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Author's Chapter Notes:

Originally planned to wait a bit before redoing the story but I don't want people to think I won't come back to it so I just decided to start redoing it now. 

Many would say that Princess May really was an angel sent from above. Each and every morning, the palace staff and guards would gleefully wait for her to awake so that they could greet her, and despite this day being particularly important it was no exception.  "Good Morning Everybody!". As she left her room it was as if the palace itself came to life, her radiant smile lit up the usually dreary hallways and as she walked she politely greeted everyone she came across which was usually the highlight of their days. 


Not only that, but her kindness was matched only by her beauty and as she walked by many of the younger guards found that they couldn't take their eyes off her. Unfortunately for one such guard though, he was quickly and painfully snapped out of his May induced trance. "Oh my, I'm ever so sorry! I didn't see you down there". May was actually one of two twin princesses, but unlike May her sister Evelyn was known to be the literal biggest klutz in the country, and that was because both of them were giantesses. 


"Sister! You must be more careful". Everyone in the palace had assumed that Evelyn was simply a very clumsy girl, and that was why without fail she always managed to step on someone each morning. "Really truly sorry everyone", Evelyn would pretend this was in fact the case herself but in reality she just deeply enjoyed doing so. "Honestly sister, whatever will we do with you?". Despite being twins, May and Evelyn were treated in completely different ways, with everyone seeing May as the very embodiment of perfection whereas everyone would simply try to stay out of Evelyn's way in order to avoid getting crushed.  She would never admit it but Evelyn actually deeply envied her sister and how easy it was for her to get people to admire her.


"Well I hope you're excited, we've both been preparing for this for so long". This was another reason why Evelyn couldn't stand her sister, always so excited over every single thing. "We finally get to go introduce ourselves to the people of the kingdom". Usually their mother was the one who went around the kingdom visiting different towns and villages as the actual ruler of the country, however she was currently visiting another nation which left Evelyn and May to handle her usual jobs. "Yeah, sounds amazing". 


Evelyn really couldn't care less about visiting some randoms in their villages, however she was still somewhat agitated when she found out just where she was being sent. "I'm going to be visiting the people in the royal capital, and you get to visit the peasant village of shethole! Doesn't that sound fun?" Originally Evelyn wanted to execute whoever decided to send her to some village out in the boonies, but she later realised that this was the opportunity of a lifetime. If she was out in some peasant village with nobody watching her, then it meant that she could do whatever she wanted to. 

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