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Story Notes:


Normal-Sized People
Stephanie Zhao
Height: 5’8”
Shoe Size: 8
Race: Chinese
Hometown: New York, NY
Birthday: June 1
A recent graduate of NYU. Stephanie secured a job with the Hornblower Foundation in Human Resources. Stephanie owns a copy of the shrinking machine and uses it primarily for playtime with her boyfriend, Roger. However, she sees herself as a vigilante for social justice and will use the shrinking machine to teach those who do horrible things a lesson. Stephanie is bubbly, friendly, loyal, but gets her feelings hurt easily. Stephanie also believes strongly in helping those who are disadvantaged. Stephanie can go from gentle to rough giantess easily depending on the tiny. She grew up with her mom, Xue Ma, who owns a nail salon. Stephanie’s friends are planning a big 22nd birthday celebration for her at the nail salon.

Amy Liang
Height: 5’1”
Shoe Size: 5.5
Race: Chinese
Hometown: Albany, CA
Birthday: March 7
A recent graduate of NYU and Stephanie’s best friend. Amy’s boyfriend is Brian, the inventor of the shrinking machine. Brian and Amy move to Cambridge, MA for their next steps in life: Brian is a professor at MIT and Amy is a Physics PhD student at MIT. Amy is sweet, shy, and nerdy. She gets nervous around large groups of people but has gained a lot of self-confidence since “Nail Salon”. Amy is good at seeing the bright side of a situation. But she notices the student trying to steal her boyfriend! She has a younger brother, Kevin, who is her opposite in many ways.

Maria Alvarez
Height: 5’4”
Shoe Size: 7
Race: Hispanic
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Birthday: November 19
A nail technician at the Nail Salon, Maria is pursuing her bachelor’s in Art at Brooklyn College. She is the girlfriend of Veronica. Maria, who grew up in poverty had had many riches the past year - her giantess/tiny playtime with Veronica, (2) the sudden influx of wealth thanks to Veronica’s trust fund. Maria has a dominant personality and doesn’t hesitate to speak up. Maria owns a copy of the shrinking machine. She has helped Veronica become more confident. Maria is an aspiring artist and hopes to make it big someday. Maria and Veronica decide to spice up their sex life by bringing a man into the mix.

Xue Ma
Height: 5’1”
Shoe Size: 6
Race: Chinese
Hometown: Shanghai, China
Birthday: September 29
Stephanie’s mother and the owner of the Nail Salon. She takes pride in putting disobedient tinies into shape including the little Drumpfs. Xue works very hard in keeping her nail salon making money. At heart, she’s a silly and playful woman with a strong perfectionist streak and high expectations of Stephanie. Her husband was killed in a freak construction accident thanks to the negligence of Ronald Drumpf. Xue has permanent tinies with Sophie and Ronald.

Julie Hornblower
Height: 5’11”
Shoe Size: 11
Race: White
Hometown: New York, NY
Birthday: September 7
The daughter of billionaires, Julie never had to struggle with anything financially. Despite her extreme wealth, Julie is gracious and kind to everyone she meets. She has a high-level position in the Hornblower Foundation after graduating from NYU. Julie indulges in tiny playtime on occasion but not as much as her friends. But things get interesting when she meets Don Drumpf, a man who presses her constantly on the disappearance of his sister and father. With a little help from Stephanie, Julie helps Don find the answer.

Alex Watson
Height: 5’11”
Shoe Size: 13
Race: White
Hometown: Wellesley, MA
Birthday: September 21
A trans girl who is now a star attorney at Ronald’s former law firm. She got her revenge on Ronald after he fired her for being trans. A graduate from Columbia and NYU Law School, Alex has a sharp legal mind and is the one Stephanie goes to whenever Stephanie thinks she might have bent the law a little bit with her own vigilante activities. Alex is witty and diligent. She also enjoys having playtime with the tinies once in a while – especially Sophie and Ronald.

