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Author's Chapter Notes:

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 On a bright and early morning, the smell of fried fish and miso soup filled the air as a teenage girl with straight black hair and shrill nature ate breakfast with her family. To her right was her mother, a middle-aged woman only 15 years older than her daughter. She had all her major features (hair, bust… etc), though even by looks you could tell they were different. While her daughter carried a shrill, almost cowardly aura, she herself seemed pretty sure of herself and that was most likely a result of age. And much like the young girl’s mother, her brother, who was sat to the left of her, was very apparently different in more than just age, gender, and personality. While the young teen stood at 160 cm, her brother was way smaller than that. To be exact, he was a mere 1.2 cm tall, and while something like that would be strange, it was a common occurrence in this mixed size society.


“So, how’s school Edna? I heard you went on a date with a boy.” The girl’s mother said, her voice filled with a slightly smug tone and while it was never uncommon for a mother to be nosy, her daughter’s reaction would definitely say otherwise.

“EHHHH?! A-A-A-A B-B-B-B-B-B-Boy?!!? W-What are you talking about?!” Her face became red with embarrassment and she began to stutter nervously to the point that it almost looked like she was about to cry and upon further inspection, it was clear that she was indeed crying. Trying to explain herself, her stutter only increased and anything that came out of her mouth was an incomprehensible mess in which neither her mother or brother could understand her. As things went on more and more tears spurred from her eyes, some even managing to almost hit her brother who was a little ways away from her.


"Give it up, mom. You know more than anyone how she gets when you mention stuff like that." Her brother exclaimed shielding himself from Edna's tears by hiding under a napkin. While his voice may have been hard to hear, his mom was still able to pick up on his comment.


"Oh, I know~ I'm just playing around." With a giggle, Enda's mom placed her hand gently on her daughter's head. "In any case, you've really gotta work on your confidence, sweetie." Giving her a relaxing pat and wiping her tears away, Edna's mom smiled towards the girl.


"I'm trying…" With her head down, she grabbed the napkin that her brother was hiding underneath and used it to wipe her face. With most of her tears gone, Edna and the rest of her family continued on with their breakfasts until…


Bzzzzzzttt! The vibration of Enda's mom's phone buzzed on the table, which for the tiny brother seemed like a vicious earthquake. Seeing his distress, she briefly apologized to her son and picked the phone up to politely answer the call with a cheerful greeting. A couple seconds into the call, she signaled towards Edna with a quick wave.

"Can you keep your brother company while I take this call?" She asked, and just as she expected, Edna wilfully obliged with a nervousness that was ever present in the young girl's demeanor.


Much to her tiny brother's annoyance, Edna gently plucked him off the kitchen table and took him to her room. Other than some items from Edna's occult club and strewn about clothes, it was the fairly standard affair when it came to a typical girl's room and considering how her brother barely ever went near her room due to the danger being tiny presented, it created an awkward atmosphere for both parties involved. In an attempt to drive out the awkwardness, Edna resorted to simple small talk. Asking about his college classes was her first attempt and last attempt as she was met with the mild response of “fine” or ”alright” to whatever questions she attempted to ask and after failing, that awkward feeling that permeated throughout the room only grew more and more oppressive. Stranded in an awkward silence, the two blankly stared away from each other, choosing to glance occasionally to see if either of them would speak up. Enda hadn’t had the best relationship with her brother. If their extreme size difference hadn’t drifted the two apart, Enda’s personality would surely do the job just fine.Whether it was because of her shyness or oversensitivity and cry baby nature, her brother always found it hard to talk to her, let alone start a whole conversation.


Looking for something to talk about, Edna’s eyes scanned the room up and down until her eyes fell on her phone as it silently buzzed on her desk.


“Hm? I guess I left my phone on vibrate haha. How clumsy of me...” Somewhat relieved that she had something to break the silence with, she walked to her phone and as soon as she saw the time, all that relief flew out the window and a cold sweat dripped down her head.

