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John feels a slight tingle in his body, though not entirely unpleasant, as he begins to shrink. His heart races as he slowly diminishes and soon is standing eye-to-eye with Hazel. She gasps as she notices it as well, only for him to seconds shrink lower than her chin. Their dynamics had changed. John was now looking up at her. He had no control over what was to follow, standing there at the same level as her tits.


Naturally, an erection soon followed, which of course elicited a playful wiggle from Hazel. She knew how attractive she was, enjoying his biological compliment as she began to giggle. He looks up and his chokes on his breath as he shrinks past her navel. She already looks like a goddess and soon he’ll be so much smaller. Hazel leans forward and pats his head a few times. “Keep shrinking little John,” “I want you much smaller,” she says with a playful laugh.


John’s body continues to respond to her teasing as he’s now rock hard from her playful words. He continues to shrink and soon finds himself just below her crotch. She’s wearing a skirt so he couldn’t really see anything. Still, the thought of being this close to her excites him even more. Suddenly the massive body in front of him moves down with incredible speed and her now significantly larger face lowers to his. A big grin forms as she just stares at him.


“No peeking yet” she teases. But in mere seconds her face is above his, as he continues to shrink with each passing second. “Wow, you’re getting real tiny now,” she beams. And as John catches his bearings, he realizes that he’s nearly down to her ankles. If things weren’t scary before, they certainly were now.


He looks up to Hazel and she notices how frightened he looks. “Ssh John, everything will be ok,” she smiles sweetly down to him, “you’re almost there,” she says calmly to comfort him. Then after a few more seconds he’s finally at his final height, a measly one inch tall.


In front of him are the biggest feet his eyes ever laid eyes on, they look like small houses from his perspective. Her toes wiggle slightly in her open shoes as to tell him to look upwards. Slowly, he follows her skyscraper legs and almost falls backwards as he beholds the sight above him.


He looks all the way up to the massive face of Hazel who’s now looking back with an even bigger smile. "Hi little guy," she says as she wiggles her fingers in a cute wave. Her relatively small motion was massive to him. This was all so surreal.


"Hi" he yells up. Hazel immediately laughs. "Aw, you sound so cute" she coos. "Your voice is so tiny and high-pitched," she says. Beginning to feel uncomfortable from kneeling so long, she shifts her weight a bit to take off some of the pressure in her knees. This startles John as he takes a few steps back and falls on his butt. As he looks upwards he can’t help but lock eyes with what’s beneath her skirt. Her snugly fit pink panties.


John can’t look away, and Hazels notices. She waves her hand in front of her skirt as she moves her other down to John. "uh uh uuuh" Hazel laughs. John was blushing in embarrassment, but his erection continued to twitch at the sight. Suddenly he notices her hand coming to him at an alarming pace. He screams as she lays a finger on his chest and presses down, forcing him to the ground.


It's a bizarre sight as he looks past her arm and into her smiling face. "Eyes off the merchandise" she sings as she lets him go and straightens out her skirt.


Suddenly he feels a massive rumbling on the floor and a loud screeching from a stool, followed by what he can tell are footsteps and he dreads what's coming. Sure enough another massive form joins Hazel above. He's blinded by the ceiling light for a moment as her head comes into view and kneels down as well. Knowing full well he's fully erect and helpless as he's ever been, he sees his sister's excited face.


"Hi bro" 


She leans in closer and notices his giant, well for him at least, boner. "Well, I see someone's excited to become our toy" she says. Despite his size, this comment triggers John. "I'm not YOUR toy, I’m Hazel's!" he yells. But this has the opposite effect than he intended as his sister starts to laugh. "Haha, that voice", "it sounds so tiny" she grins. 


Hazel bumps into her friend playfully to signal her to stop her teasing. "Let's pick you up little guy," she kindly says to the tiny young man below her. John cowers as he sees her fingers fast approaching, but there's nothing he can do as her two massive digits pinch him and begin to lift. His stomach turns as Hazel carefully raises him.


