Just Like In The Movies by Flagpole_Sitta97
Summary: (This story will be set in the same world as my previous Story, A Different View. I deleted that one due to the fact I wasn't really feeling it and I didn't really have much time to write on it). 17 year old Dave gets invited to a new years eve party and gets shrunk by a ex who happens to be at the party also.
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Growth: Brobdnignagian (51 ft. to 100 ft.)
Shrink: Minikin (3 in. to 1 in.)
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This will be set a couple of years after the events of "A Different View". Comments and Reviews welcome.

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Who Knew? by Flagpole_Sitta97
Author's Notes:
Reviews and Comments appreciated.
Monday, December 27th, 2010.

I woke up today at around 10 o'clock this morning, made myself a bowl of Frosted Flakes, watched a couple of Youtube videos on my PC, and then decided to play some of GTA IV: The Complete Edition on my Xbox 360 that I got for Christmas.

"The days between Christmas and New Years feel like nothing feels like purgatory" I think to myself, as I steal a police car in GTA. After a couple of hours, I get a call from my mom on my phone, I pick it up.

"Hello?" I say, with my other hand on the controller pausing the game.

"Are you alright back in Oregon?" My mom says, her and dad in NYC for the ball drop, sounds of the wind of the snow and cars rushing pass them and honking are in the background.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I still can't believe you and dad went to FUCKING NEW YORK, it's a blizzard there right now" I say.

"Don't CURSE DAVID REID" Mom says, shocked. "Dan, did you just hear what your child said to me?" Dad laughs in the background.

"Well anyways, we'll be home probably by the 3rd of January. We've been gone for two days and you haven't done anything stupid, YET, but anyways love you" Mom says as she hangs up the phone.

I play GTA for another hour or so and then I decide to quit and go watch some TV in the living room. I flick through channels, a old re-run of "Married With Children", a commercial for "Now That's What I Call Music 32" , Cartoon Network playing a Christmas Special of "Ed, Edd, N' Eddy", and Comedy Central airing a Dane Cook standup comedy special." I just go onto the DVR and pick a one of the episodes of "Jimmy Kimmel Live" that dad recorded a couple of months ago.

As I watch the episode, I see that one of the guests is Jack Cooper. "Isn't that the dude from Wisconsin who got shrunk from some bad pills and became famous a couple of years ago" I thought. "It's amazing that I've survived all that, getting swallowed by my sister(you hear a couple of laughs from some dirty minded people in the audience, the camera pans over to Jack's Family in the front row, Annie his now 20 year old sister looking ashamed)." Jack says, shifting around in the miniature couch on Kimmel's desk. "Yeah I gotta say Jack, that's amazing. So how much did you get from the settlement from that Irish health service?" Jimmy says. "About 14 million Euros, which exchanges into almost 20 million American dollars" Jack says, bending over to scratch his foot. "Ireland and the rest of the U.K is a great country Jimmy, after going to court I took a train up to Northern Ireland. Minus the IRA stuff, it's a country I plan on having my wedding in" Jack says. "Yeah, so you've gotten any movie deals yet?" Jimmy says. "Yeah, a guy from 20th Century Fox came up to me to tell me that they're making a movie based on what happened the days before and after my shrinkage, apparently I'll be played by Shia LaBeouf, they said they expect it to come out around spring of 2012" Jack says. "Well that's great, I'll make sure to come to the movie premiere " Jimmy says, as he segways into the commercial break.

I get up and walk to the kitchen and grab a Coke can, I notice the time is 2:42pm from the clock on the oven. I get a call from one of my friends from school, Adam. I pick up the phone.
"What's up dude?" Adam says.

"Nothing much, today has been a borefest for me. I've done nothing besides watch T.V and Youtube. You wanna go down to Samantha's and go hang out with her?" I say, taking another sip of my Coke.

"Ehhh, she was kinda rude last time we went to go see her, I don't know if it was because it was her time of the month or she just really didn't like us that day for some reason" Adam says.

"Well she was stressed out kinda that day about her SAT scores and shit like that, I'd be kinda pissed too if I didn't get the score that I thought I would get" I say, a small burp comes out of my mouth.

"Well anyways I don't wanna go to her house, her parents act like we're trying to have a gangbang with her or something perverted" Adam says, making the decision final in his voice.

"Fine, we won't go to Sam's. Maybe let's go to Dairy Queen and get something to eat there and we'll talk" I say, grabbing my car keys off the counter and hanging up.

I walk to my room and change my white t-shirt to a black hoodie and and some blue jeans and my pair of Adidas. I head out the door and get into my gray 1999 Honda Civic. I put the keys into the ignition and turn, I pull out of the driveway. "Movies" by Alien Ant Farm is playing out of my radio as I pull in front of the mailbox of Adam's parents house.

Adam opens the door and comes in. I pull off out of the neighborhood and into the traffic. "You've had the same music taste since middle school, you know what" Adam says, Blink 182's "Man Overboard" is playing on the radio.

"Well yeah, but would you rather have me turn it to the pop station and start blasting that fucking Justin Bieber song?" I say, turning into a different lane.

"God no, Haley is fucking hooked on that kid. I can't go a single minute in my own house without hearing Baby Baby Baby oh" Adam says, annoyed.

"yEAH, that's what I thought" I said, turning into the Dairy Queen parking lot. We both get out and walk into the DQ, order our food and sit down and eat. As we eat, we notice a couple of kids from our High School walk in, the popular ones. "Dave, look" Adam says, motioning with his hand towards the food counter.

"Jake Brawley, the poster boy for "Popular High School Jock" with his brown hair and his 6 foot four figure, and his girlfriend Becky Lawnsdale, she was one of the few actually nice popular girls in school and I actually had my first kiss with her in 8th grade" I think to myself.

"Oh jeez, I had my first kiss with the blonde chick in 8th grade" I say, biting off a chicken finger. The couple get their food and get a table right behind Me and Adam. Becky notices me and waves, I wave back with a smile. "How do you know her?" Jake says, defensively.

"I kissed him in 8th grade, Jake. Relax" Becky says.

"Whatever whatever, if you make any moves on my girl when we get back from winter break, I'll fuck you up." Jake says.

Adam seems shocked, I just ignore the jock and start eating my french fries. About ten minutes later, Jake gets up and goes to the bathroom. Becky walks over to our table and says. "I'm sorry that my boyfriend was being an ass, you can come to my New Years party. I'm inviting you and uh, your friend." Becky says, touching my hand.

"Thanks, we'll be there" I say. "Where do you live?" Adam says.

"Not too far from where I think Dave lives, like if you keep going you'll see another neighborhood, with bigger houses and stuff." Becky says.

"How do you know where I live?" I say, kinda creeped out.

"I mean, my parent's and I have driven past your house while you're standing outside doing something " Becky says.

I don't really get anytime to react, Jake comes out of the bathroom and Becky quickly acts like she was walking towards the bathroom.

As I drive home I think, "Man, who knew me and Adam, two losers would be invited to a new years party by one of the most popular girls in school" "Today" by The Smashing Pumpkins is playing out of my radio, as I cruise down the road.
End Notes:
So yeah, that was the first chapter, I'd love to know your thoughts. Don't worry, fetish content is coming soon.
Samantha's Fetishes by Flagpole_Sitta97
After Dave drove home and arrived around 5 o'clock in the evening, he didn't really do much for the remainder of that day besides surf the web and complete a couple of more missions in GTA:The Lost And The Damned, one of the games in his GTA pack. He ordered a pizza from one of the local pizza places and fell asleep on the couch in his underwear while watching "The Hangover" on HBO.

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010.

I woke up later then I think I ever had. Honestly the fact it was 1' o clock in the afternoon scared me.

"God, that was the best sleep I've ever had" I said to myself, as I get up from the couch. I go to my parent's bathroom and take a shower and freshen myself up. I walk out of the restroom in a white T-shirt and a pair of green basketball shorts. I check my phone and see if I got any missed calls.

I open up my phone and see I've gotten a missed call from Samantha and Mom, and some other number I don't recognize with a out of state area code, I call Mom first.

"Hello?" I say, when she picks up, I scratch my head.

"You alright sweetheart? Me and your father are in Atlantic City right now, your dad seems to be in heaven with all the casinos around us, I forgot he used to have a gambling addiction back when we got married back in '81" Says mom, I hear yelling and clapping in the background.

"Yeah, I'm fine" I say, walking towards the table near the couch, inspecting the 5 slices left out of the 10 slice pizza I had yesterday.

"What did you eat last night, Dave?" Mom says, sounding kinda concerned.

"Nothing bad, just a pizza I ordered from that Italian place near the 7/11" I say

"Well, alright then" Mom says, you can hear her walking and the sounds of yelling and screaming start to fade a bit.

"Love you Mom" I say, as I hang up the phone.

I microwave three slices of pizza from the other night, the Italian sausage, Ham, and pepperoni smell in my mouth lingering after I eat it. A pour myself a glass of Pepsi and call Samantha.

"So, what's up Sammy?" I say, teasingly.

"Don't call me that, that's sixth grade shit" Samantha says annoyed.

"Alright alright, what's up" I say, taking a swig of my Pepsi afterwards.

"Nothing much really, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out today, maybe come over my house and listen to Nirvana and talk or something like that?" Samantha says.

"I'm down for that, when do you wanna do it" I say, noticing the time is 1:07pm.

"Ehh, maybe a hour from now. My parents will probably be out doing something at some chruch, probably helping out with some kinda feeding the homeless program" Samantha says, you can kinda hear her stomach gurgle in the background.

"Sounds like someone needs something to eat" I say, mockingly.

"Har Har Dave, I actually just had a whole sleeve of Oreos" She says.

"Sounds like a well balanced brunch" I say, sarcastically.

"You shouldn't talking Dave, I heard you open up a soda bottle and pour some into your cup as I was talking" Samantha says.

"Uhhhhh" I say, kinda surprised.

"Yeah, that's what I thought. So are you coming or what?" Samantha says, shifting around on her bed.

"Yeah, I'll be there in a hour. See you then" I say, hanging up the phone.

I go to my room and boot up my Xbox 360, I play GTA for about 30 minutes, just driving around and having shootouts with the police and stuff. After that I go online and check out Reddit, for about 15 minutes, answering and upvoting various posts. And after that I get dressed in my hoodie and blue jeans and head out the door and drive off.

I arrive at Samantha's house in about 20 minutes, noticing her parent's 2007 Lexus RX not in the driveway, I sigh in relief as I pull into the driveway. "Damn, finally a time I come over and her parents aren't home." I say to myself as I take my keys out of the ignition and and close my car door and walk towards the front door.

Samantha opens it just in time as I start to knock, her strawberry blonde hair knocking me in the face, I see her brown eyes looking at me. She's dressed in a Blue T-shirt that shows some of her navel if she ever reached slightly towards something, and pair of checkered pajama pants. "Just in time" she says, moving out of the way. "Fuck, it's cold out there" she says pushing her hair out of her face as I walk in through the doorway.

The house was what one would call a McMansion, in the living room you could see a PS3 and a couple of games laying beside it. The kitchen looked nice, you can see a couple of leftover cookies from Christmas, on a plate on the stove. I walked in and sat down on the couch.

"So, where's Henry" I said, pointing towards the PS3 games.

"He went with Mom and Dad" Samantha says, walking towards the kitchen to grab a couple of sugar cookies off the plate and munching them down.

"Also, do you mind taking your shoes off? You know the rules, Dave" Samantha says annoyed.

"You know the rules, and so do I" I say, imitating Rick Astley as I take off my shoes and put them near the door.

Me and Samantha talk in the living room for about an hour and so and then she says "Do you wanna go to my room and talk or something, I'm honestly tired of being downstairs".

"Yeah, but I mean. Your parents could walk in any minute and they could hear my voice and I don't want them to think we're gonna...." My voice trails off.

"Gonna what? Have sex or something? Look David, my parents may not like you much, but I'm pretty sure they both know we won't fuck. They trust you that much, they know we're friends, not like friends with benefits" Samantha says, scratching her left ribcage.

"Well, ok then. But if they yell at us or something then I'll tell them it was your idea to go up stairs" I say, kinda sliding around with my socks on the carpeted floor.

Me and Samantha go upstairs, and she opens her door. I've only been in her room one other time, and that was in 9th grade to get something for her, and that was about it. Her room smells of lavender due to the plug in air freshener she has near her dresser, she has a small flat screen Sony TV on her dresser in front of her bed. Her walls are decorated in random band posters, stuff ranging from Nirvana, to Madonna.

