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Beach Blanket Giantesses by Shannon Sargent

     For Jaimie and Vickie, it was just another day at the beach.   They'd gotten there early and staked out one of the best spots near the  life-guard tower.  There was always a lot of competition for the area of  beach near the tower and just because you got there first did not  automatically ensure the spot.  Like everything else in life, there was  a pecking order and if you didn't have the bod, you got the nod. In  other words, you were not so politely "asked" to move on.  The "local"  girls at the beach could be terrible, especially if you were a newcomer  horning in on what they thought was "their turf".  If a newcomer had a  good bod, she might be tolerated in an area off to the side, if she  didn't, the girls were merciless and would often get very vicious.  It  wasn't uncommon to see newcomers leaving the beach, having been reduced  to tears.

     Jaimie and Vickie were newcomers.  Not even realizing what they  were getting into, they had arrived at the beach early and staked out a  nice spot in prime territory, directly adjacent to the lifeguard tower.   They had no idea what they were in for.  The "regulars" began arriving  at 11:00. As they arrived, each group walked directly by Vickie and  Jaimie and gave them the cold shouldered "once over".  It wasn't  difficult for Jaimie and Vickie to hear their disapproving comments  about their tans, hair, shoes, and bikinis, after all, the regulars were  making sure that they said them loud enough for everyone to hear.   Vickie and Jaimie had no idea why these girls were making the comments  they were, after all, they hadn't done anything to them.  Fortunately  for Jaimie and Vickie, they did have nice bods, in fact, despite their  comments, any one of the six "regulars" would gladly have traded if they  could.  If Jaimie and Vickie had been more plain looking, the girls  would have worked towards forcing them to leave, instead, they merely  worked towards getting them to move.

"The nerve of those bitches, they ought to know better, we need to teach  them a lesson!"  "Yeah, lets dis their hair, their clothes, their figures.  Cindy you  should do it, you're the best."  "Yeah Cindy, rip them to shreds!" "Ok, I'll do it.  They deserve it.   The cute blonde lifeguard hasn't even looked at me since I got here  because of those two.  I'll show them!"  The first "attack" came at noon.  The lifeguards, having seen the  regulars in action, time and time again, watched with amusement. "Excuse  me, but I think you're in, like, my spot.", said a cute blonde wearing a  neon pink bikini.  "What?  No we're not.  This is a public beach, how can this be your  spot?"  "Because,  like, this is where I always set out my blanket, for sure.",  she said, tossing her head and blond tresses side to side to punctuate  each syllable.  One could almost hear the pea-sized brain rattle from  side to side as she did so.  "Well, looks like today your going to have to put it somewhere else,  cause we were here first."  " Like I'm so sure.  Hey, are those, like, for real?", she said pointing  at Vickie's boobs.  "Are what real?" "Your tits, are those real or implants?  They look to  perfect to be real.  Too firm, no sag."  "Their real.  Of all the nerve!" "Oh, yeah, like I'm so sure, of course  their real, yours and Pamela Lee's!  Like, did you get them big enough?"  "I never...", said Vickie getting flushed with anger.  " Ooooh, nice liposuction job, like, who's your doctor?", she said,  turning to Jaimie. 
"Liposuction? I've never needed liposuction!" "Yeah, sure, like you got  those abs on your own.  Well your doc did a nice job, the nose too!"  "Get out of here!", screamed the two girls in unison. "All right, like  don't have a coronary.  Um, is it ok if I, like,  brought some of my  friends by, they've been thinking about some, you know, cosmetic  enhancements and I'd like to show them how yours turned out!"  "Get out of here, leave us alone, you and your friends!" "Like, chill,  dudette, you're being so not cool.  If you don't like it here, like  maybe you should catch some rays farther on down the beach, plenty of  nice spots down there." 
"We already told you we're not moving, now leave us alone!" "Jeez, chill  out, ok, I was just trying to be friendly.  See ya around!"  Vickie and Jamie looked at each other.  "How rude!  I thought this was  going to be a friendly beach.  Maybe we ought to move away from them."  "No way, that's what they want us to do.  I'm not moving."  Vickie went  back to lying on her stomach and undid her top.  "Put a little lotion on  my back, would you Jaimie?" 

"Ok, but you got to promise to do mine, too." Intended or not, Jaimie  and Vickie had the full attention of the lifeguards.  The regulars tried  everything short of indecent exposure to get the lifeguards' attention  but it wasn't working.  Well, if those two girls didn't want to move  voluntarily, there were other ways... 
"Ok, someone else has got to do something.  Those bitches just did not  get the hint.  Look at the way their putting lotion on one another,  their probably lesbos."  "Yeah well, the lifeguards are sure drooling over those lesbos, they  haven't looked over here for an hour.  I bet you could be drowing right  now and they wouldn't notice!"  "Look at em, with their tops undone. Ooooh, wouldn't want a nasty tan  line on our backs now, would we girls.  I know what we ought to do,  let's do the old soda trick."  "Yeah, that always works.  Veronica, here's some money, you go get the  sodas.  The rest of you girls, pass the word up and down the beach.  I  want a big audience.  If this doesn't get them to leave, were going to  have to get real nasty." 

