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John awakened to the sound of wet squelching. Feeling groggy and sore, he grunted at the impact of something heavy against his chest. “Ugh, where am I?” He wondered for a moment. The cloudiness dissipated as he opened his eyes. That’s when it all came back to him. The shrinking, the sexual abuse, and his current imprisonment in the crotch of a pair of panties currently being worn by his sister.


His head rang as giant knuckles pummeled against his face. She was fingering herself. Her huge fingers worked their way in and out of her frothing cunt. Her moans echoing far above him as he lay there with a front-row seat to her morning masturbation session.  

All he could do was take it, tied up against the gusset of his sister’s underwear as she worked herself over. It didn’t take him long to fall asleep, after everything she did to him. How she used him. Shame he wasn’t able to sleep all that well. At one point he woke up, face pressed in her slot as she snored loudly. He wasn’t very comfortable, the way she stuck him in there. John tried to loosen the threads in an attempt to reposition himself. The only thing he was able to accomplish though was a small moan from his slumbering sis. Not wanting to escalate this any further, he stopped. Thoroughly humiliated, John lay still in defeat until sleep took hold.  But that was then and this is now. His sister was awake and he had to do something. 

It wasn’t like he could do very much though. His own sister clearly didn’t care if he was awake or not, furiously pumping her fingers in and out of herself, splashing her thick cum all over his body. When all of a sudden, her hand disappeared, and John felt an immense pressure on his back as his tiny nude body was pressed against her engorged lips. Disoriented by the sudden movement, he yelped at the sensation of her rubbing and pressing him into her soaked pussy.  Despite all the commotion he could still hear her grunting and moaning.

Lily rubbed him in slow circles, smothering him in her soaked lips, edging herself closer and closer to a wonderful morning orgasm. “What a wonderful way to start the day!” She thought. 

John choked on her juices as she guided his tiny form over her pussy, over and over again, until finally...“FUUCCKK ME!” She screamed, squirting out gallons of cum, bathing her brother-turned-pantyliner in layers of her funky goo. 

“God that felt good,” he heard her sigh after a minute or so of simmering in her the sweltering crotch of her cum-filled panties. “Wow bro, good way to start the day huh!” she laughed, completely aware of the fact that he was awake for it all. John’s entire world is flooded in morning light as his behemoth sister prys the undergarment prison open. “Morning bro! Sleep well?” she teased. “Well I sure hope you did. We got a big day ahead of us,” she exclaimed, propping herself up a bit. “Lots of shopping.”

“Seriously bro, how ya doin? Recovered a bit I hope?” She asked, tilted her head towards him to better listen. However small she made him feel, at least she had some concern for his well-being. Not that he could pay her this compliment, with her layers of goo slopped onto his face ‘n all. “There, is that better?” she asked as she used her finger to gently swipe his face clean.

“How d-do you think L-lily? I’m s-sewn into the crotch of y-your panties?” John answered. 

“Right. Well I could’ve just left you in the drawer. Perhaps you’d prefer that moving forward?” She mused.

John needed to choose his next words carefully. He has no clue what her long-term plans are, not to mention the fact that he has yet to see her truly angry with him. “N-no sis. I...I’m just a b-bit shaken up is all. By how I w-woke up, and all of this r-really.”

“Haha, well I suppose we’re both to blame for that. You can’t tease a girl like that and expect her not to act, with your micro-movements ‘n all.I ain’t complaining though. That really hit the spot haha,” she laughed.

“Right,” he answered. As his giant sister uses her finger to swipe away the rest of her cum layered on top of him, John can’t help but notice a small pressure down below. An urge he hadn’t felt since this whole ordeal began. 


“Yes bro?” She answered, finally satisfied with her now mostly cum-free stowaway.

“W-why do I feel the urge to p-pee all of a sudden?” He asked.

“Well, because it’s morning bro why else?” She laughed.

“I m-mean, I never had to b-before? W-what’s changed?” He pried.

“Ha! Well, if you must know my oh so curious brother,  I took it upon myself to change some of your settings this morning. I’ll tell you all about it later, but how about we go take care of business. I need to pee too y’know, haha,” she laughed, just before allowing him to snap back into place. 

The overwhelming sensation was as scary now as it was the first time for John, being hugged against her older sister’s fat slimy lips. Lily hops out of bed, strolling across the hallway and into the bathroom. Pausing to look at her reflection she can’t help but chuckle a bit. God was she a hot mess! Having slept longer than she intended and perhaps going a little overboard the day before. 

“Nothing a shower and hot breakfast can’t fix,” she thought with a smile. Lily was a stallion, she knew this. Six feet tall with big tits, a toned stomach, and a nice fat ass, with just the right amount of jiggle. She’ll clean up just fine. But all that could wait. Right now, she REALLY had to go. Like...big time!

Just like the night before, John could tell he was in the bathroom. What did she mean by her comment earlier? Surely she’d explain it later. Right now though she really needed to let him out. The last thing he wanted to do was wet himself in there and incur her wrath. So he held it in, anxiously waiting for the chance to relieve himself. But nothing happened. Not for a few moments at least. When all of a sudden, he hears a...giggle.  That couldn’t be good.

