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Taking a deep breath, Caleb sighed as he tried to calm his nerves. The sun was about to go down soon, and the thought of being out in the deep forests surrounding his kingdom didn’t sit well with the young cleric. He may have been surrounded by companions, but this, unfortunately, was the first quest he had ever been on.


Watching as a small band of adventurers he knew through his guild talked boisterously while laughing, the lithe young man scowled in uncertainty. They were so loud! Were these people trying to attract the attention of every dire wolf in the surrounding area?


“Hey kid, loosen up a little, will ya? You’re shaking so much those rings on your staff sound like tambourines~.” Blushing from being addressed like this, the young cleric looked beside him as a larger woman, roughly the same size as some of the men here smirked down at him. Her dark skin and pointed ears made it apparent that she was a dark elf. And on that topic, a bit too sinister for his tastes…


Non-humans always bothered Caleb. For as long as he could remember, any of their kind had hang-ups that seemed to frustrate the young man. Elves teased, taunted, or played with humans as if they were pets. Dwarves were greedy and often tried to undercut races such as his. Beast folk were just plain savages! And then of course there were Demons… Thankfully none of their kind was in their party. As a healer, he couldn’t bear to be near one… It just seemed so very wrong…


Realizing the silence had dragged on, the auburn-haired man scratched his cheek sheepishly before sparing a glance towards the smirking dark elf, her long blonde hair clashing incredibly with her much darker skin tone. “Sorry… I’m just not used to being out this far from the capitol…”


Scoffing, the elf soon smirked before shaking her head. “I figured. You have all the traits of a newbie. Fresh linens, a babyface with no scratches, and a timidness that rivel rabbits. Just relax kid. We’re hunting Goblins after all!” She laughed before stepping past the smaller man and making her way in between two much larger, and burly ones.


‘Goblins… I haven’t seen those before either…’ Goblins were a small race that tended to hide in caves or ruins. They never found their way close to the capital city he was from, let alone in it. Not even monster parts some adventurers harvested were worth pursuing from the small green beings. They were all and all, a useless race…


Which lead the cleric to wonder, why a group this large was even pursuing them. There were two shield bearers, both the burly men the dark elf was now talking to. The elf herself was a lancer as well as a close combat fighter. There were two swordsmen as well, and a pair of mages, one with ice magic, and the other with fire. And then, there was him. All and all, 8 adventurers assigned to clear out a nearby nest of Goblins seemed like overkill to the highest degree.


Some people claimed they were a troublesome breed to exterminate, but plenty of people came back to the guildhall time and time again, always complaining that the quest they took on wasn’t worth their time afterward. He couldn’t even remember the last time he had to heal anyone’s wounds from a Goblin attack… Was he even needed here?


Seeing the mountain, they were inching towards coming ever closer, Caleb sighed before jogging up behind the pair of mages as he decided to try and make the best of it. A quest like this, after all, was experience. And the experience was exactly what a new adventuring cleric needed to move up in his guild.


Hopefully, no one would get hurt today. If he came back with his group perfectly healthy without even so much as a scratch, quest aside, he would be looked on favorably by others. That alone made this trip all the while worth it to him!


Hearing a shout before one of the tanks they had brought along fell to the ground before the other began to punch at him, Caleb’s face soon fell.


‘Then again… this group will probably need constant supervision…’ He wasn’t sure what would be more troublesome to contend with in the end. The Goblins, or his party…


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _







Standing with his back slumped against one of the many cavern walls, Caleb watched boreally as his party went wild slaughtering Goblins left and right. Once they had entered the caves, he decided to follow the rear with one of the swordsmen flanking him incase of being ambushed from behind, but that mattered little in the end.


All around their position littered dozens upon dozens of Goblin bodies. Their foul green forms reeking of sweat, blood, and feces. They were a disgusting race indeed… ‘It’s no wonder that shops won’t take parts from them.’ Any potions made with these things probably poisoned you…


Seeing one of the two mages panting weakly, the auburn-haired man smiled before raising his staff. ‘Restore spirit!’. Immediately the mage seemed to perk before jumping back into the fray without so much as a thank you on his way. ‘I knew they didn’t need me here…’


Sighing, the cleric began to look around as he checked some of the bodies nearest to him. The Goblin’s looked even nastier up close. Grime and dirt caked their bodies and bare feet. Some of them wore loincloths, but others had simply attacked in the nude. Did they lack the intelligence to know how to wear any armor?


