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Disclaimer: This is a very violent story. Read at your own discretion. It is a completely fictional story and the characters’ opinions do no reflect my own.

With that out of the way, I just wanna say that it’s nice to finally write another story lol. Been a loooong time. Also, I haven’t double checked this so let me know if you see any errors. Reviews are heavily encouraged. Hope y’all enjoy!




The front door slowly creaked open as David entered his decent sized 2 story, 1 bedroom house. He sighed as he felt the relief of finally being home after a full day at his office job and his weekend finally beginning. Quickly untying his tie and slipping off his dress shoes, he made his way to the kitchen to pour himself a glass of water. Once done, he made his way upstairs to his bedroom. He could feel the jitters of excitement uncontrollably shaking beneath his skin. It was going to be a great weekend.

As he neared the top of the stairs, he could hear faint voices coming from his bedroom. But he knew what they were, which made him smile and got him even more excited. He could feel his waistband getting tighter already. As he opened his bedroom door, the voices could get louder, but not loud or clear enough to be able to recognize any of the words. That is, because they were coming from his tablet that he had propped up on his desk at the far end of the bedroom. A tablet propped up in front of a fish tank. And in that fish tank was his prize.

Hanging from a string attached to the top of the tank was a tiny girl, only a few inches tall. The string was tied to her arms, causing her entire body/weight to be dangling from her arms alone, her legs free to shake as much as they want, although she opted not to as that would put even more pain in her arms than she was already having to endure. Not even mentioning the fact that she was elevated so high, in her perspective, that if she came loose from her bindings a fall from this height would be like falling from a 2 story house. 

Tears dropped down the several feet (to her) to the bottom of the cold, unforgiving floor. Her face was covered with them and the redness in her cheeks showed she had been crying probably all day, as she had been every day since she came to be in David’s possession. Small, fresh bruises were sprinkled up and down her body. Moreover, she was covered head to toe in David’s cum, from him emptying his load from his morning wood onto her perfect body earlier that day. Most of it had dried onto her body and her hair after having been on her all day long.

In display in front of her was David’s tablet. On the screen were 3x3 squares that each showed a different room of a house. In one of those squares were a husband and wife and a young teen girl silently eating dinner at a dinner table. David didn’t like to brag about his technical skills but he was able to flex his muscles, so to speak, when it came to hacking into little Bailey’s family’s interior security cameras, so that he could display her old house and family while she could do nothing to be reunited with them. She was his to do with however he wanted.

“Mmm, spaghetti? I think I might just have to make some for myself now,” David coldly teased as he flipped the tablet towards him to see what Bailey’s family was having for dinner. 

“Wh-why are you doing this? P-p-please let me go home already,” Bailey pleaded through her tears, trying not to have her words move her body too much as it would send new needles of pain through her wrists. But after a week of being kept captive here, she didn’t have high hopes.

“Shut up, bitch. Or else I’ll hang you up by your hair on Monday, instead of your wrists.”

All Bailey could do was let a whimper out. What she didn’t know was that David was already planning on trying that out soon, he just loved being cruel to his victim, physically and verbally. Admittedly, he loved hearing her beg and frantically negotiate her way out of this. But she was his. He knew from the first time he saw her.


David was having dinner at a restaurant, his favorite restaurant in fact. Alone, as he was pretty antisocial and loved having time to himself. He had seen her when he walked in and was absolutely starstruck at her beauty, but he never would’ve expected she would actually be his waitress. She must’ve been new. She had beautiful, long dirty blonde hair that came all the way to the middle of her back, with two big and wavy pony tails that flowed perfectly with the rest of her hair. She looked to be about 5’10 and had work jeans on that fit to her long legs wonderfully and ended about mid calf. She wore slightly worn down black ankle high converses with light pink no-show socks barely peeking out. On her nametag, he read the name “Bailey”. Long, manicured black nails just topped everything off. To say he was taken aback by her beauty was an understatement. He wanted her.