He looks down from between her fingers and screams at how high he is. When he finally looks up, he finds himself stuck between two very happy faces. They can't believe how tiny he is, trapped between two of Hazel’s fingers. John can't get over how big they are and sees details in their faces he never noticed. But despite all of this, his erection remains.


"Lift up your arms John" Hazel's instructs. He immediately complies and feels two other fingers pinch his hands together and lift him up from Hazel’s clutches. He shouts as he suddenly dangles from his arms and swings inches from his sister’s face.


He looks above him and sees his sister now has him, immediately triggering him to fight back. "Lily, get your hands off of me and give me back to Hazel," he shouts. "You don't make decisions bro," she says in amusement. “You're a toy," she adds with an overly sweet tone as she gently blows on her brother. For him though, it's like a hurricane blasting against his entire body as he dangles from her fingers. He can smell the wine and snacks on her breath as he’s encased in it, but there's nothing he can do.


Hazel laughs for a moment but interrupts, "Lily, stop. Let’s go play with him at the table" she says. "Oh, all right" Lily replies and approaches the table, her miniature brother in-tow, and takes a seat. For John though, these simple movements are quite disorientating. Still, he's thankful his sister at least stopped blowing on him.


Both girls sit down, Lily smiling mischievously as she continues to hold him just before her eyes. "But first let's get him cleaned up," she says. "Who knows how long it's been since he took a shower?” John looks at her with a frown, she knows he showered this morning...but that’s when it hit him. He knew what she was getting at as he saw her free grasp her glass of water and hold it just below where he was dangling from her clutches.


John starts panicking, squirming frantically in a desperate attempt to escape; this isn't what he signed up for - to be teased by his sister! He turns towards Hazel, "Hazel, please! Help me!" he begs. But his hopes are diminished as he sees her look of amusement. "What?" Hazel asks with laughter, “You wanted to be shrunk, and I agree with Lily. You should be clean," she says with playful intent.


And with that Lily let's go. He remembers the feeling he had when he slipped off the highest dive at the local pool. That’s how he felt right then as he plummeted towards his sister's water glass. After breaking the surface and sinking a good amount, he fights his way back up, sputtering and splashing as he gasps for air. His desperate bid to catch his breath and stay afloat is only met with laughter. He felt utterly humiliated as he looked through a glass at his giant captors. Only his humiliation turned to terror as he saw his sister raise the glass towards her face and press the edge against her lips. 


Then, before she could do anything, an enormous hand wraps around the glass and rips it from her clutches as it’s brought upwards. He sees Hazel’s huge face staring back at him. "Having a nice swim?" she asks sweetly. "Don't worry, we won't hurt you" she says. She laughs as she sees a smile coming from him, it's a strange sight to behold. 


"Speak to yourself" his sister grins far away. "Lily!" Hazel shouts at her friend. "Oh, relax", "it's just a joke" she smiles. "Besides, he can't be hurt anyways" she says as she picks up her phone. "So let us check what we can do with a tiny" and opens her phone. 


Hazel lifts John out of the glass, which he's more than relieved to be out of. But he's completely soaked, and Hazel needed to find something to dry him with. But there wasn’t anything really. “Oh well,” she said with a shrug. John yells as he’s whisked towards her tummy and wrapped in the hem of her shirt. He feels totally helpless as Hazel completely manhandles him, gently rubbing and rolling his body dry. 


She brings him towards her face to check on him and chuckles as she sees his bewildered state. "All clean," she says happily before lowering him towards what appeared to be a Monopoly board. She drops him on his back at the Start square. He lays there in exhaustion, attempting to catch his breath but utterly failing. It's only been five minutes and already he’s completely drained. He's glad he chose complete invulnerability, otherwise it would’ve been far too dangerous to be around these careless women.


Slowly he sits up and look around. "So shall we play?" he asks. But as he looks past the bowl of snacks and the wine glasses he notices they are both looking at the same phone, completely ignoring their tiny toy on the table. 


