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Author's Chapter Notes:

Decided to post as is instead of combing through it. Apologies for the sloppy mistakes. There's lots to explore in this epic story, as well as a final arc we're cooking up to ensure it gets a proper send off. Though we don't see that coming for awhile. Stay tuned!







As John gazes up, all he sees is his giant sister’s greedy snatch slowly approaching, drooling in anticipation of its snack below. Two inches tall, expertly bound to a dildo with his head facing up, her crusty cum from before still acting as a muzzle. John could not have imagined a more precarious position. And as fate would have it, here he was, with his face about to get the brunt of it. Her huge hungry beast edging closer and closer to its new favorite chew toy. He glances to the side in an effort to escape the nightmarish view, if only for a second. Only it's met with another. Just an inch away is a long, thick strand of heady goo, stretching downward as it slowly drools lower and lower, Equal parts horrifying and disgusting, John starts to hyperventilate through the cracks of his cum-muzzle, remembering the beating he took just short while ago. It was horrible. He never felt so humiliated, scared, and physically beaten up in his life. Yes, beaten up, by his giant sister’s cunt. “How the hell did he get himself into this mess?!” he wonders as he continues to panic. Letting out muffled whimpers and desperate cries as he struggles to breathe.

Lily swears she can hear him gasping as she shifts her comparatively huge thighs around the chair, readying herself to sit down on her shrunken toy. He must be in a real frenzy, what with all that dried up gunk on his face. But still, she could hear it. She fights the impulse to ram him back into her hole and instead takes a brief reprieve to make sure he’s okay. Yeah, his durability and oxygen settings were in-check; not to mention the app’s 99.999% success rate, but it was still bugging her. With a frustrated huff, she shifts her ass back a tad and gets a good look at him. 

The sight before her just never gets hold. Her tiny brother, strapped to her toy while he looks right up into her face with pleading eyes; tears running down his cheeks as he huffs and puffs through her dried up goo. A mental wreck, but just as he was before, undamaged. No amount of guilt could possibly override the excitement she felt from this. With a grin, she decides to try something cheeky, and seconds later she’s pressing two fingers against her dripping cunt and spreading its lips. “Looks like you're having a little trouble breathing, little guy. On account of all my thick, dried up cum on your face? Mind if I help?” She quips as she lowers herself slightly, lining up her clit with his mouth. Lily’s so close she can practically feel his tiny little breaths on her clit as he continues to gasp and huff in panic. It makes her shiver, but not enough to really get her going. “You know, you’d get a lot further if you stopped tiptoeing around and just dove in. Here let me show you,” She says as she begins to smother him.

Lily gasps as she feels her brother’s lilliputian face on her clit as she grinds against it, teasing herself and drawing mini-circles with her hips. She lets out a deep, drawn-out moan, bracing herself against the back of the chair as she continues her vag’s circular assault on his helpless little face. Sure enough, she gets wetter and wetter, juices flowing down his face and entire body with each ministration, each dip against her little guy.

As if the panic attacks and the dried up cum weren’t difficult enough, it made even worse as he’s pummeled with his sister’s giant love button. Up and down, left to right, harder and harder into his face she goes until she slams against him in sexual frustration. 

“Ungh, not gonna lie bro, my caked up cum on your face looks pretty thick. Might take a little extra oomph to get off,” she laughs.

All John can do is scream into the dried up gunk as her clit wages war on his face. It was like a recurring nightmare with his face as the victim. Durability or not, he still felt it! Imagine being punched in the face by a heavyweight boxer and multiply that by a thousand. That’s how it feels. Just like the beating he took when she rammed him face first against her cervix. He was reliving the same nightmare only this time it’s her clit. His breathing gets harder, more panicked, crying into his sister’s assault and mixing his tears with her cum and sweat. A sad pathetic lube to grease the runway for the inevitable full body rape. 

Soon, the hardened cum begins to soften as his sister works him over, moaning and talking to herself throughout. A seemingly small reprieve from his dreadful existence. Seemingly. As moments later a large crack cleaves off the entire right side of her dried up gunk. Large enough to improve his breathing, but small enough for the rest of the cum-muzzle to remain active, keeping his mouth in its slightly ajared position. An unfortunate circumstance as his giant sister continues to rape his face with her frothing muff. Fresh helpings of hot, thick goo interrupt his very first breath, immediately causing him to gag as they ooze down his open tract.

Having heard his tiny hacks and gags, Lily stops and shifts back. With a resounding boom, she plops her butt down on the front of the chair. A fair share of booty flesh drapes over the front edge as she wiggles to get comfortable. Her brother and his scepter stuck between her shapely thighs all the while. “Jeez bro, whenever my pussy’s too sore from all our fucking, please, remind me to use you on my clit instead,” she says. “But for now, I kinda want it...rough” she says tilting the dildo forward, smiling down at its bound prisoner. 

As Lily checks to see if his mouth is still covered, she notices the right side of her dried up cum had broken off. Her smile widens from this realization, her plan was working. Fresh layers weather off the old. “See bro! I told you I could help. Here, lemme get the rest of it,” she laughs. Toned curvy flesh flexes around him as she squats back up.

John is gripped with shock and awe as his sister lifts hundreds of thousands of pounds of woman so easily, making him whimper at just how small and pathetic he is in comparison. And seconds later, the feeling gets worse. For right above him hovers her hungry cunt. An engorged, fat-lipped pussy, slobbering over its snack below.

His mind screams. The memory of her ‘quicky’ still fresh as the same overwhelming force comes crashing down upon him, enveloping him in sisterly flesh. His battered face rams against her cervix, tears running down his cheeks as she grinds and rubs him against herself. With a thrust and bump the hardened cum-muzzle slides off his face; only for her cervix to spit out a new thick batch of heady frosting.

John can hear his sister laugh. Laugh! As she rams him into her soaked twat for the umpteenth time. It’s bizarre to hear her talking, moaning, and going about other things; all from within while she brutally rapes him. Muffling the outside world. A world he’s tried so desperately hard to cling to, only for it to drift away with each barbaric thrust. “Gotta make sure we get every last nook ‘n cranny, don’t we bro?” her voice reverberates as he feels her pussy move in circles on the dildo.

“Mmmm, gotta make sure we rub all that crusty old cum off, ungh,” she moans as she continues to enjoy herself at his expense. John screams against the hard round tissue as it batters against his face, spitting globs of his sister’s hot cum down his throat and bathing the rest of him. Meanwhile, Lily gently moves her ass back and forth with him deep inside her. She even leans forward to increase the pressure against his face, flattening her sizable butt as she grinds against the chair, pushing the dildo as far as it could go.

It’s only her second time riding him bareback, and still, the sensation of fucking an entire living being, squeezing his naked body against with inner folds, was simply divine. The fact that it was her annoying little brother made it all the sweeter. A perfect adornment for the upper part of her dildo. Lily moans at the thought of what it must be like for him, inside her. It must be horrible. A literal churning hell hole of wet scenty flesh, rubbing, gripping, and ramming against him. She had turned her little brother into her favorite fuck toy. Fuck, that was hot.