Luckily for David, he had just came into having a wonderful power to shrink objects and, more importantly, people. He had no idea how or why he had suddenly been bestowed such a gift but within his 30 year long life, it was the best thing that had ever happened to him. He started with everyday objects to test them out. He got to the point where he found an even greater part of the gift. Not only could he shrink things, but he could have them teleport wherever he wanted when he did so. That’s when he finally mustered up the courage to use it on a person. And unfortunately for her, this waitress fit his interests perfectly. 

But since this would be his first victim, he was nervous. What if something went wrong or he used his powers incorrectly and he was caught taking her? Plus, with her being the first, deep down he wanted to know a little about her. And a little bit of stalking his prey like a lion before pouncing sounded thrilling. So he made small talk with her as his waitress and just allowed himself to truly appreciate her amazing features. He tipped her well and left without doing anything out of the ordinary. 

This continued for several days. With it being his favorite restaurant, it wasn’t out of the ordinary for him to go in there regularly. He wouldn’t always get Bailey as his waitress, but that was just fine. It would help put some distance between him and her to outside viewers. 

It wasn’t til one afternoon when he overheard Bailey talking with one of her coworkers about how she was going to be off within the hour. So, without being too suspicious, David waited a few minutes before asking for the check and headed to his car where he waited patiently. Not too long after, he saw her get into her car and drive off. He did his best to follow without raising alarms to her. 

She lived not too far from the restaurant and she lived in a neighborhood, so it wasn’t hard not to be too suspicious with following her. As she pulled into the driveway, he saw 2 other cars parked there and a sign in the lawn with Bailey’s name, the current year, and the name of a high school on it. Hmm, so she was a high school senior. Could’ve fooled him.

From that day forward, the best parts of his week were going to that restaurant and seeing her there, whether she was his waitress or not. Then one day he hit the jackpot, he heard one of her coworkers mention her by his last name. And it was an uncommon last name so looking her up on social media was very easy. Now he could more easily track her actions.

After a few weeks of having fun physically and electronically stalking his prey, the fateful day had finally come. He had waited until she graduated (he wasn’t 100% a monster, of course. Plus, he felt it was an even bigger turn on letting her believe she was about to leave high school and enter the college life when really she would be entering her new life with him. Ok, maybe he was a monster). 

He saw on her social media story that her and her friends had after graduation plans. He went to the venue where her graduation was to be at and found her car in the parking lot and parked near it. He patiently waited til the large crowd of people piled out of the building when the graduation was over. Finally, he saw her and 2 of her girl friends walk to her car. They took their time taking their graduation robes off to hang up and put in the trunk of the car (revealing the amazingly sexy dresses they had on underneath) but once they did, they hopped in the car and took off, completely oblivious that David was following behind them. 

He waited until they were in a fully deserted backroad (he was following even further behind than he normally would at this point) before he made his move. He concentrated hard until he saw their car in the distance completely vanish into thin air. To be completely safe, he had them teleported to an old fish tank at his house that he had plans to fill with fish but never got around to it. 

The drive home was the most exciting, thrilling ride he’d ever been on. Thankfully it only took him a few minutes to get there, or else his mind would’ve probably exploded from the overload of joy and anticipation he was having. By the time he reached his bedroom and saw the car in the tank, he already had a raging hard on.

Slowly peering down beside the fish tank, he glared into it at the tiny vehicle that was now present. With the car being only a few inches long, he could only vaguely make out 3 terrified faces glaring out at him through the windows. He decided he could not wait any longer. 

Pulling down his shorts and underwear and not even having the patience to pull them off his legs, his shaft popped out and felt the fresh air of his bedroom. Quickly but gently reaching into the tank, he grasped onto the car. Pulling it out, he reached for the tiny door handle and yanked on it, ripping the door clear off. Shaking it like a salt shaker, three tiny 2-inch tall bodies fell out onto his massive palm. Crushing the car with his fingers in front of them as an act of dominance, he put the remains onto the desktop. He would flush it down the toilet later. 

Bringing his palm close to his eyes, he could see his beautiful Bailey up close and personal, with her other two friends. Her friends weren’t nearly as gorgeous as she was but they weren’t bad looking either. David couldn’t tell if it was the vast difference in size of his face or the fact that he was a pretty average looking guy, but Bailey didn’t seem to recognize him. He could see their bodies were deliciously trembling, unsure of what this giant was going to do to them. They already had tears running down their faces. 

