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Story Notes:

Okay, so things are going to get weird here, this is not the normal fare.
Be aware there is not an "Oviposition" tag to my knowledge, and it very much applies here. It gets squishy, uncomfortable, and very weird herein.
Please enjoy, and as always, thank you for reading.



The alien crossed over the room, sat next to the table, and produced a tool in one of her many hands. Peter couldn't help but focus on the tool as it very much looked like a scalpel, glinting in the light. Although Peter couldn’t focus on much. His eyes were quickly adapting to the light overhead, the darkness of the rest of the room, and being conscious in general, but it wasn’t an immediate process.

He had expected little green men, or at the very least gray. These were nothing like what he expected. Although he couldn't see the other alien in the room clearly, the one that had seated right next to the table on which he was paralyzed was very well lit by the light above the table. Peter was a little shocked to see how humanoid she looked. Though she would never be mistaken for human, of black and white picture of her face might. She had a head, like a human, complete with nose and eyes, hair, a mouth, lips, everything in the human place. Most of the rest of her physique was similarly human; a rather large chest, narrowing waist, widening hips, thighs knees and legs.

Her eyes, however, were a deep black void, no pupil or sclera to mention. Her hair, shaven on one side of her head, was white, like fine shimmering sand. And her skin was the deep blue of some exotic butterfly's wings.

Further separating her from humanity were her four arms; each pair matching, and of similar size, just two pairs. Each arm ended in a hand that had seven total digits, five fingers and two thumbs opposite each other.

The last, and most telling, of her alien features was her size. Even laying on the table, unable to move as he was, Peter could tell that she was larger than anyone he'd ever met. Larger than anyone he'd ever heard of.

The difference in size between Peter and the colossal woman sitting over him became even more apparent as she grabbed his wrist and elevated it with one hand bringing the blade in the other hand toward it. Her fingers wrapped around his entire wrist more than completely, and his hand tiny when held in hers.

"Associate, please come observe." The alien woman cutting his clothing away requested in English. "These receptacles have drifted from the original seed design considerably. The asymmetry of the lower phalanges has been adopted into the manual appendages. What do you suggest caused such persistent deviation?"

Peter was astonished to hear English, even if it was stilted. The alien holding his wrist was joined by what she identified as her associate, a similar looking alien; blue skin, black eyes, although slightly shorter, with shorter hair that had a light blue tint to it.

"The evaluations for their internals has shown compatibility, so I would not concern yourself overly with the minutiae of their biology." Said the second alien. "Although it appears your receptacle has awakened. Perhaps you should introduce yourself." The second alien wasted no more time, and returned to her duties across the room.

“Hello, friend, welcome to our harvest ship.” The first alien said. As she spoke her hands worked deftly. Each hand worked in conjunction with each other to lift Peter’s limbs, slide the blade under the fabric and pull it gently through the sleeves, pant legs, and broadcloth. Each stroke of her blade seemed to be completely unimpeded, almost as though his clothes, flannel and canvas and denim, didn’t actually exist.

As much as panic was coursing through his body, Peter was equally alarmed to find that his attempts to move away from the cutting implement yielded no results. He wanted to pull away, to leap off the table, to run away, but none of his limbs would respond.

“What are you doing?” He asked, shocked that he could speak.

The alien working on his clothing paused for a moment. For the duration of her pause, it seemed like she was contemplating a response, or maybe contemplating the exact nature of his question.

“I am preparing you for the reproduction, new friend.” She said. “These superfluous, fibrous layers of clothing will not be necessary, and in fact, may impede the process. “The neurosuppressives appear to be functioning appropriately. I am happy to be conversing with you, I have not had much of the practice with your language group.”

“Stop. I don’t get it. What do you mean ‘reproduction’?” Peter was still coming to terms with his surroundings, and the alien hands gripping his joints, sliding a scalpel through his clothing, and pulling away scraps as they were severed from the whole cloth.

“Ah, you see, I am an adjunct officer in the reproduction corps. This is my first deployment to an exo-planet.” The alien said with almost child-like enthusiasm.

“What ‘exo-planet’? What ‘corps’? Who are you? Where am I?” Peter asked in rapid fire.