"Wow, so this is your room" I say, looking at the Sum 41 poster near her bed.

"Yeah, it's a room. As you can tell I have a very wide taste of music" She says, eyeing the 3rd Eye Blind next to the Lady Gaga poster. She hops onto her bed, and I soon follow afterwards.

We sit on the bed and talk and talk, and then the conversation topic of "What we're into" comes up.

"Besides breast and ass and stuff like that, I've always kinda been into feet. I don't exactly have a foot fetish I say, but I do kinda get something out of it when I see a chick wearing a pair of flip flops and her toe nails are painted, I'll get a bit aroused. Not if it's my mother or relative or something, or just someone over the age of 40" I said.

"I mean, your dad did come from Arkansas" She starts off.

"Shut the fuck uppppp" I say, tired of the southern joke.

She sticks her foot in the air and forces near my face,"Eww nooo, I don't mean it like that" I can kinda get a whiff of her foot, it doesn't smell too much like anything.

She stops, laughing for a minute and then says "I don't really know how to explain it, but I'll try", she says, crossing her legs on the bed.

"So like, you've seen the movie "Honey I've Shrunk The Kids" Right?" she says.

"Yeah, like in third grade" I say.

"Ever since I saw that movie, like when I was 7 I wondered what it would be like, being like, tall y'know, like 100 feet tall" She says, kinda stumbling over her words.

"Go on...." I say, wondering where this is going.

"I've looked it up online what it is I'm exactly into, so it's called like Macrophilia. Like, you know that famous Jack Cooper guy?" She says, tapping on her legs a bit, her flesh bouncing a little.

"Yeah, the guy who was shrunk by some pills and is now a millionare?" I say.

"Like ever since I was like, 12 when he became famous and all, and like on Good Morning America, The Late Night Show With Jay Leno, and basically CNN and Fox News and all other 24/7 news stations would talk about him, if they weren't talking about politics and the election stuff that would happen next year. I think he even appeared on iCarly that year as a guest star." She says.

"And you're telling me all of that why?" I say.

"I used to dream of him, when I got older. Like last year, of like keeping him as a pet, letting him run up and down my stomach, him sleeping in my belly button. Me controlling him, like a pet hamster" She says, darting her eyes towards the window near the back of her room, wind rushing past it.

"Wait, when's your birthday" I say randomly.

"March 11th, 1995. Why?" Samantha says, confused.

"Because you being 12 during the events of that, I was thirteen. November 15th, 1993" I say.

"Oookayy" She says.

"So, you're not weirded out or anything?" She says, with a bit of fear in her voice.

"Nah, not at all. I mean when you go on the internet and see wayyy weirder shit people talk about and say that their into, this pales in comparison. Plus, everyone probably has one weird thing about them anyways. No one's really normal." I say, comforting her.

"Thanks Dave" She says, smiling a toothy smile at me.

"No problem, I smile back. "Who knows, one day you might be towering over Salem, and destroying the rest of Oregon with those size 10 feet of yours, imagine Samzilla!" I joke.

"You're really funny, you know what" She says, as she hops off the bed and heads into the bathroom.

About 10 minutes later, we're downstairs again. I turn on my Blackberry and see the time is 4:30pm, I also say "Hey, Samantha. Do you think I should get a new phone".

"I mean, you've had the phone for two years, you haven't really had it for long" She says as she changes the channel from TNT to Spike, 1000 Ways To Die is on the TV.

"I really want a iPhone honestly, I mean all the rich kids and school have 'em, and it looks wayy better than this Blackberry crap" I say.

"Yeah, I guess so" She says, putting her legs on the couch.

About a couple minutes later when the show cuts to the ad break, gets up and brings back a family size package of Oreos.

"Looks like you've took out the first row" I say.

"Yeah, I have" She says, as she starts on the second row.

After about 15 minutes or so, the whole package is empty.

I notice this and see her slightly bloated belly, gurgling.

"I didn't think you loved Oreos that much" I say, surprised.

She burps and says "You don't know Samantha that well then". Patting her belly softly.

"Why did you refer to yourself in the 3rd person?" I say.

"I mean, shit I don't know why either" she says, we both laugh.

She changes the channel after a minute and says that the show was getting too graphic for her, she changes it to MTV, airing "Mean Girls". I groan in objection.

"Hey, I watched some of your guy stuff. Now let me watch this" she says, getting up to go to the kitchen.

She walks back, with a huge glass of milk in her hand.

"I never really knew you had a big appetite" I say, looking as she gulps down the glass of milk.

"I eat like this at home, not out in public" She says, before she takes another gulp, finishing off the glass.

As we watch the movie, her belly groans and gurgles. Her belly is bloated, not super bloated, like a 2 month pregnant belly. it's about 5:15 at this point. She taps my shoulder and asks "Hey uh, I know this is kinda weird to ask but do you wanna listen to my belly".

"Why? Is that another one of your fetishes?" I say.

"I guess, but it's more of a thing a ex of mine loved to do to me back in 9th grade" She says.

"You mean Josh?" I say, remembering the guy I used to hang out with all the time, me and Adam only talked to each other and hung out once every blue moon. "He moved to Dallas, didn't he, like after 10th grade?"

"Yeah, that Josh" She says, her belly groaning.

"Well, okay then" I say, she lifts up her shirt off of her bloated belly.

I get to my knees and lay my head on her belly, like a pillow. It's like World War three inside her belly, constant gurgles, groans, and gloorps, and gloops, and air bubbles forming and in her belly, only to come out as a burp a couple of seconds later. I lay my head on her belly for about 25 minutes.

"I kinda like this" I say.

"Thought you would" She says, stroking my head as she watches the movie.

I hear the garage door open. I stand up and she puts her shirt down. Her mom and dad come in talking, with their 8 year old son Henry in tow.

"Oh, hey Mr.Fletcher" I say, putting on my shoes as I go out the door.

"Hey..Dave" He says, putting down the Wendy's bag on the table. I get out of the house and get into my Honda Civic and drive home, I faintly hear Mrs.Fletcher screaming about all the Oreos being gone on the table and Samantha trying to explain.

I pick up a Big Mac Meal on the way home and go inside the house and eat. I finish up the GTA 4 story, and go to bed around 1 in the morning.
An Eventful New Years Eve Day by Flagpole_Sitta97
Author's Notes:
Since I figured most of my chapters are published at night, I decided to write this chapter in the morning. More exposure throughout the day.
The 29th and 30th were basically a endless cycle of playing Video Games, watching TV, and using the internet for things like "Newgrounds" or "Youtube" and the occasional porn search. Surviving off of Subway and Carl's Jr for those two days. Dave was basically burnt out.

Friday, December 31st, 2010.
I wake up, it's 9:32am on the clock on my nightstand. I get up, brush my teeth, and get myself clothed. I check my Blackberry for any missed calls or texts. I see nothing. I get up, step on a Carl's Jr bag from the other night. I pick it up and ball it up, throwing it into a trash can. I walk to the kitchen. "Damn, it's the last day of the year" I say to myself, as I grab the box of Strawberry Pop-Tarts and pull out a package.

I put the two Pop-Tarts in the the toaster and turn on the living room TV, I flick through a couple of channels, I settle for a movie channel, I watch the last 25 minutes of "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" and eat.

"Well, that was interesting" I say, getting up when it goes to credits. I put my plate in the sink and get a glass of milk. I drink it and go to my room, halfway at my room, my phone rings.

I answer it, "Hello" I say, knocking back the empty glass a bit.

"Yooo, bro. The party is tonight, it's going be be banging ain't it?" Adam says, enthusiastically.

"I guess, you've never been to a party haven't you?" I say.

"Well, one time back in 7th grade I snuck into one of Steven's parties and I got kicked out for "Being a fucking kid". Does that count?" Adam says.

"Well no, obviously. Where is your older brother anyways, I haven't heard about him in awhile" I say.

"His Girlfriend got a job in Boston two years ago and he moved with her, remember?" He says.

"I forgot about that. But yeah. When does the party start? Becky never told us about that" I say, walking towards the couch and sitting down, the movie "Meet The Parents" is on the TV.

"You got her number?" He says.

"No, but I'm gonna guess and say around 9 she's gonna start the party" I say.

"It's 10:25 right now, so we've got, like nine hours until that time?" Adam says.

"Yeah, you want me to pick you up and fuck around for the rest of the day until then?" I say, trying to change the channel to something else.

"Nah, me and my parents just got back from a hike in the Tillamook forest. I'm fucking tired dude. Wanna meed up around 7 and do some stuff before we go to her party" He says, you can hear his parents in the background talking and walking upstairs, where he is.

"Yeah, ok. 7 it is" I say, Adam hangs up the phone.

After that, for a hour I watch a comedy special on HBO with Dave Chappelle that seems to be from about ten years ago. Then after that I go out to the Fred Meyer and get a box of Cheez-Its, a box of Milk Duds, and a pack of orange Fanta cans.

As I walk out of the store, noticing everything in my bag orange, I laugh to myself. As I put my bags in the back of my hatchback. I drive back home, "Day 'n' Night" by Kid Cudi is playing off of the radio. As I pull in, I notice there's a green 1997 Ford-F15O with a California licence plate on the curb of the house. I look confused and pull into the driveway. I turn off the car and get out with my bags.

I open the door, I see a man around what I'd say 40 standing on the carpet, staring at me.

"Who the fuck are you!" I say, dropping my bags onto the counter.

He pulls out a pistol, not breaking eye contact with me.

I lunge towards him, he shoots and he misses, the bullet landing in the front door, I tackle him to the ground. His gun landing on the floor, the trigger going off, shooting him in the foot, the bullet going into his foot "OH FUCK" he screams, starting to coil up. I get off of him, blood pouring out into the hardwood floor.

I call the police, more blood seems to pour out, the man says "Fuck, Fuck, Fuck me..." the life from his eyes drains, he dies right then and there. The police and EMTs arrive, I explain to the police what happened.

"That man(He points to the body bag being rolled out into the back of the ambulance) was Frank Baker, he's a Canadian citizen who illegally came to the states a year ago, he's robbed 12 other houses in Oregon and California. It's amazing we finally caught him" The police officer says.

"We'll probably investigate here for a couple hours. I will say, this is not how I plan today to go. I thought I would be stuck at some drunk driving checkpoint, not this shit. Crazy how life is, son. Officer McMullen by the way" The officer reaches out his hand.

Dave shakes it and he calls his mom and tells them what happened. They seem to be shocked, but his mom says "Well, at least you're still alive and unscathed" She says. "We'll be back by the third, remember. Love you Davey boy" She says, as she hangs up the phone.

I go outside as the forensic cleaners van pulls up to my house. I get in my car and drive off, I look at the clock in my car. It's 6:20. I sigh to myself, trying to collect my thoughts after the events of the last couple hours. I change the radio from the pop station to a local college station, "Champagne Supernova" by Oasis is playing on it. I keep the radio on that station. I breath in and out, slowly. I turn onto a highway and cruise down it.

About 15 minutes later, I turn onto a exit into a neighborhood area. I look at the clock and see it's 6:37. I call up Adam and tell him what happen.

"Dude, do you still wanna go? What you just went through is some movie type shit" Adam says, surprised.

"Yeah, I still wanna go. The guy was apparently a piece of shit anyways, plus I'll probably be on the local news and newspapers and shit like that. Chicks will probably be so sympathetic towards me anyways, I might finally get some action" I say, turning on a intersection, heading back to my part of town.

"Well, aright then dude. I can make my own ride there, do think Samantha will be there?" He says.

"I don't know, if she will it's gonna be surprise for us. She's not much of a party girl anyways, I know she rather watch go out to eat and chat or to a movie" I say, driving towards the opening towards my neighborhood, turning left.

"Well, aright dude. See you at the party" He says.

"See ya" I say, hanging up my Blackberry.

in about 3 minutes I pull into my driveway, no ones there anymore. I see a man and his wife walk pass my house, waving towards me. I wave back. I go inside, pick up the bags I left on the counter. I place the Fanta package in the pantry, and the Cheez-It box. I pull out the box of milk duds and put it on the kitchen counter. I throw away the bag. I look at the time and it's 7.

I take a shower, freshen up for the party. I put on a grey "The North Face" Jacket I had in the back of my closet, that I haven't worn since 9th grade. "Wow, it still fits" I say when I zip up the jacket. I spray on some cologne I got as a Christmas present this year that grandma sent me. "Damn, this stuff is pretty fucking classy" I say, smelling the cologne rise up off of my jacket. I look at the clock in my room, it's 8:25pm. I put on a pair of white Converse High Tops and grab the Milk Duds box and head out the door.