Jobn was confused as she began to sit without lowering him. Was she sitting down on the edge of the tub? “No!” He screamed, fearing the immense amount of pressure he assumed would follow. Only it never came. He was simply lowered down as her sizable butt compressed against something, all parts except for him that is. Somehow, she sat down on something without actually sitting on him. John could tell by the creaks and groans as well as the dimmer surroundings. That’s when it hit him like a ton of bricks. Fuck.

“Oh g-god p-please no Lily!” John screamed, only for Lily to ignore him, simply sliding her panty to the side with him tagged along of course. He screamed in horror as she held him and her panty right next to her giant cunt, moments before she released her bladder. “P-please! I’m begging you just s-stop! This is disgusting!” He begged.

Lily could only chuckle at the sound of his whiny cries as they echoed beneath her rump. She bit her lip, feeling the pressure continue to build. Lily was so pleased to have thought of this in-time. Simply pulling her panty to the side as her snatch hosed out hundreds of gallons of hot piss, her insignificant brother bound and trapped just inches away. It was an act of dominance in its purest form. Her little panty bitch forced to witness the grisly act, stuck there waiting ‘til she was finished.

A stream of hot fragrant urine wider than his thigh blast out of her huge vagina mere inches away from his face, splashing into the water below with astounding pressure. It’s a literal firehose of his sister’s piss an arm’s length away. He gagged from the smell and fumes. Tiny droplets imperceptible to any normal sized person occasionally splashed onto his poor face. Then somehow, things got worse.


“Aah, that felt good,” Lily sighed as her ass blurted out a loud bassy fart over her brother below. John screams as his sister broke wind over him, filling the entire bowl with the foul stench of her gas and urine, all while she continued to relieve herself.

“Sorry bro,” his captor boomed far above him. “Girls fart too y’know - but you knew that already, didn’t you?!” she laughed. “Of course you do, I taught you that last night, gave you a first hand account!”

Against his better judgment, John lashed out in anger. “You disgusting brat!” he screamed.

“Stop being a wimp bro, it doesn’t even smell that bad, it was just loud!” she said matter-of-factly. As if farting on her shrunken brother was normal?! 

“H-how can you say that!” he screams. Y-you’re a g-goddamn giant to me! Everything is m-magnified!” He cried. “Y-you’re pissing r-right next to me. I can f-feel some of the droplets on my face. Y-you f-farted on me! Th-this is a nightmare!” He added, now nearly breaking down into tears over all this.

“I’m only human bro. I always toot some whenever I go for a piss, don’t you?” she teased him. 

“PLease, sis, stop, I-I’m begging you!”

“Hold your horses bro, I’m almost done,” she said with a chuckle, completely steamrolling him.

Despite knowing full-well he was completely trapped, John began squirming for all he was worth. It was like he was somehow trying to will himself away from this hellhole.

“You’re a frisky one this morning, huh bro?” she laughed far above, her heavy hose of piss finally beginning to weaken. “If I were you I wouldn’t move around so much. I may have inherited mom’s sewing skills, but there’s still a small chance you could rip through. Do you really wanna go for a swim that bad?” She mused, laughing at how quickly he stopped. 

John was so fixated on lashing out he wasn’t really thinking straight. As he over the side of the panty and down into the bowl, he couldn’t help but visualize himself down there, treading in the hot steaming yellow pond as she finished up. Her threat terrified him so much he literally went pale.

“Aaah! So much better,” Lily exclaims, satisfied from her morning piss. Lily tears off a square of  toilet paper and gently wipes herself clean. She giggled as her hand bumped the side of him, swiping and pressing the plys against her meat flaps. Just before standing up for her shower, she remembers that he had to go as well. 

“Ah sorry bro, I totally forgot about you,” he hears his sister boom far above. “Ok, it’s your turn to go now. Try to be quick, we’re on a tight schedule!” She sings. 

“Sis? Y-you never told me what you did with my settings?” he yells. “You had me on max, with all bodily functions stopped. What d-did you do to me?” He adds, clearly concerned.

“Right, my bad bro,” his sister replied. “To be honest, I just got kinda bored with your vanilla configuration. I mean, I don’t want to hurt you or anything, but I feel like I could get a little more out of you if we raised the stakes a little,” she said. “Nothing too crazy, but still, I’m big and you’re tiny so try to be careful,” she laughed. 


“I told you already, I got bored lol. Besides max durability settings comes at a cost, you don’t feel as much. Now you’re gonna feel WAY more.” she adds, “And we both know how much you enjoy being my toy ‘n all. You came three times, remember?” She chuckled. “So, you’re welcome! Now time for you to go, it’s bad to hold it in y’know.”

But peeing is the furthest thing from John’s mind. He had to find out what settings she changed. “L-lily, what did you d-do to me!?” he yelped. It felt surreal, talking to his giant sister from inside a toilet bowl, but he had to know. 

“Well, the app puts it like this,” she sighs, realizing her brother wouldn’t stop until she explained it to him. “You’re still fairly durable and can withstand longer periods without oxygen. Not indefinitely though, like 15 minutes at a time, give or take. It all depends on the physical endurance of the toy. With one as good as you, I think we’d get the full 15, but we’ll have to test that out,” She explains. John cringed at her incessant references to him as her toy. It was as horrifying as it was humiliating. But that wasn’t the focus here. He had to stay on-task.

