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“Aaah”, Lily sighed as she took a long nice drink from her tall glass. Drops of moisture clung to the cold drink, a stark contrast from the heat of the middle of the day. She smiled as she felt the miniscule struggles of her shrunken brother turned tongue piercing. 

She checked her watch and rolled her eyes with a smile. Hazel is always late, but this time she didn’t mind. She watched the waiters, waitresses, and customers as they  walked by, oblivious to the fact that somewhere in her mouth, there lay her brother, struggling for all he was worth against the overwhelming force of her tongue. A mere decoration for the wet muscle that tossed him about with the slightest movement. The thought made her smile.

She still felt awful about the pain she inflicted upon him earlier. The “Property of Lily” print came out perfect, but the whole branding part nearly burnt his butt to a crisp, even with his durability setting just under max. Better one and done as they say, and now it was permanent. Not to mention the locator chip, that right there nearly made the whole experience worth it, almost. She had to put her mind at ease and take care of him some, soothe his burnt skin. Lily smiled at her thoughtfulness as she, took a nice long sip of her ice cold drink.

John in a state of silent shock as the freezing liquid poured over him, vanishing down the terrifying pit behind him. It was a surreal experience to say the least. Her lips unsealing, shedding light onto two rows of giant teeth. And just beyond was a world where people laughed, enjoying their lunch, all with things to do and places to be. None of them had ever experienced anything like his life right now. Enslaved as a living breathing toy for his sister. 

It had been only half an hour, but every minute of it was terrifying. He screamed for help each time gusts of hot breath wafted over him, all while she sang along to her favorite tunes on the car ride there. Her wet chewing gum bounced off his fac countless times, only to guide it towards her molars again, mashing it right in front of him. 

Every now and then he’d find himself out in the open, Lily having stuck her tongue out to steal a look in the rearview mirror. He felt awful, reduced to an object of her amusement. Lily on the other hand felt amazing, giggling as she poked and prodded him, guiding his body all around her piercing with her finger. Those moments were short however, back to her wet, hot cave he went, riding her tongue like a wet bucking bronco.

The only thing that kept him going, was the thought of seeing Hazel. The only girl that knew he was ever shrunken in the first place. His one and only hope, his ticket to freedom. He was practically shaking with goosebumps at the sound of her voice. 

“Sooo sorry I’m late!” Hazel apologized as she hugged her friend. “I was talking to my mom, and well, you know how she gets.”


“Yeah, I know” Lily replied, with a chuckle that boomed around her brother. “Have a seat get yourself a drink, it’s super hot out,” Lily said and waved to the waiter.

She heard the miniscule shouts bounce around her head, clearly John was screaming for help. Lily smirked at the thought that she would never be able to hear her. Not with how tiny he is now, strapped helpless against her tongue. She may have felt bad over his painful branding, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t still enjoy this. She was still a good sis, her tongue was soothing after all, as she rubbed him gently on the roof of her mouth, silencing his screams in the process.

John screamed for all he was worth. He caught glimpses of the beautiful form of Hazel, chatting away in the distance. She donned her designer sunglasses and a very revealing outfit. “Help!” he screamed, just as ice cold liquid was poured over him once again as Lily took a small sip. John spat it out immediately as this was his only chance. “Hazel!” he screamed then gurgled as Lily continued to drink. Soon Lily’s lips sealed shut, and he was once again slammed against the roof of her mouth. 

This continued for quite awhile as the two young women chatted away, talking about all kinds of stuff. John was relentless in his efforts to get Hazel’s attention, but nothing he did amounted to anything. He was invisible to the outside world. Alone with his thoughts, sad and frustrated. Then, all of a sudden, he heard Hazel mention something that he failed to register earlier. They were meeting for LUNCH! “Shall we order something?” 

“N-noo” he whimpered in the darkness. “P-please Lily get me out,” he begged against the wet palate. Lily ignored him as she scanned the menu for something nice. Though she enjoyed dominating him, it was partially to help ease his pain. She thought the saliva and cool drink would help soothe his burns and make for a better afternoon with him. “Maybe it’d be nice for him to have his favourite. He’s been through so much, it’s the least I could do for him,” she mused. “Now what was it he always got? Ah, yes. The cheeseburger!” she remembered.

“I’ll have the burger with extra cheese,” she smiled at the waiter. 

Hazel looked at her with a frown. “A burger? You never order that,” she said. 

Lily shrugged in response, “Yeah well, maybe I want to try something new. There’s only so many times I can have the goat cheese salad before it gets old.” 

John was oblivious to his sister’s order, completely wrapped up in his fight for Hazel’s attention. Screaming and shouting, fighting against his bonds. His efforts all meaningless, as his sister and Hazel continue their friendly chat. 

“So I had an awesome morning!” Lily said as she leaned back. “I got up early and managed to snag a seriously hot top. Funny how hitting the shops early can make all the difference,” she said while she tapped her feet against the white shopping bag. She couldn’t risk the heat damaging all the toys she just bought. Not with how much of John’s savings she spent. He worked so hard for that. So she decided to cover them up with a cute top and some nice bras with cutouts for tiny men. The thought of what lay underneath kept her in constant wetness.

