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Mary wasn’t exactly the most fortunate in love.  She put too much of herself into every relationship far too early.  She had already had two ex-boyfriends, which hadn’t worked out for their own separate reasons.

Her first boyfriend was Barney.  Barney was a bit clingy, and didn’t really give her much in the way of personal space.  He always disapproved when she went out with friends, and continued to claw his way into every facet of her life.  It finally got to be too much for her, and she broke up with him.

Harold, on the other hand, was a hardcore player.  There wasn’t a second of the day Harold didn’t have a woman clinging to his arm.  He gave her the space she needed after being in a couple with Barney, but it was hardly a happier relationship.  Waitresses would hit on them at any restaurant they visited.  His coworkers would flirt with him regularly.  It was all very stressful for Mary.  Her last straw was when she learned Harold was still sleeping with one of his exes.  When she confronted him about it, he blamed her for not being good enough to satisfy him.  He even broke up with her on the spot!

Because she had so little luck in love, she always had an excuse to drink, and Mary was hardly the most responsible drinker in the world.  Therefore, it was no surprise when she ended her night at Maurice’s Moonshine Bar far too intoxicated to drive.  As she stumbled out into the parking lot fumbling with her car keys, her friend Peter stopped her.  

“Hold up, Mary!  You can’t go home like that!  Here, let me call you a taxi…”

“Idsh fiiiiiiiine, I - *hiccup* I only live a few blocksh down thad way…”

Mary pointed in a vague direction that Peter knew wasn’t the direction of her house.  Peter knew that Mary clearly wasn’t in a state of mind to start driving.  Mary dropped her keys trying to pick them up, so Peter picked them up.

“Heeeeeyyyyyy, give thoshe ba- *hiccup* back I need thoshe …”

“Here, why don’t I drive you home?  You get in the passenger's seat, and I’ll drive you home.”

Something kicked into Mary’s inebriated mind that sent her on the defense.  “No, you can’d my car ishn’d cleaaan…”

“Come on, Mary.  I’m sure it’s not that bad…”

“Shdoooooop!”  Mary said as she fiddled with her brooch.

Mary had a secret that not many people knew about.  When she was younger, Mary had dabbled in the teachings of some fairly arcane tomes.  She always had a fascination with the mystical, and had used her knowledge to some very dark ends.  Unfortunately for her exes, Barney and Harold had become victims to her dark sorcery.  Using this brooch as a sink for the universal energy she wanted to harness, she shrank her two exes down to an inch tall.  This particular day, she had tied them to her acceleration and brake pedals on her car.  She knew that if Peter saw them, her secret would be blown.

Desperate to make the brooch do something about the problem, but too drunk to do anything particularly clever with it, she finally got something to work.  She made her way to the passenger seat.  At first, she thought she had successfully teleported them away until a slight movement caught her eye.  It turns out that the pair hadn’t actually gone anywhere, they had just become even smaller.  So small that if Mary hadn’t already known they used to be there, she would have never realized they were there currently.

Mary was snapped out of her staring by the sound of the ignition starting.  Peter eased his grey sandal onto the brake pedal as he changed the car into  reverse and released the emergency brake.  

Barney was having a rough day to say the least.  Mary had been tormenting him all day on her way to complete her errands.  The soles of her ruby high-heel shoes would mash against his legs and chest as she drove.  Occasionally she would press down on him with her heel.  Sometimes she would even slip out to press her nylons into his face.  His only reprieve would be when she left the car to grab groceries, drop off the dry cleaning, etc.  

To make matters worse, there was another guy in the car on the accelerator pedal.  Apparently, since Mary left him, the little slut had gotten with some two-bit muscle man that slept around on her.  While Barney was glad Mary had gotten her heart broken for being a brainless bimbo and running around like he warned her not to, he still didn’t want to have the fact that Mary was seeing other people shoved in his face.  It was Mary’s fault for not seeing that he was perfect for her, so why was he being punished?

Barney wasn’t sure what Mary was planning when he and the other guy in the car with him shrunk.  He was even more confused when he saw her get into the passenger’s seat.  But as soon as Peter stepped into the car, he knew what was going to happen.  He tried to get the giant’s attention, but the sandal rose over him before he could get his attention.

The sandal was even more hellish than the high heels.  Firstly, Mary’s shoes had been fresh and new.  This was the first time Mary had even worn them.  Peter’s shoes, on the other hand, were covered in all sorts of dirt, dust, and caked-in grime.  That isn’t even taking into account how sticky they were from the unwashed bar floor.  To make matters worse, while Mary’s shoes had not yet had the scent of her feet baked into them, Peter’s feet were mostly out in the open.  The odor of sweat overwhelmed Barney, who was pinned uncomfortably to the pedal by his leg.

Mary stared at the scene going on below her.  The car hadn’t even really started moving and already her friend was subjecting one of her tormentors to untold torture without even knowing.  Mary felt her panties become slick as he watched Peter’s toes press into the foam that would make Barney pay for all the suffering she went through.


The trip wasn’t going to be long, but boy, was it going to be fun.



Chapter End Notes:

We have a two-part story for you all to celebrate Micro May.  I realized I haven't actually tried my hand at a feet oriented story yet.  I've used it sparingly in a few other works, but it hasn't really been the focus.  So if you like this one, let me know.  I should have the next chapter out soon.

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