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Story Notes:

First story after being away for a while due to *gestures broadly* enjoy.

I am now also uploading onto DeviantArt, same content under the name N1gmat1c.

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It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

You were young, healthy, you had been careful. The insurance policy, the Elevator on both floors, these were precautions, you never thought you would have to use them.

In the current climate, where anyone could contract the shrinking virus, going to a bar was a luxury; a ticketed event. You had bought four tickets but used only three: you, your girlfriend and her best friend.

They were going into the city first, you would join them later.

And then you shrank.

Like everyone else, you blacked out and awoke in a pile of your own clothes. Your clothes these days were lightweight just in case, still warm but breathable enough to allow a shrunken human to crawl out from beneath them. The days of being smothered under a leather jacket were long gone.

You had shrunk while crossing the living room.

The journey to the Elevator was an odd one, made slower by not only your small size but also your new worldview. In the early days your life would have been over, Shrinking was still new and few knew what to do about it.

Things were somewhat better now. Shrinkys still lost their status, their human rights and right to property etc. but with the right insurance you could be looked after. You were lucky, you and girlfriend had already agreed that if anything happened to either of you, the other would keep them and support them until a cure was found.

That really went a long way. Those that shrank uninsured and alone might as well be dead.

You moved as quickly as you could. She wouldn’t be home for a few hours but it was all too common for the recently, and not too recently, shrunk to be crushed underfoot by a loved one before they were noticed. For the Micros, there was little that could be done. For everyone else, an Elevator nearby would help keep them safe.

The Elevator was made of hard clear plastic. The base connected to the floor, allowing the shrunken person to access the structure. They would then be conveyed up to the top of the device, usually on a table, and into a secure locked holding dome to await rescue. A light would come on to alert anyone coming into the room that a Shrinky was in need of help.

You had sat and stared at that green light for hours as you contemplated your fate.

Voices woke you, the sound of keys in the door. Darkness filled the room, it was late, very late. She always did this.

She would be drunk, more likely to pass out on the couch than help you. On the far wall, a dimly illuminated clock showed the time as just passing 3.30am.

The front door finally opened, the voices now louder as they spilled into the house. Lights came on, one after another, drunken voices called your name. They were both home.

It wasn’t the first time her friend had stayed over, they would usually end up at one of their homes after a night like this. They would drink on into oblivion, the next day spent huddled hungover beneath the bed covers awaiting delivery of fried food.

The first time you saw them was better than you had imagined. You read stories of the recently shrunk looking up at humans from the floor, seeing them as towering titans, giants that shook the earth with each footstep. At distance and from the tabletop, you could have fooled yourself that you were equal in size.

That was far from the case.

The both wore short skirts, ankle boots and black jackets. Your girlfriend was clearly the more drunk of the two, she always was, though neither could stand with confidence.

The laughed and talked, their words slurring as they crossed the room. You shouted out for help, shouted your girlfriends name but your voice was lost beneath their giggles and drunken squeals.

Your ray of hope fell heavily onto the sofa, kicking off her boots and sprawling across the cushions.

‘Where is he?’ she whined in that annoying drunken voice she did, ‘do, do you think he’s ok? Maybe, maybe he shronk?’

‘Shronk!’ her friend burst into laughter as your girlfriend tried to correct herself.

‘Y’know, maybe he’s little, maybe he needs me?’

She tried to rise and fell back onto the couch, ‘Can you, can you check the thing?’

Her friend steadied herself against an armchair and looked across the room, ‘He’s fine, he’s probably just forgot to charge his phone and is, like, out with his buddies or something. He’s fine.’

‘Just check the, the thing, there’s a light.’

‘Urgh, ok, gimme your keys’ She took up your girlfriends clutch and fished out the keys. The dangled from her fingertips, her hips swaying as she crossed the room, her heeled boots making the trip even harder than it already would have been in her drunken state.

Through eyes blurred by alcohol, she saw the Elevator and the light that blinked above you.

