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With a new and recent wave of Miniat's running its course through the town, a young girl in her mid twenties learns the pleasure a size difference can bring - at a cost.

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Warning: Contains diapers and scat, read at own risk. Dark/Realistic theme's with slow pacing.



Rated: X
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Shrink: Minikin (3 in. to 1 in.)
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Published: March 16 2021 Updated: March 21 2021

1. Chapter One - Trial Product by ChronicLifetime [Reviews - 1] (3239 words)

The previously released chapter is still available for those who want to read it, but the story has taken a very big departure from the original. The giantess portion of the story doesn't pick up until around the third chapter, and alternate pov's are planned for the victims. Thank you for reading, and enjoy.

2. Pilot Chapter - Mom's Late (Non-canon) by ChronicLifetime [Reviews - 2] (2601 words)

This chapter was just an idea that has become the rest of the story.