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Author's Chapter Notes:

Hi, I'm Vexed or VexedStories. I'm very excited to be finally getting involved in Property of Lily with my debut chapter - Time for the Butt. I'll be taking over the writing going forward. As with the rest of this story, Johnsmith10992 comes up with most of the ideas. I just bring them to life. Lots of exciting things to come!

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John shrieked in terror as Lily's colossal cheeks eclipsed the rest of her from view. She took her time reversing herself onto him, wanting to savour every moment. With his head locked forwards, John was forced to watch the darkest recesses of his sister's ass close in on him.

He hated being able to see it in so much detail - every stubbled hair, each blemish she'd have never noticed, the darker skin that had remained untouched by the sun and was visibly tainted from years of use. Droplets of sweat rolled through just ahead of him, a lot of it funnelled from her back. John could feel himself retching, his stomach still bloated with the remains of her cum that he hadn't brought up yet. He called out to his sister in desperation, "LILY! YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO THIS!"

Lily cooed sensually as tingles rippled up her back. Hearing John's faint cries, dulled by the fat of her ass, just made her so horny. She tipped her head back and gyrated her hips, feeling John's head tease the minute hairs in her crack. The very slight movements she made were nigh unnoticeable to anybody normal-sized, yet each subtle motion was world-changing to John. Lily's horny gyrations had the fleshy skin of her thick cheeks rippling around him like minor earthquakes.

Praying for salvation, John fought to pull himself away from Lily's rubbery asshole. However, he was totally unable to do so. With the settings Lily had chosen, John could barely manage even a wriggle. Any movement he made seemed only to pleasure her further as he spurred more moans from the giantess, "Oooh bro, keep that up!" The tiny sensations John caused were driving her wild with growing anticipation, and she couldn't wait to have him inside of her.

Backing up a little further, Lily felt John's face begin to rub against her greasy asshole. Making an effort to take her time, she slowly and carefully increased the pressure. John was engulfed in pitch-black darkness as his face was forced against his sister's asshole, with her fatty cheeks surrounding him. There was nothing of the outside world now, only the dark and vile depths of her ass.

John desperately tried to close his mouth as Lily pushed a little harder. His head suddenly began to breach the outer edges of her rosebud, causing the wetter, lesser-seen flesh to envelope his head. Unable to resist, John could do nothing as the stinking grime coating the inside of his sister's asshole forced its way into his mouth. His stomach twitched uncontrollably, begging for him to vomit and bring up the rest of her cum bloating his stomach, but there was nowhere for it to go. With Lily's unrelenting pressure, he felt his shoulders inevitably press up against the rim of her sweat-covered hole.

Lily moaned softly as she felt that her sphincter had closed in around John's head, yet his shoulders seemed that they would not slip in so easily. He was undoubtedly well lubricated; she knew that for a fact. Chuckling as she adjusted herself, Lily pivoted around her dildo brother, who remained stuck to her headboard all the while. His head teased her asshole more as she moved, perusing the sensitive skin and eliciting another horny groan from the domineering girl.

"Oh my God, bro!" Lily moaned, her words reverberating through her body, reaching John in a low and muffled tone, "You feel so amazing! I can't wait to feel you..." She paused, basking in a brief moment of calm. Suddenly, John felt the pressure increase and without his shoulders to provide some resistance, he knew what was coming. As she reversed into the headboard, Lily continued, "Deep inside of me." She gave one last firm push, finally feeling her asshole give way to her brother.

John screamed out in sheer terror as he was shoved deep into his sister's colon. He slid easily past her slick sphincter, much of the grease entering his mouth as he involuntarily screamed. The elasticated walls smeared themselves across his tongue as he desperately attempted to shut his mouth.

As Lily's ass slapped against the headboard, signifying to her that he was fully inside, she quivered with pleasure. A deep, guttural moan boomed through her body, "Ahhhhhhhh!" She twitched slightly, able to feel John's stiff body pressing up against the sensitive walls of her rectum. Globs of cum dripped down from her excited pussy. Noticing this, Lily reached down between her legs and feverishly began to rub her clit as she held her brother as deep as he'd go.