Sure, at one point she’ll get tired of all his begging and pleading. Tired of his cries to go back to the way things were. But now, as she helps him adjust to his new purpose in life, there’s one thing she enjoys almost as much as ramming inside herself. Something that gets her rearing for a nice hard ride. Hearing him beg. 

“Hmmm, he should be lubed up and crust-free by now,” she thinks. With a few hops on her bro-adorned dildo, just to remind him who’s boss, she rises up and slips off of him, plopping her butt back into the position it was just before. 

Sure enough, she could already hear him gurgling and choking on her juices. She brings her finger to his mouth and swipes off the excess cum, taking a moment to clear the rest from face as well. In this act of kindness she can’t help but snake her other hand down to her crotch and start massaging her clit. The power she waged over him was intoxicating. Watching her tiny brother choke on her cum, completely helpless until she decides to swipe away his suffering with just one finger. An experience she immediately stores in her mental library of masturabation fuel. Her dildo-strapped bro trapped between her thighs just inches as she furiously flicks her bean. She closes her eyes while continuing to abuse her inflamed button, replaying the visual of her small gesture. When all of a sudden, the gurgling stops. 

“Please sis. I-I’m b-begging you. I’ll do anything, J-just please stop,” he pleads, only to be met with a smile in return, her pony-tail framed face looking down on him from high above. “That’s right, bro,” she whispers. “Beg,” she adds while continuing to knead her soaked folds. And without any further delay, she lifts her big jiggly butt off the chair, shifts right over him, and with a little aim she impales herself in one swift motion. “But first, uuungggh, make me cum,” as she leans forward and goes for a ride, hopping up and down on her dildo-strapped brother.

Save for his hands and feet, John is completely immobile. And barely at that since  they are constantly being squeezed by his sister’s wet, rippling walls. With each bounce on his face she clenches and grips him from within, rubbing his entire body up and down with ferocious fervor. There is just no end to the inconceivable poundage of female flesh ramming into his face, fucking his entire body. He isn’t sure if the muffled screams from outside all the layers of muscle, skin and bone are just his imagination. Did he finally go mad? Or was that simply his sister screaming in ecstasy as she brutally rapes him for all he’s worth?

He chokes on yet another mouthful of cum as he attempts to scream into the churning hell hole of his sister’s twat. Just as she found yet another sweet spot to grind and bump him against. He knows it too, since each time his face bumps against the rough patch Lily pauses with him right there, squeezing and grinding for a few seconds before her next hop. 

It feels like an eternity. The constant assault as her cunt lays waste to his body, all to satisfy her kink. And it wasn’t just the feeling, it was the mental aspect of it. She thrived on his begging earlier. Probably replaying it as she fucks him right now. But with pass against that now familiar rough patch, he gets a brief reprieve from the direct blows against his face. A small silver lining for helping her find that sweet spot. Lily moans far above him, thoroughly enjoying how he feels. So much so it breaks her concentration. As much as she enjoys ramming him as hard and deep as possible, sometimes slowing down for precision’s sake is just what she needs. Feeling him brush against the perfect spot with each hop and grind was well worth it. 

Lily grabs one of her well-endowed breasts and squeezes, eliciting another moan from her moistened lips. With one-hand busy, Lily takes the other and wraps it around the base. She then lifts her body up slightly, angling herself to rub his tormented face against that delicious spot. So close, but still not quite there. “Ungh, maybe if I’m turned around it’ll work better?” She wonders, but gasps as she manages to get him just right.

She smiles at the thought of how his face might look as it gazed up at her big ass just before she gave him another ride. Lily was a fit young woman. Extremely fit actually. Hitting the gym five days a week, lifting heavy and mixing it up. She spent a significant amount of time on her ass, and with her diet, the thing was as big as it was fit. A thing of beauty and power. She spent years working up the perfect balance of food and lifting to create a toned body with a generous layer of healthy fat in all the right places. And at six feet tall, it could be intimidating for some, especially her ass. She almost came right then and there, picturing him looking up at it in fear. Plus he’d be situated in an even better spot to tickle that wonderful little groove. No, that would come later. Right now she would get her nut from her current position and stick with the ramming.

John’s mouth is dragged against the side of her pussy with slow deliberate motions. It’s as if his mouth is forced open, eliciting muffled cries against her wet walls. “Please, somebody! Anybody! Please...help me,” he gargles, knowing full-well no one would. Hazel is probably out shopping, and his parents were on holiday. Most of his friends were more-or-less acquaintances, only interacting with him when they gamed online. His fate was in his sister’s hands. And at the moment, that made him her fuck toy.

And just as he thought the ramming was over, that he had been reassigned to that rough little groove against her walls, everything changes. Soon he’s staring right up at his sister’s cervix. Casting out any doubt he had left, Lily slams back down, her cervix holding the entire force of her weight as it bore down against his tiny face.

Despite the horrendous beating his face took, the sheer amount of fluid was perhaps the worst part. There’s simply nothing he can do as his mouth is forced open with each ram, only for her cervix to spit out gallon after gallon of thick cum down his tract. It’s like he’s built for it. For sucking down all his sister’s cum. To taste it. Guzzle it. Consume it. Like he was her personal cum receptacle, only this rescepticle was conscious, and felt every horrifying second of it. John was now balling, his tears mixing with that very cum.

And even though it’s only his second time inside his sister, skin-to-skin, he could already tell she was on the brink of orgasm. Sure enough, Lily grinds him harder and harder deep inside, forcing his mouth open right up against the spout of her cervix. And with an ugly moan and a tight clench, she releases. His poor mouth nearly rips open from the force as her vag fire hoses helping upon helping of hot, thick cum right down his tract. In mere seconds he’s practically filled to the brim, cum-logged. Could he have vomited it up, he would have. For the time being though, all he could do is swallow. 

All of a sudden, it all comes to a rest. Her heartbeat, her laughter, her liquids, it all slows down. Meanwhile, his face is still pressed right up against the deepest part of Lily’s pussy. Still tightly bound and unable to move. Totally helpless deep inside his sister’s giant cunt.

Lily closes her eyes and smiles, basking in the afterglow of yet another intense orgasm. She promised John she’d take it slow. You know, have way more fun with him before the big finale. He just felt SOoo good wedged deep inside her, hopping up and down on him, grinding and clenching. She simply couldn’t help herself. It’s just too new and exciting, to utterly dominate her tiny brother. To fuck his entire body. And not on its own, no, he was too itty-bitty even for that. She had to literally strap him to a dildo to get the job done. It was all too thrilling. 