"Let me see that pic" Hazel laughs as Lily opens it. "No way!" Hazel laughs even harder as she sees a picture of a woman who turned her husband in insole. "So she's just walking all over him all day? That's hilarious!" 


"C’mon! Show me the next one!" Hazel yells as she sees John walking towards them underneath their wine glasses. When Lily shows her the next picture, a man who's used as necklace, Hazel decides to tease John. 


"Look John, do you want to be my necklace?" she asks. "Or Lily's"? she asks. John doesn't quite know why that would be such a bad thing until he sees a massive phone in front of him. He almost falls back as he sees the man is hanging by his scrotum. Both girls burst out laughing as they see his terrified reaction.


"Aw don’t be like that, we’d never do something like with you," Hazel assures. 

“But we have to do something with him, don’t we Haze?" Lily adds. "We aren't really going to play monopoly with him?" Hazel whines almost pleadingly. "Let’s at least show him a sex toy or something,” Lily suggests as she stares right at her brother, a big grin forming across her face. "He should know what it's like."


John's blood runs cold as he hears his own sister use those words. Surely Hazel's not going to go with her plan, she's... But his thoughts are interrupted by Hazel giggling. "I don't know Lil" she says. "I thought we were just going to play Monopoly for a bit.”


"Well this is also playing" Lily says as she continues to smile. "Besides, he wanted to be your shrunken little pet for awhile. Surely he doesn't mind seeing you with a sex toy," she argues.


"I don't know Lily," she says, still in doubt. "Besides, I don't have any with me." "Well, I've got plenty," Lily happily suggests. "Ooh, I even got one for a tiny. Got it as a gift" she adds. "Shall I get it?" Lily asks, already having stood up.


Hazel looks at John, clearly shouting at her to stop. But she's curious as to how he'll look, so she just smiles and ignores him. After all, he's clearly into her. If anything she was doing him a favor, letting him see her with a sex toy. "Ok Lilly, go and get it," She agrees with a laugh.


John is torn between emotions. Sure, the thought of seeing Hazel with a sex toy excites him to his core; but it's his sister's sex toy. It's revolting to even begin to think where it’s been, and even worse, that he was likely going to be placed near the thing. And with each glass of wine they downed, it became that much less likely for them to grow him back. "Luckily I chose the option to grow back after five hours," he thinks. His train of thought is soon interrupted as Hazel picks him up and gently cups him in her hand to talk.


Meanwhile, Lily is sprinting towards her room. She can't believe the events of tonight. One hour ago they were playing innocent games and now she owns her shrunken brother and is about to put him in a sex toy. It's like all her fantasies rolled into one and dialed up to ten.


She enters her room and approaches her desk and begins to search for the key to her secret stash. After rummaging through her drawer, she finds what she was looking for. She then heads over to her dresser, kneeling down to insert the key in the bottom drawer. With a turn and a click it’s unlocked. She smiles as she opens it, revealing her secret stash of kinky sex toys. Dildos, vibrators, anal beads, all super exciting stuff. “But not nearly as exciting as her newest toy. The one that sat on the table downstairs,” she thinks.


But she isn’t looking for her conventional toys, at least not at the moment. Instead, she's looking for the one toy of her’s that was designed for tinies. She got it as a Free Gift on her most recent online order of sex toys. She used it once, but it wasn’t anything special. Without a tiny it was just a regular dildo. She imagined there was a tiny inside of it, but it wasn’t all that special. It wasn’t real. But now that her brother is available, well, he can be its first occupant. He can make it real!


After a little digging Lily manages to find it, taking it out to admire her prize. She fiddles with it for a moment, finding the opening at the base. It was right in the middle of the suction cup. “Perfect,” she thought. She smiles and gets up, trekking back down the stairs. Towards her toy. Towards her prey. 


John is somewhat relieved to be in Hazel's cupped hand. She asked how he felt about being shrunken and she handled him a bit, but avoided his erection, at least for the moment. She felt like that could come another time, she doesn't want him to feel like she’s taking advantage of him or something.


