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Story Notes:

Because this story is commissioned, it won't be updated as regularly as my other stuff. But hopefully you still enjoy :)

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“Anyways, I just wanted to let you know so you can be careful for your next class,” Jim warned, sincerity and care in his eyes as he put his hand on Madame Eloise's. He had just heard from one of his other colleagues that a student at their university where they worked had contracted the Shrinking Virus, as it was nicknamed. So his first thought was to inform Eloise, since he’d been planning on asking her out soon. She was recently hired to teach French Linguistics, and luckily for Jim, she seemed to reciprocate his affection for her.

“Ah, well, merci beaucoup,” she replied, placing her other hand on his, her bright red lips smiling at him affectionately. Her accent was strong, but that was one of the things he found cutest about her. “It is very troubling to hear, but I will be watching, I will be careful,” she added, nodding seriously.

Jim took a deep breath, feeling like the interaction went well and he had made significant progress in their relationship so far, at least professionally. He pulled back, “Well, I’ve gotta get back to my office. Stay safe out there,” he said, raising his hand up to wave goodbye as he turned to leave her classroom.

“You as well!” she called back, and he shut the door, feeling confident in himself. But he only got to take another, full-sized step, before he felt a sharp pang in his spine, and he crumpled to the floor in pain. He felt like the floor was moving beneath him, despite him not moving, and his heart dropped as he realized what was happening to him. Only a few seconds later, and the icy, debilitating cramp in his back had completely subsided again, but when he looked up, he found himself in a new world. The walls of the hallway now looked hundreds of feet tall, he could only see the sky and the tops of trees out the fifty foot windows. He had caught the shrinking virus.

He was completely nude, with his clothes surrounding him in a pile on the ground. But before he could even stand up straight again and begin to think of a plan to get some help, he felt slowly tremble with increasing magnitude. The hallway looked empty though, at least the corridor in front of him was. When he turned around to check the other direction though, he spotted a shadow on the ground far ahead peeking around the corner, rapidly growing longer as its owner walked closer. Until the newcomer turned the corner, revealing themselves to be one of Jim's students: Delilah. She was a thin, cute brunette girl with dark, tanned skin, and was wearing a short, red and black miniskirt with a dark blue blazer. Her outfit was customary from what Jim remembered: a pompous, overly sophisticated look for a girl who seemed to think she was better than most people without actually saying it. And her subtle disregard for other people seemed more apparent to Jim now more than ever, as she completely ignored him, unable to spot his little 3 inch body cowering on the floor or even notice his clothes lying there as she walked closer. He tried desperately scrambling out of the way, but his body was still so overtaken with the shock of having shrunken so suddenly that he couldn’t react fast enough. And her strides, each one dozens of feet long from his perspective, allowed the oblivious girl to easily catch up to Jim. He merely watched as Delilah's foot, covered in a simple black flat, rushed overhead, before falling down on him unceremoniously, as if he wasn’t even there.

His body crumpled once again as the tremendous, unimaginable weight of literally a million pounds smashed him against the rough carpet floor. Jim was familiar enough with the virus to know that infected bodies had incredible levels of durability, so he wasn’t surprised by the fact that he didn’t instantly explode into a splatter of tiny, messy blood and organs. But he was surprised by the searing pain that came with being smushed under the rubber sole of a giant girl, a pain that was unfathomable to anyone of normal size.