From somewhere in the room, another voice piped up, Peter remembered it as the shorter alien from earlier.

“That receptacle is likely unfamiliar with other sapient species, if you’re insistent on keeping it conscious, you should probably give the corps introductory overview.”

“Oh, yes, of course! Thank you, associate!” The alien looming over him said, never stopping her work. At this stage, Peter found himself almost completely naked, with only patches of his boxes, and his undershirt remaining.

“I think the most appropriate place to begin is to inform you that our species has a particular challenge in reproducing. Our species is monotrisexual. That means we are born functionally genderless, as my associate and I are now, however, with the proper hormonal introduction, we adopt one of the three relevant sexes necessary for reproduction.”

Peter simply stared. Taking his confused silence as understanding she continued.

“The primary issue with our reproduction…” She outlined, slicing through the final sheet of cloth on his undershirt and slipping it out from under him. “Is the initial gestation period after impregnation and fertilization. The initial gestation period for the eggs is a full cycle, uh, I believe roughly nine of your own solar cycles, the years, I think is the appropriate term, during which the host is rendered largely incapacitated.”

The last slip of his boxes came away with no resistance leaving Peter totally naked on the table. The alien didn’t seem to want to spare any time as she continued speaking, producing from somewhere under the table a small, to her, two pronged device. She inserted the prongs into her nostrils and drew a deep breath in through her nose. Her eyes closed as she drew the breath in, but as soon as she had inhaled, she exhaled and continued, removing the device.

“In order to solve this problem, we began seeding a number of exo-planets, orbiting a series of desirable nearby stars, with appropriately receptive genetic material.” She said, tossing the nasal device away.

Peter, almost instinctively tried to follow the path of the discarded nasal object, but his eyes were immediately pulled back to the massive alien sitting next to the table. Her hands, her upper hands, seized his head. She moved his head about to get a better view into his pupils, her fingers deftly holding his eyes open for inspection.

“Fortunately, your species has taken remarkably well to the process, and has even developed along astonishingly similar evolutionary paths, resulting in a distinctly familiar phenotype to …” She paused. Looking directly into Peter’s eyes, it appeared she comprehended his lack of comprehension. “Um, we grew you to meet our needs, and you turned out like us.”

As evidence she held up Peter’s hand and pressed his palm into one of her own. Peter was given a clear picture of just how different she was, and how similar. Despite her blue skin, her fingers and thumbs were recognizable, there were just more of them, and much, much larger. Peter’s fingers barely cleared her palm, and her hand, holding his by the wrist, easily encircled his wrist completely.

“So now…” Her sentence was cut off by a moan, a loud and overt expression that shook the room. The alien’s hand closed around his reflexively, as her eyes clenched.

“What?” Peter asked, the panic returning to him. “What’s going on? Hey, you over there! Help!”

“Be calm. Her body is adapting to the first stage hormonal treatment she took. It will pass momentarily.” Came the response from elsewhere in the room.

“Yes…” Said the alien, now hunched over him, with some effort. Still holding his hand in hers, she propped herself up on her other arms around Peter on the table. “I am… oh… I am fine. It is actually a very pleasurable sensation. I was just not prepared for it.”

True to the second alien’s estimation, the fit passed quickly. She stood back up, going from an imposing presence to a looming one.

"In order to prepare you for reproduction, you have been administered a number of treatments to improve the elasticity of your musculoskeletal and dermatological systems, which should prevent unnecessary physical trauma. Oh, I must get prepared."

She manipulated some kind of clasp at her waist and began to peel the pants she wore down over her hips. Peter couldn't make out what the pants were made of, but they slid off her form like spandex. Standing next to the table, it was impossible not to stare at her blue skin, and white pubic hair was revealed from under the grey material.

As the hem of the pants cleared her hips entirely, Peter could make out what looked like a relatively familiar vagina, albeit larger, purplish, and already wet.

The pants were kicked off without much other fuss, and to Peter's shock, the alien's lower hands moved to her crotch, one hand spreading her labia, and the other immediately plunging a few fingers deep into her sex, hooking under the glistening bush with fervor.