Plus grinding him against that sweet spot felt particularly good. So a somewhat fast finish made sense. As she begins to rise up from her position, the dildo and slowly revealing itself, she grabs her phone and checks the time. “Only ten minutes?” she wonders. “Hmm, felt longer,” she laughs out loud. “Well, I’m still pretty well-rested,” she shrugs and smiles. “Let’s find that sweet spot again,” she grins.

Just as she is about to stand up and fully unsheath the dildo and the tiny brother strapped to it, a text notification flashes upon her screen. Figuring she should at least take a look, she opens it, only to immediately regret her decision. “Can we talk this afternoon? I miss you!” It reads. She huffs, knowing full well how long her mom likes to chat. After a moment of deliberation she replies with, “Sure, later today though,” Lily replies before tossing it onto her desk, clearly annoyed at the brief interruption.

But seconds later her brother reels her right back in. She can feel his pathetic little hands scrape against her inner walls, making her shiver and twitch in response. “Time for round two little guy!” She sings, making certain he heard every word.

John had expected her to start hopping up and down on him again as he lay trapped in her wet prison. Only he feels her massive wet walls gliding over him until he’s he’s finally free of her tight, slimy confines.  He is immediately assaulted by fresh, albeit cold, air. Relatively fresh at least, as he was still just inches from her soaked snatch. 

He manages to open his eyes just enough to see through the thick layer of cum, choking and gurgling on it as he attempts to cry out. Suddenly, a massive digit appears before him. And what must’ve been a gentle motion for Lily, was quite the opposite for John, as he feels the giant finger rub and swipe the fresh cunt goo off his helpless face. 

Having thoroughly slicked off all the funky pussy sludge, the finger disappears from view. He then finds himself staring right up into sister’s excited face. Only this time it’s flushed, flustered, and glistening with sweat.

“That’s three bro!” she claps, her exagerrated hand motions thundering far above him. “You gave your big sis three whole orgasms. And two of them bareback, Yay!” She cheers mockingly. “I seriously doubt there’s any brother out there that made his sister feel as good as you just did,” she smiles. “I must be the luckiest sis in the whole wide world to have a little brother like you bro. Thank you SOOooo much!” She gloats.

Just as he was about to start another desperate attempt of pleading and begging, a huge digit presses against his face again as it ‘lovingly’ strokes him. It slowly traces downward, revealing more and more of his face until only his mouth remains covered. Allowing them to see eye-to-eye. “So, this last time you managed to find my sweet spot,” she says cutely. “Thank you for that,” she says with a grin.

“Still, I think it was kinda wrong of you to tease me like that earlier, when you couldn’t get the right angle. You know, and I was forced to go back to pumping you in and out of me?” she explains with a serious tone. “You’d brush against that spot way better if you were facing the other way,” she says as she wags her other finger, all while maintaining her fake sternness. “But don’t worry. You still managed just fine,” she beams down at her dildo-strapped brother.

“Tell you what, how about we give that other position a shot, hmm?” She asks. “This way, you’ll know the perfect angle and spot to make me cum. Okay?” She adds. John can only stare wide-eyed at his cruel sister’s face. “What does she mean exactly? He wonders, panicking about what fate lie ahead. “When’s will she stop with all the cruel madness,” he whimpers.

And with this thought, he sees his sister smiling down at him, cruelly enjoying his torment. Soon her hand grasps the chair, dragging it farther away from the desk. As John manages to spit out more cum, he ponders what exactly she was preparing for. Though in the end, it didn’t really matter. He was utterly powerless. He still couldn’t budge, and until just a moment ago, he couldn’t even talk on account of all the cum he was choking on. But now with his mouth and throat clear, he could at least say something. He could at least beg.

“Please sis, no more,” he cries. “You had three, for god’s sake, three!” He yells to his sister above him.

“Yeah, I know!” Lily replies in excitement. “Three! And it’s only the early afternoon!” She laughs. “How many do you think we'll manage before bed time? Care to take a guess?” She asks.

John’s eyes begin to well up with tears yet again.  How could his sister be so cruel? “No?” His giant captor adds. “Well, I’m shooting for seven. That would be a record for me. The perfect way to break-in my new toy, huh?” She says.

John’s cries turn to wails as the massive body above him begin to turn. From her big fleshy thighs, to her wide hips and drooling pussy. From her toned stomach, all the way up to her sizable bust. All of her intimidatingly feminine features dominating his vision as they jostled from her movement. Moments later he sees her huge jiggly ass as it quaked above him with each of her slight movements. His struggles resume with newfound intensity, a waste of energy against his expertly-fashioned bonds. As she slowly lowers herself, her big cheeks begin to spread. Even if he weren’t bound, he was completely crippled by fear as he fixated something she had said earlier. “Went in the other way.”

As her big ass cheeks began to spread, John soon finds himself staring up and into her approaching dark butthole, inching closer and closer with each passing second. “NOooo, Lily!” He wails. “Don’t put me in there! Please I’m b-begging you!” He continues. “I’ll do anything, anything b-but that.” This time, his screams surprisingly get her attention. “What do you mean bro?” She asks, unable to see him over her sizeable booty. When all of a sudden, she bursts out laughing, having realized what he’d been going on about.

After a good minute of laughing at his expense. All while hovering her huge butt and pulsating anus directly over him, she brings a massive finger under her booty and taps her brown eye. “You mean this little bro?” She asks, still chuckling as she manages to shift enough so that she can see him over her ass. 

“Nuh uh, bro,” she teases. “That’s a privilege you’ll have to earn,” she adds with a smirk, all while staring around her shoulder and over large ass cheek. Even the thought of such a thing terrifies him to his core. Lily moves her hand back to her hungry gash, a much friendlier hole. She pats her pussy a couple times as she continues to to grin down on him. “No, right now I need you right here. Rubbing that cute little face of yours right up against my sweet spot. Speaking of which…”

John screams at the now familiar sight of her frothing twat descending upon him, though now he’s seeing it from a different point of view. Had he been full-size and on his back it would be called reverse cowgirl. “No, Lily, p-please n-no,” he cries. But she just keeps lowering herself, closing the distance between the monstrous beast and his body. “Yes bro, yes,” she mocks him from high above. Moments later, her fat cunt lips are pressed upon his face, separating as she begins to insert him.

The overwhelming sensation of her pussy gliding over him from this angle isn’t all that different. But the fact that she went to all this trouble just to squeeze a little more out of him, to make her cum a little harder, made it all the more humiliating. As if having her brother shrunken down to two inches and strapping him to her dildo wasn’t enough. She clearly enjoyed plopping her ass up and down on him, impaling herself with his whole body from any angle. But this was like salt on a wound. He was a mere object to her. A means to an end.

And this ‘means’ meant mixing it up. You know, keep things interesting. And as she angles herself just right and slams her plump ass down onto the seat below, ramming him face-first into her cervix yet again, he somehow feels even more scared of her.  Clearly, all this isn’t enough for her. Her fucked up kink was only satiated when she humiliated him. And with each degradation she’d have to raise the stakes. Physically and mentally abusing him more and more, just to keep the juices flowing. “Making me tiny wasn’t enough. Using me over and over again wasn’t enough,” he thinks. “She needed to make me feel helpless. An accessory to her every whim,” he realizes with a whimper.