Noticing a distinctly feminine form among the countless horde, Caleb looked her over with interest momentarily. Her skin was as green as any of the male Goblins were, but her hair looked longer. Surprisingly it was tied back, though it appeared a bone had been used in place of a hairpin.


‘Odd, I didn’t think there were female Goblins…’ It made sense but he had never heard stories of any. Maybe they were more uncommon? Or perhaps fellow adventurers just never took the time to study the differences in front of them before.


Smirking at his condescending thought, the young cleric looked back at his group, but they were still going wild. It seemed the Goblins around them just came out of the walls and tunnels endlessly. Just how large was this nest? They had been here well past sundown.


It seemed his thoughts were shared as well as one of the shield bearers looked to the mages before growling. “HEY, DO YOU WANT TO DO SOMETHING FANCY, OR WHAT? WE DON’T HAVE ALL NIGHT!” While the man had a point, his tact could have been better.


Scowling, a lankier man snarled at the mountain of muscle in front of him as fire flickered out from his fingers igniting more of the greasy Goblins. “And what do you want us to do, huh? Set the whole mountain ablaze?! He sneered before lobbing another fireball at a pair of closing in creatures.


Tapping his chin thoughtfully, Caleb wondered if he could help. There were some scrolls he had received from a few seasoned adventurers who didn’t need them anymore. They each contained different spells of various levels. There might be one that could take out the majority of this group.


Fishing around for a moment, Caleb took out a handful of spell scrolls before reading them. ‘Fortification XII, Mass Hysteria II, Cleaving Wind XX… tempting but no…’ Seeing one that seemed to stand out more than the others, the cleric nodded before pulling out one of the assorted parchments.


‘Reduction EX!’. It was a high-level shrinking spell. While the Goblins might have been small already, turning them into bugs would make this a walk in the park… or more, a walk over an anthill. “Hey, try this out!”


Tossing the scroll to the nearest mage, the ice user caught it before staring down at the words of power etched into it. “A shrinking spell? Seriously?” He scoffed. Shrugging, Caleb stepped up beside him as he saw the Dark Elf lancer and one of the two swordsmen finishing off the Goblins nearest to them. They had finally stemmed the wave but chattering could be heard further in.


“Hey, if you don’t want it, give it back. I just thought it could help.” Caleb shrugged before extending his hand to take the spell scroll back. Frowning, the older mage turned, taking the parchment with him as he made his way towards the others.


‘Sure, thanks, no problem! Asshole…’ Caleb thought irritably. He would heal him last… If any of them even got injured…


At this point, he was a glorified battery…


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _










“T-There’s just no end to these little shits!” One of the shield bearers muttered angrily. They had been in this blasted cave for hours now! The heat from their torches and the natural humidity made them all sweating messes, and the smell of dead bodies, as well as their unwashed ones, irritated the senses of everyone there.


Each time they thought they cleared the cave, a new pack of Goblins showed up again. They were endless! While nobody had gotten hurt yet, it made this unbearable none the less. “Here, let me try something. The cleric gave it to me earlier.” The ice mage announced finally as he lifted a scroll.


Perking up as he was mentioned, Caleb looked to the panting group as they stared at the spell scroll, he had given to the mage prior before going back to resting. He was feeling exhausted at this point. He hadn’t needed to heal anyone but he kept refreshing their energy which sapped his own. They could fight it out, he didn’t care anymore. This whole quest was a pain in the ass. He just wanted to go home and get some rest.


“I think I can magnify the spell to span the whole mountain! If I do that, then we can just step on the remaining Goblins and be on our way. What do you think?” The mage said eagerly, he being just as done with this quest as everyone else.


Seeing affirming nods from the group around him, the spellcaster nodded before opening the parchment fully and chanting the words. He just needed to add in a few extra lines to stretch the magic as far as possible. Listening half hazardously as he felt himself dozing off, Caleb soon furrowed his brow. The spell didn’t sound like it should.


Looking to the mage as he saw him casting it with his hand while the other did something else, the cleric's stomach suddenly dropped. Was he, mixing spells?! You couldn’t do that with spell scrolls! They were already cast magic and not ones that could be altered!


“HEY! STOP, YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DO- “Finding his voice abandon him as the spell scroll on the ground flashed white, a bright radiant light suddenly enveloped the lot of adventurers, before blinding them all as it shot out in all directions.