Hazel had this uneasy feeling about the bag. She couldn’t explain it, but something just rubbed her wrong. She leaned in a bit to see the content, but all she could see were nice clothing, all neatly folded. Still, the bag seemed a bit off. In fact, most of the stores in town required you to bring your own bag. 

After staring for a moment she looked up at Lily. “I dunno Lily, something doesn’t add up. Most places we shop at require you to bring your own bag. There only a few places that offer them, and only a couple that provide one that fancy looking,” she thought and her mouth went dry. 

“She didn’t..” as she looked back at Lily, looking more bright and happier then she ever seen her. “She had to have grown John back by now. Right?” she asked herself, a wave of guilt washing over her. She couldn’t just let this one go. Not after playing a part - she had to be sure.

“Eh, Lily” she began hesitantly, “John is safe and sound right? You know, back to full size?” she asked.

At that very moment, John was being sucked gently in his sister’s mouth, gargling on the saliva that gooped in his mouth. His heart leaped at the sound of his name. Hazel was asking about him!

“Hazel! Please! Get me out of here!” he screamed, trapped in the wet vacuum of his sister’s mouth as even more saliva pooled into his open mouth. 

He felt her head tilt back and screamed when she took another sip of her drink. Lily slowly drank her glass empty, placing it on the table with a deliberate thud. “What do you mean Hazel?” she slowly said to her friend. “Are you implying that I kept him tiny?”

“I, eh” Hazel said, unsure how to go from there. “Well, did you?” she asked again after some consideration.

Ignoring John’s cries, she stared at Hazel with unwavering eyes. All those acting classes came in handy. “You mean to tell me that I kept John tiny and did what? Play with him?” she asked. “Used him? My own brother?! INside my dildo?!” she yelled. 

Thoroughly embarrassed Hazel checked her surroundings to ensure no one was staring. “Well, you seemed pretty into it that night, mimicking that blowjob and all,” she said. “And that bag? Isn’t that from that shop, you know, the one you always wanted to go to but never had a tiny guy to bring?” she asked.

Lily sat back in her chair, open mouthed. “So let me get this straight, HAZE. ARE you fucking implying that I kept him like some sort of a toy?!” 

Lily remained silent for a bit, rubbing her brother against the back of her teeth. After a frustrated huff, Lily looked at her friend, ready to let bygones be bygones. “Ok Hazel, I’m willing to put your mind at ease and let this one go. You’re my best friend and it was a strange night after all,” she said while she leaned down to get a top from her bag. “So, here, let me explain,” she continued. “The bag you see here is one I took from mom. You know how she is. She’s a bag hoarder,” she reminded her friend. “I’ve got no clue where she got it,” she concluded.

“And John’s big again. TBH he’s probably asking every girl to match with him on the tiny app by now LOL. I dunno,” she said, slowly leaning in close. “But Hazel, don’t ever insinuate those kind of things again. You’re supposed to be my best friend. Not gonna lie, it kinda hurts,” she tells her.

Hazel is taken aback by her words, now ridden with guilt. Not for John though. She believed her BFF.  But for thinking she might’ve actually kept John all this time, used him. “S-sorry” Hazel apologized, sitting back with her arms raised. “Seriously Lily, I’m super sorry. I was just worried for him for a moment. When I left he was still small and trapped, I just felt bad is all,” she said and chuckled. 

“We all make mistakes,” Lily replied. 

John cried and begged for Hazel’s attention. He followed every word of their exchange. All of it amounted to nothing. Hazel’s final words crushed his very soul. His only salvation, apologizing to his tormentor for asking what was so obvious to him. If Lily had kept him tiny all this time. All for herself.

“No, please Hazel! Don’t listen to her, I’m right here!” He shouted. But it was useless. She couldn’t possibly hear him. Not at half an inch tall and trapped in Lily’s mouth. 

“No worries Haze, I get it,” Lily said with a smile. “Good for you to think about John,” she said. She narrowed her eyes. “But admit it, you were into that whole tiny thing with my brother, weren’t you?” she asked in amusement. She knew she struck a chord when her friend’s face turned beet red.

Hazel chuckled. “Well...y-yeah,” she replied while she swirled her drink. “It’s just so intoxicating, you know?” She continued. “To have so much power over someone” and leaned in close. “It’s all so...exciting.” she laughed. 

Lily relished the idea of talking with Hazel as John listened in. “So, you want to play with John then?” she joked. Hazel looked at the waiter who walked by. “Yeah John, that waiter, your dad,” she joked again. “Ha, my dad” Lily butted in, “That would be something. Not like he’s the faithful type anyways,” she laughed. 

“What do you mean?” Hazel asked with a chuckle.

“Oh nothing really,” Lily responded.