John’s right. Lily screams in carnal pleasure, enjoying the feeling of her cunt gripping her brother tightly. And it GOD it feels good. It’s truly something else to feel an entire being inside yourself. “Ungh,” she moans. Especially when he brushes against that sweet spot. “But the fact that this entire being is my brother. And here I am, only having had three orgasms, with many more to follow...my god it’s just PErfect,” she thinks as she feels her fourth start to come on. 

“UNngh, fuck,” she moans.

Sure enough, she finds that sweet spot again, reaffirming her decision to switch positions. It wasn’t all that surprising. Lily knew her pussy inside and out. And after just a few hops and wiggles she manages to work his face right up against that delicious little groove. That’s when she starts thrusting against him, only this time with more precision, making a point to grind his face against it. As if things couldn’t get any worse, John’s mouth is forced open, coaxing his tongue out as she manhandles him. He’s forced to taste her insides as her slimy walls scrape against it with each hump and wiggle.

“Nmhhhph!” John releases a pathetic muffled cry. He’s literally licking her insides. And while he had already swallowed gallons of her cum, this seemed even more degrading. “When will this nightmare stop?” he whimpers.

“Mmmmm bro,” her voice booms around him. “Thank you for helping me decide to switch it up!” She yells, gently patting her crotch. He cries out as he feels the booming vibrations deep inside his sister, all from this simple gesture. Lily feels herself pass the point of no return. Suddenly, she rams her oversized butt down upon the stained seat, ramming him as deep as possible. And then the bouncing started, throwing all her weight around with increased intensity. “Open wiiiide bro!” She sings as she hops up and down with all her weight, impaling herself over and over again.

Lily howls a deafening cry as John’s entire world quakes. An earth-shattering orgasm courses through her as she grinds her large rump against the chair, rubbing his face right against that sweet spot. For John, it’s as if each orgasm was worse than the last. Perhaps it’s the sheer amount of cum that had invaded his stomach and lungs. Or maybe she was flooding her cavern with that much more each time. Either way, he felt nauseous as her powerful cunt squeezed every inch of his body, forcing his mouth even more open as he literally bathed in his own sister’s thick cum. Gallon after gallon of her hot goo shoots down his tract, expanding his already full stomach.

Lily sits there for a minute or so, enjoying the aftershocks of her most powerful orgasm yet, her hungry snatch continuing its sporadic squeezing of her captive brother. All John can do is wait, deep inside his sister’s cum-filed cave, gagging on her funky goo. No air to breathe, no help to come. No reprieve from this god-forsaken nightmare. Just his sister’s cum and her squeezing as she continues to enjoy the afterglow at his expense. Soon, her heartbeat slows, and her clenches subside. John finds himself wooed by thoughts of hope yet again. Hope that this was the end of his torture. And if not for good, at least for now.

Sure enough, he feels her walls begin to slide up. It’s as if her cunt was in protest of losing its victim, greedily gripping him and the dildo as they’re unsheathed. Her huge thick butt rises above him as she squats back up and turns around. John can see a sickening grin plastered on her face. Familiar, but sickening. Only this time it was different. She was truly flustered. Her face was exaggeratedly flushed and covered in sweat. In fact, there was so much sweat that even with her tightly-styled ponytail, he could still make out the matted down edges. She was literally panting from her workout. The workout of raping her helpless little brother. 

And John was right. Lily hated to admit it, but she overdid it last night and was now hungover. Even after her fourth orgasm, she could still feel the wine from last night. But boy did that last one feel great. A nice hard cum practically shook the hungover feeling from her. Well, during it at least. Perhaps using him could be like a hangover treatment. Certainly not a cure, but something to alleviate it. Ha! Instead of taking a Tylenol she could just grab her bro and take him for a spin. She realizes all this as she smiles down at her new favourite toy. She can see him struggling for air again, sputtering out bubbles of cum. But she simply shrugs it off. His durability and oxygen settings were in-check so he could do without.

“Bro, you did SOoo well! That cum was even better than the last! Now hang tight for a sec. I just need a moment to wash up okay?” She says as she’s about to leave when all of a sudden she pauses to look at him. “Oh, how ungrateful of me. Here, let me show how much I appreciate you little guy,” She adds as she approaches him and squats down to his level. John’s stomach and mouth are still completely filled with her cum, so he can only stare, wide-eyed as her big face slowly approaches from above.

His mind groans as she slowly approaches with puckered lips. Like an owner would a treasured pet. But just as her lips are about to make contact, she opens her eyes. “Eeew, gross,” she says in a tone mixed with disgust and amusement. 

Her laughs rolling over him as she examines his ‘used’ condition. “Jeez bro,” she chuckles as she continues to eye him up and down. “You’re a mess. Nasty, really,” she laughs. “Even if it’s my own cum,” she says plainly. “There’s no way I’m pressing my lips against your face like that little bro, you dirty boy,” she continues to laugh as she gets back up.

Lily then grabs her phone and checks the time. “OH goody! We still have plenty of time,” she says as she looks back down at her brother. “So bro, I hate to admit it, but you were right. The wine from yesterday was a bit much for me,” she says while smiling down at him. “Despite how good you made me feel, I still have a bit of a headache. So I hope you don’t mind me resting up a bit. We’ll play again later this afternoon, okay?” She explains.

John’s so preoccupied with trying to exit all the cum from his tract that he can’t even respond. Instead he coughs and wrenches out her overwhelming liquid as she disappears from view. All he can do is continue to hack and gurgle, staring up at the ceiling as he listens to her thudding footsteps exit the room.

He’s still coughing and choking on her cum when he hears the bath turn on followed by a sigh. He knows she loves to soak, so she would probably be awhile.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity of coughing and hacking up her vile cum, he gasps as his tract is finally free of it. Despite so much of it residing in his stomach, he could at least talk and breathe now. He immediately begins screaming and shouting, less now for help and more for just the acknowledgement of his existence. He’s still a person with feelings. But no one answers. Only the sound of his sister's favorite show blasting from her iPad as she relaxes in the bathtub. 

Out of pure instinct, John continues to cry out and wail for minutes on end. After shouting for what must’ve been ten minutes straight, he gives up. Only now he’d focus his efforts on something even less likely. Getting out of this mess. John proceeds to wiggle and squirm, fighting against his tight bonds with everything he’s got. Unfortunately it’s wasted energy. If they can survive the churning onslaught of his sister’s giant cunt, it could easily withstand his puny little struggles. Still, he continues. What else could he do but try. And try he does, fighting and fighting, past the overwhelming sense of despair, through the river of tears that flowed down his cheeks.

