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Story Notes:

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18th century, France.

Four women sat around a burning fireplace, each seated comfortably in some of the finest chairs in all of France. Though they each came from differing backgrounds, they were the deepest of friends, united together by their two highest interests: wealth and cruelty.

They were each and all incredibly wealthy in their own rights, as well as having connections to others in wealth and power, each with friends in councils, bankers, judges in higher courts; making them all secure as secure in their bank accounts as they were in their other passion.

What bonded these four friends tightly together was their appreciation for intense cruelty, a certain kind mostly given to those of lesser standing, in this case, height. Even in these times was there a large population of Nanos, humans of only two millimeters in height. Though they were given select rights in the courts and laws, realistically they were largely treated as one would expect. An only somewhat protected class of insects that these friends loved to harm for their own pleasures.

Of these four friends there was the President, Adelaide, a tall, strong, and very well endowed woman. Her hair was black and went just down to just past her shoulders. She was taller than most men and much stronger to boot. It?s been said that when she?s drunk in her love of violence and sex she?s prone to attacking and even killing her own guards if they stand too close, and her powerfull release could flood cups full of her tiny victims. Her public profession is a judge, and another of her pleasures would be ruling against innocent people, regardless of size, and even sentencing them to death against any proof of innocence.

The Dutchess, Dalia, was an aristocrat from the south of France. She was also tall and strong but not as much as the President. Her hair was an elegant brown set in flowing curls and had the air of a naturally sweet secretary. When her father died his fortune was transferred to her stepmother, who as luck would have it was a nano. After some months of silent planning and resentment, Dalia let her cat into her stepmother?s chambers. She followed quietly and plucked her mother from her bed, pinching her between her strong fingers. Dalia held her still dazed mother above her open mouth. The little thing was lucky enough to grab onto Dalia's finger as she let go, keeping her from falling into the maw below her. Dalia only smiled as she watched her hang on, and kept her pose until the tired little woman lost her strength and fell into her. She gave a quick swallow and a pat on her stomach before exiting the room, leaving the cat in with the door ajar, making quite a scene for servants to panic over the next morning.

Next was the Bishop, Emily, a high member of the leading church and Dalia?s dear sister. Unlike her sister and Adelaide, she was a small, weak little thing. Her hair was cut short and was a more sandy shade than her sister?s. Though she didn?t seem to be able to hurt anyone, she proved to have as much a pension for cruelty as her comrades. After the death of her stepmother at the hands, or rather mouth of Dalia, their step brother became suspicious of them. To deal with the little twerp they grew up with, the Bishop waited for the chance to grab him and drop him into the kitchen meat grinder. She personally ground him into a tiny slab mixed with beef and dropped the lump into the cat?s feeding dish.

And finally there was Penny. Though she had no title as grandiose as her friends she was still of the same standing. Through connections of no little effort she had amassed a grand fortune through banking. She had adorable red hair that was cut short, and whose curls twisted like fire. Unlike her tall friends she was rather short, though what she lacked in height she made up for in chub. A slightly thicker woman, she wore it proudly, eating whenever she liked and as much as she could afford, her favorite was any food topped with cream and sprinkled with tiny captives. She would shovel them in with great delight, taking a few minutes between each bite to feel the squirming in her mouth slow as they drowned in her saliva. And while each of the girls had beautiful asses, Penny?s was the largest and softest. As she sat to meals she would often place even more Nanos that weren?t meant for eating on her seat to feel them flatten and suffocate the ones that wouldn?t.

Suffice to say, it was their love of sick cruel acts, and their financial ability to get away with them, that brought these four women together. The described acts were not their only crimes, nor are they the worse by any measure. They would gather often, alternating between each others? housings to share stories and revel in their excess. It wasn?t out of the ordinary, on nearly every one of these visits, for each friend to bring a small sack of dozens of tiny squirming bodies to pleasure themselves with.

It was on one such visit that one of the friends, nevermind which, had an interesting proposal. That they all should take a trip to one of their more secluded castles to let themselves go completely wild with their passions. That they should spare no expense, and gather as many of the finest Nanos that they could and have their way as much as they pleased.

There was universal agreement to this, and the plans were discussed in great length almost immediately.

After much discussion that lasted into the night and the next morning, the Four Friends had decided some ground details for their trip that are as follows:

Regarding the victims, while no number seemed able to suffice, it was agreed that a large amount of crates full of the little things would be brought for their fun as a sort of fodder. Along with even more crates of Nanos to be used specifically for meal preparation by cooks they brought with them. These were all to be rationed out through their stay as not to have one night of genocide deplete their entire supply.

Next would be the specialty victims. While the common ones were good for the base pleasures, those victims with notable identities felt all the more sweeter. Even among Nanos there were wealthy nobles, though never thought of as equals their fortunes were relatively fine. Many were to be kidnapped and bought and placed in much finer metal boxes. These would be much sweeter treats to be used more sparingly.

Another special class would be the small youth of the nobles, those of ages roughly 17 to 21, who have had yet to truly grasp their own inferiority in the world and were protected by the shield of wealth. In contrast there was to be a collection of older nobles, as old as they could be found and safely captured. These were ones who were familiar with their diminutive situation, but were fortunate enough to escape the deadly fate most of their kind was subject to. It was at this little getaway that their luck would run out. It was by virtue of their escape that they would be captured.

One-hundred from each of these specialty victims would be captured for special entertainments. It was also decided that there should be a considered leaning towards tiny women. There was, afterall, a special pleasure to be found in torturing and killing that which is most like oneself. That the only difference in this vast power dynamic was size was enough to add tremble to their lust. While Penny gave some weak objections to this clause, stating she was more of a ?man-eater?, the rest of the company found this agreeable, and 70% of their captured would consist of women if possible.

Now for the entertainments of the trip. It was decided they should bring a collection of storytellers with them, to help them ruminate on their pleasures and help inspire them to new ones. They decided on three women storytellers and one man, all of whom will be described when the time is fit.

When all these details and more were settled, it was finally time to decide how long this trip should last. Long enough to enjoy themselves thoroughly, but not so much to become bored with themselves.

120 days were decided.

And so, after weeks of paying off kidnappers, finding suitable servants, and thorough inspections of each and every one of their special victims (any extra being disposed of after), it was time to depart to a most secluded castle. A chateau hidden away in dense forests in a valley between two round mountains. The path was long and dangerous, and any bridges were cut down to avoid any pursuit or escape.

And so began the 120 days of squishing, at Castle Silling.
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