“Well, like I was saying, it doesn’t matter that it’s your brother. Sure, he’s kinda cute ‘n all. But It’s the whole power trip that did it for me,” Hazel clarified. “If I wasn’t so drunk I might've taken him home with me.”

“Hazel!” Lily exasperated.

“What? Can you blame me?” Hazel responded with a chuckle.

John whimpered at the conversation. She could care less about him. He was just a prop to her kink. Didn’t matter who it was to her, so long as it was a tiny guy. He wanted to cry. Still, there was hope to latch onto. Even if she didn’t care who it was really, she wanted to take HIM home.

As Hazel continued on for a bit about who she would shrink, their food finally arrived. “Bon appetit ladies,” the waiter said as he placed their meals in front of them.

John was even more alarmed as he felt the water in Lily’s mouth rising. She was salivating. “You never order that kinda food Lily,” he heard Hazel comment. “Yeah well, ever heard of a cheat day?” Lily replied as she grasped the burger and brought it up to her mouth.

“A cheeseburger?” John asked himself. “She never orders that?! Is she trying to torment me even further? She’s spoiling my favorite fucking food dammit!” he screamed and struggled. But he got nowhere as her huge lips parted, Hazel in the background already chewing on her meal. 

The blood drained from John’s face as Lily shoveled the burger into her mouth, chomping off a huge chunk.

“N-noo, Lilly!” he screamed as he was smothered in masticated beef, cheese, and condiments. This was soon followed by the deafening mash as her molars crushed his favorite food to a pulp.

A loud “Mmmmm” reverberated around him. His cries were silenced for a moment as a bit of chewed up food plopped right on his face, only for her tongue to guide the blob beneath her molars once again. A masticated chunk of his once favourite food. Now completely ruined for him. 

“Mmm, delicious” Lily commented, actually enjoying it. She ordered it for John, that way he could enjoy some too. She had no idea this restaurant made such an awesome cheeseburger. “Good for both of us,” she thought as she shoveled yet another bite in.

Finally, after having finished her last bite, she leaned back satisfied. “Ah, that was so delish,” she said with a pat on her tummy. Lily swigged the last gulp of water from her second glass, washing down every last bit of food. She felt the miniscule movements of her brother return, though slightly less frantic than before. It must have been quite the ordeal, she smiled as she let out a small burp.

“Oops, sorry,” John heard his sister say, humiliated over the fact that she had just burped on his entire body. Humiliated over the fact that he had just been assaulted by his favorite food, forced to eat chewed up bits of it, mixed with his sister saliva. Now forced to bake in its aftermath as she burped up its remnants. Kinda like when they were little and she’d burp in his face, only times a million. Then, it somehow bot worse.

“Ice cream?” her voice boomed around him.

Ten minutes later John was assaulted by food again, but this time it was ice-cold vanilla flavoured ice cream. He saw a brief glimpse of the world outside, only get dumped on by glob after glob of frozen sugary cream.

“Maybe I’m overindulging. But hey, it’ll feel good against his burnt tushy,” Lily thought as she chatted away spoonfuls, ignoring the obvious whining within her mouth. But despite her rationalization, it was hell for John. Her huge warm mouth was a disgusting contradiction with the sweet cold taste of the vanilla. Each time her mouth opened he found himself drowned by a wave of molten ice cream, horrifying strands of it between her molars. It was just awful.

But what may have been bad was made worse by the subject of their conversation. Lily continued on about the subject of tinies. Yapping away what she would do with one. From sucking on him like a piece of candy to using him as a dildo. Unbeknownst to him, Lily got wetter and wetter from merely talking about it, all while her brother stewed in the confines of her mouth, a firsthand account of each thing she “would” do. 

After what felt like an eternity of icy cold assault and chatter, his surroundings became quiet again. Hazel had gotten up and went to the cashier. She wanted to say she was sorry after falsely accusing Lily for keeping her brother tiny. Lily couldn’t have written a better finish to their lunch date.

“So, you’re sure about skipping all next week?” she asked again. This caused all John’s alarm bells to go off. “That means days!” he thought, “No Hazel, please don’t leave me,” he shouted in his humid, still vanilla sweet, hell. “NOOO, this can’t be happening!” he screamed. 

“For sure. I’ll see you tomorrow on your way to class though, right?” Lily asked as Hazel leaned in for a hug. John could tell by her voice that she was just inches away from him. It was strangely comforting.

“Yes, and say hi to John for me,” Hazel replied, leaving poor John devastated, still trapped in his sister’s mouth as his tears mixed with Lily’s sticky saliva.

John lay there in silence as her giant maw opened again, his body assaulted by a cold torrent iced water as she gulped down another mouthful. He uttered no response to her whispered teasing about how Hazel says Hello. Soon, he felt movement, as Lily got up from her chair and walked away. He felt so empty, so alone, trapped in the darkness of his giant sister’s mouth. It was like his mind was broken. 

