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Author's Chapter Notes:

Teasing, meeting the ladies and some sexual interaction.

Robotics genius

Landing my dream job

Chapter 1

    I’m sitting in the lobby of Bots International, early by a half hour for my interview for a research and development position. This would be my dream job, developing cutting-edge robotics with practical uses. Not bad for a guy who just graduated college. Although I thought my chances were slim since the position has been on indeed for over a year, I had to try. 

    Scanning the lobby, it’s noticeable that there are many beautiful women working here. As I’m looking around it dawns on me that all of the women are on the taller side while the men are on the shorter side.

    The alarm on my watch goes off, quarter till ten, I get up and walk to the elevators. My interview is at ten. The elevator arrives and I step inside. As the doors begin to close, I hear,”Hold the elevator please!” I put my arm out to block the door and in steps a gorgeous asian woman much taller than me. I’m only five foot five, so it's not too difficult to beat my stature. She smiled and said,”Thank you so much.” 

    I said,” You’re welcome.” I could see by her name tag, her name was Lily. 

    As she was going to push the button, she noticed I had already selected the floor. She said,”You must be Mr.Erickson’s ten o’clock. My name is Lily, his assistant. We have the top floor to ourselves.”

   “Nice to meet you, Lily. My name is Tim, Tim Dwyer. I didn’t realize my interview was with the owner of the company.” 

    Lily said,”Don’t worry, he’s a really nice, down to earth guy.” The elevator was on its way to the top floor when I heard the heel of Lily’s pump hit the floor. I was immediately treated to the sight of her sheer black nylon clad foot sliding out. My heart started to pound. My eyes narrowed their focus and a bead of sweat formed on my forehead. Her foot slid free of its confines showing her blue toenails. She swung her leg back slightly, showing me the sole. She scrunched her toes till I hurt a crack coming from them. As the elevator reached the top floor she put her shoe back on. 

    I looked up, she was smiling at me. I felt the warmth in my face trying to compose myself. The door opened and she said,”Have a seat, I’ll let Mr.Erickson know you’re here.” She walked into the large door beside what I assumed was her desk. When she came back, she said,”He’s on a conference call, it’ll be a few minutes.”

    Shaking my head in acknowledgment as she sat down. I heard her shoes scuffling under her desk. I had to look. She took off both of her shoes. Lucky for me her desk had an open back, affording me a full view.  

    As she was flexing and rubbing her feet together, I saw it. It looked like a carpenter ant crawling close to her feet. I was fully locked onto the ant and her gorgeous feet. As the ant crawled closer, her toes flexed as the ball came down on the ant. Her toes slowly lowered till the ant was no longer visible. Her phone rang, I was so focused on what was happening, I hadn’t noticed her calling my name. 

    Her foot raised, I saw the ant stuck to the ball of her foot as she slid her shoe on, sealing his fate. “Mr.Dwyer!”


    She chuckled and said,”Mr.Erickson will see you now.” I stood up holding my cheap briefcase in front of me so as not to give away my excitement about her little show. I quickly made my way past her, trying to calm myself somewhat. 

    Knocking on the door, I heard,”Come in.” I entered and was immediately taken back by the size of his office. Dark walnut furniture, a bar, many trophies and a large desk in the center with two chairs in front of it. Also I took note of many security monitors on the wall to my left. Mr.Erickson said,”Have a seat.” 

    Still unable to see him as his chair was turned. He was gazing out the window, taking in the morning. His computer made the sound of an arriving email, he turned around. A stern looking man, later in years as his gray hair would attest to. He sized me up before regarding his screen. Then, for some reason, he grinned at me and said,”Well Mr.Dwyer, it seems you are our top applicant so far. I see you have three degrees. A masters in electrical engineering, a bachelors in mechanical engineering and an associates in business management, impressive…”

    “Thank you, sir.”

    “Why do you want to work for my company?” Mr.Erickson asked. 

    “I’ve been interested in robotics since I was young.” I continued,” I was hooked on battle bots and the androids from the science fiction movies, I realized the endless possibilities. From the mundane to cutting edge surgical robotics.”