He picked up one of the friends, a brunette with tan skin, and stuck out his tongue. Taking a long lick over her tear covered face, he could taste an explosion of saltiness flavor. He was surprised at how good it tasted. After his tongue left the surface of her face, she began coughing to get out any of his saliva that she got in his mouth. Before she had time to finish, he popped her into his mouth and closed his lips, causing the other two tiny high school graduates in his palm to emit a high pitched shriek.

“No, no, no, no. Please sir! What do you want from us?!”

Oh god, hearing Bailey’s tiny voice almost made David cum right on the spot, without even touching himself. Without answering the question, he began to swish his tiny morsel around in his mouth. He could feel her violently thrash around, trying not to drown in the cascades of saliva that flooded his mouth due to how delicious and salty she tasted. David felt a few minuscule, sharp pokes onto his tongue and gums and quickly remembered she was wearing heels and seemingly was trying to use them as weapons in her desperate attempt to escape the wet hell she was in. He chuckled at her pathetic attacks, which sent vibrations through her body.

He couldn’t hold it any longer, he stuck out his tongue in front of the other two and let them soak in how brutal his tongue and saliva had beaten their friend. Their cries and begging intensified until he quickly snapped his tongue back into his mouth, closed his lips, and uttered an overly loud gulp, sending the tiny 18 year old to the pits of his stomach. The two remaining women both crashed down onto their knees and brought their heads and faces to the floor (his palm) and covered the backs of their heads as they sobbed in absolute fear of what they just witnessed.

David could very slightly feel their tears being poured onto his soft palm but he could certainly feel their trembles as their sobs sent convulsions through their tiny bodies. He brought his free hand to his stomach, trying to feel any sort of movement in his stomach, but he felt nothing. Nothing to indicate that a fully living, breathing girl who had just walked the graduation stage barely an hour ago was now about to be brutally dissolved by his stomach acids so that it could be used as nutrients for his body. All the hopes and dreams she had life were now completely gone as she was nothing more than food to him now.

These thoughts sent his horny mind into sheer attack mode. His free hand quickly snatched up Bailey’s other friend from his palm and deliberately and agonizingly slowly brought her shaking form to his boner. The thought of him about to have a fully sentient tiny being being pressed to his penis against her will for the very first time was something he wanted to experience forever. It was something he would replay in his mind over and over again, no matter how many tiny slaves he would take. 

Her inhuman screams of absolute terror as she saw where she was headed made his cock physically shake with anticipation. Bailey frantically stammering “no” over and over again, not knowing what she could say to get this horrific giant to stop what he was doing and bring her friend from his stomach back. Watching her friend in the giant’s hand approaching closer and closer to the giant appendage made her mind go into complete freak out mode as her no’s began to become gibberish speech. 

At long last, the tiny teenager’s face made contact with his rock hard tower. David let out a loud, almost inhuman moan as the sensitive skin on the underside of his cock could make out the feeling of the tiny woman’s face being pressed into it. Slowly, he dragged it down his length. Pre-cum had already been dripping down, threatening the tiny girl of drowning, but David didn’t care. He didn’t let her face leave his skin. She felt too good. 

The helpless girl’s face made it to his wrinkled sack before being held there for a second as David allowed his mind to soak in the beauty of his actions. He had a high school graduate who, through his stalking of Bailey’s social media, he knew was one of the most popular girl’s in school, reduced to having her tiny face being forced against his hairy, wrinkled ball sack with a thin layer of sweat from having been several hours since he showered. And he had the teenager and spent the past several weeks stalking religiously literally in the palm of his hand. 

He was ready.

Moving his hand with Bailey on it to his desk, he tilted it to where she, rather roughly, fell into the desktop. Readjusting the tiny girl-turned-sex-toy in this hand to where the whole front of her body pressed into his balls, with his fingers on her back, he slid her back up his shaft. He once again readjusted her to her she was within his fist, with her back against his palm. Looking directly at the helpless Bailey, he finally let loose. 