But Lily couldn’t have felt happier. That burger really hit the spot. Plus she was able keep Hazel’s questions at bay, which now meant a care-free afternoon full of nice, hard cums. The blonde smiled at this as she stared at her reflection in the bathroom mirror. It was true what Hazel said. She looked good, refreshed. Lily thought now might be the perfect time to check in on her little guy. She stuck her tongue out to reveal her brother and couldn’t help but laugh a little, her chuckles booming around him. it was still a surreal sight and she loved how cute and pathetic he looked. 

“So, little bro, hope you appreciated everything I just did for you!” she sang, twisting the faucet on to wash her hands. John couldn’t help but wonder what in the world he could possibly be appreciative of. “I can’t imagine how sore your bum must‘ve felt. After the branding ‘n all. All jokes aside, I felt really bad, honestly. I know I like to fuck with you some, but not like that. You wouldn’t be any fun all sad and hurt,” she continued talking as she absentmindedly tossed her brother around with each movement of her tongue. “So, hopefully the cold water and ice cream helped you out some,” she said while she poured some more soap on her delicate hands. “We gotta make sure you’re all healed up for this afternoon’s activities. Can’t have you half-assin’ it now can we?” she giggled, sticking her tongue out yet again to address him. 

To John, however, her words were infuriating. So much so that he snapped back from his otherwise silent trance, now able to see at his pathetic form on her tongue clear as day. He couldn’t hold back any longer, not after what she did to him. 

“Fuck you!” hes shouted as he lifted his head. “Did you hear me? Fuck. You!” 

Suddenly, her expression changed. “She looks pissed,” he thought, just before he was curled back into the darkness.

“Well...John,” he heard his sister calmly say, her tone sending shivers down his spine. He knew he was in trouble. “I thought you would’ve been a little more appreciative of me. You know, for taking care of you ‘n all?” she boomed around him.

Lily sighed as she looked in the mirror. She knew she should try to be patient with him. It’s only been a couple days since she shrank him down into her human fuck toy, but this wouldn’t do. After thinking for a bit while she dried her hands a smile grew across her face. He needed to learn who’s boss and she knew just the trick. 

She looked back in the mirror again and stuck out her tongue, wiggling it a bit to get his attention before retracting it back in her mouth. “So John, in case you haven’t noticed, the print on your butt says “Property of Lily.”  And that is no way to talk to me, your owner. Yes, that’s right, I own you.” she said in a serious tone. “Now I know how much you want to be back at home again, feeding yourself to my nice warm pussy. Believe me, I want that too. But that’s no excuse for speaking that way. It’s not okay. Do you understand?”

“Y-yes. L-lily.”

“Good. Now hang tight while I gather a few items. Unfortunately for you this is not over. You have to learn your place,” Lily said.

After searching her bag for a moment, Lily found what she wanted. John screamed as she bit down on something plastic and ripped through it. In the few seconds she had her mouth open, he could almost make it out. Whatever it was, it was somewhat flat in shape. 

“There,” she exclaimed. Moments later he was out of her mouth again, her two digits now fidgeting with the tongue ring he lay attached to.

“Yes!” he thought, as he was finally lifted from his sister’s tongue. No longer her pathetic tongue ornament. Despite this improvement, he couldn’t help but whimper at the sight of Lily. She was truly massive, holding his tiny form between her fingertips.

“P-please Lily. What are you going to do to me?” 

She looked at him with a dominating smile. “Whatever I want John.” 

Suddenly, John found himself moving toward the flat object he caught a glimpse of earlier. Lily then opened a flap on the side and dropped him in. He screamed as he entered the object, reminding him of the time she first put him inside her dildo. Only this time it wasn’t a sextoy. At least not one John recognized.

He was able to see through the fabric and from what he gathered, he figured he was on some sort of silicone material. “What the hell did she put me in?” he thought as he suddenly began to grow. Though relieved by his increase in stature, John still dread what lay in store for him.

His silicone prison became less and less roomy, and somehow he was maneuvered into a position where his arms were pressed tightly at his sides and legs together. His growth continued until it became really cramped. His face found itself fitting into some sort of cut-out, like it was made for it. Then all of a sudden, the growing stopped. “Perfect,” Lily sang as he saw her face really close to inspect her handiwork. She tapped her finger on his head while she laughed. “Oh bro, who could have imagined that you’d ever become so agreeable. You used to fight me over everything, and now you’re just a doting little thing,” she said. “FIrst you offered yourself as my dildo, then my tongue piercing, and now you’ve gone above and beyond, volunteering to be my footwear,” she said and turned him around to face the mirror.

John screamed at the sight of what he had become. A living breathing sandal for his sister. The image was horrifying, his grinning sister holding him beside her face, mocking his helplessness. “N-no, I will die!” he screamed, struggling to escape.

“Don’t worry bro,” Lily said as she used her phone to change his setting. “I would never let anything happen to you. I’m your big sis after all. Your health matters to me,” she laughed. “Everything is maxed out. Now let’s put you to use, shall we?” She said and strolled towards a bench in the bathroom. 