"It will be… nggghh… just a moment…"

True to her word, only a few moments later, as her hand worked deep into her pussy, Peter was mortified to see the effected change; from inside her, as though pulled out by her own fingers, erupted a large, fleshy rod, the length and thickness of Peter's own forearm, maybe more. The suddenly apparent appendage dripped with a sheen of bluish, slightly luminescent goo.

Peter was too shocked to say anything as the alien marveled at her own transformation.

"Associate! Associate! The hormonal supplement functioned without error!" She exclaimed.

"This is a very well established process, your physiology was already cleared in multiple testing iterations; it would be alarming and surprising if it did not function as intended." Clearly the second alien was the more experienced, and what was novel to the alien near him was mundane to the other.

The nearby alien moved to the foot of the table, still marveling at the growth stiffening between her legs.

"Wait!" Peter protested as the alien woman seized his ankles with her lower arms and dragged his limp body closer to her by his waist with her upper hand, closer to that purple appendage rising between her thighs, lifting his ankles and spreading his legs.

"No! Please, don't shove that cock in me!" Peter screamed, his body still not responding as the alien woman handed his ankles from her lower arms to her upper, while her lower arms set about guiding that monstrous appendage between her legs to his anus.

The alien woman paused, her black eyes blinking in confusion. She turned to her compatriot and began an exchange in their language. Although Peter didn't speak it, he heard the alien holding his ankles aloft, with her lower hands still spreading his ass cheeks say the word 'cock'.

The exchange was brief, and she turned back to Peter.

"Oh, I am the sorry, friend. I will not be inserting a penis into you." She said, sounding genuine.

Peter sighed and felt the little tension he could maintain in his body fade; relief like a wave washing over him.

"This is an ovipositor." The alien stated.

Before Peter could react, the giant, four armed, seven-fingered, blue skinned, white haired, black eyed alien leaned in, rolling her hips into the thrust and buried the entire length of her ovipositor into Peter, resulting in a clap of skin on skin so loud, Peter couldn't be sure it hadn't been thunder.

Peter wanted to fight, to struggle, or at the very least to scream, but the targeted neuro-suppresives his abductors had referred to earlier prevented him from moving and the egg-depositing organ shoved eighteen inches into him compressed, among other things, his lungs, preventing anything more than a socked sigh.

"Wonderful news, friend! The ovipositor has been inserted. And even more cause for celebration is in order; it appears the tissue treatments for your own body was similarly successful, as it does not appear that I have ruptured any of your internal organs."

She removed her hands from Peter's cheeks, and wrapped them, almost entirely, around Peter's waist. Her upper arms maintained their grip on his spread ankles.

"It is my desire that you remain conscious throughout the mating process, friend, and to that end I must recommend you adhere to a respiration cycle in time with the positioning of my ovipositor."

Peter's eyes, locked wide in shock at the sensation of a rod of alien flesh, too hot, too long, and very much animated in his bowels, tried to plead for release, since his mouth gaped wordlessly.

"Please hold the on, friend, as we will begin the exciting portion of mating!" The alien stated, slowly pulling her hips away, the ovipositor, far too thick and long for Peter's body, eased out of the space that his lungs had occupied. Peter gasped in air as the ovipositor retreated. Her hands seemed to be the only thing preventing Peter's body from being dragged back by the ovipositor sliding out of him. As it went Peter was keenly aware of a new sensation; the ovipositor rubbing against his prostate.

"Very good job, friend. But I should warn you that as the mating continues, I will be more and more assertive as my body increases lubrication production. Please be the prepared for that eventuality." Her voice trembled as she spoke, like an adrenaline junkie in the front car of a roller coaster, looking down over the drop.

"You've gotta stop, please!" Peter pleaded. "This isn't right!" He wanted no part of this, and was horrified to feel his cock swelling.

"Oh, friend, we have explained to you numerous times how the seeding and genetic sculpting plan have come to fruition in your species." She said before ramming her hips forward again, forcing the air out of Peter's lungs. "You have been raised since before your species could speak to be our incubatory vats. Now please, friend, cease your jest and focus on breathing."