Violently dragging her friend up and down his cock as he furiously masturbated, he did not even try to be careful not to harm his sex toy. Her muffled screams of terror being emitted directly onto his dick became screams of agony as the friction of being so roughly and carelessly rubbed up and down a tower multiple times her size began to burn her body. The speed she was going at made it impossible for her to even have memories flash by her mind as she knew this would probably be the end for her. 

David began feeling a wetness in his palm but he figured it was his pre-cum. It wasn’t until he looked further down that he saw blood dripping down to the floor from his hand that was jerking himself off. He smiled evilly at little Bailey as she let out a blood curdling scream once she realized what had just happened. But David did not stop masturbating. Looking at Bailey again, he knew he had to have her covered with his cum.

For the next few minutes, Bailey could only sit in pure panic and fear as the cruel giant continued to jerk himself off in front of her, using her friend’s blood as lubricant. As David felt himself nearing the end, he began to wonder if the girl in his stomach was still alive and if she could feel what he was doing. He wished he could hear her pain filled screams and begging as her body began to disintegrate. The fact that he couldn’t even feel her or the process made it all the more hotter to him. 

Finally, he felt it. Aiming his tip directly at Bailey, who was on her knees, he came with the greatest force he’d ever came before. The first shot hit her directly in the chest and forced her quickly onto her back. The next he let shoot onto her legs. He wanted her to be able to see the rest of her body be covered with his jizz before cumming onto that beautiful face. The remaining shots he let do just that. 

After his last drops of cum completely covered his victim’s face and neck, he walked over and grabbed some napkins to wipe the cum and blood off of his hand and dick. He then walked over to the desktop and chuckled at little Bailey’s frantic attempts to get out of his pool of cum. After a few seconds of watching, he scooped her up by her leg and used another napkin to clean her off. David was glad to see her crying face again. 

Gently lowering her back into the fish tank, he was delighted to see her face shrivel into so many expressions as he told her, “Welcome to your new life.”


“I brought you some more friends.”

Reaching into his left pocket, David pulled out three wiggling forms, both the same size as Bailey. He unceremoniously dropped them onto the desktop in front of the fish tank. Bailey could barely look at them without feeling her heart sink. Not only were two more poor souls thrust into this unforgiving situation but she knew the purpose of David showing them to her. 

It had only been about a week since she had been stolen from her previous life and forced to be in this new one, but her cruel owner had already proven a point that he was going to put her under as much torture physically and mentally as he could. Each day, he would return home with a new set of tiny women that he would then execute in horrific manners in front of her. She didn’t know why he felt the need to do this but after the week she’s had to endure it so far, it’s left her feeling completely empty. More empty than she ever thought she could feel.

The screams of one of the women brought her back to reality. She looked to be in her mid 40’s. Decently attractive for her age. Shoulder length brown hair and a dress suit showed she must’ve just gotten off work when/wherever David snatched her up. 

David grabbed a large butcher’s knife he kept by the fish tank at all times, and cleaned off every time it was used. He laid the poor, screaming woman, who was now screaming even more wildly and frantically after seeing the sharp weapon, onto her back. Looking directly at Bailey to make sure she was watching (because she used to look away during these moments, which he quickly punished her for), he began sawing at the lady’s waist. It didn’t take much effort or time at all to completely sever her legs clean off, which sent her into a mindless frenzy of pain.

David picked up the pair of legs by the feet and let them dangle above the upper half of the women, allowing her own blood to drip down onto her as she could only writhe around in absolute agony. He quickly got bored of this and just let her legs drop down onto her body, his interest in her completely gone as soon as they made contact. Grabbing an unopened clear, plastic water bottle on the desk, he opened it and chugged half of it down. Next, grabbed the second lady. This one blonde, looking to be in her mid to late 30’s, and also in a dress suit. She must have worked at the same place as the first woman.