John begged for her to reconsider, the reality of the situation hitting him more and more as he realised he was face down. With every step she’d stomp him into the ground, and there would be nothing he could do about it. He cried and cried as he saw the floor rapidly approaching until the sole made impact. Light creeped in and he could only stare at the dimly lit tile beneath.

He heard Lily humming a simple tune as she removed her current footwear, teasing him with her carefree attitude despite his pleas for help. After a while he heard a resounding thump beside him and he knew what was coming. 

“Ooh, this feels nice” she commented from far above, her one foot now donning the a sandal. “Don’t worry John, you might be concerned about my comfort, what with you being stuck beneath my poor foot like a rock in a shoe. But Margot swore by these. The silicon padding you’re cushioned around you makes you feel as if you’re not even there. Kinda like a shoe insert!” 

Then it happened. A shadow formed around him and after a second or so, something warm, clammy, and heavy pressed against his back. It was an intoxicating scent, and not in the good way, setting off an orchestra of alarm bells in his head. The pressure against his entire body was overwhelming as he felt her moving the sole of her foot a bit, situating it against his back. Unbeknownst to him, she hadn’t even applied any real pressure yet.

His surroundings rotated as he was turned towards the knowing smirk of his big sister. To an unknowing bystander, it would’ve looked like she was talking to the bottom of her foot. “So John, let this be a lesson to you. I own your ass. Though I prefer a little fight in you, there is a line. Disrespect will not fly with me,” she said in all seriousness, only for her to accidentally let a slight chuckle through. “Haha, sorry, you just look so cute and funny in there I couldn’t help myself. But I’m being serious.”

“P-please s-sis. I’m sorry!” John pleaded.

“And I appreciate your apology. But what kind of owner would I be if I just let you walk all over me like that? No, the punishment should fit the crime. You walk over me, I do the same to you,” she explained.


“No buts. It’s too late for that. Besides, it’s only for a little while.  Just ride it out and it’ll all be over soon. You can even make it up to me later when I’m bouncing up and down on you,” she says with a wink.

Nothing could have prepared John for this as he was placed back on the floor and  her impossible weight began to press against him. It was only a bit at first, as Lily gathered all her things, but this increased a thousandfold as she stood back up, pressing her full weight against him. It was as painful as it was humiliating. The smell, the sweaty foot skin against his back. The entire experience of being trapped in the very sandal that his sister wore. Nothing more than a human insert to support her.

Lily on the other hand felt incredibly powerful. Margot was right, these sandals were EXTREMELY comfortable. She felt only the slightest sensation of her brother’s body. Just enough to know he was there. She preferred it that way, a slight reminder of his presence beneath her. He should’ve known better, but that’s what lessons are for. Then, with one foot in front of the other, Lily began to walk.

John screamed time and time again as he was slammed against the floor, pressed beneath her sweaty sole each time it hit the ground. The smell and the constant swinging after each step was downright nauseating. He couldn’t so much as think when every other second he was pressed beneath the excruciating weight of his enormous sister. With each step the air from his lungs was brutally squeezed out of him, her clammy foot mashing him against the ground.  The only thing he could focus on was the type of flooring she was walking on. He could tell that he left the bathroom and past the wood floored restaurant, as they were now outside. He even picture it, a bright and healthy, thick young woman, walking about with a bag full of toys and her designer purse. All the while he was trapped beneath her steamy foot.

Lily felt like such a diva as she took sweet time strolling to her car. She liked to window-shop and even managed to score two super cute tops. Lily paid with her own money this time. It’s not like she couldn’t afford it and she had spent enough of his money already. She wanted him to know his place, but not completely break his spirit. It’s a marathon, not a race. Plus she could use it for better things. Things he could enjoy as well. 

After an hour or so of walking around town Lily finally made her way to the car. The whole experience was such a turn on for her. All that shopping, as she literally walked on her tiny brother, had her underwear soaking wet. Every now and then she’d get caught up in her browsing and forget he was even there. Then she’d feel some slight twitch or movement from him below, usually when she was shifting weight or something. This made her crotch tingle with excitement. She smiled at the thought of forgetting about him as she just continued on. Just thinking about that, and how it was for him beneath her now thoroughly sweaty foot, made her even more wet. It was likely to happen again. But perhaps not this afternoon, when she’s plunging him in and out of herself. 

John was in sweaty, foot hell. She hadn’t so much as even sat down. Step after step, squish after squish. Her hot sticky foot mashing the life out of him with each step, compressing him within the already cramped space. Not even a quick breather, or small check-in to make sure his settings were functioning right and he was still alive. She just went about her day without a care in the world, him underfoot for the entire time. This terrified him. All of this. Not just how she used him. But how fast everything was. Lily had always been quick to adjust, but turning him into some sort of fucktoy slave/pet thingy, one that she literally “owned,” all in a matter of days? His former self would never believe it. Not unless he saw it with his own eyes, like he did right now. If only. 

