Towering Temptations by PleaseStepOnMeDamnit

Welcome to Seijou General Trading, voted Best Mixed Size Company for over a decade and great place to work no matter what size you are! These North American offices are host to a wide range of different employees, big and small doing their best to turn the wheels of the world's premier general trading company.

I am pleased to announce my latest anthology series, Towering Temptations! You can expect fun, lighthearted and comical short stories featuring big OLs (office ladies) and tiny coworkers going about their day!

I hope you enjoy!

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1. New Intern by PleaseStepOnMeDamnit

2. The Secretary by PleaseStepOnMeDamnit

3. Classic Prank by PleaseStepOnMeDamnit

4. Helpful Assistant by PleaseStepOnMeDamnit

5. After Work Party by PleaseStepOnMeDamnit

6. After Work Party 2: Monday by PleaseStepOnMeDamnit

New Intern by PleaseStepOnMeDamnit
Author's Notes:

             “So that’s the history of Seijou General Trading, founded in 1887 in Yokohama to capitalize on the textile trade from China, broken up in 1947 by the US occupation as a zaibatsu, and on to today where we’re a globally recognized leader in materials trade and distribution across the world.” The sole member of the audience politely clapped as the older man finished his speech.


              “So, with that, it’s now time to give you the grand tour, follow me, Jeremy!” The older man rose from his seat and beckoned the young man to the door. To the young man’s shock, outside the small office was an unimaginably vast room filled with enormous cubicles. Skyscraper-sized women milled around, chatted, and worked in the office space that filled the vast space. One woman sitting at the desk shot Jeremy a knowing smile before returning to her computer, giggling as she typed.


              “As you know, Seijou America’s offices are all mixed size, so us tinies have plenty of opportunities within the company. During your internship, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to experience a wide range of different jobs and tasks with us, from simple data processing and purchasing to more complicated matters like demand forecasting and I’ll speak with the big boss about getting you some managerial experience too. You’re a BusAdmin major, right?”


              “Mhm,” Jeremy nodded affirmatively.


              “Good, so hopefully you’ve-” A rush of air cut him off as their view of the office was replaced with a chasm-like cleavage perfectly framed by the white undershirt of an office lady’s pantsuit. Looking up, Jeremy staggered back instinctively at the gargantuan woman’s beaming smile, which blocked out the lights above and cast the two in shadow.


              “Good morning, Cindy!” The older man smiled back, unmoved by the building sized woman looming over the two of them.


              “Alfred! Good to see you again! How’s the family? I see you brought a new little friend with you! What’s the name of this little cutie?”


              “J…Jeremy,” he replied, shuddering as he could’ve sworn he saw her lick her lips.


              “It’s nice to meet you, Jeremy! I hope we get along well.” She cooed, eyeing the new tiny boy right in front of her.


              Suddenly, Alfred’s phone buzzed. Checking it, he exclaimed, “Oh, I forgot I had a meeting. I was going to tell you this later, but Cindy here will be your mentor during the internship, she works in the same department as me and will be the best person to speak to in your tasks. Cindy, could you be a dear and give him the grand tour?”


              The enormous woman’s face lit up with excitement. “I’d love to show this little cutie around! Come here lil guy!”


              “Alright, I got the perfect place for you!” She cheered before reaching to grab him. Before he could even protest, Jeremy’s world became a blur as her fingers pinched down on his waist and effortlessly lifted away from the safety of the walkway. As a tiny, he had been picked up by giants before sure, but the rushed nature of her grab easily surpassed even the most powerful roller coaster he had been on in intensity. His world, and stomach, settled down between her ample bosom as Cindy tucked the tiny guy into her cleavage.


              “Gotta have my hands free, hope you don’t mind lil dude. Thank you, Alfred!”


              “Just show him around and get him acclimated to the office and our coworkers. I’ll see you around Cindy!”


              “Wait, sir!” Jeremy called out, but Alfred and Cindy simply exchanged friendly smiles and his one tiny friend casually walked off to his meeting. The reality of his situation sank in as his face turned red. Sure, he had seen this scenario before online, but the real sensation was unlike anything he could’ve imagined. Her soft breasts completely overwhelmed him, holding him in place like a tight, warm hug, punctuated by the gentle rumbling of a heartbeat through the pliant flesh.


              “Alright let’s go!” Cindy sauntered down the hall. Her breasts shook like an earthquake with each step, jostling Jeremy across the plush surface.


              “So, these are the human cubicles, most of us here work in purchasing, management, and sales. My boss Anna, who’s over there, and I handle procurement for North America. Marketing is down the hall and there’s other positions all over the place. HR is in building 4, which also has the cafeteria, though many of us go out for lunch instead. You should join us later today!” Cindy’s eyes sparkled looking down at him expectantly.


Jeremy sighed. “Guess you don’t leave me much choice. It’d be good to meet some of my coworkers. By the way, what do the other tinies do?”


“Support, data processing, accounting, and there’s plenty of overlap with what we do. I have two tinies who work for me, but they work from home, so I never get to see them.” She frowned as she relayed the last part. “Anyway, onto the next room!”


Jeremy quickly forgot he was even in a girl’s cleavage as the two talked about their work. To his relief, he began to figure that maybe her intimidating aura was misinterpreted. Even his embarrassment regarding her cleavage seemed to fade as he grew more and more accustomed to talking to the huge woman.


“Oh Sasha! Come meet this little cutie!”