Finally, after a good half-hour soak, he hears Lily exit the bath, whimpering from his dildo-bound prison. Between the abuse her snatch laid upon him and his desperate attempts to escape, John feels as though he just ran a marathon. And so he awaits her return, thoroughly exhausted. Waiting for his sister to...use him again.

Lily loves the feeling of power she has over her brother. So much so that she sat there, soaking in the tub daydreaming about it, all while watching Netflix. The thoughts of him still strapped to her toy, struggling against his bonds the liberal layer of her sticky cum. It was just so...hot. She even made it a point to splash and scrub that much louder, just so he could hear her enjoy herself.

But as she applies lotion to her now clean body, she figures she may as well rest up. Her pussy feels a tad sore and it’s only the early afternoon. Not to mention her hangover still held strong. Though her orgasms and recent soak certainly helped. Perhaps some extra rest was just what she needed.

She stares into the mirror and smiles at her reflection. Lily always admired how she looked right after a shower or soak. After a moment, Lily grabs a wet washcloth and exits the bathroom. Upon entering her bedroom, she immediately feels a tingle in her loins. Just the sight of her pathetic little brother strapped to the top of her dildo gets her pussy all wet again. 

As soon as she comes into view, John immediately starts begging. Despite having freed up his throat and mouth, all the dried up cum that surrounded the rest of his face made it difficult for him to project and enunciate. His sister just stands above him, smiling down at his plights. “Eew bro, you’re even nastier I remember,” she says. “Just ask next time. I could bring you with me,” she says seriously. “Ha! You could even be my washcloth or soap,” she suggests.

“But lucky for you, big sis brought ya something,” she explains. John’s whole body jolts as his view is suddenly invaded by her enormous hand gripping a wet washcloth. “Let’s clean you up, ok?” She says with a grin. If he could find the will to try to get through to her again, he would have. But there’s nothing left in the tank as he feels the wet washcloth encompass him. His giant sister proceeds to roughly scrub his face and body, wiping the layers of cum from his soiled body. 

She takes it slow, making hard deliberate swipes against her brother's features. Making sure every inch of him is nice and clean. And with all the extra helpings he had on his face, she spent a good chunk of time focusing on that area. “Hope you don’t mind me using my bath washcloth. Why waste another right?” She teases. “Nah, you don’t mind one bit, do you bro?” She shrugs as she continues to scrub him clean.

After a few minutes of this, the washcloth now cold and the rest of the dildo clean, Lily removes it to reveal a freshly scrubbed bro. Only now he was soaked. “Hmm, now to get you dry,” she says with a cute frown. “Be right back,” she adds as she walks away. John’s face drops as he hears her sift through the hamper. “Got it!” She says before returning with a used panty in-hand.

John works up his strength to plead with her. “No, sis, please,” he whimpers and begs. Instead of hearing a sassy retort, he’s instead enveloped in her thoroughly worn panties. They weren’t soiled or anything, but they smelled of ass, sex and sweat. The mere fact that she was drying his entire body with a used pair of underwear was beyond humiliating.

Having thoroughly dried him and dampened the underwear, she noticed the dildo was wet. Meh, it’ll air dry. “Now, how’s about I give you that thanks I was trying to earlier. You know, for making me cum so good?” John screams as she lowers her face and puckers her lips. Giving his face a nice big long smooch, nearly undoing the sponge bath he just received as it coats him in saliva. With a loud ‘smack’ she releases his face from her lips and stands back up. “Sleep tight little bro. I’m gonna take a quick nap,” she says as she turns around and walks away, leaving him trapped there.

His view of the ceiling quickly changes as he feels the chair move until he’s beneath her desk. She simply just shoved him under like he was just another object. Like he belonged there. John is overcome with anguish as he screams and wails to be let out.

Lily lets out a relaxing sigh as she gets into bed and sets an alarm for one hour. Just as she’s about up the covers, she hears something. Right beneath her desk, piercing incessant squeaks. Her little bro was wailing and begging, his squeaky high voice piercing the silence around her. She LOVES to hear him beg, but after a few minutes of listening, it gets kinda old. With an annoyed grunt, Lily exits the bed to address the issue.

John’s screaming his voice ragged when he feels the chair move from under her desk. His view now dominated by her now pondering face. “Perhaps I should have scooped up an extra helping of cum and caked it on your face? Maybe then you’d be a little more quiet,” she smiles down. “Hmm, what to do...” she thinks aloud and scans her desk for something helpful. Her eyes lock onto something and a smile forms.

“Perfect” she says and leans over. John can only stare as her hand grabs something from out of view, only to return with a thick roll of scotch tape. Lily takes the roll and rips a piece off with her teeth. Not satisfied with its size, she brings it to her mouth again to rip once more. She repeats this a few more times over, until she produces a strip small enough for her tiny brother’s mouth. “Perfect,” she smiles as she brings the strip of tape towards him. 

“No!” he cries out, only to be immediately muzzled by the piece of tape as it’s stuck right over his mouth. After tapping and pressing it a bit, making sure it’s nice and secure, Lily removes her finger face and smiles down at him. “Sleep tight bro!” she waves before sliding him back under the desk.

John hears her jump into her bed and slide beneath the covers. He tries to move his lips against the sticky adhesive, but it’s useless. The tape is too strong. Moments later he hears light snoring. Meanwhile, he’s helplessly bound to the top of his sister’s dildo. His head painfully stretched back against the tip, his mouth sealed shut. Trapped in the shadow of her desk as she takes a nice relaxing nap. There’s nothing left for him to do but cry.


“Aaah” John screams as his brief stint of shut-eye is swiftly interrupted. Panic sets in as he tries to move, only to be reminded of where he actually was. It wasn’t a nightmare. It was all real. Lily, the dildo, the restraints, the rape, cum...everything. He shivers as his mind fixates on his sister’s massive wet beast pounding on him over and over again. “No, please, no,” he wails against his tape. “Please! Why couldn’t it be a dream! Just let this all be a dream, please,” he whimpers. But it’s a hopeless pipe dream, as he continues to stare up at the underside of his sister’s desk, helplessly bound to her dildo.

In the darkness his senses are heightened. He’s ashamed and humiliated that he was able to fall asleep on his sister’s sex toy. It’s almost like he resigned himself to this pathetic fate. It’s the last thing he wants. Still, everyone breaks at one point.

How long have I been out,” he wonders as he listens to his surroundings.

But all he heard was quiet. No more snoring, no rustling of sheets. When all of a sudden he hears something downstairs. It sounds like distant talking, slowly approaching. Then he hears footsteps on the stairs and it becomes clear that Lily is in the middle of a phone call.

With a kick to her door, Lily enters her bedroom. She woke up some time ago, earlier than expected actually. And with her brother still asleep she had decided to let him rest up while she got some air. She lounged outside for a moment, enjoying the sun on her face, smiling at everything she had done to her brother thus far. All the power she had over him excited her to her core. But her train of thought was soon interrupted by a ring from her mom. With a sigh, Lily answered the call and put on her happy voice. As she listened to her rambling on about her holiday, she was suddenly overcome with aughty idea and got up from her chair.