Blinking away the dots in his eyes, Caleb looked around, before feeling his stomach drop. The cramped cave he and his party members had been in before, now towered all around them. They had been shrunken instead of the Goblins!


Hearing panicked screams coming from some of the adventurers he had been with Caleb looked to them noting the rocks on the ground. They had to all be about an inch or so tall. Watching as one of the swordsmen shoved the mage who had cast the ability, fighting broke out between them as they pointed blame, Caleb’s name coming up multiple times. ‘Idiots.’ Even he knew you couldn’t tamper with spell scrolls!


Now they had to wait until the magic wore off. The problem at hand was, he hadn’t a clue when it would. Shrinking magic was considered useless to many. It only affected organic matter, and creatures large enough to make use of it on like giants and dragons had a natural resistance to magic, so it didn’t hinder them any. On lesser races, however, it worked just fine.


Since the average shrinking spell lasted a couple of hours, the fully mastered version which was the highest form could take days… perhaps even weeks, or worse… He hadn’t thought to ask the spellcaster who was going to throw it out when it would wear off.


At least, the spell didn’t discriminate…


Looking towards the towering corridor of the cave they had walked down; the cleric could see several tiny forms littering the rocks. The Goblins had also apparently shrunken. This was good for them. Being found by a gigantic smelly Goblin would be a humiliating way to go out.


But, as soon as Caleb thought that, the cleric's stomach suddenly dropped. He could feel, something. On the ground, there were light pulses. Ignoring the bickering of his teammates as he fell to the ground, the auburn-haired man put his ear to the surface, before detecting the rhythmic thumping sound. It was rising. No, it was getting closer.


This didn’t bode well. It appeared, that something had either been outside of the radius of the spell or was strong enough to be immune to it. Either outcome held a level of foreboding he didn’t want to deal with. “Guys! We need to move, now!” Caleb shouted.


Watching as all eyes finally turned on him, the younger man gulped before hardening his gaze. “W-We need to leave! Somethings coming this way!” Hearing some scoffs and foul mannered remarks to his comment, silence suddenly overtook the group, as faces one by one started to shift from anger to horror…


Following their eyes, Caleb looked back at the entrance of the cavern, as a shape took form. Feeling the ground starting to shake now as tremors broke out, all eyes looked on in disbelief, as the towering green form of a Goblin, slowly came into view.


Watching as it walked into the cave, stepping on some of its unfortunate screaming kin beneath its large green barefoot, the creature looked around at the various corpses before sniffing the air. It was a female one. Her feminine form wasn’t as exposed as some he had seen but it was clear what she was.


Her skin was the same mucus color as her fellow Goblins, and her hair was a tangled mess of black set aside in two pairs of pigtails. Like her other females, she used bones to tie off the knotted locks. Garbed in a simple loincloth and a strap around the protruding bumps that were her breasts, the vile creature sniffed again before licking her lips. Her teeth were jagged and yellow… And her tongue, stretched out farther than any normal one ever could.


What was worse even than that though, was her smell! Immediately most of the group present began to gag now. Either this particular Goblin was even fouler than the other ones had been or their noses just detected it better at their new stature. She was a gigantic being of filth and disgust… and she was starting to look in their direction.



As her bright golden eyes landed on the group, they widened, before she began to walk towards them, each dark green footfall causing the ground to tremble. “R-Run… RUN!” One of the party members screamed. Caleb couldn’t even make out who. He was too petrified to even move.


Feeling a yank on his arm as the dark elf lancer gripped him, the cleric was soon drug along as all eight of them began to flee. But it didn’t look like the Goblin cared. She kept casually walking towards them all, her eager eyes evident as she smiled toothily. It was a smile that filled the younger man with the utmost horror… Whatever this Goblin wanted; it would surely involve all of their deaths… their kind wasn’t known for mercy after all.


“Change us back! Do something before that thing gets us!” Screamed one of the two swordsmen as he shoved the ice mage around. Ignoring the bickering as he focused on trying to not fall behind, Caleb soon saw, a shadow cast over his body before he stopped running altogether.