Jeremy’s eyes were wide open as he observed the scene before him. A tan woman, seemingly a few years younger had turned away from her desk to face Cindy. Looking at her fingertip, he was shocked to see a small figure pinned to the table against the tip, playfully squirming under the woman’s hand.


“I see you two are already well acquainted,” Sasha commented, leaning in close to take a peek at the figure.


Jeremy tried his best to bury himself in her chest as her face filled the sky. Large brown eyes observed his every move as she examined his form buried in her titflesh. In an attempt to be friendly, he returned her gaze with a nervous smile and wave.

              “You’re lucky, little guy, Cindy is a great woman. She’s always nice to her tiny pets.” Sasha boomed, letting her words wash over the tiny.


“S…so, what does your tiny friend do?” Jeremy stammered, trying to change the conversation.


“He works support for me,” she replied again in a monotone voice.


“Supports your arches nicely, right?” Cindy quipped, and the two women chuckled.


“He does feel good down there I will admit.” Jeremy could only shudder, imagining himself in such a hellish space.


“Don’t worry little guy! I won’t put you in my shoes!” Cindy’s words were of little comfort as his nerves spiked.

              “I’ll leave you two to get back to it!” Sasha commented, returning her focus back on the tiny under her fingertip.


“That’s Sasha!” Cindy commented cheerfully as she walked off, “She’s a little stern but she’s a nice person deep down.”


After a few more minutes of tour, Cindy arrived at a small office, flicking on the lights to reveal a cozy space, complete with tubes, ladders and elevators for a tiny to get around the comfortable space.


“And this is my office!”


“Ah, cool, so where is my cubicle? I assume in the tiny area.”


“Well… you did say that you were interested in purchasing, right?” Cindy looked down with a cheerful, knowing smile.


“I mean, that is what I put on my… Oh no.”

              “Your cubicle is right here! On my desk!” Cindy fished him from her breasts and sat him down before a small cubicle next to her enormous monitor. “You’re working for me! I’m glad to finally have a tiny guy on my team who I get to see every day!”

              Jeremy sighed, bracing for several months of her overwhelming teasing. As he stared up at his new boss, cheerfully humming to herself as she turned on her computer, a strange feeling of happiness began to replace his disdain. Sure, she teased him relentlessly, but in the time in her cleavage, he began to feel a sense of admiration for her. Not wanting to make her feel awkward in the silence, he spoke up.


“So, why aren’t there any tinies on the floor? I saw doors all over the office floor but there was nobody down there.”


“It’s much too dangerous to be exploring the floor, we don’t want to step on our coworkers, so we don’t like them walking around down there. Of course, if being stepped on is your thing, I may be able to oblige you.”


Jeremy brushed off the last comment, “So, what do you want me to do now, Miss Cindy?”


“How formal! Just call me Cindy, dear, and as for what you can do for me… I don’t really have anything for you right now so just sit there and look cute! I’ll come up with some use for you soon.”


“O…kay then.” Jeremy stared at his tiny monitor, mind already racing with what such a statement could mean. With a sigh, he looked over the papers already waiting for him. To his relief, she had made sure all his information was ready for him. Perhaps she wasn’t as bad as he thought, he mused as stared down at the paper, typing in the login provided to him.


“So… What do you think of big girls?” Jeremy’s focus was snapped as he turned to face his boss. The huge woman looked down at him expectantly, propping up her chest under her arms.


“That’s an… interesting question.” Jeremy froze as her face morphed into a disappointed frown. “I don’t mean it like that! I meant… I don’t know, I haven’t been with anyone, much less a giant… I mean… I wouldn’t be opposed to it.” Jeremy looked away in embarrassment.


“I’m glad to hear that.” Cindy’s face lit up in a bright smile! “I hope we can get along well together!”

“Same here.” Jeremy replied. At the very least, he knew his time at Seijou would be anything but boring.

End Notes:

First story, hope it went well!

The Secretary by PleaseStepOnMeDamnit
Author's Notes:

Inspired by this wonderful picture by the amazing YoHomeboyRaps!

              Ichibe leaned back in his chair, flipping through the stack of paperwork on his table. Sent from the home office to act as a regional vice president for Seijou North America, the middle-aged manager knew he had a lot of work in order to properly settle into his new position. With a frustrated sigh, he poured over the pile of documents before him, rubbing his temple as he tried to make sense of the obfuscated mess his predecessor left for him.


              “Alright boss! I organized your calendar, processed the backlog of emails and ordered you a new coffee machine!” A booming voice snapped him out of his concentration. Looking up, the curvaceous body of an auburn-haired young woman filled the sky above the walls of his little office, her billboard-sized smile lighting up her face.


              “Ah, thank you Rachel.” Ichibe acknowledged the building-sized girl above him with a neutral expression before returning to his computer. He knew how mixed-size Seijou’s North American office was, but he still couldn’t get over having a human secretary. The gigantic woman seemed friendly, and he appreciated having her around, but her bubbly, excitable nature began to feel overwhelming at times to the serious, focused tiny.


              Rachel pouted before looking back down at the tiny cubicle. It was an interesting solution to converting the human-sized office for use by a tiny to say the least. Eight-inch walls formed a miniature office in the center of the room, resting atop a pedestal. Rachel’s desk sat next to the pedestal, and the lack of a roof meant that she could communicate easily with her tiny boss. It even featured an elevator that carried him to the floor, which was complemented with a tiny elevator on the wall that takes him back to the tiny deck.


