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“No!” he screams as his sister stares back at him with a face full of lust. “No, y- you can’t do that to m- me!” he stammers, suddenly reluctant to leave his silicon prison. At least it shielded him from the onslaught of her body’s flesh. He tried not to imagine what it would be like to be smothered inside his sister’s giant pussy, especially at his current two-inch stature. He shivered at mere thought of her cunt clenching on him.  But he couldn’t shake his train of thought. He pictured the pulsating flesh, bending his ribs with each squeeze and rubbing his skin raw as it spat out helpings of her hot fragrant cum, bathing him in its thickness. 

Even sharing a drinking glass with her, pressing his lips against the saliva-stained rim, made him shudder him. The thought alone of being ttrapped against his sister’s sextoy, as she pumped him in and out of her vag as he was coated in her hot sticky cum disgusted him. He nearly gags as he pictures it. As he turns around to face away from her, he decides to crawl back away from his monstrous sister’s face and towards the hollow end. My god, he’s actually crawling further inside the dildo, the thing he had tried so hard to escape from.

Lily laughs as she sees her brother crawling farther back inside her toy, a desperate attempt to create distance from her. It made her feel so powerful. It was getting her wet. “Where are you going little bro?” She teases him. She gives the toy a little shake, attempting to jostle him down the shaft again. But he’s a stubborn little bugger. He braces himself against the ends of the shaft just like before. She shrugs it off though. Lily’ll get her bro out sooner or later, no problem. Taking a mini-break from her tiny little quest, she suctions the dildo beside her laptop.

John cries out as she grips the phallus and slams it’s base onto the hardwood desk, her knuckles turning white as she suctions the base to the surface below him. She gives him a nice big smile and leans in. “Wow bro, you’re really strong huh?” she gloats. “Just look at you! Holding yourself up like that still, after all those long sets from earlier, not to mention the beating my vag put you through. You must have some serious endurance. Not gonna lie, that’ll come in handy!” she mocks him. “But how long can you really hold on like that? Everyone has their breaking point. Even a wiry little fellow like you bro,” she continues. 

“I think deep down you want to know what it’s like on the outside. Y’know, pressed up against big sis’s big hot pussy flesh. She’s hungry for you little bro. So much she’s drooling. She’ll hug you real nice, you’re the perfect little snack for her,” she grins as she watches him trying to hold himself up the shaft. “Tell you what,” she continues, “Since you’re so very, very strong, if you end up at the plug at the bottom, I’ll know it wasn’t an accident. But rather you deciding to finally let me feed you to her. Y’know, so you can feel what it’s like to let big sis ride you bareback,” she says. “I know it’s your dream to serve as the perfectly sized figurehead to this dildo here. And being the loving sis that I am, I’m more than happy to make that dream come true for you. Really, I’m practically shivering with excitement,” she adds with booming laugh, clearly laced with sexual frustration, as she watches her screen.

After thoroughly terrifying her tiny brother with the vivid imagery of feeding him to her big drooling cunt, she pauses for a moment to read the description below the animation. So apparently those cleverly hidden loops were designed for a more intimate experience with tinies. An added bonus if you will. One she was just rearing to take full advantage of. She glances down at her brother as he watches her closely. His arms and legs still pressed firmly against opposite sides of the hollow shaft, his face turned up towards her. He looked terrified. She couldn’t help but chuckle as she places two fingers against the head of the suctioned dildo and begins to slowly pull it towards her. As she pulled back, she made a point pretending to ignore him. Still, she couldn’t help but enjoy his horrified expression and frantic head movements. But for the most part, Lily kept her eyes on the screen as she continued to pull it back. Just when she felt the suction cup start to give, Lily released her fingers from the tip of the Phallus, launching it forward with exceptional speed.

John screams as he’s jolted back from the sheer velocity of the launched dildo. Unfortunately, this causes him to slip and get sent tumbling down the shaft. After jostling for a bit, he manages to regain his stance and brace himself at the halfway point. A win, but a small one at that. It was taking him every ounce of strength he had left. He looks up at his sister, helplessly, only to see her looking back at him with a cruel smirk. “Almost there little bro. Don’t be scared little guy. It may not feel very good, but remember, you can’t really get hurt. Not with the durability setting,” she says.

Lily looks at her brother hungrily. Still, she just can’t help herself from letting all this teasing play out. She wasn’t ACTUALLY hurting him, plus humiliating little bro was super fun! This wasn’t something new to her, it’s a favorite pastime.  A dynamic ingrained in the very fabric of their relationship. Every time an opportunity to tease little bro presented itself, she jumped on it. Only now, it took on additional...benefits. He was so very, very tiny, and she, so very, very big. All this combined had her thoroughly soaked.

“Tell you what bro,” she says as she leans in, placing her finger back on the tip of the dildo. “Let me ease you down, ok? I’ll be careful I promise,” she says as she begins to rotate the dildo gently. John screams as his giant captor effortlessly manipulates his phallic prison with just a finger. “Stop sis! You’re being a complete bitch!” he screams, but she can’t hear him and even if she could, she didn’t care what he thought of her. It was no longer relevant.

But instead of simply ignoring him, Lily just leans in even closer, giving herself a real good view of her tiny struggling bro. My god he looked exhausted; as if his limbs would give out at any moment. Still, he held steadfast. A desperate attempt to avoid plummeting down the shaft and into the clammy paws of his giant sis. There was no escape, she was sure of it. Fuck, she was turned on. “Almost there little bro,” she sings. “Oh and my pussy thanks you in advance. Y’know, for allowing me to strap you to the end of my dildo and feed you to her,” she adds. “You’re gonna feel so good. She’ll be REAL pleased with you.” 

