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By Supernova



A commissioned work



        Society had completely rearranged itself in the twenty-five years since the shrinking storms. Without warning, a solar flare-induced weather event led to a phenomenon so astounding that modern science has yet to explain it. Due to intense radiation spreading from some unknown “sub-space” region, jet black storm clouds covered the earth; raining down shockingly pink lightning bolts that seemed to literally target human beings with supernatural precision. Deemed the “Pink Shrink,” these bolts had altered the physical structure of every person struck, reducing each one to but several inches in height. Millions were affected.



        Due to this abrupt change in the function of daily life, humanity developed into two starkly different communities. The “Bigs” lived their life as normal, as they didn’t require any new infrastructure. The “Littles” were mostly forced to live either in humiliating miniature dome-cities (their governments completely run by the Bigs) or out in the “Wild.” 



        Though neither option was dignified, many Littles chose to live out in this Wild, surviving by leeching off of the property of the Bigs. Laws were put in place, largely deeming them a nuisance. “Castle Doctrines” were put in place, giving Bigs expanded home-defense laws if they had found a Little, or groups of Littles, within their dwellings. A culture of paranoia and mistrust came over the entire planet, reducing the legal protections that Littles were given in an effort to corral them into designated dome-cities. In effect, if you found a Little in the Wild (anywhere outside of a dome-city), you could do whatever you wanted with them. It became common for Bigs to kidnap and even kill Littles with the defense of “I found them in my home” or “I was trying to rescue them from the elements and the death was accidental.” In the past decade, not a single Big was prosecuted for the death of a Little, even in cases of overwhelming evidence.



        This situation emboldened the Wild Littles, finding their lifestyle to be a point of pride, even in spite of the burgeoning “Anti-Little” industry and the growing sentiment against Littles within the general public. Nearly every Big had a story or two about Littles breaking into their home and stealing food or hijacking their Wifi. Forming their own culture and philosophies, Wild Littles found it their duty to maintain their way of life, often setting up encampments within or near the homes of Bigs. 



        The risk inherent in this lifestyle was astronomical, but the tightly-knit community structure of Wild Little culture enabled them to thrive. With robust, but illegal smuggling networks between the dome-cities and the “Towns,” every Little managed to find carefully-tailored clothes that fit their diminutive statures. In spite of this, food was always difficult to find, forcing the Towns to send out scouting and retrieval parties. 



        As part of the security system that the Towns had in place, these retrieval parties were always sent out in Pairs. Given the strength that the Littles had in spite of their tiny size, a group of two was found to be sufficient enough to carry calorie-heavy carbohydrates like crackers away from Big rooms and into the Little dwellings. 



Though often taking advantage of the areas behind thin walls and below floorboards, open spaces of living areas such as kitchens were always the most treacherous, something that Beth and Lucy were well aware of.



        These two young women, aged 19 and 22, were already experienced gatherers. Knowing that the most ideal place to find food were single-woman apartments with no pets, they had snuck into this dwelling the night before and had set up camp inside one of her kitchen cabinets. Settling in the middle of the night on a Tuesday, they had waited for the mysterious woman to leave her apartment before they went on their hunt. 



        Beth, with short red hair, pale skin, and freckles, had a lean, athletic body due to the constant physicality of her position as a scout. Wearing short khaki shorts and a thin, black tee shirt, she was dressed as though she were ready for stealth. Lucy, with longer, black hair and a tan hue to her skin, heaved most of the heavy equipment, namely spools of thread and harpoons used to scale sheer walls. Both somewhat gruff, they were both born as Littles and raised under the utilitarian philosophy of stealth and efficiency. Having been on countless missions before, they considered themselves proficient scavengers. Hearing tales on what to do and what to avoid, they felt as though they understood the risks inherent in their culture. Lucy always took point given that she was more experienced and had more of an eye for spotting dangers.



        As the both of them hid just beyond the cabinet, they held their breaths as they waited for the woman who lived there to leave. The thundering of the front door closing was always the cue. Bursting out from the tiny gap between the cabinet doors, they quickly scanned the tremendous environments for any hazards.



        “Beth. Threats, stat!” shouted Lucy, knowing how to code-speak in the work-language of the Littles.



