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Penny was in a sour mood. She didn't want to think about it, but she knew exactly how it had come about. The problem was that it wasn't just one thing. It was the culmination of a lot of things coming to roost all at once. Or maybe she was just a naturally negative person? She did feel this way far more often than she would have expected. Maybe it would do her well to visit a doctor and… no. She couldn't even do that. Her schedule and income didn't even allow it. All she could do was dwell.

The young woman sighed. Maybe it wouldn't have been so bad if it hadn't begun the very instant she woke up. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say it began before she woke up. As she slept far less than she probably should, there had been a power surge. One that was hardly noticeable, as all of the electronics in her home lost power for but a split-second. Enough to be irritating, but easy to deal with… had she been conscious. With her off in her dreams she wasn't able to contend with the problems that this would naturally introduce. The most important of those being her alarm. With the clock reset the only thing keeping her on a schedule never went off, providing her with some much-needed rest… as well as the opportunity to be late for work. She didn't wake until the morning sun tickled her face, a stark contrast to the darkened world she traditionally woke up to.

The morning was a blur. She hadn't gone for groceries this week so there was a severe lack of quick breakfast options. Her water heater was still in desperate need of repair, so the lukewarm shower she used to wash herself failed to jolt her awake, or be relaxing. But the problems didn't end inside of the home, no. Considerable amounts of construction being done nearby meant that a bunch of her most common routes to work were blocked off. Forced to take the long route as well as waking up late meant that every last one of the inadequate parking spaces provided for the shopping center she worked at were taken.

After parking a block away she trudged into the place she worked. The sign in front was flipped from CLOSED to OPEN, before she sat behind the front desk and stewed. Her patience was at its limit, but she had a feeling it wouldn't be a big problem today. All she needed was some time to calm down, and relax! Let the bubbling cauldron of rage stop from spilling over and affecting her job performance. She didn't even know why she had to come into work. Her boss didn't bother, and who would ever be coming to buy new glasses this close to Christmas? She was able to sit in anger in silence, wondering if there was anything she could do to make this accursed day go by more quickly. Maybe putting on a pot of coffee and drinking the entire thing would be ideal? If the caffeine rush lasted her entire shift… no. Drinking that much coffee on an empty stomach felt like a bad idea no matter which way she looked at it.

The light directly above her flickered, and she sighed. Great. Just great. Hopefully that was a faulty light, and not an indicator that the power in this entire building may go out. The last thing she needed right now was to freeze to death over fucking eyeglasses. Part of her duties involved making note of potentially failing equipment, but that would require filling out forms, getting on the phone, having to explain why it wasn't her fault that the light was on the fritz…

It would just have to be someone else's problem.

The loud clock in the room continued ticking. The sound seemed to dig into Penny's skin, reminding her of what she should be doing. A task that she could probably get away with skipping… but really should be doing. For her own safety, if nothing else. She tried ignoring it, but the clock kept ticking. Back. And forth. Back. And forth. Back.

Penny sighed.

"Work sucks." She said, standing and heading over to the nearby phone. They probably wouldn't even be able to come by and fix it today! And they never checked the security tapes! The fear of losing what little stability this job offered was all it took for her to just do the stupid task of calling it in. No sooner had she reached the phone and begun to dial did she hear the electronic ringing sound of a new customer entering the store.

Sighing, Penny put the phone back down, and returned to her seat. Only she didn't sit down in it. She was supposed to look "engaged" and "welcoming" when there were customers around. The chair she'd just been resting in was only to be used when there was a customer sitting on the opposite side of the desk! She stretched her lips into a fake smile, and waved at the older woman who'd strolled into the store, before it melted away the instant the woman turned away.

And then she waited. She looked back at the older woman happily looking through the numerous displays of frames with a sneer, hoping this would come to an end soon. With Christmas in only a week there was hardly anyone at the store this time of year. All the shoppers were looking for cool high-end electronics, toys, or various pieces of furniture, not new eyeglasses! No, the rush of customers wouldn't come until after Christmas, and these few days beforehand were so slow she didn't even know why they bothered.

"Excuse me."

Penny looked up, surprised. She had been so lost in her own world she'd hardly even noticed the older woman approaching her. She looked the customer over for a moment, wondering what on Earth she was doing here at this time of year. She looked like a smart, dependable, mature woman. One with a body that made Penny jealous, as she effortlessly carried about two enormous boulders atop her curvy, if a little pudgy, frame. She seemed like the kind of person who'd have gotten her Christmas shopping done back in November, not now! Why was she being bothered with this now of all times?

"How may I help you?"

There had been lessons on a customer service voice Penny was to use for customers. She tried deploying it as she so often did… but the irritation was too great. She couldn't muster the fake enthusiasm required so her voice came out dull, and monotonous. Her eyes were glazed over from the hectic morning, and she looked about as unprofessional as one could get. Which was perfectly fine considering she was the only employee in the store. With no managers to get on her back they should consider themselves lucky she even bothered to show up in her uniform!

