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Author's Chapter Notes:

Act 1: Conquest

Little is known about the Far Eastern Empire of Kyojin, except for the tales spun by select maritime merchants granted permission to trade at exclusive ports. Their stories of it being ruled by giant women were the subject of derision in most western nations. For most, the idea of women controlling a government was already laughable, even without the ridiculous notion of intelligent giants existing. Ogres and trolls were the closest thing most kingdoms considered giantkin, and they were dumber than the rocks they gnawed on for sustenance. 

In reality Kyojin was a feudal society governed by vast matriarchal clans, each represented by a Jitō, who was also the largest female member of her lineage, even if it was illegitimate. If a bastard daughter was even a smidgen taller than her half-sister, the bastard would be made head of the household. Moreover, clans nobility was strictly based on the size of the members, which could very well change between generations. On rare occasions peasant families thought to be blessed by the kami produced a towering colossus for a daughter at the same time a noble house was shamed with only sons or a meek and small daughter. On such occasions, the now deposed noble family would have to rely on the goodwill of the peasants to treat them fairly.

Each Jitō represents her clan to the ultimate ruler of Kyojin; the Empress, who is the biggest noblewoman on the continent and absolute authority of the land. Recently the country had concluded its celebration in welcoming the first new Empress in many decades; Nakamura Setsuko, the most colossal ruler the country had ever known. Unlike her predecessors, Setsuko did not care for the isolationist policy that was tradition for Kyojin. As her first decree, the Empress dispatched emissaries to all corners of the world, demanding their fealty or face her wrath…



The humble fishing villages of the Sartán Peninsula were horror-struck as the gentle lapping waves against their ports turned into destructive tsunamis. On the horizon something enormous was approaching. So enormous that it took them some time to realize that it was a titanic woman wading through the ocean like a puddle. 

Setsuko brushed some seawater off her sinewy body, sending enormous droplets of water back into the ocean below, capsizing countless fishing vessels too slow to escape her relaxed stroll. The sea churned as her legs cut through the water, each several miles long. 

The coast receded from her quaking steps, which flooded most of the fishing villages and quaint port towns lining Sartán, drowning thousands in the ensuing deluge. 

Their plight was not unnoticed by Setsuko, who was only a few short steps away from the mainland. Briefly she paused to scrutinize the strange foreign lands that comprised the western kingdoms. Her spies and inner council had told her much of western lands in preparation for the invasion, but nothing could have prepared the Empress for just how gigantic she was compared to everything.

She espied untold millions of microscopic ‘people’ running in sheer terror of her arrival. They were human she knew. Yet they were pathetically small.

Even the trees and fauna of this pitiful landmass was tiny compared to her homeland. Whereas Kyojin was full of majestic great trees large enough to brush her knees, nothing she could see for thousands of miles would even come close to her ankles. Truly, the western kingdoms would stand no chance against her or her army, Setsuko thought. Rallying Kyojin’s mightiest warriors for her conquest now felt like a tremendous waste considering the inadequacy of their foe.

Setsuko’s first step onto the western mainland was the first a Kyojin citizen had ever taken on the continent, and it was cataclysmic. The entire fief of Carran vanished beneath the arch of her foot, with the capital city and all of its unfortunate inhabitants squashed beneath her big toe. Setsuko felt the faint tickling sensation beneath her foot and giggled. It amused her to think these mere insects had the gall to reject her demand to surrender; she had no mercy for these things that dared exist in her world. 

She was far too large to know which of the puny settlements was the royal capital of Sartán. Shrugging, she found another city a few miles away from Carran. With a cruel smirk she wiped it from existence with her other foot, crushing thousands of fleeing civilians and knights as they helplessly tried to escape. Even on horseback the fastest riders couldn’t hope to get away from her gargantuan feet, which covered many miles across as they dug into the earth. 

She would find the capital eventually, Setsuko determined. Until then she was content with stepping on as many cities and provinces as possible in her search as she began to walk forward deeper into the western kingdoms. 



“Your sister certainly knows how to make an entrance, Natsuki-san.” Ayako said, watching the Empress as she progressed deeper into Sartán. The trio of onna-bugeisha who followed Setsuko comprised her personal guard; the three other largest women of Kyojin.