        “Lucy. None. Clear.” Beth responded, removing the spool of thread from Lucy’s pack. Scanning the environment incessantly, they had seen the lip of the granite countertop peek over right above them. One of the most likely places for food.



        “Lucy. Harpoon. Launch.” Beth threw the specialized edge of the harpoon far up into the air, jetting it like a javelin. With an extremely practiced hand, they both watched as it adhered to the edge of the countertop. 



        “Beth. Tug in two. One, two, heave!” Both hands pulled down on the thread as hard as they could to make sure that the harpoon had been stuck to the counter successfully. With no budge whatsoever, they wasted no time in climbing up the rope as fast as they could.



        In constant practice, their small, muscular bodies made it up the thin rope in mere seconds. It was as if it wasn’t even a true challenge for them, given that one of the main parts of their survival training was how to both climb and rappel similar surfaces. Upon reaching the top, they both gasped. Jackpot. 



        A large, red box of Ritz crackers seemed to stretch out into the sky before them, just on the other end of the sink. Just a quick tip of that box could caused several, buttery, calorie-rich discs of nutrition to spill out. The light fluffiness of the bread itself made it perfect food to catch and bring back to the Town.



        Beth and Lucy hugged each other tightly and jumped up and down in a celebration. “Yes! Yes!” Knowing that this was still one of the riskiest parts of the journey, they knew they had time for a brief bit of happiness. The both of them, having been through many journeys like this together, grew almost as close as sisters. The Little community found that Pairs that had been close to each other had higher rates of success, so duos were often put on missions together for years. 



        Upon letting each other go, Beth sighed. “I had no idea this mission would be this successful this fucking fast. Holy shit!”



        Lucy patted her on the shoulder. Maintaining a gruff disposition, she tempered her excitement. “Sometimes we just get lucky. It happens.”



        Beth, knowing that scouting was one of the worst jobs you could have as a Little, had dreams of being a tailor, or perhaps even a dressmaker. In spite of the Littles having their own clothing, the texture of the fabric was very different at small sizes; she wanted to modernize fashion for people of her stature. Knowing that scavenging wasn’t really a permanent gig, mostly only given to young, athletic Littles, she studied both art and sewing in her free time.



        Lucy was intent on being a lifelong scout. She loved the thrill of being able to “break and enter” while leaving undetected. Though she had survived a few close calls, she knew that she could survive nearly anything a mission threw at her. An elder scout was extremely rare, but also given a position of honor within a community. She thought of herself as a commander, finding out which neighborhoods were best to scavenge in, as well as figuring out new equipment and gear for Littles to better their safety and efficiency.



        The both of them bolted in front of the sink, preparing the second harpoon. As they were just a few inches away from the towering box, they had noticed the texture of the floor begin to change. It had a strange resistance to it that a normal granite countertop shouldn't.



        “Oh, fuck!” Lucy shouted as they found themselves completely adhered to the countertop. “Oh shit, oh shit!”



        “Don’t panic! Don’t fucking panic!” Beth shouted, panicked, as she saw the strange sheen of some sticky glue-like substance stretch out far beyond their capacity to escape from it. “Shit!”



        Having a plan for this, Lucy’s heart was beating fast. Turning her backpack over to her chest, she quickly found a spool of special semi-inflatable pipes that could be unfurled in an emergency. The two women, just a centimeter or so away from each other, watched as the pipes unfold like an inflating pool toy. Knowing that it was a trap, they waited with bated breath, hoping that they wouldn’t be found.



        A loud thud caused both of them to jump. Beth gasped.



        The woman burst through the front door and immediately locked eyes upon them. With curly, black hair, pale skin, thick-framed glasses, and a curvaceous figure, she didn’t look as though she was dressed for work. 



        The two Littles stared up, their hearts pounding, as they saw the Big loom over them.



        Trying to remember her script, Lucy shouted “We are tremendously sorry for violating the sanctity of your home! If you let us go we will not disturb you any longer!”



        The woman just crossed her arms under her busty chest. “That shit’s not gonna work on me.” Wearing maroon lipstick, she had a tough look on her face. Quite beautiful, she had a sharp chin, a pointed nose, and an angry expression. “You two little bitches are mine now.”



        They screamed as her fingers descended upon them. Ripped effortlessly from the sticky trap, both women felt the Big’s fingers press into their chests and backs. 