"Um…" The older woman said, her lips curling up into a cheery smile. "I was curious if you happened to have these in a different color?" She said, holding up a rather-pricy looking set of frames cast in a gaudy gold. They looked like they would have been a great match for her in a more neutral color but… finding out if there were more in stock would have forced Penny to take it into the back, search through other boxes, extra shipments, or even order it online.

"Sorry. We don't." Penny said, flatly.

The woman's smile faltered, if only for a moment.

"Are… are you sure? Maybe if you looked in the back-"

"The back's empty, ma'am." Penny said, doing her absolute best to not roll her eyes. "And thanks to last night's storm the internet is down as well so I can't special order it, either."

"Storm?" The woman asked, looking outside to the glass windows lining the outside of the store. It was a bit gray outside, but the only problems in the entire store seemed to come from the light flickering just above both of them. "Please, could you just-"

"Sorry. We don't carry things just for you." Penny interrupted.

The old woman looked visibly distraught. Sighing, she quietly took the frames back, and looked around the small store. Really it more of an overglorified room if she were being honest. One that was completely empty besides the two of them. The older woman looked at the frames in her hand, then back at the woman who was supposed to be helping her.

"Are you sure?"


The older woman returned the frames to their prior resting place, looked around the store once again, then sighed. Penny rolled her eyes hoping this would be the end of their encounter.

Then everything went dark.

Penny awoke, confused. She wasn't even aware she'd apparently lost consciousness until a pounding headache assaulted her. She rubbed her forehead, cursed quietly, and looked around at her new surroundings. She was still in her work uniform, and she was still tired, but this definitely wasn't the store.

Despite all logic saying otherwise, this looked like… a bedroom. One that reminded her a lot of her own mother's in terms of appearance. That would have been bizarre enough, but as the unusual perspective on everything began to sink in she looked down at her feet, and gasped.

She was standing on top of a huge, wooden plain. In her mind she knew exactly what this had to be, but she refused to accept it. It just didn't make sense! She rubbed her eyes several times, hoping the image would change after. She pinched herself on the arm, hoping this was all a dream. She was tempted to even throw herself off the edge… if not for the fact that it only further confirmed what she was looking at.

She was standing on a bedside table. Quickly turning around, Penny caught sight of an enormous lamp directly behind her, and nearly fell over in surprise. Fear gripped her heart and squeezed tightly as she crawled around on her back, trying to come to terms with her new surroundings.

"Oh. You're finally awake, Penny?"

The voice was loud. Too loud. It echoed overhead, seemingly shaking her entire body with its proximity. Worse yet, she recognized it immediately. A lump caught in her throat as she spun around in place, and saw the source with her own eyes.

The woman from the store. She was just entering the bedroom dressed in a silky camisole that accentuated her every bombastic curve. She smiled warmly at the tiny woman standing atop the table, and casually walked inside. Her every step shook the floor, making Penny's vision bounce as she was thrown upwards. Fear gripped her so totally adrenaline overrode any residual fatigue from her awful morning.

"Oh. I guess I should introduce myself." The giant woman said, stepping up to the table. She loomed so close now that every aspect of her presence overwhelmed the tiny woman who found herself standing in the enormous woman's shadow. She turned her head up to gaze at the huge body, and found she wasn't able to see her face thanks to the giant being's massive breasts. The same ones that had made Penny twinge with jealousy.

But it wasn't just a hefty, heaving chest that filled the tiny woman's view. Curves lined every square foot of the giant woman's enormous form, leaving the slight Penny to feel as if she were little more than a child in the presence of a real woman. So overwhelming was the giantess's presence she wanted to just curl up into a ball and hope that whatever was planned for her would soon come to pass.

"Oh, I'm sorry little one." The giantess said, giggling playfully from her lofty height. "Let me get into a position that's a little more comfortable for someone as… lacking as you."

With that simple statement the giant woman began to lower herself. The colossal, jiggly thighs that dominated Penny's view a moment prior vanished from view in a second, and she watched as the soft glistening silk of her garment rippled and waved from the casual movements. A few moments later the largest pair of breasts she would ever see consumed her view, coming so dangerously close to the table that Penny scrambled backwards just to make sure she would clear them. A moment later the giant head that had been out of view this entire time appeared, situating itself just beyond the table's edge.

"Hello." She said. Intended to be a friendly greeting, in such close proximity it felt more like an attempt to knock her over. The hot breath escaped the giant woman's mouth as she spoke, nearly bowling Penny over as she covered her face to better endure it. The giantess noticed the effect that simply act of speaking had on the tiny woman, but it only seemed to make her smile.

"I'm Evelyn." The giant woman said, making no effort to adjust, or correct her speech in any way. If anything she seemed to enjoy how uncomfortable it made her tiny charge, finishing her statement with a mischievous grin. "And unless your nametag was lying, then you would be Penny wouldn't you? You were very rude to me earlier."

