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Story Notes:

So it's been 9 years since I wrote Toy for the holiday. It's been a while :) 

After writing the first chapter, Johnsmith10992 joined in and made the story better and more fluent. 

So we decided to join hands and co-write the story! 

So this is how we work: people can join the discord: https://discord.gg/Kav8XwAwN4 

There we talk about ideas and a general outline and yougts does the cold writing. Then Johnsmith10992 makes it into something awesome :) 

Enjoy! Do you want to have influence on the story, or do you have ideas? Join in!

Author's Chapter Notes:


So there is an outline for the first five chapters, after that there is room to develop. Do you want to discuss the possible direction of the story, or do you have another idea? Please join the discord: https://discord.gg/QSBaWQXsS8

And please leave a review after reading, would really appreciate that. Thanks and enjoy!




“What, really??” both girls yell simultaneously, with their voices full of laughter and disbelief. John avoids their eyes out of humiliation as they both lean forward with big grins on there faces. If he wasn’t so familiar with them, he would have been incredibly intimidated by their beauty. They are truly a sight to behold. But he has known them for such a long time, he doesn’t get affected by it that much.

Especially since one of the girls is his very own sister, Lily. And although she has a lot of confidence, making her quite a handful, John took on his role as younger brother very serious, just like any brother would do. They shared great moments, but he always tried to tease his sister. Naturally she always planned revenge and they went back and forth, but they enjoy their time together..

The other girl in front of him is his sister’s best friend Hazel. They met a few years ago when they start to date other boys and immediately shared a great bond. At first he wasn’t so fond of her, he was more enthralled in video games and comic books, but as the year progressed he started to notice how gorgeous she was.

But he never thought he would have a chance with her. After all, it’s not like he’s the most athletic person, he’s pretty smart but nothing special, and he’s kind of good looking. Just your average Joe. But tonight there was something electric in the air. Something he never experienced with her before.

There was a promise of a great night. John and Lily’s parents went on a long holiday together and that meant they had the house for themselves. And although they had to go to school and work, They could do whatever they want during the evenings and weekends to do whatever they wanted without having to worry about the house rules their parents put in place.

So they celebrated by ordering pizza and opened up a bottle of wine. Of course Hazel was present, she wouldn’t let this potential great evening slide. And maybe it was the wine, or maybe the promise of some great weeks, but John really felt great.

And he noticed Hazel liked his attitude as well. He made funnier jokes then usual, and his confidence worked in his favor. And to his amazement, it seemed from her body language that she was coming on to him a bit. But it’s difficult to make a move when your own sister is sitting next to her, rambling on about all kind of things. So he let it slide for that moment.

After pizza they took out Monopoly from the cabinet and after installing it on the table, they started playing their game. But even then, Hazel continued to seek his attention. And whether it was the wine talking, or she was just into the moment, she began to tease him. When he bought a nice plot of land she playfully kicked him on his legs to tell him she wanted that property. If he landed in jail she made sure to taunt him about it and throwing a piece of candy to him to tell him he should just give up, before tossing some candies in her own mouth and grinning at him with a sexy smile.

His sister still hadn’t really picked up on her friend’s behavior. She’s just to competitive in board games and she’s quite the sore loser. And her brother was doing far too good up until that point. But she still liked to talk continuously and suddenly changes subject when she rolled her dices.

“Yes!” Lily yelled, making her brother roll her eyes at Hazel who chuckled. “So hey, Hazel”, his sister said, “have you heard about Jennifer and Lucas?” she asked her friend. “No, what about them?”, Hazel asks. “Well, apparently she convinced him to shrink with the tiny dating app.

Immediately, both John and Hazel sat up straight. John knew them vaguely, Lucas was quite a popular guy in school, mostly due to his sports achievement and Jennifer was a petite cheerleader. “Yeah”, Lily continued, “apparently he lost a bet and is now her pet for a week”.

“No way, that’s just gossip!” Hazel exclaimed. “No way that he’s a shrunken pet for Jen”. Hazel refused to believe that somebody would be willing to actually shrink. “I thought that as well, but he’s really tiny, look”. And she took her phone from the table. “Open your phone Haze” she told her friend.

As both girls opened their phones he rolled his eyes again, they now not only share the same phonecovers,  but also the same background picture. From his distance he noticed it was a picture of them together in a bar, toasting with cocktails.