"Fuck!" she shouted in frustrated pleasure. She hadn't expected it to feel this good, and then the power she exercised over him? It was electrifying. Lily pulled herself off of her brother until only his head and shoulders remained inside of her. The cool air of the room flowed between her cheeks, soothing his body. Compared to the sweltering hell of her asshole, this was bliss to John, even if his head was still inside her sopping gas chamber.

Tingles coursed through Lily's body as she teasingly held her brother on the edge of salvation. He was so close, yet so far. Eager to have him back inside, she pushed again and sent him sliding deeper once again. His stiff form rubbed against her rectal walls as he went in up to his waist, spurring a horny moan from the girl. As Lily continued to inch her ass further down John's firm body, he realised his cock was hard. It bent painfully as it slipped past her sphincter before springing upright as it passed it.

Hearing his sister's constant moaning sickened him, knowing she was getting off to this torture. And what did he get from this arrangement? He was unwillingly shoved into the nastiest part of her body, and to think he was erect brought more shame to him than he could ever imagine. The toxic gases assaulted his senses, forcing their way into his nostrils and burning his eyes. He was thrust deeper, causing more of Lily's vile anal grime to cover him head to toe.

With another firm push, Lily's ass swallowed John entirely. Her cheeks slapped softly against her headboard, causing a wet slap to sound as her cum-covered thighs hit it too. She writhed her hips in ecstatic circles, manoeuvring John's body into rubbing every inch of her acrid rectum. Breathy gasps escaped her lips as she became increasingly overwhelmed by the intense pleasure of using him to peruse her insides.

Unbeknownst to Lily, her foul gases kept filling her rectal chamber as she pleasured herself. Even with his durability, John's body screamed out for clean air, forcing him to breathe in the noxious gas. He retched and gagged, finally choking up small amounts of Lily's cum that was quickly lost in the dank and filthy space. John felt as if he would faint at any moment, but he knew salvation wouldn't come so easy.

Once more, Lily withdrew her ass, allowing her dildo brother to slide out up to his shoulders again. She gyrated her hips, feeling his face rub against her moist rectal walls, causing her to moan out once again.

Before John could appreciate the brief respite he'd been given, Lily plunged him straight back inside. His cock rubbed against Lily's insides and, much to his dismay, caused him immense pleasure. He didn't want to enjoy any of this. His body was betraying him. As Lily ass slapped once more against her headboard, more powerfully this time, she felt her brother tastily filling her up. "Ahhh fuckk, dilbro! You feel so fucking good in there!" Lily moaned, her eyes rolling back with pleasure as her rectal walls clenched down around him.

Overrun with desire, Lily upped the tempo of her anal pleasure. She lifted herself off of John once more before slamming her ass back down. She continued to fuck her ass with his rigid body, screaming out in ecstasy, "Yesssss!" It wasn't at all sensual nor slow now as she pumped him in and out, getting into a rhythm of an almost animalistic pounding.

John was overwhelmed as Lily's slimy rectum nearly pulverised his body. He was struggling to get any air in the hot, fetid cavern. Lily's slick walls pressed against him more tightly as her body tensed from the pleasure she was feeling. The pain was excruciating, yet his cock remained rock solid. It was as if it had a mind of his own and failed to fall even as another puff of her disgusting gas washed over him.

Lily could feel herself approaching orgasm, her asshole twitching as if it would crush her brother at any moment. Her toes curled with sexual tension as she gripped the sheets beneath her. She gasped out in pure ecstasy as a powerful climax overtook her entire body.

John could feel himself beginning to lose consciousness from the unbreathable gas and immense pressure around him. The soiled walls of Lily's anal cavern squeezed him and threatened to crush his durable form with ease. His vision was soon fading as he drifted away, finally free from her constant, overbearing and disgusting torture.

Lily panted heavily as she tiredly leaned against the soft sheets below, with her brother still deep in her ass. Waves of euphoria washed over her as her body relaxed and her insides became increasingly sensitive. She cooed as she pulled herself away from the headboard, feeling John slide out of her ass until he bounced out between her cheeks.