The tiny woman could hardly believe what she was hearing. She… she'd had a bad day! How was that her fault?! Sure, she could have done more for the customer, but…

"Relax." The giantess said, finally pulling back just a little bit. As she did so the expansive depths of her cleavage were put on full display, intimidating Penny just from the sheer scale and depth of the older woman's body. "I used to work retail, Penny. I know that things can be… difficult. "

Penny felt a spark of hope inside of her. She drew her gaze up from the giant woman's cleavage to her face, and stared up in wonder at her awe-inspiring size. She watched the already-wide smile somehow grow even wider, before the giant woman's lips parted. Not enough to fully open her mouth, but just enough to give the tiny woman a glimpse of the dark depths hidden away from view. She could see how the giantess's teeth glistened from the light of the lamp, and how the full lips seemed to enjoy the hypnotic effect they had on the minuscule woman.

"So I thought I'd help you out." Evelyn said, standing back up to her full height and looming high overhead. "It's obvious your old job isn't very fulfilling, so you can consider this training for your new job. And if you don't do a good enough job… well, your time with me may need to be extended."

Penny opened her mouth to ask what that was supposed to mean, but her question instantly transitioned into a panicked yelp. The giantess's thick fingers suddenly appeared, spreading apart as if they intended to collect her! The sight of something so unfathomably large heading straight for her was enough to finally wake Penny from her stupor and she found the strength to jump to her feet.

She turned, and began to run. Ran with all of her might. She ran so fast she knew she would make it to the opposite end of the table in seconds. Or… she would have, if she hadn't been snatched shortly after making her first steps. Her feet bicycled helplessly in the air as she was lifted away, and the giant woman hardly paid the little one any mind as she turned away from the table, and headed straight for the unfathomably huge bed situated next to it.

"Alright, Penny. The first thing you have to learn about your new job is: the customer is always right. Always."

Penny rolled her eyes. There were, in fact, countless cases where the customer was wrong. Such as-

"So when I say to do something… you do it. Understood?"

Penny was jerked from her sarcastic train of thought, before looking up. Was she expected to say yes? Or nod her head? Maybe give a thumbs up?

Evelyn's face turned up into a smile, and her gentle grip tightened up into a fist. All the air was forced from Penny's lungs in an instant, and she grabbed hold of the soft fingers squeezing her tightly for dear life.

"I said-"

"YES!" Penny shouted between gasps for air. U-UNDERSTOOD! I'LL DO WHATEVER YOU SAY!"

"Good." Evelyn said, taking a seat on the bed. As she got herself comfortable she dropped Penny onto her rounded belly, and smiled down at the minuscule figure only just visible from between her heavy breasts. She ran a finger over the tiny little thing's head as a show of affection, but was heavy-handed enough that Penny fell over and sank into the soft stomach as a result.

"Okay." Evelyn said, sighing as she stretched her limbs out. "I'm going to teach you how to better handle yourself in this big, new world you're in. So you're going to have to learn how to show some respect for your elders. All you have to do is head on over to my feet and show them a bit of appreciation." She said, taking a moment to wiggle her toes in the distance to punctuate the statement.

Penny gradually stood again, feeling her feet sink into the giant woman's soft belly, then turned back around to look at the feet in the distance. Her vision felt off from being so small, but even she could tell that they seemed remarkably well-kept for her age. The nails were unpainted, but still shone in the light of the bedroom in a way that made them look appealing. Not that she ever found herself studying other's feet, it was just…

"Feel free to start any time now."

The tiny woman felt the rumbling of the giant woman's voice under her feet. Her heart sank from a combination of how far away the giant feet were, as well as what she was being asked to do. One final look back at the giant woman confirmed that her expression hadn't changed as it was framed between those huge breasts, and Penny sighed.

"Work sucks." She whispered to herself, and began to walk.

The journey was strange for the young woman. The surface she tread upon was far softer, and more… pleasant than any she'd ever walked on before. While the giant woman's belly was very soft, it was also quite yielding, making traversing it more difficult than it probably should have been. Every step took a bit more effort than it felt like it should have, all things considered. She walked with purpose, trying to ignore how foreign even walking felt in this situation.

The fact that the landscape she traversed was a living, breathing person sent butterflies to her own stomach. That a woman unfathomably larger than herself was doing this as some sort of bizarre favor, treating the younger woman like little more than a toy was humiliating. Stepping down the length of the giantess's stomach she could feel it rise and lower ever so slightly with every breath the giantess took. A muffled grumbling could be felt directly beneath her, but she tried her best to just ignore it.

Images of what lie just below her feet were… unpleasant to say the last. The thought of being swallowed alive was the sort of irrational fear that had nonetheless given her nightmares, but it was all-too-possible for Evelyn to do to her. And if that was what she desired, what could Penny possibly do against her? Any fight would be lost against even a single one of the giant woman's toes. She was totally helpless before the giant woman, and if being eaten like a snack was what the giant woman wanted she would have to just endure it. She closed her eyes, squinted, and kept going, determined to make it through this and eventually get free.

Thankfully, she wasn't so small that it took a particularly long time to make it past the giant woman's gurgling belly. A literal fork in the road meant she would now have to pick one of two legs to go down, as Evelyn hadn't exactly been specific in her orders. She looked down the length of the left leg, then the right. The answer… seemed obvious. Right?

Both legs were bare, seeming to stretch an incredible distance for the tiny woman. Penny was getting tired just looking at the long expanse, and the amount of effort she would have to expend just crossing them. The only thing of note seemed to be that the left leg was lying down flat on the bed, while the right had been pulled inward, creating a slope up to a knee that seemed impassable.