    “Ever thought about the pleasure side of robotics?” Mr.Erickson caught me off guard.  

    “Well, I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t. There is definitely a lot of money in that side of the industry.”

    “Do you have any moral reservations working in that capacity?” 

    I was beginning to wonder what I was getting into. Although the sexual side of robotics is what hooked me on the field, it was too early to let that out. “No, not at all, I think it is actually a very needed and underdeveloped side of robotics.”

    “Good answer, Mr Dwyer. Are you married?”

    “No sir.”

    “That’s good, this position will require putting in some extra time, do you have a problem working late? You’ll obviously be compensated for it.” 

    “If I like this position as much as I think I will, it would actually be enjoyable to work late. My father told me if you enjoy what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

    “Your father sounds like an intelligent man. Do you have any particular points of interest?” Mr.Erickson pried further. 

    “I love working with AI in robotics, it's incredible to think that a robot can learn and adapt to its surroundings.”

    Mr.Erickson smiled,”And my company is on the cutting edge of that technology.”

    “Yes, that’s why I think I would love to work here.”

    “Well Mr.Dwyer, everything looks good. We’ll call if we decide to extend an offer to you.” Mr.Erickson turned his chair to look out the window,” have a nice day Mr.Dwyer.”

    “Thank you for the opportunity sir.” I said to him as I left his office. I said to Lily,”It was nice to meet you.” As I headed to the elevator. 

    Lily replied,”Hope to see you soon.”

    Waiting for the elevator, I heard her shoes again. I watched her take off her shoes. The ant was still stuck to the ball of her foot. She rolled her feet onto their side and brought them together, sole to sole. My heart was thumping in my ears as she rubbed the ant between her gorgeous feet. I heard her chuckle quietly,”Mr.Dwyer, you missed the elevator.”

    Shit, shit, this vixen knows what she’s doing to me! “Sorry, I must have been daydreaming.” Quickly hitting the buttons and fighting the urge to turn around and stare at this beauty. The elevator finally arrived after what felt like an hour wait. Once in the elevator, I turned around and could’ve sworn I saw her toes wave goodbye to me. 

    I drove home to my small apartment, thinking of Lily and the interview all the way. Once home, I looked up my favorite giantess videos and took care of my problem. 

   After getting a shower and getting dressed, I went to work at a local restaurant. It paid the bills and since it was fine dining, the tips were good. The other plus was many beautiful women in dresses and heels. I had a show almost every night. 

    In the morning, the phone rang. “Hello.”

    “Good morning Mr.Dwyer, this is Lily, Mr.Erickson’s assistant. Mr.Erickson would like to see you again. How does noon work for you? He wants to take you to lunch.”

    “Sounds great, I’ll be there at noon.”

    “Perfect, see you then, goodbye.”

    “Goodbye.” I think, I hope, I have a new job. I got ready. Upon arriving at the facility, I took in the size of it all. The one building in the back of the property was huge. Guess it to be at least one hundred feet tall and at least one thousand feet long. There were other buildings that were sizable but no others as large as the one in the back. 

    Looking at my watch, I have ten minutes. I wanted to be punctual. The elevator doors opened on the top floor.  I was greeted with a smile from Lily. “I’ll let Mr.Erickson know you’re here.” 

    She went in to give notification, I noticed her desk now had a back on it. What the hells going on? She returned and Mr.Erickson followed. He noticed me staring at Lily’s desk,”Something wrong?”

   I quickly answered,”No, nothing at all.”

   “I have a reservation at Botteg Louie, I hope you like italian?”

    “Yes, I love italian. Thank you Mr.Erickson.”

    “Call me Mark, Mr.Erickson sounds so official.” 

    “Ok, Mark it is. You can call me Tim if you like.”

    “Ok, ready to go Tim?”


    We made small talk on the way about family, where we live, current events in the news. We arrived, were seated and enjoyed a delicious meal. After we had finished and were enjoying a glass of chardonnay, Mark decided to get to business. 