“W-what do you mean, f-fairly durable?” He asked. 

“Jeez bro, how much do you want to know?” She said with a sigh.  “Well, since I’m such a good owner and loving sis, I’ll humor you,” she added. “So your bones ‘n stuff can still withstand quite a bit of pressure, but they can be broken if you’re bent far enough or enough force is applied. 

“What!?” he yells, panicking from her words. 

“What?” she replies innocently, you still can’t die!” She defends. “Well, not unless I ate you or something” she laughed. “Hah, now there’s a funny thought. I’d be shitting you out right now,” she teased him. 

She hears him scream down below. “Oh stop, I’m not a cannibal or anything,” she said. “But still, it can’t hurt to at least know what’s possible,” she giggled.

“Still, you could get pretty injured, perhaps even permanently,” she warned him. “But don’t worry, I’ll promise to be careful every step of the way, okay? Like, if I want to let’s say chew on you, or walk on you, I’ll just slide your durability back up to max.” She explained. “But most of the time you’ll be on the settings you’re on now. That way we can show you what it’s truly like to be your big sis’s favorite toy. Trust me it’s better this way, more intimate ‘n all, you’ll love it!” 

“L-love it?!” he yells back angrily. “Love b-being your toy? Risking d-death?! That’s insane!” he threw back at her. 

“Nah, the only thing that’s insane is how good you feel. This’ll just make it sweeter, trust me,” she replied, ignoring his pleas. “Now, enough stalling, you gotta go pee pee so we can get this show on the road. We got a big day ahead of us,” she said.

He yelped as he saw the fingers holding her panty to the side reach around him and twist. “N-no, p-please,” he squeaked as she turned the panty around so that he faced the steaming lake of yellow piss below. He felt the warm pressure of his sister’s cunt behind him, which only added to how surreal this whole situation was. “Alright, little guy. Go ahead now,” he heard her say.

But that was easier said than done. John was always a guy that had bit of trouble going in public. At sporting events he’d never go during break, but during actual playtime. He’d do this just to avoid having to go around others. Hanging above a swimming pool of his sister’s piss with his back pressed against her cunt, all while she barks at him to hurry up was anything but helpful.

“I-I cant Lily,'' he screamed. 

With a frown now plastered on her face, Lily checked her phone real quick to confirm his settings right. Everything was in order. “Stop playing games bro, we don’t have time for this,” she huffs. That’s when she finally remembered, smacking her head at how forgetful she was. Her little brother always used to get piss fright. 

“Aww, you must still struggle with going pee pee around others, huh? Even if it’s just me, your sweet sister?” She teased.

“Well, here’s some motivation for ya,” she said. “I could always put you on toilet paper duty. Use your whole body to wipe me clean whenever I have to go...” she sang while looking at her nails. “It’d save quite a bit y’know. I’m sure mom would love that!” she laughs. “All jokes aside bro, I wouldn’t fuck with me on this. I know you love my big booty ‘n all, but being used to scrape the filth off my crack after I take a dump isn’t something you ever want to experience. Trust me bro,” she threatened, her voice taking on a more serious tone.

John’s terrified by her threat. Veiled or not, it was a fate he wished to avoid at all costs. He was so shaken by it in fact that he actually let out a few drops. His giant sister had literally scared the piss out of him. Now free of his stage fright, John released the contents of his tiny bladder, a pathetic little tinkle into the fragrant lake of his sister’s below. 

Lily laughed at the sound of his tiny little droplets splashing into the bowl below. What a pathetically tiny trickle. So small she couldn’t help but squeal a little at how cute it sounded. “Hah! Worked like a charm,” she exclaimed. “So, any time you have a little trouble getting started, just think back to what I said. Mmkay?” 

Lily was already horny for the second time today, and it was only quarter after nine! “Okay bro, time to shake it off,” she said as she gripped his tiny body and shook. John’s entire world rattled as his giant sister forced the last remaining drops from his dangling penis. Satisfied he was done, Lily untwists the crotch of her panty situating her brother right back into place, pressed against her lips. She couldn’t help but consider another morning quickie. “Shit, do we have time for another one bro? I could use another cum how about you?” she asked, checking the time on her phone. His little protests certainly were convincing. But no, they didn’t have time. “Aah, I could really use one, but we should really hold off. We’ll have plenty of time later bro,” she concluded. “Besides, we’re both pretty ripe. We should really wash up,” she added, finally standing up, releasing him from the horrid enclosure.

With a sigh, Lily lowered her panties and their captive stowaway. John’s world flew by as he was haphazardly dumped into the sink. Just seconds later he sees his giant sister approach with a small pair of scissors. The kind you’d get with a nail clipper set. Small to her at least, to a five-inch tall tiny they were still big enough to do plenty of damage. John began to whimper as the sharp object approached him. “Relax bro, I’m just getting you out of my panties is all,” she giggled, taking notice of the distress they had caused. With a couple of snips Lily cut her brother free and lifted him up.

“See little guy? That wasn’t so bad” she laughed as she turned on the water. She held her hand under the faucet, making sure she had the right temperature. Satisfied, she lowers her other arm and dunks her brother in. John yelped at the suddenness of it all. It was a strange experience for him, being treated like some sort of pet, his giant sister hand washing him under the running water. At least it was warm. 

