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A semi-commission.  Prompt- Zach Aguilar, young Asher Angel, and Michael Campion are treated like pigs, forced to have sex together, then cooked and eaten. 

Special thanks to TKdigiboy for helping with some of the tiny’s reactions.

Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Giant Wolf

The giant young man looked down glumly at the four tiny boys huddled together at the back of the cage.  Moments earlier he had inverted the bag used to carry them after their capture into the medium-sized bird cage hanging over his kitchen stove, and licked his lips as they tumbled out.  Now, seeing their diminutive size and inadequate number caught, he was disappointed and took it out on them.  “Only four,” he moaned, shaking the cage that he gripped with both hands, the boys inside falling on top of one another in an amusing heap of young flesh, “I never should have eaten that last snack on the way home.”  The giant reprimanded himself, remembering that there was one more boy in the bag earlier that day.  He always kept one of his previous conquests alive so that he could warn the new recruits just how terrible their futures were going to be.  This one, who had told the new acquisitions all of the terrors he had witnessed with his fellow captives, was pulled from the bag immediately after telling his tale and roughly swallowed, whole and screaming, in front of the four boys- now huddled in the cage- as they looked up over the top of the open bag.  They knew they were doomed to be tortured and then dissolved in the young giant’s gut, they knew why they were doomed to be tortured and then dissolved in the young giant’s gut (being young actors, constantly showing off their bodies to the world, it was no wonder a fan with the inexplicable ability to shrink them down would find them both delicious and sexually stirring), and they knew when they were doomed to be tortured and then dissolved in the young giant’s gut.

All four had been tricked, shrunken, and captured around Hollywood, or as the giant called it “the grocery store”, during the giant’s daily trip.  Now, he looked angrily down at the tiny boys- as though it was their fault they weren’t going to be filling enough- who were all cowering in fear, quaking.  He glared at Michael, who was clinging to the bars in the back to steady himself rather than fall over, and spoke to himself aloud.  “I suppose I’ll just have to get as much use out of them as possible,” he licked his lips in both hunger and excitement.  “But first, to separate the piggies from the Storyteller.”  With very little warning, the young giant, who the previous Storyteller, (now dissolving in the giant’s stomach), called “The Wolf'' due to his hairy muscular body (almost godlike for a man in his very early thirties), reached his gigantic hand through the door of the cage and snatched three of the four boys all together in one fist.  The only lad left inside, who he recognized instantly as Freddie Highmore, (the youngest of the bunch), ran forward as the door slammed, gripping the metal bars tightly as he stared at his comrades below taken to another part of the kitchen.  His lower lip trembled when he realized his fate.  Like the previous Storyteller he would be spared from the tortures his friends endured, for now.  It was his job to relay all that he saw to the giant’s next acquisitions once these three were nothing but distant memories and a new layer of muscle on The Wolf’s manly body.  And of course, once his story was relayed, he would also be tortured and consumed.  All he could hope for was, like his predecessor, The Wolf would gobble him up immediately after he told his tale- and the tales of his many predecessors- so that he could forego the torturous playing, stuffing, and preparing.  He stood silent, knowing his place, and watched the terror unfold for the remainder of the night.

The Wolf dropped his three little piglets into the sty, a long glass terrarium with wood chips and a long trough along one end.  The discarded clothing of countless young celebrities lined the floor so that the layer of woodchips couldn’t even be found with ten minutes of digging.  “You may be a small haul and a pathetically lean lot, but that doesn’t mean you don’t look absolutely delicious, one of my tastiest harvests to date,” the giant laughed menacingly before reaching his head down and giving each boy’s soft, smooth flesh a long lick from the arches of their feet to their tight, trim asses, and across their backs.  They all lay in the fetal positions, clutching one another, while The Wolf carelessly dropped the clothing he had stripped off of them (before placing them in the canvas bag to begin with) into the glass box, showering them with skater shoes, smelly socks, rank hats, and designer clothing.  

Before starting the fun he continued to lick his lips, grinning cruelly, as he took in their quivering naked bodies once more.  It always amazed him how these teen boys with wonderful futures laid out, could so swiftly become mere playthings and snacks to a young adult like himself, bending to his every whim.  First there was Asher Angel, the youngest of the three.  Just a year older than Freddie, who continued to watch from above like a nameless narrator, he was in the best shape.  Tanned, with squinted eyes, a beatific smile, thin lips, a pert nose, and small features from his supple toes to stubby fingers to tiny chocolate chip nipples, he was absolutely adorable.  Yet despite his lack of growth, he had an amazing six pack, some larger than average biceps, and a proud chest from all of his work in action movies.  The Wolf made a note to himself to go back and kidnap his younger brother if this one tasted as good as he looked and smelled.

Next to him was Zach Aguilar.  He wasn’t fat by any means, but his smooth alabaster skin was more plentiful.  He had the cherubic baby face that never changed as he grew, and instead of muscles there was a small layer of supple flesh.  His hair perpetually pushed to one side, he looked like a less-athletic skater boy.  

And finally there was Michael Campion.  That’s right, “Michael”. This little piggy was so pretentious with his charming good looks and perpetual knowing, pompous expression that he went by his full name.  The Wolf had taken to calling him “Mikey” just to piss him off.  Yet his arrogance was well-earned.  His skin a shade between the other two, Mikey had an adorable face, taller body than the others, flowing amber locks of hair, and a body that was more skinny than either of the others.  He had been hanging out with his best friend Louis Tomeo and his co-stars Isaak Presley and Elias Harger when The Wolf caught him.  Unfortunately, the other three had gone into a studio while lucky Mikey took a phone call outside just as he was shrunken.  Undoubtedly the giant would go back for his three friends very soon.  