You punched the air, at least you had been noticed. A grin split your face as you saw the cogs turn in her mind. They were drunk but they knew you were here.

She stopped, once again steadying herself against the furniture. Her eyes fell to the floor, scanning the lino until she saw your crumpled pile of clothes.

You watched, shouting her name, confusion sitting on your voice as she moved towards them.

Once again her face turned to the Elevator, her eyes looking directly at you. Without pause, her booted foot found your clothes and kicked them under the table by the window. Out of sight for the moment.

‘What was that?’ your girlfriend slurred from the couch, the sound of your shoe bouncing off the skirting board rousing her from drunkenly scrolling through her phone.

‘Nothing,’ her friend replied, ‘just me.’

The table shook as her body collided with it, knocking you from your feet. From a sitting position you looked up through the plastic lid at the giant woman that filled the heavens.

Panic started to rise in you now. What was this drunken bitch doing?

You shouted her name, called out for your girlfriend. Again you were too small to be heard from the other side of the room. The giantess above you however, she heard your cries all too clearly. A smirk crossed her face as she looked down upon you before calling back across the room.

‘The light on that plastic Shrinky thing is on but he isn’t in here. I told you he’d be ok, it must be broken or something.’

The Elevator shook as her hands found it, the key turning in the lock.

Fear consumed you as the lid was lifted away, leaving nothing between you and the vast beauty that grinned down upon you.

‘I’m gonna turn it off babe, just in case. You wanna have some more drinks and wait for him?’

Her hand reached down, swallowing you in a vice of steel soft skin. Her heat and scent surrounded you, your stomach flipping as she dragged you into the sky. Your screams were silenced by her flesh. Muffled, you heard your girlfriend laugh and protest the idea of more drinks for a brief second before giving in.

‘Ok,’ your captors voice was like sweet thunder, ‘stay there, I’ll go to the kitchen’

When her hand opened, revealing you trembling on her palm, her eyes shone like stars.

Another scream of terror left you as her face swept towards you, her rose pink lips filling your world.

vodka laced breath poured over you making you choke as she spoke, ‘You’re so fucked.’

Uncaring fingers crushed the air out of you as she folded you into her fist.

Wracked with pain, your stomach heaved and your body shook with every footstep.

Light flooded around you as she dropped you onto the kitchen counter. You landed heavily, rolling in pain before crawling to your feet. You made to run, your captor a mountain range behind you.

Her hand moved faster than you could think, its shadow flitting over you before slamming down onto the counter. The blow knocked you from your feet, a wall of flesh now blocking your path. With ease she pivoted her hand, her thumb rising to tower before you.

‘Try to escape again, ‘ she hissed from high above, her voice drunk and deadly though low enough not to be heard by your girlfriend ‘and I’ll crush your little legs.’

You cried aloud and threw yourself backwards as her thumb crashed onto the counter mere inches on your scale from where you sat. Her nail was painted black, you could almost see your tiny naked body reflected in it. You were helpless and pathetic.

‘And stop squeaking too, its really, it’s really annoying.’

High above, she collected a half bottle of vodka and three shot glasses. She grinned down at you, swirling the perfectly clear liquid in one hand before plucking you from the countertop between her thumb and forefinger.

As before, she was not gentle. This time you were sure she cracked a rib as her powerful grip crushed you. Barely a second or so passed before you were dropped again, this time landing hard on the cold, hard surface of the shot glass.

The sound of three glasses clashing together was like the deafening tolling of bells. You bounced and jostled as she lifted the vessels into the air and returned to the living room.

Despite her warning, you shouted for your girlfriend. Your voice was hoarse and dry at this point and had no chance of being heard above their drunken conversation.

You flipped in place as the giant woman carrying you dropped heavily onto the couch.

The bottle thudded onto the table, two glasses following it.

Your girlfriend grinned as she leaned over to sloppily pour out two shots. Her feet thudded onto the floor as she sat upright.