Coming to an abrupt stop as fear gripped him, the younger man gulped before looking up in visceral fear. As he gazed up, the towering foot of the Goblin, passed over him, the bodies of her kind smeared into the wrinkled flesh of her soles as she stepped past him, and in front of his group cutting them off. She hadn’t had to walk long, to make the gap between their sizes all too apparent. Standing beside her now, it was clear, just how small they all were compared to the creature's short and pudgy frame.


If she were only two or three feet tall, then they were probably specs to normal humans, now that each of them didn’t stand taller than any one of her dirty green toes. Giggling in a way that sounded like a terrible chatter, the larger creature stared down at the humans as she licked her lips again. She was toying with them… If she wanted to, she could have stepped on them as she had unknowingly (or possibly fully aware) of her kind.


Up close, she was even worse of a sight to see. Dirt and other grime caked her body in layers. Her cloth linens were dripping with something, both from the one around her chest and the one around her waist. Her hair was tangled on end and didn’t look like it had ever been brushed before. And the nauseous yellow of her teeth, shined as she gave them all a toothy grin. Her teeth were sharp like fangs… all of them.


Still frozen in fear, unsure of what to do, Caleb’s heart, suddenly dropped as his eyes met with the Goblins. Her red pupils locked onto his own, and there was a focus in them, that he had never seen from anyone before. He felt, captivated… and fearful to look away. If he moved, would she act and do something to him…?


But he thankfully didn’t need to, as the Goblin looked to his side, as her gaze fell on the dark elf nearest to him. Seeing an immediate look in her eyes change from what he could only guess was interested, to disgusted, the larger creature snarled before reaching down towards her.


Being broken out of her trance as she saw a grimy hand coming nearer, the older elf cursed as she tried to run away, but she didn’t make it more than a few feet before she was tightly gripped and brought into the air by the growling Goblin.


Hearing screams coming from the foul-mouthed woman, Caleb looked around, but it seemed like the rest of his party was just as petrified as he had been. What could he possibly do, to try and help her…? He was powerless to do anything but heal or restore people’s energy. He wasn’t a fighter!


Raising the much smaller woman to her face, the Goblin girl sneered as she looked her over. Tilting the tiny creature around, the green-skinned girl smiled finally, before opening her mouth up, her grimy yellow fangs coming into view once more as she gave the tiny dark elf a clear view, of her slimy, pink, mouth.


Screaming profanity and crying out for help, the older elf began to frantically stab a dagger into the Goblin's fingers, but it didn’t look like she even noticed the pain at all. Sensing what was about to happen, Caleb gulped before raising his hands and casting quickly. He prayed this worked… or else, she was going to meet a very painful end…


‘Resist acid! Fortify!’ Feeling the last of his strength abandoning him, the cleric fell to his knees panting in exhaustion, thankfully looking away from the gruesome sight. Had he still been transfixed as the others had been, he would have seen what he already figured would happen next.


Dropping the screaming woman into her mouth, the Goblin girl felt the smaller creature hit her slimy tongue, before she started to slide down it, and into her throat. Closing her mouth before rolling the small body of the elf around, the Goblin smiled cruelly, before swallowing audibly, her golden eyes shifting back to the ground now in amusement.


With renewed fear, everyone present started to scream and curse as they broke their formations and began to run around in different directions. The sight of their lancer eaten by the Goblin had simply been too much for many of them to process that this was real… Their lives were about to end… and it was at the hands of a creature that children even mocked…


Patting her stomach in amusement, the Goblin girl looked back down at the ground before biting her lip excitedly. To them, it seemed like she had simply picked up one of the people there and had devoured them. To her, a little more thought went into her choice. For one, that had been the only other female…


If she removed her, then that only left the males. And males meant mating… Though, they wouldn’t be able to breed her like her own kind or the humans she had taken hostage before. At least until whatever bizarre powers affecting them reverted. If they ever did that is.


For now, though, she was going to have her fun. She had already made her choice of who would be her potential mate in the end. Now it was just a matter of having fun with the other tiny creatures here. She knew full well, just how much humans disliked her kind. And she wanted to cause as much misery as she could. What better fun was there to be had?


Feeling something hot touch her skin, the Goblin’s eyes shifted to one of the humans with his hands aimed at her. Fire was there, and he was throwing it at her. It felt no more scorching than the heat a torch gave off did. But it told her who she wanted to play with next!