    “Tim, I’m going to offer you a position but first I want you to know why I chose you. I had Lily test you, to see if you would fit in. You passed with flying colors. First off, you were locked on her feet with complete focus. Then the ant trick, I thought you were going to hyperventilate.”

   “ I’m. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…” I stammered. 

    “No need to apologize. Like I said, it was a test. You have a giantess foot fetish, just like me.”

    Holy shit! Did I hear that right…”You have the same fetish?”

    “Yes, I do. I’ve had it for as long as I can remember. Didn’t you wonder why this position was open for over a year? Guys like us are hard to find. Also we tend to be more intelligent, focused and goal oriented. Plus I want to groom you for bigger and better things.” He finished with a laugh. 

    “I can’t believe you caught me.”

    “If you know what to look for, you were dreadfully obvious. I would like to start you in our top secret r and d department. Your salary would be $80,000 a year. Fully paid medical, dental and vision. Plus two weeks vacation to start with. If you’re as good as I think you are, you’ll move up quickly. What do you say?”

    Still kind of in shock from the sudden exposure of one of my deepest secrets and still not wanting to deny the excitement of it as well,” I’d love to work for you, when can I start?”


   “I’ll have you start on Monday the 23rd. That’ll give time to get the background check and other paperwork completed.” Mark waited for my response. 

   “That definitely suits me.” Mark paid the bill and left a generous tip. There was more small talk on the way back. Once back, I thanked him again for everything and made my way home. 

    Still in shock from what had just transpired. Also very excited for my new career. Anxiety was running high for the time I started, wondering about what I’d be doing, experiencing and learning. 

    The highly anticipated Monday morning had finally arrived. Area E of research and development, two guards by the door. Ed spoke up,” Mr.Dwyer, we’re expecting you. Do you have your badge?” I pulled it from inside my shirt, as it was attached to a lanyard. “ Your badge is to be visible at all times.”

    “Ok…” I was a little embarrassed that I had forgotten. After scanning my badge and it checked out. He turned and opened the door. 

    “Follow me, I’ll get you to your colleague to get you started.” After walking down a short hallway, we went through a huge set of doors. Once inside, I became weak in the knees. There were eight huge, naked women seated at four different stations. Ed took notice,”Yeah, they still make me look in awe and I’ve been here for twelve years. This is Dr.Barrow, he’ll be your go to guy until you’re settled in.”

    “Thanks Ed.” I said as I smiled at him. 

    “No problem, I hope you enjoy it here.” Ed said as he walked away. 

    “Tim, right?” Dr.Barrow getting my attention. 

     “Yes, glad to meet you.”


    “You can call me Chris, short for Chrstopher. Breathtaking, aren’t they?”

     “Yes, Chris, to say the least, what are they?”

    “Well, these are our prototype amazon sex bots.” After I regained my composure, he continued,”Each one is fifteen feet tall, fully mobile and AI controlled. They make one helluva girlfriend.” He winked at me. “They have no inhibitions, won’t say no and are very willing to please. These are the best of the best, no one is even close to this technology. How are you with programming?”

    “I was top of my class. What do you need me to do?”

    Chris laughed and said,” Our girls need a personality…”


    Holy shit! How the hell do you program a personality? With a deer in headlights look on my face,” I will give them a personality then.”

    Chris rubbing his chin said,”You don’t look too sure?”

    “It’s not that, I’m already trying to figure out how to program them. How much storage do I have to work with?”

    “We currently have ten zettabytes available for the programming in their solid state drives. Capable of five hundred petaflops and a clock speed of one hundred twenty eight terahertz. They’re really impressive.”

    “Wow! Definitely no lack of storage or capability.”

    “We figured we needed a lot for the learning portion of the AI. Also the involuntary portions of body control like blinking or reflex reactions. They mimic the human body as close as we can get them. They even have body heat.”

    I was in shock,” I haven’t heard of anything even close to this advanced...”

    “Now you know why all the guards and secrecy. Wait till you see them walk. Simply incredible, it took us eighteen months for that. It still looks a little robotic but we’re steadily smoothing the process. I’ll take you around and introduce you to your colleagues and the ladies.”