He dropped her into the narrow opening of the bottle. With the bottle half full now and as tiny as the woman was, she had no hope of reaching the top of the bottle and she most certainly couldn’t reach the bottom, which was several feet below her. As she wildly treaded water, she looked up to see the giant screwing back the lid at the top of the bottle, sealing her in. She watched as the giant face leaned down to look at her, the plastic in the bottle slightly distorting the facial features. She was terrified of it nonetheless. 

“Let’s see how long you last in there, shall we?”

David loved watching her face go from panic to sheer horror at the implications of his words. Her movements became even more wild, which he thought was stupid because that was just wasting energy. He quickly lost interest in her as well, even though she would now begin the fight for her life. 

Turning his attention back to Bailey, he finally lifted up the lid of the water tank, which lifted Bailey along with it. She began grunting loudly as her already in pain wrists were put through even more torture as she was lifted high into the air. Detaching the string from the lid was very simple for David and he quickly brought her over to the bathroom to rinse off the dried cum over her body. 

Returning back to the bedroom with the already exhausted Bailey in hand, he saw the last of the women had tried to hide behind the water tank while he was gone.

“You dumb fucking bitch, you know that is clear right? Did you really think that would hide you from me?” He said as he easily reached behind and yanked her by the legs up to his face. She looked to be in her early 20’s, black hair, and wearing a dark skirt and white blouse. She must’ve been an intern or new hire at the place these women worked at. If David worked with this chick though, he doesn’t think he could’ve stopped staring at her during the workday. She was very attractive. 

With the chopped-in-half woman’s screams dying down, the swimmer’s screams muffled but pleasantly still audible, and his two playthings in hand, he walked over to his bed and threw them on top. He excitedly unzipped his pants and took all of his clothes off. Laying down on the bed, he scooped up the powerless women and laid on his back. Placing Bailey on his trimmed pubic hair, he told her, “You know what to do.”

Very slowly due to her pain and soreness of being dangled by her wrists all day, Bailey made her way to the stiff member that was David’s cock. Gripping onto the skin of the tower, she carefully made her way to the underside and stood up on his sturdy ball sack. From there, she couldn’t stop the tears from flowing as she did as she was trained to do by her owner and began licking the underside of her master’s cock. 

David leaned his head back and let an audible groan escape his lips as he felt the 18 year old do everything she could to please his cock. After a few seconds of basking in this treat, he brought the last of the disposable women up to his face. The feeling of his Bailey pleasuring his penis made it impossible not for him to have a look full of lust as he looked at the defenseless woman in his clutches. It seemed her high heels that she was wearing when he shrunk her must have fallen off, exposing her amazing bare feet to him. 

He shuddered at both the licking being done on his private parts and at how utterly beautiful this little women’s soles were. Even with her being so small, he could still make out each wrinkle, as well as her beautifully pedicured dark blue toenails. He very seriously considered chopping them off and keeping them as a souvenir, but they would rot too quickly. Sadness to dispose of her creeped into his mind but was snuffed out quickly. He could always get more. As many as he could ever want.

Grabbing her by her calves, he brought her feet up to one of his nostrils and took a deep inhale. It didn’t smell like much but he did detect a whiff of worn leather from her wearing her heels during the work day. With her dangling by her legs, her upper body and hair brushed against his upper lip. He was in pure bliss. He needed a taste of this woman’s soles. Still gripping onto her calves, he brought them to his lips where his tongue snaked out like a dragon collecting its prize. Bringing the tip of his tongue up and down her soft, pale soles, he gasped as Bailey licked an extra sensitive part of cock. He stuck both the feet entirely into his mouth.

“Please, please! Don’t do this! My parents have money! I can get them to give you however you want, just please please for the love of God don’t kill me!”

The usual pleading and begging that David had quickly grown accustomed to was music to his ears. He didn’t even respond in any way to her as he closed his eyes and focused on the taste of her delicious feet. However after a few minutes, he could feel himself growing a little too fond of them. Maybe someday he’ll decide to have more keepers besides Bailey, but today was not that day. Grabbing her by the sides of her torso, he pulled her out of his mouth and just stared at her in the eyes for a few moments. The mysterious way the giant was staring at her made her feel uneasy. The feeling of unknowing what he was thinking and what he was going to do to her made her absolutely mad and she began pleading and begging once again, although this time barely coherent sentences were forming. 