Stacy Bennett
Height: 5’6”
Shoe Size: 7.5
Race: Black
Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC
Birthday: May 7
A serious and studious Physics undergrad at MIT, Stacy becomes fast friends with Amy who lives in the same apartment. Stacy leaves little time for fun in her life since she wants to achieve great success and wants the world to see her brilliance. However, Stacy has a dry sense of humor which her close friends appreciate. Stacy learns about the shrinking machine and becomes very curious about it. Things get more interesting when Amy invites Stacy on a trip to NYC to see her friend Stephanie.  Stacy is roommates with Neha.

Linda Forrester
Height: 5’10”
Shoe Size: 9.5
Race: White
Hometown: Boca Raton, FL
Birthday: December 7
A therapist in Miami who deals specifically with trauma – she meets a most interesting patient, a guy named Chad who claimed to be shrunken and tortured by giant women a year ago in New York. Linda originally views Chad’s stories as metaphorical but she notices that he seems more interested in sleeping with her than listening to her advice anyway. Things become interesting for Linda when she gets a mysterious package from “SZ”.

Alicia Steele
Height: 5’7”
Shoe Size: 8
Race: Black
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Birthday: March 27
Alicia is just a classy lady who met a sexy babe named Maria online for a date. Things seem normal at first. But Alicia is in for a surprise when she learns that Maria and her tiny girlfriend, Veronica, sought Alicia out for a sexy threesome. Alicia doesn’t hesitate to indulge their dark fantasies. Trouble arises though when Alicia becomes so addicted to Veronica that she wants Veronica all to herself.

Roger Chandler
Height when normal: 5’10”
Height when tiny: 1.17 inches
Race: White
Hometown: Scarsdale, NY
Birthday: September 5
Stephanie’s boyfriend and a recent graduate of NYU. Roger secured a job with the Hornblower Foundation working in the Foundation’s internal audit department. He is an easygoing and bright guy who is always there to help Stephanie feel better. Roger is the one who can stay calm when everyone else is freaking out. He enjoys giantess/tiny playtime with Stephanie. Roger is extremely loyal to Stephanie even though his wealthy parents, who manage a hedge fund, want him to break up with her. Roger’s best friend is Chad who he has known since childhood.

Brian Kaplan
Height when normal: 6’2”
Height when tiny: 1.23 inches
Race: White
Hometown: Franklin Lakes, NJ
Birthday: January 10
The inventor of the shrinking machine and Amy’s boyfriend. Brian graduated from MIT undergrad and just earned his PhD in Physics at NYU. Brian and Amy move to Cambridge, MA since Brian gets a job as a professor at MIT and Amy is pursuing a PhD program in Physics at MIT. Brian is a brilliant inventor with a 174 IQ, but he is somewhat of a nervous nelly. Amy is always there to help him see the bright side. Brian and Stephanie do not get along at all. Things shake up when one of Brian’s students decides that she wants to date him.

Veronica Rivera
Height when normal: 5’5”
Height when tiny: 1.08 inches
Shoe Size: 7
Race: Hispanic
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Birthday: February 8
A former #2 of mean girl, Sophie, Veronica is actually a sweet girl who had self-esteem issues.  Veronica is the girlfriend of Maria who has helped Veronica become more confident. The two of them enjoy giantess/tiny playtime – with Veronica always being the tiny. A recent graduate of NYU – Veronica has been fortunate enough to be able to live off a massive trust fund which gives her all the time in the world to spend with Maria. After a year, Veronica and Maria find an interesting way to spice up their sex life – bringing a man into the mix.

Sophie Drumpf
Height when normal: 5’2”
Height when tiny: 1.03 inches
Shoe Size: 7
Race: White
Hometown: New York, NY
Birthday: August 12
An entitled rich girl who thinks the world revolves around her. She is unabashedly racist and an all-around jerk. Sophie hates everyone except her daddy because he treats her like a princess. A dropout from NYU because she became Xue’s tiny pet after her junior year of college. Sophie and her father, Ronald, regularly plot their revenge against all that have wronged them. Sophie discovers an unlikely opportunity in her small state which could turn everything around. But Stephanie, Xue, and friends are always one step ahead of her literally and figuratively.