Eventually one of the three separated from the others, and stopped crying long enough to speak.  Asher, the youngest, stepped up to look up at the giant man, a man whose friendly face and older age made the youth feel like he should have been helping them instead of doing… what he was doing.  Sheepishly, with tears in his eyes, he said, “Please, sir.  Please just help us.  I just want to go home.”  

For a moment The Wolf gave the cute little boy a concerned look.  However that was quickly replaced by a cruel grin as he leaned over and gave Asher a seductively long lick, tasting his entire front, his tongue dancing over his surprisingly fuzzy calves up to the top of his head, and moaning at the exquisitely sweet taste.  “Fat chance, little piggy,” he positively growled, turning his back to the quivering boys as he moved to the refrigerator.  “Speaking of which… it’s feeding time.”  He reached into the appliance and, from a section of the fridge labeled ‘larder’ he removed a smaller container labeled ‘piglet fodder.’ “Whoa little piglets sooie!  Sooie!” He taunted them as he ladled large portions of slop into the food troughs  “Here piggies, here piggies!  Sooie!”  He laughed as they drew tentatively closer to the troughs, sniffing the air.  The slop was composed of cakes, cookies, cheeses, fatty meats, etc. all blended together into a conglomeration that looked brownish grey with big clumps of food still visible.  

Asher held his ears as the giant kept loudly shouting “sooie”, crying a bit more after the lick, making the situation finally seem completely hopeless.  Adults are supposed to help kids, he thought.  The complete opposite of what The Wolf is doing!   Zach lifted his nose, breathing in the twangy mix of overwhelming disgustingness with a hint of sweet deliciousness that left him feeling nauseated from the assault on his senses.  Michael stepped closer, some of the food splashing his torso due to the impact of the giant pouring the heavily scented slop from a high elevation.

While the boys started to examine the troughs, The Wolf tore off a few pieces of stale bread which he threw into the cage with Freddie along with a small saucer of still water.  “Eat up and enjoy the show,” he half-heartedly sneered at the little Storyteller, who had a clear view of the terrifying events unfolding below.

Turning back to the boys in the pigpen, as he called it, he saw that they were taking small amounts of the slop, cupping it in their tiny palms to get a sense of what to do and what it tasted like. Zach took his time and got chucks of what wasn’t crumbled or covered by gruel. Michael licked the top of some of the slop, wincing at the amalgamation of different food styles in one taste. Asher was mostly hesitant and decided to wait until the Wolf said something. This time it was Zach who spoke up, “Don’t you have anything better? This smells old, or at least not good for our bodies.”

“It’s not meant to be good for your delicious young bodies, my little piggy.  They’re meant to make you a plumper, sweeter meal for me.  Now, if you don’t finish every drop, I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow you right into the blender to become slop for the next group I go hunting for!”

At this the boys all scrambled to the troughs. Zach was pushing it into his mouth with his hand like it was water, chewing when needed, but gagging all the same every time. Asher struggled to eat, even falling inside one of the troughs but still munching away. And Michael scooped big armfuls out of the trough, and started eating from the pile like if it was his own plate.

All the while the giant watched from above as the boys followed instructions, fattening themselves up.  Once or twice a boy slowed down, so he had to use one finger to push their head into the gruel-like food, submerging it until they ate enough to breathe.  As they ate, The Wolf took the opportunity to pinch, poke, and prod their bodies.  His large padded fingers massaged Asher’s back causing the boy to moan in discomfort, feeling it wrong to be touched like this by a guy.  He pinched Zach’s plump rump which was sticking up in the air, causing the youth to squeal and jump up to rub his butt. But, looking up at the giant’s bemused face, the frightened youngster gulped and went back to eating.  The titanic man rubbed Michael’s chest, tracing large circles around his nipples, making it hard for the teen to focus on gorging himself.  

As time went on he began to get more aggressive, poking harder, sampling the feeling of the boys’ most private parts.  He flicked their little cock heads, stroked their shafts and balls, and even tongued the outside of their tight, tiny holes a bit.  This was met with Asher trying to slap The Wolf’s fingers away, which was futile as he was the softest/smoothest of the group. Zach yelled as his tight ass was being slightly pushed open, the giant’s padded digit and tongue tickling around his sensitive hole. Michael tried arguing that he wasn’t right for the giant, that his costar, Elias, should be abducted instead.  Of course, all of the protests were met with an uncaring expression of utter indifference.

Within minutes they were all logy, and covered in the mushy stuff.  They lay there listlessly, in a heap of young flesh, stroking their own bloated bellies.  While there wasn’t even a pudge visible to an outside observer, ruining their beautiful abdomens and supple bodies, it was obvious by their mannerisms that they were full to the brim.  The Wolf playfully poked at their invisibly distended guts, causing them to moan from the painful pressure.  Truthfully, Zach felt it mildly massaged his belly in certain areas, while in others it just led to great discomfort. Asher tried to say, “stop”, but was unable to fully open his, while Michael was just trying his best to keep his food down.  Clearly too full to protest enough to be a bother, the giant lifted them one by one and brought them to the sink where he rinsed the excess slop from their glistening young bodies.  Again he massaged them deeply, letting the water cascade from their youthful flesh, and eyeing them hungrily.  They sputtered under the cold water; their cocks, which had been involuntarily hard from the giant’s prodding a few minutes earlier, instantly shrank from the temperature and from his kneading them like dough.  They realized he was also tenderizing them, but could do nothing to fight back.  

Satisfied, the giant dropped them back into the pigpen.  Still too full to move quickly, only Zach was daring enough to slowly reach for his discarded clothes to dry off and get dressed.  “And just what do you think you’re doing, my little morsel?” the giant man boomed.

“Trying to clean myself off. It's disgusting being like this, man,” Zach scowled, annoyed.

The giant laughed cruelly.  “Piglets don’t wear clothes!  Besides, you’re not going to need clothes for this next activity.”