“Almost there,” Lily thinks, her brother mere moments away from being forced out of his sanctuary. She imagines what all this must be like for him. What thoughts raced through his mind as she slowly transformed him from annoying little bro to helpless little sex toy. That’s all he was now. And a damn good one at that. The sooner he came to terms with that, the easier things would be. “Well, could be haha,” she laughed at the thought. In any case, this made his transformation all the more fun for her.

John looks at his monstrous sister with complete abhorrence as she continues to  jostle his dildo housing. “Please sis! I’m begging you, grow me back!” he cries as he stares down at the plug below. His muscles began to cramp as he struggled to hold himself up. A good ten seconds or so later, John felt a second wind come on. But his hope was short-lived, and instead he was suddenly squeezed. His sister was now gripping it tightly, fully compressing him within the hollow shaft.

He sighs in despair as his world turns dark and claustrophobic, overwhelmed by his sister’s massive grip. “That’ll work,” he hears his excited sister say. He grunts as he feels her yanks him and the dildo from upwards. Sweat breaks out as he tries to fight his tight confines for all his worth, but Lily doesn’t even register the movement.

“Time to come out little bro,” she sings, and with her free hand opens up the plug. She holds her palm of her hand beneath the now open base, and releases her grip.

Suddenly, the walls around him are released and he finds himself in a free fall, plummeting down towards her waiting palm below. The place he fought so hard to get out of had now abandoned him. He lands with a slight bounce and rolls to the center of her clammy palm. His hope of retreating back to the hollow sanctuary now gone. The open shaft of the dildo seemed so far away as it taunted him from above. After everything she’s done, he couldn’t stand being so close to her. Feeling her skin against his. This thought haunts him as he struggles to stand up and regain his balance.

Lily feels bolts of electricity shoot through her at the mere sensation of her tiny brother in her hand. He’s been trapped inside her dildo for so long. Plus, he was bigger then. She literally gasps at how light he felt. “Bro, did you lose weight?” She jokingly asks, knowing full well he was not in the mood. Suddenly, he sees her other hand approach him. This elicits a pathetic cry out for help, useless against the two giant fingers that pressed and rolled him about her open palm. When they let up, he finds himself helplessly on his back and staring up.

He screams as her imposing face fast approaches, stopping mere inches away from him. John could feel her warm, snack-laced breath wash over him. “Good job getting out Johnny,” she ‘compliments’ him with a grin. “So let’s get you strapped in, ok little guy?” Suddenly he sees her massive dildo come into view as she holds it beside her face, making a point to wiggle it playfully. “I just know you’re gonna feel REAL good,” she says with a smile as she rests her hands and their prizes on the desk.  Seconds later he sees the head of the dildo rapidly approaching. Soon he finds him smothered against it, face-first, her fingers rubbing him against it in an effort to humiliate him.

As she guides his face and upper body over the head of her dildo, John could the silicone surface cling to skin. It had this strange texture, like there was some sort of film or residue on it. That’s when he realized what it was. She never actually washed her dildo, not since she last used them. John starts panicking as Lily laughs at his sudden realization. She knew exactly what she’s doing. “My cum smells nice doesn’t it?” she teases. “Thanks, I knew you’d appreciate it. That fresh smell right there is why I showered. I did it for you little bro,” she adds. “Don’t worry your little head though. Pretty soon you’ll be bathing in it. Covered from head-to-toe,” she laughs as gently picks him up.

He screams as he finds himself traveling down, along the shaft, her huge nail prying open the bottom loop. “No, this can’t be happening, this can’t be happening” he recites as he tries to keep his feet from going in. But his act of defiance only served to amuse her, a girly giggle booming from above. “Wow you’re lean!” She laughs. “Maybe that’ll come in handy? We’ll see,” she jokes. 

“And here I thought you out of shape. All those bad grades in gym class,” she quips as she pinches his legs, gently feeding them through the first loop. This continues as she guides him against her dildo until it’s level with his chest. Lily then released the latex loop, allowing it to snap against his chest. She could hear it as it smacked against his skin, making the little guy yelp out from the sudden snap as he was tightly secured. “But here you are, nice and trim. Must’ve gotten all those bad grades from sheer laziness,” she adds. “Still, it doesn’t look like you’ve got a ton of meat on you. Holding yourself up like that must’ve been pretty tough. You must really wanna make me your big sis happy? Get your strength up so you can, you know, be all that you can be?” she smiles as she brings the dildo closer to inspect.

John screams a combination of cries and obscenities as Lily carefully snaps the loop against his chest yet again. This was just to get a feel for how strong they actually were. Afterall, she had to make sure he was nice and secure against her toy. “Now bro, I need you to be a good little toy and give me a nice big wiggle. Can you do that for me?” she asks sweetly as her huge menacing face stared him down. She was terrifying him, but he couldn’t keep letting her see that. She fed off of it. He had to fight. So with that, John refused to budge. This little act did not go unnoticed as she began to chuckle. “Ah, saving your energy I see. Smart,” she commends him and proceeds to try and move him herself. Surprisingly, it takes quite a bit of effort. 