“Here, I’ll send it to you” and the background was replaced by a message app. Hazel gasped as she received her phone. “Let me see, asked John, but the girls ignored him for now. “Holy crap, it’s really him!” Hazel yelled. “That is insane”

“Hey, let me see!” John leaned forward, trying to get a glimpse of the picture. Hazel turned her phone and glided it to John.

When John saw the picture his heart stopped for a moment.

In front of him he saw a picture with a pretty girl making a peace sign and a rolled out tongue. And on it, he saw an inch tall Lucas, wet and exhausted lying spread eagle on the wet muscle. On the underside there was a short line, only four more days” with a big smiley.

John could only stare at the picture. He hadn’t told anyone yet, it was just to embarrassing, but ever since it became possible to shrink and match with somebody else as a toy or pet, it’s been the only thing he’s been thinking about.

There’s something tantalizing about giving yourself to someone and making yourself so tiny, that the other can literally dominate your world. He fantasied and masturbated to it countless of times now. But he never acted on it. Sure, he installed the app, uploaded a nice avatar and put down his preferences. But he never dared to match with somebody. He just had to many reservations, like not finding the other one attractive, or forced to do things which he doesn’t like. No way, he’s going experience that.

John was so taken aback by the pictures he failed to notice that their conversation already continued. He suddenly jolted from Hazel hands as she got her phone back, making her frown and chuckle a bit. “We really should give the app a try in a bar or something” his sister said after taking a long sip from her wine. “Hmm, I don’t know”, Hazel responded. “I think you would be great at playing with a random guy” Hazel said thoughtfully. And what happened next, John would never forget, suddenly Hazel locked eyes with him. “I’d rather have somebody I know as my pet” she grins.

His blood rushed to his head and John was very alarmed. “Did she notice my behavior from before?” he asked himself. “Does she know about my wish?” his mind screamed.

He looked at his sister when she interrupted and snorted. “Yeah?”, “like who?”, she asksed amused, still looking at her phone. Hazel’s grin grew even bigger. “John” she added, immediately followed by a question, “John, you want to be shrunken tonight?” she asked directly.

Lily can’t believe what she has heard and looked both to her friend and brother and suddenly noticed something’s off. They had some sort of unspoken communication Tonight and she totally missed it. And now her best friend just said she wanted her brother as a tiny. Just as she was about to say something her brother said the line that would soon change his life.

“Yeah, you can shrink me” he said nervously.

“What really!” both girls yell.

John can’t believe he actually said it. He didn’t have much time to come up with a proper answer. And who was he kidding, this was the perfect opportunity. She’s beautiful, he trusts her and his own sister is here. Which is awkward, but it will be an even more safe environment. So why not and he blurted out his response.


Lily still cannot believe that he said that. Her own brother wants to become a toy for her friend. She hears Hazel cheering, obviously looking forward to see John shrunken. But Lily is hit by something else entirely. Arousal.

She wanted to try it for a few weeks now, but life got in the way and she didn’t go to the bar. Her plan was to pick up a guy and convince him to shrink him. But that's probably not something Hazel likes, she was always more gentle, and probably wants a cute pet or something. But Lily’s wish is more carnal, she wants somebody to dominate, a sextoy.

And a realization comes over her as she looks at her now timid brother. What is even more naughtier then owning a living sextoy? More exhilarating then to use somebody for your own pleasure? To use her very own brother for that purpose.

She can imagine it now, slowly bringing his fighting body towards her sex. Her lips wet from anticipation while she slowly brings her brother towards it until it touches her. She feels the blood rushing to her cheeks as her arousal grows and grows.

As she listens to the conversation Hazel and John are having, she shakes her head a bit. Hazel wants to continue playing monopoly, but with John as his own piece on the board. She smiles as she loves the kind character of Hazel, it evens their friendship out. But this is not the time to think small. She has to find a way to let John become her tiny. Her toy.

“Well let’s get to it then” Lily suddenly says with a big grin. “Have you installed the app already John?”

John still can’t believe he’s going to be a shrunken pet for Hazel, but trusts it’ll be worth it. He nervously takes his phone and opens it up. After loading his profile he slides it to his sister and Hazel. “Yeah, this is my profile” he adds.

“Mine is done downloading”, Hazel interrupts. “Let me set up my profile” she adds. While Hazel is busy making a cute selfie for her profile and setting up different parameters, Lily already went deeper inside her brother’s profile.