Unseen by her; the third glass that held you was surreptitiously lowered to the floor, upended sending you once again tumbling to the ground then slammed down over you to seal you within a glass cell.

The new scene before you was more terrifying than anything you had ever before experienced.

From down on the floor, the two women were unfathomable.

Directly beside you, your captor’s boots were tools of destruction. Her slightest movement sent tremors rumbling through the ground, some strong enough to almost knock you from your feet. The toe of her black boots stood taller than your prison, your shrunken body barely reaching past the tread. The heel was a solid black pillar capable of reducing anything you could imagine to nothing.

Black tights enclosed her legs, stretching up forever. From this angle that was all that you could see of her, the couch blocking the rest.

You were afforded a better view of your girlfriend.

Between you, one of her discarded boots stood like a temple. Her similarly chunky heel was painted gold, looking like some ancient treasure to be discovered.

Beyond she was a goddess, massive enough to fill the heavens.

Netted stockings covered her legs and feet. Her soft skin was prickled with sweat from a night dancing in the club. Her smallest toe was almost the size of a car, her big toe easily able to compress a truck beneath it. Her nails were painted the same red as her dress that hugged her thighs. She had always had curves in the right places and the sight of her now would send anyone mad with desire.

She laughed and slurred as she talked, the words melding with the music blaring from her friend’s phone. Your captor ensured there was no chance of you being heard and little of you being seen hidden beside her foot in the darkness.

In your prison you went mad with fear and frustration. You tried to lift the edge of the glass, knowing before you started that it was a futile effort. The ground hummed like a heartbeat, the smallest of their movements reminding you of your predicament.

She said you were fucked, she hid you from sight. She could have killed you a hundred times over by now, why didn’t she? Why had she turned on you, you had always been friends? What had she planned, what would she do to you?

You were not wishing your life away but the unfathomable mind and motives of your captor added to the torment of the situation.

High above, like the voice of a distant gods, you heard their conversation turn. The volume of their speech, albeit muffled by the layer of glass that separated you from them, allowed their words to be deciphered.

‘You still have a few?’

‘Hah, yeah, hidden away. He doesn’t like them.’

‘Nobody likes them, that’s the point.’

‘Yeah but like, y’know, he thinks, he thinks its wrong to, like, fuck with them and stuff.’


‘Yeah, I tried to, to show him a few times but he still thinks that they’re, they’re like people.’

The giantess above you giggled, ‘I wonder how he feels about them now?’

The perfect face of your girlfriend twisted into a look of sweet confusion. ‘How, how’d you mean?’

‘Nothing, I dunno, you wanna fuck with some?’

Sunlight shone from your girlfriends face, ‘Yeah, uh-huh, let’s, lets fuck them up!’

The ground bucked as she stood and crossed the room, each footstep stopping your heart.

She returned carrying a small plastic box that was lowered to the floor. The lid had been removed and she manipulated the vessel easily, upending it and tipping a group of shrunken people onto the floor.

They all landed hard, squirming in a heap. You felt their pain, your own body still aching from your earlier rough treatment.

Some of the people were taller than you, others smaller. They all looked up to the heavens in terror.

The two largest broke into a run, heading for the space under the coffee table.

With a deadly and deliberate movement, the goddess above you stretched out her leg.

Her heavy boot cruised through the air, its shadow creeping along the floor below it. It caught up to the fleeing humans in seconds, smothering them in darkness.

Without pause it fell from the sky, colliding with a boom that shook your prison. The two runners were gone in an instant, their screams lost beneath the thud of impact.

Their bodies had provided no resistance, their murder effortless. The skies rang with laughter as the boot began to twist, snuffing out what little remained.

She dragged her foot back, leaving a stain of gore on the lino floor. This was all that remained of their victims.

Your girlfriend, that sweet sometimes ditsy woman that you loved, took her turn.

Wrapped in her fishnet stockings, her massive foot moved like an animal bearing down on its prey.