The alien woman's thrusting, though slow initially, resumed without pause. She would pull out of Peter's rectum slowly enough to prevent prolapse, but as soon as Peter could get a breath in his lungs, she would slam forward. Every time she rammed into Peter's thighs and buttocks, the shock reverberated through his whole body. Hers as well, as her chest bounced with each thrust. She'd pull out again, this time a bit faster, and again slam into him. Every thrust seemed to slide easier into him, and then back out of him, allowing her to pick up speed each time.

Peter couldn't imagine more humiliation, but the look in her eyes, the grin spreading across her face into a toothy smile, and her subtle grunts made the feeling of a fleshy baseball bat pushing his organs into his rib cage over and over again somehow worse. He almost didn't care that his cock was harder than it had ever been.

He could feel a hot, thick slime flowing out from him as she pulled, and splattering around as she drove back in. Every time she thrusted into him, Peter could feel more and more of the alien goo pumping into him and then squelching out of him. Each time her hips connected with him, the stuff would splash up and coat his testicles, his penis, his buttocks, his legs, his abdomen, and even splashing some of the bright blue muck onto his face.

The alien woman also seemed to take notice, she thrust into Peter then paused. Her hands deftly passed both of Peter's ankles into one doubled thumbed grip so the newly unoccupied hand could drag a finger over her own abdomen, collecting a layer of the bright luminescent blue goo before licking it clean with a hideously long, ribbed, prehensile tongue. She squealed and shook with delight, involuntarily twisting Peter on her ovipositor.

"Friend! Friend, you must taste this! It is so delicious, and indicates the clutch of eggs that I will deposit will be both numerous and large! This is better than even projected, friend!"

Peter shook his head, unable to voice an objection with the alien egg laying organ still deep inside him, but it didn't matter as she reached back down, this time five of her long digits collected a horrifying amount of the goo and quickly found their way into Peter's agape mouth.

Peter gagged, but none of the muscles in his abdomen could affect any expulsion of the alien's juices. Worse still, after the initial disgust of her fingers, coated in the stuff, forcing themselves into Peter's mouth and down his throat in one swift motion, Peter came to a horrifying epiphany; it was delicious. Sweet and salty like a dessert, thick and smooth like syrup, hot and stimulating like coffee. Peter tried to look away from the alien woman as her fingers probed deeper into his throat, spreading her own fluids on every fleshy wall she could reach, but her strength was overpowering, and with her fingers deep inside him, there was no averting his gaze as his eyes began to water.

Without removing her fingers from his throat, both his ankles still in one hand, she resumed pumping into Peter, with renewed enthusiasm and vigor. Her hand in Peter's throat became just another point of leverage as she slammed into him again and again. The alien woman's skin glistened with sweat, and her subtle noises became heavy breathing and emphatic grunts. There was no more attempting to control his own breathing, every thrust of her ovipositor collapsed his lungs, and every pull let them fill again; his breathing rhythm dictated by her hips.

And still his cock strained against his own will, now getting splashed and coated with hot, alien sexual lubricant, that slid down his shaft and coated his balls. Peter had no analogue for the experience of having his prostate pounded while his dick was slimed from underneath. He wanted to will it away, but even through the alien woman's thrusting, he could feel the familiar pressure building at the base of his spine. Peter wanted to reach out and grab his own dick, to masturbate just to have some sense of control over what was happening to him. He desperately didn't want to be so helpless that his own manhood betrayed him. But his arms couldn't move, only his jaw, and lips, and eyes would obey him. The alien biological sciences thoroughly overpowering him as much as the blue woman holding his ankles. Tears streamed down his face as he climaxed amidst the giantess's pounding.

"Perhaps if you reposition the receptacle, you could enhance your own enjoyment even further." Came an unfamiliar voice from beside Peter. Peter had forgotten there was an alien in the room other than the one railing him with an ovipositor the size of his own forearm. He’d completely ignored the one with the slightly shorter, slightly darker skin, slightly shorter hair, and less amicable attitude, even as she had moved to observe from beside the table he was paralyzed on.

“I am unsure of the modification you postulate, associate. How do you mean to reposition the receptacle?” The alien slowed her pumping to a halt, and Peter was thankful for the brief opportunity to breath of his own volition, rather than having his lungs operated like a bellows.