“Oh, it’s 8:30 am… WAIT WHAT!?!?” She screamed anxiously. Not wanting to be late, she jumped into full panic mode and scrambled to get ready as fast as possible. Pulling down her pajama pants, she looked over at her nightstand only to see her brother awkwardly averting his gaze with a massive blush and slight nose bleed on his face. Quickly becoming flustered herself, she yelped before hastily grabbed a used sock from her hamper and placed it on top of him so he couldn’t see her changing. “S-Sorry about this bro! Just wait under there until I’m done changing!” Embarrassed and guilty about putting her previously worn and slightly sweaty socks on her own brother, she quickly pushed the thought out of her mind so she could focus on changing, however as she’d soon learn, pushing that thought out of her mind also pushed something else out as well…


Sliding her uniform on and tightening her tie, she multitasked to the best of her ability, which wasn’t a lot given how clumsy and bashful of a person she was. After combing her hair, she opened her dresser to find that she had no clean socks left. Pressed for time and not one to go barefoot, Edna had no other choice but to buckle down and reach into her hamper and go with a used pair, however, after fretfully searching she only found one sock inside. Thinking the rest must have been in the wash, she frantically looked all over her room for the missing sock. Hyperventilating and almost about to cry again, Enda looked towards her bed and found exactly what she was looking for…


Meanwhile, Edna’s brother struggled to crawl out from under one of her slightly musky black thigh high socks. Luckily for him, Edna didn’t have the smelliest feet in the world, but that didn’t stop him from cursing his sister out for making him go through something like this, though the tiny boy would soon learn that things were about to get a lot worse. Continuing his crawl like a soldier under barbed wire he finally made it near the lip of the sock. Light shone through the somewhat sweaty fabric, and as he finally made it out to fresher air, the first thing he saw was Edna’s hand barreling straight towards him as it reached for the sock. Before he could even say anything, the action of Edna sent the poor boy tumbling and he found himself trapped by her socks once again, but this time it was a way more perilous situation. Despite his best efforts to regain his footing and quickly escape, the simple action of his sister lifting up the sock sent him sliding down to the slightly muskier depths of her sock until he wound up stranded in the dreaded toe section.


Light slightly bled through the fabric and the poor boy could just vaguely make out the outline of the room and Edna just before she sat down on her bed. In spite of the impossible odds, Edna’s brother desperately tried to the cloth of her sock. Holding on tight and gripping against it, the smell of whatever lotion she had used the day before and the residue of her sweat. It wasn’t exactly unpleasant but the smell wasn’t exactly the only thing on his mind. Recalling a past experience, he knew that if he was trapped within her sock it’d be quite a while before he would be freed and knowing Edna’s airheaded nature, it was almost guaranteed to happen. Getting exhausted and hoping to climb higher, the young boy’s hopes were shattered as the light was suddenly blotted out by the five formidable shadows of Edna’s.


“Damn it!!!” He cursed, watching her toes quickly slide towards him. Before he could let go of the sock, he was overcome by her massive foot and pinned between her sole. Luckily for him, Edna had soft feet so this massive problem didn’t really present that much of a threat to his life and unluckily for him, this also meant he’d been stuck under his little sisters one too many times. And as she readjusted her sock, his half inch tiny body was pressed tightly against her sole which heavily increased the scent of her lotion, as well as any sweat that dripped down onto him.


Not noticing her older brother pressed against her soft soles, Edna put her skirt on, grabbed her bag, put her shoes on at the door and ran outside as fast as she could with the subtle feeling that she had been forgetting something, however, she had not the time nor patience to think about it thoroughly. Thinking that she’d be scolded for being late, Edna had already started crying once again as she ran to school, each step causing more and more sweat to uproot from her pores and pushing her tiny brother’s face deeply against her sole. At one point, Edna’s sweat had secured him to her foot, and without even wanting to, he ended up with a mouthful of sweat or two. Despite the fact that nobody could even see him, Edna’s brother felt more embarrassment at that moment than he had in his entire life.


1-hour later. Edna had received a call from her mother. She asked if she had seen her brother. After thinking for a second, everything clicked in her mind and Edna’s face turned a bright red as soon as she realized exactly where he: Stranded under her foot and covered in sweat..

Did I Forget Something

Chapter End Notes:

This story is set in the HIH:A/HIH Universe btw

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