              In stark contrast to the tiny’s cold demeanor, Rachel was secretly over the moon. A human secretary and her cute tiny boss seemed straight out of her fantasies and here she was living out her dreams. Even glancing over at the miniature person typing away at his keyboard or sorting paperwork sent her heart fluttering. Despite her excitement, she still had one hurdle remaining to create the office life she dreamed about.


              “How the hell do I make him notice me?” She pondered as she watched him hard at work, nose deep in some spreadsheet. No matter what she tried from books and articles online, she just couldn’t get the little guy to look at her properly. Clearly “The Ultimate Guide to Tiny Relations” was missing a few pages.


              Ichibe, meanwhile, was in hell. His predecessor left him neck deep in unfinished business that now fell on him to parse. He grumbled as he finished another budgetary report, salvaging it from the disaster the last guy left it in. With a sigh, he sent the file off to Japan and set upon his next task, the strategy reports. Despite how frustrating the paperwork seemed to him; it was far from his biggest concern. His train of thought promptly derailed as Rachel began to hum to herself.




              Despite his cold demeanor towards the girl, he truly did appreciate her. She was the only one who was able to help him parse through his predecessor’s notes and files, and made his transfer go from a living nightmare to merely a somewhat frustrating endeavor. Her dutiful efforts helped him transfer from his prior job to this place. However, he couldn’t get over how extra he felt she could be. How she loomed over his office without a care, and how she didn’t even seem to notice how her… assets loomed over him so much.


              He drew a sharp breath as he heard her chair rolling back.


              Rachel stood up and stretched, before picking up her pen and clipboard to set her plan into motion. With slow, deliberate steps, she walked around the office, eyeing the tiny man as she brushed past the stand that held his workspace. Coming to a stop, she lifted her pen to write, lightly gripping it before letting it tumble from her fingers, sending the pen clattering to the ground. The clink of the pen attracted Ichibe’s attention, and he idly looked up before resuming his work.


              “Whoops! There goes my pen! Gosh I am so clumsy today!” Rachel exclaimed before bending over to pick it up, deliberately sticking out her ass over the stand. Down below, Ichibe’s office suddenly became dark, and the tiny looked up, only to immediately avert his eyes. He knew Rachel was a curvy girl, hell, it was one of the things he liked about her appearance, but in this position, her ass loomed over his office like the moon, blocking out the light beneath it as if it was an eclipse. As her thighs rested on one of the walls, he realized how easy it would be for her to sit down on the stand. If she did so, there was no way he could stop her meteoric ass from crushing everything beneath it, including himself. Ichibe nervously looked back up at the vast mountain looming overhead. Her pantyhose desperately strained against her ass; clearly outlining panties large enough to cover his house pressed against her tight skirt. The wall began to creak under the strain, threatening to snap and obliterate him in ass.


              “Rachel!” Ichibe exclaimed, hearing the walls creak under her weight. Despite his terror, she did have a fantastic ass, and he found himself staring into the monumental rear above him.


              Rachel knew this, and as she fished her pen from the ground, she gave her butt a wiggle before lifting off of the miniature office.


              “Sorry about that boss! I hope you at least liked the show.” She quipped, before returning to her desk with a cheerful clip.


              Ichibe sat and pondered what had just happened. The images of her ass, her cheeky smile and playful demeanor circled through his mind. Over the past few weeks, he had gone from being annoyed by the huge girl, to almost enjoying her company.


              “Hey, Rachel…” Ichibe spoke.


              “Hmm? How can I help, boss?”


              “I don’t know if I’ve said this to you since we started working together, but thank you, seriously, for everything you’ve done. You have been a major help in the transition, and I think that we make a good team.”


              Rachel was over the moon and struggled to contain her excitement. Thankfully, the walls of his office kept him from seeing her silent celebration. Calming herself, she replied.

              “Thank you, sir, I’m just doing my best.”

Classic Prank by PleaseStepOnMeDamnit
Author's Notes:

Inspired by this pic ( by the amazing YoHomeboyRaps!

Kind of a short one but the idea is funny.

              Jennifer peeked down the hall, glancing to the left and to the right through the quiet office, before slinking into the empty copier room. She checked her phone, sighing in relief that lunch was still ongoing. Seijou had several copy rooms across the building, but this one was perfect for what she wanted to do. Reaching down into her shirt pocket, she fished out her tiny friend.


              “Coast is clear?”


              “Yep, are you ready Tim?”


              Brushing her auburn hair out of the way, Jennifer opened the lid and pressed a few buttons on the screen. With a flash of light, the machine whirred to life, gently humming while awaiting her command.


              “Have you ever been sat on?

              “I have not, please don’t crush me.”


              Jennifer laughed, “I think my butt is plush enough to not hurt you, don’t worry!” She accentuated her comment with a playful spank.


              Idly humming to herself, Jennifer carefully placed the tiny onto the glass copy plate and hiked up her skirt.




              She could barely see Tim’s thumbs up before turning around to sit down on the copier.


              Tim braced himself as a tights-clad moon filled the horizon. He had admired Jennifer from afar, but never in a million years did he imagine himself in this position, staring up as her ass hurtled towards him. As she sat down on the copier, it felt like an asteroid slammed down on him, instantly forcing the air from his lungs and wrapping him in her tights-clad assflesh. As Jennifer had stated, she was soft enough for him to not crush under her, but the unimaginable weight pressing down on him left him completely paralyzed, barely able to even move the slightest twitch with the weight pressing down on his form. What miniscule amounts of oxygen he could force in was filtered through the slightly sweat-tinted stockings that clung tightly to her rear.