John was thrown back into consciousness as the light and fresh air of the outside world overran his senses. It was a shock to the system but very much what he needed, yet it was almost painfully overwhelming. The memories of what he had just went through plagued his mind, his cock still throbbing with desire as he got a view of the sweaty, cum-covered ass he'd just been inside.

As Lily turned to face her brother, she was met with a sobbing wreck. Tears streamed down his oily face. Lily couldn't help that she enjoyed using him for her pleasure, but she did feel somewhat bad for the little guy. Reaching over, she dug her nails beneath the suction cup at John's feet and peeled him away from her headboard.

Coiling her fingers around his rigid form, Lily lifted John to her face before scrunching her nose at the awful smell. "Urgh, you smell like my ass, hehe," Lily playfully remarked, "Let's get you cleaned up." Bringing John so he was by her side, she held him like a doll as she made her way out of her room. On her way out, Lily grabbed her phone from the bed before promptly heading upstairs to the bathroom. Lily flicked through some of John's settings, ultimately lowering his stiffness considerably but keeping the same durability minus one.

"Shhhh," Lily softly cooed as she filled the sink for him with lukewarm, soapy water, attempting to ease his painful sobs. She dipped him into it and rubbed her fingers across his grimy body, massaging the soapy water into his skin. "You did such a good job today, little bro. Relax, it's all over now."

John's panicked sobs soon turned to timid whimpers, her tone soothing his panicked state. Nevertheless, he couldn't help but worry it was all insincere. What she just put him through, the horrors he had endured. They would not just go away with calming words and a warm bath.

"These things can take time... Y'know, getting used to it all," Lily explained as she briefly dipped him beneath the water, covering him in the warm soapy fluid. "A lot of people don't adjust to things as fast as I do. It's unfair of me to expect you to. But the best way past things is to jump right in," Lily dunked his body beneath the soapy water again and turned the warm tap on, "I own you, bro. This is your life now." She rinsed the suds from John's body, admiring how clean he was now.

"Lily, please!" John begged, his voice weak, "Mom is going to find out about all of this; I can't just disappear."

Lily's eyes lit up as she turned the tap off and removed the plug from the sink. "Oh, thank you for reminding me! I need to run some ideas by you." she said, "And don't lie to me! I'll know if you do. You have a blatant tell, so relax and speak honestly. If you do good, then I'll give you a little more release and even let you rest up afterwards." Satisfied with her half-hearted attempt to wash her brother, Lily quickly left the bathroom with him in hand, headed straight back to her bedroom.

Lily gripped John's cock between her finger and thumb as she walked, slowly pumping the wet shaft up and down. "So, how about since your exams are done, you left for college early to score an apartment with the money you saved…?"

John moaned softly, feeling his cock harden in her grasp. "That might work," he lied, prompting a painful pinch from her finger and thumb. He screamed out in agony as Lily lightly squeezed.

"I can squeeze much harder than that, bro! Or we could go for another round of anal," Lily suggested with a playful wink, smirking evilly at her terrified brother as she shut the bedroom door behind her. She moved across the room before sitting herself comfortably on the edge of her bed.

"O-okay!" John whimpered, "There are probably a few holes in that idea. Mom would want to see me, and she'd want to visit my new place."

"Good point!" Lily smiled, reducing her pinch back to a gentle and pleasuring hold. "We could..." she began, thinking hard about their options, "What about leaving the country on a trip?"

John could feel his overworked penis hardening, his testicles becoming tight with anticipation of his impending orgasm. It had been long-awaited; he was sore from having gone so long without release. "That could work," he replied between quiet moans, "But what about photos? And no money trail, card transactions, flight record?"

As his sister's teasing pushed him closer to his orgasm, he moaned, "Don't stop!" Lily kept pumping until his cock hardened even more in her grasp; she knew he was about to cum. She paused, tightly holding his cock on the brink of climax, "So how about it, bro? You come up with good ideas." John writhed in her grasp, trying to manoeuvre his body so that her fingers tugged at his throbbing cock more. She held firm, keeping her grip still but strong, so that he was on the very edge of his orgasm as she proceeded, "Just picture the wonderful rest you'll get after some nice, hard release."