Making up her mind, Penny gradually adjusted her direction to take the left leg. In the far distance she could see those toes, and hoped that they were as clean as they looked. She didn't want to imagine what it would be like doing… whatever she was expected to do down there if things were overly hot, and odorous. She could feel herself gag at the very thought of it, closed her eyes, and continued walking.

"Come on, Penny. You're supposed to care about your work." Evelyn said, tut tutting the tiny girl. Her tone was more that of a disappointed mother than an overbearing employer, leading Penny to second-guess herself. She turned back to look at the giant woman's face, wondering how best to explain why she was taking the easy way out.

"BUT…!" Penny shouted between cupped hands, looking down at the warm skin under her feet again. "I CAN'T… I CAN'T CLIMB THAT!" She added, pointing to the raised knee down the right leg.

"You can't?" Evelyn asked. The line being repeated caught Penny off guard. She had a feeling it was more of a thinly-veiled threat than a genuine question. One that demanded she not make excuses, and instead begin climbing the huge leg.

"I… I mean…" Penny stuttered, lowering her hands. The giantess never heard it. The girl was just too small.

"I know you can do it, sweetie." Evelyn cooed, bringing a fingertip down and mussing the minuscule woman's hair. "Back in my day I had to walk fif-teen miles just to get to school! And I had a lot more to carry than you did!"

Penny looked down at her chest, then back towards the rolling hills settled atop Evelyn's chest in the distance. She had doubts about the authenticity of the giantess's claim… but wasn't ready to fight it. That wasn't an encounter she would walk away from as the victor, and she sighed with disappointment as she walked back up the soft, squishy thigh she had already reached to change legs.

"That tickles." Evelyn said, her legs twitching and nearly launching Penny into the air. The sensation of the earth shifting under Penny's feet was wildly disorienting, made only worse when one of those huge hands returned from above to rub the bare skin all around her. Penny's ears were ringing just from the casual movements, and she picked up the pace to get far away from what the giantess likely perceived as little more than gentle rubbing.

She couldn't quite explain it, but something about this whole situation hadn't really left her scared for her safety. As if she could trust the giant woman keeping her captive. It didn't make sense, and she didn't think ten minutes was long enough for Stockholm syndrome to set in, but she resolved to treat this like any work day. Just keep her head down, do as told, and get finished. It sounded simple enough on paper, but once she reached the right thigh she was beginning to have doubts about her physical abilities. The giant woman may have been much older than Penny, but you wouldn't know it from the looks of every part of her body aside from her face. Her thighs were as soft and smooth as could be expected of a woman half her age, and Penny knew that simply ascending the huge leg was going to be difficult.

She turned back to look at Evelyn, and found the giant woman intensely focused on her tiny plaything. Her heart sank, and she gave her attention back to the leg presented to her. Sighing again, she took one step forward, almost immediately realizing that the angle was too steep to just walk. She was going to have to crawl.

Penny sighed. She took a deep breath, filling her lungs with the scent of the giant woman surrounding her, and dropped to her hands and knees. With the leg in this position it wasn't quite as soft and squishy as the rest of the giant woman's curvy body had been, making it quite a bit easier for her to ascend the limb. The soft surface also meant that she wasn't able to get a particularly good handle on things.

"You can do it, Penny!" Evelyn said, the words of encouragement doing little to make the climb easier for the shrunken woman. "You have to. Or else."

Penny tried her best to ignore the menacing tone. She just kept repeating Evelyn's promise in her head. The giantess said she wasn't going to hurt her. And… though she didn't really have any good reason to stick to that promise, there was no way she would just lie like that, right? She looked too kind, and matronly to lie! She didn't have a liar's bone in her body!

At least that's what Penny hoped.

The tiny woman didn't want to think about this. She just continued her climb up the leg, gripping the soft flesh tightly with both hands to prevent herself from sliding back. It was slow going, but the angle wasn't so steep she felt like she would lose balance and tumble back to the woman's body. Or worse, fall off the edge entirely and land between her legs.

An intrusive thought invaded Penny's fragile psyche. What if she were to make a mistake while climbing further? Maybe she would just lose her grip. Or maybe Evelyn, deciding she'd had enough of her quite inadequate plaything, would flick the tiny woman from her perch.

Whatever the reason the outcome would be the same. She would fall. Or plummet, as that seemed a more apt term for what that descent with no hope of recovery would be like. It would take what felt like ages, as she was just so infinitesimally small next to the living landscape that such a pathetic distance would be the equivalent of a skyscraper for her.

Luckily, the surface awaiting her far, far below would be soft. She'd plop onto the bed with nary a scratch on her, and look around her new surroundings fearfully sandwiched between a pair of legs big enough to encircle several city blocks she would find herself overwhelmed with the size of the giant woman who was holding her captive.

But seeing it would be quite different from seeing the giantess move. She would watch as the huge legs would spread apart further, allowing the giant woman the leverage she needed to sit up and take a look at her oh-so-disobedient servant. Shadows would gradually overtake the tiny Penny and she would look up… and up, and up.