Satisfied, she moves on to the second loop, pulling it from its mid-mushroom head location as she fiddled with her brother below. John screams as she pulls hard at his body, taking quite a bit of effort to pull him further up the sex toy. The latex painfully rubs against his body hairs. John screams even harder as the loop rolls over his penis; meanwhile, Lily pinches the second loop further out, hovering it over his neck. He looks up at her, eyes brimming with fear, and just as he’s about to cry out for help he sees her face turn. LIke she was concerned, or perhaps even guilt-ridden. But seconds later, her pincers released the loop, snapping it painfully against his throat. 

Despite his durability John still felt pain. Despite not needing any oxygen, he still felt the need to breathe. His settings had no affect on that. So the restrictive feeling of the loops as they squeezed against his most sensitive parts was both humiliating and painful for him. 

Lily strokes his body gently, “Ew, that looks kinda painful,” she says with a mocking face. “I’ll help you in just a sec, okay?” she smiles before placing him on her desk and stepping out.

“That bitch, that fucking bitch!” he thinks as he cannot muster a sound. The loop was far too tight. “Where is she going?” 

Lily smiled as she left her brother painfully strapped to the soiled dildo. She savoured the power she had over him. Able to leave him there, trapped and helpless, as she went about her way, rummaging around her room for a bit.

After a few moments she returns with a scrunchy. “Sorry to keep you waiting bro,” she says while smiling down at him. Keeping her gaze on him, Lily grabs her hair and loops it through the scrunchy, styling a perfect ponytail. Satisfied with her work she whips it back around her head. “-but I just hate it when my hair’s down and I get all sweaty. It always just clings to my face, super uncomfortable,” she says. “And trust me, with what I’m about to do to you, I’m gonna be sweating quite a bit.” 

Lily then pulls her chair out and sits back down, grabbing her dildo and its inhabitant once again. “So where were we...” she grins at her brother. “Oh yeah! You were stuck there all uncomfortably, haha,” she laughs. “Well, let’s get you strapped-in properly then. Shall we?” 

Despite the pain, John almost wishes he could just stay where he is. He knew what would happen once he was ‘properly strapped in,’ her massive fingers now fast approaching his head. She carefully pinches it between her fingertips and begins to pull. With some effort, and even more pathetic wails from little bro, the loops give and she’s successful. The middle loop now expertly secured around his chest and arms as it held his upper body tightly against the head of the dildo. Below, the loop along the upper shaft now wrapped around his legs, pulling him against it just below the knees. 

He stares back at his sister’s hungry face as she locks eyes with him for a moment, blinking cutely to show her excitement. With him now properly in place, she places a fingertip against his currently free head, pressing it back against the tip of the dildo. This curls his back to an almost painful position as he feels his head slide into a dent.  That’s when he realizes this ‘dent’ was fashioned to mimic a pisshole. He yells out as her massive digit presses on his face, wiggling him into it slightly. It had some give, but not much. It felt like some sort of makeshift helmet for the very back portion of his head - the part right behind his ears. Safety first!

In a fight for survival, he manages to free part of his left arm. Out of sheer instinct he smacks at the massive digit, a useless act that simply causes her to laugh. “Aw, that’s cute” she says before two massive fingers gently grab his loose limb and bring it down towards the loop around his chest.

Carefully she slides the limb under the loop and lets it snap back in place. “There, much better,” she says with a smile as she stares down at her terrified little brother. By this point, all he could move was his head. Despite his desperate attempts, he couldn’t budge from the tight loops.  

Seconds later he feels a massive finger snake behind his head, making painfully bend his neck forward and down towards his chest. With a little fiddling, Lily prys the final loop that lay cleverly hidden within the dent. She then guides her brother head back towards the hole, relieving him from his uncomfortable contortion, but dooming him to an arguably worse fate. “N-no, sis, please” he begs. “Y-you can’t do this to me, please! I’m begging you!” He cries.  But she just pauses and smiles at him sweetly. And after a moment, she carefully pulls the loop out. This was no time for mistakes. 

But that doesn’t mean she can’t continue humiliating her little bro-toy. “Aw, come on little guy. You don’t wanna stay a virgin your whole life, do you?” she asks as she locks eyes with him. She has this look on her face that says she’s trying to help him. Only it shifts slightly as a smile forms, showing off her pearly whites as it widens. “Really bro, you should be thanking me instead. The only action you’ve ever gotten was from your right hand. And here I am, about to surround you in thousands upon thousands of pounds of my hot, loving, pussy flesh. Just think of this as big sis to the rescue,” she says. 

She presses the back of her brother’s head against the dent yet again as she carefully un-stretches the loop around his forehead, gently releasing it just as it makes contact. Snapping it over his head was just too cruel, even for her. With the loop now firmly stretched over his stationary head, John was perfectly aligned with the upper portion of the phallus. His back contorted around the slight curvature of mushroom tip, while his head bent even further back against the very tip of it. Forced to look up and out from the very peak of it, like a star on a Christmas tree. Where it pointed, so did he. “Perfect! You look absolutely, positively perfect little bro!” She says in celebration of her expert handiwork. 

John cries out in horror. Unable to even turn his head, he was in a literal living nightmare. “Really bro? A lot of guys would KILL to be in the position you’re in. Soon, layers upon layers of my cunt flesh will glide up and down over your naked body, over and over again. Nothing between us except my hot sticky goo.  If that’s not losing your virginity, then I don’t know what is!” She laughs. “Now, some guys can be kinda awkward their first time. Don’t you worry though. With big sis in the driver’s seat it’ll be smooth sailing. And if not? Well, let’s just say you’ll have PLENTY of chances to practice. Believe me.” she adds. “Now then. Let’s have a little looksy, shall we?” 