He sputtered as his sister maneuvered his head under the stream, making sure it was nice and clean. Despite his humiliation, John was quite comfortable. Between the warmth of the water,  and the gentle touch of her fingers as they brushing over his body, John felt good. So good in fact, his body started to react. Why did this alway have to happen? Why couldn’t he just relax and enjoy the moment? But no, his lesser self had to show it’s head and give his giant sister even more leverage.

“Oooh, do my eyes deceive me or did I just give you a lil’ hard-on?” she laughed, eyes locked on his now throbbing boner. “Good for you little bro. Here, let big sis take care of it,” she says as her . “Mmm, that’s right bro, be a good little pet and cum for me,” she teased as she used her finger tips to rub it up and down. Gently and slowly she went, nicely lubricated from the constant pour of warm water.

“John coughed as water continued to cascade onto his face. A stark contrast to the soft massage he felt below. He didn’t want this, but he was powerless against the orgasm he felt building in his loins. 

“Please”, he managed to gurgle, “Stop. Y-you’re molesting me.” 

“Oh please bro, we both know you need this. Look at you, a bundle of nerves with your little thingy just begging for release,” she said, bringing the jerkoff session to a sudden stop, just as he was about to explode.

She gently rubbed his crotch, keeping it nice and erect, but not hard or often enough to bring him to finish. “Bro,” she said sweetly, “If we’re going to make this work, you know, being my human dildo ‘n all,” she added. “You really need to try and enjoy yourself some,” she stated. 

“I d-don’t want this to work!” He sputtered, appalled by her suggestion. “I w-want you to grow me back. P-please!”. 

“Don’t be silly. Five inches is plenty big enough for now, haha. But no, really John, this is not some fling that’ll end in a couple weeks. It’s permanent,” she said as she turned off the faucet. “This is your new life now sweetie. So you really have to start seeing things differently,” She explained.

“P-permanent? B-b..”

“Listen bro, we both know deep down you wanted this, and that’s fine, seriously it’s more than fine! But it’s not always fun and games. My pussy’s a fickle woman. Sometimes she’s nice and gentle where other times she just wants a chew toy. So enjoy these little moments, okay?” she said as she approached the shower with him in her grasp.

She looked down at him with a grin. “Besides, your body has already resigned itself to me, so just give up already. I’ll take good care of you I promise. Toy or no toy, I’m still your big sis,” She said while stepping into the shower. Despite everything they’d been through, John still felt very awkward, forced to shower alongside his giant nude sister. Lily placed him in the soap dish, next to a bottle of femine hair products, then leaned in to address him. “Look bro, I could use a wash and judging by your little thingy, you could use some release. How’s about we take care of each other, hmm?” She suggested. 

He wanted to reply, more than anything. He wanted to tell her off, or at least something. But he never got the chance as seconds later she turned on the shower, silencing anything he had said. All he could do was sit there and save his energy. Who knows what she had in store for him? Lily gave him a quick smile as she grabbed the shampoo bottle next to him. Squeezing it into her open palm she leaned in close, her face just inches away from him. “Stroke it for me John,” she said, her sensual voice chilling him. Giving him, her brother, goosebumps. “Keep it nice and stiff for your big, hot sister, okay?” She laughed. 

John’s at a loss. He didn’t want any of this, but the threat of using him to literally wipe her soiled ass was still fresh in mind. Maybe he should just give in. With an overwhelming sense of defeat, he grabbed his erect cock and began to stroke it. 

“Good boy,” his sister cooed, like you would a small dog or pet hamster, squeezing outer a bit more shampoo and lathering it into her hair.

John could only stare as she washed her mane, stroking his cock all the while, just enough to stay hard and keep her from prying. He felt so humiliated, so helpless. Her casual dominance of him, forcing him to masturbate to her because ‘enjoying’ himself was in their best interest. Like she cared. But as he continued to stare and stroke, he couldn’t help but appreciate the view. Despite all the abuse, and the fact that she was his sister, she truly was a specimen. Tall, fit, toned, thick - the perfect combination of curvy muscle and feminine fat. 

After rinsing, Lily grabbed the conditioner. They only just started and she already felt refreshed. She grinned at the sight of her tiny brother stroking his cute little boner. “Wait a moment bro,” she teased. I’ll give you a hand in just a sec,” she added as she rubs the conditioner through her hair. “There, we’ll let that sink in for a bit,” she said, quickly grasping up her now screaming brother. 

John squeaked as his giant sis brought him inches from her face. She smelled nice, a bizarre contradiction to the smells he suffered just moments earlier. Her wet hair had a beautiful silhouette over her face. He still could see why she was considered the hottest girl in school. If they knew the truth, how cruel she was. He yelped as a fruity bottle came into view, its spout just over his head. Lily squeezed the bottle, slicing a shocked grunt from John as a copious amount of soapy gel fell onto his body. He tried to inhale, but wasn’t able to as she rubbed it all over his body. That’s when he realized it. She was about to use him like a human soap bar.