“D-D-Damn it! My magic isn’t doing anything to it!” The fire mage snapped as his hands fell to his sides tiredly. Even his strongest fireball spell hadn’t seemed to affect the gigantic Goblin. Seeing the creature's hand coming towards him, the tiny mage cried out for help but, no one was close enough to do anything to aid him. Even if they were though, would it have mattered?


Watching as the screaming mage was lifted airborne by the female’s pudgy fingers, Caleb’s eyes were wide with uncertainty. If she swallowed him too, he didn’t think he had enough in him to try and cast a protection spell on him… What happened next though, might have been an even worse fate than what had befallen the dark elf…


Lifting the smaller man to her face, the fire mage barely fit on the tip of her index finger. Looking him over closely, the Goblin girl sneered before sniffing loudly, her large nose hovering over him. Doing whatever he could to try and getaway, the tiny man began to cast more spells, but his flames were blown away by the powerful gust coming from the Goblin’s nostrils.


Smirking in clear amusement at his powerlessness of it all, the Goblin let out another chattering laugh, before her finger began to rise. Seeing where he was headed the mage began to scream as he looked over the tip of the larger creature’s finger. If he fell, he would surely die. But that might be a better fate… Unfortunately for him, he took too long to decide.


Shoving her finger up her nose, the Goblin girl grinned viciously as she began to swirl her digit around, smearing the tiny human into all the snot that had been accumulating in there since she had last cleaned it out. It had been about a while…


Hearing the gigantic creature snorting loudly as she sucked up one of their companions in a gruesome way, everyone presents went from terrified, to downright distraught as they ran from the larger creature. All except Caleb…


He was still petrified. Magic at their size didn't affect the Goblin. Their weapons would be even more useless. Running was out of the question since she could just take two steps to match their miles. There was no hope for escape… and the Goblin girl knew that, which was why she was giggling now as she stared back at them.


Dislodging her finger from her nose, a mucus trail hung in the air before falling away, the unfortunate fire mage was nowhere to be seen on her digit anymore. Bringing her hand down on one of the two swordsmen fleeing, the larger girl snickered as she jabbed her finger into one of them submerging him in the snot still clinging to her digit.


Seeing his companion pressed into the cave floor under a mountain of flesh and monster mucus, the remaining man shook his head feeling no sense of loyalty to try and save him. It was every man for himself now!


Seeing how the other human didn’t try to help his fallen comrade, the Goblin sneered as she lifted her hand back up, the other tiny man who had been pressed into the earth now gagging as he tried desperately to not drown in the Goblin’s thick booger, she had smeared on him. Unfortunately, he wasn’t strong enough to crawl out of the green slime and his choking gargles were the last thing to escape his lungs before he stopped moving altogether.


Bored of her last toy, the Goblin looked to where the remaining swordsman was heading before an idea came to mind. Goblins weren’t loyal to others really, but humans were. For one to abandon another was supposed to be bad. She had a perfect idea for what to do with this one.


Stretching her arm over the running man, the larger girl clawed at the dirt making a large pitfall in front of the terrified human. Continuing to do this even after the man had changed direction, the larger creature smiled happily as she stared at the deep hole she had dug. Well, deep compared to the human. It wasn’t even a foot deep. But it would suffice for the fun she had in mind!


Reaching over and picking up the struggling swordsman who hadn’t even made it out of arms reach from her yet, the larger girl positioned him over the hole, before dropping him in it uncaringly. Drinking in the sound of a squeak of pain coming from the man who had fallen, the larger Goblin laughed in amusement before moving her hands to her waist and pulling down her loincloth.


Immediately the smell that came from her crotch made the remaining adventurers present wince from its foul aroma. A thick black bush of pubic hair came into view, and it was clear the Goblin girl didn’t care for her hygiene in the slightest.


Squatting over the hole she had made, the raven-haired creature grinned down at the tiny man in there before moving her hand over her pale green labia and spreading her lower lips apart to reveal the pink flesh within to him.


Gagging from the horrible smell of what now appeared to him was a female’s privates, the injured swordsmen looked down at his now broken leg he had received from the fall as he tried to crawl away. What was she going to do?!


“She can’t be doing what I think she is… I-Is she?!” One of the two shield-bearers muttered in horror, his friend just as shocked by this as he was. But, everyone still present, felt their stomachs drop as a loud hissing sound echoed out from beneath the Goblin, and a bloodcurdling scream followed coming from the hole their remaining swordsman was trapped in.