With a big grin now plastered across her face, Lily walks upstairs, a sudden wetness developing between her legs at the thought of her plan. Maybe her Mom’s incessant calling wasn’t all that bad. A long chat might be just what she needs. Plus, it’s nice of her to listen.

John feels his sister’s giant form approach him. “For sure! What kind of cocktails did you try mom?” she asks sweetly as she grabs back of the chair her dildo-bound brother lay trapped on. 

Suddenly, John feels a surge of adrenaline course through his veins. His mom’s so close that if he could somehow manage to scream loud enough, she’d be able to hear him. But it was false hope. An impossible task as the tape remained securely fastened over his mouth. His muffled cries were barely a whimper as they barely passed through the adhesive. Moment’s later, his sister’s face comes into view, hovering just a few inches above him. 

As he looks up at his giant sister, beaming down at him with a big mocking grin, he’s blanketed by a deep sense of dread. He knew what was coming. “

“Ah, you know bro,  you tasted kinda nice earlier,” her mouth booms as warm breath wafts over him. “Just thinking about it makes my mouth water,” she says as she locks eyes with her pathetic little brother. He’s utterly defenseless as she opens her mouth and brings the tip of her tongue towards his face.

But just as she’s about to lick his face, she feels her tongue press against the tape. With an exaggerated frown, she tilts her head back a bit, and quickly rips it off. Before he can even scream, his entire face is assaulted by his sister’s disgusting, writhing tongue as rubs and reposes against his face. Focused in her efforts, Lily manages to pry his mouth open. She laps away at her brother’s face, all while listening to her mother drone on in the background. 

As she enjoys the taste of her brother’s face, her mom recounting every drink she tried in the background, Lily lets out a giggle. She just couldn’t help herself, each gentle lick, up and down her brother’s tiny trapped face.  Then, with one more big lick for good luck, Lily closes her lips around his head. She shivers at the sound of his screams from inside her mouth. 

“Are you eating something dear?” her mother asks.

“Yeah mom, do you mind?” she asks between sucking on her brother’s face. “It’s quite delicious, Mmmm” she adds and chuckles a bit on his body. With no interest in her response, she quickly moves on.  “So, how’ve you been keeping busy? Tell me EVERYTHING.” she continues while sucking on his face. 

Lily stops for a moment to look down at her dildo-strapped brother. She smiles as he coughs up globs of her saliva, struggling to breath. She knows he’ll scream the first chance he gets. That’s something she just couldn’t risk that with mom on the phone. Especially now that she wanted to switch over to speaker-phone. You know, to go hands-free.

She sets her lips back around his face and begins sucking on it gently again, all while listening to mom go on. “A safari?” she asks, keeping the conversation going.  “That’s nice”, she booms around his head. Suddenly, a smile grows along her lips. Something that always happened whenever she thought of a fun idea.

She sets her phone down on the chair, right next to the dildo, and switches over to speaker. John’s eyes widen at the familiar sound of his mother’s kind voice, rambling on about everything she saw on that stupid safari. “But the thought of her loving embrace brings him to tears. If only he could reach out to her right now. Get her to hear him. He doubles his efforts to expel the saliva, coughing and hacking as hard as he can. But his hope is soon dashed, for seconds later he feels her two fingers grip the sides of his head. All he can do is stare back up at her thoroughly amused face.

He begins to scream just as she gently squeezes his cheeks, quickly silencing his efforts and forcing his mouth open. Unable to cry out, John uses his eyes to beg his giant older sister. Unfortunately, instead of responding, she simply leans closer, puckers her lips, and forms a spitball. She dangles the glob for a moment, allowing it to drool down an inch or so before it breaks. Having taken the necessary time to aim, the spitball lands dead smack on her tiny brother’s face and open mouth, just moments after he had coughed up the last.

Throughout this entire ordeal, John can hear his mother go on and on about her trip. Completely oblivious to her only son’s despair. Meanwhile, Lily stands up and wiggles her hips and legs, promptly sliding her panties right off. No beating around the bush this time. Despite his familiarity by now, John can’t help but look up in horrified awe as she starts to play with herself from while looking down on him. He could see the cum dripping down her leg as she plunged two fingers in and out of herself. Lily smiles down at her brother as she slowly drags a finger across her slit, scooping out a helping of cum on its tip.

She then squats down before him and lays her lips back on his face, only this time, she starts sucking.  With one swift gentle suck Lily removes the spit from his face. She knows he’ll scream as soon as she removes them. But that’s where part of her idea came into play. So after removing her lips, just as he was about to scream, she lays her cum-frosted finger against his mouth and pressed it shut. Lily makes sure his mouth is completely covered in the thick glob of funky cum as she continues to keep it shut. John can only beg with his eyes as he sees her puckered lips approach him. No spit this time. Instead he’s bombarded with a jet of hot balmy air, as she ‘gently’ blows on his face. “No, Lily” his mind screams as he realizes what she’s doing. “Let me talk to mom” he’d cry out. If only he could. 

After a few minutes of gently blowing on his face, her mom still rambling on, she sees her cum is nice and hard. Only one way to find out. Lily lets go of his head and waits for a moment. But no sound, nothing. His mouth is expertly sealed. Cum-muzzled. 

“Cool mom, and yesterday? Did you do anything fun?” she asks as she squats down in front of her brother again.

John looks up at the ceiling, it’s all he can do, as his sister’s intimidating form disappears from view. Despite all his efforts to move his jaw, her hardened cum holds strong, he can’t so much as utter a single word. He tries and tries, nearly giving himself a headache trying to ‘will’ it off. But nothing. When all of a sudden, he feels something hard against the bottom of his flaccid penis. Coaxing it as it lifted it upwards. He could feel her near him. It was his sister’s nail.

Tears roll down John’s cheeks as he tries to yell out ‘no,’ but only manages “mMPHphh!” 

No response from Lily. Just her wet tongue pressed against his crotch, coaxing and licking it.

“Yes so, we had a nice buffet at lunch. Really, you should see the spread. You just wouldn’t believe the smorgasbord they got here,” his mom says, rambling on about each type of food she probably shouldn’t be eating. All as his giant sister continues to abuse and molest him. 

Lily lets out a giggle as she laps away at her brother dick. This whole situation has her literally soaked. Her mother chatting away with her as she sexually abuses her dildo-strapped brother. Unable to so much as scream on account of her hardened cum she sealed over his mouth. Slowly, she places her lips around his penis and begins to suck.

She smiles slightly, feeling her brother’s itty-bitty cock begin to harden. It feels strange to her. Sucking on such a tiny thing, but she knows her way around a dick. In fact, it’s arguably easier when it’s this small. So Lily just sucks and sucks, using the tip of her tongue to rub and flick his now raging erection.