Tamura Ayako was the smallest of the three, standing a paltry eighteen miles tall and dwarfed by her comrades. However she commanded respect from Natsuki. Clan Tamura was one of the oldest and most revered clans in Kyojin; they had produced two Empresses in times past and had never lost their noble standing, something not even Clan Nakamura could claim. 

Nakamura Natsuki was Setsuko’s younger sister. She led the royal guard and was placed in charge of sweeping up after her sibling’s mess to ensure there would still be a western continent for Kyojin to rule. Despite being less than half of her sister’s height, her imposing size was still a mere four hundred feet shorter than the previous Empress before Setsuko. It just showed how freakishly large and rare a specimen like Setsuko really was. 

Natsuki chuckled. 

“I would certainly hope so. She’s been planning this for months.” She said.

“She’s going the wrong way. The capital city is further north.” Ayako mused. The three titanic women waded out of the water and onto dry land, standing in the crater of Setsuko’s footprint on what had once been Carran. “Although at this rate I’m sure it won’t matter.”

“We should see to it that the capital is taken care of at once.” Advised the third of the royal guard, Kikuchi Tomoe. 

Tomoe was something of an oddity in Kyojin’s royal court, as was her Clan Kikuchi. Clan Kikuchi had been a family of peasants for generations, common rice farmers and laborers. Their most notable women historically were a scant five hundred feet tall or less. Then seemingly out of the blue, Tomoe, the only girl out of six boys, grew to be a staggering thirty five miles tall. 

If not for Setsuko, she would have been declared Empress, and a family of commoners would be the rightful inhabitants of the Royal Palace. A once in a millennium rarity.

Her comrades nodded in agreement. Ensuring the absolute destruction of Sartán’s capital was their utmost priority, it would pave the way for the legions of Kyojin giantesses a few days behind traveling in their ships, who could then begin the colonization process.

As her sister and bodyguards set out a different direction, Setsuko was losing herself in the endless pleasures to be found in this new world. 



Magistrate Gideon Calamus tore himself away from the scrying orb, unable to watch what was happening a second longer. The high council of mages around him in the Blue Spire murmured in collective alarm by their leader’s reaction. Always a calm and logical man, to see his face aghast was concerning to say the least.

Nevertheless the greatest mage in all the realms composed himself and turned to face Magister Mateo de Carran, the provincial advisory mage who represented the nation of Sartán. 

“Point taken, Mateo.” Gideon apologized grimly. “Your scouts were correct. A gigantic woman has destroyed most of Sartán.”

The room was abuzz with discussion from the mages, each who represented a different kingdom or empire. 

“Impossible! No such magic could produce such power.”

“The scout claimed she came from the Eastern Seas, could the tales of Kyojin be true?”

Gideon raised his hands, speaking in a booming voice that shook the entirety of the room. His voice laced with arcane power he commanded the squabbling wizards to silence themselves before turning his attention back to the scrying orb, which displayed the terrifying invader getting closer.

“Silence! Brothers, we must prepare at once. She is heading further west, and will soon reach the Vangoth Forests…” 

“Those barbarian tribes will be no match for such a foe.”

“We must warn the neighboring kings!”

“All in due time. For now we must coordinate a proper defense, the Imperium of Mithras shall be alerted.” Gideon commanded. “But we cannot do more until we know more about this enemy and what foreign magicks they use.”

For obvious reasons many present at the emergency council wanted to return to their respective royal courts to prepare for the incoming onslaught. However, Gideon was able to convince the wizards that unity was their only hope against this threat.

After much deliberation it was determined that the most combat experienced of those present would oversee attempts to stall the titaness, whilst the remaining members would begin researching what little was known to the West about the Kyojin Empire and their history.

Hopefully there was some clue or weakness they possessed that they could exploit. Mateo was the last to leave, even as his fellow wizards vanished in plumes of blue fire to fulfill their respective tasks. Gideon felt for the man. Even if they could stop this terrible enemy, nothing could ever return his kingdom to its former glory. And if the report of Carran being the first fief to be attacked were accurate…

“My condolences, Mateo. But please, I cannot do this without you.” Gideon said in an uncharacteristically gentle voice before teleporting away in a flash of luminescent blue light. 



