he didn't have to focus on this whole situation. Perhaps, he only needed to focus on her. He presents a choice, surrendering what little he has left in one defining instant. Giving himself entirely and totally to Leah. 

Carefully, the fraction of a man climbs onto the front of this ditzy girl's index finger, and it slowly begins to rise. The college student is careful with him, conscious and sympathetic to his body’s sensitive needs. She'd had enough experience with this size specifically to understand that if she moves too fast, there is a genuine risk of Chris getting nauseous, And that was the last thing she wanted for her new little buddy. Gently, he's placed on the corner of her silver MacBook, safely out of harm's way.

"Now for the other two." Her voice had changed. It’s colder now, almost like a switch had been flipped somewhere inside the deepest recesses of her brain. No longer did her words have any warmth or compassion to them. Emotionally, she’s distant. A far cry from her mood only moments ago

Around this time, Owen and Elijah realize just how much they had vastly miscalculated the distance. But it's far too late. Both have yet to hit the halfway mark before Leah hones in on their position and sneers, "Oh look, Chris, I think we have ants."

Owen collapses on his back, his muscles on fire and his lungs wheezing from exhaustion and strain. He has just enough time to see the massive digit hurtle towards him, with no opportunity to squeak out a scream.


His form disappears under her finger almost instantly, vanishing amid a sea of soft flesh. His death is hurried and uneventful, like squashing a gnat between two fingertips. Leah twists her finger against the wooden surface a few times, just to be sure. She never took pleasure in this, but it had to be done. The ones that ran, Leah knew would likely never be seen again. The thought of them watching from somewhere while she got out of the shower grossed her out beyond belief. Hell, what if they saw her touching herself? That one sent shivers down her spine. Sure, she often got off on them, but that was consensual. At least for her. Which is really the only consent that matters in her mind.

Wiping the pitifully small stain on the hem of her panties, the enormous girl stands up. Her shadow looms over the remaining runner, now wailing over the death of yet another of his closest friends. It's too much for him to bear any longer, breaking him down on the spot. It’s a prompt conclusion to a pitiful attempt at escape. Her voice booms from far above, "Ugh, this is what I get for being honest." A look of utter disdain burns in her eyes, "What would you even do if you got away?"

Leah scoffs, continuing her mocking tirade, "Shrinking is permanent, you idiot. Even if you managed to get down, you'd probably just end up smeared on the bottom of my Uggs when I leave for school tomorrow."

She takes a deep breath, letting out a long-overdue sigh, "Whatever, you want to spend your life crawling on my floor like a bug, then be my guest. Just... one last thing."


She purses her lips and lets a meteoric glob of saliva fall from her mouth. Elijah never knew what hit him. The sticky orb crashes into him, instantly throwing him to the ground and engulfing his tiny body in adhesive liquid. He tries to move, scream, and thrash but only gets a mouthful of minty-tasting swill. It invades his lungs with foul-tasting goo, leaving him unable to believe it came from such an innocent-looking girl.

Leah shakes her head in disbelief. She'd expected some sort of fight, "Wow, um, are you serious? Stuck in a girl's spit. Pathetic isn't really a word I use lightly, but it really fits you well, huh?" Metaphorically she wipes her hands with him. Out of thought, out of mind. Sitting back down, she casually stretches out, raising both arms above her head and letting out a huge yawn.

"Mmm, today totally wiped me out." She leans back in her chair, staring at the tiny cracks in the ceiling's paint. Something she used to do often when she was younger. As lame as it was, she'd usually fall asleep just counting out the individual crisscrossing paths. But that was long ago, before she knew about magic. Nearly a lifetime before.

Leah sits back up, a fresh wave of enthusiasm stretching across her face. "So, where were we?" She focuses her attention on her tiny crush, sitting cross-legged on the corner of her Macbook. The lids of her eyes lower once again, locking on Chris. Heat stirs within her, flames rising in temperature by the second. She wants him; no, she needs him. The blonde didn't care how small his body had become. Just the thought of his little hands touching her was enough to make every part of her body yearn.

Typically, she's the opposite of confident. Year in and year out, she was the quiet girl, the type of girl nobody ever talked to unless they ended up paired up together. But with tinies, confidence just came so effortlessly. Simply put, she struggled to see them as actual people. Truthfully even calling them dolls might be pushing it.

"Hmm, though, maybe we should take care of that first." She can see his excitement poking out, swelling painfully hard. Leah loved that she could do that. After all, he'd been unintentionally teasing her all semester. It was only fair that she returned the favor, "You know, I caught you staring at my ass constantly, right? Bet you thought I couldn’t tell! Not that I mind, you’re part of the reason I always wear those yogas to class." She winks at him, a dominant action at Chris's size.