Asher shook off his stupor at this remark, visibly irked, “we’re not piglets. We’re humans; boys to be exact.”

The Wolf just smiled down at him.  “You’re nothing but toys, pets, and food.  You’re livestock that’s used to being free-range.”  The boys gulped audibly.  Asher hung his head in shame, realizing there was no talking sense to the giant man. “But you know why I call you piglets and not cattle or poultry?  Pigs know they’re doomed for slaughter.”  He laughed wickedly at this while the boys looked at one another, for the umpteeth time, shaking their tear-streaked heads that it was no use.   

“Now you’re going to give me some entertainment before my meal.  Dinner and a show, and all of that… But before you argue,” the behemoth stifled the tiny youths before they could come up with the words to protest, “if you don’t want to perform I’ll- hmmm… what will I do to three piglets who say ‘not by the hairs on their chinny-chin-chins?’  I know!  Zach here can be the pig with the straw house.  I’ll tie him to a bed of straw and light it aflame to have some nice, smokey, barbecue pulled pork!”

Zach’s eyes went wide and he sputtered “w-what kind of entertainment?”

“And then I can take a long pointed stick for Michael, and shove it up his tight pink hole, all the way through his lovely giblets, until it comes out between those beautiful lips. He can roast over Zach, letting his fat drip off the spike until his meat is falling off the bone, shrieking like a stuffed pig.”

Michael fell to his knees to beg, crying helplessly and repeating, “no no no...”

 “Finally, this little piggy,” The Wolf licked his lips looking at Asher, “the one in the stone house who wants so desperately to go ‘wee-wee-wee all the way home’… I mean, rocks are so easy.  I could bash him, smash him, fill him with pebbles, smush him, mush him, etc. etc. etc.”

Asher fell back on the floor, pulling his knees up to his chest and wrapping them up in his arms like he was hugging himself.  In the fetal position he spoke quietly to God, asking why this had happened to his life, how it could happen to him of all the people in the world.  His answer didn’t come from his old God, but from his new one.

“So… now that that’s settled, why don’t we start simple.  Dance for me.”

“Bu-but we’re naked,” Zach whined.

“And I’m hungry!” the giant screamed angrily, no longer amused.  “Alexa, play something sexy,” he growled at the automated device beside him.  Music began pouring from her speakers.

The boys all started to dance without much sense of a style or rhythm. Michael did a ballerina-esque dance, playing with his feet. Asher moved his hands about. And Zach randomly moved his body all over.  It was like watching the Peanuts crew at a party.

“Sexier!” The Wolf growled.  “Make yourselves look tantalizingly delicious!”  Immediately the boys began to gyrate their hips more.  Asher used his little hands to stroke his body, playing with his nipples, rubbing his thighs and chest.  Zach ran his lips over his shoulder and bicep, his tiny tongue coming out to playfully lick at his smooth tanned skin.

The Wolf picked up a skewer and held it up over Michael’s head.  Remembering the form of torture the giant had previously threatened him with, Michael cowered away from the sharp shadow and flinched when the giant drove it down, hard, in the middle of them, piercing deep into the clothing of the titan’s former meals.  “Good.  Now use this as a pole and keep dancing.  Even more sensually,” the giant licked his lips at their trembling bodies with pulsating young flesh and quivering muscles, still glistening wet from being cleaned off in the sink.

Michael was the first to the pole.  He held one hand onto the bough and started dancing to it like it was a mic stand at a club.  Soon after, the other two, Asher and Zach, joined in and started to hump it, spinning around.  They would never pass as pole dancers but it was certainly hot.

The giant undid his belt buckle and dropped his pants.  All three boys stopped dancing and stared wide-eyed at the enormous cock, easily twice their height, before them.  They gaped, looking dead in the eye of the piss-slit which leaked precome like a salivating monster.  The actual salivating monster, on the other hand, grew annoyed with their lack of movement and snatched them all up while they were still gawking at his dick with open mouths and slack jaws.  He lay down on the couch and placed the struggling youths at the base of his dick.  “Keep pole dancing,” he growled.  The boys hesitated for a moment but then went to work.  Zach, seeing the dribbling precome, and being the oldest, figured it would be best to lick it up, drinking it to arouse The Wolf. They had already been humiliated enough to care about these further indecencies, especially considering the fact that they were soon to be gobbled up by the giant man doing all of the demeaning.  Michael did his best to massage the cock with his fingers, but was clearly hesitant, not placing much strength into it. Asher, the youngest, climbed to the top of the head and sat on it, his virgin hole against the slit, hoping his body was all that was needed.

The giant moaned in pleasure at feeling their tiny lithe figures being used to pleasure him.  With a flick of his finger, Michael was thrown into the shaft, hard.  Getting the hint, he used his entire form to massage deep into the musky smelling pole, pushing his tiny cocklet against the rough, sensitive skin, and occasionally turning to let his pert ass cheeks grind against it as well.

Finally the giant gripped all three boys, who were rubbing their smooth young bodies against his shaft, in his meaty fist and pressed in.  They were bloated and nauseous from the food, so this extra pressure was almost too much for them, but The Wolf wasn’t even close to being finished.  He slid them up and down his hungry cock, feeling their squirming as though they were a heated vibrating flesh jack.  As he stroked, and they struggled against his pulsating, twitching, pre-come sputtering monster, he reached up and over to the birdcage.  Removing the trembling boy from within, he immediately and unceremoniously stuck him between his lips and sucked on Freddie’s lithe body, getting all of the flavor out that he could.  Freddie, meanwhile, battled with his probing tongue.  Had the giant been more careful, he could have raped the lad with his pink muscle’s dexterity, but instead his eyes were rolling back in his head from the sensations below and the taste of fresh, salted, sexy meat in his mouth.  