He cries out in panic as she lifts him up to her head. She tilts the dildo and him downwards so his face points directly towards hers, while the rest of his body points towards the ground. He can’t do anything but lay there, suspended nearly six feet in the air, pathetically bound to the peak of his sister’s soiled dildo as he stares into her beaming face. “Wow bro,” she says with a chuckle. “It’s like you’re some kind of mermaid sculpture on a pirate ship! Maybe next time I’ll get you a bikini top and fin. Body paint only though, none of that costume crap. We wouldn’t want anything to get in the way of our quality time together!” she jokes, as she uses the dildo to mime a sailing ship. “P -Please sis. T -this is, this is all too much!” John cries. “Oh stop it. We haven’t even gotten started yet,” She smiles.

“You know...you actually have one thing in common with that mermaid sculpture thingy on the front of a ship. Whenever someone climbs aboard for a ride, you’re both bound to get wet. And I’m not talking a light misting or drizzle. I’m talking soaked to the bone, water-logged wet.” she laughs as she continues to mess with him. “Ooh, a bath would be fun! Oh my god, I can totally see it now. You could be like this submarine that dives down towards my hungry cave. Plunging my depths,” She jokes as she manages to get even more wet.

“But now it’s time to get serious bro,” she says as she stares into his eyes. “Hope you’re ready!” Lily then grabs the desk chair with her free hand and drags it towards the bed. John was panicking. Drifting in and out of states of terror and mania. It was all so fucked up. But here he was, having gotten nowhere from his fits. He needed to try something different. Something new. “L-Lily,” He stammers, trying to appeal to her gentler side. The side he thought he knew. “P-please let me go. I-I’m so scared it hurts. I-I promise won’t tell anyone. I s-swear!” he begs. But she just smiles back at him. As if she enjoys his pathetic attempts to appeal to her. 

“Aw, It’s okay bro. Lots of guys are scared their first time. And don’t worry, I know you won’t tell anyone. Not while you’re strapped to my dildo here,” she explains.

Refusing to accept his fate, his mind raced over possible arguments, desperately trying to find some way to sway her. That’s when it hit him. “B-but what if I get you pregnant?” He asks. 

She just looks at him and sighs. “Really?” She mocks. “Didn’t you read anything about the app before you started using it?” She chuckles. “It’s not physically possible. Your tiny little swimmers couldn’t possibly make it all the way. And even if they did, they’re too small to impregnate me,” she laughs. “They’re just like you, too tiny to matter.” 

He despised her choice of words, but regardless of that, he couldn’t shake the feeling of crippling despair as it began to take hold. No matter what he said, nothing seemed to work. She was dead set on using him. A fact he still just couldn’t accept. Not without force. “But I don’t mind if you cum inside me bro. Like I said, too small to matter,” she says. “It is kinda sweet of you too. Worrying about me like that. Dumb, but sweet,” She adds. “So yeah, feel free to cum as much as you want, you earned it bro.” 

She holds him right under her grinning face as she positions her chair right before her bed. “I know I will. You can believe that,” she says. “And I’m not sure if you could tell before, but I’ve been know to cum quite a bit. I’m what they call a squirter, haha.” John’s terror only serves to egg her on further. She was eating it up. “That’s right bro, soon you’ll be completely bathed in gallons upon gallons of your sister’s hot, thick, cum. You’re gonna love it!” She adds as she brings his bound face to her lips, planting her wet slobbery slips on it. Giving him a nice big smooch. 

He feels a wave of nausea blanket him as she continues to press her big oppressive lips on him, making kissy sounds as she drooled saliva on him the whole time. This continued on for a good ten seconds or so, up until the point she ripped him away, letting out a nice loud mwa! He’s left blind and frantic, unable to see past the generous coating of saliva that stuck to his face. It was humiliating, a kiss from his sister brought him close to tears. She giggles at his horror-struck his face. 

“What? Not a fan of kissy-time with big sis?” she asks. “Sure you are. You just have to get a taste for it,” she explains. “Here, let me help you,” she adds as she opens wide, sticking out her fat, wet tongue. She slowly brings the dildo and him towards the slimy muscle. Meanwhile, all he can do is whimper, powerless against her whimsy. Soon, he’s practically touching it. As the balmy warmth wafts onto his face, he feels so hysterically helpless that he starts to panic. Screaming bloody murder, only to be muffled by her saliva as she pressed him against her tongue. 

Lily loves it as adjusts her grip slightly. She then slides her brother along the bumpy surface, letting him collect the pooling saliva for a moment. Light dims around him as she closes her lips, slurping and sucking on him as she slowly drags him out. John feels as if his entire body was being vandalized as he’s forced to scrape up globs of saliva and small bits of leftover lunch. Then, with a final slurp, she releases him. He was now held upright, just beneath her nose. With nowhere else to look, John was forced to stare up past her flaring nostrils and their minute but unsightly nose hairs, past her flushed cheeks, and into her menacing eyes. Just as they locked eyes, he felt something wet creep up from below.

“No!” he yells in hysterical realization as his sister’s slimy tongue begins to drag over his toes. She glides it up and over his legs only to stop at his penis. She gives it a playful wiggle, lapping at his crotch as she giggled. Her booming laughter blowing waves of hot breath onto his face and body as she continued to violate him. “Please stop sis. I’m B-begging you!” he pleads. But she ignores him and continues on, moving her tongue further up. Moments later, she’s right back where she started just minutes ago, his face. She then resumes her playful licking and lapping, coating his tiny features in spit. She even tries to insert the tip of her tongue into his much-to-little mouth. But it isn’t possible with a two-inch tiny. The only thing she manages to do is force saliva down his throat.