Sighing in relief, the Goblin girl let her bladder go as she began to pee down into the hole she had made. She had originally been planning to leave the cave to relieve herself outside in the open night air, but after the strange magic erupted shrinking others around her, she had decided to investigate before she did. And, that was to her benefit, because now she got to torture some humans in the most humiliating of ways.


Staring down into the hole as the flailing swordsman was submerged in her murky yellow fluids, the Goblin girl grinned as she saw him not come up after her powerful stream battered him into the ground beneath it. That had turned her on a bit… She was getting nice and ready for her mate like this.


Feeling something tap her toes, however, the Goblin hummed before gazing down, her red eyes landing on the pair of shield users slamming their bulwarks into her toes. Perhaps stepping on them would be fun. No… she had done plenty of that earlier. Crushing her kind had been just as fun as playing with these humans… But she wanted to torture them a bit more. A quick death wouldn’t satisfy her. Not after they came into her den and tried to slaughter them all.


Feeling something churn in her body after her pee stream died down, the Goblin grinned knowing what she could do for fun next. Looking down at the two humans, the much larger girl moved her hand behind them before shoving them under her, their cries ringing out like music to her ears as they fell into the putrid hole she had made for the other man.


Stupid humans didn’t deserve to be mated. These ones were really stupid. And now they would join their friend. Surfacing together as their thick plate armor threatened to drown them in the Goblin’s potent ammonia laced urine, both shielders coughed and gagged, spitting out the piss they had both, unfortunately, drank upon being submerged.


But the air above was even worse, as a powerful gust suddenly clapped out loudly above them. Choking as their lungs stung from the worst smelling aroma, they had ever had the misfortune of inhaling, both men’s eyes watered as they looked up, before they wanted to scream just as horrified as their drowned companion once had.


Too bad for them, they were too busy choking from the piss and smell around them, because if not for that, the remaining air would have left their lungs as they screamed into unconsciousness. Opening above them was the Goblin girl’s anus. As it stretched out widely, a thick, steaming log of shit, began to dangle, before suddenly, something burst… and both trapped men were hailed on by a torrent of chunky shit escaping the small creature’s colon…


Cupping his mouth in revulsion, Caleb tried not to puke but inevitably failed as his lunch from earlier that day came back up as he watched the gigantic Goblin shitting down into her makeshift toilet, all over his fellow adventurers. It streamed down like liquid for the most part, but occasionally a few thick chunks came out. One thing was for certain though. It was one of the longest shits he had ever seen anyone take before…



Feeling the last of her rear empty itself down on the pathetic humans beneath her, the Goblin girl sighed happily before looking down between her legs. Her torrent of shit had submerged half the hole, and only the occasional bubble came up. They were probably drowning in there. Their armor now acting as a hindrance stopping them from coming up for air. It amused her greatly that the thing that was supposed to keep them protected was probably what was going to do them in. But, just to be sure…


Smirking, the Goblin moved her dirty hand over to the pile of dirt she had dug out, before shoveling it back into the hole, sealing its contents within. She usually didn’t bury her shit, but… this was a tomb after all. It was only appropriate that nothing came back out even by chance.


Watching in dismay as the larger girl began to firmly pat the soil sealing any hope that his comrades would come out of that hellish nightmare alive, Caleb just sobbed. He had been right. They were all going to die… and it was his fault. If he had never given that stupid scroll to that even stupider mage then this would have never happened!


Smiling in approval, the Goblin's eyes shifted back to her two remaining toys in dismay. She was having more fun than she had in months… Or possibly even longer. Torturing humans seemed more entertaining when they were this weak and helpless to do anything to stop her! Perhaps she could learn how they did this to themselves so she could have them recreate it on other humans later…


Feeling itchiness on her anus after having just crapped, the Goblin was about to reach around and scratch it like she normally did, before an even better idea came to mind! She still had one toy left before she and her new mate were all alone…


Hearing a scream echo out from the last remaining survivor of their party, Caleb looked over to the ice mage as he was snatched up by the Goblin’s large green hand. She had a malicious look in her eyes. Struggling frantically, the caster tried to get a hand up to cast something in an attempt to save him, but her grip was firm. He wasn’t going anywhere that she didn’t want him to.


Watching in horror as he was lowered towards the ground close to where his fallen comrades were buried, the mage sobbed uncontrollably. He didn’t want to be buried alive like the others were! But he began to ascend suddenly. But what he saw next, made him regret his earlier thoughts.


