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Hey everyone ! It's a new interactive story ! It'll come less often than the Lounge, but the future chapters will be longer, do'nt worry ! Don't hésitate to comment to let me know what you want in details :) !

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Chapter 1

Jake sighed heavily. He had had to suffer through another one of those supposedly “best days” as a bachelor, alone and roasting because of the summer heat. Meanwhile, his friends enjoyed a lot of great times with their significant others. Perhaps he should have lowered his standard, and seek out girls with more traditional body shape… but really, the idea of dating someone smaller than him was just not appealing at all to him. And at 1m83, he was rather tall. He massaged his brow and shut down his computer. He needed to sleep a little.

Even for a summer day, the temperatures had been super hot, and since he was too broke to own an AC, he had to sleep with the windows open, praying that nothing nasty would come in. As it was, exhausted by frustration and temperatures far too hot to endure, he managed to fall asleep rather quickly. It was a good thing, because he had been invited the next day to Jackie’s birthday party, and he couldn’t say no to her, at least when it came to funny games – even if she seemed to want more, sometimes.

He wondered who would show up. Beside Jackie’s, probably Miranda and Alison, her two best friends, and then a whole lot of gals and girls who just loved to party. Jackie was sweet but so damn small, at barely 1m55 that it was hard to remember that they were the same age – that she only sported small breasts and almost no curves didn’t help, even if her angelic face, long blond hair and big blue eyes were mesmerizing – and she had quite the personality, holding her two best friends in check, as far as Jake could see.

Alison was slightly taller, at 1m62, of Vietnamese descent, with decent looks. She had a somewhat round face and was perhaps on the plump side – a little – when it came to her curves. She had a beautiful butt, as far as Jake was concerned but a tad too small when it came to breasts. Miranda was the tallest of the three, at an almost whooping 1m76, the African-American bombshell sporting curves for days – she had to weight more than her two friends combined… a shame she wasn’t taller still in Jake’s eyes.

As he slept, a strange storm erupted over his town. By chance or fate, a bolt of green lightning fell through his open window and struck him. Instead of hurting him, the energy seemed to enter Jake’s body, whose slept was left unaffected by this strange event. It wasn’t until the morning, when he woke up and noticed that his window dressings were charred that he wondered what had happened. Not for long however, his stomach was empty and it groaned loudly. He cursed himself when he remembered that he hadn’t bought anything to eat in the morning.

“Fuck, I wish I had enough stuff in the fridge to make double eggs with bacon” he mumbled, knowing full well that his fridge would only great him with a half-empty bottle of milk.

Therefore, when he opened his fridge and was greeted with just enough eggs and bacon to grant his wish, his eyes bulges and he suddenly wondered if he was dreaming. A painful pinch later, he knew he was wide awake and was dealing with something absolutely insane. He took out the food, out of habit and need, but his mind was racing, trying to understand what was happening, and how he had somehow summoned this stuff into his fridge. His mind refused to accept the idea that he had simply forgotten about it.

He switched the TV on and found himself watching his favorite talk show with James McLinsey – and it was the segment with Andrea Lawson, a fifty something woman whom he still found gorgeous, even if she was starting to show her age. He started cooking, looking up at the screen from time to time, wondering how she’d looked today if she was still thirty something. And nothing happened, at all. Jake frowned; perhaps he needed to say something aloud and then it’d happen?

“Andrea Lawson doesn’t look one day over thirty one” he declared loudly – and again, nothing happened; that he could notice immediately, at least.

Because as closed his mouth and tried to remember what she looked like when she was indeed thirty one, all he could see was her current face. Had she always looked like that? It seemed ridiculous but perhaps he had misfired. He needed to be more careful with his wording. He remained silent as he pondered how best to correct his mistake – with great power came great responsibility and he didn’t want to retroactively ruin a woman’s life because he made her look older when she was younger!

“Okay, how about it… my previous change concerning Andrea Lawson is unmade – and until further notice, when I make a change, I’ll be the only one in the universe who remembers the world as it was before, for everyone else, it’ll be as if nothing had ever changed!”

Yeah, it was great not to fuck up… but perhaps he could do something beyond that? Make someone’s life easier, or at least different enough -without hurting that person? He just needed to phrase it corretly and he was certain that it wouldn’t have any bad unintended effect! He bit his lower lips as he looked at Andrew on the screen. Should he? Fuck yeah he should! He grinned as he thought about the best way to articulate his wish.

“Andrea Lawson current appearance is replaced by the one she had when she was thirty-one and so she looks far younger than her real age… also, her tits are two cup bigger than they were before I changed her!”

The effect was immediate. In a split second, Andrea looked in her thirties again, and she sported a noticeably larger bust – which, considering how well endowed she was before, was saying a lot. Jake gasped and he felt a stir in his loin. She looked stunning! It was a shame that she was so small… she barely was 1m66 tall… but he could correct it! He’d make her husband a lucky man – a luckier man!

“She’s 2 meters tall.”

The change was immediate. One second she was her usual – well former usual – size of 1m56, the next she was a towering 2 meters tall bombshell. And nobody seemed to bat an eye. Still, he felt that he needed to do something about whoever she was living with – he had noticed her ring long ago. He didn’t needed a lot of time to consider what to do to make sure he didn’t ruin her life with whoever she loved. It was really simple for him to make sure all was okay, after all.

“The person she’s married with has no problem with her height.”

He turned off the TV and focused on his meal. He felt energetic now and he decided that going to Jackies birthday would be a good idea in the end. If it was too boring or worse for him, he’d have ways to change things to make them interesting now. How he had obtained this power, he couldn’t know and he didn’t care. Perhaps it would only last a day or two, so he had to make the best out of it, and he suspected that going to the party would offer a lot of opportunities to do something with it.

It was actually a good thing that Jackie’s birthday were a crazy affair which lasted from early in the morning to very early in the morning. He only had about two hours before him until it really started, and he was certain that the petite blonde would have loved to see him come early – usually he showed himself only for a few moments around 6 p.m., so coming early would earn him a lot of good will – and far more time and opportunities to use his newfound powers on most of the guests!

It was the first time ever that he was excited to go outside of his home and to a party and now he felt like he couldn’t wait for it to start. He rushed under his shower and washed thoroughly – for once he wanted to be spotless and able to impress a little compared to his usual self. And if it brought some dummies who wanted to bully him, he was confident he had now an almost infinite number of possibilities to deal with them and make sure they wouldn’t bother him – or anyone really.

“Time to go buddy” he said to his reflection as he finished clothing and felt he looked great, for once.

Thankfully, he lived closed enough to Jackie’s house that he could go there by foot in a matter of minutes. And since he wasn’t bothered by how hot it was that day, he arrived as fresh as when he had left his shower. Sadly for him, he wasn’t the first and several of the worst people he knew were here. Especially Sam, an almost two meters tall muscular jock who seemed to live to make him suffer through the day, but today, he had many possibilities to deal with that dumb asshole!

  1. Jackie’s the girl of the day, she ought to step up and make the rules clear!
  2. Alison was always a calming presence, if only she was also more imposing, surely even Sam would calm down?
  3. Miranda’s already the tallest of the three main girls here; she deserve to be the tallest of the party and nobody will dare to move without her consent.
  4. Fuck that – that’s Sam who needs to change; he’s always been a dick, perhaps he needs to become a cunt?


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