Sure enough, air was literally squeezed from his lungs as she gripped him tightly without warning. John tried to figure out his orientation, but soon wished he hadn’t, gagging at the realization that she was about to use him to scrub her armpit. He cringed as his sister gently rubbed his lathered body against her pits, making sure she wicked away every bit of sweat. “Don’t get distracted now bro. Gotta stay nice and hard for me,” she teased as she used his front-side to scrub her underarms.

John was pounded with massive amounts of water, choking on grime and soap as she rubbed her entire body with his. Like a sponge, he glided down her neck, over her arms, and across her belly. By the time she reached her legs she had a system in place. She had to make sure she got every inch. So lily bent over and dragged him over her thighs, making little circles around it as she lowered him. This whole experience was just...perfect. She literally felt the electricity course through her veins and right to her loins. All from using her tiny brother as a makeshift bar of soap. A human washcloth.

She bit her lip as she brought him back up, muffling his cries as she kneaded him into her large squishy breast. Part business, part pleasure, Lily rubbed him over her tit-flesh, cleaning every inch of her right tits. When it came time for her nipples, she made sure to apply extra pressure. With a little maneuvering she was even able to focus his tiny little cock against them, gently rubbing his stiffy against her bumpy knob. She couldn’t help but gasp at how it all felt. With eyes closed, she brought down her body, past her navel and between her thighs. 

With her filthiest parts still to come, Lily grabbed the soap bottle and squirt an extra helping on her captive bro. John sputtered at the sensation of her fruity soap dripping over his face and mouth. Satisfied her human soap had the necessary ammo for the job ahead, Lily bent forward and looped him around her underside. John screamed as he saw her huge hand spreading her jiggly asscheecks as. His entire body is slammed right between them, deliberately rubbing him up and down, using him to clean all the sweat and grime out of her fat ass.

“Mmm, that feels nice,” he heard his crazy sister moan high above him. His dick was starting to dwindle, but she must’ve taken notice, as she maneuvered him so it rubbed up and down her crack, flicking up and down against his legs and belly with each swipe. Lily pressed on his buttocks, gently rubbing his entire front side against her crack as she continued to use him to clean her ass. At one point she even pauses with his midsection pressed against her brown puckering anus. 

“Ooh bro, you like that?” She teased as she pressed his butt into her, forcing his tiny hard on into her giant butthole. “OMG, is that your little thingy in there? Feels kinda cute, your tiny little dick up my big butt. Hate to break it to you though bro, but this big ‘ol butt prefers it’s dicks a bit bigger, your size to be exact, haha.”

John’s mind screamed as he pictured her grisly anus in front of him. He could easily fit inside. Just when he thought he couldn’t take it anymore, his sister let out a sigh and removed his dick from her hungry butthole, continuing to rub him along her butt, her asshole practically chomping at the bits as it pulsed each time he passed over. Despite his disgust, his dick continued on, enjoying all the bumps and presses.

John whimpered as he felt his face rubbed along her crack for the hundredth time. Despite his disgust at recent decision to use his face to scrub against her butthole, lathering away all the grime and sweat, his traitorous dick still still edged closer and closer to finish. Just as it was about to explode, Lily removed his head from her now clean cornhole and moved back down between her legs. Her cunt now loomed an arm’s length above him. A hungry mouth just inches away, framed by her upside-down face at the edge where his feet were, staring at him as she dripped warm water from the nice, hard shower.

“Glad to see you’ve managed to stay hard for me bro,” she laughed. “Now, enough beating around the bush. Time to get your reward!” She happily exclaimed, patting her lips and bumping his body in the process. “And so thoughtful too bro, what with the soap ‘n all. Most guys would just leave a mess. Not you, you’ll clean up after yourself. Like a good little pet,” she giggled. 

Without further delay, Lily pressed him against herself, glides him between the fat lips of her hungry cunt. John felt the now almost familiar texture of her twat as it chewed at his body. He could feel it gnawing at him, trying to devour him as she gently glided him over it. 

“Hmm, that feels nice John,” she moaned, continuing to rub and knead him against her. 

John felt humiliated for the millionth time since he afforded his new role in life. Being used to soap and scrub his sister’s body, now along her filthy cunt, all while he feels his orgasm continue to approach the point of no return. 

“No s-sis, STAHP,” he gargled. But between the goo dripping from her lower lips, the hot water, and the now vigorous rubbing, John couldn’t hold back. The sensation just grew and grew until he couldn’t take it anymore. He came. 

Lily felt the tiny little spasm of his body as he shook against her frothing lips as she continued to rub him against them. “Now to clean up after yourself little bro,” she chuckled as she rubbed his sensitive body against her, soaping up his tiny spurt as well as her copious goo. John felt himself move down a bit from her snatch, making it easier for each of them to see each other. A cheeky grin now plastered across her upside-down face.

“Good boy John! See? Just think of all the sweet little cums I can bring you to. I know just the way you like it now,” she asserted. “Now, let’s put that fifteen minutes to the test, ok?” she beamed, as if it were some sort of benefit she wanted to verify.  

He stared into her eyes with a confused look on his face, only to realize just seconds later what she meant.  “Ungh,” she grunted as she rubbed her lips a bit then spread “N-no Lily, I’ll s-suffocate!” he screamed, only for her to ignore him, raising her head back up into a standing position. The heat from her fat cunt lips was overwhelming, and he hadn’t even touched them yet.