Ronald Drumpf
Height when normal: 6’0”
Height when tiny: 1.2 inches
Race: White
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Birthday: May 12
A former high-powered managing partner of a top NYC law firm, Ronald was brought down to size and becomes the permanent tiny plaything of Xue. Ronald has two children: Sophie and Don. Ronald is a hot-tempered narcissist who takes pleasure in belittling others. He has a weirdass hairdo too. Ronald made the mistake of firing Alex for being a trans girl which led to his permanent shrinking.  Ronald and Sophie spend their time plotting their revenge. He was also responsible for the death of Stephanie’s father and Xue’s husband.

Chad Marston
Height when normal: 6’0”
Height when tiny: 1.2 inches
Race: White
Hometown: Scarsdale, NY
Birthday: April 9
Traumatized by his experience as a tiny, Chad quietly transferred to the University of Miami to get away from Stephanie, Julie, and the others. He keeps in touch with Roger though. Chad is a jerk who never really learns that his douchebag ways are wrong. Chad sees a therapist who is also a beautiful and tall blonde woman named Linda who he hopes to shag. Chad tells Linda of his nightmarish experiences as a tiny. Things seem to go well for Chad until Linda gets a little surprise in the mail from “SZ”.

Kevin Liang
Height when normal: 5’8”
Height when tiny: 1.13 inches
Race: Chinese
Hometown: Albany, CA
Birthday: June 12
Amy’s younger brother – he is a slacker with an outgoing personality. He is the favorite child who could do no wrong since he is a son. Naturally bright but unfocused, Kevin finished his freshman year at Columbia on academic probation, Kevin has become both an alcoholic and a pothead. Despite his epicurean exterior, Stephanie notices the sadness inside of him and has her own methods of helping. Kevin knows Amy is more deserving of their parents’ praise but they consider a son inherently more valuable than a daughter.

Don Drumpf
Height when normal: 6’1”
Height when tiny: 1.22 inches
Birthday: July 1
A recent graduate of Penn Law School, Don takes the summer off to investigate the disappearance of his younger sister and father by returning to NYC. He is somewhat disgusted by the fact that the rest of the world doesn’t seem to be care – but unlike his sister and father, he’s not so much of a jerk just loyal to his family. He meets an interesting and tall woman in a bar named Julie who might have some answers to their disappearance. Don’t want to spoil too much – but Don learns the meaning of tiny playtime.

Neha Varma
Height when normal: 5’7”
Height when tiny: 1.12 inches
Shoe Size: 8
Race: Indian
Hometown: Albany, CA
Birthday: November 26
Neha is an ambitious undergrad at MIT. She does whatever it takes to get what she wants. She is taking a summer class where Brian is her professor. Neha decides that she wants Brian to be her boyfriend and flirts with him shamelessly. Nerdy Brian is clueless but Amy notices and has her own plans. Neha and Amy knew each other in high school – Neha being a grade below. Things are more awkward as Neha once stole another guy Amy crushed on back in high school. She is roommates with Stacy.


Author's Chapter Notes:

The beginning of Nail Salon II, events take place one year after Nail Salon!

Sophie and Ronald are just living the life of Xue's little pets.

Stephanie has been making interesting uses of the shrinking machine - including being a vigilante ;)


[POV: Sophie]

Almost a full year had passed since Sophie and her daddy were mercilessly shrunk to an inch. Sophie had always believed growing up that the world revolved around her, but she wondered if she was a product of bad luck. Nobody had come to save her. Stephanie and her cronies had made sure of that. The only ones who seemed to show sympathy were Brian and Veronica, but they were slaves to their own fantasies of being shrunken.

