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It was no big secret that you were into Kiryu Coco. You had been very vocal online about your adoration of the virtual YouTuber, and avidly watched her livestreams whenever you could. Among your group of friends you were known as “the Coco guy”, the number one fan of the anime dragon girl/hololive sensation.

How could you not be? Out of all the Vtubers you’ve seen she had the most outlandish and in-your-face personality. She wasn’t worried about being family friendly or keeping things from being too risque. If she wanted to swear or make lewd jokes, she just would, and you kind of respected that.

Of course that wasn’t the only thing that attracted you to her. Coco may be a virtual idol, but she had a dynamite body, even compared to her peers. Her bust size was ginormous, the cleavage within her windowed top was practically overflowing from her chest. If that wasn’t enough, she also had a massive pair of hips, and boy did she know how to use them. Ever since making her 3D debut Coco was confident in showing off some serious booty gyrations. She wasn’t afraid of being shut down for being too indecent on camera, instead she’d make that thing pop like it was nobody's business. You remember the first time you’d seen her ass twerking from under her skirt, and the way how her round cheeks would swing around, leading her purple dragon tail with them. It was mesmerizing. Donating superchats was one thing, but you often daydreamed about worshiping that ass for real…

Tonight was a night like any other. You were browsing a few fan pages and waiting for the new Coco stream to start. That was when you found an interesting post. Apparently there were real Coco tail plugs being made to order. To explain: Coco had a large dragon tail that came out from under her skirt. She once made an off-hand joke about the tail being plugged into her asshole, and the internet being what it is, took it from there. The joke escalated to the point where there were lots of memes and even a stuffed pillow made in the shape of her tail, but it seems like now they actually were making real ones available for purchase. You didn’t really have an interest in butt plugs for your own personal use, but you were too big of a Kiryu Coco fanboy to pass this up. As soon as you saw the words “Limited supply: 100” you didn’t hesitate. You made the purchase then and there.


That was the last thing you remembered before waking up. You clicked the button to send your order for a Coco tail, and now you were stranded somewhere, naked and confused. You woke up lying on a hard round appendage of some sort, and it was connected to some other huge thing that was long and purple. As your eyes adjusted you noticed that you were in a room with a computer desk, except it was hundreds of times bigger than any normal room. Or maybe… it was you that was smaller?

Just then the door swung open. A huge figure appeared and walked into the room. You would recognize that bright orange hair and pair of horns anywhere, it was Kiryu Coco! It wasn’t a 3D model or an actress in costume, it was actually her character in the flesh! You gazed upon her gorgeous body, your mind racing as to how this was even possible. As she approached however, her footsteps shook the floor intensely beneath you. Thundering booming impacts made your world shake like an earthquake, it was in that moment you realized just how ridiculously small you had become.

“[Ah! It’s almost time for the stream! I need to put in my tail!]” she said with a giggle.

Coco’s voice was as perfect as you remembered. Her distinct high pitch and vocal rhythm was something you were used to hearing for hours on end, but for some reason right now you could understand every word of it. You didn’t know how to speak Japanese, and yet, you were able to understand exactly what she was saying. Maybe if you could reach up to her face and communicate she would be able to help you out. You thought about this for a moment until her words caught up with you. Did she just mention her tail?

That was when her giant hand reached out and grabbed the purple object you were shrunken on top of. The long slithering item dangled under her grip as she held it up to use. You held on to your spot for dear life. This couldn’t really be…

“[I can’t do a live stream without putting my tail in first! It just wouldn’t be the same!]” Coco said out loud. She then changed her tone slightly, talking directly at the tail (and unknowingly your shrunken body) “[...And besides, you like it inside your little home, don’t you? My ass is nice and warm and squishy and it hugs you so tight!]”

Coco blushed a little as she said this. Your face would have turned bright pink as well if it didn’t just go pale white. You had finally put everything together. Instead of buying that tail online, you were somehow teleported and shrunken down to its tip. This gave you an up-close and personal look at your favourite YouTube idol, but at a devastating cost. If what she was saying was true, the synthetic tip you were currently sitting on was soon to be on a direct course towards getting plugged up her giant shithole.