The song "Hard To Explain" by The Strokes is playing as I put in ignition and drive away. "This college station has some pretty good jams" I say to myself.

I drive further into the neighborhood, I start seeing bigger houses, Luxury cars in the driveways of the houses BMWs, Mercedes-Benzs, and Maseratis.

"Holy shit, so I live in the middle class neighborhood, and they live in the upper middle class/borderline rich neighborhood" I say to myself.

In a couple of minutes I pull up to her house. I see only a couple of cars, I pull up a little bit before the mailbox. The house is pretty big. I walk up to her door and knock, a blond surfer looking guy opens the door.

"Your name, dude?" he says,

"Dave, Dave Reid" I say.

The blond dude, looks at the clipboard with the list of names printed off on them. He taps my name.

"Ah, there you are. Welcome in bro" He says, smiling.

I walk in, with some pride in my step.
End Notes:
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The Party by Flagpole_Sitta97
I walk in, there's really not that many people in the house. I notice there's a black guy and a Asian girl talking to each other. Another dude drinking a Budweiser he snuck in. And other than that no one else is really there. I call Adam and ask him where he's at, and his response is "I'll be there in a hour, my Dad said it's ok and that mom will drive me there" I call him a loser for doing so and hang up the phone.

So I look at the time on my Blackberry, it's 8:40pm. I notice more people have came in. I go to the kitchen and see if there's anything to eat, there's four extra large Papa Johns pizza boxes laid out on the kitchen counter and a whole row of 2 liter bottles of Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, and Dr.Pepper. I get two slices of Pepperoni and Sausage pizza and pull out a red Solo cup and pour a mix of Coke and Dr.Pepper into it and start drinking and eating. As I eat and drink I hear a radio come on from the living room, the song "I Gotta Feeling" by The Black Eyed Peas blaring from it.

I hear more people talking, some even singing along to the song. I finish up my pizza and soda and walk out to the living room. The room is slightly crowded, Becky sees me while talking to one of her friends and waves at me with a smile. I wave back and see Adam walking through the door, we greet each other.

"So, you finally made it" I say.

"Yeah, I mean, I guess so" he laughs.

"There's Papa John's and Soda in the kitchen if you want some, they have plenty of it" I say, gesturing towards the kitchen.

"Fuck yeah I want some, I'm starving. All I've had to eat today is a Snickers bar and a couple of Hot Pockets. Not very filling to say the least" he says, as he rushes off to the kitchen.

I walk and try socializing with some of the people around me, Most of the crowd is from the school I go to, some from surrounding schools, and a few others from Portland, and one girl and her group of friends from Vancouver, Washington. Basically the town across from Portland. The party goes on, the time is 9:24pm right now, I see some guy turn on the living room TV and the time pops up on the screen. He turns it to MTV, airing some New Years Eve special. The Radio is now playing " Cooler Than Me" by Mike Posner. I don't really care much for pop music honestly, but this one isn't so bad.

I look out the window and see that a 1973 El Camino has pulled up with a couple of skater looking kids in it, some of them dressed in Punk type of way. I back away from the window and talk to a guy from the Portland group.

"So, what's your name?" I say, reaching my hand out to the guy.

"Cal, Cal Kleinstein" he says. "I'm a Freshman"

"I didn't think they'd invite little kids in here" I say jokingly

"I'm kidding I'm kidding" I say, playfully slapping his shoulder.

I notice out of the corner of my eye the group of kids from the El Camino walk through the door, one of the girls dressed like a punk is Judy Weston, a girl about a inch shorter than me with a pixie haircut with purple highlights in a plaid miniskirt that went down to her knees. I dated and broke up with her in 10th grade. I divert my attention back to the guy, while dying on the inside knowing that she's in the party.

We talk for about 15 minutes or so, about middle school vs high school, what he should be prepared for in the upcoming school years, the differences between Portland and Salem, and that's about it.

We say our goodbyes and I walk over to the radio "21 Guns" By Green Day starts to play. This is one of the songs everyone seems to sing along too, I sing along also. The pop station isn't too bad, I guess. After this I go into the kitchen. I notice there's only two boxes of pizza left and the soda bottles seem to only have Sprite and Pepsi left. I pour myself some Sprite and grab about three slices of pizza. A couple of minutes later, my ex walks in.

She gives me a half hearted smile and I return one back. I get flashbacks from this year and the summer, summer of 2009 when we met for the first time. I cringe in my mind about the day of the break up, April 18th, 2010. The sound of the fight and the awkward night phone call sticks out in my head as I eat, "I don't love you anymore" I said and the "Fuck you, David. You might be the worst boy I've ever dated, all guys are like you, see girls as like fucking meat, you just eat it and move on" she said to me before she hung up.

There's a couple of minutes of awkward silence between us and then she says "So Dave, how's it been" as she pours a little bit of Sprite into her cup and sits down next to me.

"Okay, I guess." I say, after finishing off the pizza slice in my hand.

"That's cool" She says, taking a sip of her Sprite.

"So who were those people you came in with" I say, starting on the last slice on my plate.

"Friends, we just got back from the skate park."

I look at my phone, it's 9:50.

"I see you still have the Blackberry" She says, in a joking way.

"Yeah, I do. I regret not asking for a iPhone for Christmas actually, those iPhone four commercials made them look pretty good actually" I say, starting to open up to her again.

"Yeah, they do" she says, a burp escapes from her lips.

"Heh, you used to burp all the time around me. I've heard you burp louder than that" I say.

"Well, I'm at a party. I really rather not embarrass myself, Dave" She says.

I look at her shirt, the "Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols" album on it. "So you're still a punk rocker huh?" I say, amused.

"Yeah, aren't you also one too" She says, kinda pointing a finger right back at me.

"I like Green Day, Blink 182, Sum 41, and New Found Glory. That's about it. Plus I don't really dress like I'm punk. Plus, I mostly like those bands because I remember them being played a lot in Middle School." I say, getting up to put my plate in the trash and to go to the bathroom to piss.

Little did Dave know, Judy brought out the a bottle of headache pills, a bottle that had the same contents that Jack Cooper was given on the airplane. She puts a pill into Dave's cup, it dissolves quickly. "I'm fucking glad dad kept that bottle of pills in the garage instead of throwing it out after they recalled it" she says to herself. There's no one in the kitchen when she does this.

I get back, and me and Judy, there's a slightly bitter taste in my Pepsi, but I ignore it and drink the rest of the soda." We go out to the living room and talk for another hour or so. At one point I look at my phone, the time is 10:57.

"Oh wow, just in a couple of minutes it'll be 11." I say. "

"It's scary how quick this year went" she says, her arm rapped around my neck.

"Don't. Do. That." I say, sharply.

She quickly undoes it. "Sorry" she says.

"Well, wanna go out to the backyard for I can ask you something" I say, gesturing towards the slide door in the kitchen to the backyard.

We both walk outside. The only light outside is the streetlamps from the surrounding streets. There's the muffled sound of talking and the song "One Headlight" by The Wallflowers. The sound of crickets in the background. You can faintly hear Judy's stomach growl from the contents of mostly soda and two slices of pizza inside of it that she ate when we were talking in the kitchen for about a hour, a slight burp comes out and she smiles warmly.

"So, do you still have feelings for me?" I say, with a slight voice crack at the word feelings.

"No, but after talking to you again for the first time since like, the day we woke up. Like on Monday, the day after we broke up on the phone. I was hurt, then numb y'know. I wish we could of worked it out. But everything happens for a reason I guess" she says, looking down at the grass under us.

"I really should of treated you better, I was just some dumb, horny 16 year old boy who never really thought about how you felt about my actions. I'm sorry" I say, apologetically.

There's a couple of minutes of awkward silence again, her stomach breaks the ice with a really loud gurgle.

We both laugh.

"Sounds like your belly forgives me" I say, jokingly.

She laughs. "Yes, I do forgive you. We were both young. Also I really regret drinking that much Sprite and Pizza, I forgot how my stomach hates that combination" she says.

"Lactose Intolerance?" I say.

"Nah, just my belly being a douche" She says, pushing back her brown boyish hair out of her face.

Judy and I both look back to walk back to the party. Adam and a couple of other people are quickly scattering from watching us talk. "Oh fuck off" Judy says, annoyed as pulls back the slide door.

The song "Mr.Brightside" by The Killers is playing in the living room, about a one forths of the room is singing along to it. I pull out my Blackberry and see that the time is 11:27pm. Me and Judy break apart and do our own thing for a bit. We come back together at about 11:50pm with everyone else to prepare for the countdown. I finish up a conversation with a Australian exchange student from Perth, his name's Mark.

"Yeah dude, hope you enjoy your time in the states" I say.

"Yeah I will" he says, scratching his chest. A couple of people turn around due to how his accent stands out.

I meet up with Judy and we stand and talk near the TV, I turn off the TV due to the fact no one's watching it.
A guy jokingly says "Hey, I was watching that" Me, Judy, and a couple of other people laugh.

The countdown starts, people start chanting.

"10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, HAPPY NEW YEAR" Basically everyone screams.

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

People start to clear out, Judy taps me on the shoulder and says. "Um, can you drive me home. My friends said they wouldn't have enough gas to drive me home since I live the farthest from any of them"

"Yeah, sure" I say, she follows me and she goes out the front door. I take my keys out of my pocket and unlock the doors, we both get in. I change the radio something a bit more soothing after listening to party music the whole night/early morning. I land on a station playing "Hey Jude" by The Beatles. "Do you still remember where I live?" She says, as I drive away from the house. "Yeah, you live in Four Corners don't you?" I say, looking at the clock in the Honda, it's 12:23am.

"Yep, Four Corners" she says.

After about 15 minutes or so I got sleepy. I pull over to the side of the road and say "Hey, you can drive yourself back. I'm fucking tired. Just park my car on the side of the street of your house. Tell your parent's that I fell asleep if they ask about it." I say, getting out of the car to get to the backseat and lie down.

She agrees, she drives herself back. I fall asleep to the hum of the car on the highway and the sound of the wind from the window.

I wake up, about 1 inch tall and scared. I see Judy in a pair of shorts and a World Cup South Africa 2010 T-Shirt. I'm near the foot of her bed, looking like a wasteland of green and orange.

She has a devilish smile on her face, she bends down on her knees too, her eyes the size of doors to me, her lips as long as a mirror, the sent of her cherry shampoo wafting on to me.

"You're mine now, David Reid" She says.

The smell of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and milk from her breath overpowers me.

"Just like in the movies" I say, looking right back up at her.
Giantess Judy by Flagpole_Sitta97
I attempt to run, but Judy grabs me off of the bed and puts me in her face. "You can't run, Dave. You're mine" She says. I'm staring straight into her forehead, I can see specs of hair and a couple of bumps of acne, but nothing too bad. "I'm surprised you aren't scared, Dave." she says, putting me on her shoulder, I sit.

"I mean, remember when Jack Cooper came to talk to our school like, in 9th grade. He said it really wasn't that scary once you got used to it, and plus it would pretty cool to be this size, everything would be like an a adventure. Why and how you shrink me down in the first place?" I say, climbing from her shoulder to the top of her head.

She grabbed me off of her neck and put me on her head. I land on the top of her head, her brown hair looks endless from my perspective, I walk towards the front of her head, it's like being on top of a skyscraper. I can see all the punk band posters on her wall, The Clash, Green Day, Sex Pistols, Black Flag, NOFX. Her hair is slightly damp from the shower she took, the cherry shampoo is basically the only thing I can smell at this point.

She walks towards the door, her head kinda moving with each step, making me shake a little with her hair "The reason why I shrunk you down is because, well I wanted to get revenge on you for dumping me, I kinda feel bad now since we've made up and everything, what's done is done I guess. Also I saw that my dad had a bottle of those pills that guy had that shrunk him, he bought a bottle of them about 3 years ago from a guy who kept the recalled pills." She says, as she walks towards the end of the hallway into the kitchen.

"It'll be worth millions one days" he says" She says as she walks into the kitchen. There's no one inside.

"Where's your parents?" I say, standing up.

"They're off at IHOP or something eating breakfast. They'll bring me something back" She says, grabbing me off her head and putting me on the counter.

"Ha, you're so small though. It kinda turns me on, like I'm the giant and you're like, the guy climbing the beanstalk" She says, smiling.

"Jack, you mean?" I say, walking backwards.

"Yeah, Jack" She says, as she walks towards the fridge.

