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Author's Chapter Notes:

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! Sorry that I've been really inactive as of late, thanks to my new PC, but I promise that I'll try to write more. For now enjoy the story!!

         The fire was roaring, there was a box of chocolates on the floor, and underneath the Christmas tree, among the presents and decorations, was a girl with silver hair and a well-endowed body. Laid out on the floor with a drunken stupor on her face and blush that could rival Rudolph’s ever red nose. Hair all aflutter and clothes wrinkled, she seemed giddy, but at the same time tired. While a bizarre sight to be sure, but that was far from the only thing off about the scene. As the girl’s ample chest bounced up and down with her breaths, a small almost indistinguishable figure came into frame. Sandwiched between the girl’s massive orbs was a tiny person. No larger than a bug, his tiny form couldn’t have been more than half an inch tall and he was passed out in between the cleavage of a girl almost 160 times his size, and much like the giant girl, he also seemed to have a large blush on his face, it wasn’t because of any drunken stupor as it seemed more lustful and given his current position in between the girl’s bosom it made complete sense as to why he had been so flustered. And as for how the two ended up in this position, well that’s a long story…


         It was Christmas Eve! The night was young and snow was falling. A festive environment lied in the center of most Japanese homes and celebration was in the air. In a certain home, this fact couldn’t be more than true as a tight-knit group of friends celebrated the holiday with a casual party. A couple of normal-sized girls and those of similar stature as the boy from earlier filled the house with a pleasant mood. Exchanging gifts and eating food, the group had fun as many friends would. However, among them was someone who wanted to be more than friends with a certain silver-haired girl with a cutesy white bow and an optimistic ponytail.


         Sitting on the living room table was a tiny boy with short dark blue hair. He was idly staring at the girl as she said goodbye to some of her friends. He was absolutely enthralled by her. Everything about the girl seemed to make his tiny heart race. Her beautiful purple eyes, her gentle smile, her kind personality, and most importantly… her ridiculously hot body!! Scanning her body up and down with lustful eyes the “enthusiastic” tiny boy fantasized about her until the clock’s hand turned and a full hour had passed. Nose-bleeding and “you know what” standing up when the tiny boy came to his senses, he had realized that she and he were the only ones left at the party. Exhausted and finally done cleaning the girl let out a sigh of relief and headed towards the living room to unwind and relax. Without even noticing the tiny boy, she kicked her feet up on the table and started examining a box of chocolates she had received with hungry eyes. Still enthralled by her almost angelic appearance, the boy had little time to react before her stuffy sock covered feet landed directly in front of him, knocking him back and wafting over a slightly unpleasant scent of sweat. Covering his nose, the boy backed away to escape the girl’s feet before anything potentially dangerous happened, though much to his dismay, something quite bad was about to take place…


         “Tonight, was so fun! I can’t wait for next year…” She mumbled happily as she ate the chocolates she had received, all while absentmindedly scratching at her heel with her foot to peel off her socks. This proved to be quite troublesome for the tiny boy as, despite his best efforts, he couldn’t get enough distance before the voluptuous girl’s discarded socks landed directly on top of him. And while stuff like this was far from an uncommon occurrence for the tiny, that didn’t mean it was any less unpleasant. Surrounded by her aroma and covered by an oddly relaxing warmth. Wanting to get out as soon as possible, he got down on all fours and started crawling his way out from under. To clear his mind from the unfortunate situation, he imagined that a certain other kind of fabric had fallen on top of him. Fantasizing about what it’d be like to be trapped under the girl’s bra, he closed his eyes and became lost in thought while he crawled. 

Head clouded with lewd thoughts, he daydreamed about what it’d be like to embrace the soft and bouncy flesh of her bosom, and how good it’d feel to rub against it. Just the thought had him drooling and knowing how hard it was to get close to her boobs somehow made the boy lust even more, however, this daydreaming would not last long as a calming, slightly slurred voice called over to him.

“Shuichi?! I didn’t know you were still here hic…” She said with a large blush and giddy smile on her face. “Aaaannnd most importantly~~ why are you doing that to my foot?” Snapped out of his daydream the tiny boy opened his eyes to find that he had been unconsciously rubbing himself on her foot. Embarrassment filled his tiny soul and his face became flushed with a bright red before he pulled away from her foot. A strand of saliva trailing off from the boy’s mouth connecting to her foot didn’t help the situation, but he still tried desperately to come up with a reasonable explanation. 

“Uhhhh… M-Megumi, it’s not what it looks like!!” Shuichi shouted, his feeble voice barely reaching the girl’s ears. Still trying to come up with something good, he eventually came up with something barely passable, however, as he tried to speak up he was rudely interrupted as Megumi’s tipsy voice boomed down to him.

“Oooohhhh, I~~~ get it! It was cold so you were trying to warm yourself up!” She exclaimed as if she had solved some case, and while completely untrue, it was a way better excuse than Shuichi’s relatively tiny brain could come up with. Nervous and relieved at the same time, he happily agreed went along with it before following up with an anxious laugh, however, he’d soon learn that this was yet another mistake as the girl began reaching down towards him. Her fingers wrapped around his tiny body like a python and the boy was very quickly brought up to Megumi’s face.

Clinging tightly to Megumi’s soft hand, he stared deep into her flustered face, drifting purple eyes, and giddy expression. And when Shuichi looked down he found exactly what had gone wrong. Being the sweet tooth she was, Megumi often never thought twice before indulging herself in whatever sugary candy or sweets in her vicinity and this fact hadn’t changed when she was mistakenly given a certain brand of french liquor chocolates. Unable to actually read what they were called, she blindly scarfed down without a second thought, and even despite the chocolate’s low alcohol content, she had somehow eaten enough to become shit-faced drunk. This didn’t bode well at all for the tiny Shuichi as unlike her normal caring and gentle self, drunk Megumi was completely unpredictable and considering how there was no escape from his current position, all he could do was prepare himself for the worst.

“Hehe, if you’re so cold~~ let me help you warm up!!~” She giggled unbuttoning her top to reveal a lush and bountiful bosom. To the tiny boy, it was like staring into a canyon of pure wonder and excitement. The softness of her breasts and the sheer scale was like heaven and he could barely contain himself. If not for Megumi’s tight grip he probably would’ve jumped right in. After unbuttoning her shirt, she let out a sigh of relief before lowering Shuichi down to the carpeted floor.

“Ahhhh~~ That’s a lot better, hehe. It’s way easier to breathe! Now...*hic*” Without a second’s warning, she dropped her feet down from the table and gently pressed them onto Shuichi, surrounding him on all sides to the point where his entire world was shrouded by Megumi’s humid feet. 

“I was walking around a lot during that party so I hope my feet are warm enough for you hehe…” She said, prodding him with her toes, rubbing him across her sole, and playing around with his tiny body as if it was some kind of foot toy. After a couple of minutes and many fruitless attempts to call out to her, Shuichi’s body was covered from head to toe in Megumi’s sweat and all the dignity had drained from his tiny soul. Deciding that there was no way he was getting out of this situation, and as Megumi slowly wriggled her toes across the tinies body, he eventually passed out from the sheer embarrassment of it all, hoping that he’d dream of happier thoughts…

A couple of minutes later, Megumi took notice of the napping Shuichi and, in a drunken state, decided to join him. Gently picking his tiny body up, Megumi placed him between her ample bosom and found a nice, comfortable spot on the floor in which she could pass out, bringing their wonderful Christmas activities to an end…



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