Loosening his grip, and not wanting to come too soon, he allowed the three little pigs a moment to breathe before motioning for them to continue worshiping his cock.

Michael took this moment of reprieve to catch his breath. Zach took his time wiping off his cum stained body as best he could, trying to use the pubic hair as a towel. And Asher whispered to the others, complaining about how weird and wrong that felt.  Despite his more muscular body, he was still the youngest after all, and the last to realize there were more important things going on than his sexual hang-ups.  They got back to work.

A minute later the giant gave them one final instruction.  “Now fuck.”  

Asher was the first to speak up.  He had been pushed to his limit, but comprehended the delicacy of the situation.   “Umm..I know my co-star, Joshua Rush, plays a gay boy... but I’m not. Maybe I can help you find him if you want to see some gay guys screwing around…”

Zach was hesitant to do anything, he understood by now that it would be best to please the giant, but he was worried about the safety of the 2 younger boys. 

Michael couldn’t control it, “I'm sorry, but I'm not losing my virginity to no guy. Nuh uh. Sorry my giant bro!”

The giant appeared to be in deep thought for a second.  To the tiny lads by his dick it looked as though he was actually contemplating their hesitation.  However he wasn’t having a hard time finding the words, but rather maneuvering Freddie in his mouth.  “I apologize,” the boys perked up for a moment.  “It’s rude to talk with food in my mouth.”  Here The Wolf cupped his hand under his chin and slowly spat Freddie’s nearly unconscious form out.  “Even with food as flavorful as young Freddie here.”  The boys were wide-eyed, realizing that while they had been busy pleasuring the giant man, he had been sucking on their compatriot like a piece of candy.  “I suppose if you’d rather just die a virgin right now, instead of losing it first to such cute boys as your friends…” Reaching over the giant grabbed the skewer from where it had been thrust into the bottom of their pigpen.  He aimed it at Michael and winked.

Zach was the first to do anything, he walked over to Asher, whose legs looked like they were about to give out, and told him to bend over, whispering that it would be alright. Asher, resigned, trusting the older boy, bent over slowly.  Zach thrust his cock into Asher's pink hole softly and smoothly, but with enough force for the latter to feel it in his full stomach. Michael was visibly disgusted, fearing what would’ve happened if Louis was caught- his best friend and him forced to fuck for a giant’s pleasure.  Hanging his head, he walked over to the other two and was about to spit roast Asher, when, thinking better of it, walked behind Zach, acting as the caboose to the train.  Zach gritted his teeth and grunted while Michael reached around them both and began lightly stroking Asher’s cock.  

All three boys wanted to finish quickly, as they wanted this horrible moment to end. The giant brought the screaming Freddie back into his mouth and continued sucking on him, leaving the skewer on the table nearby so the boys could see it, reminding them of the alternative to putting on a good show.  Zach craned his neck to kiss Michael, but the younger boy was having none of it.  Instead Michael leaned in and began sucking on Zach’s neck a little bit, pretending he was just kissing some hot fangirl.  While the other two wanted to imagine the same, they had cocks being pushed in and out of their quivering assholes, so that wasn’t really a possibility.

After licking his lips at the show, The Wolf separated Asher from the group, lifting him to eye level.  Asher yelled during the swift swing upward. “Please don’t eat me!” he cried, his arms held over his head in protection as though it could stop the giant man from biting it clean off, along with the arms as well.

The giant ignored the little guy’s fear and began rubbing Asher’s small, supple chest with his massive finger.  Asher was stunned, not expecting this, but felt awkward at the touch.  If anything it was a little bit more uncomfortably unnerving than being fucked by Zach.  At least Zach had been gentle, kind, brotherly, equally disgusted, and hadn’t taken him against his will with a  plan to eat him.  The titanic man poked and rubbed and squeezed at the little guy’s smooth, tanned skin, relishing his body and eating it up with his eyes, as he would soon be with his mouth.  For now he was content watching the boys fucking on his chest, which occasionally shook with the vibrations of his growling stomach reminding them all of what was in store for them, and feeling each muscley ridge of Asher’s young body.  After tickling the lad’s tiny balls and rubbing his cocklet with the ridges in his giant fingertips, plus pinching his ass once for good measure, he brought Asher to his mouth. Having learned nothing, Asher repeated his previous reaction of defending himself with his hands extended to block his face.  He gave a quick intake of breath.  Instead of being thrown inside, however, he noticed that the giant was pushing at something with his tongue.  A moment later Freddie’s wet panting face emerged between the lips.  As he gasped for breath the giant brought Asher closer and shoved his hard dick deep into Freddie’s open throat.  Freddie gagged, and Asher struggled for a moment, feeling entirely violated, but soon arched his back in ecstasy.  The giant felt his little toes scrunch up and saw his hips buckle as Freddie was forced to suck for all his was worth, his own hard cock pressing against The Wolf’s spongy tongue.

Before Asher could come, the behemoth sucked Freddie back inside of his mouth, leaving the former with engorged blue balls and a tingling dick.  Thus, when he was placed back in the threesome he immediately forced his way in, looking for some release.  Zach had resorted to sucking Michael off after Asher’s premature removal, but only after convincing him terrible things would have happened if he didn’t do something.  A quick motion to the skewer had been enough for that.  Both boys were now in the 69 position, as Michael rightly feared punishment from being an inactive participant.  Asher immediately moved behind Zach and entered between the older boy’s plump cheeks to the pink hole beneath.  Not knowing what had come over him, his arms reached around Zach in a bear hug so that his hands could caress Michael’s lean stomach. 