     Veronica, a cute brunette wearing a neon green thong bikini, walked  back from the snack bar. In her hands she carefully carried an  assortment of full soda cups miscariously balanced in a flimsy cardboard  carrier.  With care she picked her way across the uneven sand.  Just as  she got  to where the two girls were sunbathing, she pretended to slip.   The tray of icy drinks flew forward scoring a direct hit on the exposed  backs of the two girls.  Without thinking, the two girls jumped up  screaming in shock from the cold icy liquid, momentarily forgetting that  their tops were not tied on.  The lifeguards and boys on the beach  having been pre-alerted by the others hooted, hollered, and applauded.   The girls suddenly realizing their state of undress quickly covered up  with their hands and arms and slunk down with embarrassment.  The  lifeguards applauded thunderously as well. 
"Oh my, I'm so sorry about that!  Are you ok? Can I get you anything?",  asked the saintly Veronica. Jaimie looked around, the entire beach was  laughing at them, especially the group of girls that had been trying to  get them to leave.  She was completely embarrassed but was quickly  becoming angry.  "You did that on purpose, didn't you?" 

"Why no, it was like, you know, an accident.", Veronica answered, using  the same side to side head tossing as the previous girl. "Accident, my  ass!", exclaimed Vickie.  "Look, you tell your little friends that we  are not leaving this beach!  And I'm warning you, don't mess with us."  "Like, don't get your panties in a bunch, honey.  It was just an  accident.  Don't flatter yourself, my girlfriends and I  couldn't care  less if you leave or stay!" 

"Just so we have an understanding.  Now, get out of here!" Veronica  walked away.  With her back towards the two girls, there was no way  Jaimie and Vickie could see the smug smile that was on her face as she  walked back towards her friends.  She couldn't believe how well it had  worked, both girls had shown off their tits for several seconds. She  wondered how they could live with the embarrassment.  If that had ever  happened to her, she would have slunk away to some corner to hide.  Her  friends welcomed her to a very poorly concealed round of high fives.  "Those bitches, I can't believe they did that!" "I can.  Gross, I feel  all sticky!" 

"Me too, lets go take a dip in the ocean and wash this soda off.  I hope  this stuff doesn't stain our swimsuits." "Me too.  Hey, Vickie, could  you believe how many guys were watching us?", asked Jaimie as the two of  them walked towards the water.  "Yeah, the sleazes,  boys are always into cheap thrills.  They way they  look at my tits, always trying to get a peek, a couple times I've gotten  so exasperated I was tempted to just take my top off and let them get  their eyeful, just to show them what they couldn't have."  "I know what you mean.  Just once I wish I could teach them a lesson.   The way those lifeguards were cheering, I'd like to teach them a lesson,  too.  Too bad boys don't sunbathe with their bottoms undone!" The two of  them were now wading into the water. "Speaking of bottoms, Jaimie, did  you see that cute lifeguard?"  "Which one, they were all cute!" "The blonde one with the nice butt."  "Oh yeah, I saw him.  I liked the one with the binoculars.  I swear he  was checking me out every time I looked over at him."  "He probably was.  He's just like all the others, checking out our  bodies, but not man enough to walk up to us and say hi.  I bet he got a  good look at our tits. Hey! Is your swimming suit getting tighter?"  "Yeah, it is!  What's going on?"  "I don't know, but we've been wading out and the water isn't getting any  deeper either!" 

"Cool, let's keep walking out and see what happens!" "Jaimie, my suit is  getting really tight, my boobs are getting really squeezed!"  "Mine too, and the water still isn't getting deeper.  You know, I think  we must be growing or something!" "Growing?  How can that be?" "Don't  ask me!  I do know something though, I kinda like it!"  "Uggh, my top is killing me, I'm going to take it off!" "No, wait!  In a  few seconds, it's going to rip off by itself!  Look, mine's already  ripping!" 
It was true,  Vickie could hear the stitches giving out on Jaimie's suit  and could hear the same thing going on with hers.  They walked forward  faster now, the farther they walked, the faster they grew.  The water  stayed consistently at ankle depth.  At almost the exact same moment,  both Jaimie and Vickie's tops ripped through freeing their breasts.  "Ahhh, finally, I thought it would never rip!  That feels so much  better.  Now for the bottoms!" 

Vickie and Jaimie's bottoms were now as tight as their tops had been and  were riding up into their butt cracks and pussy slits.  The girls now  knew what they needed to do and picked up the pace striding faster and  faster away from the beach.  Seconds later, their bottoms ripped through  and landed in the water.  They were now both completely naked, but both  of them were too excited to care.  Had they looked backwards they would  have noticed a crowd beginning to form on the beach, but they were too  excited to look backwards.  The thrill of growing bigger had taken over  and now they were striding forward as quickly as they could, thrilling  in their newfound size. Ahead of them, they could see an oil tanker and  several other large ships. 