But the nice moment is interrupted by Lily coming back. "I'm baahaack" she sings happily. "And look what I got!" she exclaims as she shows them the suction cup dildo. It's eight inches tall and made completely clear silicon. John crawls back in Hazel's hand, but she just smiles at him. "All right John, enough chitchat she teases him, let's start the fun my little pet" she grins.


John dreads what's coming, but he doesn't want to disappoint Hazel, she clearly wants to play with him a bit, so he's going to let her. She's been nothing but sweet up until this point. 


But when her hands moves him towards the dildo, he starts to have second thoughts. "Lily, did you use this one" he screams to his sister. He knows her well enough when he sees her face and doesn't need to hear her answer. "Only once," she smiles at him, “but it was missing something." “That’s disgusting!” John yells. “I’m not going inside your used toy!” But Lily just smiles at him. “Sure you are,” she states matter-of-factly. “Besides I gave it a little rinse.”


Lily turns the dildo and pulls at some tiny lever and with a pop, the dildo opens up. John's eyes widen as he knows what this means, he's going inside his sisters dildo. "No!" he yells, but both girls ignore him and just continue on. "Hush John, it's only to see how you look," Hazel says.


Soon he finds him above the opening and he fights for all he's worth. Looking down he sees a long clear hollow shaft, clearly meant to hold a tiny person there. "No, I won't be able to breath!" he says, not knowing his sister took away that need. But his head goes in anyway and he feels the strange stale atmosphere inside the hollow. It’s almost like some liquid has been in there.


There's nothing he can do as he's pushed in and he looks straight in the shaft and sees the bulbous head at the end, resembling a penis and his sister’s thighs below it. It's like a nightmare and he begs to be let out, but in a few seconds he's in and hears the dildo closing behind him and is turned around.


His new prison is moved towards the table and with a huge slam, the dildo is put on the table. He looks below him and notices his sister used the suction cup to put him straight on the surface. He looks upwards and notices he's got a good amount of room, he's clearly meant to be larger. Then he looks in the direction of his captors and falls back as he’s met with their giant faces just inches away. 


Lily is trying very hard to hide her arousal, but finds it harder and harder. Inches before her, encases in her dildo, is her shrunken brother who was willingly shrunk by her friend. And he won't be coming out anytime soon, she thinks hungrily.


"That's a good look for you bro," she says teasingly. "See, now you really are a toy. But who would've thought you’d have to grow a bit," she says with a smirk and grabs her phone. 


John bangs against the silicon walls, asking for his freedom, but both captors are having way to much fun at the sight before them. Hazel taps his prison, waving cutely at him, thinking it's all fun and games. Then he sees his sister tapping away on a phone, only...it looked like sister’s phone?  No it couldn’t be. He had to be mistaken he thought as he began to feel that tingling sensation from before. Only this time, he was growing.


He looks up, seeing the top of the dildo slowly approaching. As it gets closer he expects it to soon stop, only it doesn’t. Instead, his head presses against the top and he just continues to grow. John starts screaming for Lily to stop, but still, he grows and grows and grows, filling every gap and nook inside the dildo until his whole body is comically compressed inside the hollow shaft. His head is compressed so hard within the head of the dildo that stare outwards. Finally, the growing stops.


He's met by another fit of laughter and wonders how much they had to drink up until now as he sees Hazel pouring another glass of wine. John starts to wiggle to get some more room, but the only thing it does is to wobble the dildo around him, causing Hazel to spit out her wine.


"So that's the purpose of the tiny" Lily yells excitedly. "Hmmm, that should feel nice," she smiles at the thought. John in the other hand can't believe Lily is saying such things while he's in her sex toy. She's taking this way too far.


“This is just too great,” Lily laughs. ‘We should really go to that shop in town,” but she can tell by Hazel’s look that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. “You know, that adult shop where they sell all kinds of stuff for tinies?” she asks.