The menage et toi back in full swing, the giant had a difficult time peeling Michael away from the other two, especially from Asher who was now no longer fucking out of fear, but out of intense horniness brought on by Freddie’s blow job (which hadn’t brought him to completion).  Michael was covered in sweat and sex juices when the giant began fondling his youthful body, drawing long lines on his muscular back, causing him to quiver involunrarily.  Michael moaned in both pain and pleasure, the feeling similar to one of his daily massages due to the large amount of pressure exerted by his titanic tormentor.  Oddly enough, tension was released in his back a bit.  It would be relaxing… had the circumstances been VERY different.  Instead of a massage it was like kneading dough or having his meat tenderized.  Again, the giant brought his newest conquest up to his puckered lips, this time pressing forward with his tongue so that Freddie’s smooth pert ass was forced between them.  It looked like he was blowing a very pale bubble.  Inside The Wolf’s mouth, the sucking candy was forcibly bent over so that his nose touched his knees.  Freddie’s thighs were supported by the soft, wet tongue, while his back was pressing against the roof of the mouth.  Holding Michael like an action figure, and pushing on his plump ass, the giant began poking the tiny boy’s dick into his chew toy’s tight hole again and again.  He pumped faster and faster, feeling Freddie’s body convulsing in mixtures of pain and pleasure.  However, again, before letting Michael finish, he removed him with an audible slurping sound and sucked Freddie back inside fully.  

This time, instead of dropping Michael back into the squirming pile, he picked up all three.  Michael and Asher were put in one hand, while Zach was moved to the other.  Using every ounce of concentration, and with expert precision, the giant was able to do two things at once.  First, he stuck Michael’s purple, dribbling dick deep inside of Asher.  Asher squealed for a moment like a stuck pig, but both boys were silenced when The Wolf forced both of their heads and shoulders deep into his own dank, musky hole.  Their squirming intensified when he tickled their two pairs of feet before squeezing their tiny calves and moving them in and out like living, squirming, warm dildos.  Their sweat, sex juices, and the sheen of his own saliva lubed them up nicely.  Occasionally he took them fully out and flipped them so only their moaning heads remained outside of his hole, their feet tickling his prostate.  In either position they slid in and out again and again, Asher’s own hard cock grazing the inside ridges of the giant’s sphincter. Whenever their heads were on the outside, between the giant’s pillowy and hairy cheeks, they screamed out, pleading to both the giant and anyone within earshot, knowing full well no aid would come.  “Please let us go!” Asher begged between moans of pained pleasure. 

“Help somebody!” Michael moaned out breathlessly.

Second, the giant wasted no time playing with Zach’s less hard body, more doughy than the other two, and instead bent him over so his bubbly ass was poking upwards towards his mouth.  Looking over his shoulder he saw the giant’s pursed lips drawing closer as though the huge man was about to kiss the tiny boy’s spread ass cheeks and puckered hole.  Instead, at the last moment, the giant pushed Freddie around so that his head was stuck in one cheek of his mouth, his feet in the other, and his tiny cock poked between both lips.  Freddie went rigid when he felt his little dicklet slide in between Zach’s cheeks and into his hole.  With tip of The Wolf’s tongue, he massaged Freddie’s back, snaking it deep into the boy’s own rectum, and pushing so that Freddie was forced to fuck Zach’s ass hard between the gargantuan lips.

Freddie didn’t last long, having had both of his own holes penetrated earlier by the other two sex toys.  So with a final convulsion he came into Zach.  Meanwhile, far below, The Wolf felt as Michael came into Asher’s virgin ass and the latter, in turn, came as well.  The friction had caused Asher’s dick to swell, so it did not immediately shrink back down.  They slid from The Wolf’s ass onto the couch, leaving a small sex stain under their panting bodies.  

The Wolf stood, dropped the three piglets onto the kitchen table, and stood up so that his mammoth cock, still leaking precome, was level with them all.  As he continued to suck on Freddie’s succulent flesh, he commanded the boys to help Zach finish off.  Resolved that they had come this far, they obliged without any complaint.  Their full bodies were stretched to points they’d never experienced- filled to the brim with food and come.  Asher sucked Freddie’s jizz out from Zach’s raw ass, giving him a lovely rim job, while Michael blew him for all he was worth.  

While the ending of the show went on below, the giant spit Freddie into his hand and used the spit and sweat covered teen to lube up his cock.  He stroked, pressing Freddie’s face deep into his saggy skin.  The moment Zach came into Michael’s mouth, the giant bucked his hips one last time and groaned, his furry ass clenching, giving Asher just enough time to turn, scared, as Freddie’s come spilled down his thin lips and cheeks from the rimjob he had been giving Zach, dribbling onto his chin.  The giant let loose and blew his massive load onto the table, flooding the three boys in their terrified faces with gallons and gallons of milky steaming splooge.  Lying there, drenched from head to toe in every liquid the body could produce, sticky, wet, and uncomfortable, the three little piggies collapsed.


Freddie was placed back into his cage, never cleaned up from the sex session he had unwillingly participated in.  He bathed himself as well as he could in the little dish of drinking water provided to him, realizing too late that he’d have to swallow it all down the next time he got thirsty.  He watched the events unfold below, knowing it was his task as Storyteller to remember everything that happened, and would happen in the next few minutes.  Below, the boys, now cleaned off from another trip to the sink, lay in their pigpen, breathing heavily from the ordeal.  They heard the giant clattering around in the kitchen and remembered him saying, “Now I need to replace all the protein I just lost”, as he began cooking, but thought nothing of it.  They were too tired, too full, and too miserable.

The scent of bacon finally jostled their senses.  

Michael groaned from the smell, still too full to even want to think about food. Asher perked up a bit, hearing the sizzling.  With a wave of nostalgia he thought of his mother’s breakfasts… then realized he would never see, smell, or taste one of those again.  Zach was afraid that once The Wolf got his energy back, they would all be in for a sexual round two.  Fortunately, as he didn’t want to frighten his younger cell-mates, his face showed no fear as it was too filled with sorrow and lethargy.  A shadow crossed over the three of them and they looked up slowly, terrified at what new horrors lay in store for them.