              Jennifer, meanwhile, kept humming as she pressed a few buttons, prompting the machine to whirr to life. She grinded a bit, hoping to ensure a good picture as she watched the glowing bar of the copier slowly scan back and forth. A few moments later, the printer began to spit out page after page of the same image, the shapely form of her ass squished against the glass, complete with Tim’s form helplessly smushed against it. As the printer finally stopped, she gently scooted off before standing back up. To her relief, her tiny friend appeared intact, though completely dazed from the experience. A gentle poke confirmed his status as he carefully sat up, still breathing deeply to replenish the air he lost beneath her.


              “So, whaddya think?” Jennifer beamed, holding one of the copies up for him to view.


              “Not bad, not bad. Can I get one?”


              “Of course, I also had it send a digital copy to my email so I’ll get one over to you!” She commented proudly.


              “Wait, what email did you send it to?”




              “So, it seems you two had some fun yesterday.” Carol the HR supervisor looked away from her computer before turning the monitor around. Prominently displayed on the screen was the photocopy of Jennifer’s ass.


              “You both are aware that company intranet is monitored, right?” Carol sighed. “I should not be receiving messages from IT about this kind of thing. Photocopiers are for files, not butts.


              “It was just a prank.” Tim commented, prompting Jennifer to nod in agreement.


              “A pretty childish one at that. Thankfully, for both of your sakes, I’m not going to write you up for this. It was stupid, but ultimately harmless I guess. You didn’t force Tim into it, and his addition was at least a mildly amusing twist. Just, if you want to photocopy yourselves that badly, go and buy yourself one and don’t bring company property into it next time. Understand? Now get back to work.”

              The two nodded nervously, before scurrying out of her office. Spinning the monitor back around, Carol clicked on the file, before carefully depositing it in a folder named “Ideas.”


              “It was a little funny, at least.” She murmured to herself before returning to work.

End Notes:

Hope you enjoyed!

Helpful Assistant by PleaseStepOnMeDamnit
Author's Notes:

As Sasha faces a critical business meeting, her dedicated assistant Marcus employs ingenious tactics to keep her focused on the task ahead.

Made a bit of a longer one this time around, hope you enjoy!

“So how long have you been working here, Marcus?” Jeremy asked, filling a cup from the water cooler.


              “Bout 6 months, why?”


              “I’ve been here a few weeks now and I don’t think I’ve seen you around all that much. You work in a different department?”


“Actually, I work for Sasha here in operations.”


Jeremy paused for a moment, thinking through his memories of Sasha. Although he had not had much contact with her, the little he had seen certainly left an impact.


“Despite what you might have seen of her, she’s nice. She just has a unique way of showing it.”


A bubbling roar from the water tank drew their attention elsewhere. Past the railing, Sasha filled her water bottle from the human tap, siphoning hundreds of gallons from the tank.


“Ah, Marcus, there you are!” Sasha remarked, glancing up at the railing. “Been looking for you. I have a meeting coming up in a bit and I need your support.”


“Alright, bring it on.”


Sasha chuckled, “This is why you work for me.”


A massive hand gently plucked Marcus from the table, carrying him off into the sky.


“Have a good day, Jeremy!” Marcus shouted back as his captress strolled away from the cooler.


“Um, same to you?” Jeremy shouted in reply, watching the black-haired woman walk away into the distance.


Marcus, meanwhile, found himself trapped between the fingers of his gigantic boss, as she whisked him away back to her office. She placed Marcus onto the wooden surface of her desk before settling into her chair, letting the force of her impact roll her chair back a bit before she scooted herself forward again.


       “Got this damn meeting to slog through. Marcus, up for some toe action? My feet could really use something small to play with while I listen to these guys drone on for a few hours.”


       “Yes ma’am.”


       “This is why you get paid the big bucks. I forgot to shower last night so sorry in advance for the smell.” Sasha replied, lifting her leg while popping off her scarlet-colored pump. “As usual, keep me entertained and I’ll make it worth your while.”


       Sasha grasped ahold of Marcus by the waist before lifting him into the air. With a wry grin, she shoved him between her toes, letting them grab ahold of him before sliding her foot back into the shoe.


       Marcus grimaced as his face slammed into the damp stocking. As Sasha warned him, the stench was pungent, and the acrid smell burned his nose as her toes enveloped him. His world went dark as she slipped her shoe back on, encasing him in a dark, warm cavern. Once inside, her toes relented, pressing him down into the insole with a damp squelch.


       “Don’t worry about your outfit, I got a change of clothes ready, and I’ll rinse you off after the meeting.” Sasha chuckled softly, tapping her fingernails on the shellacked surface of the heel. With a final stretch, she rose to her feet, grabbing her briefcase before heading down the hall to her meeting.


       The soft clacks of Sasha’s heels translated to thunderous footfalls for Marcus, as each step pressed him deeper between her toes and the worn insole. The air was thick with sweat and foot stench, turning the confided space into a humid sauna for the trapped tiny. Several minutes of brutal trampling came to an end as Sasha stopped walking, though Marcus could not see why. Muffled voices above hinted she was talking to coworkers before the alleviated pressure confirmed she had taken her seat.