“Cum for me bro” she whispers, just gently enough so her mom can’t hear it. “You at least owe me that. For letting you be my toy ‘n all” she says as she continues to suck him off.

John can’t believe what’s happening. Despite all the torture and abuse, his smaller head still reacts to the wet sensations. And the more effort she puts into it, the more it rages on. Soon, he starts feeling the urge to cum. “This cannot be happening!” he thinks. 

But it’s a losing battle. An unfair fight. His nostrils begin to flare as he gets more and more aroused. “No, no please no. This...this is so wrong,” he thinks. “Just stop. PLEASE stop,” but no matter what he thinks, nothing helps. Not even remembering how horrible it was inside her pussy. All the pain he felt. The drowning. Not even her big nostrils and the tiny little nose hairs he was forced to stare at, blowing hot air on his face with each exhalation. 

And then it happens. His mind screams no, but his body screams yes. John cums long and hard. Harder than he ever had before. He even enjoys it a little as the only movement his body makes is his hands clenching together as his penis ejects his cum onto his sister’s tongue as she continues to suck him dry. Suddenly, she releases him. Her hot breath wafts over his body as she laughs. 

John’s utterly humiliated. His own sister, turning him into this...this thing. An object for her amusement to use and abuse as she pleased. She manipulated every aspect of him, to the point where she could even make him cum whenever she felt like it. He couldn’t move anything other than his hands and feet. Hell, he couldn’t even speak. Not with her hardened cum on his mouth. All he could do is cry. And of course, big sis took notice. Her shit-grinning face filled his teary-eyed vision. 

Lily opens her mouth and slowly wiggles her tongue right in front of his face, making sure he took notice. His tiny spot of cum, smack dab center on the tip of her tongue.

He feels so pathetic. The largest orgasm of his entire life is barely a dab on his sister’s giant tongue. It reminds him of how small and helpless he really is. It’s exactly what she was aiming for. She slips her tongue back between her lips and with a deliberate gulp, washes his it right down her throat.

“Mmmm, yummmy” she beams down on her strapped brother. 

“What’s yummy dear?” Her mother asks. Lily maintains eye contact with her brother, “Oh nothing mom, just a little sample of something I tried,” she says. “Hey mom, do  you mind if I work out a bit while we talk? I’ve put you on speaker,” she adds. “Sure thing honey” her mom responds before getting back to her one-sided convo.

Completely ashamed with himself, John begins to whimper, fearing what lies ahead. “No sis, not while talking with mom,” his mind begs. But as he sees her face, he knows his fate is sealed.

Lily beams down at him, her face full with excitement. What’s she’s about to do is so wrong, so dirty...but at the same time, so HOT. She practically moans out loud as she turns around and straddles her chair again. Her big powerful ass jiggling with each step as she sticks it out and begins to lower herself. 

“MmmphhhPmm!” John cries out into his hardened cum muzzle as his big sis positions her puckering anus above him and slowly descends. “Nnmphnph!” as it edges closer and closer until he can feel its warmth emanate on his face. He gags at the smell of her pulsating anus, no brother should ever have to smell this. Then without warning the brown-rimmed sphincter presses against his face. He can feel the small layer of butt sweat spread over his face. It almost drives him mad as she draws little circles over his head and face.

Then, something even more terrifying happens. Due to the enormous pressure, and the small size of his face, the horrid hole begins to open. Suddenly, his entire face is surrounded by his sister’s butthole. He can feel its greasy rim flex around head. Far  above him, a huge satisfied sigh escapes his sister lips, and she grinds him in more and more. 

Lily feels like she’s in heaven and seriously considers just pushing him in. They’d already done so much. “But no, it’s too early. He’s not ready for that,” she says aloud with a hint of regret, teasing her asshole more and more. “I wanna fuck him up, but not completely break him. I need to build him up some first,” she decides, calming herself down, slowly lifting off of him.

“Besides, my pussy’s kinda hungry. She could use something to snack on!” she thinks as she shifts and hovers it above him. With a smile she lowers herself, pressing his face between her lips and her soaked snatch all over his head. Sloshing him about along the shallow folds. Meanwhile, mom’s continuing on about her holiday. “Uhuh,” she says quickly, to let her know she’s listening even though she wasn’t. She’s too busy wiggling her generous rump, lining him up just right to have a nice. Hard. Seat.

“Hey mom, could you tell me a bit about your plans tomorrow?” She asks. “I wanna listen, but I can’t talk much right now. I’m getting one of the tough parts, okay,” Lily adds as she stops riding for a moment. “Oh yes lemme tell you…” John hears his mother say. It’s the last thing he hears before the slick walls around him hop up and seconds later he’s rammed, face-first, against her cervix. 

His cum-muzzle now gone, John screams as he’s rammed against her unforgiving cervix. Only this time, he’s surrounded by the casual conversation of his mom and sister. Muffled through unfathomable pounds of flesh as his sister just slowly rides her bro-adorned dildo, gliding his entire body over her deepest parts.

Lily really has to bite her lips as she vigorously rocks her hips up and down on her brother and dildo. Pumping them in and out, hopping up and down, thrusting with newfound enthusiasm. Faster and faster she goes, more so than ever before. No compassion, no mercy, just raw carnal pleasure at the expense of her brother. John can’t believe how bad it is this time, but it feels even more painful then before. Her monstrous cunt pounding on his face, clenching his entire body, rubbing him raw. It’s as painful as it is humiliating. Exceedingly so.

But he has to keep trying. He has to find a way. “Mom, help me, PLEASE!” He cries. “Please, Lily shrunk me and uses me as a dildo glrrllg,” just managing to get out before he chokes on her cum. Just saying it out loud is surreal. God were things so fucked. But he had to try. “Please!”

It was pointless though. No one, not even his mom on the phone, could hear his cries. The only answers he got were the sounds of her churning pussy juices, her muffled moans, and her big sweaty ass as it slapped against the chair. 

Having seriously ramped things up, Lily decides she better take mom off speaker. It’s too big a risk, she might hear something. So she grabs the phone off her desk and makes the switch. Sure, she’ll have to say something soon, but she’s almost there, just a little bit longer.

John can’t tell her phone’s not on speaker. He can’t tell much of anything really. All he does know is that he’s having the life squeezed out of him by a living, breathing, hell hole. And so he continues to panic and cry into the wet walls of his sister’s flooded cavern. And then he feels it. Her motions become harder, more deliberate. He knows she’s about to cum. His sister’s about to orgasm all over his shrunken body, all while she chats it up with mom. It’s excruciating for him.

“Mom, please mom, make her stop,” he now whispers and cries as her walls continue to come crashing down on him as Lily goes about riding him hard. With a yell his sister hops her ass up and down on her brother-adorned dildo so high that he slips right out of her hungry cunt. He screams half a second before his face is slammed against Lily’s big sweaty ass cheek as she thrusted downward. 