“Ok little piggies-”

“Ugh.  We’re not pigs!  You’re the one who forced us to eat so much!” Asher groaned.

The Wolf ignored this outburst.  “It’s time.”

“Time?  Time for wha-” Michael began.  He wouldn’t have been able to finish his thought had he wanted to, as he and the other two tasty morsels were grabbed quickly in one of the giant’s mammoth hands.  They were so squeezed together they could barely breathe; plus the pressure on their full stomachs was enough to make them dizzy.  However, Michael wouldn’t have finished that thought anyway, as the truth dawned on all of them at once.  As soon as the giant placed them in a tall water glass they immediately began whispering to each other fervently, making sure they were all on the same page as far as what it was ‘time’ for, and what the giant had meant when he said it was time to replace his lost protein.

Michael, the first to realize said in a hushed tones, “guys I think… I think this is it.”  Tears began streaming down his puffy cheeks.  “I think he’s gonna eat us.” 

Asher threw himself on Zach, clinging to the older boy’s waist, half praying and half asking if this was all just a nightmare he’d soon wake up from, soaking wet in his own bed… but alive, whole, and not a disparate size to anyone around him.  Zach was simply scared speechless.  All he could think was, after all that toying, humiliation, losing his virginity in what was essentially rape… it wasn’t enough.  He was still going to be eaten.

While the boys had been resting, the giant was busy getting his breakfast ready so there would be no need to prolong the inevitable.  Finalizing his preparations, The Wolf returned his attention to the boys who were still whispering manically, panicking.  When they saw the giant slowly reaching in, the boys attempted to scatter, running around in circles in a futile attempt to get away from the large hand.  

“Here piggy, piggy, piggy,” the giant boomed as he intentionally drew his mammoth fist into the glass at a glacial pace, forcing each boy to back up, trying to hide behind the others, unsure who was going to be first.  “Speaking of piggies…” Here his fingers brushed against each boy’s fronts with the back of his hand, brushing their stomachs and cocks, still not letting on who he was going for.  “I think I’ll start my day with a nice hearty serving of bacon…You don’t get godlike muscles like mine without having a big meal, after all, and… lots of tiny boys chock full of protein.”

Each boy looked away, cowering from the groping hand as it turned around, the fingers spread, ready for the kill.  It was like the scene in The Lost World when the T-Rex tried getting one of the men trapped behind the waterfall to step forward into its hungry maw, scraping them all with his rough tongue.  “After all, bacon wrapped boy is part of the breakfast of… Campions!”  Michael Campion, clearly not in the mood for puns, had only a moment’s warning at hearing his name before he was held tightly and brought up.  He struggled against the hand, beating it with his tiny fists.  “I’m just going to give you a stomachache,” he claimed desperately to avoid whatever terrible fate awaited him.

The Wolf brought Michael over to the pan with the bacon and sausage links over a low flame.  The sizzling bacon wasn’t fully cooked yet, intentionally.  “I was going to stuff you into a sausage,” he said, “but a bacon wrapped morsel like you, nice and crispy, is far superior.”  After lifting up a strip from the bubbling oil, the giant placed Michael on top so that his butt was pressed against it.  He squirmed and screamed a bit from the heat, but the humongous chef had purposely left the heat low enough that Michael’s skin wouldn’t burn.  Then, with expert precision and remarkable dexterity, he was wrapped up tightly, like a bacon wrapped scallop so that only his feet, head, and arms were exposed.  It looked like he was wearing a long outfit made entirely of form-fitting bacon.  His toes wiggled, and his arms, the bacon up to his pits, tried frantically to pull the fatty meat off of his chest.  Fortunately, for Wolf, it had congealed enough that this was impossible.  Evidently, after years of practicing his culinary art, he was an expert in preparing recipes with boys as the main ingredient.  Place the entire bacon-wrapped boy back in the tongs, Michael was lowered onto the bubbling grease to finish frying up nice and crispy.  Again, the oil wasn’t hot enough to scald him, but it was incredibly painful and turned the parts of his body which were still visible a bright pink.  After silencing the teen’s screams by forcing a cherry tomato into his mouth, the giant opened up the oven and took out a miniature cake.

“I know I shouldn’t have dessert with breakfast,” The Wolf chuckled as he brought the sweet scented treat over to the counter, causing the whole room to smell like a bakery, “but Asher, you’re just so unbelievably sweet tasting that there was no alternative.”

Asher shuddered at The Wolf’s calling him sweet.  Surely he couldn’t taste that good.  But when the giant man leaned over to sniff his quaking body, he knew it must be true.  “P-Please,” he stammered, “I can make you tons of cakes, my mom would be glad to help!  I- I could buy you an endless supply with my Disney money!”

Ignoring him, the giant continued.  “True, I could have had you in a nice little fruit salad, but your tasty body is sweet as artificial sugar, far too saccharine to complement natural fructose.  And besides,” here the giant snatched Asher out of Zach’s arms where he had been hiding, being held protectively as though the latter was his big brother, “I need some Asher Angel if I’m going to make an Angel Food Cake.”

Zach tried to get a tight grip on the younger lad, but the giant ripped him away with too much force for either to do anything.  All he could do was watch and wait for his own turn as Asher’s arms reached out for him, his hands open wide, crying big crocodile tears and begging to be saved.  Zach had never felt so helpless.