Sophie and her daddy spent day after day being a slave to Xue, the old Ching-Chong. Sophie was going to get her revenge – she swore it.

“Stop staring in space, bug girl! Finish my pedicure!”

Sophie got out of her train of thought. The old Ching-Chong was even taking that away from her.

Sophie stared at the old tanned bare feet of the middle-aged Asian woman. She hated those fat and flat feet. At least Sophie wasn’t using her own hair to paint the bitch’s toenails anymore.

“Get going”, said Xue, “whole year pass and you still don’t get your place.”

Sophie said nothing. She wasn’t going to give the old Ching-Chong the satisfaction.

Sophie dipped the brush in the red polish and began painting Xue’s toenails. Sophie knew it was demeaning but she knew that if she didn’t do her job that she would go in the PedEgg again.

Sophie watched as the toes shamelessly wiggled and occasionally grabbed her body. Just another day in the life of a tiny.

Sophie tried to look at the bright side. She could have been Stephanie’s tiny – that would have been so much worse to end up with that oversensitive bitch. At least Xue let Sophie insult her and Xue just ignored it.

“Fucking ching chong”, grumbled Sophie as she continued working.

At the other foot was her daddy. He was an amazing father who didn’t deserve any of this – just because he fired a man confused about his gender out of all things.

“Ronald, why don’t you work tonight”, barked Xue.

“Old bitch, my arms are tired and I am tired of you being nasty to me and my daughter.”

Sophie admired that about her daddy – he never gave up.

“I’m younger than you.”

“Yeah but you’ve given up on your appearance – typical of an old China woman, I guess.”

Sophie could only watch as Xue raised her foot on Daddy and put it down.

“Get back to work”, said Xue to Sophie, “or you underfoot too. Maybe Ronald go in PedEgg tomorrow.”

Sophie continued working on Xue’s toenails. She painted each toenail meticulously and made sure the work was flawless. Sophie had gotten incredibly good at painting nails.  Xue would even have Sophie paint nails for customers on occasion. What, why the hell was she feeling satisfaction about that? It’s been way too long and she couldn’t go back in the PedEgg.

“You do good when you focus. You avoid PedEgg again. As for your father, he’s not so fortunate.”

[POV: Stephanie]

Stephanie Zhao was in a good place in life. She just graduated from NYU and got a nice job in Human Resources at the Hornblower Foundation. Stephanie also received an amazing gift last year in the shrinking machine. And it was almost her one-year anniversary with Roger, the most amazing boyfriend ever and her favorite tiny person ever!

But unfortunately, Roger’s snooty parents insisted that Roger go to Venice with them and without her. Roger promised he would back by her birthday, June 1, no matter what. Stephanie knew Roger would put in all efforts to get home.

Stephanie checked her phone and saw two texts.

Roger: My sexy Stephanie, I am missing you so much. Venice is so boring in comparison <3
Julie: Your latest mission – if you should choose to accept.

Stephanie missed Roger but she had an interesting night ahead.

To Roger
Stephanie: My little cutie, I miss you sooooooo much and believe me – Venice would be more exciting if I was there 😉
Roger: *kissy face* 😉


To Julie
Stephanie: Who needs tiny playtime tonight?
Julie: You must get there fast. Mulligan’s on West 109th Street. Some Wall Street jerk is attempting date rape based on my surveillance.
Stephanie: Of course but I’m really far – in my apartment at the East Village a85;
Julie: Mauricio is getting a helicopter now.

There was nothing Julie couldn’t do. Stephanie was on it. She looked at herself in the mirror – tanktop, short-shorts, and flip-flops with toenails painted pink. She was ready with the shrinking machine in her pocketbook.

Stephanie heard the helicopter and rushed to it. She waved hello to Mauricio and the two were off.

In an instant, Stephanie was in front of Mulligan’s and ready.

She entered the bar and could see a tall white guy, probably in his mid 20’s, sneaking some powder inside a woman’s drink.

Stephanie approached the guy.