Thoroughly disgusted, he gags on her saliva as the tip of her tongue laps at his face. Finally, she lets go. “God this is so much fun!” She booms. “How’s about another blowjob bro?” She asks with a laugh. He shudders against his restraints, remembering what the last time was like. Only this time, he didn’t have the luxury of a barrier between him and oral onslaught. John tries to cry out in protest, but before he can get even a word out, she slams the dildo onto the chair, suctioning its base to the center of the seat. Lily then kneels in front of it, adjusting for comfort as she got on her knees.

All he can see is the ceiling, as he’s forced to look up from the firmly-secured dildo. He feels so utterly helpless with his head peeled back and strapped against the tip of the fake penis. Not even able to turn his head. All so she could feed him to her big hungry cunt. His train of thought is soon interrupted as he sees his sister’s face grinning down above him. 

She takes a moment to adjust her pony-tail, waving it behind her head as if she were about to give an actual blow job. Not some dildo with her toy-sized bro stuck to it like some sort of barnacle. She widens her grin, now beaming down at him in excitement. “Now, pay attention bro,” she says. “Maybe once we’re through, you’ll be able to act like a real penis,” she teases him. “Enjoy!” she says as her hands grasp the shaft below him. 

He screams mere inches from her mouth as it opens wide. The last time she gave him and the dildo a blowjob he was, for the most part, protected. Though he could still feel her breath and warmth through the silicone, it was only when he was completely surrounded. This time, however, just like moments ago when she licked and sucked on him like a lolli-pop, he could already feel it. He wasn’t even inside it yet. But the balmy air clung to his skin as her open maw descended upon him. “No!” he cried out as he’s forced to stare up into her throat as her lips and teeth soon pass him. He feels her tongue press firmly against his skin. 

He gags, saliva dripping down and over his mouth. The light around him dims as his sister closes her lips around the shaft, allowing only the slightest of rays to shine through cracks and into the lining of her mouth and gullet. She continues her descent until his now screaming face brushes against her uvula. A deafening cough booms around him as she slides up a smidge. Just her cough made his ears ring and his whole body shake. Her throat begins to distance itself from him as her head slowly rises. The light still dim as Lily maintains a tight seal around the shaft, all the while expertly rubbing her tongue along it’s hidden prize. She presses and drags it against his body, lapping it against his skin as she flicks it over him. John screams as he feels the slimy bumps of his sister’s tastebuds rub against his entire body, pausing to press and flick against his penis. Then, only to be forced to the back of her throat once again, only this time a smidge shy of her uvula. Despite its ineffectiveness, his screaming and crying would not cease. He couldn’t help himself. It’s a base fear of his, or anyone really. The fear of being eaten. Of being consumed. And regardless of intent, being in the mouth of something so big was downright nightmare-inducing. Even when it was all said and done, it painted a very dismal picture for him. One that made it very clear - he was now lower on the food chain than his sister.

In an attempt to deep throat him further, she lowers her head slightly, which in-turn causes her to release a deafening gag that rumbles around him. He mimics the same feeling as her warm saliva continues to drool over his face. She then rises back up only to immediately ram back down, scrunching his face up against the back of her throat as he chokes on her oral fluids. Lily then gets into a rhythm, bobbing up and down over her shrunken brother and the dildo. 

She can feel every part of her brother’s body with her mouth and tongue. The power of this experience was giving her goosebumps. The wetness between her legs continued to flow as she got off on raping her brother’s entire body with just her mouth. She was loving every second of this. 

Lily starts to ramp things up, almost as if she were actually trying to make both her brother and the dildo cum. She tried every trick she knew. Smacking her lips around both of them, using her tongue to press and lick them, and finally, spending long moments where she furiously flicked and rubbed the tip of her tongue against the base of the mushroom tip, as well as his penis. All while she continued bobbing up and down, increasing speed with each pass. 

John can’t believe that despite the constant motion, despite his base fear of being inside a demonstrably higher being’s mouth, his body betrayed him. He now sported a small erection. As he tries to gag up the spit pooling down his throat, and perhaps regain some of his sanity, he’s instead led right up to the brink, her constant laps and precise flicks continuing their attack on his dick. He could feel the urge to cum as he was nearly pushed over the edge. All he could do was cry out. This entire experience was as terrifying as it was humiliating, and all within the confines of his sister’s mouth. Unfortunately for him, his sister took notice. Just seconds later he was overwhelmed by her booming laughter as it echoed around him. 

For Lily however, the experience was wonderful. The feeling of her brother’s erection as she flicked it over and over again, forcing him down a road he fought tooth and nail to avoid, was making her throb. So much so that was now playing with herself. She had been for the last few minutes. As she continues to give her brother the blowjob treatment, she starts furiously plunging her fingers in and out of her squelching twat. She lets out a moan and decides she can’t hold out any longer.

John hears something he wished he could unhear. His sister had moaned. A deep booming expression of her sexuality that echoed around him. It hurt his ears and rattled his bones. His giant sister was moaning as she continued to molest his entire body with her tongue, thoroughly enjoying his noncon erection. Just as he’s about to cum, the onslaught stops, and she raises her head off both him and the dildo. Making a show of it of course, using her lips to create an audible smack as she released the toy from her maw. This playful act, however, forms a thick glob of saliva that fully coats the entire head of the dildo - including both John’s face and his entire upper torso. Thoroughly disoriented, a now coughing and hacking John is sent swaying about the dildo bounced and wagged as it fought to stand still. 