Gripping Asher’s struggling body by the head, the giant man poked him through the top of the cake like a toothpick.  Asher squirmed against the warm, soft bread-like substance, completely trapped in the hardening batter.  His feet touched the base of the pan and he shrieked at the sudden heat he felt there.  A moment later he was ripped back out of the cake so The Wolf could see how much time was left.  He inspected the tiny boy as though he really was a toothpick.  “Still some batter showing on your skin… It needs another five minutes.”  His cavernous maw opened comically wide and he lifted Asher by one of the lad’s muscley arms, far over his head.  Slowly he lowered the wide eyed youngster into his gaping mouth, like eating grapes from the vine.  As soon as his lower half had cleared his lips, The Wolf closed his mouth and sucked the excess batter from the little beefy boy, using his tongue to batter the teen all over his body.  He snaked his spongey, wet muscle into every crevice of Asher’s body, sucking him in deeper and deeper, letting his tastebuds massage the boy’s smooth skin.  He paid particular attention to slurping Asher’s tiny toes.  The little morsel of a boy wiggled frantically, surprising even himself that he had the energy after what an exhausting ordeal he’d already been through. Somehow his body just wouldn’t give up yet.  He was in full-on survival mode.   The giant moaned at the taste, his eyes rolling back in the head, proving to Asher that he really was one of the sweetest tasting boys in the world.  Thankfully the wetness of the tongue felt good as it tickled his feet, soothing the burning from the bottom of the pan.  Gripping him by the head once more, The Wolf pulled Asher slowly from his mouth with a wet slurping sound, making sure to tease the tiny cock against his lower lip as he did so.  

Without another word Asher was shoved back inside the Angel Food Cake in the same spot, still up to his neck.  His mouth opened to say something more, but a strawberry was crammed inside before he could.  The entire mold was shoved back inside the oven and the door was slammed shut.  “Alexa, start a timer for five minutes.”

Zach looked miserably from Michael, writhing in the pan, to the silent oven door, where- if he squinted through the glass- he could see Asher’s head shaking wildly with wide, knowing, pained eyes.  His lip trembling, Zach looked up and worked up the courage to speak. “Please,” he fell to his knees and begged with his hands in the prayer position.  He knew this was his new god, and behaved accordingly.  “Don’t eat us... haven’t we suffered enough?”

Instead of responding, after all he had spoken to his food enough already, the giant got a large plate and began loading it with eggs and hashbrowns.  He also set a little bowl of fruit off to one side on the table and poured a glass of orange juice.  Next, he began shoveling the sausage links and bacon strips on top of the eggs, leaving room on the side for his Asher Angel Food Cake.  Finally, the bacon-wrapped Michael Campion was put on the pile.  He was red in the face, perhaps from anger and fear, but more than likely from the heat of the stove and being unable to breathe comfortably as there was a tomato in his mouth.  Zach was getting frustrated and confused.  Had the giant forgotten about him?  He wished it was so, but knew better.  “Excuse me,” he stuttered, “why not keep us as pets or toys? Hell, we could offer our fellow actors and friends and stuff! They’ll be much better tasting than us I’m sure!”

The giant smirked, but whether it was at Zach’s words or something else, the boys never discovered.  Alexa’s alarm went off and The Wolf hurried to remove the cake from the oven.  It was the perfect size to go in the empty area of his plate, a little angel food cupcake.  After adding a layer of whipped cream to the top, leaving enough room for Asher to breathe, but then putting a dollop over his cute little head like a hat, the hungry man sat down to eat his breakfast.  “Hey, giant!” Tears were flowing freely from Zach’s eyes as he saw how terribly Asher was being treated.  He really felt for the little guy.  For both of his fellow actors- the ordeal had left him feeling like their big brother.  “Hey giant!  Asher isn’t even that sweet, take me instead! Please!  He’s- he’s just a kid for god’s sake!  Hell, we all are!”

Finally the giant looked over at Zach.  Sighing, he put his napkin down beside his meal and pulled a piece of bread from the toaster.  “Feeling left out my little piggy?  Not to worry.”  Aggressively his fist shot into the glass and yanked out the last boy.  “Breakfast wouldn’t be complete without my Snack Aguilar.”  Three puns for three boys… and none were particularly good, but the frightened youths weren’t about to say that aloud.  After scraping a knife with jelly across the toast, Zach found himself dunked into the jar headfirst and then shoved onto the bread, his plump ass wedged in.  The stickiness of the jelly stuck to his back, holding him tight.  He squirmed with all of his might but aside from turning his head from side to side, rotating his toes like windshield wipers, and flexing his shoulder, he didn’t move an inch.  The cool jelly felt soothing, as the warm bread beneath began radiating onto his back.  In fact, his entire body temperature seemed to be increasing.  The giant smiled wickedly, stuck a pat of butter onto the boy’s chest, and placed the entire piece of toast onto the side of the meal.  “I’ll sop up your friends’ remains with you when I’m done,” he growled.

Zach’s increase in body temperature melted the butter relatively quickly.  The pat began to smear across his chest, pooling down to his stomach.  His belly button was full of the stuff quickly, and his smooth skin got a deliciously oily sheen.  He sputtered up the jelly that he had been dunked into, and, like his fellow captives/meals who had their mouths stuffed, was unable to say a word.    

The Wolf smiled down at his wide-eyed youth treats and began to eat.  He took his time, cutting up pieces of sausage, taking sips of his drink, scraping his fork against the plate, etc.  His teeth gnashed, opening wide to show the boys the masticated food, giving them a preview of their fate… if they were lucky enough to be chewed instead of stewing in his bubbling gut.  Soon they gave up struggling and just followed each stab of the fork, and each cut of the knife with their gazes.  They had given up, true, but more than that they were just too frightened to even budge.  Each swallow of the giant, each raising of the cutlery above their heads, had them imagining their own ends, thinking of how lucky they had been in life- celebrities with the world at their feet and bright futures- only to be at the feet of a random giant who got sick pleasure at their demises and humiliation.  They’d gone from the top to below the bottom within a single day.  

