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Bill sat fidgeting in the reception of the CEO of Change Inc’s office more nervous than he had ever been for anything. After having successfully attained his GED, he had spent most of his adult life working in mostly fast food jobs to support himself. It was no small thing that he sat in the headquarters of one of the biggest philanthropic research companies in the world.

Spending his childhood moving from foster home to foster home, he never really settled in one place for too long. Proudly, however, he now rented his own apartment and worked hard for his living. Bill could safely and confidently say in the interview that he was an extremely motivated and hardworking individual, for it was true.

At around five foot tall and slender, Bill had never been considered a big guy, if anything he was quite small. He smiled at the girl who had let him into the building as she sat at her desk, paying him very little attention now that he was where he needed to be. He had remarked that she was around his height, which really did make him feel small. However, it was well known that Change Inc prided itself on its primarily female workforce so he figured he’d dwarf some of his future colleagues if he got the job. With dirty blonde hair, cream-white skin and a fairly clear complexion, he considered himself a decent looking guy. Maybe he’d get to talk to the girl opposite him more if he got the job, after all they’d both be admins then. He had read her badge and got her name: Melanie.

Trying not to let his mind get distracted from the end goal, he considered his potential future at this company as he waited to be let into the CEO’s office for his interview. The fact he was being interviewed by the CEO only added to his nerves. His studio apartment currently was tiny and in a horrible area, but one of the benefits of working at Change Inc was that they actually required you to live on their campus whilst at entry level, which he welcomed gladly! He couldn’t wait to potentially be part of such a thriving and successful community.

Suddenly, the door began to open and a woman who must’ve been at least fifty peered around from it. She wasn’t necessarily ugly but her face was littered with signs of age; crows feet sprung out from the ends of each eye and permanent indentations marked her forehead where a lifetime of frowning staked its claim in the physical history of this woman. “William is it?” she asked.

Stuttering, Bill responded, “err… yes ma’am but you’re welcome to call me Bill”, as he stood up from his chair.

“Alright, if you’d like to follow me in then we can start your interview!” the woman replied, leaving the door open for him as she headed back to her desk. Bill followed her in, smiling at the girl again as he passed her desk more closely but still received nothing in return. He shut the door behind him and turned to peer into the room.

He caught a sight of the back end of the woman as she reached her desk. She was huge! She must have been close to seven foot tall with her heels on and an ass still half as wide! Her obese mass seemed to mostly congregate in her lower half as her elephantine ass swayed as she walked, her legs equally thick. In spite of her size, she confidently donned a loose skirt and a tight, white blouse that contained her colossal breasts only barely.

Bill stood awkwardly in front of her desk with his binder full of references, experience and other things he might need close to his chest, awaiting instruction. A smile painted her pale, mole-laden face as she gestured for him to sit on the chair in front of her desk. He sat down quickly and waited, trying his best not to watch as the massive woman struggled to squeeze her mammoth ass into her already oversized office chair.

Her chair produced a strange sounding wheeze as it took all her weight onto it as she shuffled, finally settling with her fat seemingly pouring past the armrests. Now able to look at the woman without feeling uncomfortable, he gawked at the sheer scale of her flabby breasts resting on her desk as she leaned forward. Forcing himself to maintain eye contact, he couldn’t help but notice the deep, fleshy wrinkles which nestled themselves between her huge breasts in his peripheral vision.

She finally spoke, “Thanks for coming, Billy. My name is Valerie and I’m the CEO here at Change Inc. You can call me Val”.

Responding, Bill said, “Thank you for considering my application! It’s an honour to have been even considered at such a prestigious company. And, please, feel free to call me Bill”.

“Thanks, Billy”, Val replied and extended her hand out to take the binder he still kept close to him.

He passed her the binder and tried to provide some commentary as she began flicking through, “I don’t have too much relative experience but I have shining references and have worked extremely hard in every job I’ve ever had. I can guarantee you that I would afford this company an even higher level of dedication. I’ve never wanted something more”.

“Well we’re always open to new perspectives here at Change Inc, it’s how we stay progressive”, Val explained as she looked up to smile at him. “So are you able to stay on the campus at all times if required?” she asked.

Bill responded quickly, “Yes, I can stay as long as required, this would be my top priority”.

Val scribbled something down on a notepad as he spoke, not looking up as she asked her next question, “and do you have many family nearby?”.

“Actually, I was fostered as a child and moved a lot from place to place so I don’t really have a family at all”, Bill explained, not quite sure the relevance of such a question.

Val continued writing into the notepad, seemingly putting a tick in it. She continued “Well I’m sorry to hear that, you seem to have grown into a fine young man. So be proud of yourself”. She leaned forward further onto the desk and clasped her hands together comfortably, her breasts smeared themselves generously across the available space on her desk. “Let me tell you a little bit about what we’re doing here at Change Inc. We have developed a new drug that we’re extremely excited about, we expect it to have applications across many aspects of our lives such as climate, war, famine, women’s rights and much more.”