"Please, I can't take it anymore! Finish me off!" he begged, attempting to gyrate his hips into her grasp. His testicles throbbed, full of his cum and ready to blow.

"Well?" Lily asked impatiently, "Help me out, and I'll help you out, bro!"

"Okay, okay!" John relented, "The best lies are based on truth! What if- I ran off with some girl? Someone I just-?"

"Oh my God, you're a genius!" Lily interrupted, "I'll just log into your social media accounts and post about some hot, thick, young thing that you matched up with." John's blood ran cold. He hadn't even considered that as an option, and he struggled to find holes in it as Lily continued, "You can just say you've given yourself to her. I mean, it's all true, just nobody will know it's me! I can even take photos and stuff, without my face, of course!"

"Your password is the same as all the others, right?" she inquired further, chuckling and pinching his dick as she waited for a response.

"Y-yes..." John reluctantly whimpered. He didn't want to help her, yet she exercised such control and power over him. His life was in her hands, he had no choice but to obey. Better to obey now and escape later, or at least that's what he kept telling himself. The reality of escape seemed to be getting more obscured with each day that passed.

"C'mere bro, you've earned this," Lily cooed as she spread her legs and lowered her John between them. She traced a single finger from her other hand between her wet, swollen lips, watching as the strings of cum clung to it. "I'm all ready for you, too!"

"Please, Lily. No! I..." John begged before being cut off. Tears streamed from his eyes as he squirmed in Lily's grasp, desperate to get away from her enormous, sopping cunt.

Lily hushed him, "Shhh. Don't worry, little bro. This is for you. You'll love it." She gently rubbed his twitching form between her lips, quietly moaning all the while.

John wormed against Lily's pressuring fingers in an attempt to escape. He could do nothing as he was forced into her moist folds, surrounded by her sex and juices. Her low moans resounded through her, growing louder and more frequent as she became increasingly rough with her rubbing.

John's resistant wriggling only served to amplify Lily's enjoyment of his reward. She was overcome with pleasure working him amorously across her soaked vagina. She focused her efforts on his crotch, rubbing it sensually against herself as she pushed her fingertips against his bare ass.

Lily's unknowingly rough handling pained John. He struggled to keep his arms and legs tight against him as she manoeuvred his body between her folds. Nonetheless, tingles rushed up his spine from the pleasure of his cock grinding against her. He begged and cried, his pleas lost in amongst her passion.

She continued to pleasure herself with John's body, coaxing him closer and closer to a powerful orgasm. He could feel his penis hardening and his testicles becoming tighter, causing involuntary moans to escape his lips between his gurgling cries.

Finally, after Lily upped the pace and vigour of her rubbing, John quickly erupted into orgasm. Powerful and long bursts of his cum were pumped from his testicles, pulsating up his shaft before being lost in the viscous fluids surrounding him. He screamed out in pleasure, the full-body pain he had felt subsiding during his brief moment of ecstasy.

Lily felt John's squirming cease as his body fell limp against her fingers. A wry smile crept across her face as she realised what that likely meant. She carefully pulled her fingers away from her cunt and allowed John's slick, weakened form to flop tiredly against them.

John panted heavily, still covered in Lily's juices and bloated by a stomach full of them. He spat the juices away from his mouth as Lily lowered him between her legs and lay him down. She watched her brother as he rolled onto his side and attempted to cough up the cum lining his stomach.

"Aw, there, there," Lily cooed as she stroked John's back, planting light taps upon it. With her help, John choked up a shockingly large amount of her cum, tears still streaming from his reddened face but easily lost among the viscous fluids. "Are you sure you don't want to go another round?" Lily asked playfully, smirking and eagerly awaiting his response before prematurely adding, "I could certainly go for another!"

Lily moved her hand away from John and gently teased the outer edges of her soaked cunt. She shut her eyes and allowed a low moan to escape her. "Mmmmm, shall we?" she asked once more, looking down to her brother and sliding a hand beneath his limp body.

As Lily raised John back towards her pussy, he squirmed and clawed away from it. "Please, no! Lily, you promised I could rest!" he wailed.