“No, I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she says, “But that sounds funny. What do they sell?” she asks while ignoring John as he wobbles before them.


“Don’t know exactly,” Lily says. “But I figure it’ll be all kinds of kinky shit you can use with tinies. Sex toys, clothing, jewelry, if you can think it, they’ve got it,” She says all this as she looks at John, pathetically compressed inside her dildo. “Don’t know, maybe we could take John and buy you something nice,” she teases, causing Hazel to laugh. “Nah, I’m good,” Hazel says.


“ Your call,” she smiles and shrugs. “Either way, we at least have one right here. Don’t we?” Lily says with a mischievous smile. "So bro, how long has it been since your last blowjob?" she asks and leans forward. "No!" he screams as he sees her mouth open wide above the dildo. Strings of saliva are between her molars and when her wet tongue extracts he can see her open throat. "This can't be happening!" he shouts. Her tongue wiggles playfully above the head as she slowly lowers her mouth over the toy.


"Lily!" Hazel yells and pushes her friend from the dildo. "That's your brother in there!" she says in disbelief. But she's met with a fit of laughter. "Ah come on Hazel, lighten up, I wasn't really going to do it" she says, still laughing. "Why don't you do it", Lily asks her.


Hazels quickly lightens up as she listens to her friend. "Nah, I'm good" she tells her friend. "Actually, I think I'm going to call it a night, wine goes straight to my head and I don't want to do anything I’d regret. I'm gonna take a quick bathroom break then crash upstairs." 


Lily smiles and says it’s all good, she’s feeling a bit drunk herself. Hazel gets up and is walking a bit too slow for Lily’s liking. When Lily’s sure she's finally gone, she smiles at her trapped brother.


John feels really helpless and awkward as he's alone with his sister, trapped inside her sex toy and unable to communicate. It doesn't help as she leans in more and starts to stroke the sex toy. "So how do you like it in there bro?" she asks while grinning. "I must say. I think this is a really good look for you" she says.


"So I have a surprise for you" she tells him as she picks up her phone. Again, John is struggling to understand whose phone did what. On the one hand, he linked with Hazel. But on the other, it looked like his sister was using her phone to grow him. He also doesn't understand why he didn’t need to breathe. "Did I alter my settings?" He continued to wonder. But that's not important right now, he just had to get out of this thing - this situation, and grow back as soon as possible.


"So remember when you linked with your phone?" Lily asks while browsing through her phone. She continued to swipe until she seemingly found what she had been looking for. “Well, I got a surprise for you,” she smiles excitedly. Lily leans in up close to the dildo. “Just look who owns you now,” she says as she holds up her phone for him to see.


He screams against his silicon prison, unheard by even his sister before him. "No!" he screams mentally. Before him he sees his own profile, but instead of seeing Hazel's profile pic above him, he stares in the smiling face of his sister. He matched with his own sister.


"No!", he screams again, "That can’t be!" he yells. "You tricked me! She tricked me!" he shouts. He cannot believe how humiliating this situation has become. He's now tiny, trapped inside a dildo and owned by Lily, his sister, instead of his hot friend.


Angrily he starts to fight with every muscle he has, which causes the dildo to wobble again. Lily laughs as he must be very angry. "That's right little bro, you're mine now," she laughs. "Doesn't that sound like fun?" she asks. "Well, If I were you I’d be very excited" she grins. If you really wanna feel pathetic and tiny, then who better than your sister to help?" She asks. "Believe me bro, I know all sorts of things we can do together," she laughs. 


She hears Hazel flush and starting to wash her hands. She looks back at her brother. "But we'll talk later," she says as she stands up and gathers the monopoly pieces to place back in the box, ignoring him for now.


"How can she take it so far?" he asks himself. "It’s gotta be the wine. A little joke is all in good fun. He’d know, they tease each other constantly. But putting him in her sex toy? Secretly making them match? That’s taking it WAY too far. He's going to have a word with her once he’s grown back. 