       With less weight pressed onto his body, Marcus took a deep breath. For now, he needed to orient himself to the environment. Although it was not the first time, he had found his way under her feet, the intense sensation still necessitated gathering his bearings in the confined space. As expected, his new world was dominated by Sasha’s sole. Her feet were fairly small by normal standards, but as tiny, they held unquestioned control over the cavern and himself.


              Without warning, the toes around him gently squeezed, effortlessly suspending his ability to move as the nylon-clad digits undulated around his body. Her feet began toying with their prey, squeezing, pressing and grinding the helpless tiny at her mercy.


              “And it begins.”


Although Marcus was an operations assistant on paper, in reality, his position was more of a stress toy for his gigantic boss. Many days found him poked and squeezed as a fidget toy or crammed in her shoes to provide something for her mind to focus on. When he wasn’t her toy, he found himself anywhere from rubbing her feet to assisting in normal office duties. Despite the hellish confines of Sasha’s pumps, he frequently enjoyed his work. Being alone and in the confines of a cute girl’s shoe suited him, he thought, and Sasha always valued his assistance in whatever she put him through.


“Hmm, now how do I help her out.” Marcus wondered aloud.


As an idea came to his head, Sasha released him, dropping him back down onto the insole. Above him, she flexed her toes as best as she could in the tight confines of the shoe. Now that he had his opportunity, he rotated himself to face the ball of her foot. He took a deep breath before pressing his hands against the taut surface and massaging as best as he could. Despite his miniscule size and pressure on her gigantic sole, Sasha’s toes paused their squirming for a moment, clearly indicating she felt his massage.


Spurred on by her reaction, he began to rub himself against her foot, grinding his body against the sole. Without warning, her toes pressed down into the ground and her foot suddenly lifted into the air. The ground beneath began to tilt as Sasha rocked her foot back on the heel, turning the insole into a slide for Marcus. Unsupported by anything, he found himself rolling underneath the ball of her foot.


“Sasha, wait!” He cried out reflexively, despite knowing Sasha couldn’t hear him. Once he slid beneath the ball of her foot, the shoe settled back into place. Although his prior confines were tight, it was spacious compared to what the ball of her foot could afford. Narrowly sandwiched between the massive tights-clad sole and the floor of the cavern, Marcus was truly trapped, pinned in place by thousands of tons of Sasha and her warm sole above him and enveloping his tiny body.


As time went on in the tight confines, a new fear presented itself to him. Should Sasha stand for any reason, he thought, the full weight of her body would certainly crush him. It was an open secret that tinies are incredibly fragile and humans had to handle them with care, and even Sasha worked hard to avoid harming him. However, this new scenario left him vulnerable to an accident should Sasha forget he’s down there. Unable to do anything, he could only wait and hope that Sasha remembered where he was if she stood.


In the dark, musty cavern, time seemed to blur, with only muffled voices above and the sounds of Sasha’s feet shuffling around in the shoe. After what felt like an eternity, he heard people rustling and standing outside. To his horror, Sasha began to shift, and he braced for the worst, only for Sasha’s foot to press down on him as it began to slide out of the cave. As her foot began to pull out of the shoe, he found himself dragged across her insole and scraped out onto the floor. Insole foam gave way to the rough carpet, and his eyes stung as the fluorescent lights of the meeting room shocked his dark-adjusted eyes. Rolling onto his back, he started up at the towering form of Sasha seated in a rolling chair, staring down at him.


“We’re breaking for lunch, how are you doing little guy?”

              “Other than thinking you were going to crush me under the ball of your foot, it was alright.” Marcus breathlessly replied.


“Oh yeah… sorry about that. I thought it would be fun, but I realized that you could’ve gotten hurt so I tried to avoid putting any pressure on you until I could go in and properly readjust you. You felt wonderful under my feet at the very least. You’re a good foot toy.” Sasha smirked, poking him with her big toe. “I got lunch coming in a bit so if my foot funk hasn’t ruined your appetite, let me know and I’ll pull off a bit for you. For now, do what you like, rub my feet, lick my shoes, rest for a bit, do whatever you want. I’ll tell you when to go back inside my shoes.”


After a few moments of simply laying on the ground and watching his boss from the floor, the sound of someone approaching filled his ears. Looking out, he saw a massive pair of black platform heels next to Sasha’s chair. He recognized the new woman’s voice as that of Rachel, his boss’s boss’s secretary.


“Ichibe sent these sandwiches for your team, so enjoy! Also, does your little friend on the floor there need anything?” Rachel commented, pointing to Marcus.


“He should be fine, I’ll give him a bit of sandwich and a bottle cap of water, plus he has my foot sweat if he needs anything more.” The two ladies chuckled.


“Well, it seems you got it handled, so I’ll leave you be. Hope the rest of your meeting goes smoothly!” Rachel flashed a smile to Marcus before walking away.


High above the table, Sasha gingerly poured a bit of water from a pitcher into a plastic cap and bent over to place it next to Marcus.


“You want a bit of sandwich as well?” Sasha asked.


“I’ll get something to eat after the meeting. Surprisingly your feet do not make me hungry.”


Sasha chuckled before pulling her head back from under the table. “Suit yourself.”