        Lucy felt mortal terror course through her veins. How could she have fucked up this badly? Shouldn’t she have seen the sticky trap? Shouldn’t she have waited and scanned for further dangers? Why did they both run for the food as opposed to taking their time?



        “I’m so fucking lucky I took the day off from work today. I found myself a few playmates to spend the day with.” She tossed the two of them on her soft bed. Lucy and Beth landed with two high-pitched grunts. 



        In complete disbelief, Beth crawled over to Lucy and embraced her as she saw the woman thumb through the tiny backpack. “Ah! There’s some left over. I knew you little shits always carried this with you.



        Torn away from Beth’s grasp, Lucy flew up in the air as she was lifted up by the leg by the Big. “In case you didn’t know, my name’s Veronica. Not that you care.”



Lucy’s jaw quivered as she tried not to cry. She had to be brave. “Ver… Veronica… pl..please let us go-AAIIYEEEE!”



Using her pinching fingers, Veronica effortlessly tore away Lucy’s shirt before ripping away her shorts. With another few deft nail pinches, the Big had ripped away her underwear and bra as well. Staring at the nude Little, Veronica placed her in front of her lips.



Covering her nude chest with crossed arms, Lucy couldn’t help but shake. 



        “You come into my house and steal my shit? And you’re fucking dumb enough to fall for my trap? You deserve what’s coming to you, bitch.”



        Tossing Lucy on the bed, she turned her eyes to Beth.



        Frozen in complete fear, she didn’t even turn her head as her friend landed just inches from her. Her joints felt completely locked. Her mind was already flooded with despair. She was only nineteen. She had so much to live for. She didn’t even react as she felt Veronica’s immense fingers press her into the bed, ripping off her clothes, leaving her nude and limp. Her eyes remained open, staring into space.



        Both women now naked on the bed, neither one of them knew what was coming next. Torture? Immediate execution? Why were they stripped?



        Lucy grit her teeth. She had to be strong. For Beth. For the Littles everywhere. Her jaw quivered as she gasped, choking on her own spit. Heaving, she saw what Veronica was doing. She was stripping. “No! Please! Not that!”



        Tinnitus rang through Beth’s ears as she saw Veronica’s bare, D-cup breasts flop down after she removed her shirt. A line of drool slid down the corner of her mouth as she watched the voluptuous, thick woman hook her thumbs over the side of her yoga pants, her fat ass and thighs spilling out the sides with a jiggle. 



        This was going to become sexual. Beth gulped. She had never been sexual with anyone before. She had barely considered it, focusing most of her free time on fashion or becoming a better scout. Now she was going to be forced.



        Watching the woman’s bare, pale form spin in a sexy, seductive way, Lucy would have already vomited if she had food in her stomach. Her eyes blurred with tears, she saw Veronica lightly spread her ass cheek before letting it go, causing both of them to bounce slightly. 



        “So who’s first?” She asked, with an obviously sexual tone to her voice.



        Beth’s mind snapped out of the numbed-out delirium. First? First to what? Her heart was beating so fast and so hard that she could feel her tongue throbbing. A strange metallic taste filled her mouth as she got up and bolted the other way screeching out a crackling shriek.



        “Oh! So I guess it’s the redhead!” Veronica leaned forward, fingers.



        “No! Beth! Stop!” Lucy said as a sense of loss felt as though it were spilling over her very soul like molten metal. Her responsibility was to protect Beth, who was now beeping out the most horrified scream she had ever heard in her life.



        Her throat feeling like it was on fire, a sharp sense of ascent gripped Beth’s chest as she shouted “No!” in a voice so loud and creaking that she barely recognized it as her own. Watching the immense woman turn around, she could see her other hand grab her thick ass cheek and spread it open, exposing a brown anus framed in tiny, curly black hairs.



        Putting her hands in front of her face, Beth instinctively screeched in an extreme fit of horror as she saw herself heading right for the puckering, wrinkly hole of some stranger. She could never have imagined this happening, that any other human being could have the capacity for this kind of evil. The closer she got to the hole itself, the more she could feel Veronica’s body heat.