“OOooh yes,” She moaned as she pressed his head into herself, dragging it along her inner tissues. John’s screams are silenced as his upper body is surrounded by her churning cunt walls. Darkness surrounds him as he’s pushed in deep, sealed in by her now closed lips.

John struggled for all he was worth. He would not allow himself to suffocate in his sister’s pussy. It was horrible, Lily just treating her pussy like just another pocket to store her brother in while she finished up.

Lily exited with a smile, her brother safely sound deep in her twat. She grabbed her phone and a thought crossed her mind. “How long had he been in there? One minute? Two?” she wondered. “Better play it safe and set the timer for thirteen.” 

Lily spent the next ten minutes or so drying off, putting on her make-up, and moisturizing her supple skin. The entire experience was electrifying. Going about her morning routine, all the while feeling her shrunken brother wiggles inside her wet cunt. The combination of her thoughts with his movements made it so...delicious. Every so-often she’d check herself out in the mirror. Her beautiful body and large hips, not a clue in sight that her tiny brother was embedded deep within her. Trapped inside her sweltering snatch. It was so fucking hot. She could see the goo dripping down her leg from the thought. Ha, at this rate she’d need another shower! 

As she stepped into a fresh pair of panties, she glanced over at her phone. Only two minutes to go, plenty of time to finish getting ready. Lily took her sweet time selecting a matching bra, cute skirt, and snug long-sleeve T. Sure it was a tad hot out, but it really made her tits pop! She heard the alarm go off in the distance, cursing herself for leaving her phone in the bathroom. Just a few seconds longer wouldn’t kill him, she still had her jewelry afterall. 

She rushed into the bathroom, a tad concerned at how long she was. Nah, he was fine. “Oh John,” she sang, finally silencing the alarm. “Time to come out!” 

Meanwhile John was literally baking inside her steamy cunt. Starving for a fresh breath of oxygen. It was horribly humiliating, her continuing on with her morning routine as she completely ignored his struggles. He saw it countless times already, he knew her ritual. It was long, and for him that was not good. Not when he was being squished and churned in a slimy sleeping bag set to 98.6 Fahrenheit. Not when he had to breathe. 

That was the worst part. The burning sensation in his lungs. His body was practically convulsing as his lungs starved for a breath. John tried to keep the urge at bay, knowing full-well any attempt would simply result in a lungful of cum. “P-please, I can’t take any m-more,” but no relief came. His struggles intensified as he started to panic. He faced the cold hard reality that he might actually suffocate to death. Drowned in his sister’s pussy. Then, just before everything went black, he felt some movement.

He knew she was about to get him out. John dipped deep into his energy reserves, mustering every last ounce in him to keep his mouth shut and stay conscious. And just before he started to drift away, he felt her finger tug at his legs, quickly snatching him out of his oxygen-deprived prison. 

He gasped in lungful after lungful of air, desperately trying to replenish them as his sister swiped away the excess cum. “So sorry bro, you know how it is,” she said with a nervous chuckle, feeling a hint of guilt over how worked over he was. “These darn earrings didn’t want to go in,” she added. Meanwhile John is a sobbing mess as she shushes him, tenderly bringing beneath the sink for another rinse. After a moment of gentle scrubbing, he was clean again. 

Using her towel to gently dry his body, Lily soon found herself addressing a clearly broken John. “I t-thought I was going t-to die!” He cried, shivering in her palm.

“Oh hush now bro,” she brushed him off. “I’d never do anything like that to my favorite little guy. Besides, if I remember correctly, you used to be quite the accomplished breath holder. At least back in our summer camp days,” she kindly said. “Just think of this as training for those bragging rights again. Only this time with more purpose,” she encouraged. “So, let’s grab something to eat!” She exclaimed, cheerfully changing the subject as she strolled out of the bathroom.

Despite his still shaken state, he was pleased to finally be out of the bathroom. He had been in there for so long. If only everything weren’t so big. Everyday items he’d never give a second’s thought were now so massive to him, so daunting and out of reach. He whimpered at just how pathetically helpless he really was now. As hard as it was for him to admit it, especially after all the pain she had caused, he realized now more than ever that he needed his sister. He couldn’t possibly survive on his own, not at this size. 

Lily grabbed a glass from the counter and set it on the table. Having decided on a few adjustments, she brought up the app on her phone and shrunk him down to two inches. He’ll fit nicely that way, though things might be a bit more intimidating.  

“Be right back!” she sang, ignoring his screams as she released him into the glass. After taking a moment to collect himself, John stood up and dusted himself off. As he got back his footing he couldn’t help but consider the irony of it all. He thought back to when he was young. Way back in middle school, when he had this pet goldfish. Swimmy he’d call him. He lived in a little glass bowl. Here he was, years later, roughly the same size as Swimmy, trapped in a drinking glass. Trapped just like Swimmy was. Looking out at the world through a similar lens. John shivered as he thought of how he died. He begged her not to. He begged her to stop. But no, she had to teach him a lesson. Go through my stuff and pay the price. Lily swallowed Swimmy. John cried and cried, and she immediately regretted her actions. Lily tried throwing him up but couldn’t. He was so torn up by it all he couldn't even muster up the will to tattle. What good would it've done? Besides, tattling would’ve forced him to relive the whole thing, and that was something he just wasn't ready for. Lily felt terrible. Taking things too far like she always did. In the days that followed she did everything she could to cheer him up. Let him pick the shows, bought him candy, practically begged for his forgiveness. He eventually caved because that’s what you do. You forgive. But it didn’t change anything. Swimmy was still dead. Gone forever. John hoped things would be different for him. With his actual mortality at the helm of an app setting, he had to be careful.