"Race you to the tanker!" "Ok, Jaime, your on!" The two girls ran  towards the tanker, growing larger with each footstep, covering more and  more ground with each step.  To the girls, they just seemed to run  faster and faster.  With each step, a tremendous splash was thrown up  and huge waves spread out in all directions.  Smaller boats in the area  struggled to remain afloat.  The two girls were so intent on winning the  race, they hardly noticed the smaller boats, they pushed and shoved each  other, and, had one of them fallen, it would have created a massively  destructive tidal wave. 
The captain of the tanker was in shock.  Watching through the binoculars  he had first noticed the two giantesses, one blonde, the other brunette,  as they strode in the water.  By the time they were big enough for him  to notice, they were already naked.  They were utterly and completely  gorgeous.  He had no idea where they came from and wasn't very concerned  with where they were going.  Like most of the other men in the area, he  was enjoying the show.  Until now.  One of the girls had pointed  directly at his ship and the other had nodded.  Then they had began  running on a beeline directly for his tanker.  Watching through his  binoculars, he couldn't believe what was happening.  The girls were  growing bigger as they ran towards the tanker.  In seconds, they  overfilled the view through the binoculars, but by then he didn't need  them any more.  The girls could clearly be seen with just his eyes  alone.  Their feet threw up incredible amounts of water as they splashed  up and down.  The marine radio jumped alive with countless calls of  distress.  The captain did the only thing he could do, he rang the alarm  warning of a collision alert.  He prayed that he and his ship would be  spared. 

"Beat you!", yelled Vickie.  "What do I win?" Jaimie looked around.  The  world had changed.  The tanker which had looked to be so large from the  beach was floating below her at her feet.  Her foot was now longer than  the tanker was.  It rocked terrifically from the waves the girls had  created.  "I guess you win the boat."  The captain watched in horror as the blonde giantess opened her massive  hand, reached down out of the sky, and picked the tanker up.  As the  girl lifted the tanker up, he felt tremendous g-forces pushing him back  into his chair.  Then as instantly as they had come on they stopped.  He  looked out the window of the bridge.  There directly in front of him was  the biggest eye he had ever seen. It blinked every once in a while,  showing eyelashes that looked to be as thick as trees.  It seemed to be  studying every detail of his ship, in fact it seemed to be looking  directly at him.  The giantesses voice thundered in his ears, reflected  and reverberated by every piece of metal in the ship.  "What am I going  to do with this?", asked Vickie.  "I don't want it, it's just a rusty  old ship anyway."   The captain then felt his stomach drop out as the  giantess reached down and dropped the ship back into the water.  The  captain prayed thanks over and over again as his boat bobbed violently  between the legs of the two giantesses. 
"What shall we do now?", asked Vickie. "How about heading back to the  beach?"  "But what happens if we start shrinking again when we walk back in the  other direction?"  "We'll just have to see.  If we start shrinking, then we stop and figure  something else out."  "Ok, sounds good to me.  I can't wait to see the looks on those people  when they see us!"  "Vickie, they can already see us.  I think most of the city can see us.   Look around girl, we're huge! At our height, we can see for miles and  miles.  And if we can see for miles and miles then  we can be seen for  miles and miles!"  "Oh yeah, I guess that makes sense.  Well, what do we do when we get to  the beach?" 

"I don't know, we'll think of something.  Come on!" The two girls walked  cautiously towards the beach, watching each other to see if they were  starting to shrink again.  Joyously, it did not happen.  They neither  grew nor shank but stayed at the same height.  In comparison with the  time it took them to get to the tanker, it took almost no time to get  back to the beach.  The water grew shallower and shallower and by the  time they reached the beach, only the bottoms of their feet were wet.  A  large crowd had gathered at the beach to watch the two giantesses.  Now  that the giantesses were back at the beach, the crowd didn't know what  to do.  Some wanted to panic, some were undecided, and others were  enjoying the most colossal view of their lives. 

"They're so tiny!", exclaimed Vickie.  "They look like little ants!" A  lifeguard truck with flashing lights pulled up in front of the two  giantesses.  A lifeguard got out with a megaphone and called up the two  giantesses.  They could see he was trying to talk to them but they  couldn't hear a word.  The two girls leaned over, fully displaying their  horrendously large tits and bent down to listen closer.  The lifeguard,  shocked at seeing tons and tons of flesh falling towards him, panicked  and ran away a little distance.  When he saw that it was safe, he put  the megaphone back up to his mouth and spoke to the giants again. 
"........must.........beach...........now.............pole.............stand"  "What?", the two girls asked, their breath causing a small sandstorm  around the man.  The lifeguard brushed the sand away and tried again.  "You..........stay...........people..........harm...........now"  "This sucks, I cant hear what he's saying.", said Vickie. "Yeah, Well, I  for one could care less what this little man has to say.  Did you see  the way he ran when we leaned over?  I wonder what he would do if I  started to lower one of my boobs towards him?"  As the lifeguard watched in horror, Jaimie reached out placing her hands  down far behind him and held her breasts vertically over him.  Then she  began to lower them.  As he dodged left, she moved them to the left, as  he dodged right, she moved them to the right.  Suddenly they were  directly over him and he had nowhere left to run.  A mountain of tit was  falling on him and there was no place to hide.  Jaimie couldn't see and  Vickie was giving her instructions. 