She couldn’t be happier with her brother’s current-state, choking on her spit in a desperate attempt to steal a breath of fresh air. After a painful-sounding fit of gags, hacks, and coughs, John’s finally free of her spit. Just as soon as he is, he immediately breathes in lungful after lungful. It was as if he had just run a marathon. Lily leans in close and swears she can hear him gulping in so much air that he sounded like he was hyperventilating. She gently rubs his still erect penis. “Glad to see you’re enjoying yourself, bro,” she says with a laugh and moves her face right above him. All the while John continues to catch his bearings.

His heart still racing from moments ago, still catching his breath, John looks up at his giant sister with pleading eyes. She smiles back down at him sweetly, not even in jest. But admiring her handiwork. The perfectly situated loops, his perfectly aligned body, and her now thoroughly lubed up toy.

As she looks at him she can see him begging her. Not with words, but with his eyes and expression. He was begging her to let him go. To end this nightmare. Ignoring his pleas she simply talked over him. “Really bro. All jokes and teasing aside, you have no idea how hot you look right now. How hot this looks,” She says as she gently rubs a finger over his body. “I figured toying with a tiny would be pretty satisfying, but this? My own brother strapped to the top of my dildo? Just moments away from being rammed in and out of my hungry snatch all afternoon? This is just something else,” she mutters above him. 

His eyes now welled up as he continued to beg without words, desperately trying to break past her lustful front. She was still his sister and he, her brother. “I’m sorry bro, but there’s no way I’m passing this up. I don’t care how cute and pathetic your pleas are. I’m gonna get my nut and you’re gonna help me. Besides, it’s like we talked about earlier. You're a virgin, and I’m a horny gal who wants to fuck herself silly with the dildo you’re currently strapped to. It’s win win."

Tears were now streaming down his cheeks as she leaves him with those words. Stepping away for just a moment. With his immobilized head pointing up from the dildo, he could only see the back of her chair behind him, and the ceiling above. But he can hear her, his giant sister Lily, as she walked around the room. “Hmm, maybe my bed isn’t a good place to start. Not if I want extra support or leverage” she thinks out loud. Then, her massive hands fly over him as they grip the back of the chair and lift it up with ease. His eyes darted around him, wondering where she was taking him.

He’s then turned around as she slides the back of the chair against her desk. Suddenly, his sister’s body appears high above him as she leans over to grab her cell. Her sizable breasts jiggling hundreds of feet above as she casually checks her phone. Pausing for a moment to ensure everything was right in the outside world, and perhaps more pressing, that no one would bother her. Lily took the extra minute or two to make sure she was all set to unwind. After finally finishing her status checks, and setting her phone to ‘do not disturb,’ Lily was satisfied.

John lets out a pathetic whimper as he sees his sister lean back and look down on him. She’s literally licking her lips as she stares at him hungrily. Like a predator eyeing its prey. “Ready?” She asks. But she doesn’t wait for an answer. It was rhetorical. John starts begging and screaming again, a frantic last ditch effort to try and get through to her. All in vain. He nearly passes out from fear as he sees her two massive legs straddle the chair. 

As if it were in slow motion, her hungry face is replaced by the sight of her breasts and belly. But this is just for a moment, as mere seconds later her big fat pussy comes into view as it hovers over him. His sister’s cunt was more than just wet, it was literally drooling with anticipation. He starts crying as he could even see thick drops of her ‘excitement’ drip down her leg. His tearful gaze turns to her hand as it travels down her belly, over her landing strip, and onto her clit. After a few moments of rubbing, John hears yet another disgusting moan escape from her mouth. 

Lily takes a moment to enjoy the present as she closes her eyes and hovers over him. She teases herself further as she imagines how he must feel right now. Staring right up and into her drooling muff. Mere seconds away from being gobbled up by his giant sister’s twat. Nothing more than a dildo-enhancer. An adult-themed accessory. And with this thought fresh in her mind, she began her descent.

John wiggles for all he’s worth, but his restraints won’t budge. It’s manufacturer tested, giantess approved. It’s built for full-sized gals to go all out on. Not for tinies to escape. All he could do is what he’s done this entire time. Cry, scream, beg, and plead with his sister. All for nothing, as her massive body continued to lower itself down upon him.

Inch-by-inch, it comes for him from above, slowly approaching as he’s cast into the shadow of her undercarriage. He can feel the heat as it emanates from her thighs and sex. Lily really wants to savour the feeling of his face as it first touches her lips. They’re oh so very sensitive right now. So she continues her descent, albeit slowly. John reflexively tries to turn away, even just a bit. Anything to avoid experiencing the  full force of her sitting down directly on his face. But the loop around his forehead is too strong, and John is too weak and tiny, that he can’t even do that.

Just as he lets out a desperate cry for help, John’s face makes contact with her fat, well-greased lips. He gags as generous helpings of his sister’s hot cum ooze onto his nose, immediately spreading out and over his entire face and mouth. His now gurgling screams are muffled as she lowers a bit, parting her lips slightly. She barely registers it though. She thinks he’s right on her skin. But unbeknownst to her, he could already feel the wet inner flesh as it chewed on his face. 

He wails for her wet flesh to stop, but the only response he earns is a loud moan from his sister above. Her wet interior goes up for a moment, only to come back down as she moves her legs and shifts slightly. John finds himself back between her legs as the hungry flesh glides over his face. Layers of cum are spat onto his face as his sister uses it to tease herself. She glides over her it, back and forth and side-to-side, coaxing herself more and more with her brother’s tiny little face.