A shrunken woman had dropped to her knees, her head in her hands as she sobbed. Her wails of grief became shrieks of fear as your girlfriend’s toes loomed over her.

With a thud her big toe slammed down beside her, her second toe flaring to ensnare the shrunken woman between them. The net mesh sliced downwards, threads the size of cables slamming the woman into the floor.

The smothering mass of hot, moist flesh moved forwards, pinning her with surprising skill beneath the ball of her foot.

‘Please, don’t, please!’ the woman’s reedy pleas were barely audible from beneath the weight of her captor. By some miracle, they were heard above the giggling high above.

‘Shit haha, she’s, she’s begging for her life.’ Your girlfriend laughed at the idea before pouring another shot down her throat.

Her friend followed suit, ‘I fucking love it when they beg.’

She leaned down, flashing you a quick look before turning back to the woman beneath her drinking partner’s foot.

‘Yeah bitch beg, beg for your life! She sneered, her piercing gaze falling on the remaining Shrinkys. ‘All of you, get on your fucking knees!’

‘Yeah,’ your girlfriend leaned forwards, her hands resting on her knee, ‘we’re you’re fucking, fucking gods an- oops’

There was the faintest crunch followed by a scream like a kettle boiling.

Your girlfriend lifted her foot, revealing the mangled remains of her victim. Her lips and legs along with her left hand had been completely reduced to paste, obliterated by careless movement.

Somehow, she was still alive.

She mewled and gasped, clinging on to each tortured second. Above her the two massive women mocked her, asked if it hurt, mimicked her cries and drank more shots.

You sat, head in your hands as you wondered how you could have ever loved such a monster. It was a mercy for both you and their victim when she finally lifted her foot and brought it down, ending the broken woman’s life.

She tilted her foot, revealing a splattering of blood and strings of viscera that clung to her soft skin.

‘Ew,’ she laughed, ‘why’d she, there’s so much gunk!’

‘You,’ her friend snarled at the two remaining Shrinkys, ‘go and clean that shit off.’

They wailed and paused a second too long.

The impact of her boot landing beside them was like a bomb blast, throwing them from their feet.

The vast structure dwarfed them as she leaned forwards, moving with snake like grace. A lighter appeared in her fingers, the flame erupting from its tip like magic.

‘Now, do it now or I’ll burn your fucking faces off!’

She followed them with the flame as they ran towards your girlfriends waiting foot.

Immediately their hands pushed into the red filth, scraping it from the sole of her foot. Both cried, one had already vomited on themselves.

The giantesses poured and consumed two more shots, both now clearly struggling to stay conscious. Their laughter was spotted, their voices rising and falling as their attention drifted two and from the victims at their feet.

‘That, that tickles,’ your girlfriend chuckled, ‘use, use your mouths instead. Eat it.’

She laughed as the two tiny people forced themselves to obey her command, pushing their faces into the compressed human remains and trying to force it down their throats.

It was by far the worst thing you had ever seen, an inhuman crime committed by the woman you had shared your life with.

You could barely take your eyes off the grisly scene and would have watched for hours if not for the building sized boot that moved to block your view. Your captor shifted position on the couch, their slurred conversation dominating her attention leaving you as forgotten as the other Shrinkys that wept as they toiled.

Once again you were impotent, trapped and able to do nothing but contemplate your fate while stealing snatches of the conversation above.

‘Babe, I can’t. What, what if he, he comes home?’

Your ears pricked up as your girlfriend’s voice drifted through the room.

‘He won’t,’ her friend replied, ‘he, he’s out.’

‘I don’t, don’t know-‘

Her words were cut off as the goddess above you moved forwards. Her foot pivoted, revealing the grey sole spotted with dirt and blood.

Beyond you saw your girlfriends’ toes scrunch, her foot dropping down instantly killing the tiny person that laboured beneath it. The unfortunate Shrinky barely had time to let out a scream as the massive foot caught him and slammed down into the ground. Another human body compressed beneath tonnes upon tonnes of female flesh.

