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The autumn air was crisp and fresh as it breezed gently through the miles of hiking trails. The change in season was seen in nature itself, how the colors shifted in the trees and how the wildlife simmered through the days. The temperature was dropping as the evening neared, but the coolness of the winds was no pressure against two experienced hikers. Deep into the mountain paths was Riley and Holly, sharing giggle-filled conversations and appreciating the beauty of the outdoors. The pair was more than acquainted with the camping lifestyle, but their routine was bound to be far different than before.

What brought them out into the sprawling park was to celebrate their college graduation months prior. It became a biannual tradition to go camping ever since the two were in high school, when Riley first asked Holly to tag along with her usual crew. They knew each other through volleyball; Riley was an excellent athlete on the varsity, while Holly was a school photographer that chronicled all of her games. The two developed a lasting friendship, strong enough to last this long -- they were the only people left from that original crew that could make it out to hike, and it was a reality that weighed on Riley in particular. Time was getting ahead of them, things were changing, and Riley was afraid that one day, she might not have any more time with Holly -- she would never be able to declare her emotions for her.

“No, no, no…!” Holly whined and jogged ahead, dropping to her knees at a heap of stones. “It fell…! Oh, please tell me it’s-- It’s okay! It’s still turned on!” Her tone flipped from frantic to grateful, but her chuckling was nervous. A black digital camera was lifted into her hands and turned over, discovered to still be recording like she had wanted. “But the footage… It’s got to be messed up…”

Riley marched up the stones that Holly was able to skip across. She could not be as nimble as her shorter companion, not while carrying a backpack so stacked with supplies. Lingering behind as she did at least allowed her discreet glances at Holly as she was bent forward over the camera, oblivious to her uplifted rear. Once atop the slope, Riley swung the weight off her shoulders and onto the ground, kneeling beside the tripod that had toppled over. “You think it was the wind?” she asked, already getting to work on dismantling the stand. “Or maybe a ghost~

Holly giggled more cooly than before, gradually calming back down. “It shouldn’t be funny,” she huffed, “this equipment is expensive. But also so, so worth it.” She crossed her legs where she had crouched down, situating herself to review the footage. It was a camera specific for capturing time-lapses, one of several that Holly had strategically dotted around the woods yesterday. Now, she and Riley were retracing their steps, traveling back around to grab the cameras.

“Expensive, and heavy,” Riley joked, glancing back at the equipment roped up to her backpack before clamping the tripod into one small piece -- another weight to be loaded onto her shoulders, but there was no discouragement. “This is the last one, right?”

“... Yeah, yeah,” Holly nodded. Her nose was deep into the playback as it fast-forwarded through hours of footage. She winced when the perspective suddenly fell to its side, resulting in hours of dirt and grass being recorded. “Crap, that sucks. Did you set the legs down sturdy enough? There’s so much gone to waste here…”

Riley frowned, having thought she had set the camera up exactly like Holly had explained. “Sorry, Holly. I must have done something wrong.” Sincere as her apology was, there was a passing thrill to hearing Holly’s tone sharpen like it had -- as if they were a couple getting into a small spat.

Holly sighed as she stood back up. She passed the camera onto Riley, who then pocketed it away into the backpack. “I suppose I can forgive you,” she droned with exaggeration, a finger twirled in a curly lock of blonde hair. She sneered playfully at Riley, “--if, you set up the campfire tonight.”

Riley grinned. “I almost always do, don’t I?”

“Well then. I’ll have to think of some other way to forgive you-- errh...”

“Hah, well, let me know when you think of... something…?” Riley raised her head after hearing Holly’s groan. When she looked at her friend, she had her arms wrapped around her stomach, and her gait was unsteady. Riley stopped short of lifting the backpack when she heard a second whine; “Are you sure you’re okay, Holly? You’ve been making noises like that since this morning...”

“Hrgg… I-I’m alright,” Holly said, waving back at Riley. “It’s my stomach… Maybe something I ate…?”

Riley frowned, but knelt down to pick up their supplies and catch up to where Holly was. She was just in time, as a misstep down the rocky path nearly had Holly trip, but she was caught before stumbling over, falling instead into the arms of Riley. Holly would spend the rest of the walk to their camp leaning into Riley’s side, but she knew Riley would not oppose -- she knew Riley well, and she knew Riley was thrilled to be in this circumstance. It was no secret to her that Riley had a crush on her, and she controlled that fact to a variety of benefits for herself. Despite not feeling the same towards her friend, Holly lived out this relationship guilt-free.