I pull out my phone and see that it's about 10:21am. I see a text from mom saying "Hey sweetheart, The ball drop wasn't really as good as me and your father thought it would be. We love you, see you in a couple of days :)" I text her back "Love you too, mom" as I put my phone away. "So, how'd you get me inside" I say as I sit down on the marble counter.

Judy pulls out a pitcher of orange juice "You shrunk like, almost rapidly as soon as you fell asleep. When I got home I stuck you between my boobs and since I didn't really have anywhere to put you since my parents were in the living room and I didn't want them seeing you, I just placed you at the foot of the bed " She says as she opens a cabinet and pulls out a Oregon Ducks mug, and puts it on the counter and starts pouring the orange juice into the mug.

"Heh, that's kinda hot" I say, feeling a little aroused.

Judy takes a drink of her juice, "I thought you weren't that horny 16 year old boy anymore" she says, teasing.

"Yeah yeah" I say, as I walk to the sink and around it, nearing the toaster and a package of bagels from a local bakery.

"You want anything? I can cut up a bagel and toast it if you want, I'd imagine you don't have to have large amounts of anything at your size" She says, she takes another sip afterwards.

"Nah, I can eat later. I'm not really hungry" I say, looking at my reflection in the side of the toaster, I stroke my chin, noticing a couple of hairs growing out on the bottom of it.

"Well, alright then" She says, starting to gulp down the rest of her orange juice.

She picks me up and places me on her head, she walks back to her room, I can faintly hear her stomach digesting the orange juice, small gurgles as she moves and walks. She walks towards the living room and sits down on the sofa, knocking Dave off of her head, landing onto the floor. Dave screams, Judy freaks out for a second then Dave stands up on the floor and says "Hey, that didn't really hurt" he says, walking through the carpet.

"What? But that's like a 100 foot fall to you?" She says, picking me up and placing me on the table in front of her. You can see a couple of tears falling down her cheek. The tears look like bursts of water to me.

"Yeah, apparently it was kinda like me falling at regular size, but I really don't wanna ever do that again, now I know how feels to skydive without a parachute" I say, walking over to the People Magazine not to far from the remote, standing on the date August 2nd, 2010.

She turns on the TV and I sit down, we watch the Rose Parade for a couple of minutes, she flicks through a couple of channels, and then loudly declares that there's nothing good on TV. You hear her parent's 1993 Buick LeSabre pull into the driveway. She grabs me off of the table and says "Just get buried deep into my hair, I know for a fact there's not any dandruff or anything" she places me on her head and I fall in deep into her hair. I can see her scalp and everything "This isn't too bad" I say to myself. The hair faintly smells of cherry shampoo at this point. I start find myself comfortable in her hair.

A man in his early 50s comes through the door in, along with a woman who's about in her late 40s. The man is dressed in a brown Polo shirt and Khakis, the woman is dressed in a red blouse carrying a IHOP to go bag.

"Judith?" She says, placing the bag on the kitchen counter.

"Coming mom" she says, slightly rushing towards the kitchen, Dave shook around slightly, but he manages to stay under.

"Hey, Don. What did you get Judy?" She says, turning her head towards Judy's dad.

"The two times two times two" He says, pulling out the box and handing it to her. "There's syrup in the fridge" he says pointing towards the fridge.

"And hey, what's that car still doing out there?" He says.

"Oh, I think he just left it there and walked home or something. He said he'll pick it up in a couple of days" Judy says.

"Alright, but if I see that car is still out there by Friday I'm selling it for scraps" He says, walking towards the living room and turning on the TV.

Judy walks down the hallway and into her room, she closes the door. Dave pops up out of her hair and slides onto her hair, jumping from her ear to her shoulder. Judy puts the to go box down and grabs Dave and puts him on the bed. Dave unzips his jacket. Judy begins to eat, she turns on the C.D player, the song "Maria" by Green Day starts to play. After about 15 minutes, she finishes eating and gets up to get a glass of milk.

She comes back and says "Woah, my stomach is going crazy right now" I stand up on the bed, "Really, let me hear" I say, walking up her bed onto a pillow.

She gently lays down down on her bed, her head resting on the pillow I'm standing on, she pulls up her shirt up to her bra. "Mind if I walk on you and climb down to your belly?" I ask, stroking her hair a bit.

"Sure, but don't try anything crazy, alright?" She says.

"Okay" I say, climbing onto her head. I walk up through her hair, about waist level. Then I make it to her forehead, her eyes look up at me, I see a toothy smile across her face, her brown eyes glistering at me, I walk down to her nose, and climb that and walk around her lips, her teeth the size of tires I can see, she laughs causing me to fall down to her chest, between her breasts. I put my ear against her heart, I hear it beat slowly. I stand up, feeling her heartbeat under my chest, and walk down to her belly. I faintly feel her belly move under my feet, in and out from her breathing.

"Wow, I can even feel all the commotion going on in your belly under my feet" I say.

"Yeah, I know" She says, lifting her arm to scratch her head.

I walk towards her belly button, her navel the size of a pothole. I lay my head directly above it, her belly sounds like Samantha's after her feast of Oreos and milk, but more groans than anything else.

"Does your stomach hurt, like at all?" I say to her.

"No, but I can feel about everything going on inside me right now. Doesn't really hurt, but I do feel some discomfort" she says, she belches loud. You can hear her parent's tell her to stop burping down the hallway.

I lay on her bloated belly a little longer, I move a little lower, under her belly button and right above the waistline of her shorts "And that's as far as you're going to get, David" she says.

"Yeah yeah alright" I say, I place my ear under her belly button.

I hear mostly gurgles and growls, from her intestines still having the contents of the food from last night still inside them. I hear a liquidy rush through her intestines and hear some more food fall in.

Judy burps again, but only loud enough that only anyone in the room could hear. I stand up and climb up to her ribcage, slowly deflating and from her lungs, I put my hear on her left rib cage, I hear the air rush in and out of her lungs. She quickly picks me up and said that's enough for one day.

She puts me on her bed stand and she pulls down her shirt. "Did you enjoy, walking up and down me?" she says, turning on her left side.

"Yeah, I guess I did. It's weird using your Ex like a biology class" I joke, looking at the clock behind me, it's 12:41pm.

"I wonder what would happen if I swallowed you?" she said, with a playful grin on her face.

"Yeahhh, I think I'm good on that one" I say, walking backwards.

Judy laughs and says she's kidding, for the rest of the day we talk and play around, Judy takes me out of her room again when her parents go out to the mall near the highway.

I fall asleep in one of her doll beds she found in the back of her closet from when she was 7. She put the doll bed on her bed stand.

"Who knew being only a inch wouldn't be too bad" I say, before I fall asleep.
Judy And Samantha by Flagpole_Sitta97
Author's Notes:
Fun Fact: I had to write this chapter twice. It was also going to be one of my more longer chapters too due to how early I wrote it.
Sunday, January 2nd, 2011.

I wake up late, around 1pm.

I get out of my doll bed and look at my phone, now at 35 percent. I get a text from my dad, saying "Hey,dave. Me and your mother have decided to go back on the 4th. We're going to rent a car and drive up to Boston. Your ass better be in school when we come back, alright?" I text back "Ok".

I hear that Judy is in the bathroom, changing from her church clothes to a hoodie and jeans and baby blue Keds.

She walks out, grabs me off of her bed stand and puts me in her hair. "Y'know, this reminds me of this book the teacher read to the class in 5th grade. I think it was called Freak The Mighty" I say, walking around in her hair a bit, the smell of Pineapple shampoo is now overwhelming me.

"Huh, interesting. Do you wanna go to Samantha's for a bit?" She says, her eyes looking up at me.

"You still talk to Samantha?" I say, confused. "I thought you stopped talking to her once we broke up, or at least she said you did" I say, walking towards her scalp.

"I told her to tell you that for you wouldn't stop seeing her as friends, like a week after we broke up" She says, walking over and looking at her "American Idiot" Album jacket in the mirror.

"Well, alright then. I say, Judy grabs me out of her hair and puts me in her pocket saying "Stay in here, don't make any sound. If you get found out God knows what's going to happen".

Judy walks out of her room, I sway in her pocket. Judy walks down the hallway and into her living room. Her mom is sleeping on the couch and her dad is up watching a re run of "I Dream Of Jeannie" on a local channel.

"Hey, dad. Can I borrow the car and go out and see Samantha for a couple of hours?" She says.

"Yeah, alright. Just remember to be back before 6, I'm going to go out and grab some ingredients your mom is going use for the lasagna she's making tonight" He says, grabbing the keys out of his pocket and putting them in Judy's hands.

"Thanks, dad" she says as she walks towards the door.

Judy walks outside and puts the keys in the driver's door and gets in. She brings out Dave and places him on the passenger's seat. She climbs in and puts the key into the ignition American Pie by Don McLean blares out, she quickly changes the radio station and changes it to a Alternative rock station. She pulls out of the driveway and heads towards the neighborhood's exit/entrance. "So, when was the last time you talked to Sam?" I say, climbing onto the armrest.

"I think the day before Christmas was the last time I talked to her, last time I came over her house was like a couple days before Thanksgiving" She said, turning into a intersection.

"Ah, nice. Sooo, have you ever been out of the country?" I say, ducking down when I notice a car starting to slow down beside us.

"Like, Canada I've been to a million fucking times, and I think you went with us one time over fall break in like, 2009. We took you to Vancouver with us. My family spent like two weeks in England when we were in 6th grade for my dad's job exchange during the summer. And Germany and France when I was 8, this was for some new years thing my grandparents took me along for. You?" She says, the radio playing "Zero" by The Smashing Pumpkins.

"Yeah I've been to Canada, Vancouver with you and your family you're right. And Calgary when I was 14 going on 15. I'm actually going to Sydney this summer, well if I get back to normal size if I can. You've been to more places than me though" I say, the radio now playing "Want You Bad" by The Offspring. Judy turns onto the highway.

In about 17 minutes we get to Samantha's house. The radio is playing "Icky Thump" by The White Stripes. Judy turns the car off and and grabs me and puts me in her pocket. She gets out and walks towards the door. She rings the doorbell. In about 45 seconds Samantha's mom opens it, she smiles and welcomes her in. As soon as Sam's mom walks off into her room, Judy bends down to take off her shoes, I fall and she catches me quickly mid fall and shoves me into her hair. She sits down on the bottom step and takes off her shoes, revealing her Bart Simpson socks. She gets up and walks up the stairs, and turns left into the door. She opens it.

Sam is watching a rerun of "Dawson's Creek" she gets up and runs over to hug Judy. I fall out of Judy's hair and onto Sam's bed. "Dave? Is that you??" She says, in awe.

"Yep, I say getting on my feet, it's a long story" I say, getting up off of my ass.

"Look, before you tell anyone-" Judy starts off.

"I won't tell anyone, I've been wishing for this day all my life" She says picking me up, her hand feels soft and smells like lavender like. She picks me up, smiling.

"So, how did this all happen Dave?" she says, her breath smelling like milk chocolate.

She set me down and me and Judy explained what happened at the party, what she did, and how it got to this point.

"Y'know, you're going to have to either find a way to get back to normal size, or eventually tell everyone what happened. I don't think this is gonna go over as smoothly as Jack Cooper situation did, he was adult." Samantha says, concerned.

"Yeah, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there. Right, Dave?" Judy says, looking at me with her eyes

"Well, I mean she is right though. I think I have until the 4th until my parents realize something is up. But alright, I guess you're right" Dave says.

For about thirty minutes the trio just sit in the room and talk, you can hear Samantha's mom leave and take Henry to go grocery shopping with her.

"Hey, Dave. Ever thought about what it would be like to be inside my stomach?" Samantha says, with a teasing smile, Judy smiling with her.

Before I can answer Sam snatches me from the bed and shoves me feet first into her mouth. Samantha's mouth is pretty big for me, being a inch tall and all. The chocolaty smell is really powerful, there's even specks of it on her teeth. Her teeth actually the size of flat screen TVs from the inside, My hand accidentally touches her back molar, and a swallowing reflex pushes me back, down her throat narrowly missing her her uvala. I fall, screaming. I hear Judy starting to kinda freak out and Samantha saying "Oh God I didn't mean to swallow him, I was joking. I'm sorry Dave."