With no warning whatsoever, David tightly gripped her legs and quickly bent them perpendicularly to the side, effectively and quickly breaking them in the blink of an eye. The sheer pain that jolted through the poor woman’s body so unexpectedly nearly made her vision go black. The only reason it didn’t was she was then very quickly rushed down to who knows where, causing her to feel a great sense of vertigo and motion sickness. David was lowering her down to his crotch. He carelessly and effortlessly flicked Bailey off from her perch against his shaft and she feel onto the bedsheet between his thighs, in front of his sack. He then quickly dumped the other woman next to the teen. 

Bailey had heard a crack just moments earlier but nothing could’ve prepared her to see the state of the woman who had been captured not too long ago. The bottom portion of her legs were completely perpendicular to the top half, split at the knees. She could see the bone sticking out of the skin. The noises she was emitting would be forever implanted in Bailey’s memory, along with the several other horrific memories she already had to endure during this hellish week. She wasn’t even sure if she could offer any kind of help to her. But of course, David wasn’t going to make it easy.

“Show her how to please me. Make sure she licks my balls properly. Use your hands and force her to, you little bitch slave.”

No matter how cruel David had already been to her, Bailey could still not get over the callous nature of his orders to her. She thought she was already crying hard while licking his cock but now even more tears were flowing down as she approached the crippled woman. She tried to gently touch her but even her feathery touch caused the woman to violently jump back in fear. Bailey wrapped the woman’s arms around her neck and slowly guided her to their captor’s gigantic balls. Each step caused the woman to moan out in pain. 

“Hurry the fuck up or I’ll have you break her arms for me!”

Once they made it to the wrinkled sack, Bailey could get an even bigger whiff of the musky smell from his genitals than when she was standing on top of them. She could see the slight layer of sweat that covered the leathery, wrinkly skin. She didn’t know if she could do this. It would’ve been hard enough just having to force herself to lick this evil man’s nutsack but to have to force this woman, whose legs were broken beyond repair, into doing it? She would just have to get it over with. Maybe then her master would put this woman out of her misery. 

“I’m so, so, so, so sorry about this,” she said to deaf ears, as the woman was too wrapped up in her pain to understand what was about to happen. Bailey grabbed the back of the woman’s hair and as gently as she could, pushed her face into the hairy, wrinkled skin of David’s balls. She cried as the woman began struggling against her grasp, but Bailey strengthened her hold on her, knowing if she failed there would be extreme consequences. 

“Please just lick his balls, I don’t want to make this, but please just lick them. For both of our sake.”

“Little girl, I didn’t say that you shouldn’t like them too. Get to work,” David’s thunderous voice commanded from the heavens. Bailey let out a whimper as she realized that not only would she have to continue forcing this woman into licking but she would also have to now. She stuck out her tongue as soon as it made contact, she could taste the horrid taste of this man’s balls. The taste was worse then the shaft, as David sweat more in this area during the workday than above. He was a clean man but nothing could stop his ball sack from accumulating some sweat while sitting down at his office desk while he worked. 

Bailey thought back to how just a little over a week ago, she was just graduating high school, thinking she was going to have a more free lifestyle while she went to college. Away from her parents and able to do as she pleases. She hadn’t known what exactly she wanted to major in but she figured she would have time to figure that out while she was attending college. She had already met her college roommate and they hit it off really well and she was looking forward to making memories with her, as well as her high school friends and other people she met on campus and in class. She wanted so badly to hug her parents and little sister one last time at least, something she didn’t cherish enough when she still had a life. Before this horrible, vicious giant robbed her of her hopes and dreams. Now he was robbing her of her sanity. 

David was thinking of all the same things at this moment, but in a much more positive light. He find it so freaking hot that a girl who had just become a woman, had just graduated high school was now reduced to licking his nutsack. And forcing a woman whose legs he so effortlessly broke to lick them along with her. He turned his head over to the tablet with the camera feeds displayed on it. The family was finished eating dinner. The daughter, Bailey’s sister, was in her room on a computer and her parents were in the living room, crying into each other’s arms as they grieved over their missing daughter. The daughter who was now being used as a living, breathing, ball sack washer to a giant man. The thought of this alone and the feeling of the two women at his crotch made him grow even harder.