“N-No… No! NO! STOP! LET ME GO!!!” Screaming hysterically as he began to move towards the foul-smelling hole of the Goblin girl’s anus, the larger creature grinned viciously as she began to press the tiny human into her ass. The feeling of his tiny body wiggling over her wrinkled flesh was tickling her pleasently~.


Moaning in a way that made her sound less of a monster and more of a being in heat, the larger Goblin’s eyes rolled back as she began to insert her finger into her ass, and the screams that echoed out from the ice mage vanished. Along with him as well as he disappeared deep into her.


Twisting her finger around as the euphoric sensation of the tiny man wiggling began to arouse her, the Goblin purred satisfied before withdrawing her finger. The itch was most certainly scratched. And now the last toy she had would keep scratching her until he eventually perished in her colon. What a perfect use for a human~. But there was an even better use for humans in her opinion… And she had saved the best for last.


Looking down at the only human in the group of them that aroused feelings in her, the Goblin girl licked her lips excitedly before reaching towards him. He didn’t even move! What an obedient mate he had become! She couldn’t wait to see what this felt like!


Feeling the Goblin’s plump fingers wrap around his body, Caleb sobbed as he was lifted into the air. The nearer he got to the foul creature, the worse she began to smell. ‘S-So this is how I-I die…’ He never really thought he would. At least, not as an adventurer. Going out like this though, felt even worse.


His party would be mocked for sure. Beaten and bested by Goblins with more party members than they had even needed. Oh, how worse the truth was. All of them were bested, by one sole, smelly Goblin. And she had taken the time to dispatch them in the most humiliating and vulgar ways imaginable. What fate did she have in store for him? Stomping him into the ground? Smothering him somewhere on her disgusting body? Letting him join the screaming elf hopefully undigested thanks to his magic in her belly? The answer, came a bit differently, however, as the larger creature’s lips neared his face.


Closing his eyes expecting to either be tossed into her mouth or simply bitten in half by her terrible looking fangs, Caleb was a bit surprised, as a soft warmth crashed into him, smothering his face in the Goblin’s plump lips. Sputtering, the tiny man was petrified, unsure of what to do. But it didn’t seem like the raven-haired creature cared if he did anything at all.


Kissing the smaller human, the larger girl parted briefly to lick her lips. He tasted clean~. She liked that taste. The elf was salty and bitter, but this pink skin was nice! She wished he was normal sized though. She would have taken extra care of his body when she ravaged it!


Moving her clawed digits up to his white robes, she began to slice at them carefully, not wanting to harm her new mate. It was unlikely he would survive long, but there was no sense in killing him before she even got to have her fun!


Sobbing as his garments were tugged and sliced away roughly, Caleb watched as all his clothes began to fall off him before he rested naked in her hands. The look in her eyes was the same captivating ones she had given him when they first saw one another. Why, was she going through all these extra steps for him!? She hadn’t bothered stripping their lancer before she ate her. And she didn’t care to do that either for any of the others she dispatched either…


The answer, however, came abruptly as the Goblin girl’s long tongue slinked out of her mouth before she started to run it over his naked form. Quivering as its slimy length caressed him, the smaller man was left feeling, conflicted. It was disgusting! But… it felt good, when she brushed it over… over his, privates…


Blushing as his arousal was coerced out of him by the domineering female Goblin, the smaller man cried softly as she grinned back at him. He was starting to understand now, why she had kept him alive. ‘O-Oh lord… p-please save me!’ He didn’t want to be raped by one ten times his height!


He had heard stories about these things happening before. Usually, monster races took human prisoners to breed with them. Though generally, it was male ones and not female creatures… It seemed the truth was it went both ways… and now he was hers. He may have gotten the worse fate out of anyone else in the party…


Licking her lips again as she savored the unique taste of the male, she knew she had wanted from the start, the green-skinned girl giggled as she eyed him over. She had turned him on! His penis was ready for breeding! It seemed even after witnessing what she had done she could still please him. Too bad, he would be pleasing her first. If he survived, she might reward him. A cute mate like this didn’t come around often. He was lean and very young-looking. The usual males she captured were hairy, smelly, or very stringy and full of gross looking muscles like orcs. No, she liked them like this! And she was going to have as much fun as his tiny body could give her!