"Penny." Evelyn would say, her soft voice echoing around the bedroom. "I thought I gave you an order."

"I-… I!" Penny would stutter, trying to find a way to explain her mistakes away. It wouldn't matter. She was the tiny party here, and because of that she was always in the wrong. Her attempts at sputtering out an excuse would gradually fade into useless blubbering as the giant woman would roll her eyes.

"I suppose I had too much faith in you." She would say, before bringing her index finger over the tiny woman. All the air from Penny's lungs would be sucked out as she would face down what would seem to be her untimely end. The huge fingertip would descend, pressing into her tiny, comparatively frail body. She would be completely enveloped in warmth, then…

Penny shook her head.

She kept on climbing, doing her best to will the intrusive thoughts away. She tried envisioning the leg as something else entirely. Something normal. She thought that maybe if she pretended she was climbing a rock face it would be easier to accept, but it just wasn't working. There was never a rock face this soft, and pliant to ever try and ascend. Never one that moved, or was accompanied by the occasional omnipresent giggle from a massive being every so often.

"You're almost there!" Evelyn laughed, bringing a hand down onto her thigh. The sound of her hand slapping the soft flesh rang in Penny's ears, but she managed to keep from falling over. She just kept her eye on the prize. The knee. The peak of her ascent just waiting, and…


Penny wanted to just lie down and rest. For hours, if need be. She was exhausted, her muscles were sore, and this climb was a reminder of how little exercise her life allowed. She felt strange looking at the view from so high up. She didn't want to accept that it was almost majestic in a way seeing the entirety of Evelyn's soft body from this perch. The wrinkles in the bed sheets spread out in every direction, making it almost appear as if they were waves in a soft, cottony ocean.

She felt like she could admire the view for hours.

"Alright, time to go down!"

Penny swung around quickly, only to find one of Evelyn's hands headed straight for her. She helped in surprise, and stepped away as the huge fingers moved in her direction. The finger continued to approach despite this, and she took a step back, only to find nothing but thin air underneath her.

She squealed in surprise.

It was not a precipitous fall from the knee to the bed below, thankfully. It was more of a long slope that she was forced to tumble down as if she were a child rolling down a hill. The descent was understandably significantly quicker than the climb, and it wasn't long at all before she was halfway down the length of the giantess's leg.

A low, rumbling chuckle could be felt all around her. Evelyn seemed to enjoy the young woman's plight, observing from far away with a wide grin. If Penny was able to slow her descent it would have been easy to see that her face was blushing a bright red in embarrassment as she struggled to contend with how easily her entire being was manipulated.

"Oh. You're almost to the bottom, Penny! Then you can really get going."

Penny tried to ignore that remark. Tried, but completely failed as she continued smashing parts of her body into the soft leg over and over. At some point she was beginning to feel like this would never end. Like her life from this point forward would just be an endless loop of sliding down a soft, fragrant leg and she might be okay with that… she came to an abrupt stop.

The tiny woman's face slammed into something hard. Her greatly reduced weight again saved her skin as she grumbled pulling herself up from her precarious position. The slope of the leg had gradually faded as she approached the giantess's bare foot, but it wasn't until the tiny woman slammed into Evelyn's big toe face first that she finally skid to a stop.

Penny pushed her hands into the hard surface beneath her, shaking her head to clear her vision. She looked around her surroundings, instantly feeling how small she was all over again. It seemed as if every new vantage point her tiny body was offered reminded her of her puniness in entirely new ways. Ranging from seeing the vast curves of Evelyn's huge form, to the impressive view afforded standing atop her knee. Now she was at the giant woman's toes, able to better imagine what it would be like if she were standing side by side with the mature giantess.

It wasn't an image she enjoyed.

Each of the toes utterly dwarfed her body. She could easily slip in-between any of the chubby digits and be lost from view entirely. The thought of doing so sent chills down her spine. She was safe from up here, but if those big fingers were to come and push her again… would Evelyn even notice? Did she care enough for her tiny charge that she would go looking for a tiny particle that had slipped between her toes? She was still human! Of course Evelyn wouldn't just forget about her… right?

Penny felt a creeping sense of dread run through her.

She sat up finally, feeling as if she were growing used to her surroundings. All around her was the faint scent of sweat, and lotion. Neither offensive, nor pleasant. Just… present. Every time she breathed in she could feel a heaviness in her chest. As if the air itself were heavy, and had settled into the bottom of her lungs. She climbed to her feet, and dusted herself off, before looking down.

Both of her feet stood comfortably atop Evelyn's big toe. There was plenty of room to spare in every direction. Penny could drop onto her back and make a snow angel with no problems if she so chose, as well. For a moment she imagined what that would look like from the giant woman's perspective. To be kept as a tiny nail artist. To be dropped onto them while they were still wet with polish, and forced to etch cute designs into them.

In a way, she thought it was cute.

Then she immediately gasped. She shook her head, trying to shake the entirely new flavor of intrusive thought away. She needed to remind herself that she'd been forcibly abducted by the giant woman! She didn't need to be empathizing with her, or considering what her life would be like now that she had someone to take care of her. Now that she wouldn't have to worry about the daily grind that had dominated so much of her life after graduation. To be freed of the aspects of her life that left her miserable. Replacing everything she hated with only the need to do as her new giant owner asked, and be doted upon in return.