Now, you had always admired Coco’s beautiful booty. Her plump dragon rump was basically your idea of perfection, the ideal size and shape of a woman’s behind. You’d pay out the ass just to have a chance to touch it, or squeeze it, or kiss it like you were its worshipper. But this… this was on a whole over level. Being shrunken down and inserted inside her rectum, stewing around within her undoubtedly smelly bowels was NOT something that appealed to you. Also with your body this small it was going to be dangerous too! You had to stop her before it was too late!

“Coco! Down here! Look at me! Please, I don’t know how but I got here but-AUGH!!”

You shouted and waved your arms at the giantess but your voice was too tiny to get her attention. Coco was already preoccupied with getting ready for her stream, and one step in that was slathering her tail plug in a large amount of anal lube. The clear bottle drooled a massive dollop of liquid on top of your tiny body, covering you from head to toe instantly. Your voice was drowned out, unable to cry for help, and worse yet, the tail was already being dropped down towards the giant Vtuber’s backside...

You couldn’t believe the sight in front of you. Coco’s colossal plump ass was hanging directly overhead, encompassing all of your vision. She had positioned the tail under her skirt, bringing it closer than ever to her gargantuan fat booty. Her pale cheeks looked heavenly and soft, their luscious mounds were the size of mountains and jiggled with every movement. There was a grand sweeping warmth emanating from her squishy flesh, a comforting heat that assuredly was even more hot at the core. The sheer scale of her butt made it hard to breathe at first, like it was sucking in all the oxygen from the air. You found yourself gawking and breathless for several seconds, staring at her ass until reality caught up with you.

Coco used her other hand to spread her huge ass cheeks apart, and you then remembered the imminent danger you were in. She was about to shove you all the way up her ass, and into her butthole, without even realizing you were there. It felt like a hot waft of steam escaped her butt cheeks as she spread them apart, the muggy smell of butt sweat was escaping from her crack. It was no wonder that she was getting sweaty back there, with so much warm booty meat packed together such a thing was inevitable. Salty droplets ran down the plush curves of her cheeks, accumulating at the very center. As Coco spread herself more you saw it, the thing was awaiting you inside her gorgeous sweaty canyon.

“[It’s been a couple days, did you miss my asshole? I’ll make sure to squeeze you extra tight, since it’s been starving this whole time! Ohhhh I can’t wait to push you back into my ass, it always feels so good~]” Coco teased.

Without her knowing you were there, it seems like her talk was just a way of riling herself up. The dirty talk seemed to get her in the mood, and every time she said “ass” or “asshole” the enormous ring of flesh would clench at you. It was almost like her huge anus had a mind of its own. It looked hungry, ready to devour something between its juicy wrinkles and swallow it whole. Coco gave her humongous butt cheek a good squeeze with her hand, the abundant flesh squished like dough between her fingers.

You had to get out of here now. However dangerous it was dangling from the lizard-like scales of her artificial tail, it was a hell of a lot safer than being plugged up her poop chute. You made your move to drop down when finally you realized just how thick the anal lube coating you actually was. The substance was too viscous for your tiny arms and legs to wrestle free of, you were caught inside it like a bug stuck to sticky paper. You wriggled and screamed uselessly, desperate to escape from the clear sticky bonds, but Coco had already begun to push the butt plug between her ass cheeks.

The chasm of hot sweaty flesh grew around you, enveloping your shrunken form on all sides. It became noticeably darker with every inch she brought you into her ass crack, and she definitely had a lot of inches. Her plump and juicy dragon butt wobbled around excitedly as she fed it today’s meal, a tasty succulent snack with your tiny body pasted on top. You could taste the sour smell of ass sweat becoming more rank as you were smeared against it. Coco’s generous girthy cheeks squashed you into the tail plug; the pressure wasn’t enough to slide you off of it completely, but your body was roughly battered from side to side. Unceremoniously the giant ass toy was brought to a halt, as it rammed itself (and you) against a dense rubbery surface.

“[Ooooh~ My asshole is giving you a kiss!]”