I land in a pool of digested chocolate in a splash, a piece of a Hershey's bar rapper I use to keep myself from going under as the two girls outside slowly start to panic.
End Notes:
Sorry about it being a little bit shorter than the other chapters, I'll make up for it.
Samantha's Stomach by Flagpole_Sitta97
The girls on the outside are freaking out, I'm constantly being sloshed around in the pool of chocolate/stomach acid mix. "I'll get you out of there Dave!" Samantha screams. I scream back to her, "Don't actually, I don't mind being in here".

Everyone seems to stop in their tracks, Judy makes audible "What?". I swim through the sludge and the front of her stomach, where I'd imagine the place before her belly button is. "I mean, it isn't that bad. Your stomach is the size of a public pool to me. It doesn't really smell that bad in here actually, smells like the chocolate you ate like what, a couple of hours ago?" I say, splashing some of the acid off my jeans, causing them to fade a bit.

On the outside, Judy sits down in Sam's computer chair, confused. Samantha sits on her bed, causing Dave to slightly fall into the chocolate/acid, but quickly gets back up.

"So you wanna fucking die? Dave, I really don't wanna digest you and well nature taking it's course, unless you're into that sort of thing. I really don't wanna basically murder you" Samantha says, concerned.

"Don't worry Sam, you won't. Hey Judy, remember that PBS video we saw in 8th grade with Jack Cooper in it, and said a bunch of stuff about how he's been swallowed by 20 people ages 14 to 52 and he said how the stomachs that seemed to digest him the least with these pills were like chicks ages 14-35." I say, walking around her stomach, noticing the waves of acid starting to go back to it's natural color instead of brown. "He could last about 2 days without the acid starting to digest him" I say, splashing around in the acid, Samantha gives her belly a playful shove as a signal to stop, acid splashes all over me and and starts to also burn through my "The North Face" Jacket.

"Yeah, but I still don't get why you wanna stay inside her though? I mean, she's gonna eventually shit you out at one point" Judy says, I can hear her walk near Samantha, bending down near Samantha's stomach, Sam lifts her shirt up.

"No, I'll vomit him out at some point. I'm not going to let him go THAT route out of me" She says, with a little bit of disgust in her voice. On the inside I pull out my Blackberry, I see that it has sparks flying out of it, I drop it into the acid on accident, Samantha makes a moaning ouch type noises and asks me what was that. The phone practically is destroyed at this point "Fuck Me" I mumble.

"David, what was that?" Judy says, backing away from Samantha as Sam puts her shirt down.

"My phone went to shit, acid got onto it, I dropped it and well that's that" I say, noticing some more electronic sparks coming from where I dropped it, Sam kinda winces.

"Why'd you do that Dave?" Sam says, rubbing her belly a bit. I hear bubbles form in front of me from the phone.

"Well I mean, I think you acid sucked all of the electricity from it. So you shouldn't be worried, of like dying or something. Your stomach is the size of a public swimming pool, like the one we went to in Portland when we first met" I say, the acid becoming knee deep at this point.

"Are you calling me fat?" Samantha says, putting one hand on her hip.

"No, you aren't. You just have a lot of space in your stomach, like you aren't really fat on the outside, slightly pudgy but that's about it." I say.

"Well, I'm going to go downstairs and probably make a bowl of Mac N Cheese, that Hershey's bar didn't really fill me up. (She pats her belly lightly) sorry Dave, but hey you'll probably get something to eat also" She says walking towards the door.

"You want anything Judy?" She says, stopping before she opens the door.

"Nah, I'll be having dinner in a couple of hours. But it would be kick-ass though if you brought me back a Nature Valley bar or something" She says grabbing the remote control off of her dresser and flipping through channels.

As Samantha walks down the stairs, her acid repeatedly splashing me in the face and on my jacket. "Sam, please don't smother me in mac n cheese chunks. I really don't wanna die that way" I say, as she walks off of the last step.

"Don't worry Dave, I'll take it slow with the food" She says, walking towards the kitchen, I feel a couple of splashes of saliva fall on me. "I can tell you're really wanting that mac n cheese" I say, wiping traces of it out of my hair.

"Sorry, I didn't think it would land on you" She says as she walks into the kitchen.

I can hear Sam's mom's car pull into the driveway, a 2004 Volvo S60. Samantha is pulling out the Kraft box out of the top of the pantry, I feel elevated a bit when she reaches. I go through a series of ups, downs, and acid splashing onto me as she walks around and reaches into certain areas to get stuff. After about 30 minutes or so the mac and cheese is done, I see and feel how her stomach is bubbling up in anticipation, the acid slightly burning my legs, but nothing too bad. After all, I can't actually start being digesting until two days from now.

I hear Samantha getting into a small conversation about if she'll get a car this year, apparently she might. As Samantha walks up the stairs with a big bowl of Mac N Cheese and a granola bar, I feel the acid start popping and gurgling, I'm actually starting to be concerned if I'll be digested or not.

Samantha is walking up the stairs, the acid hits my face again, burning like rubbing alcohol, but no damage.

"Sorry Dave, if my acids hurting you or anything. I'm just kinda hungry" She says, between walking the steps.
I give her a slight nudge on her stomach wall, as way of saying it's fine.

Samantha pushes the cracked door with her foot, and she walks in with the bowl and granola bar in tow. Judy is sitting on her bed, laughing at the movie "She's Out of My League". Samantha sets the bowl down on her dresser and throws the Nature Valley bar at Judy, she catches it.

"Get ready, Dave" she says, I hear her pick up the spoon. The acid is really working now. Funny enough, I don't feel anything anymore from the acid now. I hear sounds of chewing and some drops of cheese from her mouth. I look up and I see the first chewed up gob of food, I move out of her stomach opening and near her side wall, a couple of feet away from her ribcage, where I hear her heart beating and air going in and out of her lungs slowly, the food lands with a plop, and I can hear a slight laugh come out of Samantha at something that happened in the movie she and Judy are watching.

After about a minute or so, her stomach is basically flooded with liquid cheese and chunks of macaroni. It's all up to my waist. "Fuck, I hope somehow I can get these stains out" I say to myself.

On the outside Sam is still standing and eating, she grabs a half drunk can of 7UP from a couple of inches away from the bowl she's eating from, she grabs it and finishes it off in two gulps.

The food is up to my neck now, I'm starting to get worried at this point "I really don't wanna drown in this" and just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, I see a clear liquid falling down into her stomach, I feel her stomach expand around me. "Stop!" I scream over the gurgles and growls from her stomach digesting all this.

Sam faintly hears me over the movie, she says "Ok, but let me finish these's last couple of bites" Judy is asleep on her bed, Samantha can hear her breathing in and out while laying down, a small gurgle from her belly from the granola bar she ate.

Samantha finishes up the bowl of Mac N Cheese, to Dave's dismay. She backs away from the bowl and takes a look at her stomach, bloating out through her shirt. She laughs and says "You alright in there, Dave?".

All of the liquid and chewed up food is at chin level to me, I'm floating. "FUCK NO" I scream, "I really rather not drown in your belly, you've really overdone yourself Sam" I say, splashing around.

"Alright I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm probably going to eat in a couple of hours, Dad said he had a taste for KFC tonight" She says.

"Oh god no" I say, with a little bit of worry in my voice.

"I'm kidding, I'm kidding" Sam says, patting her belly, a long groan comes from it. I see a large wave of yellow splash onto me, causing me to go under for a couple of seconds but swim back up. Samantha walks over to her bed and taps Judy on the shoulder. I'm slightly sloshed again in the liquid cheese mix and the chewed up macaroni, the faint smell of 7UP is there too from her bending down a little to tap Judy.

Judy wakes up and sees the time on the TV DVR box, 5:23pm. She gets up, and says "Damn, I gotta be back before six. Take care of Dave, alright" as she runs out the door and downstairs to put her shoes on and drive home. "Well, I guess it's just me and you Dave" She says, walking over to turn off the TV.

"Ye-(a burp bubble flies up past me)p" I say, the digesting starting to really kick in on the food, I notice some of her food rushing into her intestines below me.

The rest of the day wasn't really much, she just sat on her bed rubbing her belly and watching episodes of "Everyone Loves Raymond" and "Gossip Girl" on her TV. Eventually it got to the point where most of her food went to her intestines. But she ate again around 8, a couple of boiled hot dogs and some water, the hot dog chunks, the digestion there wasn't too rough, just a couple gurgles here and there. I fell asleep that night on a bite of a hot dog bun. Wasn't the most digestion proof object I could sleep on, but better than trying to float on acid as you fall asleep.
End Notes:
Next chapter might not be written until Monday or Tuesday of next week, Family gathering. And don't worry, there won't be anything scat related throughout the story.
High School by Flagpole_Sitta97
Author's Notes:
Yeah, so the family gathering got canceled. Sucks for me, but hey, you get to read more new chapters. How great is that?
Monday, January 3rd, 2011

I wake up, I'm in a fleshy tube with digested food on top of me, the mix of everything she had the night before. From the sound of gurgling from her stomach above me, and her intestines constantly moving the food deeper inside of her. "Oh great, I'm in her like, intestines?" I mumble to myself, I try to swim back up but there's liquid keeping me down. I fall down and get a taste of digested hot dog, I spit it out and almost vomit.

On the outside, Samantha is at school, sitting in her desk in her 3rd period, to the right some kid named Fred who looks totally stoned out of his mind, and to the left is a red-haired girl named Melissa who seems to be hungry, her stomach gurgles every 5 minutes. The US history teacher, Mr.Harris is talking about what he did over the break, no one is really listening but everyone is glad they don't have to do any work.

"And also by the way, where's David Reid? It's odd to me he isn't here, he never misses any days." Mr.Harris says, adjusting his glasses.

I faintly hear the words "David Reid" and "days" over the sounds of her intestines, a couple of chewed up pieces of apple from her breakfast apparently softly float a couple of inches past me. "I haven't missed a day of school since the 5th grade, what's wrong with me" I say, sarcastically.

On the outside a couple of things being said like, "I saw him at the new years party talking to this punk chick in the backyard" says Jacob, a tall black guy with a ear piercing, or "Yeah, I saw him at the party too. He probably got sick or something, he'll probably be back tomorrow" says Katelyn, a blonde girl who's on the school's cheerleading team. And other quotes like "Maybe he got in a accident and died on the drive home" and "Maybe that punk girl kidnapped him and has him in her basement" and all other types of rumors.

About 20 minutes later, the bell rings and it's time to go to 4th period. Samantha gets up with her books and walks towards her locker down the hall and exchange books from her backpack for French, which was the next hour. As she's switching out books, Judy comes by and taps her on the shoulder, Samantha looks at her "Yeah?" She says.

"So where's Dave?" Judy says, pointing towards Sam's stomach. "Oh shit" Samantha says, whispering.

"You didn't digest him, did you?" Judy says, with some fear in her voice (You can hear a couple of kids down the hallway blasting "Black And Yellow" by Wiz Khalifa through though one of their friend's Beats Pill, a teacher confronting them about it).

"NO SHE DIDN'T" I yell, they both hear it but it sounds like a whisper to them.

They both sigh in relief, but before they can say anything, the teacher confronting the kids walks over to them and tells them to go to class and hurry up, there's only a couple of minutes left. Judy and Samantha quickly hurry off to their respective classes.

Samantha walks into the classroom and sits down, the teacher Ms.Blouin, the teacher from Quebec City who's only been at the school for three school years, she was considered "The Hot Teacher" by basically all the straight boys and a couple of lesbians in the school. She was only 28, had long brunette hair and a strong Quebecois accent. Ms.Blouin smiles at her and asks her if she had a good break in French, Judy answers back with a simple "Oui".

I notice the food moving slowly deeper into her intestines, luckly for me. I can kinda move up, nearing her stomach. I climb out, I end up back in her stomach. Apparently, Samantha feels all of this, I can feel see her hand on her stomach, making the space smaller. Her stomach contents is up to my waist, the apple/banana nut muffin and water mix. Her stomach actually smells pleasant. I walk around in the sludge, I see a burn mark on the bottom of her belly from my phone that I dropped yesterday, I feel kinda bad but then I realize the phone's probably deep in her intestines now.

On the outside, Ms.Blouin is talking about her trip to her hometown of Quebec City and driving from there to Montreal with her family go to see a show, and even going to Maine to visit a family friend. After that she asks around various students to describe what they did in French, most of the students roll their eyes when asked. Most say it in English, including Sam. But a few people engage in. After that she hands out a couple of worksheets.

On the inside, I'm just floating around in the food mix, "I'm fucking bored" I say to myself. A couple of small waves of acid mixed with the food and water splash onto me, I wade around a little, I see a orange Tic Tac splash onto me, the size of a park bench. I grab onto it and stand onto it. I hear a faint "You're welcome" from above. I stand on it, and kinda just talk to myself. The orange tint from the Tic Tac starting to fade from her acid.