Lily rolled her eyes. "Okay, okay," she relented, "You win."

John sighed with relief, still breathing heavily, "Thank you, Lily. I really do need the rest."

"I have the perfect place for you to rest," Lily explained as she leaned away from the bed. She slipped her hand into a bag by her bedside table.

John watched as his colossal sister dug into the bag, confused at what she could possibly be retrieving. "Hey, can I not just sleep on a towel or something?" he suggested, as she paid him no mind. Suddenly, Lily pulled the item from her bag, brandishing what appeared to be a thong, sending a cold shiver down John's spine.

"No, Lily. This isn't fair!" John cried.

Lily looked at him and pouted playfully, "Would you like to go in the front? Although... I don't know how much rest you'll get in there. Still, I don't want you to catch a cold." She shrugged, "So where should I put you then? My mouth?"

"No way!" John spat. Sleeping in her mouth? That didn't sound enjoyable, nor did it sound safe. If she didn't swallow him, she'd be constantly playing with his sleeping body. And that's if he could even get to sleep in such a wet, hot and ever-changing place.

"Feet again? Would that be better?" Lily proposed, enjoying watching John's aghast expressions. Each suggestion had him shocked and concerned. She could see that he was panicking, terrified that she'd settle on one of her... less than ideal... suggestions without his input.

"No! Please, Lily. I just want to rest normally," John replied frustratedly, "Can you not make me a bed somewhere?" The smirk plastered upon her face was nauseating to John as he knew she had no intention to allow him any semblance of normality.

"So not my mouth, not my feet, not the front of my thong..." Lily surmised as she presented the back of her thong to him, wagging her eyebrows, "So where would you like to go?"

John knew what she wanted. He was so broken, and he knew there was no reasoning with her. Reluctantly and shamefully, he finally said what she wanted to hear, "The back of your thong."

"Good boy!" Lily praised her ever-obedient brother.


Lily lifted her body from her position laying on the sofa. She yawned, feeling incredibly relaxed and content as she reached for her popcorn. Taking a handful, she shoved the entirety of it into her mouth.

John was in hell. How Lily believed this was a viable place for him to rest was beyond him, if she even really believed it. He writhed away from her greasy sphincter, uncontrollably retching and gagging at the smell. The strap of her thong sat deep between her plump cheeks, holding him between them and against her asshole.

John had tried to get some sleep, only finding himself in a tired and intoxicated haze from the sweltering heat and revolting gas. It was like being trapped in a foul-smelling, stuffy oven. And any time he felt as if he was drifting off, Lily would move, or her asshole would twitch hungrily around him. He tried not to take notice of the grease-laden, gas emanating monster that the strip of her thong pinned him against. The twitching and constant farting, it was all seemingly unnoticed by his giant sister above, who didn't even react as the sentient sphincter eagerly tortured him. Lily hadn't showered since last night, and John was really noticing the impact of that, forced to endure the smells and tastes that constantly invaded his senses.

Suddenly, as it had done so many times before, Lily's asshole bulged outwards. John squirmed and pushed his hands against the rubbery skin in an attempt to get away from it. Unable to make any progress in escaping it, another hot blast of moist, stinking air engulfed him, lasting for what felt like an eternity and hanging in what little air he had between her cheeks.

Lily held her stomach and moaned in satisfaction as the pressure in her rectum slowly subsided. She pushed a little harder, forcing every bit of the toxic gas out from inside of her. Chuckling to herself as she finally took notice of John's erratic and panicked squirms, she waved a hand in front of her nose, "Ugh, that's disgusting!" Lily looked over her shoulder and towards her ass, imagining what it must be like for her shrunken brother deep inside of there, "Hope it's okay for you, little bro! I suppose you'll be used to it by now, a seasoned veteran."

Shifting her focus from her butt-dwelling brother, Lily leaned forward and reached again for the popcorn. Halfway through her grasp, she paused and looked at her ass once more. The heat against her thong from that last fart was hard not to notice, it had been a real panty-burner. She could only imagine the moist, retched hell her brother was currently experiencing. Sighing, Lily relented, "Okay, I feel a little bad. I'll get you out."