The girl stopped, having felt her foot brush something, before stepping on something hard. She looked down to see a pile of clothes, and she instantly knew what had happened. Slowly lifting back her foot to make sure, an excited, devious grin appeared on her face as she spotted a tiny, naked body in the spot where her shoe just was. “Oh my god…” she whispered, slowly bending down to pick up the little man. She couldn’t believe her luck, her heart was racing like Christmas morning. “It’s been so long since I’ve found one of you guys,” she said, “are you the guy who shrunk yesterday?” But as she stood back up, his body held firmly between her thumb and pointer finger, he seemed vaguely familiar. Suddenly Jim felt his body rush quickly towards the young girl’s face, and her massive eyes, each giant one nearly half the size of his body, honed in on his face. He felt like he was being studied. But suddenly her cheeks raised up, and he realized she was smiling. “Wait… Mr. P?” His face might’ve been small, but she was still able to notice its color drain from his expression upon being recognized. “Holy shit, wait, it is you! Oh my god, Mr. P, did you catch the virus somehow from the other student? I thought they quarantined that guy, but apparently the strain still got out. Which means… there might be others.” She looking around the hallway cautiously, but didn’t see any other bundles of clothes anywhere, or any other shrunken people running around. It was just the two of them.

She bit her lip, before letting out an excited squeal that made Jim's heart skip a beat. It made him feel like it was this girl’s birthday, and he was simply the little toy that had been gifted to her. Squatting down to the ground, she quickly set him back down on the ground and unslung her backpack. He didn’t even try to run away; in this vast, empty hallway, he knew trying to escape would be useless, so he could only watch as she quickly gathered his clothes and stuffed them into her backpack. She’s… she’s hiding the evidence, he thought, more fear seeping into his veins. Either she’s smarter than I realized, or she’s done this before. Maybe both.

Zipping her backpack up again and flinging it back around her shoulders, Delilah glanced around the hallway again to make sure they were alone, still squatting down close to the ground. Picking Jim back up, she pinched his torso between her fingers again and held him up to her face to speak again. “I guess you got kinda unlucky with having me find you,” she giggled. “Cuz I love shrunken people. I've just never got to have my very own before though.” Oh shit. He knew it was useless, but his body instinctively squirmed in her grasp, like an involuntary reaction to want to survive from being captive to his giant student. She laughed at his reaction, “God, you guys are so cute when you get scared like that. I’ve missed this feeling.” But then she saw something that just made her all the more excited: slowly, as he squirmed more and more frantically in her grasp, his tiny little dick started to rise, growing longer and stronger between his legs. “Holy shit, you’re into this too? What are you, a boob guy, butt guy, foot guy?” Upon hearing the final option, his miniature penis grew even faster, wagging up and down in response. “Wait, feet? Really? Cuz that’s my favorite place to keep you guys!”

She lowered his body down to the floor, and pried open her flats with her other hand. “You know, I lost the inserts for my shoes a few days ago, and my feet have pretty high arches, so I think I know what I’m gonna do with you first. I’m heading back to my dorm, so I’ll let you know how it feels after I get back, and you can let me know how you like it too!” His dick hadn’t lied; he had a foot fetish, and the idea of being around a giantess’ feet were endlessly arousing to him. But this was all so sudden, and he wasn’t sure if the person who he wanted to act out his fantasy with was a bratty young student from one of his classes. But it seemed as if he wouldn’t have a choice, as he lifted up her giant, tanned foot and reached in with her fingers, depositing him squarely in the center of the shoe, laying horizontally so the length of his body could support her arch the best.

“Wait…” was all he was able to croak out, before Delilah's foot slammed back on top of him, silencing him and smushing him between the thin, dirty inside of the girl’s flat and the soft, smooth skin of her sole. 

She stood back up, and while there was a little bit less pain because the bulk of her weight was concentrated on the ball of her foot and her heel, he still felt like his body should’ve cracked a hundred thousand pounds ago from all the pressure. He heard a door open nearby; was it Eloise? “Oh, bonjour Madame,” Delilah said politely.

“Bonjour,” the woman responded, and Jim could hear as she started to walk away. He had been that close to being discovered by someone much more preferable than Delilah, but had missed out on the opportunity by mere seconds. Delilah grinned mischievously, feeling even better with knowing the woman had passed them by without being aware of her shrunken colleague down at the girl’s feet. And as she started walking again on her way back to her dorm, with his 3 inch body trapped helplessly in her shoe, she couldn’t wait to squash her new toy even further when she got home.


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