Civilians clamored by the thousands to enter Alcázar, the capital city of Sartán. They had first heard reports from sailors that something huge was approaching, and upon experiencing several disastrous earthquakes when Setsuko first arrived on shore began securing the sprawling city.

Eventually the tremors from before subsided, and for a few tense minutes the city and everybody in it thought they were safe. Garrisons of caballeros stood ready to defend their homeland, along with the King who sealed himself in his fortified Castillo. 

However nothing could prepare them for what came next. Tremors returned, even stronger than before and less predictable in rhythm. Weaker thatch houses and older structures collapsed, crushing many people to death in debris in the poor districts of Alcázar.

From the perspective of the increasingly panicking army, it was like the mountains were moving. Indeed they were, as emerging from them in the distance were the silhouettes of three impossibly huge women.

Upon reaching the royal fief it took Natsuki and her two sisters in arms only seconds to get to the city gates. It had been a little difficult finding it in the wake of Setsuko’s destructive warpath, however Alcázar was the only thing in the immediate vicinity bigger than they were. Or at least, greater than Ayako, the smallest among them in diameter.

Natsuki placed her foot just short of the gate, squinting to examine it further. She could just barely make out borderline microscopic movement as thousands of soldiers moved in densely packed formations. They wore bizarre suits of full metal armor, as best she could tell. 

Ayako and Tomoe also gazed upon the city, this being their first ever time seeing Western style architecture and people. It was all so pitifully small compared to them, they wondered how such weak people could ever consider themselves a ‘kingdom’.

Just as those in town were coming to terms with the realization that the sky had been replaced by several beautiful female human faces, a deafening sound ripped across the land strong enough to obliterate some buildings, like the rolling of thunder in a storm.

They were talking.

“Well… how should we do this?” Ayako asked, scratching her head. From their point of view, Alcázar was like a large rug or carpet. 

“Perhaps we could step on it?” Tomoe suggested. “It’s been working for Setsuko-sama so far.” She noted. Even though they were the size of children to the Empress, the mighty city of Alcázar was still just dust to them.

“Seems a bit crude, no? I thought at least we could-.” Natsuki stopped mid sentence, becoming aware of something tickling her chin ever so slightly, like a blade of grass brushing against it. 

She furrowed her brow, wondering what it could possibly be. To her surprise, the heiress realized that her mouth was hovering directly above the entire military of Alcázar. Ballistas, trebuchets, catapults, and war wizards blasted focused bombardment focused on the only thing within range, which was the very tip of her chin.

To Natsuki, the artillery striking that could have been sufficient to pulverize entire fortresses or castles was hardly an annoyance and did no physical damage whatsoever. However she felt incensed that such puny things would dare bombard her.

With a terse ‘hmph’ she brought her finger down on top of the army, right in the middle of their tight battalions. Her fingernail was a thick wall that penetrated deep into the earth, carving through armor and shields like specks of dust. Even the mightiest wizards' shields offered no resistance, as Natsuki began to drag her finger along the dirt to trace a path of carnage through their ranks, perhaps annihilating 30,000 men in an instant.

Those that remained attempted in a futile effort, spurred on by a mixture of jingoistic passion for their nation and a healthy dose of adrenaline to begin attacking her finger. Enchanted blades and spells alike did nothing to scratch the soft expanse of skin, too thick for any conventional means.

A thunderous giggle from the other two monstrous women broke their spirit, and many faltered. The warriors continued to fight, but they knew it was hopeless. The godlike figure was not even trying, just retaliating by flicking her finger at them in response to their most robust bombardments, obliterating them in the process.

Natsuki dug her finger deep into the earth, digging deeper several hundred feet to create the new largest valley in all the Western Kingdoms. Bringing it out she noticed many beleaguered survivors were trapped on the digit, either caught in wrinkles and pores or stuck in small huts that had not been broken yet. 

She did not know what compelled her to, but she desperately wanted to taste them. The survivors were cast in a great shadow, the temperature rising several degrees as her lips parted to reveal a waggling tongue. Natsuki placed her finger on her tongue and closed her lips, as if slurping the remains of syrup. 