The shrunken woman froze up. Her heart pounded in her chest as she immediately realized the directions her mind had gone during her brief moment of weakness. She looked up again, but couldn't see much of the giantess's face beyond the knee in the distance. She waved weakly, hoping that the motion could be seen, though she wasn't sure herself.

"What are you doing down there?"

"UMM." Penny shouted so quickly she didn't have time to formulate an answer. She couldn't just be honest… could she? Would Evelyn find the thoughts cute, and want to encourage them? Or would she be strict, and force her to do as told? She didn't want to think about this! She just wanted to be told what to do! Preferably by-

"NOTHING!" She suddenly shouted, before her mind could wander too far again. "I WAS… STANDING."

"Good." Evelyn said, her tone making it apparent she approved of how flustered she made the tiny woman. "Well, you weren't to go visit my toes just to admire them. Even if they are rather nice."

Penny gulped. She tried pushing away more intrusive thoughts. How the fact she'd considered what it would be like to leave designs in them with her own tiny body came about because of how well cared-for they were. How she wanted to make them look even nicer. Art had been one of her passions before the grind of reality had rubbed it out of her. She'd dabbled in paints, and found them quite enjoyable! She could see herself using that oversized unwieldy brush to paint intricate patterns on the huge, hard surface underneath her own tiny feet. Maybe she could dip her own toes into some of the leftover polish and use it to keep her own nails looking nice, and-

"Did you not hear me, Penny?"

"UNDERSTOOD!" The shrunken woman shouted, then looked around her surroundings again. She was still standing on the big toe. That hadn't changed. But if she was being expected to go between them…

Walking up to the edge of the toe, Penny looked into the crevice underneath her. She gasped in surprise at how tall the toes were, and how easily she would slip between them. Thoughts of being lost again invaded her mind… but she pushed them aside this time. She didn't want to explain why, or how, as she wasn't quite sure herself. All she knew was that she… trusted Evelyn. For some reason.

Taking a deep breath, Penny again filled her lungs with the scent of feet surrounding her, and sat down onto the edge of the giant woman's toenail. She planned to slide off the edge and between them, but it seemed as if Evelyn had a limited amount of patience. No sooner had Penny taken her seat did all of the toes tilt to the side, sending her away.

Another low, rumbling giggle traveled through the bed. Penny could feel it under her hands and knees as she looked up at the toes above her. It felt like she was in the middle of a jungle, looking up through the canopy of trees for what little light filtered in from above. She had to actively remind herself that none of that was the case, and she was simply standing between two enormous toes. She could certainly ascend the digits again if she had to… but it was more the fact it would take a climb at all that concerned her. She placed her hands onto the soft big toe next to her, marveling at just how warm Evelyn's body felt.

She wanted to feel what it was like to have this huge, warm foot fall onto her. Back at home Penny slept under a weighted blanket for her own comfort, and she considered it one of the wisest investments she'd ever made. But that thing was nothing compared to Evelyn's feet. It was smaller, lighter, and didn't have such an… oddly pleasing aroma. She would exchange the two in a heartbeat if she could.

Tempting as it was to try and slip her body under the toes herself, Penny managed to hold back. She would resist these urges for now, opting instead to keep herself… employed, she supposed. It was a strange way to look at her situation, but it was what Evelyn herself had referred to it as.

With that in mind, the tiny woman pressed both of her hands deeply into the soft skin between the giant woman's toes. She marveled at how easily even her tiny body sank into the yielding flesh, and pushed forward with even more effort to feel it give in. The sensation was unlike anything she'd ever felt. Akin to pushing into sand, even going as far as to see it yield around her minuscule fingers. Were the giant woman's toes just this naturally soft, or did her age have something to do with it?

She pushed her shoulder into the space between the toes, feeling as if she could push her entire body into the forgiving surface if she tried. Her mind boggled at the logistics behind this, and buried her entire face into the skin. The warmth encompassed her entire body, and she was once again gripped by temptation. Temptation to ignore orders, and just relax, and rest here.

Penny took a deep breath, and closed her eyes. The world around her gradually faded away as she enjoyed the sensations of the giantess's feet. She'd never paid much attention to any feet other than her own in her normal life, so it seemed strange to her that she was so… driven to be with these. It just felt right being here. Tiny, and subjected to someone else's desires like this.

"Don't get lazy on me now."

The voice was rumbling, and echoed through the entire bed. Penny opened one eye in surprise, only to feel the wall she was casually pressing into push her entire body backwards. She gasped in surprise, stumbling over herself and losing her balance. Before she could fall onto her back the next toe over slid back towards her, catching her where she stood.

She breathed a sigh of relief, ready to thank her giant captor… when the toes kept moving. She cried out in surprise when, at the last possible moment, she realized that the toes weren't moving to save her from falling. They were just pushing together to squish her tiny body between them.