Dropping herself right on the ground, the Goblin girl grinned as she lowered the naked human towards her crotch. Grunting as he was gripped tighter by the small creature, Caleb looked in horror as he saws the hairy muff of the green-skinned being as she rubbed her lower lips with her free hand.


Slick juices were dribbling causing her already matted pubic hair to get sticky and shiny. The smell was unpleasant too, but, judging by how wet she was, she was ready to breed. Did she not know he wouldn’t be able to at this size?! This was insane! But that didn’t stop her.


Spreading her labia apart, the Goblin girl purred from the static pleasure her fingers provided her before she started to insert the tiny man into her depths. Immediately, she felt a wave of pleasure unlike any she had ever experienced before. Howling excitedly, her eyes shined with glee as she fed his small body into her dripping cunt.


His struggles were touching her in ways her thick fingers and claws never seemed to reach! What a pleasant sensation! Baring her teeth in an eager grin, the larger girl fed more and more of the tiny human into her, before he disappeared altogether. And the pleasure that followed made him a better mate than any other…


Coughing loudly as thick fluid splashed his face, Caleb struggled in vain as tight walls all around him gripped him by squeezing the life out of his naked form. This feeling was the most bizarre one he had ever felt before! It was like he had been swallowed alive, and now the insides around him were trying to crush him into oblivion! Why… Why did it have to feel… good…?


Wincing as his erection was rubbed repeatedly by the howling Goblin girl, the shrunken man panted softly as he tried to resist. He couldn’t though. He was inexperienced with matters relating to carnal things. It was a part of his training to resist temptation. And this wasn’t what he had been training for…


Cumming abruptly as his body was stroked by the larger creature’s sensual tunnel walls, Caleb continued to cry, as the realization that his first time was now with a Goblin. And she wasn’t nearly ready to stop here. If anything, it felt like she was just getting started…


Snarling and panting, the Goblin girl moaned out from the wonderful sensations of her human plaything as he wiggled around wonderfully within her. He felt perfect there! She never wanted him to leave! Clenching her ass in annoyance as well once the wiggling in there ceased, the perverse creature hissed angrily before moving one of her plump fingers up to her ass as she began to finger herself.


It was just like a human to leave her needy! Such a useless breed! But, not this one. He was wonderful! Bucking her hips in the air, the Goblin cried out happily as she felt her orgasm nearing. She hadn’t mated like this in a long time! Others of her kind used her on occasion but they didn’t compare to human males! And the last time she had seen one as perfect as this one had been, another female claimed him as her own, that useless fledgling!


No, it was finally her turn to have what she deserved, and she was getting it!


Screaming as her cries echoed through the emptier halls of the cave she was in, the Goblin cried in ecstasy as her orgasm sprayed out of her. Falling on her back, wide eyes and in shock as electricity coursed through her, the small creature gasped softly as her breath began to return to her.




What… a wonderful mate, he had turned out to be…


Moaning contently as a small wiggling sensation tickled her sensitive lips, the shorter girl reached down to her parted vulva as she plucked the smaller human out of her. He had been hanging out of her partially. She almost came so hard it sent him tumbling out of her body. Heh… what a funny thought. She would never allow him to escape her! Not after an orgasm like that!


Coughing as thick fluids dribbled out of his mouth, Caleb looked around in a daze as torchlight flickered casting the dark walls in their faint glow. He was alive…? He felt himself drowning, and the air in his lungs being forced out by the powerful muscles around him… and then… he was in her hands…


Gazing up at the Goblin girl as she began to bring him towards her face, the cleric wasn’t sure what was happening now… but, the next sensation soon caught him by surprise. Feeling the creature's tongue pressed into his groin painfully, the smaller man groaned from the forcible pleasure. Why, was she doing this…?


Licking the tiny human’s penis approvingly, the larger girl smiled as she tasted herself all over his lithe body. What a wonderful flavor. She could get used to it. And the snack he provided~. Feeling the salty taste of his cum come out when he screamed, the larger girl giggled before moving his face towards her lips and giving him another kiss.


She would take good care of this mate. She wanted to know why humans had shrunken here as they had. And hopefully, learn how to do it to others of their kind in the future. If he remained small or grew back, in the end, it didn’t matter.


She would be certain, to make this mate thrive for as long as he was able, so he could keep providing her the pleasure, she so desperately craved~.



To be continued…


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