But when fallen ill with an usual sickness, there was little Holly could have Riley do. Her stomach churned and her muscles ached, but Riley was no doctor. Yet Riley still did the most she could, lighting the campfire just as the sun was setting and putting over the flame a pot of soup to be heated. She had hoped the warm, simple meal could tide over an unsettled stomach, but the scent that wafted to Holly was unappetizing to her condition. Holly sat atop a stump with her nose dug into her knees, trying to ignore all that ailed her, but nothing seemed to work.

“... I think I should step aside…” Holly said suddenly, her tone reserved. She stood up from her seat and grabbed a smaller bag of bathroom essentials, but one arm remained cast across her gut. “I-I’ll be back in a minute…”

Riley looked away from the soup, but continued to stir. “Sure, I’ll be here,” she said, offering a sympathetic smile. “This isn’t like our berry incident from that one camping trip, is it?”

“Hah… Certainly not,” Holly weakly chuckled as she waded through tall grass. She hoped attending to business would clear these swirling feelings, but at least she could get some distance and not feel so embarrassed in front of Riley.

Time passed, and the soup finished heating. Riley prepared herself a dish, then set aside an amount for Holly when she returned -- she should have by then, Riley thought, but waited a minute longer. The sun had completely set, and clouds gathered above the woods. Riley tried to trust that Holly could handle herself, but her worry grew with each passing second.

Unwilling to wait any longer, Riley sighed and picked out a flashlight to bring with her after Holly. “Better safe than sorry,” she hummed as she tread through the grass; fair wisdom for the hikers that they were. Nothing serious had ever rattled their camping ventures before, but if something was to happen to Holly, Riley wanted to be her hero.

Yet Riley still expected to come upon nothing out of the ordinary. She even grinned while aiming her flashlight, thinking of how Holly was going to be spooked by her arrival, and then criticize her for coddling her. Riley was already preparing an apology for that when she noticed something odd in her light -- different from the natural growth was a flash of fabric, a jacket caught up in bushes. Riley stepped forward, but shivered back when she heard a little cry, a high-pitched noise like an injured animal.

Riley swallowed. “Holly…?” Her fingers curled nervously when there was not a reply, and still not a sign of Holly’s presence. Riley did conclude, however, that the discarded jacket was that of her friend’s. She maneuvered around the bush to get a better look. “Holly…? Where are you…-- h-huh?!”

She fretted a step away, surprised by what she saw after turning past the bush. It was not just Holly’s coat that lay abandoned, but an entire set of clothes -- everything Holly had been wearing just moments ago, piled up atop a layer of dead leaves. Even her boots and socks lay in the mess, as though the photographer had outright vanished. Naturally, Riley was baffled, and frantically looked elsewhere in the woods for Holly’s whereabouts.

Then, she heard that squeak again, sharp enough to make her shake. “H-Hello?!” Riley whipped around, stomping through the tall grass, until her attention was pulled back down to the mound of clothes. Realizing they could not be left behind like this, Riley knelt down and sifted through the clothing, hoping to uncover a clue -- but she found more than she could have possibly expected.

Riley pinched the collar to the abandoned shirt and raised it off the ground, but a rustling from within startled her into stillness. She lurched away from the shirt, holding it out as far as she could stretch, but another bump of movement had her drop it with a quick gasp. Something fell through the bottom when she did -- Holly’s bra, still hooked together, but more notable was the frantic kicks of life clinging to one strap. Riley blinked, comprehending the tiny human as something more; “Holly?!

The lengthy blonde hair and its many curls made it unmistakable that it was, indeed, Holly in some shrunken form, only inches tall. Riley pulled the bra up by a strap, earning a chirp of surprise from the woman that had been trying to hide underneath it. Holly clung to the inside of a cup as they were raised together, eventually brought up to the beaming face of a giant. Though it was her dear friend Riley that stared at her diminished state, no less did Holly feel overwhelmed, stunned by how drastically different the world had become.

Together, the two women stammered at one another, unable to put into words their own surprise. Riley carefully laid out the bra in her palms, rotating the shrunken Holly into the center -- it was unreal for Riley to be holding an entire person so effortlessly, in just the cusp of her hands. Yet as featherweight as Holly was in this smaller shape, Riley felt too heavy to budge, not until some of this made sense to her.

“Holly, wh-what the hell?!” Riley looked around nervously; did something happen to her friend? And could it still happen to her? “Wh-Who did this to you…?! Wh-What do we do?!”