“Please observe.” The darker skinned alien reached out with her four hands and began to seize Peter’s thighs and torso from her compatriot. The deeper blue alien then pulled Peter off her comaptriot’s ovipositor with an audible pop. Both Peter and the lighter alien gasped. Without giving Peter a chance to adjust, or even allowing a few moments for the alien goo seeping out of Peter to settle, the shorter alien flipped Peter over onto his stomach on the table and wrenched his legs wide via her grip on his thighs, eliciting a yelp of pain from Peter. Her hands remained on his thighs, but the ones gripping his torso slid down to spread his cheeks.

“Oh, associate! I see now, yes, this may prove most advantageous! Thank you so very much!” Exclaimed the first alien, who was already moving back into position, sliding the length of her ovipositor between Peter’s spread cheeks. “I think I will enjoy this even more, as you have said.”

Peter tried to object, but all that came out was a gurgle of exhaustion and regurgitated goo. The first alien’s lower hands clamped down hard around Peter’s waist as she pulled back one more time, the relatively narrow tip of her ovipositor aiming squarely at is rectum. Peter was only partially aware that his head was moving very slightly, even though he was still almost completely paralyzed, it was clear that he was regaining some agency over his muscles, but in the moment it only served to smear his face further in the puddle of goo where it was plastered into the table. Out of the corner of his eye he caught sight of his abductors, both of them, further disrobing. The alien that had been raping him pulled her shirt up and over head, discarding it without another thought, while the second alien was more carefully pulling her own pants down.

The pause in fornication didn’t last long, as the alien plunged in with renewed vigor. There was no subtle build up this time, no slow gain in speed, just a thunderous crash of her hips into Peter’s and then, as Peter felt the second alien’s hands release him, Peter groaned under the strain as he felt a weight and heat wash over him. The alien easily climbed onto the table and lay over Peter’s relatively small form. Peter’s head was pressed into the table by the alien’s massive chest. The alien sweat, and lube, and body heat only made the crashing impacts of her thighs into his worse. And now he was being slammed directly into the table. In addition to the flesh-tube sliding in and out of him, in addition to the battering he was taking from behind, she’d pull him up into her animal thrusts, and then, ride him back down to the table, where every body-jarring impact.

Peter’s head was also now subject to the massive mammaries assaulting him. She didn’t really lift her chest as she humped him fuller and fuller of alien lubricant, so Peter’s head was wedged deeper and deeper between breasts that dwarfed his cranium, even as each downward thrust did press into the table, squeezing the breasts together and giving Peter the impression of being caught between two angry waterbeds. Waterbeds that reeked of alien sweat, and seemed to be leaking some new fluid from their nipples.

The pace of the alien’s assault only grew, now so furiously fast that Peter could no longer sense his own breath. Instead there was a seamless continuum of lift and slam, squelch and squish, suction and plow, and Peter had lost track of which was which and from where. He could hear the alien though, her grunts as she thrust, her gasps as she pulled, all building with her ferocity. Peter’s world was a blur of suffocating under alien tits, trying to catch a breath while that same alien violently pushed his organs aside, and, mortifyingly enough, savoring the taste of alien sexual discharge.

Peter didn’t know how long that lasted. Time didn’t matter much under the massive mammaries, but when change did come, it wasn’t welcome. The alien drove into Peter, as she had hundreds, maybe thousands of times before, but Peter felt a bulge pressing against his cheeks, even though her thighs remained pressed against his, her lower hands clenched so tightly around his waist that he felt she might shatter his hips. At the same time, she lifted her chest from him, and almost immediately planted a hand on his head, keeping him pinned in place while her back craned, leveraging her whole body into her hips, and Peter’s head. He felt his face sink deeper into the padded table, and her hand clenched around his head, which would have been the most worrying sensation of the more recent two seconds of Peter’s life, except for the growing pressure at his ass cheeks, a new feeling of something too-big trying to bludgeon it's way into Peter via the ovipositor.