Coco’s gigantic anus contracted into the butt plug as you made contact, shuddering with pleasure as the girl herself squealed. Your poor body was mashed directly into the folds of her anal orifice, held brutally in place by the unfathomable strength of her hands and her butt muscles at the same time. You couldn’t believe how big it was. You thought her anus was going to be maybe the same size as your body, but it was as big as a truck, no, the size of a whole house! You could only see scarce amounts of the wrinkled maw due to the lack of outside light, barely make out its massive puckering shape, all the while the giantess’s movements made everything incredibly dizzying and painful for you. She was practically stirring the blunt end of the tail plug against her anus, rubbing it sensually around her crevices while you were being pulverized between them. Hot oils and rancid juices smothered your face, bathing you in the hot damp stink of Coco’s sphincter. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, the puckered lips began to spread apart.

An overwhelming pressure caused her giant wrinkles to pry open, horrifically driving you through the portal of her asshole. You screamed in fear, your voice all but drowned out in the ecstatic moans of the dragon girl above. Her gargantuan backdoor chewed on the toy, kneading it mercilessly within its sticky grip. You were caught in a foul mess of hot throbbing flesh, fed to the beastly hole that was eager to feel every single inch of you sliding against its sensitive inner tissue. You thought you were going to pass out from the pressure, or suffocate inside the powerful bands of anal flesh, but instead you were forced to endure each horrific second of undiluted torture. Coco’s moans turned into a high-pitched yelp as the plug suddenly popped through the rest of her butthole. It always felt good when the tail jutted through the thick end of her backdoor, and this time was no exception. Now it was firmly lodged inside her magnificent ass, with a tiny prisoner along for the ride.

Coco smiled as delicious tingles ran up her spine, the thick toy burrowed inside her ass felt absolutely wonderful. She pulled up her underwear and made a few final adjustments to her outfit before sitting down in her streaming chair. As her meaty butt sank into the seat, the weight of her upper body compressed down into her ass. All around you the girl’s cavernous bowel walls pressed down, squeezing your shrunken frame firmly into the slimy hot flesh of her rectum. Coco gave her huge butt a few wiggles to get comfortable, and then went ahead and started the livestream.

“[Hello everyone~!] What’s up motherfackers~?! [How are you all doing? Today I’ll be streaming a really special game...]”

Coco continued speaking to her audience, cheerfully interacting with the stream chat while she started playing a newly released video game. Meanwhile you were in total agony, buried under what felt like several tons of heaving butt muscles. The giant lumpy walls pinned you flat against the plug portion of Coco’s tail, with such an intense amount of force that you were barely able to move. Breathing room was a commodity, and one you didn’t have a whole lot of to begin with. Inside the humid hell of Coco’s rectum her air was blazing hot, and reeked of shit. The area near her anus was fairly clean from feces, but you still felt soiled in an unholy concoction of sticky juices. Anal lubricant, ass sweat, caked-in oils from the folds of her anus, and digusting fluids that lined the walls of her bowels were all slathered onto your body, scrubbed relentlessly into your skin by the powerful clutches of her walls. No matter how much you tried to avoid her attention, if you so much as wriggled for a gasp of air or squirmed around to stop yourself from being crushed, Coco’s sensitive walls would squeeze down ruthlessly against your form.

The environment inside her humongous ass transcended the word “oppressive”. It was a stifling, brutal world, where the scorching hot waves of heat felt like they were sapping the energy from your body. Every breath burned your lips and seared your lungs, causing a pain in your chest as you felt the heat of Coco’s internal fumes. It was easily the worst thing you had even smelled in your life, over and over again you would cough and gag on her stench, which ended up making the giant walls crush you even more. Coco had no idea her ass was trapping an innocent bystander inside of it. As she played her game and yapped on and on, her juicy booty would lightly tighten around the tail plug, smothering you in dense bands of flesh that were normally used to squeeze out her shit. You did your best to endure this surreal torture, but it was when Coco started to consciously play with her butt that you truly began to experience hell.

“[Ah, what was that comment? Someone asked if I always keep my tail in my asshole? What a thing to say! You can’t just ask a girl questions about her ass like that! Most girls will get mad at you! But yes, I have to take my tail out of my asshole sometimes. Right? That’s just how it is.]”