        Her unique, sweaty musk reaching her nostrils, Beth covered her face to such an extent that she sank her fingernails into her forehead. “NNNNNNoooooo! N-N-N-”



        The first contact between her bare skin and Veronica’s asshole sent a shiver so severe through Beth’s body that it literally felt like a thousand bee stings. Her nerves did not have the capacity to convey the level of disgust she was experiencing, translating the alien sensation into direct pain. Smooth, sweaty stickiness mixed with the soft clicking sound of wetness against flesh formed an explosion of disgusted panic in Beth’s warped mind. Ejecting a river of mucus-laden vomit, all she could do was hack away pained gasps as she was forced to feel the subtle movements of Veronica’s anus pulse against her.



        Smeared against the winking hole, she instinctively attempted to push away from it, losing all voluntary control over her own body. Her mind now being worked by the reptilian wink in the back of her brain, she went into complete survival mode as her vision was enveloped in nothing but hot darkness.



        Veronica’s body heat wrapped over tiny Beth as her head was abruptly wrapped in anal flesh. Beth vomited out another bubbly mass of mucus as she felt Veronica’s asshole land light “kisses” over the sensitive part of her neck. Inhaling the gaseous fumes of her rectum, her hair now soaked in the sweaty juices of Veronica’s backside, Beth began to shiver. Every inch of her skin felt so intensely unclean that she felt a strange, deep reflex to flip inside-out. To literally explode.



        Her jerking, quivering body was slipped up Veronica’s brown pit up to her waist. The sarcophagus of moist heat baked the teenage redhead, forcing her into a state of near-delirium. Her own brain forced her to flutter through a jumble of mentally defensive reflexes in a desperate attempt to somehow muffle the horror of her reality. Veronica’s heartbeat, quick and pounding against her nude body, kept ripping her from any escapist hallucinations. Slick, wet slapping noises combined with the powerful stench almost forced her nerves to go numb, but another quick thrust and she found herself completely enveloped up the ass of some woman she didn’t even know.



        It was worse than any Hell she could have ever comprehended. The bodily bubbling coursed over her like a vile concert of slime-ridden noises that she could never escape from. She thrashed, pressing her arms and legs in every single possible direction she could, causing exhausted soreness to build up within. Unfortunately buffeted by a gas pocket, she found herself enough air to survive in, making an intentional suffocation near-impossible, though the sulfurous scent etched away at both her nostrils and sinuses. It was a dimension of pure toxicity.



        Lucy looked up at Veronica, her vision still a complete haze. Tears falling from her eyes, finding that her own mind did not have the capacity for empathy matching the level of Beth’s suffering. 



        “You’re gonna be meeting her from the other end, I think. You got a raw deal, girl. You should’a been first.”



        What? What does that mean? Lucy’s mind continued its frenzied haze as she watched Veronica’s pale fingers head for her again. Time slowed down as she watched the details come into focus. Her swirling fingerprints. Her clear, slightly-cracked nails. She had no idea how old Veronica was, but she looked to be in her early thirties.



        She didn’t even scream as she was lifted upwards. She just gasped as she watched the pair of maroon lips part, exposing an undulating, wet tongue covered in a layer of white scum. Veronica cutely went “Ahhhh!” as if to mock the tiny Lucy.



        Oh. Oh God. Oh Fuck.



        “AAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIYYYYYYYYYYEEEEE!” Out of all the outcomes Lucy had thought, she had never imagined intentionally being eaten by a Big. This was cannibalism! This is perverse! Her very soul felt stained with the terror that was seeping through her. Her very body didn’t feel as though it were her own. It felt as though she were watching herself through the third person perspective.



        As the tongue itself approached, she could feel Veronica’s hot breath waft over her tiny, nude body, moistening her with droplets of spit. The body heat alone felt vile, as if she were being violated by mere proximity. As she came into contact with the immense tongue, her mind cracked. The layer of hot mucus splattering all over the front of her body fell in disgusting cords. Her black hair became immediately soaked as her tan skin glistened with Veronica’s saliva. As the two immense fingers let her go and left the cavern of her mouth, Lucy felt a strange sense of loneliness grip her.



        In spite of being literally surrounded by another human, she felt alone. Like everyone had left her. Her community. Her family. Beth. Everyone. 