She reflects for a minute before a fresh idea pops into her head, "Well, since you like my ass so much, maybe it's time you got a closer look!" The titanic girl rises above Chris like a kaiju in a monster flick, carefully dropping her panties and revealing her recently shaved vulva. Only the most minor patches of stubble start to poke show. Already flooded and flushing with arousal, she does a fast spin, giving him a preview of the assets. Then, turning around, Leah puts her bare shapely ass in full view. It towers over him, hundreds of times his size, a true monolith of warm yet firm muscle. She gives it a little shake before getting real close to the desk, ripples of skin bending around the frame as she ever so slightly presses her butt against the rounded wooden end.

Looking over her shoulder smugly, she stretches a cheek to the side, showing off her exposed asshole. "So, how's the view?" Her voice exudes confidence. She lets the cheek go, and the small hole vanishes as quickly as it first appeared, eaten by her mountainous cheek. Before turning back around, she gives her ass a little slap. The noise echos throughout the room, tiny waves rippling through the relatively firm glutes, jutting out from the initial point of impact.

Chris is stunned into silence. Something about her size had magnified her beauty. Even the tiny dots of cellulite on her pasty ass felt like something to be treasured. He wanted to do everything in his power to make her feel incredible. But at his size, what could he possibly do? Her asshole alone was nearly two of him in height. One twitch of it looked as if it could cut him cleanly in half. The small man takes a deep breath, centering himself. Despite all his rightly placed anxiety, Chris gives in to his lust. Sexual need urges him to take his cock in his shaky hands. He begins to stroke, his body already begging for release from the compelling display of sexuality.

Leah slowly turns around. What she sees sends tingles straight through her core, eliciting a soft moan of delight from her delicate lips. He's masturbating to her! The witch had shrunk dozens of men by now but never had she seen one willingly give into her like this. Usually, they were too scared to do much of anything but whimper and feel sorry for themselves. This one was so submissive! In other words, a perfect pet!

He wanted this just as much as she did, which drove her wild, "Mmm, that's so hot watching you stroke it like that." Carefully she sits down, her bare ass impacting the leather-like material of the office chair with a pomf. Leah can’t help herself anymore; she starts on her clit with an almost involuntary gasp, sensation bombarding her. Massaging it, watching him get off to her, and her alone. It made her feel primal, tempting her to give in to her urges. Enough was enough.

"So, how about you get down here and fuck me?" Asking is only a formality; she knows how badly he wants this. A hand gingerly extends, eagerly waiting to feel his tiny feet across its smooth palm. Blinded by lust and a desire to please, he wastes no time climbing onto her palm, much to his giant captor's immediate arousal. Leah diligently handles him, doing her best to disregard the intense craving for his tiny touch. Carefully positioning herself so the slopes in the chair's material would be as flat as possible. She needed to make sure her little lover had easy access to exactly where she wanted.

The hand descends, overwhelming Chris with a surge of g-forces despite Leah’s slow pace, forcing him to drop to the ground to keep steady. The scrunched wrinkles of her shirt fly by, giving way to her soft vulva, eventually turning into the curves of her fit glutes. Shakily, Chris climbs off the palm and hops out onto the endless landscape of the chair. He feels almost like an astronaut, setting foot on an alien panorama. Behind him is a seemingly infinite field of black faux leather, a material he'd seen many times throughout his life, yet it felt so foreign at this size.

To the sides, massive pale thighs. They tremble as the giant girl teases herself with an idle finger, working the folds of the vulva and teasing the sensitive spots of her inner thighs. Shaking that ordinarily would be rather tough to spot, but at this size, Chris is now acutely aware of how pronounced even the smallest of actions could be. Finally, taking a few seconds to even work up the courage, he looks ahead. In front of him: the biggest asshole he has ever seen. Her soft cheeks flank both sides of it, sloping downwards and gently pressing into the chair, deforming it under their supple weight.

Her voice booms loudly from what felt like miles above, "So, considering you like ass so much, I was sorta' hoping you'd be up for anal?" She phrases it as a question, but he knows she isn't asking. No, this is a distinct demand. Maybe even an order.

Shlick shlick shlick

Chris glances up above her perfectly tight ass and watches in fascination as the massive digit switches between rubbing her clit, to tracing her wet folds. Then, dipping a finger lightly inside, she traces the topmost part of her damp cavern. It’s too much, he froze. Witnessing something undoubtedly four or five times his size disappear inside her is as scary as arousing.

"P-please, just touch it. I just want to f-feel your little hands on it." Her voice is shaky and breathy. Closing his eyes briefly, he psychs himself up before taking a few steps forward. Laying his hands on it, he felt up the wrinkled flesh. Leah cries out with a squeak of approval from high up above, audibly excited at his tiny touch. His fingers run across it slowly and methodically. Its slightly oily, and to his surprise, it didn't smell bad. The whole area is drenched in Leah’s musk and scent, but it was far from unpleasant. Further cementing into his head how immaculate this girl is.