You could only hear bits of her conversation muffled through the meaty walls of her body, but you got the jist of what she was saying. The thing was, as she talked she would purposefully clench with her bootyhole, causing untold amounts of pain for your poor little body. In some sort of way to secretly enjoy herself while streaming, Coco started to squeeze her butt plug every time she said the word “ass” or “asshole” out loud. She would playfully tighten her anus around the tail toy, decimating your tiny form as she did so. You screamed in terror with every clench, the pull from her ass muscles was sucking hard on the butt plug, slowly sliding you from the side of its surface all the way to the back. In her arousal, Coco was inadvertently trying to swallow you into her bowels, if you lost your grip from the tail for even a second you’d become lost in her ass forever.

This kind of terrifying play went on for hours. Coco squeezed down with her powerful turd cutter, and you did everything you could to hang on. Your arms were getting tired, staying attached to the smooth synthetic surface took everything you had, and things were getting more slippery as time dragged on by. A gross froth of anal juices lapped at your body, produced by the wave-like undulating motions of Coco’s ass. Her walls squeezed and throbbed, shuddering with excitement from your every movement. It was amazing how she could even focus on streaming with all this chaos she was causing for you, but at the same time, she was professional.

At one point she leaned over in her seat, lifting one of her glorious soft ass cheeks from the base of her chair, without making it too obvious to the viewers. You felt the shift in posture, as well as some ominous gurgling sounds, before a tremendous eruption of gas hit you from behind. Coco’s butthole hissed violently as it let out a silent steamy fart, absolutely dousing you in the thick potent vapors of her colon. You choked in misery as the stench filled your lungs, just as you thought you were used to her rancid stink, the sudden fart managed to bring tears to your eyes. The hurricane of winds was insanely dense, pumped straight from the furthest depths of her bowels. On the outside, her gas was barely audible, and didn’t pick up on the microphone, but on the inside you were experiencing a howling fetid nightmare. When it all was over, Coco’s butt clenched down extra hard, still red hot from her reeking anal fumes. You didn’t even have time to deal with the suffocating gaseous stench before her ass was already back to trying to swallow you whole.

You felt significantly weakened and sore as the next hour went by. You honestly didn’t know how much longer you could keep this up. Coco’s girthy ass continued to squeeze, hungrily sucking at the tail and your tiny body with every move you made. The experience brought you levels of revulsion you never thought possible. You had tasted the walls of her ass with your bare tongue. You had swallowed several cups of frothy intestinal juices just to keep yourself breathing. Even up to your ears were clogged in her awful anal filth, making all the sounds echoing through her body dull and muffled. Eventually though, you finally lost the match against her giant ass.

Coco’s entire body started to shiver as her heartrate increased. She had come up on a big important boss fight in the midst of her game, and was getting excited. The thumps of her blood pumping could be felt through her ass, which was also increasing in temperature. You clenched your teeth together, barely struggling to hang on as her juicy walls sucked at your dangling legs. Something big was coming, you could feel it.


Coco let out an almost unintelligible screech as her favourite character appeared on the screen. The noise was so loud it pierced through to your ears, and nearly made your heart stop. At that moment, her horny dragon butt kicked into overdrive. The crushing anal muscles jolted into a frenzy, contracting against the tail plug toy in a terrifying fever. Her asshole squeezed down so hard it made the previous clenches look like a feathered touch, now her body meant serious business. You didn’t stand a chance against the flurry of contractions coming from her booty, in a split second you were sucked clean off the toy and swallowed down into her bowels. Hot rectal slime greeted you in a swirling mess of suction, all while Coco’s tremendous bootyhole spasmed around the base of the toy plug.

You had no idea how far her ass had brought you. By the end of Coco’s excitement it felt like you had been pulled through miles of anal flesh. Everything was dark and mucky, and you no longer knew which direction was the way back out. You trudged around through the viscous sludge of her colon for a few more hours before giving up. It didn’t seem like there was any way for you to get out of here by yourself, and no one was coming to help you. Eventually you drowned inside your dragon goddess’s filth, embraced by the warm disgusting hug of her pulsating bowel walls. Neither Coco, nor the thousands of viewers online knew that they had witnessed the exact moment of your death, live on stream.

After Coco ended her stream she stood up with a stretch. She gave her tail a gentle pat, feeling the thick end stir around inside her booty.

“[You felt extra good in my ass today, it was great!]” she said, still tingling from her anus.

With a single tug the toy popped out her butthole, creating an audible slurping noise as it came out. By this point however, you were no longer alive to hear it.

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