        As Veronica’s lips sealed, Lucy found herself crawling on all fours in pitch darkness. The tongue below jut upwards as Lucy shrieked. At the same time her back struck Veronica’s hard palate, a wave of bubbly slime washed over her, forcing its way into her mouth, up her nose, and into her eyes. It tasted like pure halitosis, just an indescribably rank aroma that aerated her sinuses and clung to the inside of her nostrils. The bubbly slime made gripping anything impossible, as the undulating of the tongue forced her to stick her fingernails into the soft surface below. Feeling the white tongue scum build up under those nails, she couldn’t help but let out the combination between a shriek and a grunt as an immense, muscular force pulled her towards the back of Veronica’s throat.



        The taste buds here were flatter and more disc-shaped. A sense of doom began to grip her body, as if some natural conception of her own mortality was being imparted upon her. Something deep within her mind was telling her “This is it. This is how you go out.” Lucy wanted to argue with that internal voice, but she knew it was right. As a cluster of saliva bubbles began forming around her, she couldn’t help but let out another quick scream as the arch of the throat above managed to jump slightly.



        The soft uvula caressed her bare back and the top of her head as a soul-shattering “Gluck” shook her to her bones. A soft, pulsing tube glided Lucy down Veronica’s throat using slow, peristaltic ripples. Unable to stop herself from weeping, Lucy couldn’t help but feel like a failure as she continued her descent down into some stranger’s core.



        Veronica’s quick, pulsing heartbeat filled Lucy with rage. It was so unfair! She could live while she was being forced to die? And provide her with some sort of sick pleasure?



        Knowing very little of the inner workings of human bodies, Lucy had very little idea of what to expect other than the fact that it’d be a slow, horrific death. She just knew it had to do with acid.



        As bubbles flitted by her, she wished to wipe away the intense stream of slime that covered her body. Slowing down, she found herself pressed up against a tight, fleshy ring. Letting out a pained shriek, the sphincter forcefully sucked her through into a world of blazing, stinging fog.



        A short drop plopped her into a churning, bubbling sea of chunky puke. An incredible, vicious burning scorched her eyes, her nostrils, and her genitals. Writhing in immediate, shocking agony, Lucy’s mind flitted into spasms of desperate suffering. 



        As she swam forward, she found herself lodged between two of Veronica’s stomach wrinkles. Breathing in large lungfuls of acid-tinged air in her hyperventilation, she found herself burning from both the inside and out. In an attempt to wipe away the slime, she found herself sloughing off the outer layer of her skin. The air itself smelled like the essence of vomit, each time she breathed in it was as if her head was being forced into a freshly-puked pile of stomach contents.



        The heat was immeasurable. At almost one hundred degrees fahrenheit, it pulsed against her body relentlessly as she clawed at the mucus-coated stomach walls. Not knowing what it was that she was swimming in, she made every attempt to climb up the sheer cliffs knowing full well that her fate was below. To die burning alive in the gut of some fat cunt.



        As she continued to try to claw her way up, the acid etched away at the bottoms of her feet and knees. Squeezing her teeth together in complete fear, she found herself unable to face this pain, choosing instead to slide back into the churning current. Now lacking the ability to resist, she felt the puke blanket her as her arms went limp.



        Bright white flashes blinked before her eyes as she felt her lungs fill with Veronica’s puke. Her last breath was just a panicked gasp, the sense of both disappointment and failure coloring her final thoughts






        Beth still clawed along the insides of Veronica's ass. As the thick, black-haired woman walked around her house naked, she quickly spritzed her countertop a few times and wiped away the sticky trap with a paper towel. She was amazed at how well it had worked, now giving her the satisfaction of some light tickling flitting within one of her most intimate holes.



        Giggling, she almost began to feel bored of the woman she had slipped up there. In a half-experiment, she wondered what would happen if she clenched as hard as she could.






        Her mind still frenzied in relentless panic, Beth continued thrashing. With a renewed vigor and desire to continue living, her heart jumped in panic as the walls embraced her with an extraordinarily oppressive force.



        Only alive for a split second longer, she could hear her own bones crunching into her internal organs, snuffing her out in a burst of extreme pain. One moment she was a terrified teenager who still thought she had a chance at life, though small, the next she had been crushed to death in a powerful rectal clench.






        Sighing, she didn’t know that a squeeze like that would kill her. Still in the nude, she poured herself some coffee, wondering if any more elaborate traps could catch more Littles. Feeling herself grow wet between the legs, she already found herself brainstorming new ideas as to what to do when she found some new ones.

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