On the outside, Samantha's classmate to the right of her, Jeff had a orange Tic Tac container on his desk. Samantha asked for one and he said yes, being the jokester that he is he handed her literally one. She rolls her eyes and takes it. After about 32 minutes class gets out and Sam's off to her 5th period. Samantha sees Judy and they smile at each other, Samantha leans into Judy's ear and says "Ok, so I figured he was in my intestines but at one point he must of climbed his way back up and now he's back in my stomach".

Judy says "Alright, but I think you're gonna have to figure out away on how to get him un-shrunk though" She says. Maybe there's something in the science lab that can get him back to normal?" She says before she quickly scurries off.

Her 5th period class, algebra wasn't really anything much. It was taught by some woman in her mid 50s, Mrs.Leman. After that it was lunchtime for her, I was kinda scared. Her acid started getting really intense again. She walked into the cafeteria, got her food and sat down with Judy and a couple of other girls and two guys. Chewed up french fries and bites of a cheeseburger lands around me. Her stomach starts to kick into overdrive again, a waterfall flows out of her stomach opening, and a couple of carrot chunks. All this food and liquid is now up to my shoulders. I tap on her belly as a way of letter her know that she needs to take it slow. She does, and food doesn't fall as frequently and she seems to only sip the water. After about ten minutes or so, I notice her stomach start to become really upset, I feel her body immediately move up and she starts to run. Her food is slowly rising to the top, along with me "Finally, freedom" I say to myself.

Samantha runs into the girls bathroom and leans into a sink, I fly up her throat and out her mouth, along with the other contents of her stomach. I quickly climb out of the pool of vomit before she starts throwing up more. I run toward across the counter to another sink, I push the left faucet around, turning on the lukewarm-hot water. I stand under it for a few seconds, washing off my jacket and jeans and shoes before it gets too hot for me to stand in it. I'm soaking wet, but at least I'm clean of acid and digested food and everything else. Samantha throws up a couple of more times, in the sink. But after that she seems to be fine.

"So, how was it?" She says, turning her attention towards me.

"Eh, it wasn't all bad inside your belly and stuff. I can't say I'd want to go in there again though" I say, shaking water off of me. Samantha grabs me and puts me under the air dryer. I'm not totally dry after this, but enough to the point where it doesn't drive me crazy.

Samantha wipes her mouth and washes her hands and dries them. She puts me in her jacket pocket and tells me not to do say or do anything until we get home.

After this event she goes back to lunch and whispers in Judy's ear about what happened, she shakes her head and says okay".

For the last ten minutes of lunch I hear everyone talk about what they did over the break and what they plan on doing for spring break. And then the bell rings and everyone goes to their 6th period classes. Judy and Samantha have science together, and they happen to be going to the science lab today. "So, uh Judy?" Samantha says.

"Do you think they're might be anything that might turn Dave back to normal?" Sam says, looking at the beaker on the table.

"I don't know, I'm not really that good at science, I have a 67 in this class" she says.

"We're going to have to get him back to normal somehow though, he can't stay like this forever" Samantha says, a couple of people give her some glances about the weird conversation they're having. The science teacher, Mr.Morrison doesn't seem to care, as he's reading a TIME magazine from April 12th, 2010. while sipping on a Pepsi bottle from his lunch.

The two stop talking about it and start on their project. The pocket is kinda moist and I can feel her leg through the fabric, very soft to be honest with you.

After this class her last class is P.E, she goes into one of the bathroom stalls to change "I'm sorry Dave, but I'm gonna have to leave you hear. Just stay put until, like 2:45 when we get out. Ok?" She says starting to put me in her hair.

"Alright, just remember me ok?" I say, falling into her hair.

After 5 minutes or so the P.E teacher for the girls, Mrs. Johnson screams at her to hurry up, or she'll be running laps around the school. She drops me on the ground and onto her pile of clothes. She quickly runs out and closes the stall shut. I wait until the two are out of the bathroom and start to wiggle out of her shirt on the floor. "Great, I'm stuck in here" I say to myself, noticing a tampon package wrapper on the floor not too far from me. I sit on her pile of clothes for a couple of minutes, I hear someone opening the bathroom door and running into this stall.

I quickly hide in the clothes, I get a peak of who it is. It's the French teacher Ms.Blouin. I hear her pull down her pants and panties and sit on the toilet. "Oh fuck me, but hey. Some guys in school would kill to have this view" I say in my head.

"Damn it, Jennifer. You really shouldn't of ate that many of those nachos they had in the teachers lounge" she says to herself in Quebecois french.

I try to ignore every sound that I hear after that, the smell is kinda killing me at this point, and I slightly gag. After she wipes and flushes and pulls up her panties and pants she steps in the clothes after she gets up. I get stuck on her ankle and quickly climb up her leg, going through her pants and up to her panties waistband/lower stomach. I can hear something brewing in her intestines.

Jennifer scratches her stomach and is a bit annoyed, but she quickly dismisses it off as a tag and walks out of the stall and goes and washes her hands and walks across the school to her classroom. I climb up her shirt as I climb soft enough to the point where she can't feel anything, I can faintly see her belly ring through the dark, I feel the gurgles and growls in her belly on my hands as I climb up. There's a tattoo on her left ribcage saying "Live Fast, Die Young 2005" in french. I climb between her bra, and lay my head on her chest for a minute as she rushes through the halls trying to get to her classroom before the bell ring, her heart is beating super fast under me and through my ears, sounding like a marching band drum.

I climb up her shirt, seeing the light as she quickly rushes into her classroom, there's about 15 out of 21 in the class. I climb quickly up the side of her face, her eyes dart towards me but she only sees me for a second before I climb past her ears and into her hair.

"Who threw that?" she says, her voice slightly louder than usual.

For about 30 minutes I stay deep in hair, right into her scalp. She grabs her Montreal Canadiens Cup and bends her head down to start drinking the Diet Pepsi in it. I fall out of the top of her head and I land in her cup, luckily Jennifer turned her head towards her computer to check a email response when I fell.

"Goddamn it, please don't let this go the same direction I think this could go" I say, swimming up from the Diet Pepsi. As she types out another email, she slowly lifts up the mug. "Oh god, here we go again" I say, as I float out of the metal cup and through the slit into the teacher's mouth.

I land in her mouth along with the Pepsi, I notice the inside of her mouth is much smaller than Samantha's.

I fall down her throat with the rest of her Pepsi, I can see traces of yellow nacho cheese along her esophagus. I land with a plop with all of diet Pepsi she drank earlier, and then some chewed up nachos from lunch and liquid cheese. Her stomach is slightly smaller than Sam's but not by much. For the rest of the class period I just float around a piece of a chip she didn't chew.

After class I slosh and move along with her food and liquid as she walks down the hall and through the school to get to the parking lot. She has a small conversation with the Band Director about Quebec on the way to her car, a 2006 Toyota Camry that she drove from Quebec to Oregon, the original Quebec licence plates on the back window.

She gets in her car and drives towards the entrance of the school, in line with a school bus. I feel a burp bubble come up and take me with it. "Freedom again" I say, as I fly up her throat. I fly out of her mouth with the burp, luckily she had the window open and burped out of there.

I fly through the air, I land inside the bus, coincidentally into the window Samantha is sitting in.

I land on her face, she smiles in relief and says, "What happened?" "I explain everything as she puts me in her hair as I talk, explaining everything.

"Sounds eventful" She whispers, as she puts in her earbuds.

"Yep" I say, as the bus pulls out of the school and into the road.
End Notes:
Yeah it's a long one lol, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this chapter if you'd like to.
The Maid by Flagpole_Sitta97
After the school bus drops Samantha off at her stop along with Dave, nothing really eventful happened at home. Sam and Dave just watched TV in her room together and ate popcorn.

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011.

I wake up, I see on the clock on the TV DVR that's it's only 5am. I see Samantha fast asleep in a long green shirt and a pair of checkered pajama pants. "It's not that cold, is it?" I say as I climb out of the pillow case on the left away from Samantha. I see her body, laying down on her sides. I can see her hair flowing like a blonde waterfall only a couple of inches from me. I can slightly hear her snore, and her breathing in and out as she sleeps. I walk towards her, the breathing sounding a bit louder, and so does her snoring.

I walk around her feet and legs, her feet the size of dump truck to me, and her toes as big as a car, a sedan to be exact. As I walk around her toes her red nail polish on them really shine out in the dark, "Firetruck red wasn't a bad choice" I say, remember telling Sam that her her choice of red for her toes wasn't good about a couple of months ago. I walk besides her legs, covered in the checkered pattern from the pajama pants. And then walk up the bed to her waist, I can slightly see a sliver of her belly, showing her panties waistline and a little bit of her belly under her belly button. I keep walking, as I walk I hear her belly as I walk up near the middle of it and higher up, gurgles and growls, and even a couple of groans. "I guess her stomach is still working on that mix of Spaghetti, Popcorn, and Orange Juice she had last night" I say, as I walk up and hear all of this.

I get to her sides, their slowly inflating and deflating as she breaths softly. I put my her on her left ribcage through the shirt. I hear rushes of air going in and out, putting my head on her bones is like laying on wood. I get my head off it and walk past her chest, I faintly hear her heart beating slowly as I walk past it. I get up to her neck, I hear her swallowing some saliva as she sleep. I'm curious about this and I climb up to her neck and lay my head down on it. I hear some sounds of spit passing by and her throat muscles working and pushing it down. I get up and back down on the bed. I walk up her pillow, where her head is.

I walk up the pillow, and see Samantha's pretty face. Her hair in a ponytail, and her eyes closed and her facial expressions relaxed. I smile at the sight of this, I walk up the pillow, I see that her mouth is slightly open. I walk near it and I start to back "Damn, even the most attractive of girls have morning breath" I say. After this I walk back to my pillow case and go back to sleep.

I wake up, I climb out and see that it's daylight. I see Samantha dressed in a red jacket and black leggings with a pair of Adidas Superstars. "Hey, You woke up" She says, as she looks at me as she zips up her jacket. "Yeah, I did" I say, rubbing my eyes. "You wanna come to school with me, or stay at home. You'll probably have a lesser chance of being caught here though, my mom is a 2nd grade teacher and she leaves out before me and comes home around 5. Or at least she told me she'll be home on Tuesday around that time due to some kind of school event" She says, walking towards the door and opening it and then stopping.

"I'll stay here, it's probably safer here anyways" I say, climbing out of the pillow case.

After that Samantha grabs the TV remote and says she's going downstairs to get me some snacks. I walk down to the foot of her bed and wait, the space between the floor and the bed like sitting on top of a skyscraper to me. After about 5 minutes she brings back two Oreos the size of a bed to me. "Sorry about no liquids, I couldn't really find anything that you could drink out of" she says.

"It's fine, I can just survive off of Oreos anyways for the day" I say, looking at the two Oreos the size of a bed, I get up and break of a piece of the cookie part on top, It's the size of a plate to me, I start to eat it."Alright, see you later dude" She says, as she walks out the door to downstairs and out the front door to get to her bus stop. I start on the first Oreo, only finishing a quarter of it. I carry the second one into the pillow I slept in for later on in the day. "So, what am I going to do today. I hear Henry, her little brother running out his room and going downstairs. "Apparently the bus she takes goes to the High School and the Grade School" I say, hearing the noise of Henry running out the door.

I look at her TV DVR, the time is 7:47am. "I've got a lot of time to myself" I say, as I walk towards the remote and jump on the power button on the remote. I flick through channel by pressing the up or down button. The only thing that seems to be on as I flick through channels is morning talk shows, (Today, Good Morning America, The Early Show, and whatever CNN is talking about this morning). I turn off the the TV and jump of the bed, landing with a thud and sliding under the closed door and down the steps. I run into the kitchen, the wooden floor being slippery. I decide to climb up the drawers and up the dishwasher and into the sink. I turn on the faucet, and cup my hands under it while standing on the side of the sink. I get splashed back with water onto my pants and jacket, I don't really care. I drink about five handfuls of cold water before turning off the sink.

I jump down from off the sink back down to the kitchen floor. I walk from the kitchen to the living room. I see they still own a blocky CRT TV. I walk and jump onto the couch, the remote is on a cushion a seat away from me. I jump and get the remote and turn on the TV. Again, same stuff as upstairs. But it's 8:26am now. I turn the channels to TBS and watch a couple of episodes of Seinfeld, Family Guy(I didn't really find the episodes of Family Guy they aired funny though, most of the episodes were from the newer seasons), and Married With Children(This one brought back a lot of memories of watching this with my parents as a 7 year old).