"Left, left, right now, lower, lower, ok, he's right below your nipple.   I wish you could see this. He's on his back and your nipple has him  pinned to the sand.  He's trying to push it away, can you feel him?"  "Yeah, I can feel him touching my nipple, he's making it harder.  He  better watch out or it might crush him into the sand.  It feels like a  little tickle on my nipple."  "Jaimie, if you go any lower, your going to crush him under your tit.   It's no contest, he couldn't possibly survive." "If I did, he'd deserve  it.  An hour ago he was cheering and applauding at seeing them, I guess  he's not so happy about it now.  Looks like they're a little more than  he can handle.  My momma always said more than a handful was a waste, I  used to agree with her, but not anymore.  Now I'd have to say the bigger  the better.  Well, I think he's had enough tit for one day, I think I'll  let him go." 

Jaimie lifted her breasts back up and the man took off running.   Amazingly, a huge crowd of people was still at the beach watching them.  "What are they still doing here?  Didn't they see me almost kill that  lifeguard?"  "I guess they're looking for a show, let's give them one!  Those  lifeguards liked looking at our tits, well watch this!" Vickie picked up  the little lifeguard truck and placed it a distance away from the  lifeguard tower. Then she repeated Jaimie's earlier movements and had  the tower under one breast and the truck under the other.  Then she  began to lower, ever so slowly, until she could just feel the tower  touch her nipple.  Incredibly, the crowd was cheering her on, rooting  for her to crush the tower and truck with her boobs.  Well, who was she  to disappoint them?  She began to slowly lower, she could feel the tower  resisting, pushing her nipple back into her breast, until it wouldn't  press in any more, then she felt the tower begin to collapse.  A cheer  rose up from the crowd on her left.  Her right breast was now just  touching the top of the truck.  She continued to lower.  She could feel  the tower collapsing further under her left breast and the truck pushing  up into her right one.  By now her breasts had bottomed out into the  sand and the truck and tower could not be seen.  She still had a long  ways to go.  She continued lowering her body.  Beneath her right breast  she felt the tires popping on the truck.  As she continued down and put  the weight of her body behind her breast she felt the truck collapsing.   Finally, she was all the way down.  The crowd had fallen silent, there  hadn't been anything to see.  Now she lifted her body back up and  stepped away to give them a good view.  On her left, the tower had been  reduced to splinters of wood, lying in a deep depression.  Several of  the splinters stuck to her breast which she brushed off causing them to  rain down onto the sand below.  On her right, the truck had been  flattened like it was an aluminum can and it lay in its own twin  depression.  Vickie picked the truck up and placed it onto the sand so  that everyone could get a good look at it.  The crowd cheered at the  sight of the flattened truck.  Few, if any, in the crowd thought about  what would have happened to the lifeguard given the same treatment by  Jaimie. 

"What shall we do next?", asked Jaimie. "I think it's time we got a  little payback with those girls who were so mean to us... Now where did  they get to?  Shouldn't be too hard spotting those neon bikinis....   Ahhh, look, there they are, over there in the water!  Come on!"  The "regulars" had seen the entire transformation of the newcomers and  were now trying to see if it would work for them.  First they strode  into the water, but nothing happened.  Then one of them remembered that  the giants had been splashed on by sodas first.  The girls then started  splashing one another with sodas.  When they were completely soaked with  soda they started walking into the water again.  Whatever magic or  phenomenon that had made the two newcomers grow was gone.  Try as they  might, the regulars just didn't grow any bigger.  Cindy suggested that  maybe they had to flash their tits first but Veronica and the rest of  the girls wouldn't have any part in that. Then one of them suggested  that maybe they had to walk into the water as pairs like the giants had  done.  The first pair of girls walked in but nothing happened.  The  second pair was just beginning to walk in when suddenly a giant foot  crashed down into the water in front of them, throwing up a huge wall of  water which crashed over the entire group of regulars and deposited them  far up onto the beach. 

"Well, well, well, what do you suppose we have here Jaimie?" "Looks like  a bunch of drowned rats.  What do you suppose they were doing in the  water, Vickie?"  "I think they were trying to grow big like us." "It doesn't look like it  worked to me, they look as tiny as everyone else!"  "Yeah, they are pretty pathetic looking." "Vickie, which one was it that  thought your boobs were fake and that I had a nose job and liposuction?"  "That one there, with the pink bikini.  Hey, you there, miss pink  bikini, you still think these aren't real?  Maybe you and your friends  would like to examine them up close!"  Vickie got down on her knees and lowered her breast over the group of  women who cowered in fear.  Tons and tons of boob flesh loomed over them  and dropped down blotting out their view of anything else.  Her breast  was of a size unimaginable to them, the nipple itself was bigger than  any one of them.  It contacted the sand and held there.  The girls  didn't know what to do.  Then the breast began to lower further and they  screamed in fear.  Delicately, Vickie lowered her breast until she could  feel the women trapped under her breast.  She could feel them squirming  and pushing against her skin and she enjoyed the feeling.  After 30  seconds, which felt like an eternity to the girls trapped below, she  lifted back up and sat down in the sand on her knees facing the girls.   Her legs were spread apart and intentional or not, she was giving the  crowd and the girls a prime view of her nicely trimmed and waxed pussy.   Her hands were on her hips and she laughed as the girls tried vainly to  regain their composure after having nearly been smooshed under her tit.  "Well, did it feel real enough for you?  Maybe you'd like to feel the  other one?  No? OK, I guess you're satisfied then.  Anyone want to check  out Jaimie for liposuction scars? I'm sure she'd give you a real close  look!" 