Marcus eagerly shoved his face in the shallow pool of ice-cold water, savoring the biting chill of the liquid on his face and throat. As soon as he drank his fill, he rolled back onto his back, inhaling air as fresh as could be with Sasha’s feet nearby. It was of little concern to him however, as the little bit of freedom was treasured, nonetheless. As he stared off into the middle distance, he reflected on his time with Sasha. From the very moment he started working for her, his role was less of an administrative assistant and more of a toy for his boss. To her delight, he took to his role quite well, and Sasha quickly grew to rely on his assistance, wherever she placed him.


His train of thought was interrupted by the sound of people re-entering the conference room.


“Alright little guy, get back in.” Sasha ordered, tipping her heel onto its side with her foot.


“Yes, ma’am.” Marcus replied, clambering back to his feet. He carefully climbed onto the side of the heel before Sasha tipped it back upright. Marcus landed in the worn heelprint with an audible splat as a dark shadow appeared over the opening. He scrambled to get away as her foot slipped back into the shoe. The sole quickly caught up with him, shoving him into the tip of her shoe before settling into place.


The next hour passed quickly, with Marcus’s time largely spent squeezed, ground by or massaging Sasha’s powerful sole. As the meeting high above drew to a close, Sasha once again rose to her feet, tightly squeezing Marcus in place and turning his world once again into a roller coaster as she returned to her office.


As she settled back into her chair, she lifted her leg onto her other knee, slowly letting the shoe Marcus was in dangle from her foot.


“You did such an excellent job! I’ll figure out what I can do to reward you, but for now, thank you as always for supporting my feet.”


Sasha gently pulled her heel off her foot and peered inside. Inside the worn, dark cavern, Marcus lay in one of the toe craters, looking weary but well.


“The day’s about over, so do you want to come out and get ready to come home?”


To her surprise, Marcus replied, “It’s kind of cozy in here. If it’s not too much trouble, could I stay in here a bit longer?”


“Do you just want me to take you home then? I don’t mind, and you can ride in my shoe as long as you like.”


“I’d be fine with that if you’d be willing.”

              Sasha sighed, “Well, you’ve done a really good job at my feet today, so I’ll take you home. If there’s anything you want me to do for you, just let me know. I’ll also get your belongings and make sure those get to you safely.”


Marcus replied with a thumbs up.


“Alright, get comfy again.”


Sasha slid her foot back into the shoe, pinning Marcus underneath her toes once again. It would be a lie to say she didn’t enjoy it just as much as he did. It was an enjoyable sensation to have a tiny pinned under her sole and at her mercy, and an exhilarating experience to have a tiny who enjoyed his position under her toes.


              Grabbing her bag, Sasha quickly grabbed ahold of Marcus’s belongings, placing them in a pocket before walking out the door. As she felt the familiar tickles of her tiny assistant under her feet, her mind raced with a flurry of thoughts for other places she could make use of him, the image of sliding her favorite assistant down her pants filling her with excitement as she strolled out the door to her car.

After Work Party by PleaseStepOnMeDamnit
Author's Notes:

It's Friday night, the work is done and a group of employees are headed to a bar to celebrate their achievements!



A loud sigh snapped Jeremy’s attention, and he turned behind him to face the source. High above his desk, the gigantic form of his boss, Cindy, slumped back in her chair, a worn-out expression plastered on her face.


                 “Almost done!” She exclaimed, “Just gotta get this sent off and then we can go party!”


                 “Hm?” Jeremy mused in reply. “What’s going on?”


                 “Did you not check your email? Ichibe is taking us all out to a local pub!” Cindy smiled, “You’re 21, right? You should join us!”


                 Jeremy opened his email, scrolling through the inbox until he saw the email. Giving it a quick scan, he turned back to Cindy.


                 “Sure, I’ll be there.”


                 “Yay! It’ll be a great chance for us to get to know you more!”


                 After a few more moments of work, the two rose from their seats in unison. Cindy stretched for a moment before looking down on Jeremy’s cubicle.


                 “Need a lift?”


                 “Ah, thanks, I believe Ichibe told us tinies to meet up at the pickup spot, so if you could just set me there, we’ll be good.”


                 “No problem! Hop aboard Cindy’s taxi service, free rides for little cuties!” Cindy cheered, setting her hand palm-up in front of Jeremy’s doorway, beckoning him to climb aboard.


                 Once Jeremy got situated on her palm, Cindy’s fingers curled around him, carefully enveloping him in the warmth of her hand. With her passenger situated, she rose from her seat and walked from her office towards the front entrance.


                 After a few moments, Cindy gently set her passenger down on the platform in front of a door by the main entrance.


                 “I’ll see you there, Jeremy!” Cindy waved cutely before walking out the gigantic main entrance herself.


                 Jeremy turned and walked through the smaller door, which led outside to a covered platform. Several other tiny coworkers waited patiently outside, talking with each other or scanning their phones. A middle-aged Japanese man turned from his conversation to beckon him over.


                 “So, you’re our new intern, Jeremy right?”


                 “Yes sir, that’s me!” Jeremy excitedly replied.


                 “I’ve been meaning to meet with you. My name is Ichibe Tanaka, Regional Vice President of Seijou North America. I too just transferred into this position, and I wanted to make sure to put my name out there as a fellow tiny and coworker. I hope you have enjoyed your time here so far. You work under Cindy, right?”


                 “Yep, and she’s been pretty good as a mentor and a boss. I’ve been enjoying working here so far and thank you for reaching out.” Jeremy extended his hand, and the two shook hands.