I look at the clock and remember "Crap, my parents come home today". I feel worried and slightly anxious on what would happen if they found out, then I hear a key enter the door. I turn off the TV and hide in the couch.

The door opens, A woman in her early thirties with her black hair in a bun wearing a shirt gray shirt that says "Maids for hire" and the name "Kim" on her shirt in cursive. I get a peak of her through the lighting in the couch. Kim seems to be average height, and she says "Welp, the Fletcher household isn't much work to clean" she says as she goes out the door again to get her cleaning supplies, the van is a 2007 Chevy Express.

As she walks out, I jump out of the couch and run up stairs into Samantha's bed. Trying not to get caught.

After 45 minutes or so, she's downstairs vacuuming and cleaning counter top. I hear her walk upstairs. She starts out with Samantha's parent's bedroom, then, Henry's, and then hers. I hear her walk through the door. "Ah shit" I say, and then I fall out the bed onto the floor. I'm right behind Kim, I can kinda see a sliver of her panties as she bends down to pick something off the floor, and a tattoo on above her panties saying "Xavier & Kimberly Forever". "Kinda trashy, but okay" I say to myself. She stands up and pulls down her shirt and grab the TV remote and off of the bed, I quickly dash under the bed before she can see me. After Kim places the remote on the TV, she says "Well, the bathrooms look clean enough so I guess I'm done" as she walks out of the room and down the steps.

I think she leaves, but she actually seems to make herself at home, I can hear her take off her shoes and rummage through the pantry and turning on the TV.

"Do they allow her to do all that?" I say to myself.

In about an hour or so, I hear that she's sleeping. I decide to leave from up under the bed and go downstairs. I run down the stairs and see that Kim is leaned back sleeping. I see a empty value pack strawberry Poptart box, a empty Oreo Package, a couple of Pepsi cans strewn all over the table, and three Cup Noodle cups on the couch, the liquid gone for the most part. "Wow, she can really eat" I say to myself as I slowly walk towards the couch where she's sitting. I hear a faint moan from her lips and her putting her hand on her bloated belly, I can hear the groans and churning from where I'm standing on the floor, Kim burps loudly, I faintly smell the beef flavoring through the air.

The TV is on Sex and The City. I walk slowly towards her, I see her with her eyes still closed and her jeans unbuttoned, showing her panties and a couple of hairs. Her belly overflows, the gurgles get louder, Kim moans again and places her hand on her belly, slowly rubbing it. I walk towards her leg, "She must have a belly ache, no one can have a belly that bloated and not feel any discomfort" I say, looking up the pale fleshy mass above me. She truly does look like a giantess, I see her eyes closed, her nose piercing looking like a large diamond from here, her eyes closed, but laughing every couple of minutes at what's going on in the show. Some crumbs around her mouth. "She could just stomp and kill me right now" I say, thinking about the situation. I climb up her left pant leg, soft enough where she couldn't feel me. I walk up her thigh, I get near the side of her belly and put my ear on it, it's a symphony of noises, gurgles, groans, and growls, and churns, and some noises I don't even know how to explain. She burps about 5 times as I do this.

I run across her bloated belly, feeling the gurgles and shakes within Kim as I move. I put my hand in her belly button, there's some lint but not much. I walk up her belly, Kim still has her eyes closed. She burps a couple of more times, but the smell isn't really as bad as I thought it would be from that mix of food. Her shirt is up to her Bra. I walk up to her chest, between her boobs. Her heart is beating normally "She really shouldn't be eating all this though" I whisper to myself as I walk up her chest. You can slightly see her nipples through the bra, but that's about it. I climb on to her collar bone. I walk up to her face, "She kinda looks like Megan Fox" I say to myself as I study her face "Not as hot as her, but she's kinda got the resemblance" I say to myself, I hear a loud gurgle from her stomach, sounding like a cry for help due to all of the food packed inside of it. I walk around to her ear, which are also pierced. I smell a wiff of her hair, strawberry shampoo. I hear a groan from her belly, a pretty loud one and it sounded like it hurt. I jump of of her and onto the back of the couch. Kim wakes up from the sound of her belly and whimpers and says "I really shouldn't of ate all of that" she opens her eyes and feels her belly, and starts rubbing it. I notice she has a slight English accent, but the American accent totally out weighs it.

"Jesus Christ, this fucking huurrts" She says, her belly making a loud gurgle like in agreement. "I haven't eaten this much since like, I was at that party ten years ago" she says, rubbing and starting to kneed her belly like dough, a couple of farts come out but luckily I can't smell them from where I am.

Her stomach seems to keep gurgling and groaning loudly for the next couple of minutes and Kim keeps complaining. I eventually stop being amused by this situation and slowly start to leave the couch and go up stairs, the last thing I hear as I go is Kim saying "Fucking Hell" and a loud burp coming out and a series of loud gurgling from her stomach afterwards, one of the gurgles are louder than the TV.

I go upstairs and look at the clock on the DVR, it's about 3 minutes to 2. I do a running jump from the bed to the dresser where the TV is. I make the jump and I press the on button on the TV. It's on CNN, since I rather watch something more interesting than watching commentators talk about whatever President Obama did or what happened in some distant country, I change the channel to some local channel airing "Anger Management" some Adam Sandler movie I think I saw in theaters with my parents when I was younger. I settle on that for right now as I jump back to the bed. I hear Kim clean up her mess and leave downstairs, and her stomach groans again before she says "This is going be a long afternoon" as I hear her pat her belly and walk out the door with her cleaning supplies.

About an hour and a half later, I hear Samantha walk through the door and upstairs and opening her door.

"So, how was your day?" She says as she puts her backpack down and pulls out some homework from her American History class. "More People were starting to ask about you, y'know" She says she pulls out a pencil.

"Yeah I know" I say, as I change the channel. I start to tell her about the maid and everything else that happen, she starts to laugh.

"Oh, Kim? She eats a ton, my mom babysat her alot frequently as a kid, Kim and her parents used to live in the house across the street from us back in the mid eighties to the late nineties. They moved from Manchester because of Kim's dad's job requiring them to move to the states, I think Kim said she'd move back the U.K around 2013" Samantha says, as she starts writing on her homework.

"How do you know all that?" I say, wondering.

"Mom told me most of this stuff, plus we get the cleaning service half of because we know her." Samantha says, as she starts to get the sharpener out of her backpack.

"Interesting...." I say, as I turn my attention back towards the TV.

I slept for most of that day, I woke up at 9 again to eat part of the Oreo I had saved, then went back to sleep on a sugar rush.
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You Only Live Once by Flagpole_Sitta97
Author's Notes:
So, here we are, the last chapter. It's been a joy writing for those who reviewed it and also read it and is reading it too 17785 is the read count for the story as I type this out, that's amazing to me. Thank you.
Wednesday, January 5th, 2011.

I wake up, later than usual. I climb out of the pillowcase. I see that Samantha's bed is made up, and that the TV DVR clock says 12:04. "Jeez, I've been asleep that long?" I say to myself as I drag out the half way finished Oreo out of the pillowcase, I eat a quarter of it and then put it away, wiping the Oreo crumbs off of me. I wonder what I'll do for the day, "Should I go out? Should I stay in?" I say, wondering what I'll do.

"I mean, going out is pretty risky" I say to myself as I walk into the hallways. "I wonder what's in Henry's room?" I say.

I walk into her Samantha's little brother's room "Man, I wish I had a room like this when I was his age, I would of loved it". Henry's room is big, there's a large collection model cars on his wall, mostly muscle cars from the 60s to the 80s. A little shelf built out for them, looks to be about 60 cars. Dave walks around a bit. Plays around on the Newton's Cradle and then walks out, he tries to reach the Model cars but doesn't wanna risk one of them falling off and crushing him.

I look around in Henry's room a bit, I turn on the TV. Cartoon Network is apparently the last channel Henry watched. A programing block of Tom and Jerry is on, I watch it for a couple of minutes out of Nostalgia's sake, reminding me of when I would stay home sick back in 2nd and 3rd and 4th grade, and I'd watch Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon all day, and even a little bit of Boomerang that my mom would watch with me, never really cared much for Disney Channel though.

When the show cuts to commercials I climb up his TV stand and push the off button on his TV, a small blocky TV that looks at least 20 years old, the quality of the screen make it seem so "They can afford all these model cars but they can't give their son a up to date TV? c'mon now" I say to myself as I go out the door.

"I guess I could go out, if I'm careful enough" I say to myself as I walk down the stairs. I get down to the last step and stare at the door for a minute or two. I walk into the living room, I laugh as I think about the events of yesterday "That British girl really could eat" I say to myself. I see that the backyard door was slightly pulled open from last night, a small crease but still manageable for me to fit through. I make a run for it, I make the gap. Outside is cold, not as cold as it was for Christmas time, but still cold. About 60 degrees fahrenheit, or 15 degrees celsius for those who use the metric system, basically anyone who's not American.

The grass is faintly shaded green, but with a good amount of dead patches around the backyard. The air is cold and crisp to me, I hear noises of a car passing by, on the road. Sounds like a old muscle car, probably a 60s Mustang, the song "More Than A Feeling" by Boston blaring out of it. "It's probably that old retired guy down the street still having a midlife crisis" I say to myself, "West Salem has some truly interesting characters". I walk off of the patio and through the grass, luckily there's not any insects I encountered due to the cold besides a couple of worms, but they were near death. But I will say though, you haven't really ever felt fear until you see a slightly wiggling worm as long as a subway train.

I eventually got through the grass that was up to my knees and got up to the back of the wooden fence. "Should I do it? Or should I stay here" I wonder, feeling kinda adventurous also. "Eh, fuck it. You only live once" I say as I slide through the bottom crack. I get a dirt stain on the back of my jacket and jeans from sliding, but I don't really care. I run through the grass, which doesn't seem to be much greener over here (Pun unintended) I run all the way to the slide door. I see a woman, early 20s who seems to be curled up on the loveseat with a cup of hot chocolate and a blanket watching the movie "Sleepless In Seattle", while talking to her friend on the phone, there's a couple of boxes out in the room labeled "John's stuff" and "Ashley's stuff .

"Hmmm, she seems content." I say to myself, realizing that the door is closed shut. I walk around the yard and slide under the gate on the right side of the house. I see that there's a slightly opened window to the kitchen above me. I climb the creases of the side of the house and get up to the ledge, I slide through. I stand up on the ledge to get a good view of the house. The kitchen seems fine, I'm assuming they haven't finished with the process of moving in. There's a couple of Pizza Hut boxes on the counter tops, mostly empty besides a couple of slices of pizza left. And a half finished 2 liter bottle of Pepsi. I jump off and land onto the counter where the faucet is. I sneak around the kitchen a bit, I go into their pantry. Which is basically empty besides a party sized bag of Lays potato chips and a box of Twinkies, which seems to only have 6 left. I go into the chip bag and nibble off of one. I try to be as quite as possible when I do this. I feel the bag move and get toted off. "Oh shit, I whisper".

Ashley doesn't seem to hear me, she's talking on the phone to her friend back in Iowa on how she loves how her father gave her and John money to move out to Oregon from Iowa for John's IT job. "This chick got married young" I say to myself, as I feel the foot steps and the chips slightly moving in the bag as Ashley walks.

Eventually Ashley puts the bag down on the table near the loveseat and gets up to get more hot chocolate. I dig myself out of the bag and walk through the bag opening. I shake myself clean of chip pieces and try to get the grease off of myself. I hear Ashley walking, her voice booming to me through the air. I get startled and fall onto the floor. Ashley walks in a couple seconds after this, she ends the conversation with her friend and says "2:10, only a couple of hours until John gets home. I guess I can relax some more and get maybe a hour of sleep in" she says, her pushing her chestnut hair back. She walks over to the loveseat and sees that the chips are all scattered out on the table.

"Weird, I didn't open the chips up, maybe the bag unfolded or something" She says, picking up one of the chip pieces and eating it. I'm under the table, ducked down for she can't see me. A couple of crumbs land near under the table, I quickly grab one of them and eat it. The crumb the size of a rock to me. Ashley sits down on the loveseat and starts on her hot chocolate and Potato chips. "Eh, Miss Swiss is okay but I think I prefer Nestle better" she says, after taking another sip.