Holly flinched when Riley’s voice tackled her. She gestured at Riley to try and calm her, but that attempt was too little to make a difference. She wanted to at least answer Riley’s questions, but she shared the same confusion. “I-It just happened!” she squealed. “I don’t know why, i-it just… E-Everything got huge…!”

Riley bit her lip, her trembling surely felt by the tiny woman in her possession. Realizing there was only uncertainty and mystery in her surroundings, she made the decision to return to camp post-haste. Holly yelped as her and her bra were tucked against Riley’s body as she reached down and picked up all the littered clothing. Juggling all of that and her flashlight, Riley stomped back in the direction she came, her rattled gaze a reflection of her stunted sense of reasoning.

A breeze was picking up against Riley’s path, but she pushed forward back into the clearing that was their camp. The fire was a welcoming glow amidst the weird peril the two found themselves caught up in. Its warmth would have to be enjoyed later; Riley wanted first to make sure that Holly was healthy, and that any of this was even real. She darted into their tent and dropped the bundle of clothing into the middle, except for the bra Holly was curled up into. Though awkward to do, Riley held onto the underwear, her face burning with redness as she allowed Holly the chance to adjust.

But adjusting to this bizarre circumstance was nearly impossible, like adapting to a totally alien world. Though the tent was meant to be a shelter from the uncertainty outside, Holly shuddered away from it all, cowering deep into Riley’s palms as the only reliable place to feel safe. She shivered and wrapped her delicate fingers tight around a log-sized digit; Riley had to contain her own excitement from bubbling up as she held her dear friend, as overjoyed as she was confused by the situation at hand.

Ultimately, Holly’s well-being was prioritized firstly. Distracting as the nudity may have been, Riley closed her eyes and focused; “A-Are you okay, Holly? Everything, uh… feels right, right?”

Holly hesitated to reply, having to manually examine herself in order to answer. “Nothing’s broken, I guess,” she stuttered, wiping the sweat from her hairline. “I still feel really dizzy. N-None of this makes sense, does it…?”

Riley slowly shook her head, which brought dawn to a natural conclusion. “What do we tell the campgrounds clinic…? We-- I-I think it’s best we go to them, shouldn’t we?” She chuckled nervously, but Holly was humorless and static, forcing Riley to wipe her expression flat. “Uh, m-maybe they can help…”

“Are you kidding me? What could they help with?!” Holly spun onto her back, flipping around just like her tone. “L-Look at me, Riley! I look like a freak…! I-I don’t want to be seen like this…! For god’s sake-- I’m naked…!” Holly highlighted that detail by uncoiling her arms and revealing her bare body; it was meant to shock Riley, but it instead warmed her thoughts like a hazy steam. All the same did Holly huff and toss herself back into the bed-like hands. “I hate this…! What are we going to do…?!”

Riley swallowed on her instinctive answer; she wanted to push for Holly to accept the clinic’s aid, regardless of how fantastical her condition was. At the same time, however, Riley felt compelled not to, an itch to keep Holly to herself -- where she would be safe. “I think… that we should go to the clinic. Tomorrow. F-First thing in the morning.”

“Riley…” Holly sighed, and her will to argue was suppressed. She could not find the confidence to do so, not while Riley loomed over her. “... Fine. Tomorrow…”

An apologetic smile spread between Riley’s flushed cheeks, and a nod confirmed the agreement. Though it was technically a compromise, Riley was content to keep Holly to herself for the night. She lowered her friend carefully to the tent floor, allowing her to step off on her own terms. While Holly was overwhelmed by the scale of everything, Riley was eager to compare her to the otherwise normal-sized surroundings, tickled by all the things that were so much bigger than her.

“In the meantime,” Riley suggested, “do you feel like eating anything…? The soup might be cold by now, but I can get you some trail mix, or…”

“Soup will be fine,” Holly replied timidly, “th-thanks…” Riley nodded again and exited the tent without taking her eyes off her friend. She was quick to fetch the serving she had set aside for Holly prior to her shrinking, and returned inside the tent with a spoon in hand. Awkwardness struck Holly as her huge friend sat back down in front of her, but she welcomed the kindness -- she knew Riley could be relied on to treat her sweetly.

Riley positioned herself with her legs crossed in front of Holly, uncertain how to best continue. While not wanting to belittle Holly any more than she already was, some hurdles had to be crossed; “Since you’re, uh, so small and all… maybe it’s better if I fed you…?”

Holly did not hide her displeasure as she rolled her eyes, but a shrug admitted defeat. “I-I guess,” she sighed and held her forehead. When she next looked up, the head of the spoon was hovering in front of her, expecting her to sip its brothy contents. She glanced at Riley, who had to swiftly dismiss her smile. “Ugh. I feel so stupid.”