Garrisons of caballeros died instantly from being ground between her lips and her finger as she removed it, but the vast majority of the remaining army found themselves in an ocean of saliva. The gaps between her taste buds formed pools of spit for them to drown in, and men relied on pure instinct alone to see in the pitch black cavern which was bigger than many towns. 

In their heavy suits of plate armor knights drowned. Some others were stuck in the globs of liquid, doomed to suffer until something killed them. Natsuki swallowed, but was disappointed that she had not really tasted anything. The entire military wasn’t really a suitable snack apparently.

Tomoe and Ayako watched the fractured army vanish in a bulge down Natsuki’s throat, and looked at the city with a newfound curiosity. Both women shrugged and decided that it was at least more fun than just stepping on the place. 

Tomoe brushed aside raven black locks of hair, leaning over to loom over the entirety of Alcázar’s mercantile district. Rich merchants and shopkeepers looked up in despair as her lips appeared in the sky, many times higher than they imagined birds could fly. 

Then a tongue emerged, dripping small drops of spit into the city. One mansion owned by a wealthy family was submerged in the sticky, tea scented liquid. The weight of the water collapsed most of the roof and seeped deep into the lower floors where many had hidden for safety. 

Tomoe pressed her tongue into a part of the city beneath her, choosing the most densely packed patch of civilization to maximize how much she could consume in one go. Instantly she crushed most of the entertainment district, her warm breath rushing through the streets to blow fleeing commoners away and slamming them against walls like a hurricane. 

When she began to lick, Tomoe erased any signs or evidence that particular part of the capital had ever existed. In its place was a barren stretch of dirt loosely marinated in her saliva. Drawing much of what she had collected into her mouth, she swallowed, unlike Natsuki actually getting a decent amount of people and buildings down her throat.

With an audible gulp that reverberated for what seemed like miles, those that had watched her ingest part of the city knew the fate of those poor souls was sealed.

Inside of Tomoe’s mouth it was like the city had been scooped up and dumped onto one side of her tongue, smooshed together but surprisingly intact. The giantess had driven her tongue deep enough beneath the earth to leave the buildings relatively unharmed, on top of tons upon tons of dirt and soil.

Some souls cursed by the gods were doomed to be sucked into Tomoe’s nose when she had inhaled during her lick, castaway in a sea of her mucus. There were not enough buildings there to crush them, and she was not particularly interested in them, so they would be resigned to a slow death in her snot. 

No such fate awaited for the countless people in her mouth. Tomoe sampled them, trying to extract as much flavor as she could from their people before swallowing. This left several in strands of saliva before forming a small ball of squished bodies and homes, which rolled down into her stomach.

The fast journey was pitch black, although some mages did their best to cast arcane lights that created enviable pockets where the soldiers could see. Those too far away from the wizards could only listen to the ominous gurgling of her stomach as they slid further down Tomoe’s esophagus.

Whatever remained of Tomoe’s last meal greeted the survivors as they landed in a churning sea of acidic bile and enzymes. Some of the finest knights in the realm suffered the ignominious fate of being squashed to death by the chewed up remains of a giant pear Tomoe had eaten earlier. 

In a desperate bid for survival the few still strong enough to swim found chunks of either food, buildings, or debris floating about to take shelter on. Ironically the armor of the knights who had made it this far would be their downfall, as most perished, dragged deep into the depths of Tomoe’s stomach acid unable to swim. It was a gamble whether or not inhaling a lung full of her stomach acid or a lack of oxygen would kill them first. 

Most of whom remained were war wizards and lightly armored men at arms called into service by the king. The wizards emptied their last pockets of magical power into attacks focused against whatever bits of repugnant flesh within range, striking the interior of her tummy with every manner of magic they could manage, to no effect. 

By now some had resigned themselves to die. A few soldiers perched on a floating building scrounged up some liquor from inside the structure and passed it around, deciding to enjoy their last minutes. Or perhaps it could be hours, depending on how quickly Tomoe could digest them.

Outside Tomoe and Ayako were beginning to devour Alcázar. The smallest of the trio, Ayako, tore segments of the land away to create bite sized city blocks and districts to consume. 