                 “It’s a pleasure to have you on the team, and to have someone take interest in our company. I hope you enjoy hanging out with us tonight. These kind of after work drinking parties are common back in Japan so I wanted to bring some of that energy back here. Company’s paying the tab so eat and drink to your heart’s content.”


                 After a few minutes of idle chatter, a young man riding a scooter pulled to a stop in front of the pickup area.

                 “PocketPassengers pickup for… Seijou Tiny Staff?” The man read out from his phone.


                 “That’s us, I’ll take care of the payment on the way there. Thanks for the pickup.” Ichibe responded, flashing his cellphone.

                 “No problem, dude, I’ll extend the bridge, just climb on in and let me know when you’re ready to head out!”


                 He rolled the scooter forward, aligning the window-lined box above the rear tire with the platform. He pushed a button on the handlebar, and a bridge extended out to the waiting area. The tinies quickly filed onboard the box and took a seat, before Ichibe sent a quick text to their driver.


                 A few moments later, the door closed, and the bridge folded up before their driver kicked off and meandered his way onto the road. Inside, the box was filled with a few rows of simple seating, and Jeremy took up a seat by the window, watching the world speed by. After a few minutes, their ride slowed to a stop outside of a small bar. Once again, the bridge extended out, and the tinies filed off onto the tiny pickup platform.


                 “Just saw your payment go through. Thanks for choosing PocketPassengers and we hope to carry you again!” He flashed a cheeky salute before kicking up the kickstand and speeding off into traffic once again.


                 “Alright, let’s get down to business.”


                 Ichibe led the group to the tinies entrance, checking in with the waiter before the group was led to a platform overlooking a large private room.


                 “Pretty cool they had a proper Japanese-style izakaya room here. Brings back all sorts of memories.” Ichibe commented to himself as he overlooked the paper-walled room, complete with tatami mats and low tables. Already, a few of the human employees were seated around the table, working on a round of beers.


                 “Jeremy! So glad you made it!” Cindy cheerfully waved from the table at the figure. “Let’s have some fun!”


                 Jeremy simply waved in reply before turning back to the tiny area, which was similarly decorated to the human’s room.


                 “I’ll take one of these.” He pointed to a beer on the menu before one of the other employees tugged on his shoulder.


                 “So, you work with Cindy huh? Lucky bastard. You get to look up at her chest every day.”


                 “Eh…?” Jeremy said, confused.


                 “I saw you on your first day, she let you in her boobs! None of the ladies let me near their chest!” He whined, clearly distraught.


                 “Guys, guys, break it up. Darren, leave the new guy alone.” Another employee leaned over the table.


                 “You’re one to talk, Tim! Jennifer sat on you that one time!” Darren replied frantically.


                 “Just… calm down dude.” Tim replied and Darren turned back to his beer.


                 “Sorry about him. I’m Tim, in the accounting department. You?”


                 “Jeremy, I’m an intern in the purchasing and operations department. I work for Cindy over there.” Jeremy pointed to his boss as the enormous woman poured another silo of beer down her throat.


                 “Cindy’s great. Haven’t worked with her too much but the purchasing guys I know like her.” He looked back at Cindy. “Something tells me she’s going to be a hassle in a bit.”


                 “Probably.” Tim agreed. “Anyway, have you been here before, or do you need help with recommendations. I normally get the Gyoza and this beer here.” He pointed to the menu.


                 “Alright, I guess I’ll get that then.” Jeremy replied. A few moments later, he relayed his order to the waiter.


                 “Jeremyyyy!!!” Cindy called out to him from the human section. Her face was reddened and flushed, and she stumbled as she rose to her feet. “Come hang out with meee,” she slurred as she staggered over to the tiny platform.


                 “Cindy, are you ok?” Jeremy replied. “You seem kinda drunk.”


                 “It’s okkkk, I’m taking a cab back… I got some rice if you want some…” Cindy added, blasting Jeremy with alcohol scented breath.


                 “Fine.” He muttered, and Cindy snatched him up with a cheer.


                 “C’mon! Let’s have fuuun!”


                 Cindy set him down on the human table, a crowded space of gigantic plates of finger food, towering silos of beer, napkins and cell phones. All around him, a crowd of gigantic women loudly socialized among each other. A towering brunette waved at him, smiling through rosy cheeks.


                 “Hey! You’re the new intern, Jeremy right? I’m Rachel!” Rachel boomed, extending her pinkie finger. Jeremy nervously grasped ahold and shook the gigantic digit. “I work for Ichibe!”


                 “Thanks, nice to meet you too.”


                 One of the other women rushed over to the tiny shelf before returning, delicately holding onto a miniscule tray with a miniscule cup on it. Miraculously, nothing was spilled as she handed it off to the waiting tiny.


                 “Is it good?” Cindy inquired, leaning in to the tiny, who was able to set his tray down just in time to stagger back from her breasts slamming down on the table.


                 “I haven’t tried it yet, please be careful with your boobs.” Jeremy replied, sitting down and taking a sip of his mug.


                 “I wish I worked with more tinies, My department doesn’t really work with them.” One of the other girls commented.


                 “It’s great,” Cindy replied. “I get to see this little cutie every day. It’s like working with a little pet on my desk.” The other girls cooed down at the minuscule guy in response. Once again, the attentions of a half-dozen gigantic women were firmly locked onto him keenly observing his every movement as he finished his food.