He then also noticed the woman in the water bottle staring at him, beating against the plastic. He wondered how long she’d last. He’d have to collect a bunch of tiny women sometime and have a competition to see who could last the longest. The winner could live out the rest of their days in his underwear every day, underneath his penis, until they starved to death or died of thirst. He laughed at how terrible that reward that was. Fully relaxed now, be folded his arms behind his head and laid back on his pillow and closed his eyes, fully soaking in the feelings of the tiny tongues washing the day’s worth of sweat build up from his genitals. 

After a few minutes of letting his mind drift off into the relaxation of everything around him, he figured it was time to kill the woman with the broken legs before she was able to drift off into unconsciousness without feeling his full wrath. Leaning his head up, he looked down at the two pathetic excuses for human life. They had honestly done a decent enough job at pleasing him for the time being, but he couldn’t let Bailey know that. 

“You fucking bitch. Do you really think that’s a good job?!”

Bailey jumped back in shock. She immediately dropped down to her knees to begin begging for a second chance. David took no time in grasping the woman with the broken legs’ head and quickly lifting her up. He dabbed her face into the very tip of his penis, where pre-cum was oozing out, to lube up her face as best he could. Then he began to viciously rub her face up and down his fully erect cock as hard as he could. Even just a tad bit harder than was fully comfortable but he wanted to literally rub her entire face off into his cock. Up and down she went. Bailey couldn’t think she could cry more than she was right now. How had she failed to do what her cruel master wanted of her? She felt like she had just doomed this poor woman that she didn’t even know to this cruel torture. She almost couldn’t bare to look as red streaks began to form up and down the giant cock that towered over her like a lighthouse. After a minute or so, the giant slowed his pace and lowered his hand back down where the teenager was, rotating the now dead woman’s body towards her. 

“See?? That’s what you’re fucking supposed to have done!”

Through very tear filled eyes, Bailey reluctantly looked up to the body her captor was displaying in front of her. What she saw could only have existed in a horror movie. The woman’s face was nearly unidentifiable. The skin had been violently ripped from the bone, revealing her skull which could still be determined to be in a horrified and pained expression. Hair and flops of skin hung down and some even fell off in front of Bailey, causing her to dry heave. Not even food could be vomited out as David barely have her any at all. To top it all off, David dropped the corpse on top of the panicking girl. He then stood up and walked to the desktop to grab the half full water bottle. The woman inside gaining false hope that he had second thoughts and was going to rescue her. 

As he gripped the bottle and lifted it, her aching limbs had to work double to keep her above the waves that were formed by such a simple movement. David walked back to the bed and plucked the flailing Bailey out from underneath the bloodied dead body. He then unscrewed the lid of the bottle, which gave the woman inside even more confidence that she would be rescued, until she saw the pink tip of the giant man’s penis enter the bottle. 

David gently pressed the tiny high school graduate to his ball sack, which was now covered in her own saliva as well as the now dead woman’s. After a few seconds of enjoying that sensation, he then slowly dragging her body up his shaft. Then back down. He could hear and feel her sobbing with her face pressed tightly to his skin. He slowly increased his speed until he was full on body fucking his tiny 18 year old slave with his cock. The woman in the bottle could only watch in horror as the slit of his tip peered ominously down on her. She tried to swim to the side of the bottle to avoid being jizzed directly on but the waves from the bottle being shaken, combined with her already tired muscles, made it near impossible. 

David couldn’t wait to add to the obstacle that this tiny useless woman was having to overcome. His Bailey was getting him very close to climax. A few more strokes with her body up and down his cock sent him there. The bottle woman had no time to get to the side of the bottle. She looked up just in time to see the tiny slit quickly open up and spit out thick, white cream out directly onto her face. She frantically paddled her legs and hands to try to get away from the puddle but it was proving to be difficult. David moaned loudly as he jizzed over and over onto a woman who he could’ve easily pulled out and kept as a slave or even returned to her normal life, but instead was going to leave to drown once her body gave up. She was insignificant to him and so was the 18 year old high school graduate he pressing tightly to the sensitive skin of his penis. 