As she presses herself down she can feel it go deeper. She has now made contact with the dildo itself. Lily lets out a gasp as she rubs back and forth again, loving the more direct form of stimulation. Preferring it actually. She couldn’t help herself as she brought two fingers down as well. 

Foreword, back, side-to-side she goes, thinking about her helpless brother pressed against her cunt, rubbing her clit as she progresses her arousal. John is well past the point of screaming. His mouth now filled with his sister’s cum. His mind screams out for her to stop, this is too much, even for this new fucked up her. But there’s nothing he could do to stop her from using him. 

After minutes of simply rubbing his face and the tip of her dildo against her lips, enjoying the sensations as she edged herself on, she just couldn’t hold out any longer. The time had come. Without any more delay, Lily slowly sat down.

John was now gurgling on his sister’s juices, unable to avert his face from all the fluid. If only he knew what lay ahead. Suddenly, his pathetic micromovements turn to frantic panic as he feels her shift downwards.  This was just foreplay. A mere undercard before the main event. It’s long over now. His face now leading the way as the dildo continues to slide into her depths. 

He screams as he feels the slimy walls of his sister’s pulsating twat as they hug and squeeze his face and body. She takes it slow. So slow that he feels every crevice, every groove, as it literally chews on his body. 

Light gets scarce as his entire body plunges into her. Deeper and deeper he goes, feeding her hungry cunt. Until all of a sudden her flesh just stops and his face slams into something round and pulsating. He heaves in disgust as he realises what he’s pressed against. It’s his sister’s cervix!

A load moan reverberates around him as he feels her massive crush down on him, pressing his face further against it. He feels the walls around him squeeze and grind against him and the dildo. His face is rubbed raw by her cervix as he hears her heartbeat thudding far above him, working overtime to pump blood to all her muscles hard at work. 

He screams but immediately regrets it as her cervix pours hot goo into his open mouth and straight down his throat. Thoroughly disgusted, he closes his mouth...only, he can’t! He can’t close his mouth. No matter how hard he tried. The enormous pressure of her cervix as it pressed and grinded against his face wouldn’t allow him to. He was forced to swallow helping upon helping of his sister’s cum. And it just wouldn’t quit, her cervix just kept on spitting it out.

Lily keeps moaning as she leans forward and grips the back of the chair. Slowly grinding and wiggling against the seat with her brother embedded. He feels so nice deep inside her. An expertly-fashioned dildo accessory. The changes in mass and extra friction his body provided allowed her to hone in on very specific pleasure spots. Her erogenous zones. She felt one right then as she rubbed him against a groove with sigh. “I’m about to have the most orgasmic afternoon ever. Yay!” she smiles as she slowly scooches up a bit.

John is finally able to close his mouth as the pressure on his face releases and his sister’s cervix drifts away. He feels layers of her slimy flesh glide over his exposed body and he grunts at how disgustingly humiliating this all is. Light begins to pour in when all of a sudden, the movement stops. He can feel her lips as they chew on his chest. Without warning, the squeezing walls race past him and light’s sucked out.

Then immediately, he’s slammed up and into her flesh again, his face smashed up against the circulair object from above. Only instead grinding against him, it quickly drifts away. And soon enough, he slammed against it yet again. And again. And again. His sister was literally hopping up and down on him

His throat burned from all the screaming and hot cum that poured down it as his sister’s pace quickened. She was riding him and that dildo hard. Fast and hard. But the more he heard her moan, the faster she went. The more painful it got. His face slammed harder and harder against her cervix. The sensation was excruciating, so much so that his mind nearly shut off as she rode him out. Almost.

Still, despite all the torment, the choking and the terror his abused body took from her wet ribbed walls, his penis somehow enjoyed it. He curses himself as he feels it react to the constant rubbing and squeezing as she hopped up and down upon him. His mind begs her to stop. Even after everything she’s put him in through, he cannot bear the humiliation that he might cum inside her, strapped to her dildo. 

His face felt as though it were damaged beyond repair. Bruised and broken from the impossible weight of his giant sister bouncing on top of him, pummeling his face with her cervix. But he also knew that this was impossible. 

Finally, his monstrous sister raises up and off of him, giving him a much needed break from her abusive vag. Still, the view was quite scary for him. He was just inches from her wet swollen lips as she hovered above him. She moves back slightly, and his view is soon replaced with the flustered face of his sister, already glistening with sweat. She looks down at him and lets out some animalistic cry. A cross between a moan and a yell, as she repositions herself. He’s not sure what it meant, but lets out a wail of his own as he sees her pussy plummeting towards him. Her cunt lips open up, welcoming its sacrificial gift with open arms. Lily slams her ass down, impaling herself in one swift motion. John is rammed against her cervix harder than ever before. He felt as though she were beating his face to a pulp, with her vagina! And with that, her rythmic hopping took hold and his torture resumed. 

Lily just couldn’t believe how pathetic he looked. Right there, adorning the top of her dildo. Covered from head to toe in her cum, unable to wipe it away or even turn. She just had to plunge him right back in. She loves the feeling of him deep inside her as she takes him for a full-body ride.

John is assaulted by her cervix and the flesh around it as she keeps him deep inside. Layers of cum pour into his mouth and down his throat again. He feels like he could pass out at any moment. “Please! Just let it stop!” he mentally screams and screams as she starts hopping up and down him again. No such luck for her brother.