He gazed out, through the looking glass, watching his sister prepare what looked like a pancake breakfast. Whether it was the smell or his reduced settings, John could hear his stomach growl. “I hope she’ll let me have some,” he wished, sitting down to relax and enjoy the comforting scents. 

But his moment of calm is soon interrupted as Lily barges towards him, a plate of pancakes in one hand and a carton of milk in the other. He remembered buying them two days ago, the mix and milk. Funny how fast things can change. Lily has a seat, placing the pancakes in front of her, and the carton of milk just next to him.

With a playful grin, Lily tapped the glass right where he rested. “Having fun?” she teased. “Big day ahead of us, gonna need our energy,” she said as she cut of a huge piece of pancake and shoveled it into her maw. John shuddered at the sheer force of her chewing. 

“Please sis, can I have some too?” he asked.

She frowned at her forgetfulness. “Ah yes, you need food now,” she remembered. “Here, have some of this,” she says as she drops a scrap pancake into the glass.

John grabbed the torn piece of pancake, greedily scarfing it down. Only for him to realize mid-chew what was actually happening. Right above his open glass enclosure was his sister, beaming down at him like he was a tiny cute pet of hers. She had this huge grin on her face,  obviously enjoying the fact that she had just fed him like a pet. “Good boy,” she said, just to make sure it sunk in. 

But John was too hungry to care, inhaling piece after piece until nothing was left of the pancake scrap. He was stuffed, a familiar reminder of what it felt like to be human again. Despite his satiated appetite, John now felt rather thirsty. 

“Lily, c-can I please have s-something to drink?” he asked. 

“What? You didn’t get enough of my cum already?” she teased. 

“P-please!” He begged

“Okay, okay,” she said, realizing he was probably extremely thirsty after going so long without a drink. 

Lily eyed her milk carton, squinting slightly as she clearly pondered something. “Sure John,” she grinned, grabbing the carton and pouring it into the glass. John screamed as he felt a waterfall of milk flood over him, her giggling taunts booming far above. “Drink up!” she sang as he swirled around.

“Now that you mention it bro, I’m also a bit perched,” she announced.

John stared in horror as her giant fingers grasped the glass around him and his entire world lifted. She was clearly amused by all of this as she lifted the edge to her now smirking lips, opening her maw to welcome their gift. Panic set in and he screamed for her to stop. But she ignored his cries, tilting the milk and him into her waiting mouth. 

John landed on her wet tongue along with waves of milk that washed over his prone body. He let out a blood-curdling scream as all light vanished and air pressure dropped. “N-noo,” he cried, his basic instinct taking hold as he thrashed and fought to avoid being eaten alive. Suddenly, he’s slammed into the roof of her mouth as his giant sibling gulps the small pool of milk he lay in, sending hundreds of gallons of it down her open gullet. Sending it down her throat, to a dark deadly pit where no living thing came out of. A place so terrible couldn’t even begin to imagine, not even in his worst nightmares. He wiggled and squirmed against the roof of her mouth, his desperate attempts making zero progress. The only thing it accomplished was the overwhelming sensation of her balmy breath as it blew over him, followed by the deafening sound of her chuckling as it boomed around him.

Light flooded in and he’s quickly dragged out of his sister's maw by his feet. Almost immediately, John’s bombarded with a hurricane of hot breath as Lily gently blow-dries him. She couldn’t help but chuckle at the aftermath of her little prank. Only she didn’t laugh for very long. John was clearly shaken up, and as fun as it is to tease him, to see how far she could push him, she did have a habit of taking things too far. That was clear now as John just lay there, silent and shaking, curled up in fetal position.

“Relax bro,” she said in a calm though somewhat giggly voice, continuing to gently blow warm breath onto him. “I just like teasing you plus I’m trying to figure out your limits. We’re still feeling each other out y’know,” She said. “I need you to realize bro, no matter how fucked up things get, I’d never do anything to seriously hurt you, and certainly not kill you. Sure I like to have fun, haha, but I’m not a monster. Okay little guy?I” she said as she gently prodded him.

His nerves finally calmed, John stood up, drying his tears as he stood there in her open palm. “There’s my little bro!” She beamed as she brought her lips towards him. John flinched back with a whimper as she smacked her lips against his chest and face. “Calm yourself bro, I’m only kissing you. Now then where were we? Oh yeah, shopping spree!”

Just her cheerful words rang against his ears, John found himself swept up by his feet, upside-down and dangling from her fingertips. “So John, where are your car keys?” she asked. 

Angry and terrified, John searched for a balanced response. “B-but I thought you were done being mean to me?” He asked, clearly challenging her current antics.

