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Author's Chapter Notes:

I was recently doing a story called the royal pet but I'm what one might call a total dumbass and managed to delete it. I will definitely redo it but I right now I just really don't want to because the pain is painful. With that being the case I decided to do a different story for now, mainly because I find there is always less gentle or motherly giantess stories here and I always find them really nice so wanted to give one of my own a go so hope you all enjoy. 

Like most young children, Kate loved to play all sorts of games, but her favourite game of all was hide and seek. She would find all sorts of creative hiding places but no matter what she came up with it was never long before she was caught. "Found you!". Despite the little girls belief that her new hiding spot was in fact the greatest hiding spot ever, she was once again found in seconds. "But Katy how?!?!?".


Katy and Kate were like any other mother and daughter, just with one small difference. Whereas Katy was a towering giantess, her daughter Kate was what's known as a tiny. From Katy's perspective, Kate was only around an inch tall yet despite the enourmous size difference Katy still saw the 7 year old as her own child. It wasn't as if she wasn't old enough to be the girl's actual mother since she was currently 37 years old, she was just never able to have a child of her own despite how badly she wanted to have one. But that was why when she... found Kate, she decided she would raise the little one herself. 


"Well sadly dear, an empty plant pot doesn't provide that much cover". Katy had recently begun growing a variety of plants in her ginormous garden. She had taken up gardening around the same time she found Kate around 3 years prior and had grown enough crops to feed herself and her child. On top of serving as the primary source of their food, the impressive garden was also Kate's preferred area to play in due to the many plants to climb and different places to hide. 


"OH YEAH!!! Well next time I'll weally weally find the GWEATEST hiding spot ever!". No matter how many times she was caught, the little girl would always boldly declare that her next spot would be the greatest hiding spot of all. Katy found the girl's determination adorable. She found everything about her daughter adorable because she was her little girl, her sweet little Kate and she loved her with all her heart. "But Katy, willl my Mommy play with us next time as well? Cause I--I weally miss her"


There it was. "I... of course sweetheart, I'm sure she'll be here soon". Everytime Katy told that lie the guilt she felt was unimaginable. She knew that the poor child's mother was never going to come back. That was because she was the one who ate her. No matter how badly she wanted to force the girl to see her as her actual mother she couldnt do it. It had been a whole year already and the girl still only called her Katy. Many times she had contemplated telling Kate the truth, that she would never see her biological mother again and that was because she had digested the unfortunate woman. She just couldn't bring herself to reveal the truth, not just for her own sake but also for her child's. 


"Now cheer up, after all it's a very special day today". Kate's face once again returned to a smile upon hearing that. The two had a lot in common even past their similar names. "ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!". The young girl begun to celebrate upon remembering what day it was. "Your birthday?". The two looked so similar that a person could easily imagine them being biologically related if not for the sizes but there was an additional similarity as well. "OH YEAH! ITS OUR BIRTHDAY!!!" 

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