Jaimie took a seat next to Vickie.  She sat in nearly an identical  manner.  Somehow, there was almost something regal about it, almost as  if they were holding court.  They were the judges, the girls were the  accused, and the crowd was a gallery of interested on-lookers.  The  girls were already sorry they had ever messed with these two giant  newcomers.  Most wished they could have melted away somehow into the  crowd, but the crowd was into it.  Somehow the crowd already sensed that  these girls had done something to the two giantesses and now they  smelled revenge. Just like the two giants, the crowd was not about to  let the girls get away without getting their "just desserts".  "Well then, Vickie, as I recall, these girls like to embarrass other  women by tricking them into showing off their tits.  I'm showing mine  off and your showing yours off, seems to me they ought to do the same."  "That's not fair!", yelled Veronica, but her voice was too insubstantial  to be heard by the giants. 

Jaimie reached forward with her hand.  Instinctively the girls scattered  out of the way, but Jaimie wasn't reaching for them.  She dipped her  hand into the sand, grabbed a handful and poured it out near where the  girls were standing.  She repeated it a couple more times.  It was like  watching the world's largest steam shovel in operation.  When she was  done she had a nice little hill of sand, near the girls and a deep broad  hole nearer to Vickie and herself.  Vickie patted the top of the hill  down making the hill flat.  The girls had no idea what she was doing and  huddled together watching in confusion. 
"Ok girls up on top of the hill.", commanded Jaimie Vickie had no idea  what Jaimie was up to but watched with growing anticipation.  Slowly,  accompanied by several of the girls slipping, they reached the top of  the hill.  Not knowing what to do next, they stood there, waiting.  "Ok, take em off girls.  I want you all topless and right now!  And I  don't want to see anyone covering up... that would be a big mistake!"  Not really having much of a choice, the girls did so, dropping their  tops off near their feet.  The crowd moved in around the other three  sides of the base of the hill to get a better view.  As each new pair of  tits was revealed, the crowd cheered.  Not being allowed to cover up,  the girls turned inward toward one another and stood close together,  trying vainly to maintain some semblance of dignity.  The girls turned  on Veronica who was now wearing nothing but her neon green bottoms,  accusing her of starting this whole mess with the spilled sodas.  "Ok girls, pick up those tops and throw em into the crowd!"  Eagerly,  hands reached out of the crowd to catch the flying tops. "So far, so  good.  Now then, as you may have noticed, Vickie and I are not wearing  bottoms.  I don't think it's fair that you should get to wear bottoms  when we can't.  Soooo, take em off, gals! And remember, no covering up.   After all, Vickie and I aren't covering up!  When you got em off, throw  them into the crowd, too!" 

The crowd roared in approval at the new order.  The girls balked at the  new order, but a scowl from Vickie quickly changed their minds.  Loud  cheers erupted at the sight of each bottom being removed.  Last of all  was Veronica who was almost in tears as she reluctantly pulled off her  green bottoms.  The girls faces were completely red with embarrassment.   They wanted to crawl into a hole and disappear but there was no where  for them to go.  Worse, being up on the hill the giants had created,  meant that they could be seen by even more of the crowd.  It was like  being naked on stage in front of a packed theater.  They threw their  bottoms into the crowd.  The bottoms were sought after even more  viciously than the tops.  The girls involuntarily went back into their  huddle, acutely aware of the view they were affording the crowd.  They  grew angrier with one another and began to insult one another.  The  hostilities grew and soon several of them were fighting with one  another, pulling hair, kicking, and scratching. 

"Enough!", bellowed Jaimie, and the fighting instantly stopped.  "Now  spread yourselves out and walk around the top of the hill letting  everyone get a good view of your little goodies.  Keep walking until I  tell you to stop."  "That ought to teach them, Vickie.", laughed Jaimie. "Well almost,  Jaimie, we still need to get even for dumping those sodas on us."  "Oh yeah, I almost forgot about that.  You got any ideas?  Hey! I said  keep walking girls!"  Vickie leaned over and whispered into Jaimie's ear.  Jaimie looked down  at the hole where the hill had come from and then over at the girls.   Vickie already had an evil grin on her face and as Jaimie looked back  and forth between the hole in the sand and the girls, the same grin  spread across hers.  "Just you or both of us?", asked Jaimie. "Well they dumped sodas on both  of us, so I would say we both need to get even."  "Sounds logical.  Will you do the honors and preside over the ceremony?"  "I'd be delighted.", replied Vickie.  "Ok girls, you can stop walking,  now!" 