As he basked in the afterglow of his orgasm, the bottle woman decided to get out of the suffocating puddle of cum she had to dive into the water. Which was a huge gamble because that would mean she would have to swim back up to the surface, and as tired as she was already, it wasn’t a guarantee. Thankfully the adrenaline flowing within her out of pure fear was enough to fuel her back to the surface, the giant man’s cum thankfully now off her face. But she was far from being safe. She was still trapped in the water bottle with no where to go, and now it smelt strongly of ejaculation. She made one last scream for help as she saw a gigantic eyeball peer down into the opening of the bottle.

“Wow, you’re a resilient one. I really hope you’re still making it when I wake up from my nap. I’d love to see your last moments.”

The callous nature of how talked about how he would enjoy her suffering and ultimate drowning sent shivers down her spine. She wanted to make it out alive and to know that he would not only be taking a nap instead of rescuing her, but that he would revel in watching her finally drown was burned into her mind and would be the last interaction with a human she would ever have. David screwed the lid of the bottle back on and placed it back on the desktop in front of the water tank. He lifted the exhausted Bailey up to his face.

“You did well, little one. Would you like to snuggle up on my chest while I take a nap, as a reward for your hard work today?”

Bailey was shocked to hear the words. She didn’t want to be anywhere near this heartless monster of a giant, but to be near his body warmth instead of the cold emptiness of the tank felt like a no brainer.

“Y-yes, please sir. T-t-thank you,” she was barely able to mutter out.

“Well too bad, I’d rather you hang by your hair while I nap,” he laughed as he said it. He watched her go from feeling a false sense of comfort to absolute dread of the pain she was about to have to endure. The pure betrayal on her face of someone she didn’t even trust at all in the first place was too much for David to take in at once. He loved having her imagine getting to have a bit of warmth and a comfortable nap for the first time in his possession, only for it to be ripped away and replaced by a horrible torture he had teased at her earlier. 

“N-n-no. NO. Please, I did everything you asked you to do, I’ve done everything you’ve wanted. I’ll go back to hanging from my wrists if you want, I’ll lick your balls while you nap. PLEASE. I don’t even know if I can survive hanging from my hair. Please. God.”

“Pssh, that’s a risk I’m willing to take. I don’t take long naps anyways, silly. You’ll be fine.”

Bailey’s begging once again turned to gibberish as her mind couldn’t comprehend or prepare herself for the pain she was about to face. The hand she was being held captive in began rising once again. Her frantic eyes briefly caught sight of the infamous string that always held her captive when she wasn’t engaging in her master’s playtime. In the flashing seconds of everything that was happening, her mind didn’t fully comprehend her seeing the string but her body instinctively began thrashing about.


David carefully and surgically tied the string around Bailey’s long hair. He was very precise with these little things. A knot was very quickly formed and he then began to lift his prize up. Bailey took in a very quick, deep breath before letting out what was perhaps the loudest scream David had heard her let out. It almost made him horny again. Her arms wildly reached up to her hair to help give it some support, any relief she could give her head from the pain she was experiencing. David marveled at his handiwork. He smiled as he began attaching the other end of the string to the lid of the water tank and then lifted the lid to place back onto the tank itself. 

Before he placed the lid back on, he quickly glanced down at the woman chopped in half on the desktop. Cruelly grinning, he reached down and grabbed both parts of the mutilated body and threw it into the tank before putting the lid back on. Bailey would not only have to endure the pain from being hung by her hair but would also have to suffer through the smell of a rotting corpse. As Bailey was sealed back inside her prison, David stood back and admired his handiwork. 

“I’ll see you two when I wake up. Don’t have too much fun without me,” he said with a wink to the woman in the bottle and to Bailey, who could not even concentrate on anything other than trying to relieve some of the pressure from her scalp where her hair attached to her head. David nonchalantly walked back to his bed where he laid down, knowing this would be one of the most comforting naps he’s had in a while.

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