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Author's Chapter Notes:

The previously released chapter is still available for those who want to read it, but the story has taken a very big departure from the original. The giantess portion of the story doesn't pick up until around the third chapter, and alternate pov's are planned for the victims. Thank you for reading, and enjoy.

 "Goodnight mama, love you!" My voice bounced to the end of the hallway, carrying a cheerful tone to the home office. It hurt not hearing her singsong voice anymore from the hall, but it couldn't be helped. It was just another one of those things that changed since mom caught the last strain of miniat's disease two years ago. I didn't doubt she still was trying to respond from her office, though; after all, we were inseparable. Dad died not long after I was born, leaving both of us alone without extended family on either side. 


A smudged photo in a frame on the wall brought a light smile to my lips as I imagined them both in wedding attire during their wedding ceremony. Unfortunately for us, the wedding picture wasn't taken professionally, so that streak obscured most of dad's features, and mom didn't have any better ones to share with me. Still, I think he must have been handsome, mom being the judge and me being the sterling example.


With a tired groan, the hinges of my door creaked open to reveal a simple desk and large filing cabinet at the far wall of my room. I quickly plopped down onto the corner of the cabinet and hiked down my sweatpants with a practised motion, revealing my pull-up from the shirt held under my chin. I was surprised to see it was only a little damp from this evening, with it usually soaked when I went in for my night-time change. I kicked off my sweats behind the door next to my hamper, stood up to slip it off, and put it into the small sealed bin next to me.


Even though I hadn't peed much, the air still felt uncomfortably cool against my groin, urging me to get changed as quickly as possible. Dragging the diaper I set out earlier under me, I sat down without looking and felt something vibrating under my right cheek. That speciality butt-plug I got from work was left on all day, and even worse, it was already feeling a lot weaker. My right hand had already been working on the baby powder, so I leaned forwards and just used my left to quickly lube up my butthole and stick it in, being instantly rewarded by pleasure. 


By the time I had taped up the sides, my face was already a little pink, and my hopes for a good dream tonight were pretty promising. I glomped my pillow with exhaustion and flopped under the bed covers to stare dreamily at the ceiling overhead. I didn't know why, but this view was one of the most comforting ones in the world to me. Maybe since it was the first and last thing I saw every day since I was born, it just became my visual security blanket, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Both of my feet slowly poked out from under the sheets and rose upwards towards the ceiling, the soles instantly becoming cold as they made contact with the lowest point of the slope. I held them there for a little while until they felt tired, then I let them drop hard into the mattress to savour the merging of the two vibrations with the one in my rear.


The longer I stared at the ceiling, the sleepier I became, and very quickly, I dozed off with my last conscious thought being about how I left the light on again. That night's dream, however, wasn't the pleasant one I had been hoping for. Instead, I dreamt about the night mom and I got into that crash. It was winter in the late-afternoon; mom and I were getting out of the hospital after her diagnosis of miniat's and were driving home. Snow pelted the windshield in clumps, making visibility low in the flurry that filled the narrow corridors of office buildings. The traffic around us was going about the same speed as we were, everyone carefully making their way to the ploughed Mainstreet. 


Suddenly, a car to our right pulled out around the corner and floored it over some ice, skidding at speed right into the passenger side of our vehicle, and the next thing I knew, the world went black. I was out for a few days, but when I woke up again, mom was a bit smaller and crying at my bedside, holding my hand. I still don't know if it was the emotional toll or just the disease, but the entire thing weighed heavily on her heart. The nurses kept popping in and out, bringing me new fluids and the occasional hospital meal to keep my strength up until the doctor came in broke the news. The crash had left me with a spinal cord injury, and they weren't sure how effective therapy would be, but ultimately it was up to me to decide what to do.


I gave it a shot, and after half a year of it, I was walking again, with help, of course. But it was enough to keep me going. Mom kept shrinking as time passed, and she eventually had to stop coming to visit me as it was becoming more dangerous for her to make the commute. By the end of the first anniversary, I was walking on my own again. There was just one small problem, which was my bladder and bowels. I had been having accidents ever since the 'accident', and I had only been able to recover from the bowel issues since then, albeit with caveats. My therapist then gave me another choice: take pills while using padding to help with the accidents, or use the padding alone. I chose option two. As I sat in the back of my best friends car, I saw something that made my bones freeze in terror. A set of two yellow headlights were barreling through the thick snowfall, heading straight for me in the passenger seat once more.


I shot up and let out a scream, hyperventilating as the sound of my piss hitting the padding between my legs filled the room—another nightmare. I looked to my side to check the time on my alarm clock, a red analogue 10:46 PM meeting my eyes as I groaned in frustration. Even a nightmare couldn't get me through the night anymore, and to top it all off, I wet myself. I almost felt like crying as I flipped over onto my stomach and flopped face-first into my pillowcase. Mom probably heard my scream, and I had been trying so hard not to let her find out I was still having nightmares these past few months. Even the butt-plug couldn't lift my spirits anymore, seeing as its batteries must have died while I was asleep. Actually, I was pretty sure it just fell out because I couldn't even feel it anymore. I must not have been thinking too clearly, because my phone sat in my hand with a new text from my childhood friend on the screen.