   “Sounds good.” We went to the first station where the bots were both black, one light skinned and the other dark. Both incredibly beautiful and even more impressive when standing next to them. They were seated on metal racking with hands on their knees staring straight ahead. 

    “Tim, this is Allen. Allen is responsible for skin color and skin movements. Allen, this is Tim, he’ll be taking the reins on programming.” 

    Allen reached out and shook my hand. He has light brown hair with a beard and mustache. He stands a little shorter than me and just about as wide. After pushing his glasses back into position he said,”We’re a pretty tight knit group around here, so if you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask.”

    Releasing his hand, I said,”Thank you, nice to meet you. Do they have names?” Gesturing towards the bots. 

    Allen said,'' You bet, this is Yolanda, I really like the movie Napoleon Dynamite, and the beautiful dark skin woman is Saige.” 

    I said,”They’re quite beautiful.”

   Allen laughed,” Wait till I’m done with them, there is a lot of color missing yet.” 

    I said,”I’ll have to check them out later then.” Allen gave us a thumbs up as we moved to the next station. 

    These bots looked oriental, both had long black hair. One had green eyes, the other, brown. Both fifteen foot beauties. Chris walked over to a shorter slender fellow with a sheepish look. Chris said,'' This is Jimmy, he takes care of our ladies motor functions. He’s a genius in biomechanical movement. Jimmy, this is Tim. He’ll be taking over the programming.”

    I said,”Nice to meet you.” As I shook his hand, it felt like shaking a wet dish rag. He seemed to be blushing as he nodded at me. 

    Chris started walking to the next station. I quickly followed. Chris said,”He’s socially awkward, I didn’t want to upset him too much.”

    With a puzzled look, I asked,” What were the girls' names?”

   Chris in an apologetic tone,” Shit, I’m sorry, I forgot that. Keiko has green eyes and the other is Akira.”

    “No problem, I’ll probably forget some names along the way “

   Next station had two hispanic ladies, also very beautiful. One with very long hair and the other one had slightly shorter hair. As we approached, I was smiling at the next gentleman. Chris said,”This is Randal, he’s our electronics engineer. Randal, this is Tim, he’ll be taking over the programming.”

    Randal spouted,”Are you fucking serious, he’s taking over my work? Who decided this shit? The old man?”

    Chris retorted,”Yes, it was Mark’s decision. If you have a problem with it, take it up with him.”

    We started to walk away. I heard him mumbling. Then he fired a warning at me,”You better not fuck up my work.”

     “I won’t.” Sounding rather annoyed. I looked at Chris,” What’s his issue?”

    Chris shook his head,”I’m not sure, I was never able to stay in a conversation with him long enough to find out. The only reason he’s here is because of his ability with electronics. Not so much for his programming.”

    We arrived at the next station. These were two beautiful caucasion women, one was blonde with blue eyes and the other had auburn hair with green eyes. Standing by the console was a tall woman with spiky blonde hair and brown eyes. 

    Chris said,” This is Leah, she is responsible for everything on the sexual side from responses, to physical makeup, to fetishes. So she dabbles in a little bit of everything. She is a Doctor of psychology specializing in sexual behavior.”

    I shook her hand, a very firm handshake. I said,” Nice to meet you.”

    She smiled and said,”Before you get any ideas, I’m a lesbian and nice to meet you to.” Chris rolled his eyes at her. She chuckled and said “What?”

   “Nothing…” Chris said. “ Anyway this is our happy work area. You’ll be starting with these two and working with Leah. The blonde is Jenna and the other is Julia. If you have any questions feel free to ask anyone but Randal.”

    Leah said,” Yeah, you’re better off staying away from him, it’ll make for a nicer day. You can use this computer station, both bots are hooked up and ready.”

   “Thanks Chris, Leah.” I took a seat and started the arduous task of looking over all the programming. 

    After four weeks of looking over the programming and making a mountain of notes in the program and on paper, I started making changes. First off was their walk. Trying to get Jimmy to help with the information I needed was like pulling teeth. 