She knows how it works, she’s set up her own weeks ago and quickly finds what she’s looking for. She sees several settings, but doesn’t like what she sees. He’ll automatically grow back after a few hours and there is are other options that aren’t right. Well, for Lily that is.

She quickly changes the parameters. As she glances over his phone, she notices he’s just to much into Hazel to notice that his sister is doing something. She sets the time to indefinitely, full size control to the owner, she doesn’t have to change anything about being indestructible, he already checked that, but she adds the option to take away his need to breathe. Then she sees some other stuff, but it’s not that important. She just checks everything on and goes back to his main profile.

Without saying a word she glides it back to her brother and sips from her wine like everything is normal.

“So are you ready?” Hazel asks John. “You should be careful, I’ll be a lot bigger when we play monopoly, so you better not win” she smiles. Or I might replace you with another board piece” she says teasingly.

Hazel noticed his strange reaction to the picture and she knew right away that he wanted to experience being shrunken. And now that she started to take a liking in her best friend’s brother, it’s the perfect opportunity to bond further.

She takes an extra drink for courage and simply says, “now, strip”.

John is startled by her demand. “Yeah silly, your clothes won’t shrink down, so strip” she grins as she leans back in her chair with a huge mocking grin. Hazel is looking forward to see him totally naked.

He figures she is right, and awkwardly lifts his shirt and then his pants and socks until he’s only in his boxershorts. It’s quite humiliating to see his friend and his sister looking at him with curious eyes. He doesn’t notice that Lily is looking at him with even more hunger.

With a swift motion he takes off his underwear and is embarrassed as he stands there. “Am I really going to do this” he asks himself. But staring at Hazel’s beautiful face, he just has to try it.

He picks up his phone and holds it in front of him, “so shall we match?”. On his screen is some sort of QR-code, made for matching with another. “Yeah, let’s do it”, Hazel says excitedly. But before Hazel can pick up her phone, Lily pulls her towards her and whispers in her ear.

“Let’s play a prank on him” she tells her friend, her voice full of laughter. “Let’s switch phones, so he’s my toy, his sister’s, instead of yours she grins. Hazel pulls back a bit and looks into her friend’s eyes. She knows how much they love to tease each other, but maybe it’s not really fair to John. But Lily puts on her puppy eyes. “Pleeease” she says cutely.

Hazel rolls her eyes with a knowing smile, “fine” she laughs. “John, close your eyes for a moment” Hazel asks him. He doesn’t know why, but it makes sense to comply now and closes them.

Lily mouths a big thank you as Hazel picks up her friends phone. She shakes her head with a smile and walks towards John. She stands still in front of him, "you can open them now" Hazel says and looks him straight into his eyes. He's stunned by her beauty, making him even more nervous. “Ready”? She asks. “Ready” he says and they put the phones together until the hear a sound.

Matching complete.

John’s heart races as he knows that he sealed his fate. He’s going to be tiny and helpless very, very soon. “Can I have the phone” he hears his sister asking. He wonders why she wants it, but doesn’t really care, they have full control in seconds anyway.

Hazel looks towards Lily and tosses her phone gently in her palms. “Shrink him down slowly to 1 inch” she tells her. “Yes sir” Lily jokingly answers.

Lily quickly finds the slider to adjust his height and sets it with a duration of 1 minute shrinking time, to 1 inch. She presses the green button and watches as he slowly begins to shrink. Her arousal immediately peaks as she sees it’s working. He’s really becoming a tiny helpless toy.

She goes back to her own profile as she sees Hazel teasing her brother while he shrinks, bending over more and more until Lily finds what she’s looking for. She sees the page of the current toys she matched with and are currently under her control.

Sure enough, she sees her brother’s profile name. She presses on his name and lands on his profile pic. She checks if the settings are still correct, she doesn’t want him to be physically hurt, and is satisfied everything is correct.

She leans over the table to get his brother’s phone he put there before he became to tiny. She notices Hazel now kneeling down, he should be six inches by now or so. Lily opens up his phone with her brother’s password, he’s so lazy he always just puts in 979797 to unlock it quickly, and goes to his tiny dating app.

She gasps when she sees her own big profile pic and her brother’s smaller pic underneath is and almost orgasms when she sees the text below.

Currently owned by Lily69

She puts on the biggest grin of her life. Her brother is now officially her toy and he’ll soon find out what exactly he’s gotten himself into.



Chapter End Notes:

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