>"Hey, XiaXia, what's up?" Yang Zhao's first response buzzed in my palms. I felt a little bit of the previous anxiety melt away for a moment.


>>"Nothing," I replied before sending another text. "Actually, no, guess what's up."


>"Hmmm... You're finally going to agree to the date An Sung asked you on last week!" ... I stared blankly at the phone before wishing I could slap the grin off his face, then gave a blunt reply of 'no'.


>"I think you two would get along well enough if you just gave him a chance, that is." Yang's tone quickly swapped back to serious-mode, making me want to hit him more than usual.


>>"Ahaha, really? You think he'd be so understanding when he sees the diapers? The big scars? How about the nightmares?" I vented a little without thinking, almost instantly wanting to delete what I just sent before a reply came in.


>"Ah, you're still getting nightmares? Do you need me to come over?"


>>".... no."


>"Xia, you going to turn down my movie/cuddle session again?" He started joking again, but the topic was still firmly stuck on what I wanted to avoid.


>>"Depends. I have work tomorrow," I started before adding, "You know, spreadsheets, then a presentation."


>"I can still come. No classes." His reply was quick and becoming more challenging to turn down.


>>"Can't I say no?"


>"You can try to." Another rapid reply popped into the text log. He knew me too well.




>"Denied. Still coming over. Usual time?"


>>"Maybe a little later, thinking of sleeping in tonight if I can."


>"Okay, see you soon, Xia Liao. Remember, An Sung' birthday is only a few months away..."


>>"Shut up. I'm going. Bye-bye~ and I'm punching you when you come over."


>"Goodnight, XiaXia, and noted. Sleep well."




The last text for the night ended with a clack as the phone hit my bedside, and I sat up. The covers soared from my lower body in a rush so I could survey at least a little of the damage I did. The front was a light off-white at the leg guards, letting me know that my diaper was still mostly dry. It had to be said, despite the padding squishing under me, the diaper still looked a bit okay for the rest of the night.


I swung my legs over the side of the bed and scooted my bottom to the edge. I had to turn my light off, and I wanted to check on mom and get something to drink anyways. As soon as I got on my feet, I went down the hallway, ignoring the feeling of warmth radiating from my groin until I made it to her bedroom door. My heart was already leaking with anxiety leaving me wondering what to do. Open the door? But what if moms asleep? Oh god... The diaper... mom wouldn't know... but...


I pushed the door open as gently and as quietly as I could, only sighing in relief when I saw a lump inside of her messy cigarette box-sized bed. Almost as soon as my short and diapered form appeared at the doorway, it disappeared with a click. My anxiety didn't disappear, however. I paced around the living room for a while, quietly fretting as I slowly started to yawn again. I unconsciously circled to the kitchen and grabbed some warm water before returning to my bedroom. 


For the second time tonight, my butt plopped down on the side of my bed. The glass found its home next to my cellphone after I chugged the contents down and fell backwards under the covers again. I felt dead tired. I didn't even have to stare at the ceiling to start the dream, instead just focusing on my sense of self, slowly sinking into the plush mattress and letting it all fade to black.


This time, my dreams were of Yang Zhao again, but instead of his car, we were at his house. Something felt off. His usually bustling household was abnormally silent, save for the sounds of silverware clacking against a ceramic dish. I felt rooted in place, like something was restricting me while I turned my head to the left and spat out whatever was in my mouth. It was a pacifier. I looked in horror at the rest of what was in my view; the sight of a plastic high-chair counter with flowers and smiles judged me as Yang Zhao turned the corner with a bowl of congee. It was torture. His smile grated my patience each time the spoon flew by. I tried to kick him in the stomach, only to miss again and again. I felt bloated, and my stomach was in knots as he put down the bowl, revealing despite the massive amount I ate of the mac n cheese, it was still fucking full of it!


"Ywang, stawp.." I choked back tears, begging him through a mouth still stuff full of food. "Pweash stawp shis."


He didn't. The next step was him putting his massive hand over my stomach and rubbing it up and down, a groan and a gurgle indicating every single one of his intentions. He. Was. Trying to. Make me. Shit myself. I spat the food in my mouth at his still smiling face that didn't miss a fucking beat and kicked with all my might to meet empty air again. The pressure in my gut dissipated while an unwanted guest was making itself right at home, pushing out into the seat behind me. Just at that moment, my eyes shot open to the tune of a long, drawn-out fart.


This morning was going to be a slow one. I had both arms covering my face for a half-hour to calm down before I even thought to flip over and check the alarm clock. 7:28 AM.