Bill was taken aback, “Wow, this sounds like a miracle drug. I truly would love nothing more than to be involved in such groundbreaking moments in our world’s history”.

Val laughed at his enthusiasm, “well we’d be happy to have you onboard”, she said simply.

Bill laughed also and thanked her before realising what she had actually just said. “Onboard? Like I got the job?!” he asked, clarifying. She nodded in response. “Thank you so much! This is such fantastic news!” Bill exclaimed, overwhelmed by the happiness he felt. Barely able to contain his excitement, as the waves of energy inside of him rippled into his legs, he stood and extended his hand out to shake Val’s.

She smiled at him, opting to slide a few forms across the table instead. She explained, “These are just forms we need you to sign so we can get started. It’s the usual stuff: medical release, non-disclosure, corrective action policies, et cetera”. Bill picked the forms up and looked at the thickness of the bunch of papers, was he meant to read these entirely right now?

The door to Val’s office opened and Melanie entered, carefully carrying a tray towards Bill and Val. He watched as she easily balanced the teapots and cups on the tray as she walked, certainly a seasoned pro in doing so. He wondered how many times she had done this. Valerie thanked her as she placed the tray down on the desk and began to unload a couple of cups.

Bill smiled at Melanie as she leaned over him and poured his tea into his cup, the smell of her perfume filled his nostrils. Her blonde hair fell down in front of her as she continued to pour and brushed against his face lightly. Finishing pouring, she stood back up and moved around to do the same for Val. She picked a separate teapot up from the tray for Val’s drink and filled her cup to the brim with the contents of it. Valerie thanked her while she loaded the teapots back onto the tray and headed towards the door, leaving as quietly as she had entered.

Bill, not wanting to seem hesitant, reached for a pen on Val’s desk and scribbled his signature on the bottom of the first page quickly. He smiled at Valerie for approval and she smiled back at him. Feeling more confident about the security of his position, he skimmed the remaining forms and hastily signed the bottom of each. Finished, he slid the forms back across the desk to Valerie and she slipped them into her drawer before turning a key to lock it. She placed the key in her blouse pocket for safe keeping.

“Welcome to Change Inc!” Valerie said, raising her cup of tea in honour of her newest recruit. Abruptly, Val’s phone began to vibrate violently on her desk. She peered over to see who it was and scoffed. “One moment please, Billy” she said as she placed her hands onto the arm rests either side of her and began straining to pull her wide hips out from the tight grip her chair had. Val and the chair groaned in unison as she struggled to get her mass up before she finally was able to free herself. Panting, she composed herself, straightened out her skirt and headed towards the door with the vibrating phone in hand.

Bill, now alone in the silent office, sipped some of the tea when he heard Val’s chair wheeze again as if she were sitting into it again. Confused at how it could make any noise without her around, he furrowed his brow and stood up to look. As he raised his body higher, the chair was slowly unveiled to show just how much darker the area where her ass had been, dripping in her sweat. He heard what sounded like a person groaning, so he leaned over her desk and peered at the entirety of her chair.

To Bill’s horror, laying along the asscrack of Val’s titanic assprint was a squirming man, face up with his arms bound at his sides and his legs together. He couldn’t have been more than a foot and a half tall! He squirmed weakly, trying as best as he could to escape the tight bindings. Noticing that Bill was looking directly at him, he wheezed in an attempt to speak. Bill stood, frozen, as the shrunken man tried to get his words out.

The man was completely naked aside from the abrasive rope that kept him bound, trapped in the centre of her chair. His skin was red from the pressure of having such an enormous woman sit on him for so long and his body seemed slightly malformed, although with more time passing it seemed like he was slowly regaining his usual build. He was soaked head to toe in what Bill assumed was a combination of both their sweat, the majority probably coming from Val’s titanic ass, causing his hair to mat down tightly to his scalp.

“T... “ he managed. Bill leaned a bit more over Val’s desk to listen but went no further, fearing that she may enter at any moment. “Te…” he continued before gasping one huge breath in, his organs clearly compressed from having been under Val’s ass this entire time. What sort of twisted woman was she? And how was this man shrunken? Finally, the man was able to speak a single word, “Tea…”. He coughed and sputtered after, worn from the strain of even just saying that.

Tea? Bill wondered what it meant. He wasn’t too sure about this job now, he couldn’t be involved if torturing people was part of it. Or was it just Val? Was she some kind of sadist? Thinking of what to do now, he pondered what the bruised and battered man meant. Looking across the desk, he spotted the tea he had just had a drink of and then thought back to how Melanie had used two separate teapots when serving their drinks. The door handle clicked, causing Bill to turn slowly; terrified. It slowly swung open.

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