Lily’s ass continues its momentum, pressing against his now stunned body, and bending the dildo ‘til its suction cup fails. This, consequently, launches the dildo into the air, eliciting tiny screams from its bound captive. Lilly can’t help but giggle at the sound of her screaming brother as he falls face first right at her feet, rolling back and forth until he comes to a stop.

“Lily, what happened,” she hears her mother asks as she put her back on speaker. She’s completely distracted from her vigorous fuck session, not to mention the hilarious snafu. But she did manage to catch some of what was said. Panting from all the exertion, Lily leans into her phone. “Sorry mom, I slipped,” she suggests. “Nothing wrong though, but I’m a bit tied up right now. Can I call you back?” she asks.

“Sure thing honey, be careful!” 

“Yeah, I will mom,” she says before ending the conversation. 

“Please sis, no. NO!” John screams as Lily grasps the dildo, lifting him up to her face. “That’s very naughty of you bro” she says. “Slipping out of me like that.” 

“Lily, please, just grow me back” he begs. “I won’t tell anyone,” he reassures her. “Yeah, I know bro” she says, still panting. “You know how I know?” 

Taking his silence as a sign of disobedience, Lily grips him and the dildo hard. “I asked you a question, do you know how I know?” 

“P-please you’re hurting me, I c-can’t,” John stammers in his sister’s overpowering grip. Lily releases her grip around him. “Well?”

“I d-don’t know, sis.”

“Because not only are you gonna finish me off,” she says. “But you’re gonna join me there to too,” she grins even harder.

Her free hand dissapears for a moment. He can see her arm flex as he hears squelching and sloshing, only for her fingers appear again completely covered in thick layers of her intimate goo. He’s thoroughly disgusted by her antics, but even more so as she guides her cum-covered fingers to his crotch again. “No, Lily!” he begs, failing to hold back a gasps as he feels her lubed up fingertips grip his cock..

She slowly works her fingers over his dick, gripping and tugging at it as she stares right into his face. “Don’t you just love that you’ve got a big sis who thinks of you?” she suggests while smiling down at him. “That takes your feelings into account,” she adds. “You know, there’s a setting on the app keeps you from cumming. But that’s just too cruel, even for me” she laughs.

“Ah there it is,” she giggles as she feels him begin to harden. “That’s right, let’s get you nice and hard.” And after a moment more of rubbing and tugging him with her soiled fingers, Lily looks over his raging erection and grins, satisfied with her handiwork. “Perfect, let’s go. I feel like I”m about to burst!” she yells.

John yelps as he feels her greased up fingers grasp him, carrying him through the air as she bends down towards her desk. “What’s she doing?” he wonders. Lily bends forward, resting her upper body on the desk as she stuck her ass out, spreading her legs wide and pussy back. “Noo” he yells as she brings him around her hips and directs him towards herself from behind. “Yes!” she laughs. “Brace yourself bro. This is gonna to be long and hard!” She practically moans before ramming him deep inside her.

She yells, grunts and shouts, crying out in satisfaction with each thrust of the dildo and its bound captive. Pistoning them in and out of her. With nothing held back, she starts moaning louder than ever before as she pumps him in and out with increased enthusiasm. “Cum for me bro!” She yells, ensuring he heard every word from inside her pussy. “I own you bro. And when I tell you to do something, you do it. Now cum for me!” she yells. “Or we’ll try again in my big sweaty ass, haha.”

John wails as he’s rammed into her sweltering cunt, terrified by the speed at which she’s pumping him in and out as well as the threat of her big sweaty booty. This whole time he had been trying to keep himself from cumming. The humiliation of cumming inside his abusive sister was almost too much to bear. But with the looming threat of using him in her ass, he decides it’s better just to let go. He doesn’t want to even think about how horrible it’d be, being rammed in and out of her sweat-greased butthole. Tears roll down his cheeks as he simply lets go, resigning his body and fate to her.

As he’s pumped in and out of his sister’s twat, each thrust faster and more vigorous than the last, her slimy walls continue to hug him. They grind and rub against his erect dick like as if they were trying to squeeze the very essence from it. Coaxing it to release. A small squirt of seasoning to go with  its favorite snack, him. And after ramming him in for what must’ve been his 400th time, he hears her talking to him. “UNgh, I’m almost there bro. Hope you’ve cummed for me!”

Dripping in sweat and bent over her desk, Lily pumps him in and out of herself with reckless abandon. Her face is almost practically touching the hardwood surface as she moans in satisfaction. And with a cry of pure, unadulterated ecstasy, she cums long and hard, all over the dildo and her shrunken brother. She can feel every nook and crevice on his tiny body as her cunt grips and squeezes against him, showing no mercy. 

John’s physical pain and mental humiliation couldn’t be higher as he hears, feels, and tastes her earth-shattering orgasm. His ribs bend from her squeezes. His skin burns from the friction of being vigorously pumped in and out of her. His tract is completely full of cum as her vag spits out helping after helping. And despite this horror, this insufferable experience; his traitorous boner rejoices, ejecting a tiny load into the flooded cave. A pathetic spurt, too small for her to even notice. Still, it happened. And with her coaxing and threats, she made it happen. He was only allowed to cum when she came, and if he didn’t there’d be consequences. She owned him. He never felt more empty than he did at that moment. He had nothing to live for, everything was fucked. His body, his life, his sister. Everything.

Only this time, nothing happens. “Oh goody! You came just like I asked bro!” she cheers. “I’m so proud of you. Still, you should consider yourself lucky. I doubt any other sister out there would be as supportive of your enjoyment as well.” She asserts. Still choking on her cum, John simply stares back at her, nothing but emptiness in his eyes.

“So let’s count shall we?” She suggests while using her free hand to wipe the sweat off her brow. “One, two, three, four...five”. “Five orgasms!” she laughs. “We’re on our way to a new record! Remember, my record is six, so just two more,” she laughs.

John continues to gag and stare into her face, only now tears rolled down his cheeks. He couldn’t help it. “But let’s take a break ok?” She says before grabbing her phone.

Suddenly, John sees his sister’s approach the dresser with him in tow. She’s already opening her mother’s contact details and initiating a call. “Hi mom,” she says while placing the phone between her ear and shoulder. She kneels down and opens the drawer. John can only whimper as he sees the toys rolling about inside it. No longer just objects to him. They were now peers.

She roughly tosses him, causing him to roll about until he finds himself pressed between two. He’s stomache’s down, with the tip of the dildo - along with his face, pointed towards the side of the drawer. He can’t get a good look, but in his peripherals he can make out his nearest neighbors. A fat dildo to his left, even bigger than the one he resided on, and some anal beads to his right. “P-please sis. Don’t leave me here with them. J-just put me somewhere else...please,” he whimpers as light vanishes. Without so much as a smile or tease, his sister kicks the drawer close. As if he were an object. A toy.


“Yeah everything’s fine mom, just a bit sore,” he hears her say with laughter as she exits her bedroom.




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