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Story Notes:

Originally published Dec 18, 2020 on DeviantArt. I plan on uploading more of my published stories to this site over the next few weeks.


The sound of footsteps thundered out behind me as I ran for my life, my legs carrying me as fast as they could go. My head ponded violently, blood and adrenaline rushing through my veins. My mind thought of nothing but escape. Yet no matter how much I ran, I could do nothign to escape even the casual pace of my pursuer.


Thud. Thud. THUD.


The footsteps fell closer and closer, the earth rumbling with each step. They got so close that I was sure that last one had sounded from right behind me, the ground shaking do much that I nearly fell on my face. Then a titanic tan ceiling passed me by overhead, only to come crashing down before me. It happened so fast that I couldn't stop myself from running into it, and soon faceplanted against that tan, fleshy surface.


“Boop. I caught you!” came a voice from above; a deep, booming sound that filled me with dread. As I scrambled up to try and run, two giant fingers descended around me, pinching me between them like no more than an insect. A wave of vertigo hit me as I was lifted up at rocket-like speeds before coming to a sudden stop before two plush, red lips. Immediately, these lips attacked me, pressing against me, almost crushing me against them.




With that exclamation I was freed from their attack, though being left with the after math caked all over my body—a thick layer of lipstick covering me. I raised a hand to my eyes, wiping away the waxy stuff, spitting out what had gotten into my mouth. Once I finally opened my eyes, my viison was filled with the face of my tormentor. The face of the woman who gave birth to me. The face of my mother.


My mother giggled, her pearly whites flashing before me—a frightening sight now that I was small enough to be crushed between them. “That was a fun game, wasn't it?” she asked, completely oblivious to my terror. “And you were so fast this time! You almost made it halfway down the hall before I caught you! My little man is growing up to be such a good athlete!


“But! You still lost, and you know what that means! You're coming along with Mommy on her shopping today.” she said merrily, pulling off her neckace. On the end of which hung a small metal cage—a fancy cage, elaborately wrought and made of gold, but a cage nonetheless. She set me down on the her palm, then lowered the cage in front of me. In resignation, I undid the latch and stepped into my prison, closing it back up afterwards. Once inside I was brought back to my mother's face, where she gave me one more kiss before I was lowered into her cleavage. She slipped on her shoes and grabbed her purse before going out into the wider world, her every step jostling my cage and bouncing it between her breasts. I knew I was in for a long day.

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