He cried as he saw the pedals of his former car approach his body. It was infuriating, being stomped against the thing he once loved. The thing he saved up for. All while awful music played through the car, her rhythmic tapping adding insult to injury with each smash. “So John, I hope you learned your lesson,” Lily said from far above while she drove them both home. 

“So once we’re home, I want you to show me how much you appreciate being owned by me. Okay?” she said. “I hope you don’t mind, and I’m sure you don’t, but it’s straight to my pussy,” she said. “She’s very hungry you know, after all that teasing today.” she said as she turned into their driveway and parked. “And I REALLY want to try you out with that suction cup. Just thinking about that has me friggin soaked.” 

After some excruciating steps against the pavement he finally saw the familiar floor of his own home. He whimpered in his silicone hell as he found himself mashed against her sole and the upstairs bathroom floor.

Lily smiled as she sat upon the commode and released her bladder, playing with her phone and thinking about all the fun she could have with John. She tapped her foot a bit, just to keep him guessing. She loved the power she felt, from having him crammed beneath her clammy foot, embedded into her sandal like some sort of foot insert.  She could make it a regular thing. They even had running shoes versions. But no, that would be too cruel. This was a lesson to be learned and it served its purpose. Using him as a cushion for her soles as she went shopping was an excellent way to curb his inappropriate behavior. She’d have to thank Margot for that.

Finally, after suffering a beating beneath her foot for nearly two hours, Lily sat down on her bed and removed her sandals.

“No time to lose” she grinned as she brandished the suction cup she had just bought. She had a bag full of fun cool items that needed trying. But that would all come in due time. First she needed to get off, and what better way to use the one Margot first recommended. “Oh John,” she sang. “Are you ready?” as she shook off her clothes. 

After being branded, worn as a tongue ring, and used as a foot insert, John almost forgot why she kept him shrunken in the first place. He soon found himself cruelly reminded of his purpose Lily snatched up the sandal he lay trapped in and turned him around. 

He took in his sister’s flushed face, along with her completely naked body, all excited and ready to go. “Hi John,” she waved as she adjusted his settings a bit so she could get him out. 

He fell with a scream into her waiting palm, only to grow a few more inches mere seconds later.

“Mmm, perfect. Seven inches fits me like a glove.”

“P-please Lily, I learned my lesson” he begged her. “Please just put me somewhere, anywhere really. I just need some rest,” not even bothering to ask for her to grow him back. He knew better by now.

“Well, I’m going to put you somewhere nice, but you won’t be able to rest. That’ll have to come later,” she chuckled at his pathetic whimpers, all from the sight of the suction cup she had in her other hand. He knew what it was, what it meant for him. Lily walked towards her door where John remembered she had a full length mirror attached to. He wondered what she was up to as she set him down on the floor and left the room. John knew better than to try and hide. She’d eventually find him, and things would be that much worse for him. 

Lily strolled back in with a wooden footstool in hand, wiping it down with a Lysol wipe. “Not gonna lie bro, Mom’s stool right here was pretty gnarly. Guess she forgot to clean it before she left. Thing was all crusted over, even had a bunch of her pubes stuck to it.”

John looked like he was gonna hurl. The thought of his mountainous older mom, and like that?! That was the last thing he wanted to picture. “W-why are you telling me this?”

Lily squatted down over him, setting the stool down behind him, all the while her drooling snatch hovering over like hungry vulture circling its prey.  “I dunno, maybe so you ‘d appreciate my clean, expertly trimmed landing strip? Can you imagine how hairy she has to be for pubes to literally fall off and stick to the seat of her fuckstool?”

“P-please stop talking about her like that.”

“What mom? Ha! She’s even more of a horndog than I am. Besides, it’s clean now and I wanna see what all the fuss is about. She swears by the thing,” Lily added as she grasped her brother and lifted him to her face, tilting her head as she sized him up. “Only she goes the old fashioned route. You should see the thing, it’s a good couple inches bigger than you are, and WAY fatter. But enough talk about that. It’s time to show big sis what you’re made of.”

“N-no” he whimpered as she licked the suction cup and pressed it down in the center of the wooden seat. The very seat his own fat ass mom used to masturbate on. The whole thing was revolting. And there he was, in his sister’s grasp, moments away from being fitted into that suction cup and taken for a ride by his giant horny sister on that same very seat. “Lily, I don’t want to be stuck in that thing, no!” He cried. But there was nothing he could do as his sister guided him into the hole. He remembered the squishy feeling against his feet, only now it was actually happening.

John gazed upon his reflection, her huge form straddling his pathetic self. She back at him cutely and squeezed her breast for a moment as she checked herself out as well. “Jeez bro, I’m so friggin’ horny right now,” she exclaimed as she grabbed her phone and brought up the app. “Let’s see,” she mused, “I’m thinking max minus one. For durability I mean. Y’know, that way you feel it some too. Just like last time!” 

