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Story Notes:

Long time no see GiantessWorld! I'm finally back to working on personal stuff so expect some big things in the near future!

Author's Chapter Notes:

Long time no see GiantessWorld! I'm finally back to working on personal stuff so expect some big things in the near future!

The day began anew and trudging through the feudal village of Kamura was none other than the village’s most skilled and respected hunter: You! Weapon in hand and clad in bulky and eccentric armor, you walked over to Hinoa, Kamura’s village quest maiden, with hopes of taking on some tough monsters. Luckily for you, Hinoa had prepared something just for you and as you approached the beautiful dango eating quest maiden, she explained the details with an enthusiastic tone of voice.

“Ah, Hunter! The guild has prepared a special quest for you!” She exclaimed, handing you a piece of paper with all the quest details on it. However, unlike the quests you were familiar with, all the details seemed pretty… vague; nevertheless, you continued to listen to Hinoa as she explained everything. “Recently, Minoto and I have discovered a completely new locale that we’ve dubbed ‘The Steamy Flatlands’ and we were hoping that you could investigate the area a little and collect a few items!”

As odd as this quest seemed, you were never one to back down and just as you had done with the countless quests before this, you accepted it without hesitation and made your way towards Yomogi’s Canteen for a quick bite to eat before you departed. However, before you could get there, you were stopped by Hinoa’s twin sister, Minoto, who was just leaving the Gathering Hub.

“Why hello there, Hunter. May I interest you in an extra special dango before you leave for your quest?” She said, in a slightly more stoic tone compared to her sister while holding up a peculiar-looking bunny dango in front of you. Colored dark blue with a pattern you’ve never seen before, you wondered what kind of “Dango Skills'' this delectable treat would grant you, before taking it from Minoto and quickly eating it with little to no hesitation. As a peculiar, but savory, taste filled your mouth, you started to feel extremely dizzy. Feeling your body heat up significantly and your strength fade away in a flash, you tried to back away but for some reason, your armor felt way heavier and… looser. The world around you seemed to grow larger, but before you could even comprehend what was happening you blacked out. The fading picture of Minoto’s smiling face stuck in your mind as you lost consciousness. 

A couple of minutes later, and you finally started to awake from your slumber. Embarrassed that you were probably the only hunter in Kamura’s vast and extensive history to ever cart in the village, you tried to get up only to realize you were bound tightly to what seemed like the moist floor of a fleshy vast beige-colored plain that was canopied by a massive pure white ceiling. You were awestruck. Despite seeing no signs of any openings in the massive ceiling above, small amounts of light bled through. Never in your career as a hunter have you seen a cave of such colossal size, especially one with such a pristine and flat landscape. While you were curious about this odd location, you just couldn’t ignore the peculiarity of this situation. Worried and confused, you continued to struggle only to realize that you had been stripped clean of all armor, weapons, and items you had on your person. Struggling some more, you started to notice a very humid, and disgusting odor. More foul-smelling than the vile excretions of Volvidon, you tried to hold your breath in this extremely oppressive landscape before an echoing voice boomed down on you from above.

“Ara? Has it been an hour already? Hinoa, they should be awake by now.” The booming voice echoed, causing the land beneath you to stretch and twitch abnormally and organically. Your mind may have been dazed by your strange awakening and the unpleasant scent that wafted all around you, but what you heard was undeniable. ‘Hinoa? Did she have something to do with this?’ You desperately tried to wrap your head around these bizarre circumstances, but before you could get any serious thinking done, the object bounding your body to the fleshy landscape was tightened, interrupting your train of thought. Just as quickly as before, the landscape began to shift dramatically once again. 

The ‘cave floor’ flexed once again before in an instant the colossal roof that enclosed the ‘cave’ was pulled away and the area was flooded with light. Your eyes struggled to readjust from the sudden change, but when they finally adapted to the sudden brightness, you were shocked by what you had seen. 

With the cave’s ceiling ripped away, you were treated to a view of Kamura village, except the same area you used to casually walk through and wirebug past was now massive! The humble shops and stands now seemed like far off mountain ranges and the village residents were like giants! Many times bigger than even the walking volcano, Zorah Magdoros, the sheer size of everything was bewildering. And as you looked ahead in the now illuminated cave, everything finally clicked. In front of you were five monumental spires of flesh that wriggled and flexed in the cool air. It was unmistakable: you were currently bound to someone’s foot, and from what you heard earlier… you knew exactly who’s foot it was.

“Welcome to the ‘Steamy Flatlands,’ Hunter! I hope the smell isn’t too much for you! As you can probably tell, these tabi socks are awfully stuffy, and I’m all out of deodorant~!” Hinoa said, still as enthusiastic and full of life as always. Even with the evidence right before you, everything was way too much to take in. Still in shock, you were taken off guard as Hinoa lifted her leg outward, turning the floor beneath you into a shear wall, and leaving you dangling precariously with only the strange bindings that kept you tied to the ball of Hinoa’s foot to thank for preventing your devastating drop to the cobblestone pathway below you. And with the change in orientation of Hinoa’s monstrous foot, came a waterfall of disgustingly salty and musty liquid. Washing over you and coating you from head to toe, even getting into your mouth, it was impossible to describe how gross it felt (and tasted). It was like a concentrated essence of the already awful smell that permeated throughout the vast landscape around you, and considering that this landscape was also Hinoa’s foot, it very well may have been just that. 