But for now he's stuck as he sees Hazel coming back into the room. She leans in to check on him and give the dildo a gentle push as it wobbles back and forth. "Sleepy?" she asks him. "That looks like a cozy place to sleep" she teases him. 


"No, get me out!" he wants to scream but she just pulls him from the table. "I’m pooped. Shall we go upstairs?" she asks Lily and they walk upstairs together. 


John can't believe they still won't remove him from the sex toy. He knows Hazel thinks this is just fun teasing, but let him at least communicate. Hazel on the other hand just thinks she's treating him how he wants to be, like a shrunken pet. 


John screams as he's tossed on his sister's bed. "No!" he yells again as he recognizes his sister’s room, with her pink cushions and all kind of girly decorations. The fact that he's now in the middle of her bed encased in her dildo, enrages him to his core. 


But when Hazel comes into view, while taking of her skirt he's finally silent. Then she removes her shirt and takes a different one out of her bag she brought. It's a sight to behold as she casually changes into her sleeping clothes. "Please. Just let me out now," he hopes. But he's startled as he sees she's really tired and just crawls past him. He looks around but doesn't see his sister, she's probably in the bathroom.


Then he's rolled over a couple of times as she adjusts her blanket, and after a minute he hears her snoring. "No!" he yells again, "How can you forget me?!" he shouts, but he knows the answer. Too much wine.


He's stuck looking downwards and can't roll himself to see anything. He's just stuck until his sister finds him. Sure enough, after 10 minutes he hears his sister laughing as she sees her friend already passed out and her dildo still on the bed.


Smiling to herself, she just ignores him for now as she moves some stuff around her room. Putting her friends clothes in her bag. Finally John feels his prison lifted and he stares straight into his sister's face. "Will she finally let me out?" he wonders. He sees her walking towards her dresser and hopes that she searches for her phone, but he doesn't see it anywhere.


Instead she kneels down and opens up her bottom drawer and he turns white. Below him are all kind of sex toys. For both holes. Some big, some small. But regardless of size or hole, she used each of them to stuff inside herself. Ram, plunge, pressed, you name it - they were built to give her pleasure, from the inside. And now she was placing him amongst them. Another toy. Their newest addition.


He fights with every last bit of energy he has left, but it did nothing but elicit just the slightest of wiggles. There's really nothing he can do. The light dims as he enters the drawer and she holds him over the content. He almost cries as she hovers him above dildo's, vibrators, but also bottles of lube, handcuffs. All kind of toys to give her stimulation. 


She turns him around and he stares right in her grinning face. He wants to yell at her that she has to stop, that she's taking it to far. No amount of alcohol is an excuse to treat him like this. But instead she lowers him until he feels the dildo making contact with the wooden bottom. He looks to his left and right and sees he's right between two other dildos. 


Lily looks at her brother stuck between her other toys. Her panties are soaked as she glides her finger over his prison. "He must hate this," she grins, "but hey, he wanted to be a tiny, might as well be me that shows him around," she thinks. 


He stares helplessly at his sister as she stands up. She winks at him and pats her panties a few times as he sees one leg moving forward and feels her foot touching the drawer as she pushes forward. "She's really trapping me in here?" "No sis, please!" He whimpers. But nobody hears him as the last thing he sees is his sister already turning towards her bed as the drawer closes.


Lily joins her friend in her bed and a thought of trying to play with her crosses her mind, but decides against it. First, she's going to play with her new toy as she’s about to fall asleep with a big smile on her face.


Where did you put him?" Hazel groggily asks. She woke up when Lily joined her in bed. "Where I put all my dildos," she says plainly. She patiently waits for Hazel's reaction. "Oh Lily, don't be so mean to him," as she quietly chuckles and falls back asleep.


Suddenly everything’s quiet as the only thing he can hear is two girls gently snoring. But he's in total darkness inside his sisters sex toy drawer, stuck in her dildo. “No please, this can’t be happening. Somebody get me out,” his mind screams.