I stay under for a little bit, the movie switches from "Sleepless In Seattle" to "Never Been Kissed". "I guess she's on a chick flick marathon" I whisper to myself as I hear the movie, and the noises of Ashley, a burp every 10 minutes, a small but loud enough that you can hear it gurgles from her belly from the food and liquid she's consuming, and a cough or a sniffle from her. And a handful of laughs at something that happens in the movie. Eventually she falls asleep, with her mug of hot chocolate finished and the party bag of chips empty. Her belly is slightly bloated, but that's about it, she leans back onto the loveseat, slouched back. I climb out from under the table and climb the table leg. I walk and see her phone, which is a iPhone OS 3. I walk onto it and see the time is 3:20. I turn around and see Ashley sleeping slouched back. The blanket is not on her and is on the other seat of the couch. Ashley is wearing a "Keep Calm and Carry On" T-shirt and a pair of blue shorts. I make the running jump from the table to her, I land on her belly, one foot in her belly button through the shirt. I climb up her, I walk up her chest, her heart slowly beating under my feet and up to her neck.

"Y'know what? I'll climb her face, do something different for once" I say to myself, grabbing her chin. I climb onto it and stand on her lip, her mouth is wide open. Her warm breath smells overwhelming me of hot chocolate. The inside of her mouth is cavernous, her tongue like a king sized pink fleshy bed. Her teeth the size of TVs, like Samantha's. The pink walls of her mouth. Before I can move, she inhales. I get sucked into her mouth, and swallowed. "Here we go again", I say as I slide down her esophagus. I plop in, getting splashed back with chewed up potato chips mixed with hot chocolate. "So, how long will it be this time" I say to myself, I grab onto a small marshmallow that she swallowed with the hot chocolate. She woke up about 15 Minutes later. Her stomach was sloshing me around, her stomach isn't digesting hard. I'm having a pretty relaxing time inside of Ashley's stomach, actually. She got woken up by her phone ringing, she immediately got up. I was thrown up in the air and splashed back down again, along with some of the food in her belly. She answers the phone and John's telling her to pick him up from his job. She agrees and goes into her room to change into sweatpants and a hoodie. Me and her food are constantly sloshing from her movement through out all of this.

She walks outside to her car, the car her and John are sharing right now. A blue, 2009 Saab 9-3. The Iowa licence plate shining in the sun. She stops for a second. On the inside I feel her stomach bubbling around me and the food starting to rise. Ashley looks at the county on the licence plates on the car "Linn" it says. "Please, I really don't wanna fucking vomit right now" She says, trying to get her mind off of it.

I start to rush up with her food up her throat, "Welp, too bad" I say in my mind. I feel Ashley quickly running back into the house. I fly out with the food and liquid, onto the hardwood floor. I quickly run before she notices me, she throws up and she sees me out of the quarter of her eye. But she thinks it's a bug running out of the house and keeps vomiting, luckliy for the second time she runs quick enough to the sink, I can hear her feet dashing and metallic sound of vomit hitting the inside of the sink.

I'm dashing through the grass of the house, it basically cleaning me of vomit but covering me in grass. I'm running faster than I think I ever have in my entire life. Well, maybe that one time in 6th grade I was running from this high school boy who was mad at me for denting his Jeep with my bike. I make it to the house, I climb under the fence of side the left side of the house and run through the backyard and slide under the door. I see that Henry is doing homework in the living room and the TV is on Spongebob, a older episode it seems to be. I run quickly run past him, he almost sees me but dismisses off as his mind playing a trick on him says that he really needs to lay off of the cartoons. I run upstairs and run into Samantha's room.

She's on her computer, watching a Youtube video titled "Man Falls Down Stairs Forever" and laughing. She sees me out of the corner of her eye and asks "Where have you been" she says, turning her chair and talking to me. She gets out to pick me up and put me on her bed.

I explain everything that happened. "You're really adventurous, Dave" she says at the end. "What would you did was really dumb though" she says, sitting down on her chair. But all of a sudden, I begin to grow. I climb off her bed while doing so. Samantha says "Holy Shit" and backs away towards the wall. I grow a back to normal size in a couple seconds, and then two more inches. I'm 6'1 at this point, I stop growing. My clothes seemed to grow along with me too. They fit perfectly. "What the fuck was that?" Samantha says, starting to become shocked.

"I guess the pills wore off" I say, walking around her room.

"Well, what are you going to now?" Samantha says.

"First, take a shower. Second, go talk to Judy and get my car back. And third, I guess face the music to my parents. They've probably called in a police report about me, they'll be pissed and stuff like that. But I gotta go home eventually. So, see you tomorrow at school I guess" I say.

"Okay, but how are you going to get out of my house? You can't just walk downstairs, my brother will freak the fuck out" She says, sitting down in the computer chair.

"I got a better idea" I say, opening her window.

"You're crazy, David Reid" she says smiling.

"As I've said before, you only live once, Samantha Fletcher" I say before I jump out of the window.

I jump and land with a thud. I'm pretty sure I fractured a bone in my leg but I don't make a peep. I run and jump over the fence into Ashley and John's yard. The two seem to be having a makeout session that I can see through the doors, John and Ashley don't notice me and they seem to be getting touchy with each other. I run and jump into another yard. A old Golden Retriever starts walking towards me, I keep running and jumping fences until about the 3rd house. When I see the back door is open and no one's inside I run through the house, and unlock the front door and run out into the street and sidewalk.

I run for a couple of minutes. I walk once I feel tired. I eventually get out of the housing district of West Salem and into the areas where the shops are. I go into a Walgreens to buy a package of underwear and a towel to dry myself off when I take a shower, "Uh, are you okay" The cashier says, when looking at me. I don't look the cleanest, and don't smell like it too. "Oh no, I'm fine." I say, smiling. My breath doesn't smell too good either. The cashier adjusts his name tag, showing the name "Alvin" and rings me up.

I look at my wallet and keys, surprisingly intact from the events I've been through. I walk down to a gym and shower there. I go over to a laundromat to clean my clothes, I'll admit it was awkward standing standing inside there in just a long white shirt some old guy offered me in the gym and some shorts I bought in the gym store. After a hour or so my clothes are dry and clean and I go and change behind a building. I go and walk over to Pizza hut and buy a couple of Pepperoni P'zones with the 20 dollars I had left. After that I went to the Shell station across the street and got a Coke and and a couple of chocolate bars, Snickers, a Hershey Bar, and a Three Musketeers bar. After that I go to the payphone at the Shell and insert about four quarters in from the change I had left over from buying all of the stuff. "I haven't done this in a couple years" I say to myself as I put the quarters in, chuckling.

I call Judy and tell her what happened, condensed enough before my minute is up. She agrees to pick me up and says to hold tight.

About 20 minutes later she does.

I get in, and she starts asking what happened, I explain again to her as we cross the bridge.

"So, just like that you grew back?" Judy says as she turns lanes.

"Yep, I guess that pill must of been a dud" I say, turning up the radio. The song "Everlong" by Foo Fighters is playing.

"I'm sorry for shrinking you" Judy says "I didn't think this would all happen".

"Hey, what's done is done. At least we're friends again at the end of it" I say.

The next 10 minutes nothing but the sound of the car's hum and the radio playing the songs "Black Hole Sun" by Soundgarden and "Damnit" by Blink 182.

She pulls up at her house, I get out and get out my keys in open up the driver's side door of my car. I crank up the Civic a couple of times. "Start up you shitbox" I say under my breath. It starts up and I pull off into the road.

I change the radio "Movies" by Alien Ant Farm is playing again. The lyric "And just like the movies" ring out in my mind as I drive back to East Lancaster, another suburb in Salem.

I pull up to the house, it's 9:34pm on the car clock. The lyric "And just like the movies" still ring in my ear. I see my Dad's green 1999 Nissan Pathfinder in the driveway.

I get out of the car, and make my way towards the door.
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Not over just yet, Epilogue comes out tomorrow if you're interested. Again, it's been a joy writing this story.
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Epilogue by Flagpole_Sitta97
Author's Notes:
All of this will be in the third person, so keep that in mind.
When Dave walked into the house, his parents were relived but angry at first. They said they were lucky that they decided to wait 72 hours before telling the police. His parents lectured him and screamed at him about running away and not answering his phone. Dave didn't really react much, and his only answer being "I skipped school and stayed in Portland for a couple days, I was bored". Lying due to the fact he didn't wanna expose his secret.

He was grounded until Valentine's day.

On the first day back at school he met with Adam again, Adam asking why he didn't answer his phone and why he didn't come to school. He told him the same thing he told his parents and said that his phone was stolen by some homeless guy and he found it crushed somewhere on the highway. Adam responded by saying he wish he had the balls to just go to another city without telling his parents for a couple of days. In a week the story got out and Dave was nicknamed "Ferris Bueller" by his peers, the nickname lasted into his senior year.

On the first day back, it was kinda awkward for Samantha, Judy, and Dave. Due to all of the events of the last week. At lunch on that day Dave decided to sit by them instead of his usual spot of the guys who weren't exactly jocks, but not the outcasts of the school either. He opened up to them by throwing in a couple of inside jokes about what happened in the past week, they laugh and start to warm up to him again.

On the day Dave was ungrounded his dad put his Xbox 360 and his games back in his room while he was at school. He offered to take Dave to a local diner to talk, Dave agrees. His dad talks to him about why he shouldn't of done what he did and how he knew a guy the same thing when he was his age and it didn't go as well. Dave agreed to never do it again. Afterwards his father took him to Best Buy to get a new phone. He got the phone he wanted, a iPhone 4.

Around the time the school year was ending, May. Dave decided to ask out Judy and if they wanna start a relationship again. She says yes and they begin a relationship again.

During the summer, in June of that year. Dave went to Sydney with his parents for two weeks, he asked his parents a couple of days prior if Judy could come. They were against it at first but then his parents and her parents contacted each other and they made a agreement. Australia was pretty fun for everyone involved, besides the couple of times where Dave's Dad accidentally drove on the wrong side of the road and almost crashed the rented 2011 Holden Cruze they got for cheap from some local rental place. Dave's mom and Dave himself did most of the driving after the first week.

The rest of the summer and the year and most of 2012 was basically made up hanging out, going to school and the occasional weekend trip to Portland.

During the spring of 2012, Dave and his family went to Los Angeles for spring break. They happened to come across the movie premier for the movie "1 Inch" at the TCL Chinese theater. He and his family managed to meet the cast of the movie, Jack (played by Shia Labeouf, his last major role before he went crazy), Mom (played by Mary Steenburgen), Annie (played by Dakota Fanning), Dad(played by Steve Buscemi), and the roommate who also happens to be named Dave (Ashton Kutcher). He also met Emma Stone who plays Jack's highschool crush that he meets later on in the movie. The real family was there, and also Jack. Dave met Jack and they talked for a couple of minutes about life and stuff, Dave almost gets around to the shrinking part but Jack's handler tells him the movie is about to start.

The movie was a action thriller with a small mix of comedy mixed in. There was a couple of vore scenes, involving Annie and Dave's crush. Jack Cooper played his own body double with the inside body scenes, they sent him with a camera. Both actresses agreed to swallow Jack Cooper and vomit him out when the series of belly/intestine scenes were done. The movie was released on April 13th of 2012. It made second at the Box Office only to be beat out by The Hunger Games. Dave and his family enjoyed the movie, it was rated a 87% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 8/10 with IMDB.

About a week after graduation Dave and Judy broke up due to the feelings for each other not really being there anymore. Granted, they were still friends. In the summer of 2014, when Dave was 20 going on 21 years old, he moved out out of his parents house and away from Salem, Oregon. He lived in Seattle until 2017, having a job as a Product Advisor for Microsoft. In November of 2017 he got a job offer in San Diego to work for Rockstar Games. He accepted that job offer and plans to stay permanently with the company and stay in San Diego. He picked up dating again in early 2018, he's dating a girl from Ohio named Jenny who he met at a In N Out Burger parking lot who he think's he's going to marry in a couple of years. He eventually got rid of the Honda Civic while he was in Seattle in 2016, and bought a 2016 Ford Focus. In March of 2019 he had a falling out and quit Rockstar and moved to San Francisco, Jenny tagging along with him. He works in San Francisco as a social media coordinator for a local Alternative rock radio station.

But he still keeps the Milk Dud box in his car(with the contents gone, he ate the chocolate caramel balls a couple of days after he got back to normal size) to remind him of that period of his teen years.
End Notes:
So yeah, it's officially over. But don't worry, I'll probably have another story out in ranging from a week from now or to a month from now.

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