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Author's Chapter Notes:

Trying to get back into writing. Let me know what you think so far and the types of things youd like to see going forward. 

Dave sat in his lab at work looking over his calculations, while practically pulling his hair out from frustration. 

He worked for a pharmaceutical company and was working on a way of shrinking fat away on people, but he kept running into dead ends. 

He was in his early 30s and had given up on his childhood dreams of finding cures for all sorts of illnesses as soon as he saw how much money was in the superficial drugs like weight loss. 

"Having some trouble?" Came a taunting female voice from behind him. 

Turning in his chair he saw one of his co-workers, Tiffany, standing behind him. Early on in his career, he had pointed out a mistake of hers in front of their boss, causing her to lose out on a promotion, and she has never forgiven him. 

"Don't you have your own projects to screw up?" He said as he turned back to his work. 

"Oh, don't worry, I made a big breakthrough today and my new drug is being reviewed." She said with a laugh, "A pill for breast growth is gonna guarantee me a promotion, one I should have had a long time ago." 

"I thought we weren't supposed to work on personal projects at work" Dave said, slyly referencing how Tiffany was a small, flat chested girl. 

"Careful Dave, I'll remember those little comments when I'm your boss." She snapped. 

"Please, your project won't sell nearly as well as mine, and at the end of the day, the guys up top only care about sales." He said smugly. 

"You can't sell it if you can't make it. And it seems like you still have a long way to go." With that, she turned and left. Leaving Dave more frustrated than ever at his work. 

He spent a few more hours making little progress on his work before calling it a day and heading home. 

Dave's girlfriend Sarah greeted him as he walked into the kitchen. She was a beautiful blonde bombshell with perky D cups, thin waist and a round butt. He pulled her in for a hug and kiss, unable to keep his hands off her. She only came up to his chest, and she loved how big he was compared to her. 

"Well hello there mister, how was work?" She said as they pulled apart. 

"Ugh, I think I'm gonna have to start talking some risks with my project if I want to get this done sometime in this century. And that bitch Tiffany apparently made a breakthrough today. So I can probably kiss the promotion goodbye." He ranted. 

"Aww, don't worry baby, I'm sure you'll figure it out. Dr. Dreamy can do anything." She said, using her pet name for him. "Is there anyway I can cheer you up?" She said in a sultry voice and pressed her body up against him. 

"I'm sure we can find something to cheer me up" he said and picked her up, carrying her into the bedroom with a laugh. 


Dave was walking down the hallway at work when he saw his boss, Mr. Edwards talking to Tiffany. 

"Congratulations on the approval for human trials, Tiffany. We expect big things from you. No pun intended." He said with a rye smile. 

"Thank you Mr. Edwards, I can't wait to see the results myself." She said smiling at him. 

Mr. Edwards saw Dave approaching and turned towards him. 

"Oh Dave, I was just congratulating Tiffany here on her new drug. By the way, how has your day shrinking project been going?" He asked. 

"It's going very well, I should have something for review by the end of the week." He lied. 

Tiffany shot him a suspicious look at the claim but said nothing. 

"Excellent, well I won't keep you two any longer. Have a nice day." He said as he went off down the hall. 

Tiffany turned towards him as soon as their boss was out of earshot. 

"End of the week huh? You sure are optimistic." She said with a grin. 

"You should mind your own business." He spat as he hurried past her to his lab. 

He hated to admit it, but she was right. He would need to get lucky in order to have anything to show by the end of the week. 

He pulled up his most recent concoction and injected it into one of the lab rats, praying something would happen. 

Not seeing any immediate response, he was comforted by the fact that he hadn't made anything deadly. 

The rest his day was spent going over his equations and monitoring the rat. He hadn't seen any unusual behavior from it so far. 

Near the end of the day he took the rat out of it's cage to re weigh it. 

"Holy shit!" He exclaimed, "It actually worked!" 

The rat had lost a few ounces. He couldn't believe his luck. He was smiling so wide his mouth started to hurt. 

This was a major achievement. Such a fast acting weight loss drug would make millions and guarantee a promotion. 

The thoughts of the promotion made him remember that Tiffany was already on human trials. He couldn't let her get ahead of him and secure the promotion before he had the chance to prove his drug worked. 

Against his better judgement, he held a syringe with the drug in it up to his wrist. 

"Well, big risks for big rewards" he said as he injected himself. He felt the liquid flow into his veins as it spread through his body. He held his breath in anticipation of any immediate side effects. 

A few minutes passed without incident. Much to Dave's relief. 

He went home in a much better mood than he had been in for awhile. He pulled into the driveway just as Sarah was getting home from her job. 

"Hey baby, I made a huge breakthrough at work today!" He exclaimed as he got out of the car. 

"Oh that's wonderful, has it been approved for trials?" She asked.

Dave hesitated a moment, "Ugh, not exactly." 

"What do you mean by that?" She asked confused. 

"Well, the only way I can beat out Tiffany for the promotion is if I prove mine works before hers. So I kinda tested it on myself before I got approval."

"What! Are you insane! You could have killed yourself!" She said angrily. "What were you thinking?" 

He put his hands up trying to calm her down.

"Don't worry, I tested on a rat first, and I haven't had any negative reactions to it." 

"I can't believe you." She said in a huff, storming inside. 


Dave sighed to himself, his mood had been crushed. He reluctantly followed her inside, knowing he was in for a long evening.

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