“You know,” the immense man said between mouthfuls, chewing intentionally loudly, “normally I suck my meals off one last time, in my mouth.  Not only does it give you that extra boost of flavor- but it’s the last feeling of pleasure you guys will ever feel in your short, meaningless lives.”  He slurped up a piece of fruit.  “But you three just came and seem so exhausted it isn’t worth the effort on my part.”  Here the giant stuck a fork into the angel food cake, grazing Asher’s smooth supple body.  He had been eating around the boy for the whole meal, but there was nothing else to eat now except the tiny bit around his center.  

Beaming down at the boy, both of them knowing what was about to come, The Wolf had one last thing to say to the incredibly sweet-tasting youth.  “I can’t wait to go back and snatch up your co-star.  And your little brother.  Do you think he may be even sweeter than you?  I doubt that’s even possible.”  Here the giant dipped his fork under Asher’s tiny balled up feet.  He lifted him up to his mouth.  Asher cringed, bunching up his cute little face and bracing for the inevitable.  He felt the hot breath of his tormentor washing over him and the smell of all the breakfast food already consumed.  Moments passed.  Nothing happened.  Opening his eyes cautiously he gazed into the black abyss beyond, two pairs of plump lips framing his doom, a pink snake of a tongue rolling over the pearly white stones ready to render him into a bloody pulp.  With his lips pulled tight into a sneer the giant whispered loud enough for all to hear, “When I have them all in my clutches, I’m going to tell your little brother and best friends how you cried like a little bitch when you got your ass fucked.”

And with that, Asher plunged into the gaping black hole.  The Wolf savored him, batting him around his mouth.  He coated the little morsel’s entire succulent body with his tongue, tickling his smooth flesh with his taste buds.  First he sucked out the strawberry so he could hear the boy’s terrified, muffled screams.  Then he pushed the little guy into his cheek to separate him from the rest of the cake.  He slurped all of the frosting off of the treat’s hair and abs and chest, tickling his tiny, pert, pink asshole and little cocklet one last time.  Letting all of the food pool in the back of his throat above the wagging uvula, the happy ogre-like man made sure Asher was watching as he swallowed, sending everything down into his waiting gut with an audible gulp.  Seconds later, Asher himself was in the same position as the food had been moments ago.  The throat constricted and his fellow captives watched with fear all over their terrified faces as the bulge that was once Asher Angel traveled down never to be seen again.

A solitary tear was all that was left in Zach’s arsenal, so that is what he shed.  There was no question anymore about whether or not the giant could actually go through with his plan.  These were not idle threats.  The Wolf was serious and seemed to be enjoying himself immensely.  Under the table, not unnoticed by the remaining two actors, he was playing with himself furiously to the struggles of Asher and the terror of his next dishes.

With his free hand, The Wolf continued eating some more of the breakfast, prolonging the anticipation, and thus suffering, of the little captives.  Finally, he was ready for another lad.  His fork poked directly in between Michael and the bacon he was wrapped in.  Again the boy was slowly lifted to the cavernous mouth.  Again the behemoth sniffed his next snack.  Again the boy closed his eyes in fear.  Again several moments passed with nothing happening.  And again, the giant spoke to his little morsel a moment before shoving him into his mouth.  “When I get all of your costars on my plate… I’ll make sure to tell them what a sniveling little piece of shit you are, offering them up so I’d spare you.”

He shoveled the fork into his mouth and pulled it out, sans the meat wrapped meat.  The Wolf wasted no time chewing through the bacon, and freeing the tiny actor from his confines.  He munched on the crunchy bits of fried fat and rolled Michael around in his mouth, letting them both soak up each other’s flavor.  The boy’s tiny features were pressed deeply into his consumer’s tongue so that each breath was filled with both agony and saliva.  

Here the building sized man swallowed the little bits of bacon, cleaning his teeth with the tip of his tongue before molesting the boy with it once more, covering every crevice of his young body.  Finally he sucked, pushing Michael to the roof of his mouth.  He sucked as hard as he could.  He sucked like he was trying to slurp the skin right off of the frightened youth being squeezed against his tongue and palette.  He sucked so hard that Michael felt like his head was going to pulled off his shoulders and his ears popped from the sheer pressure.  And then, the powerful tongue lowered, flicked backward, and shot it’s passenger straight down to be reunited with whatever remained of Asher in the gross melted food stew below.

The giant man smiled contentedly and wiped his mouth.  A soft belch escaped from his lips as he did so and he pretended to blush, feigning manners despite the fact that he was currently masturbating to the struggling boys hammering at his stomach lining.  It was like butterflies in his tummy… except they were trying to escape.  Zach was resigned to his fate at this point.  There was no fight left in him.  When he felt himself get picked up he barely even looked up.  When the bread began sopping up the remaining syrups and juices from his friends’ food-prisons he merely sighed, defeated.  When the giant’s long wet tongue came out to lick at his butter-coated body, he didn’t even flinch.  Sensing his meal’s disinterest, The Wolf mercifully bit off a large piece of toast, with him on it, on his first bite.  Even once freed from the toast, Zach barely moved.  No matter how much the giant tongue poked, prodded, and even went inside of him, he didn’t fight it.  For the first time in his life the hungry oaf of a man was able to sample every fold of succulent flesh, with no resistance.  Content that he had gotten all of the flavor he could, The Wolf swallowed hard.  He chewed up the rest of the toast and sent it down onto the heads of the three boys stewing away inside, noticing that they had stopped struggling.  Deep down in the soup, they held each other, their arms around one another’s shoulders in a group hug.  The acid was busy with the other food which they sat on top of, waiting for the inevitable, slowly sinking lower and lower.  And with this image in mind, the giant man finally came.  

High above, in the cage, Freddie watched the whole thing, memorizing every detail to tell to the next batch of boys once the giant decided to go hunting again.  

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