But after a few more hops and grinds, he notices something different. The movements became more erratic, the grunts and moans, louder. Het heartbeat got faster. Sure enough, it was about to happen. John screams as his face is pressed the hardest its been throughout the whole ordeal. Even harder than when she slammed down upon him. He whimpers as he feels her slimy walls clamp down around him, painfully rubbing and squeezing his body as he’s gripped against the dildo like a vice.

But that wasn’t even the worst part. His mouth had been forced open as he cried out in pain. It couldn’t have happened at a worse time as a firehose of thick hot goo sprays into his mouth and down his throat. Her pussy itself with her cum, completely bathing him in it. Just like she said it would.

Lily sits there, brother completely embedded within her, as she basks in the most powerful orgasm she ever had. She didn’t need a lot of time, a little foreplay, and a few minutes of hopping up and down on her brother all she needed. It was a nice first quicky. “The next one will be much longer,” she says aloud. She wants to enjoy the next ones more, make them last. She has to pace herself though. Take breaks, cool off.

With a slight laugh and moan, she slowly sits up, wiggling off her brother before kneeling down front of him. He’s choking and gurgling on her juices still. She chuckles as she wipes his mouth clean with her finger. “Jeez bro, are you thirsty or something?” She jokes. “Just have to ask next time,” she adds. 

Scooching forward for a moment she gives the dildo a slight wiggle before standing up. “Sorry it was over so quick bro” she ‘apologizes.’ “But you just teased me too much. I couldn’t hold out any longer, had to rub one out. So it’s a bit your fault too. I promise to make the next one longer. K?” She teases. “I gotta say bro, I don’t think I’ve ever cum so hard before! You felt AMAZING, you should be proud of yourself.”

John can only stare at the ceiling as he wobbles back and forth from her casual flick. He can’t imagine this was a “quickie.” He felt like he’d been inside her hungry hole for a few hours at least. Just thinking about it as his mind clears up brings back phantom pains as he tries to stop thinking about the horrific experience.

But there was something else bothering him. A deep sense of betrayal. His sister, the girl he grew up alongside, just violently raped him. Misery and despair soon followed as he considered just how long she might keep him like this. It didn’t seem so impossible now. Hacking up more of her cum, he tries to cry out and talk to her. There has to be a way out of this. But he hears her going downstairs as she leaves him there, in her room stuck to the chair. 

Despite the horrific circumstances, he’s at least thankful for a moment of peace. He finally managed to spit up most of his sister’s cum, but he’s certain there’s far more  down in his belly. 

But as his sister continues with whatever it is she was doing, he soon found himself shivering from the cool air around him. He could feel his sister’s cum on his skin begin as it began to harden. Strapped in and immobile, there was nothing he could do. Humiliated and defeated, he’d just have to wait until she returned. He almost cried as he heard the tv turn on downstairs. His carefree sister, lounging in the buff as she rests up for a second round.

After about fifteen minutes or so passed, he hears her rummaging in the kitchen followed by her slow footsteps approaching the room. “Oh brother!” she calls out from the stairs. “Hope you’re ready for some more quality time with big sis!” she teases. The door swings open as she enters her room and giggles down at her brother, stuck to her dildo on the chair, right where she left him.

John can only stare at the ceiling as he’s forced to gauge what’s happening by sound and movement. Suddenly, his chair is turned around so that it’s back in its normal position, facing the desk. He still can’t see her, but he can hear her remove a laptop followed by her naked jiggly butt flopping somewhere.

Without warning two big feet thud beside him, and he can see her knees as she pulls the chair towards her. He starts feeling sick as he sees her grinning face, chewing on a candy bar. “Hi bro!” she says as chews on a mouthful. He always hated her eating habits, but that’s the least of his worries. 

“This is a good candy bro,” she says between bites. “I really needed to refuel after that,” she jokes as she smiles down at him, taking another big bite. “So, how was it for you?” She beams down between her legs. “It must've been real nice up in there, huh?” she comments. “You know, for your first time ‘n all”  she grins. 

John stares back at his sister and although he knows it’s futile, he’ll continue to plead and to beg. It’s all he could do. Only now, he couldn’t. At that moment he realized he could no longer open his mouth. “What’s happening to me?!” he panics as his eye grow wide. Suddenly, realizes that her layers of cum had hardened over his mouth. Even a blotch of her cum could overpower him.

More than familiar with her brother’s incessant whining, she listens to what he has to say. But now, he doesn’t say anything. She takes a sip from her soda she brought up, followed by another mouthful of candy bar, finishing the rest of it in one big bite. “Bro?” she says with her mouth full.

Durability setting or not, she wanted to make sure nothing was actually wrong with him. So Lily decided to check in on him. She shoves the chair back and hops up from her desk. She leans in and looks him over, but as far as she can tell he’s fine. Why isn’t he talking? Then hovers closer and squints only to burst out laughing as seconds later.  His mouth was totally sealed shut by her crusty dried up cum!”

As tears roll down his face, she teases him. “That’s just to good bro,” she laughs. “A perfect way to shut you up,” she jokes. She stands up straight, claps and wipes her hands together, removing every excess of candy bar. Lily took a moment sip her soda and swallow the last wad of chewed up food. All while she continued to look at her cum-covered bro-toy. With a smile, she steps forward.

“Alright bro,” she announces. “Time for a fresh layer” she laughs. His view turned to nightmare as her already glistening pussy hovered over him. She didn’t need much to get her nice and wet again. But that didn’t mean she wouldn’t make it last. “This one will take a while,” he hears his giant captor say far above, just as her big snatch began its descent upon him once again.



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