“Oh my, it seems that you’ve already discovered one of the locale’s most common materials! Be sure to gather as much as you can!” Minoto said, looking down on you from Hinoa’s left. “This special also requires you to gather up all the toe jam from between her perilous toes, though… it seems like you’re not really in much of a position to travel anywhere at the moment.” She looked at you, puzzled at your constant struggle as you fruitlessly tried to free yourself from your restraints.

“Indeed, Minoto! It looks like the hunter’s been ensnared in some wirebug silk! I wonder how that got there?” Hinoa chuckled lightly before wiggling her toes as if to taunt you. From above, sock lint and more droplets of her gross sweat rained down upon you, as well as any dirt that had been. Despite it being a relatively cool day, Hinoa’s feet were still sweating a lot and all the sweat that evaporated permeated around like a thin fog of foot sweat. Clouding your vision as well as your head. And despite how dizzy the awful smell made you feel, it for whatever reason was starting to make you feel excited. Losing stamina from struggling so much, you collapsed from exhaustion and the tight silk binds sunk your body deeper into the ball of Hinoa’s foot. With your face pressed deep against her foot all you could smell was the quest maiden’s fetid aroma and the moisture of her sweat as it emerged from her pores. 

“Hunter, watch out!” Hinoa said loudly, shaking her foot and wiggling her toes erratically. “A never-before-seen monster has entered the area! With elegance and grace the invading footwyvern: Toe-bi Kadachi has arrived, and it’s about to attack!” Gather what little strength you had, you pulled away from Hinoa’s foot flesh, only to see a looming shadow wash over you. Looking behind, you saw a terrifying and oddly exciting sight. Wiggling slowly towards and draped in thick white fabric, was Minoto’s big toe as she raised her left foot up and brought it towards you. Before you could even brace yourself, her tabi-sock-clad toe pressed into you, pushing your minuscule body even deeper into Hinoa’s foot. 

Leisurely rubbing her socked toe against your helpless body, the whole world felt like it was heating up. From the friction and contained body heat of her socked foot, sweat started to not only seep through the toe of her tabi sock but emerge from her foot. Slowly, the droplets filled what little pocket of breathing room you had left, and it felt as if you were about to drown from all the foot sweat, that is until Minoto offered you a particularly heinous method of escape.

“With no weapons, it looks like you’ll soon faint, hunter! Luckily it seems like you can free yourself from toe-ranadon meaty clutches if you lick the ground! The ‘Steamy Flatlands’ seem to be quite ticklish, and doing that should cause some tremors that will shake the toe-grex off you!” Minoto said smugly, seemingly over enthusiastic given how many toe puns she made in the span of a few seconds. Running out of air and about to drown in Hinoa’s foot sweat, you realized you had no other choice and quickly buried your face in Hinoa’s foot flesh before hesitantly sticking your tongue out. Rubbing your tongue against her smooth skin, your senses were violated by a sudden rush of saltiness. Despite all the strange enjoyment you felt from this situation, it was impossible to not feel disgusted by how gross it tasted. If you could free your hands from their tight silk binds you’d be desperately grasping your mouth in a poor effort to hold your vomit in, but for the time being all you could do was humiliatingly rub your tongue against the quest maiden’s foot with hopes that she’d stop crushing you with her toe. The lasting flavor of her foot would remain in your mouth forever, but after a painstaking endeavor and numb tongue, Hinoa’s foot began to shake erratically and she burst out into a fit of laughter. 

“Hehehe!! Why’d you tell him I was ticklish, Minoto!” Pulling her socked toe away from your helpless body. A rush of fresh air hit you and you breathed in as much as you can only to be disappointed that a vast majority of the ‘fresh air’ was laced with Hinoa’s stuffy foot smell. Nevertheless, it was still a blessing to be able to even breathe at all after you almost suffocated at the unbelievable strength of her big toe. Soon after, Hinoa’s laughing subsided and you found a moment of reprieve in your currently far-from-ideal position. But, as Hinoa puller foot onto her lap to get a better look at your powerless form, you realized that things were far from over.

“Hehe~, congrats Hunter! You’ve fended off the monster.” She said clapping. “But don’t forget, you still have a quest to do! Be sure to gather as much footsweat and toe jam as you can.” In your peripheral vision, a terrifying site came into view. Holding her moist tabi sock from earlier, she brought it closer to you and slowly slid it onto her foot. The stuffy fabric brushed up against you coating your body in some residual sweat before closing around her fully covering her foot and shrouding your minuscule form in darkness. 

“Luckily there’s no time limit for this quest, so do your best! And while you’re down there, can you do some cleaning as well? That would be very appreciated!” Hinoa said, happily wiggling her toes at your expense. It was going to be a long day...


“Hopefully you won’t be too tired by the time you’re done. There’s still my other foot, as well as Minoto’s feet.” A very long day. “Oh, and if you’re wondering about your palamute and palico, they’re currently on a meowcinary expedition on Minoto’s feet!”  



Chapter End Notes:

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