“Associate!” The alien cried out. “The clutch…” The alien let out a loud, protracted moan as the pressure against Peter’s cheeks grew, both in size and in force. “...it’s… it's coming!” Her grip on Peter's head tightened, a thumb digging into his jaw with the other behind his head, her fingers squeezing, like she was trying to juice an orange. With a kind of berserk fury, her lower hands pushed his hips away as she pulled out of him again and before he could be relieved, she slammed back down and pulled his hips up to meet her, the new bulge at the base of her ovipositor crashing into his battered anus.

Peter had never been into anal play, he'd never even tried it, prior to minutes ago, the only thing that had ever gone into him from the back door was a thermometer, and that seemed quaint compared to the meaty, rigid fire hose stuffed deep inside him. But it was the sensation of something else, wider even than the ovipositor shoving it's way into his rectum that worried him most. Every pounding thrust of the alien helped Peter yo realize something even larger was trying to enter him through the flesh tube pumping lubricant into him with every stroke. The new bulge weakening his anus each time.

With one more brutal push-pull-and-slam, the bulge breached Peter's rectum. What felt to Peter like a softball, slid into him through the ovipositor. He wanted to scream, but no air could fill his lungs. The alien woman screamed for him in bliss.

The alien froze, her hips glued to Peter's, her lower hands bruising his waist while her whole body clenched in orgasmic ecstasy. Then another bulge pressed against his anus, this one pushing through much faster. Then another, the third so close behind the second that it almost felt like one larger object. Then a fourth, and a fifth, and even a sixth. Although his head was clenched in an alien hand, he could feel himself swelling up with each deposited egg. Somewhere, as though experiencing it vicariously, Peter felt his own orgasm; his battered cock futility spurting droplets into the flood of alien goop dripping off the table in excess.

Her scream faded into grunts as each egg passed through her into Peter, and when the sixth had slipped inside him, her little-death grip on his waist and skull finally relaxed as she pitched forward, collapsing on Peter in exhaustion, her ovipositor still secreting juices into him. Although he needed no reminder of her advantage in size, the alien’s bulks pressed into him and strained against his swollen gut, while his head landed right under her massive chest, pressing him back into the table.

For moments, except for the squirming of the ovipositor in his colon, the heavy breathing of the alien woman smothering him, and the unsettling new feeling of six extraterrestrial eggs writhing inside him, Peter's world was a bizarre mix of hot, wet stillness.

“You did very well, associate.” Came a voice from beyond the smothering alien body laying over him. “But the scanner reveals you have only released half of the clutch of eggs you’ve cultivated.”

Peter struggled with comprehension, almost as much as he struggled to breathe from under the blue tits smothering him in a pool of alien sweat and goo, but he could do some basic math. Double the six bulging, wriggling things that had been crammed into him after having his ass and thighs pounded tender by an overly sexually aggressive woman double him in size, equated to six more waiting to be shoved into him.

“I am unsure if this receptacle can accept any more eggs, associate.” The voice reverberated around him as the alien woman on top of him, and still deep inside him, didn’t bother to even lift herself to respond. “I can feel the clutch I’ve deposited, and I fear it may have reached the maximum capacity of this orifice.”

Peter felt arms, four of them, slide under him, wrapping around him and hold him tight. At first, it was comforting, even after the savage assault he’d just endured, it felt good to be held. Unfortunately, the feeling soon turned, as the alien used her embrace to hold Peter secure as she moved her hips around, rolling and turning her hips, allowing the ovipositor to probe Peter’s insides thoroughly and without regard to his comfort. Peter was a bit shocked to hear the moan the alien’s exploration elicited from his battered body.

“Oh, associate, I fear that is the case. Any more eggs deposited thusly will likely not take. I do not wish to lose half the clutch, associate! Have you ever encountered such a predicament in your previous deployments?” Although she spoke with certainty of Peter’s ‘capacity’ that didn’t stop her from continuing to search, with her ovipositor, for some hidden pocket in Peter’s large intestines to deposit more eggs.

“Calm yourself, associate.” Came the muffled voice. “Your clutch is admirable in size and quantity, but it is not an outlier. We have encountered similar scenarios many times, on many deployments, and have an adequate solution.”