“Hey! Don’t I know you from somewhere?”

“Uhh”, said the man, “do you work at Goldman? Sorry, all you Asians look the same to me.”

“Oh, all you bros look the same to me. So, I might be mistaken.”

“Stick around”, said the man, “my name is Parker.”

“Stephanie. You have two drinks?”

“Yeah. Met this total hottie blonde. She’s just in the bathroom now but we’ll have a grand old time.”

“Is that why you put that stuff in her drink? For a grand old time?”

Parker looked nervous.

“I..umm..I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Don’t lie to me”, said Stephanie, “I saw you.”

Stephanie took the roofied drink and poured the contents on the floor.

“Ready for a grand old time”, asked Stephanie with a wink.

Parker looked scared – good.

Stephanie stealthily pulled out the shrinking machine and shrunk Parker down 1/60 of his size.

She saw the tiny Parker on the barstool.

“I’m leaving but while your lady is away, you can keep her seat warm!”

Stephanie got a piece of tape keeping him stuck to the blonde’s seat.

[POV: Xue]

Xue was living the dream. The man whose negligence caused her husband to die was now her bug brat forever.

Xue kept Ronald under her foot feeling his body stupidly try to fight her weight.

Sophie was doing a good job today painting Xue’s nails.

“You make Xue proud.”

“So you won’t put me in the PedEgg?”

“Definitely not, you’re good bug today”, responded Xue with a laugh.

“I don’t want you to hurt Daddy.”

“I tell you what your Daddy did to me?”

“Yes”, responded Sophie with a roll of her eyes, “unfortunate accident – but he has done so much good for America.”

“So delusional. You act like he’s President?”

“70 million people would agree with me.”

“I think less.”

Xue twisted her foot on Ronald letting him feel her power.

“Sophie, give my foot a little kiss.”

Sophie didn’t object and put her lips on Xue’s big toe.

Xue would never find the feeling of a tiny caressing her foot to be old.

“You good bug. Now, we prepare for tomorrow.”

Sophie stared at Xue knowing the answer.

“You help with customers. Ronald help with PedEgg.”

Xue enjoyed having Sophie pamper her customers’ and their feet.

“Umm”, said Sophie, “what sort of tasks will I be doing tomorrow?”

“Customers seem to like when I bring you out for show – as long as people keep you secret.”

Xue had been taking risks the past few months by showing her customers the tiny Sophie. She hadn’t done that with Ronald but he was ugly and would scare customers away. Sophie was a brat but had a natural beauty to her which was hard to ignore. Xue had been only showing Sophie off to her VIP customers who could be trusted to keep a secret.

Xue still had Ronald under her foot. But she knew that it was time for sleep – tomorrow would be a busy day at the nail salon. Xue was also busily planning a surprise for Stephanie whose birthday was coming up in a week. Her daughter only deserved the best – she was first in family to graduate from college.

“What do you think I should do for Stephanie for her birthday”, Xue asked Sophie.

“Maybe you should grow me back, I shrink Stephanie and I have my own tiny playtime with her”, Sophie was getting more comfortable around her after a year.

“I do opposite of that”, said Xue with a laugh.

Sophie looked worried.

“You be good girl. And I protect you from Stephanie. Sleep time.” 

Xue pulled out a piece of tape and taped Ronald to her foot.

“Ching chong bitch”, grumbled Ronald.

Xue could care less.

“You sleep well now”, said Xue to Ronald, “since there will be PedEgg taking care of you.”

“Sophie”, continued Xue, “you paint nails well and get a reward. You can sleep in tiny bed.”

Xue picked up Sophie and placed the tiny onto a bed made of tissues.

Xue smiled, tomorrow would be a great day.


Chapter End Notes:

I hope everyone enjoyed this chapter!
Let me know what you think in the reviews!!

Also yes one of the new characters is a giant man with not a huge but interesting part to the story- but if you don't want me to include him in the story, let me know.


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