John could feel the change in his body and suddenly remembered how it felt inside her cunt. The hot, sweltering flesh gripping his body with rib-cracking power, the face-battering rams against her cervix. Then there was the constant flow of her thick hot goo. He thought he might drown in it. Wave after wave of it. So much so that it was forced down his throat, filling his lungs and belly. That was the worst part actually. She literally had to squeeze it out of him afterwards. And now she was kicking it up a notch, with him as the dildo, suctioned beneath her as she bounced up and down on him. 

“Nooo, please nooo” he whimpered as he tried with all his might to get out. 

Lily gave an almost pitying smile as bent down trying to get his feet out. The kind of look you give when you see a kitten get stuck in a box and try to get itself out. It was pathetic as it was cute. “Let see, stiffness menu,” she mused as his struggles continued. Lily scanned the options and decided to go for the mid-level one. According to the settings description this would keep him mostly stiff. It keeps most major joints locked while allowing some hip wriggling and head movement. Only to normal angles of course, so as to prevent injury. 

The result was almost immediate. His fidgeting stopped, now unable to move anything but his hips and head. John swayed about looking all around him, clearly trying to move something else but to no avail. She laughed as she pinched his legs and turned him upright and guided his arms next to his body and straightening him like a good little dilbro. “Perfect,” she said as she crawled behind him and put her phone away.

John screamed as he no longer had any control over his limbs. All he could do was make these pathetic wiggles and move his head. A huge giggle came from behind as he felt her finger touching his forehead. Lily slowly moved his head back until the point of injury, forcing him to look up at her flustered face. 

She looked him over, satisfied with his positioning, all as a giant glob of spit formed from between her lips. “N-no” he muttered, but sure enough, the spit splashed right onto his face. Lily chuckled as she began lubing him up, jacking off his entire body as if he were a penis. Finally, she let go of him, allowing him to once again look forward at his reflection.

John panicked as he saw she was already moving upwards, guiding her body over him and encasing him in shadow. He dreaded what he was about to see, but he couldn’t help but tilt his head back and look. He should be used to it by now, but how could he be? Every time his mind just shuts down. A dripping wet cunt was hovering just above him, drooling with his sister’s cum. Globs of it already oozing down her thighs, soaked in her excitement. A huge hand reached down and grabbed his fighting body, only it wasn’t much of a fight really. Only weak little wiggles, which of course caused Lily to giggle some. 

Suddenly, Lily was out of view and was back behind him again. “Jeez bro, I almost forgot. Despite that little setback we had in the restaurant today, you were pretty well-behaved. You should get some release as well, you earned it,” She said.  “Not for nothing, but pleasure really can go both ways. Even for someone as big as me and tiny as you,” she chuckled as she scooped up some of her thick goo and brought her tainted fingers towards his helpless crotch. No limbs to protect him from her cum-covered digits as she slowly begins to play with his penis, covering his midsection in her funky goo. 

“See how good a sis I am?” She commented as his cock began to rise. “I even situated us right in front of my mirror here. That was for you bro. So you can enjoy  the sight of my hot thick body as I fuck you with it,” she added, now grinning at his rock hard penis. John cursed himself for it, but his body didn’t listen to his mind. “N-no Lily, stop”, but she didn’t until she was satisfied it would remain hard in her cunt as well. 

Satisfied with his erection, Lily couldn’t hold out any longer. With a grunt she raised her body back above her brother again, popping a squat just above him. He looked upward and cried as he saw the now familiar wet cunt above him, now even closer than before. Her big jiggly booty shaking as she squatted down lower and lower. Without any further warning, Lily lowered herself onto him, pressing his face between her frosted lips as she dragged herself against him. Forward, back, side-to-side, she teased herself with his head like she would the tip of a nice hard dick. 

“Alright bro” she said high above him. “Shouldn’t be too hard a job for ya. I’m already halfway there. Now show me what you got!” After a day of anticipation and constant teasing, Lily would finally have her nut. With a deep guttural moan, Lily wiggled her big hips, guiding him into herself as she continued to sit. Her moans turned to all out screams as her ass plopped down onto the wooden seat. Lily tried to catch her breath as she rested her entire weight on the seat, impaled by the ramrod body of her dilbro.

John screamed into the wet folds of his sister’s flesh, the torture it once brought still fresh in his mind. He heard her muffled moans as his face slammed against her cervix, her cunt lips chewing at his ankles while she wiggled her butt against the seat. John was completely inside her. He tried to wiggle free, but all that did was elicit even louder moans from her.

She was loving this. His warm body, strapped helplessly in her brand new suction cup, wiggling about to bring her to orgasm. He was the perfect little toy for her. A little pet she could condition. To make her cum longer, harder, more often. She knew then and there that her orgasm was only minutes away and began hopping up and down on his helpless form.

After two and half minutes of brutal hopping up and down on his body, without so much as the slightest regard for his comfort, she slammed her ass down and orgasmed all over his shrunken body. Lily rode it out with some grinding and circling, enjoying the aftershocks of her quickie cum before she hopped off. With a plop the suction cup came loose and John tipped over, splashing against the cum puddle that now lay at the center of the stool. But she didn’t care, she was too busy catching her breath and enjoying the afterglow. God he felt good. He filled her up so perfectly, and his little wriggles, he was a perfect little pet dildo. But she needed more. She needed a pet vibrator. 