Evelyn didn't hear. Or she did… and just didn't care to listen. Penny couldn't be sure, but it ultimately didn't matter. She was squished between two enormous toes so tightly she felt as if her entire body would pop between the plush surfaces. Her arms were tightly pinned to her sides as the once-comforting grip turned harsh, and unyielding. Panic overtook the tiny woman as she fought to free herself from the ever-tightening grip the giantess so casually inflicted upon her.

It wasn't working. Penny was just too small. Too weak. Too insignificant next to the colossal woman toying with her to do anything about it. She wriggled, fought, and kicked as best she could to no avail. In a final bit of desperation she screamed for mercy… only to have her mouth stuffed.

The toes moved over her face, keeping her pinned in place. The panic that had overtaken her multiplied a hundred times over in the blink of an eye as she lost the ability to breathe freely. Not for not trying, as she shook her head wildly to try and find some pocket of air between the toes that held onto her. What little she did manage to take into her body was filtered between the toes, reminding her of where she was. Who she belonged to. How insignificant she was.

"Should I give you another chance, Penny?"

The tiny woman tried to say yes. She redoubled her efforts, desperate to be seen and heard. She clawed her hands up the sides of the toes, ready to proclaim her willingness to be an obedient servant. Ready to announce that she was ready to do whatever was asked of her by her giant abductor. She tried to let her true feelings be known…

But she failed.

The toes around her were too big. Too thick, and too heavy. Over and over Penny was reminded of her place in Evelyn's world, and she was too self-centered to realize it. Her wants and needs would always be secondary to Evelyn's. That would always be the way things were, and she was a fool to try and make things better for herself without accepting that.

"Hmm… no."

Penny's heart was broken. She tried to scream in protest again, wanting the giant woman to know that she would do better next time. That she would do whatever it took to please her… but not a single sound was made. Her voice was lost in an instant as the toes sealed her into a tomb of warm, heady flesh. Her every movement was slowed, as if she were pinned under dozens of mattresses at the same time. What little air had been sealed between the big toes with her was quickly drained, and the tiny woman's grew faint.

She fought to remain conscious as best she could. She managed to last what was, for a woman of her size, an astounding length of time. Nearly two full minutes trapped in a pillowy hell of warm, sweaty skin. All before consciousness was finally taken from her.

"Such a disappointment."

Penny wasn't normally one to dream. Her nights were often restless endeavors as she was consumed by a combination of anxiety and annoyance over her life to truly get a good night's rest.

But now… now Penny dreamed.

She dreamed that she was with Evelyn again. That she wasn't the tiny little insect she'd been reduced to. That she was wearing a French maid's outfit, a collar tightly clasped around her neck. A reminder that even if they were of the same size, Penny was not truly Evelyn's equal. She carried a small silver platter with a kettle and a teacup on it, bringing it to the older woman as she relaxed on a balcony overlooking a gorgeous villa.

"Your tea." She would say, placing the platter gently next to the woman who owned her so as to make as little offensive noise as possible. Afterwards she would keep her head bowed, waiting for more instructions. Evelyn would casually look away from the gorgeous scenery that kept her enraptured, and look upon the beautiful, submissive young woman standing before her.

"Pour it for me."

Penny would nod, and do exactly that. The hot liquid would fill the small ceramic cup to the brim before she gently tapered it off, and set it back onto the platter. She would then hand the cup on a small dish to the older woman, before assuming the position once again. Standing, keeping her head down, and awaiting further orders.

"Do as you're expected." Evelyn would say, hardly paying the young woman any mind as she sipped from the cup.

Her servant would understand what those words meant. Penny would silently drop to her knees next to Evelyn's legs, and carefully hold one ankle. She'd pick up the older woman's foot, still encased in heels, and work the footwear off as gently as she could. Once removed, her face would be greeted with a blast of warm sweaty air as the stuffy footwear was removed, exposing her toes to the cooler air. She would feel her heart flutter as that familiar scent greeted her, and quickly do the same to the other shoe before bringing her face up to both soles.

This was what she looked forward to most every day. Penny would breathe in. Deeply, lovingly. Taking in the feet surrounding her. It would be degrading in some manner, but deeply rewarding in others. Her owner would hardly pay her any mind, the same way she did when she had been tiny. This is what their life together was, now. She accepted this, and she loved it. And she didn't regret it one bit.

Suddenly, the world snapped back into reality.

Penny gasped loudly, filling her lungs with air as she looked around. She sat up, taking in the world around her as she tried to get a handle on what had changed. Gone was the ethereal dreamscape where she and the older woman were of equal size, leaving her tiny once again. The stale scent of sweat that she had so gleefully imbibed was gone, replaced with the fragrant lotions that had been undoubtedly rubbed into the giant woman's palms. She stood, feeling her feet sink into the warm palm as she looked up at the huge face smiling down at her.

"Such a pity." Evelyn would say, waiting for the tiny woman to recover from what she'd just been through. "I'd have loved to keep you around… but it seems as if rebellion runs too deeply through you. I'm sorry little one, but I'm going to have to terminate you."