    The first one I programmed was Julia. After a week I finished, I restarted her and told her to get up and walk to the wall and back in an open area of the bay. She stood up and started to walk, smoothly, swinging her ass nicely. Seeing this giant beauty moving like that gave me a lump in my throat and pants. On the way back, her titties were bouncing with each step. She sat down at her station. Leah said,” That was a hell of an improvement, what do you think?”

     I said,” I think I’m in love.” Julia looked at me and winked. Then looked straight ahead again. “ Wow, I guess that worked too.” After another eight months, I had finished with the personality profile. It allows them to act differently according to input from the owners. Also installed many safeties in the program. With the size of them, you could easily be hurt or killed. 


     Leah helped with the gentle to aggressive nature. Also how much punishment the human body could take without permanent damage. Those were hard programmed as safety’s. So short of serious injury, these bots will deliver without hesitation. 

    We used a crash test dummy to test the girls interaction with a person. When Julia shoved the dummy’s head in her ass hole, I had to walk outside to get myself under control. Extremely intense interaction! 

    As I was outside, trying to calm myself, I saw Mark come out of the large building. He stood facing the door with one hand leaning against it. I saw him wiping his eyes. I figured he didn’t want anyone to see him at this moment and returned to my area. 

    I approached Chris,” I just saw Mark come out of the large building out back, what’s kept in there?”

    Chris said,” I guess you’ve been here long enough to tell you. It’s Marks pet project. His wife died about ten years ago and he took it really hard. After about five years he started building her, a seventy five foot version of his wife. We’ve all helped here and there as he needed. After he figures out how good you’ve been doing, he’ll definitely bring you in on it.”

    “Wow, seventy five foot… What does she look like?”

    “ Well, voluptuous with long brunette hair and blue eyes. Come over to my computer.” I look at his screen. He said,” Here it is, a picture of them at the last company picnic they were at together. She was quite a looker.”

    “ You’re not kidding, she’s gorgeous. Thanks for letting me know about that. Hopefully I can help him out when he asks.”

    Chris said,” I don’t think you’ll have a problem.”

     I went back to work. Everyone had left for the evening as I finished up this section. One last test, then home. I started Julia, waited for the diagnostics to finish. She blinked letting me know she was ready. I said to her,” Suck on the head for a minute, put head in puss for a minute and put head in ass for a minute.” 


    Julia stood up and walked towards me! I looked around and realized Leah had put the crash test dummy in its container to charge for the night. When I realized what was happening, Julia had already grabbed me, pinning my arms to my side. Lifting me, I was panicking, I tried to yell,” Jul…” My head was in her mouth. She sucked hard enough to make my ears pop and crackle. Her tongue rubbed down my face, under my chin onto my chest. Her lips were on my chest and just below my neck in the back. It was hot and wet. I was lost in the moment. What a feeling, her tongue working me and her sucking actions were driving me crazy. 

    She took me out, I took a deep breath as she stood me on the floor. She grabbed my head and squatted, my face met her huge puss. She rubbed my face into her and pushed my head in. She held my shoulders and rocked front to back. Slowly fucking me head. This was hotter than her mouth and just as wet. She has a musky intoxicating feminine odor. My dick was throbbing by this point. Each stroke, her puss would close around my neck. Then slide out enough I could get a breath and right back in again. 

    Julia pulled me out, turned me one hundred eighty degrees and rolled her hips forward. She grabbed my head again and lowered herself until her ass hole was on my face. Working my head into her rectum. Much tighter and much hotter. It smelled like you think a giant rectum should smell. She rocked back and forth, fucking my head again. The feeling was too much, I blew in my pants. She was still fucking my head. A little while after, she pulled my head out, I watched her beautiful ass lift away. She returned to her station like nothing happened. 

    I wiped my eyes and muttered,” Thank you.”

    She looked at me and blew me a kiss. All I could think was wow…. I gathered my wits and washed my face. I looked at Julia for about ten minutes then went home. Gooey pants really suck...











Chapter End Notes:

Let me know if you like the concept and if it's worth it to continue, thanks. 

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