She looked down at him and laughed, puffing away a few strands of hair . “Wow bro, you’re still hard?” she giggled. “Alright then, time for round two,” she said in excitement, grabbing him and her phone as jogged towards her bed. She hopped on and crawled towards the headboard. Without even a second's hesitation, Lily suctioned him against it, his face turned downwards. 

John cursed himself for being hard. The whole thing was brutal. He was ruddy, worn, and still coughing up her cum. But the friction against his penis proved to be too much. Too much wetness, squeezing, and teen hormones to keep it from going flacid. But too much pain and discomfort to actually bring him orgasm. Being her dildo was terrifying enough, and now she talked about making him a vibrator? He remembered the stuff Margot said, about the potential for permanent damage. He cried at the thought of what lied ahead. 

“Ever wondered what doggy style would be like bro?” she asked, her face hovering over him while she flicked and tapped her phone. He could only down at the bedspread below she adjusted his settings once again. Once again, Lily placed her finger against his head, bending it back so he looked straight forward. “Max stiffness,” she said to herself before she looked at him again with a smile. “You’ll like it, promise” she said as she planted a kiss on his face and gave his hard penis a little rub. “This time you’ll cum.” 

John couldn’t so much as move a muscle. He couldn’t even turn as she kissed him. Then her face vanished and saw her turn around. He hacked up even more cum at the sight in front of him. Lily’s huge fat butt, jiggling in front of him as she crawled back and lined herself up. It slowly came for him, like a big hungry monster, happily swaying about, ready to stuff its mouth with him. The wet puffy cunt for a mouth. His sister’s cunt. To plunge itself with his entire ramrod body, doggy style.

Just before his face made contact with her greasy lips, his gaze locked onto the big cheeks around him, and the looming asshole that lay above him. He quivered in fear, but that became a distant memory as it was replaced with a wet interior and smoldering darkness. 

He screamed again and again as the layer of cum was replaced with a new one, ramming him deeper and deeper into her twat as Lily bounced her ass against the headboard. 

Lily smiled at the thought of what was coming, but nothing could have prepared her for it. Like the saying goes, go big or go home - max vibrate on!

John screamed as his whole body began to shake wildly, vibrating against the squeezing walls of his sister’s snatch. He couldn’t keep from tremoring, it was constant and automatic. She literally turned him in a living vibrator. His whole body rubbed jolted against each nook and every crevice of her vagina, searching for every cell to please. 

Lily screamed and moaned as she felt the incredible movements in her cunt. Nothing, toy or man, ever came close to matching this feeling. Every millimeter of her pussy was pleased, all at once. 

She held still as she enjoyed the intensity of it all. Then, with the worst possible timing, a text came in from mom. She grunted as she needed to make sure nothing was up, that no one was looking for her new pet dildo. “Shit,” she said as she learned that she’ll return Monday evening. That only left her the rest of the weekend to plan his disappearance.

Lily already had a couple ideas, so it could wait a few hours. But when the time came she’d have to do it right. There was no way she could part with him now. Not after all this. You can’t go back to gas station wine after tasting a fine bordeaux. Whatever she went with, it would have to be airtight and permanent. 

Then with a sudden jolt, Lily was brought right back to the moment as her brother-turned-vibrator found a new spot. Her mom could wait as she tossed the phone away. A huge scream escaped her lips as she resumed her bouncing, slamming her big cheeks against the headboard and ramming her tremoring brother in and out of herself. 

After ten minutes or so Lily gasped in yet another explosive orgasm. She could still feel her brother vibrating in the depths of her twat, only now she dialed it down. A perfect nightcap to enjoy in her afterglow. 

After a few minutes of basking Lily decided she better check on him. She switched the vibrating function to zero and heaved herself off of him. With a squelch and a satisfied moan Lily regrettably released him from his vaginal prison.

John was finally in daylight again. He actually managed to spit out quite a bit of cum, a silver-lining from all that dreadful shaking. It was horrible. To have no control over his own body, forced to vibrate as it's rammed in and out of her. Haunting doesn’t even begin to describe the experience. But he could only gasp for air and look forward at his sister's big thick butt, her sweaty face turned around as it looked him over.

“Was that as good for you as it was for me?” She asked with a bright smile. “You felt just...wonderful,” she complimented him. Then, her face turned as she noticed a little nub just below his belly. “But hey, what’s that?” She knowingly asked. “Still hard?” she chuckled, her nostrils flared, eyeing him even more hungrily then before. 

“Oh John, you know what that means right?” She giggled, making a point of speaking her last few words very slowly. 

“Time for the butt!”

Lily continued to chuckle and coo at the now animated screams of John, his pathetically cute body now disappearing from view as she wiggled her hips and readied herself.



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