For the first time in what seemed like ages, Peter felt a weight lift off him, literally, as the alien woman’s arms came out from under him and pushed herself off Peter’s smushed body. As she lifted herself up, Peter’s body peeled from her’s, the sweat and lubricant only briefly keeping him stuck to her chest as she rose. He fell back to the table with a thud as she cleared off him entirely.

“Observe, associate.” Said the second alien, now clearer that it wasn’t coming from behind a few hundred pounds of muscle, fat, and bone. Peter grunted as he felt fingers press into his gut. “You are accurate that this receptacle’s primary orifice is filled to capacity with the first half of your clutch.” Another set of alien fingers suddenly hooked into Peter’s mouth, pulling his jaw open. “But these receptacles are very well engineered for our reproductive needs.”

Peter didn’t have the words for the surprise as the second alien suddenly spun Peter’s body around on the table and flipped him back onto his back in a shockingly ungentle motion, so instead he yelped out loud. The ovipositor popped free, and  Peter found himself looking up, from his perspective, at that same onerous ovipositor that had just been buried him. All around it, a bush of fine white hair all around it, while it glistened and dripped with the bright blue lube that had been pumping into him. Peter was left, mouth agape, both from the sudden spinning, and from the immediate presence of the ovipositor.

"Associate, are you suggesting…?" The taller alien inquired, but didn't get to finish her question as the shorter alien, swiftly and deftly, hooked two hands into Peter's mouth, holding it wide. The shorter alien's other hands grabbed the taller's ovipositor and butt with the others.

Peter had a very brief moment to gurgle a protest before the shorter alien pulled the taller into Peter, literally her ovipositor into Peter's throat. The ovipositor slid into Peter, despite it's intense length and girth, thanks to the aid of it's lube, which now coated Peter's face, dripping down, over and into his eyes, and soaking into his hair before dripping into the floor. The fresh alien lube in his mouth, running down his face, coating his lips, his throat, and spilling into his stomach reminded him with each pump how much he enjoyed its scent, its flavor, even its texture, and how much he loathed himself for loving it.  

"Oh!" Exclaimed the taller alien. "Associate, won't this asphyxiate the receptacle?" She sounded concerned, but she pressed her hips into Peter's face, and her hands clutched at him to keep his lips pressed to the white bush surrounding the base of her ovipositor. One hand clamped down on his neck, another on his jaw, a third behind his head, and the last hooked under his armpit, all squeezing and pulling him in closer.

"It may, however, if you work with alacrity, you can minimize the receptacle's brain damage, and in truth, if you can beat my record, it may even retain consciousness." The shorter alien slapped Peter's cheek, splattering lubricant around. "But the longer you delay, the less chance it has at that. Please, resume with that previous vigor."

There was an audible slap from behind the hips that was all Peter could see through the neon blue blur of lubricant and the taller alien squealed in surprise. Peter was horrified to feel the ovipositor in his quiver with the slap.

"I… yes, associate! I will deposit the remainder of the clutch with great haste!" She said, gaining both a second wind and affirmation for her task.

Peter wanted to scream, but there was nothing to do about it as her hips began moving with none of the previous build up; instead, the ovipositor seemed to telescope out of his mouth, spilling more lube over his face and obscuring his vision. He didn’t have to anticipate what was coming next for long as the alien’s hips crashed back into him, the ovipositor slipping through his mouth and throat almost unimpeded, despite its size. Her crotch slammed into his face and immediately pulled back for the next thrust.

The world blurred, not just because of the luminescent jelly flowing over his face, or the repeated blows delivered by the alien woman’s soaking crotch, but because Peter couldn’t recognize when he had last taken a breath. The alien’s ovipositor pumped more and more secretions into Peter, but never completely cleared his throat; sliding in and out almost without resistance. Peter’s head, neck, and jaw hurt from the repeated slams. The alien woman didn’t just push her ovipositor into him with inhuman force, she also pulled his head into the thrusts. He couldn’t tell if the pounding he could hear and feel was his own pulse or the impacts.

Although the ovipositor felt too big on it’s own, before long, Peter saw a bulge appear at the base of the ovipositor slamming into him, only stretching his jaw wider with each contact.