Vickie reached forward with her hand and held it at the level of the top  of the hill.  The girls didn't know what to do and merely looked over at  her huge hand.  Vickie's hand was large enough to easily hold the lot of  them.  "Ok girls, hop on, you're going for a little ride." Again there was  hesitation.  "NOW!" The girls jumped as if they had been hit with cattle prods.   Almost at a run they headed over to Vickie's hand and climbed up into  her palm.  When they were all "on-board" Vickie lifted the hand up to  where Jaimie and she could both get a good look at the naked little  girls.  "My, my, what tiny little titties, you know what, Jaimie, I'd swear they  were bigger when they were wearing suits.  You don't suppose they stuff,  do you?"  "I think you're right, Vickie.  Look, that blonde is definitely not a  natural one.  Tsk Tsk , darling, looks like your little pussy gave you  away.  Is it my imagination or do these girls tits seem to be a little  bit flabbier without the support of their tops?  Their so tiny, it's  kinda hard to tell.  What do you think, Vickie?" 

"Oh yes, sag city, Jaimie.  Definitely.  Uggh, look at their hair!  My  little brother could have done a better job than whatever hair stylist  they used!  Well, enough of this, girls, time for the next phase of your  punishment!"  Vickie lowered the girls down into the hole.  Unceremoniously, she  tilted her hand and dropped the girls off into the hole.  A couple of  them tried, successfully to cling to her hand, but she shook her hand a  little and dropped them off as well.  The girls looked around.  The  sides of the hole were too steep to climb up.  The crowd began to move  towards the hole but the two giants shushed them away; the crowd had  already had enough of a show.  Besides, they didn't want them getting in  the way.  To the girls, being stuck down in a hole, the two giants  seemed even bigger as they loomed menacingly above them.  "Now then, girls, Jaimie and I were not very happy being drenched with  that ice cold sticky soda. We've discussed the matter and have decided  upon a punishment which we feel to be most appropriate.  Which one of  you was the one who dropped the sodas on us?  I want her to step  forward." 

The girl hesitated, but her "friends", hoping the punishment would be  limited to the one who had actually spilled the sodas on them, pushed  Veronica forward.  "Ahhh, excellent.  Now then, tell us, was it your idea to spill the soda  on us so that we would show off our tits or was it everyone's.  Since  you are too tiny for us to hear, raise your hands if it was everyone."  The other girls yelled for Veronica to keep her hands down, but Veronica  didn't feel like taking the rap herself, especially since the other  girls had talked her into doing it.  She raised her hands and the other  girls swore they'd get even with her.  But that would have to be after  whatever punishment the giants had planned for them.  "I thought so.  That definitely makes things easier.  Jaimie, do you  want to go first?" 

"Oh no, Vickie, I wouldn't dream of it!  After all, it was your idea.  I  think you should have the first honors." "Well ok, if you insist!"  Without warning, Vickie let loose with a small, for her, burst of pee.   The stream of foul golden liquid squarely struck Veronica, knocking her  down into the sand and drenching her completely.  It stung her eyes and  smelled horribly.  When it was over, Veronica lay in a small puddle of  piss which was slowly draining away into the sand.  Both giants were  laughing derisively at her and her predicament. 
"I only wish it had been ice cold instead of warm.  It certainly is more  smelly and probably just as sticky.  Thank-you, now please move out of  the way for the next girl.  Jaimie, I believe its your turn." "Thank - you Vickie.   All right, who's next?  Let's hurry this up and get it  over with.  Come on, we can do this the nice way or the hard way, but  either way, it is going to happen. It's your choice but if you want my  opinion, you don't want to try the hard way!  Ahhh, our next volunteer.   Please stand where the other girl was.  No sense worrying about that  little puddle, darling." 

Hesitantly, the girl stepped into the still lingering cold puddle of  piss.  The smell was worse than any bathroom she had ever been in.  She  waited, intentionally not looking up, but nothing happened.  She  couldn't wait any longer, she had to look.  Up above her she could see  the two grinning giants, their faces looking down at her over their  mammoth sized breasts.  Involuntarily her eyes moved down to Jaimie's  pussy.  Jaimie's fingers had the lips spread apart and she could see  directly into the deep red and pink interior.  And then it came, first  there was a hissing sound and then a waterfall of liquid was on it's way  headed right for her.  She threw her arms up to protect her face, but it  didn't really matter.  The crushing wall of liquid struck her full on,  knocking her over like a giant wave.  The remaining piss crashed into  her throwing her around a bit and then it was over.  She was drenched  from head to toe with the giant's piss and covered with sand as well.   In a manner of seconds, she had become a complete mess.  She looked back  up at the giants who were snickering at her and giving each other high  fives.  A lone drop of pee dripped from Jaimie's pussy and landed in the  hole a small distance away from her.  That single drop had almost been  as big as her!  Well, she conceded, at least it was over, now it was  someone else's turn.  She walked over to where the first girl stood,  shivering now that the warmth of the piss had evaporated away.  "Well now, looks like four more to go.  Such a shame, this really is  more fun than I had imagined! Well let's change things around this time  and do two at once.  You take the one on the right, Jaimie, and I'll do  the one on the left.   Ok, lets go girls, this time we need two  contestants!  You know the drill by now, stand in the puddle where your  friends were before." 