“I-It’s nothing to be embarrassed about,” Riley assured her, keeping the spoon steady as she waited. “It’s just me here, after all.” She bit her lip after that thought was stated; it was not only safe, but exhilarating for Riley to have this privacy, which she only then began to appreciate. No other friends to interfere, no family to pull them apart.

Holly begrudgingly leaned forward and put her mouth to the spoon, using both hands to gently angle the soup towards her. It was a messy gulp that was almost too big, but it was a fulfilling swallow that had her gasping in delight. The soup was actually still warm, and so its heat was a treasure in the dropping temperature. She soon went forward to indulge in another drink, much to Riley’s own excitement -- strange as it was to be feeding a tiny person, it was also particularly intimate, swelling forth a feeling of accountability.

After only a couple rounds, Holly stepped away when offered another serving. “Thanks… It tasted really good.”

Riley’s grin grew, then vanished when she noticed Holly shudder. “Are you cold?” she worriedly asked. She set aside the remaining soup and inched closer to her friend. She was giddy, realizing that perhaps she was being too forward, but was too caught up in her momentum; “I can help, m-my hands are still warm from the soup. Feel!”

Two hands rushed forward around Holly’s flanks, ushering a squeak from her as she suddenly found herself enwrapped. She initially feared the touch of two hands covering her exposed frame, but Riley was tender and keen to Holly’s concerns. Those fears of Holly’s dissolved rapidly as she embraced the warmth resonating from the grasp, even nuzzling into the fingers to draw out more of that passing heat.

Oh, this feels great, actually…” Holly admitted in a giggle. She more openly hugged Riley, something to return the affection. “I-It feels like a snuggly blanket! I really needed this…”

Ironically, Riley felt frozen stiff as her hands were lovingly accepted. Her fingers curled in subtle twitches, shaping themselves around Holly’s curves, but with the hesitation of not completely holding her. Though the desire burned to grab up Holly again like the toy she was the scale of, Riley withheld herself -- This is Holly, she told herself, a means to affirm her friend’s humanity, but a mantra that filled Riley with more lofty and ambitious ideas. This is Holly… all to myself…

Holly happened to inspire more of those thoughts in Riley when she cradled herself into her right hand, bending the digits behind her into the form of a seat. She reclined into the throne of fingers, adapting to the obtuse shape until she was comfortable. The nudging of her body against Riley’s hand had sunken Holly’s friend into a dumbstruck state, which made it easier to settle into her newly-decided seat. Holly giggled, “I can always count on you, Riley. I was terrified of what could have happened if you never showed up…”

Riley stuttered, “O-Of course. Of course! I won’t let anything happen to you, Holly, believe me.” Her hands shifted delicately so that they could better support the doll-sized body, but one curious finger was there only to feel Holly’s back, stroking her spine in a small swirl. Riley scoffed, “You’re so fragile, Holly. Anything could happen to you like this…”

Holly was slow to agree, preoccupied with contorting her balance appropriately with how Riley’s hands positioned around her. The massaging of her back was originally well-received, but as the pattern went on, Holly began to hunch away from the touch -- nevertheless did Riley continue like she had. Where Holly intended to speak, she was instead spellbound by the attention, especially so when she looked up at Riley’s beaming expression hard-focused onto her.

“... It’s a good thing you were with me!” Riley laughed. “I don’t think I could trust anyone else to be in my position… I’ve got so much experience looking after you, you know? Heh…”

It was a comment intended to reassure Holly of her safety, but the words weighed on her shoulders as if they had dropped overtop of her. True enough, Riley had always been the one looking out for her, at least since they became friends. Riley was protective of her, to some extent even possessive, and Holly yet dwelled on her predicament -- literally situated in Riley’s grasp, held by her, touched by her, looked over by her.

Holly cracked an uneasy smile, trying to lighten her own spirits. For a while, she had been choked to say anything further, but all the same did Riley habitually pet her back or fluff up her curls of hair. Gentle efforts to sway those touches aside always failed, as Riley would soon return to what she was doing. Alluring her friend’s attention was something ritualistic for Holly when she was normal-sized, but as the night crept forward, that attention was growing beyond her control.