Ayako had to admit that the actual taste of the city was not particularly pleasant, indeed it was more like licking up grains of sand. However there was an undeniable pleasure to be found in knowing her tongue with every lash was collecting thousands of people, and her stomach dissolving the survivors. She became aware of a small, glistening section of the city.

It gleamed in the afternoon sunlight, about half the size of a coin. Curious to see what was causing it she turned her attention away from massacring what was left of the city to the strange area.

With her enhanced senses she could make out the tiny buildings as towering spires adorned with golden trims and regalia. Majestic red and golden flags symbolized the royal house of Sartán; the royal district home to the king and his family. 

Briefly Ayako turned to see if Natsuki or Tomoe were looking. Truly, as the younger sister to the Empress and the commander of the personal guard, Natsuki deserved the honor more than she. However this was an unprecedented opportunity.

Fortunately for her, both of her comrades seemed to enthralled by pulverizing every inch of land they could find to notice as Ayako puckered her lips directly over the royal district, gathering some saliva in her throat.




King Cristobál de Alcázar could only watch helplessly as the three girls began to devour his city. Alcázar, a city that had stood against hordes of undead abominations, the wrath of orc and goblin armies, fierce dragons and other such terrors was now being utterly crushed by the three women. 

Each time one of their tongues descended from the clouds to worm its way through an expanse of the city he could hear the deafening cries of thousands of people perishing. He watched with tears running down his face, knowing this was the end of his ancestors great kingdom, and soon his own lineage.

“Sire… it is done.” One of his servants said grimly, not bothering to knock or bow before entering the King’s chambers, the time for decorum was long past. He clutched an empty bottle once home to a virulent poison. 

“Was it painless?” The king asked.

The servant nodded. 

“Yes my liege. May god grant them mercy.” 

Cristobál would not subject his own family to the horrors of death at the hands of the rapidly approaching woman. Once his army was obliterated, he made the order with a heavy heart to have them poisoned. It was better to die a peaceful death from a spiked glass of wine than to be crushed, he thought. 

“Thank you, Rodrigo. You are a good man.”

“...and what of you, my king?”

“Go and be with your family in these last moments.” The king replied crisply. 

As the servant scrambled away, Cristobál watched as one of the three towering behemoths turned her attention to him, the king of this land.

Deep down he surmised she was simply looking in his general direction, but his baser human fears screamed at him that she was looking directly into his soul. She loomed closer, her apocalyptically massive face hovering directly above the royal Castillo.

He cranked his neck to look up, and saw her prepare her lips as if she met to kiss someone. Instead, he heard an all encompassing squelching noise as a bulge gathered up into her throat. The king knew what she intended, the ultimate insult to his people’s rulers.

Ayako spat on the castle and surrounding noble district with the force of an asteroid hitting the planet. The bludgeoning force of her saliva was enough to disintegrate most of his castle, and the king was at the epicenter of the blast which could be felt throughout the entirety of the city. Cristobál was vaporized by the high speed velocity, as was his servant as he and his wife embraced for the final time in the nethers of the castle.

In an instant the royal family of Sartán, a noble and proud lineage that had preserved for hundreds of years as kings was extinguished by the phlegm of a young woman as casually as could be. Ayako watched as thick bands of her spittle flooded the streets, washing away nobles and their serfs in a tsunami. 

Those not killed by blunt force instead were left to float in the new ocean of saliva that stretched all the way from the royal castle to the seaside ports, connecting the two perhaps permanently. Ayako chuckled, wondering if the storyteller’s and historians would describe the history of the new geographic landmarks created on this day.

She fancied ‘Ayako Bay’ as a fitting term for the former seat of power for one of the strongest dynasties in the western kingdoms. Snuffed out in such a pathetic, dishonorable manner by her. 

“I believe we have won.” Ayako boomed.

“There are still some survivors. A few hundred maybe?” Tomoe noted, watching a few crowds of people lost in different sections of the city. Some in between gaps from their onslaught, others lucky enough to have survived the first wave of attacks. 

“They are of little concern. If anything the army can handle them once they arrive in a few days.” Natsuki said. “The survivors may live on to serve us.”


“To think these are ‘people’...” Ayako laughed. “We’re practically gods to them.” She mused.

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