Having quite literally felt out the situation, Chris decides it's time to step up his game. He starts rubbing her doughnut with more force than before, periodically stopping to knead the soft flesh on either side of his body. Though the boy is diminutive, Chris hopes she's just sensitive enough to feel the backbreaking effort being put in. Meanwhile, Leah can just barely perceive his movements across the flesh of her cheeks and against her asshole. It's not much of a feeling due to his size, but she can tell exactly what he's doing. She could feel those tiny hands caressing the sensitive skin of her anus, rubbing against the wrinkled grooves. Just knowing somebody is down by the most humiliating part of her body, giving everything they can to help her cum and probably loving it. For her, it’s intoxicating. In a frenzy of lust, she calls down to him, "B-bite me!" And Chris is happy to oblige. He turns his attention towards the flesh of her right cheek and clamps down hard.

Leah screams, not even expecting to perceive his nip so strongly. She's incredibly thankful her parents still hadn't made it home because she doesn't hold back her audible excitement. It takes all of her willpower not to buck her hips forward and steamroll over him on a sexually charged whim. 

By now, her chairs were soaked, and as a consequence, so was Chris. Dripping head to toe with sticky splotches of lady cum, he would have been freezing if Leah's body hadn’t generated so much heat. Consequently, amid a chorus of noises from the giant messily masturbating above, the tiny guy is whipped into a pheromone-infused frenzy. Her musk drives him wild. He has the most enormous ass he's ever seen directly in front of him, and he will not sit by while she gets off without him. Chris grabs his still painfully hard member in his right hand, feeling it pulsing with the primal need for release. Explicitly grinding it along the outer surface before sticking it inside, watching it quiver in response to his cock. Eventually, it lets him push inside with only the slightest bit of resistance. Now balls deep in a cute girl’s butt, he quickly gains speed and falls into a rhythm with the thrusts of his cock.

The blonde can’t believe what she's feeling, "O-oh my god! Is that your cock? A-are you… seriously you fucking my ass?" She ramps up, determined to cum with a tiny cock inside her. All the tinies she'd crushed under the weight of that ass, and now one was fucking it like it was nothing!

She plunges two fingers inside, massaging the top entrance of her tunnel with enthusiastic squeaks of endorsement. "This is so fucking hot! Harder, please... I want to feel you!"

Chris picks up the pace, his skin slapping against her as he fucks an asshole nearly thrice his size. The hot flesh is an entirely new sensation on his cock as it steadily slides in and out. Tight, wet, and warm. Already, he's struggling not to finish, but it's a losing battle. The small boy is on the edge of release, listening intently as Leah dips her fingers in and out of her hungry cunt. She can sense almost every minute thrust into her, each one bringing her closer and closer. Until it's finally too much, "Oh fuck, y-you bug! I'm so close... c-cum in my butt!" Her dirty talk suffers, far too enraptured with feeling to properly embellish.

But that's precisely what he needs to hear. After a few more labored thrusts, Chris dumps his pitiful load into her ass. Immediately watching it get swallowed up by her hole, leaving no traces behind. And just like that, all hell breaks loose. Leah could tell he finished, his thrusts slowing. She nearly screams out, covering her mouth with a free hand as her pussy tightens around her fingers, "Fuck, t-think I'm cumming!" Her voice comes out muffled from behind her hand. All of the built-up tension and teasing edges out into a powerful finale. Leah bucks forward hard, pressing her legs into the chair as she squirms and writhes against the seat's backrest, leaning into the oncoming waves of ecstasy.

Chris doesn't even have time to scream. Her ass hits him with the weight of a train. Thrown several inches forward, he looks up to see those beautiful creamy thighs come down right on top of him, sandwiching him between tons of tissue and a generic forty-dollar office chair. While Leah twitches and squirms, his bones creak under her weight, but he holds steady. Then, it's suddenly over. The mass holding him lessens, and all the tiny person can hear is the calming sound of her breath. Even at her immense size, it seems gentle. In and out, it has an almost peaceful quality to it. However, Chris is battered and practically already able to feel how black and blue he'll be in the morning. But he's thankful just to be alive. Leah can't believe it, "That was just... incredible." Her whole body is so relaxed, having just cum the hardest she had in what felt like forever. It takes her a few seconds, but eventually, she sits up.

"You are soooo getting a reward for that. Like, wow! Let me just wash up quick." She scoots forward, both hearing and feeling her mistake instantly.


Chris immediately pops under her as her butt harshly presses his fragile body into mush. Bone and guts ground to instantaneous paste on account of her immense size relative to his weak form. Leaving nothing except a slight smudge under her left cheek and an even smaller one on her chair.

Her blood goes cold, feeling something akin to bubble wrap under the area where her groin meets her ass. "Fuck! Okay, Leah, don't panic! Probably just roughed up a little…." But in her heart, she knows it's not true. Standing up, she glances reluctantly towards the spot where her generous derriere once had been seated. She can’t see anything save for a small smear where her tiny friend once was.

"Oh! Um, fuck… no no no, I'm so sorry, I-" She chokes back a sob, "-didn't mean too…."

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