Two of the girls resignedly walked forward into the puddle.  They looked  up and waited.  They knew what was coming, they had seen what was going  to happen twice before.  They didn't expect anything different this time  and indeed there wasn't.  One of the two giants called out ready, set,  go and then they were knocked down by a wall of piss.  Even though they  knew it was coming, they couldn't stand against it, it was too  overwhelming.  For the giants it was hard holding back, at their size it  didn't take much to drench the girls, just the smallest of squirts.   When it was over, the two smelly, sand covered girls  joined the other  two girls.  Just two girls were left. 

"Okay gals, now serving numbers five and six.  Come on down and assume  the position.  You know the routine by now, don't keep us waiting!   Which one do you want, Jaimie, left or right?"  "I think I'll go for the one on the left." "Okay, lets do it!" Just as  had happened before, the two girls were knocked down and drenched by the  small spurt of pee from the two giants.  Before the two girls could get  to their feet, Vickie ordered all of the girls into the lingering  puddle. 

"You know what Jaimie, I really enjoyed pissing on them, the only  problem was that it was really hard holding back from peeing more." "I  know what you mean, Vickie. Once you get going, it's really hard to  stop."  "What do you say we give it a shot here where we don't stop, let's just  pee until we fill the hole up." "I got an even better idea, lets pee  until we nearly fill the hole up.  That way they won't be able to get  out and they'll have to swim in our piss!" 

"I never knew you had such a mean streak in you, Jaimie! Let's do it!"  The girls ran in terror, but there wasn't really anywhere they could run  to.  For them, the hole was very large and the walls too steep to climb.   To the giants, the hole was actually fairly small, after all it had been  made from 3-4 scoopfulls of sand.  The two giants watched the girls  running around and then began peeing.  Instead of the little squirts  they had used before, this time they used a continuous stream.  The  girls ran away from where the streams were hitting but then the hole  began to fill up.  A few seconds later and the girls had to tread  "water".  Now they were truly at the mercy of the currents which swept  them around, forcing them into the streams which drove them tumbling  under the surface.  Then the girls would resurface only to get caught up  in the whirlpool currents and repeat the dunking.  After several  seconds, the giants pissing stopped and slowly the currents in the piss- pool began to die down.  With nothing to grab on to, the girls were  forced to tread piss.  Vickie and Jaimie had never seen a more pathetic  sight in their lives and laughed out loud at the girls. 

"You know Vickie, they don't look very happy." "Yeah that's gratitude  for you.  We give them their own personal hot tub and do they thank us?  No."  "Well, the level in the pool is dropping, maybe they want us to refill  it."  "That must be it! I'll help them out." The level of the pool had dropped  down about halfway.  Vickie started peeing again and once again  whirlpool like currents grew in the pool swinging the girls around and  into Vickie's stream.  It was like watching a mixing bowl in operation.   Too quickly, for Vickie, the pool was refilled.  "I don't think that was it, they still look unhappy." "I guess they've  had enough pee, they must want out.  Do you want to pull them out,  Vickie?"  "No way, I aint touching them, they're too gross!" "Well I'm not going  to touch them.  I know, lets pee them out.  We'll fill up the hole and  then they'll either be washed out or swim their way out."  The two giants began peeing again.  With two streams flowing into the  pool, the whirlpool currents grew greater but the pool filled up faster  as well.  The level of the piss reached the top of the hole and then  began to run out onto the adjacent sand.  With the aid of the swirling  currents, the girls were able to swim their way out.  Seeing the girls  had made it out, the giants stopped peeing.  The girls dragged  themselves onto dry sand and lay exhausted.  Maybe now their punishment  would be over, they hoped. 

"Think they've had enough, Jaimie?" "One more thing and I think their  through, Vickie."  "What's that?" "I think the only thing wrong with these girls is that  they've never had a really good fucking!"  "How are we gonna do that?  They're a little on the small side." "Were  not going to do it, we'll get volunteers from the crowd!", said Jaimie  and then she addressed the crowd which had loyally remained to watch the  ensuing show, "Well how about it?  I need six volunteers.  Anyone whose  interested stand over here, those who just want to watch, move over  there." 
Even though the girls were thoroughly soaked in piss, there were at  least twenty volunteers eager to have a turn with one of the girls.  "Hmmm, seems to be a few more than we need, well, I'll just have to  choose among you.  I want all of you to take your clothes off.  Good,  now, climb up onto my hand, I want to get a good look at you."  Jaimie held the men up so that both she and Vickie could get a good  luck.  Like captains picking their teams they began choosing the men.   Quickly they had six, but what to do with the other fourteen?  Jaimie  put them down and told them to wait, they too were going to get some  pussy. She put the six men over by the girls. 
"All right, move up onto the hill.  Good.  Now, I think I want to see  some doggy style action going. Fuck them real hard boys, they need it.   Fuck em like they've never been fucked before!  If any of them gives you  any trouble, you just raise your hand and Vickie and I will give you  some help." 