All at once, with one terrible impact, the alien woman's thrusting stopped. Her hands pulled him tightly into her crotch, almost as though she wear trying to pull his head into her. But the sudden pause in her motion was accompanied by a new feeling for Peter. Peter felt a pop in his jaw and the bulge tried to push through.

Peter had long since lost any frame of reference for what was occuring to him, but the sensation of a softball sized egg shoving it's way through his unnaturally wrenched open jaws, then sliding, inside the ovipositor, through his throat, swelling and stretching his throat it as it passed into his esophagus, and finally settled into his stomach, was so inherently alien that Peter struggled to even understand it.

There was only a brief delay between the seventh egg passing into his stomach and then the bulge of the next. Peter's jaw offered almost no resistance to the eighth egg, and it slid into him almost unimpeded. The ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth egg flowed into him with a deluge of goo in one, horrifyingly swift torrent of an alien climax.

Even as the final egg slid into him, the swelling in his throat moving into his gut, the alien woman didn't 

“Associate, I feel very tired.” The alien woman stated flatly, her companion supporting her as she walked toward a waiting bed.

“That is understandable, you have just released an admirable clutch of eggs, and you did so very well. Here, please lie down, rest.”

The second alien helped the first recline on the bed. Peter was shocked to see the ovipositor had receded away completely.

“You must rest now.” The second alien informed the first.

“But... the receptacle…” She struggled to speak, sleep threatening to overtake her.

“Will be sufficiently cared for under my supervision. Please focus on recuperation, associate.”

With that, the second alien pressed a button somewhere on the bed, causing the entire bed platform to hover, gently, out of the room.

Now alone with Peter, the second alien walked back to the table and stood over where Peter still struggled to feel at rest with a dozen alien eggs inside him.

“You must excuse her inexperience, this is her first deployment off world. Still, she is very enthusiastic. You should have seen her face when the breeding roles were announced. She was so happy to be assigned the role of impregnator. But please forgive my idle thoughts.”

The alien drew a finger along Peter’s bulging form, collecting a thick layer of the alien lube that seemed to be soaking into everything Peter could perceive. She brought the goo up to her face and drew in a long, deep breath through her nose, while wafting the scent into her nostrils with a free hand. Her whole naked body shuddered, and she let loose a sigh that Peter couldn’t identify. Even before her form stopped its shivering, she stuck the finger into her mouth and sucked the lubricant clean from it. She grunted as she hunched over the table, steadying herself with her arms.

“I…” She began before a moan interrupted her briefly. “I must also apologize for her inability to adequately explain our reproductive process.” She strained to get through each word. “But I have estimated that you are unclear on your continued involvement in the process.”

As her words regained their composure, so too did she. As she stood Peter’s eyes, still slightly blurry with tears, as well as alien sweat and lube, perceived a nightmarish sight. From between this second alien’s legs, a purple organ was growing in length and width. Unlike the previous alien's appendage, this one terminated in a bulbous, flared head.

“N...no.” Peter struggled to say through the thick goo.

“Unfortunately, we are not yet done.” She said. “You have been impregnated with the eggs, however, those eggs must now be fertilized.”

“No… m… more… eggs… can’t…” He managed to get out.

“Please don’t concern yourself overly much, as I will not be releasing any more eggs into you.” She interrupted him.

Peter burbled out a sound that might have been mistaken for relief, but it was soaked in fear as she was moving toward the end of the table where his head rested. The purple thing growing larger, and more rigid. She stopped at a disturbingly familiar place, the same location the previous alien had stood while pounding eggs into Peter from the front and the back. Her lower hands grabbed Peter’s head, gripping him securely despite the thick globules still clinging to him, and pulled him slightly closer to her. Peter whimpered as for the second time a pair of blue, wide, giantess, alien hips aligned with his head, and from them hung a frighteningly large purple rod. This one was already dripping black goo from it's tip.

“This is not an ovipositor.” She stated flatly. “This is a penis.”

Peter's scream wouldn't have had much effect anyway, with his throat, mouth, and face still dripping with alien lube, but even still it was cut short as the second alien woman crammed her purple penis down his throat in one unforgiving thrust.


"Oh my." Said the alien woman with surprise. "My associate was accurate in her assessment; this is much more pleasurable than I had anticipated."

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