“You’re shivering,” Riley stated. Holly had not noticed until it was mentioned. “Are you still cold? Do you-- I’ll warm you some more! W-We don’t want you catching a cold…”

Before Holly could comprehend what was said, it had been decided. Riley picked her up off the tent floor, both hands cradling her body as she trembled instinctively. The first complaint Holly vocalized was immediately muffled; she was pushed into Riley’s torso, brought into an embrace she could not wriggle free from. Any effort to nudge herself free was absorbed into the softness of Riley’s jacket, but she found the position to be surprisingly comfortable, once accepted. The warmth of Riley’s center was divine, dispelling the chills that riddled Holly’s naked body.

Yet as relaxing as the heat was, the tightness of being hugged was gravely concerning. Holly needed to twist and move, not necessarily to get away from Riley, but to have ownership of herself. Held in this way, she truly felt like an object being watched over, a dependent that lived at the whims of another person. These worries boiled inside Holly, but Riley’s actions suffocated her ability to complain -- how could she, regarding the care her best friend was giving her?

And so without anything to slow her, Riley’s desires gradually took the helm of her decision making. She giggled while squeezing her friend harder into her chest, sliding her upward until her head was just barely pressed into the underside of her breasts. A rocking motion kept Riley’s wants mostly at bay, but her fingers, being there already around Holly’s body, curled with interest, sensitive to every squish of her flesh, the length of her limbs, and the curves of her shape. As intimate as their friendship had been over the years, anything such as this was certainly forbidden -- making it all the more worthwhile for Riley to appreciate what she had.

Riley’s heart drummed as her sensibilities were suspended. After an affirming swallow, Riley carried Holly higher up her body, reclining from a posture that had been gradually melting above her friend. She pressed Holly against her again, not in a binding embrace, but with the push of one hand that encompassed her backside to keep Holly held at her breasts. Holly’s befuddled expression looked up from the pillowy mounds, her squirming brushing along Riley’s coat ineffectively. Resistance as meek as that only tickled Riley, spinning her into a laugh that had her rolling backwards onto the sleeping bag behind her.

“R-Riley! Be careful!” Holly spat, more affected by Riley’s fall than Riley seemed to realize. Having finally found her voice, the rest of her thoughts spilled forward, “Oh my god! Wh-What are you doing?! Is this a joke?!”

“No~” Riley answered in an unconvincing giggle. She shook her head, “No, no… D-Don’t glare at me like that. It makes you look so cute…”

Holly scoffed. “Cute? Excuse me, Riley, b-but this isn’t really a cute situation…!”

Riley giggled louder. “You’re still so feisty, l-like you usually are… I’m sorry, but you are adorable right now…!”

“Ugh! Riley…”

“Look at yourself! I-I wish you could see from my perspective…” Her smirk shifted awkwardly, torn between appeasing Holly and appeasing her own calling. “You’re laid out over my boobs, y-you know… Isn’t that funny…?”

Holly grunted in a failed attempt to push herself out of Riley’s grasp against her. “Not really that funny…!”

The struggle continued like a competition, but it was no contest for Riley. Holly huffed and complained, but eventually puttered out into a frustrated exhale, collapsing in defeat. Riley’s head perked forward at this sudden stillness, her lip bitten in suspense as to how Holly might continue, but the little woman on her chest was tuckered out. She flailed an arm weakly as a forfeiting gesture, which extended Riley’s smile that much wider.

“Hehe… I s-suppose I got carried away,” Riley admitted, gently taking her hand off of Holly’s body. She expected Holly to flinch upward, but she remained laid out like she had been. “It’s just-- what a weird situation, r-right? It feels unreal…”

Holly disagreed, but would not vocalize how painfully real the circumstance was to her. She crawled up to her knees and surveyed the new angle of her surroundings, only a moment later remembering to hide her chest with an arm. It did little good in dissuading Riley’s stare, which beamed over Holly like headlights on a deer.

“L-Like a dream,” Riley went on, chuckling through Holly’s silence. “But… this would still be a wild dream, wouldn’t it? Everything just… happening, and coming together like this. Like some sort of… once-in-a-lifetime chance.”

Holly shuddered, choosing her words wisely to keep the calm. “Yeah… I was lucky, like you said. You being there--”

“I think-- I think I’m the lucky one,” Riley said, her lips cold after such a thought slipped by them. In the pause that followed, both women caught their breath. “I get to have you, all to myself, after all… I’ve asked for this to happen, b-but I never thought-- not like this, but…”

Holly swallowed, the want to tread backwards ended by the fact that she had no where to fret to. “B-But, what?”

“... But I’ll take it,” Riley giggled, lifting herself forward in an incline that had Holly tumble backwards. Tactically, Riley’s hands were there to accept her fall, and instantly did her thumbs latch around Holly’s elbows. “I’ve waited… waited a long time for something like this…”

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