"W-What?!" Penny cried out, feeling her heart sink into her stomach. "But, I-"

She tried to find the words. Tried to explain to the giant woman that she was… kind of okay with this now. That she had never really enjoyed her old life, and acting out was the only time she had ever felt like she had control at all! She didn't want to go back to it! She wanted to stay here, with Evelyn! It was… it was strange, sure, but she couldn't help how she felt!

All she managed to get out was a quiet yelp.

"Don't worry." Evelyn whispered, running a finger down the tiny brunette's short hair. "You won't have to worry about returning to normal, or explaining to anyone where you've been, or anything like that."

Penny looked up at the giant woman smiling warmly down at her. She wanted to ask why, but she was too heartbroken over the news she'd just received to think about it.

"Now come along." Evelyn said.

Then her lips parted.

Two huge rows of sparkling white teeth instantly made themselves visible to the tiny woman. Penny gasped in surprise as a hot rush of warm air flowed over her, pushing her onto her back. She thought that maybe the giant woman would be leaning over for a kiss. A way to say goodbye to her tiny charge. It wasn't what she wanted most, but… it was better than nothing.

Penny jumped back to her feet, leaning forwards as the huge lips came closer. Her tiny body was again buffeted by huge, hot winds that threatened to blow her over. She pursed her own tiny legs, and welcomed the rapidly approaching pair of enormous lips that were headed straight for her. Just behind those teeth she caught a glimpse of a huge, glistening tongue. Her heart leapt in her chest as she considered the sight of it, before steeling her nerves.

The tiny woman's lips pressed into the huge lips coming straight for her.

But Evelyn didn't stop. Her lips passed over Penny's head, then closed around it. The tiny woman gasped in surprise at the suddenness of it, but let it happen. At least until she felt the lips seal airtight around her face, and begin to drag her away. Her tiny feet slid across the soft ground as she was pulled with the lips, and after a second the head tilted back, picking up the tiny woman from the soft palm.

A soft moan rumbled through the inside of Evelyn's mouth as she felt the tiny woman come to life with the realization of what was happening to her. Terror gripped her totally as images of the belly she'd walked down minutes earlier flashed through her mind again. The generous curves the older woman carried so casually could now have an extra tiny layer added onto them. One made from a young woman who'd mouthed off to Evelyn. The ultimate revenge.

Penny tried one last time to break free. She pulled against the lips with all of her strength, but was near-instantly overpowered as they sucked her in harder. She clung to the hard teeth, trying to use the unyielding surface to prevent moving any further. Her puny muscles were again overpowered instantly, and she dropped onto the hot, wet tongue. She tried moving backwards as best she could, avoiding what seemed inevitable, but gravity quickly grabbed dragging her down as the giantess's entire head tilted back.

"I'M SORRY! DON'T DO THIS!" Penny screamed so loudly her throat began to hurt right after. Opening her mouth proved to be its own mistake as the warm rivers of saliva coating her body slid down her own throat threatening to drown her in the process. Her tiny hands and feet fought against the entrance to the giant woman's throat… but it was a useless endeavor.

With a loud, satisfying GLUCK, Penny was bested. Her tiny body gripped tightly by a throat that held onto her like a vice, carrying her down to her ultimate demise. She'd been devoured. This was the end of the line for her. No one would ever again see her after this. Would… would anyone even notice?

It was a quiet bit of mercy that she quickly lost consciousness in the hot, moist hell that was Evelyn's throat. There would be no dreams this time. Only the quiet, warm embrace that would carry Penny off into the great beyond. She just wanted the opportunity to make it up to her giant captor! Anything!

With a sudden, heart-stopping shock Penny's eyes shot open. She panted, looking around where she was this time. What fresh hell had she awoken into?! Her eyes could scarcely believe it! She was… she was…

She was in bed.

Sitting up, Penny felt a lump in her throat. She was… back home, it seemed. Sitting in bed. She looked to her clock, only to find that it was not working. She remembered so visibly what it was like to be inside of that throat… and swore she could still smell the scent of that warm saliva all over her body. Only now she was… back in bed, it seemed. In the middle of yet another power outage as the sun outside had not yet risen. Had she just… imagined all of that? It had been so… vivid.

And now it was gone.

Somehow that made it all worse. It seemed strange to think of servitude to a beautiful mature woman as a better life than striking it out on her own… but she had been so comforted by the giantess's presence she just couldn't help herself. It had felt so real, and she was ready to enjoy her new existence as a tiny plaything. Having hope for something better only to have it cruelly ripped away was worse than having never had hope at all.

Tears welled up in the corners of her eyes as she thought about what her life would be like, now. Just… go back to work? Get ready? She didn't even know what time it was!

Suddenly the entire bedroom rumbled. What little light was visible outside vanished far too quickly to be a cloud. Running towards the window, Penny looked out to see what was going on, and if she should brace herself for a potential earthquake.

As she stared out the window the darkness gradually cleared away… revealing a huge eye. Pretty and sparkling amber, Penny felt her heart skip a beat at the sight of it.

"You're finally awake!" The giantess outside boomed, shaking the entire room with her mere presence. "I hope you don't mind. I thought it would be more convenient to just bring your entire home along if you're going to be moving in with me."

Penny's heart fluttered, and she fainted, a smile etched on her face.
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