His colleague fared no better.

He had leapt out of the way just in time to avoid being stepped on but wasn’t fast enough to avoid her toes that shot forwards and bulldozed him into the ground. He was gone just as quickly as the Shrinky before him, bursting like a grape as her heel lifted into the air.

Fresh blood dripped from the arch of her foot, replacing the gore her latest victims had worked hard to remove.

You stared with wide eyes, your skin pale. The image of carnage, of two more humans obliterated by an uncaring goddess, was nothing compared to the scene unfolding in the heavens.

The two women had fallen together, their hungry mouths and searching tongues dancing together in a display of passion. Their hands caressed their bodies, your girlfriend writhing beneath her ‘friend’.

She moaned, stretching her arms above her head as your captor kissed her neck.

‘Close your eyes.’

‘Whuh, why?’

‘There’s one left, I want to watch you swallow it.’

‘You’re so weird.’

‘You love it.’

‘I do.’

Dumbstruck, you could do nothing as your captor reached down, knocked over your glass prison and once again crushed you between her fingertips.

The world was spinning as she ripped you into the sky, stopping to leave you squirming before her face.

You were screaming, crying, fighting for your life. You cried her name, raged at her, begged your girlfriend to help, calling her name. It was pointless.

Too easily the goddess that held you forced the air from your lungs, restricting your voice and leaving you gasping. Even if she had let you continue to shout, your voice was too small and your girlfriend too drunk to stop what was about to happen.

Her friends grin split the world, her razor sharp teeth able to shred you should she so desire.

‘Bye loser,’ she purred softly, puckering her lips to smother you in a kiss that consumed your body.

Pink lipstick painted your skin like a sacrificial offering as she moved you through the air.

Below, your girlfriends’ body was a landscape, impossibly huge and maddeningly deadly.

You were brought low across her breasts, the black lace of her bra exposed from their play. Her skin boiled with passion, the air heady with her perfume. You saw the slightest hint of her nipples pushing against the lining of her bra, hard with anticipation.

‘Open wide,’ your captors voice was a commanding spell, the red lips of your love parting to release a hot, wet tongue.

You screamed as she moaned ready to consume you. Every strangled sound laced with hope that she would open her eyes and save you.

The fingers that held you went to work, manipulating you to leave you dangling before a black and cavernous throat. Her questing tongue, shiny with saliva and reeking of vodka reached up to snatch at you, quivering just out of reach.

Behind you, your captors lips parted with excitement.

‘You ready?’ she whispered, her voice dripping in to your ears. The question was aimed at both of you.

‘Uh – huh’ thunder rolled from below, winds whipping at you.

Your stomach buckled, your scream free as the fingers that held you released.

You plummeted downwards, arms flailing for any purchase.

Your girlfriend’s tongue, radiating heat caught you as you bounced towards her waiting throat.

You scrabbled madly, finding no purchase on the steep and saliva-soaked surface. The cloying liquid filled your mouth and nose as your face slammed into the muscle, your body bouncing backwards.

For a brief and final second you were able to see clearly. Beyond a frame of lips and teeth, the goddess that had doomed you grinned victorious. Her eyes drank in your final, fleeing moments as you descended into the darkness of your girlfriend’s throat.

High above the lips closed, suffocating the light. A moan of pleasure sent pain bursting through your head, the sound shaking your bones as you slid down her throat.


Her hands worked quickly, less gentle than she normally would have been. They traced up her girlfriend’s thighs, finding no protest as they slipped down her black lace underwear.

Her own womanhood was burning, soaking through her underwear. Her heart fluttered at what she had just done. She had won.

Her lips moved against the soft skin, kissing her way to the warm, wet pussy of her lover. Her tongue plunged inside, releasing a gasping squeal of pleasure from the writhing beauty.

She didn’t know how long Shrinkys survived when swallowed but she was certain that she wanted you to hear your now ex-girlfriend scream with pleasure as you were dissolved within her stomach.


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