 Suddenly John smiles as he remembers something, he should grow back in a few hours and grins as he'll smash her furniture. Serves her right.


But as he waits in his humiliating prison, he swears hours must have passed. But nothing happens. No strange tingles, no shrinking nor growing (not that he had any more room to grow), nothing. And as the minutes pass, he starts to panic. "Something’s very wrong," he thinks. 


His body is on fire as he suddenly realizes something. He gave her his phone before he shrunk. "Did she do something with it?" as he's starting to sweat. "Did she change my settings?". "I don't need to breathe,  I didn’t grow back after five hours" and slowly it hits him. "That bitch," he screams! 


He raged for hours, but nothing happened. Slowly some light poured through the cracks of his drawer and he knows it's dawn. Sure enough, he hears someone get out of bed followed by the sounds of someone taking a shower.


When she returns, he hears the rustling of clothes being put on. Then, big footsteps approaching. He felt sudden relief that finally he's going to grow back. They'll be ashamed and he will tell them off and that'll be that, he thinks. 


The drawer flies open and is assaulted by daylight and a beautiful showered face of Hazel appears. "Hi John" she weakly smiles. "Some night, huh?" she asks sweetly, along with a bit of guilt. "Let's get you out of this drawer".


John is relieved as she lifts him out of that hell. She chuckles a bit, seeing how trapped he is. "Oh! Lily really made it a tight prison," she comments as she shakes her head in disbelief. But wanting to make him a feel little better she continues "you look cute though," she says quietly. 


She looks over at Lily, who's still snoring loudly, passed out in bed still. She doesn't want to wake her. She walks over to Lily’s clothes and searches for her phone, maybe she can grow him back. But after a few minutes of searching, she can't find it anywhere. Hazel looks back at John.


John stares at her sweet smile, but he can't tell her to keep looking. He has no way to communicate. "Alright John, it pains me to say this, but you're gonna have to wait until Lily grows you back ok? I looked everywhere for her phone and at this point I’m gonna be late to work.” 


For the hundredth time since he shrunk, he tries to yell but no luck. "Hazel, at least get me out of this dildo.” But instead she notices his usual wobbling. She shrugs and walks back to her friends drawer and lowers him in. Feeling a little bit sorry that she can't grow him back right away, she lifts him up again. In a naughty attempt to cheer him up she gives the dildo a quick rub between her breasts. 


"Think of this as my apology," she says as she winks before lowering him back in.


"No, Hazel", her breasts are the furthest thing from his mind right now. "Take me out!" he yells, but she gives him a last wave and closes the drawer, leaving him stuck. He feels her massive footsteps as she does some last business in her friend’s room and finally tip-toes out of Lily's room.


Soon he hears the front door of the house closing, and an overwhelming feeling of dread drapes over him. The girl that convinced him to shrink is now gone, and here he remains, trapped inside his sister’s dildo. His. Sister’s. Dildo!!! 


He expected to have to wait a few hours before his sister finally awoke, but to his surprise, mere moments after Hazel left, he heard the sound of sheets rustling. "Finally" Lily says excitedly, "that took forever!" as she jumps out of bed.


"Did she fake being asleep until Hazel left?" he asks himself. But he's got no time to think, as he hears her heavy footsteps thump closer and closer until his drawer is slid open and blinding light fills the space. He has to adjust again as he feels a wave of nausea hit him as he stares at his sister face right up against the drawer, looking down on him. She was gloating over his humiliating circumstances. She was milking it. 


"Hope you grabbed some shut-eye bro,” she says as she stands up. John’s face turns white as she removes her shirt, tossing it to the floor. Then with a little wiggle, she cinches her panties down and steps out of them. She was completely nude, and clearly had no shame in that nor the fact that she was right in front of her brother, in all her glory. She kneels down and grasps her dildo-confined bro, squeezing it firmly as he groaned in discomfort. With nostrils flared, Lilly lifted him to her face. 


"Because you're going to need it" she says as she smiles at him hungrily. Her trapped bro. Her newest toy.









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