The two giants leaned down next to the hill so they could get a closer  view.  In front of them all of the six girls were getting fucked doggy  style.  The men were going at it with gusto, they could see the girls  butts wiggling and tits flopping as the men slammed into them over and  over again.  For the giants it was like watching a porno movie in  miniature.  Better yet, they were the directors. They'd yell grab their  tits and the men would grab them.  Jaimie yelled out for them to spank  their asses and the men beat the girls asses until they glowed red.   They ordered the girls to give the men blow jobs, immediately all six  mens dicks were being sucked by the girls.  Vickie  ordered the men to  fuck the girls in the ass and the men obediently did so.  Whatever they  commanded, the men and girls instantly obeyed.  It was highly powerful  and erotic and both girls were getting turned on by the scene playing  out in front of them.  Now they knew what the other fourteen men would  do. They split them up and, opening up their pussy lips for them,  dropped them onto their wet, turned-on pussies.  They ordered the men to  make them come and then alternated between watching the fuck-fest taking  place before them on the hill and concentrating on their own fuck-fest  taking place in their cavernous pussies.  Some of the men on the hill  came and lay in exhaustion next to the girl they were fucking.  As  quickly as that would happen one of the giants would order a new  volunteer to take over.  They didn't want it to stop, at least not until  they themselves had come.  Jaimie and Vickie stroked their breasts,  teasing and pulling on their nipples. Vickie pulled one tit after the  other up to her mouth and sucked and bit on her own nipple. Below, in  their pussies was a growing fire.  Never before had their clits felt  such sensations.  They could actually feel sensations coming from  different parts as each man worked on his part of their clits.  Vickie  started moaning first.  Hearing Vickie moan turned Jaimie on and she  began moaning as well.  Then they were both moaning.  Next they began  bucking their hips.  Then they came. Screaming.  People hundreds of  miles away must have heard them. Their pussies filled with their juices  as they rocked with orgasm.  Everything else was forgotten as they  blissfully reveled in their pleasure.  How long it lasted, they didn't  know, but eventually the men in their pussies either leaked out along  with their love juices or expired within.  Either way, the sensations on  their clits ceased and the giants both sighed, satiated for the moment.  "Was that incredible, or what?  Those guys found spots I didn't know I  had!" 

"Yeah, they were good.  That was only seven, I wonder what more would be  capable of?"  "I'm not sure I'm ready to find out yet." "Now where did those guys get  to?", said Jaimie separating her lips and searching her pussy, "I wanted  to thank them.  Ooops, I think I found them or at least what's left of  them.  Looks like they couldn't handle my orgasm.  Delicate little  things, aren't they?" 
"Mine didn't make it either.  It just seems so romantic, somehow.  They  gave their lives for our pleasure.  It's almost heroic." "Don't make too  big a deal out of it.  They probably wouldn't have volunteered if they  knew they weren't going to make it." 
"I guess so, it's just that no one ever died for me before." "They  didn't die for you, they died because of you."  "Well you have it your way and I'll have it mine.  Personally, I feel  better about it thinking they made the ultimate sacrifice in my honor.   Oooops, have we forgotten about something?" 

"Oh yeah!  Ok, Ok, everybody, that's enough.  I think these girls have  had enough fucking.  Ok you men, move away, excellent job, everyone.   Well done!  You've fucked em like I'm sure they've never been before."  The girls collapsed in exhaustion.  None of the girls had less than 6  men fuck them and one of the girls was being fucked by the fourteenth  when the giants had called a stop.  They were a total mess.  Their  pussies and assholes had been fucked raw, their butts glowed beet red  from having been spanked mercilessly, and their tits were sore from  being man-handled, tit-fucked, and squeezed by so many men.  In addition  to still being coated with sand and smelling of the giant's piss, they  also carried the smell of the men's sweat and their jism which leaked  out of every pore that had been fucked and coated their faces, backs,  and stomachs.  It was a far cry from the proud group of stuck up little  princesses that had arrived at the beach earlier that day.  The girls  were too exhausted to move.  The two giants carefully picked the girls  up and dropped them off next to the crushed remains of the lifeguard  tower. 

"Ok girls, Vickie and I decided we're leaving now.  I guess you can have  our spot, after all.  Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.  You girls  look like you could use another shower, but Vickie and I just don't have  the heart to piss on you again.  I hope you all learned your lesson on  being nice to others.  See you later, girls." 
Vickie and Jaimie walked over to the parking lot crushing several cars  in the process.  Their feet were just too big to fit in the lanes  between the parked cars.  At first they were careful, picking their way  cautiously through the cars.  After a couple steps, when they saw that  there really wasn't anyway to avoid it, they started putting their feet  down, wherever they liked, which often times ended up directly on the  lines of parked automobiles.  The feeling of trampling on the cars was  actually enjoyable.  Vickie spotted her own car and picked it up.  "What are you going to do with that?", asked Jaimie, looking at the  miniature sized vehicle. 

"I don't know, Jaimie, I just didn't want it to get stolen." "You are so  silly, Vickie!  Come on, I got an urge to head downtown and give some of  those office workers who work in the high rise buildings there a real  thrill." 

Side by side, the two giants, one holding her precious little car, the  other feeling a growing tingling sensation in her pussy, headed toward  the downtown high rise section of the city.  It would never be the same  again. 

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