She wrapped her hands around the thin waistband of her thong before lifting her body from the sofa and peeling it down. With a little tugging, the strap wedged deep in her ass begrudgingly slid out from between her cheeks. Lily reached behind her and poked her fingers between them as she dug around for her brother. She turned her nose up at the moisture instantly coating her fingers, displeased that she had to search her own swamp ass for his sake. "You owe me one, bro!" she boomed down to John as she finally felt his tiny, squirming form.

As Lily pinched her fingers around her brother and slowly withdrew him, she held him up to her face, careful to keep him at arm's length. He was soaked and looking a little worse for wear, crying and whimpering. "Lily, you promised I could rest!" John complained weakly, his spirit broken. He sorrowfully wheezed between short and panicked breaths, "I've been good!"

Lily rolled her eyes at how dramatic he was being. "I know, I know. You've been perfect today," she affirmed to her brother, "But you know how it is. You're just so much fun to tease!" Reaching down with her spare hand, Lily peeled her sweat-soaked sock from her foot and brought it up to John before giving him a much needed wiping.

John coughed and squirmed as Lily rubbed the salty, stinking fabric all over him. He could feel the putrid grime on his skin wiping away onto the sock, only to be replaced by her stagnating sweat. It was undoubtedly an improvement, but he was still sick to his stomach.

After cleaning him only somewhat, Lily tossed the sock away, watching it fall to the floor between the sofa and coffee table. She shuffled onto her back and placed John between her breasts. He sat there and looked up at Lily's uncaring face, quietly sobbing as she turned her attention back to the TV, more interested in what was on Netflix. She absentmindedly reached for the popcorn before grabbing some and tossing yet another handful into her maw. Watching from upon her chest, John was overwhelmed by what was such a small task to her. To him, it was staggering, every crunch was almost painfully harsh, and each movement she made was world-shaking.

Wiping her butter-slickened hand on her shirt, Lily nuzzled John's head with the back of a finger. "See? It doesn't have to be so bad with me," she pointed out with a smug grin.

John looked up at his sister, quivering as his heart pounded, pondering how best to respond. He didn't want to anger or upset Lily, but he also wanted to be honest with her. He had submitted to her in so many ways and feared too much more would have him just as she wanted him - scared and obedient. Hesitantly, he answered, "Y-yeah, maybe when you're not... when you're not... ramming me into yourself, or wearing me as something."

Lily laughed, "True! But that's not gonna change, sorry bro." John sighed as he looked down and collapsed into a solemn slump atop Lily's breasts. "Oh, don't look so sad! Things won't be bad all the time," Lily added, causing John to look up with the slightest glimmer of hope, "Just consider it like a job. You don't always enjoy it, but you put in the work when you have to because that's what you do." Lily paused for a moment, "I admit, I may have overworked you a bit. I'll be sure to section off some time where we can just relax together, like this. Okay?"

Beneath his tears and sadness, John met his sister's gaze and forced a smile, "Okay, Lily."

Lily beamed at her brother, pleased with his response. "Great!" she chirped approvingly, "I may be hard on you, but I still love you, little bro!"

John lay down on Lily's chest, nuzzling comfortably against her warm, soft breasts. He looked towards the TV, eager to be taken away from the harsh realities of his life. The constant torture he was forced to endure by his sister plagued his psyche, and he was terrified for what his future held. Was salvation possible? He wasn't sure. For now, at least, he could relax and watch some TV. For once, things felt somewhat normal, although he wasn't sure how long it would last.

Lily smiled lovingly at her brother as he finally began to relax. She gently stroked his head with one hand as she reached for the popcorn with the other. Tossing most of her handful into her mouth, she held the few small pieces remaining in front of John. "You want some?" she asked, her words muffled by the mass of half-chewed food filling her mouth.

John waved her away as he got comfortable atop her soft mammaries, "No, thank you, Lily." She shrugged and tossed the remainder of the popcorn into her full mouth before, too, getting lost in the TV. If only things could be like this all the time, John thought, maybe life wouldn't be so terrible.
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