“I’m just being silly bro. You look so cute and tiny, it’s fun to see you upside-down. Now please, answer the question. Where. Are. Your. Car keys?”

Against his better judgement, John tried to put his foot down. “N-no. You’re n-not getting them. I won’t t-tell you.”

Lily sighed, rolling her eyes and laughing at his incessant desire to hold onto some form of control. “John, how many times do we have to go through this,” she said. “We both know I’m getting your car. Now whether it’s after an hour or so of next-level fucking with, or right here right now, that part’s up to you?” 

“I-I d-don’t remember,” he lied.

“Ok, suit yourself” she smiled. “You like my fat butt right? How about I bury you nice and deep in it for our little shopping date?” she threatened. “Yeah that’d be a fitting punishment for your disobedience,” she added, staring him down as she dangled him an inch from her face. “Technically we don’t HAVE to drive there. We could just walk. Might get a bit sweaty in there, what with today’s high of 85F ‘n all.” 

“N-no Lily,” he begged her. “No, but, not my car, please!”

“Okay John,” she said as she slid out her chair and stood up. John was transported around her back as she pried away her waistband with the other. “No, Lily, it’s inthe bottom drawer of the kitchen Island behind you!” he screamed, staring down at her fat cheeks as they overflowed out of the top of her skirt. “Good boy John. See? That wasn’t so hard!” She exclaimed, releasing her waistband and sitting back down.

“Alright John, stay nice and still for me,” she said as she lowered him towards her chest. Using her free hand, Lily cupped the front of her right tit, scooping it up to free enough room for her tiny brother. John let out a yelp as he realized where he was headed, his own sister’s enormous bra. Seconds later he was surrounded by warmth as he found himself placed at the bottom of her bra, her hand still cupping the overflowing breast above him. 

That moment came and went as she released her tit and snapped her bra back into place, slamming thousands of pounds of sisterly breast fat upon poor John. Her placement of him was clearly deliberate, for there he was, pressed right against her nipple. Her tit was so big and heavy he couldn’t so much as budge an inch. While the rest of him struggled in discomfort, a certain part of him clearly enjoyed the experience, hardening against the bumpy knob. 

Lilly rubbed his body in little circles, kneading him against her now hardened nipple through the thin fabric of her shirt and bra. She then gave him a playful pat, right where she knew his buttwas. “You feel nice bro,” she said, scarfing down another bite of pancake.

Lily finished her breakfast, and prepared a cup of coffee. It was still a bit early to head out and she wasn’t quite awake yet. She let out a sigh as she plopped down on the living room couch, sipping her coffee to the morning news, enjoying the sensations of her tiny brother’s struggles against her breast. 

John was not comfortable. Not in the slightest. Still, it could be worse. At least he was warm, and at least he could breath. Not very well, but he had to count his blessings. Suddenly, there’s a ring.

John was overcome by hope at the sound of his sister’s response. “Hey Haze!” she sang. “How you been?” Hazel was one of his last few chances at a normal life. And here she was, on the other side of Lily’s phone call. 

“Lunch?” she asked, pausing for a moment. John felt an almost painful pressure against his back, her fingers rubbing him up and down against her. “Oh yeah, that sounds nice,” she said, making John even more hopeful. Maybe he could find a way to get her attention and tell her everything. Maybe she could save him.

But as Lily continued to chat with Hazel, she began to knead him harder and harder against her nipple, fingertips pressed against his butt as they used his hips to draw small circles. Between the pressure, movement, and slight sheen of tit sweat, John found his dick now rock-hard, poking against her equally hard nipple. Lily of course took notice, causing her to clearly stifle a laugh.

“Ok Haze, 1pm, same place as always. Bye!” She said as she hung up. “Alright John, time to get this show on the road!”

He grunted as she bounced back up, her huge breast bobbing up and down on him with each of her steps. Taking her sweet time like always Lily brushed her teeth and strolled about collecting her things. Finally, he heard a drawer open followed by the sound of dangling keys. “Thanks for the car bro, super generous of you!” she laughed, enjoying his protests against her aroused nipple.

John’s seething over this. But she was big and he was tiny. There wasn’t anything he could do about that. Not unless he somehow got big again. He had to get through to Hazel. His train of thought is interrupted by the familiar beep of his car.

Lily got in the car, adjusted the seats and mirrors, and turned on the engine. Obnoxious sounding music blasted out of the speakers, assaulting her ears with his music preference. “Blegh,” she sighed, quickly switching the channels and adjusting the presets to her liking. “Perfect,” she said, having landed on a favorite of hers she knew he hated. 

Thinking this was it, he’d just lay there ‘til they arrived, he felt the sudden sensation of his legs being pinched together as he’s dragged out of her bra. She glanced him over him, and gave him a wink. Just as he was about to go against his better judgement and say something he’d likely regret, he felt his stomach climb to his throat, his sister quickly lowering him beneath her skirt. His cries are muffled as she prys the crotch of her panties to the side, pressing her tiny brother against her fat-lipped cunt. After a moment of guiding his two-inch body between her wettening lips, she snapped her panties back in place and gave him a playful pat. 

Without so much as a word, Lily backed out of the driveway and started to drive. Her helpless brother pressed right between her lips, right where he belonged.



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