>>"Fucking hell, Yang Zhao..." I sent him a text while wiping my tongue with my fingers. I knew it was petty, but I swore I still had the taste of rice in my mouth. 


The covers were cast aside to the wall, and it was time to survey the damage again. The front of my padding was dyed a distinct yellow, and the mild stench of stale urine leaked from my waist. Not as bad as I was expecting, especially after 'that'. Still, I could use a change... Or at least I thought so until I checked the cabinets bottom drawer. I forgot I was waiting for my order to arrive, and now the only padding left in my room were two small daytime pull-ups. It was enough to make a grown woman cry if I even looked the part anymore with a diaper lightly sagging between my legs. I had to work, and those two pull-ups were nowhere near enough to get me through the day, so I came up with a pretty innovative solution.


From the top of the silver tube, a massive set of (my) fingers descended to the depths, retrieving the barely used pull-up from yesterday at the bottom of the bin before drowning the less fortunate contents with temporary oblivion. Pairing that with one of my two others, I got to work snipping off the legs and waists to make a set of makeshift diaper inserts for the rest of today. Sitting down this time with a slightly different routine in mind, I felt something itching around my asshole, reminding me of that butt-plug from last night and making me think it might just be buggy or something. Ignoring that thought, though, I had just shoved and positioned the two into their new home under my crotch, just in time for Yang Zhao to start knocking at the door.


"Xia Liao, you still up?" Yang's voice sounded muffled through the thin wood door, but it was still close enough to make me feel nervous with how skimpy my current attire was.


"Yeah," I paused for a moment before continuing to retape the side, "Don't come in; I'm getting dressed."


"Okay. Need me to do anything?" asked Yang Zhao.


"Yeah, can you see if mom's still home? If she's not, w-would you- ow-mind putting the coffee on?" I called back awkwardly as my hairbrush caught a snag momentarily.


"Sure." The sound of heavy footsteps on hardwood made their way to the kitchen before fading around the corner. Following out behind him, I sat down at the kitchen counter and flicked the power switch, counting the news headlines that sprung up overnight from the comfort of my laptop. Breaking news! Scientists say dogs more likely to achieve first-grade cognitive test thanks to experimental drug trials. Uh-huh... Miniat's scheduled to sweep the world again in three to five weeks. So, nothing changed there. Donovotal's Prosthetics Adult Research Division set to release a new tech demo update at Articon 2033, featuring new sex work employment opportunities for Miniat affected communities...


The list didn't seem to end, but it was mostly just the old news retreads, so I closed the computer. As I stole sips from my mug, I glanced curiously at the state of my diaper. Despite the fact I was currently leaking, the diaper wasn't. It was a good sign that the makeshift inserts were doing their jobs.


"Anything interesting?" Yang Zhao sat down next to me and peeked over my shoulder as he drank his coffee.


"Not really. Maybe the last article was... Wanna read?" I tried to shift my laptop over to his side, only to find it back where it started, with him shaking his head at me.


"No thanks," he said, "My brains still recovering from getting the brats ready for school." We both took another big sip from our mugs before he asked, "Why didn't you change today?"


"cough-didn't have something to change into, Yang." snatching the tissue from his hand, I wiped coffee off my chin while he took my cup and his to the sink.


"Sorry, but you're usually so particular about it. Want to borrow one of MuMu's again?" He set the cups down on the rack and grabbed an apron off the hook next to our pantry.


"Uh, no? Did you forget what happened last time?" I shuddered, remembering the earful I received from his mother about how proper ladies don't wear diapers and that her son was worth more than a disabled bride.


"Right," He gave a sheepish look before the sounds of breakfast wafted past his silhouette, "Sorry, I guess I'm earning this morning's text, huh?"


"What text?" I asked, appearing over his shoulder with a banana in hand.


"You know, the 'Fucking hell, Yang Zhao' one. By the way, what did you send that anyways?" He asked.


"Oh that," I paused to take a small bite of the banana before continuing, "I wash jusht... being petty, I guess.."


I turned my head to see Ghoul strutting down the hallway to where the litterbox was, only to turn back and see Alex's face stretch down and devour half of the banana in my hand.


"What the hell??" I groaned and punched his shoulder. The rest of the banana quickly disappeared into my mouth before he could swoop in for another bite.


"Still feel petty?" He asked, chuckling to himself.


"Yeah, really petty, actually. Consider your toast privileges revoked!" I said, poking his side angrily while an extra slice still made it into toaster anyways. The rest of breakfast went smoothly, with both of us taking some time to catch up with one another since life had made it recently tricky to meet up. Mu Rong, his younger sister, had been begging him to help her sneak out to meet me again due to his mother being too protective when it came to Yang Yun Zhao and the 'bad influence.' His other two brothers were doing well, the younger finishing his final year in high school in the fall, while his older one was getting ready to ship out of Xiangchun for work opportunities. 


After chatting for some time, I took Yang Zhao's arm and dragged him in the living room's direction.

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