                 Meanwhile, the attentions of the rest of the tinies were focused on the scene below. A mixture of nervousness and envy enraptured them as they watched the massive women toy with him.


                 “Do you want me to grab the waiter to get him back?” One employee asked Ichibe as he observed the humans.


                 “I’m going to keep an eye on it, but I don’t think Jeremy is in danger. I might have a talk with some people on Monday though.” He replied. “I’d tell Rachel to remind me to reach out to him but…” He pointed as his secretary patted Jeremy with her finger, beaming with a slightly intoxicated smile. “I’ll write a memo for it, but I don’t think they’ll hurt him. Cindy’s a good person.”


                 A comment from Rachel suddenly grabbed his attention.


                 “I wish Ichibe would let me do this to him.” Rachel mused, ruffling Jeremy’s hair with her finger.


                 “Wait, you’re into Ichibe?” Cindy replied, and the rest of the girls leaned in, salivating at the latest office gossip.


                 “Mhm! I don’t think he views me like that at all, but a girl can dream! He’s just so cute sitting in his little office.” Rachel sighed. “Probably has a wife and kids at home so guess I’ll have to keep looking.”


                 Ichibe blushed while clenching his fists.

                 “Sir?” Tim leaned towards him.


                 “Don’t worry about it.”


                 “If it means anything from me, I think Rachel is a lovely girl. You two would be cute together.”


                 “Don’t worry about it.” He repeated.


                 “Ok sir.” Tim returned to his seat, taking a bite out of his food as he glanced back at Ichibe, who was scrawling notes onto his notepad.


                 A few hours later back on the human table, Cindy checked her phone.


                 “It’s getting late! Here, Jeremy I’ll take you home!”


                 Jeremy had little time to protest as she plucked him from the table. Cindy hummed to herself as she booked a cab with one hand and slid Jeremy into the chasm of her cleavage.


                 Walls of warm flesh slightly wicked with sweat enveloped his tiny form as Cindy absentminded fondled herself. Jeremy found himself rubbed around, bouncing between the two enormous mounds. Despite Cindy’s brash action, he could feel a certain gentleness in her actions.


                 “Ichibe! I’m heading home with Jeremy. See you on Monday!” Cindy waved to the tiny platform.


                 “Yeah… we’ll be talking.” Ichibe replied.


                 Cindy wandered her way from the restaurant out to the street, where the cab driver hurriedly flagged her down and she climbed into the back. As they drove down the street, she whispered to the tiny as she played with herself.


                 “I’m so lucky to work with such a little cutie! I’ve wanted to do this for so long you have no idea.” She mused to herself, savoring the feeling of her tiny subordinate bouncing softly between her breasts.


                 A few minutes later, they arrived at Cindy’s house, and she fumbled with her phone to pay the driver digitally before stumbling into her door.


                 “Let’s go to the bedroom.” Cindy slurred her words as she wandered through the bedroom door. Without warning, she grabbed Jeremy from her breasts and pressed him against her lips.


                 Jeremy’s body sank into the plush, wet surface of Cindy’s lips. Alcohol-laced saliva soaked his body as the enormous woman enveloped him in her unstoppable kiss.


                 Cindy staggered to her bed and placed Jeremy down on her nightstand before crawling into bed, letting her shoes dangle and fall from her feet as she quickly passed out. Jeremy himself yawned slightly before laying down on the hard wooden surface, allowing sleep to claim him as well.




                 Jeremy woke up the next morning on a strange nightstand. A gigantic, simple bedroom formed the skybox of the place he found himself in. Through his grogginess, he quickly remembered where he was.


                 “Ugh…” A groan snapped him from his concentration. Looking to the right, a disheveled Cindy rubbed her temple before glancing at him.


                 “Fuck… please tell me I didn’t…”


                 “You just kinda stumbled into your room, kissed me some, dropped me on the nightstand and then passed out. You were quite drunk. I’m not hurt or anything.”


                 “I feel like shit, wow.”


                 “I told you to drink water. Please go get some.”


                 “Can you, please?” Cindy whined


                 “Um… about that.” Jeremy replied in disbelief.


                 “Yeah, right, tiny and all that.” Cindy awkwardly lifted herself off the bed, pulling down her disheveled pantsuit before gently grabbing ahold of Jeremy. Setting him on her shoulder, she dragged herself to the kitchen, grabbing a glass from a cabinet and filling it with water from her fridge.


                 “I’m sorry for dragging you through all of this. Next time, I’ll be a lot more careful, I promise.” Cindy said before gulping down half of the glass. “That feels much better. Are you hungry? Can I make you something?


                 “If you have some bread, that would be great.”


                 “Sure thing, I could use some too.”


                 Cindy rose from the chair and walked to her breadbox. Grabbing a loaf of french bread and a knife, she returned to the table and quickly sawed off a slice, ripping a small piece for Jeremy.


                 “So… I really am sorry for all of this. I’ll make sure you get home safely.”


                 “It’s… it’s ok. I’m not mad. I trust you. It’s scary as a tiny, but out of all the people that could have snatched me up, at least it’s you.”


                 Cindy sighed. “You’re a good kid. I’ve watched you at work and you know your stuff. World needs more people like you,” she remarked, taking a bite of her bread.


                 “Thanks. Truth be told, I’ve had a lot of anxiety about my future recently. Figuring out what I want to do and all that.”


                 “That’s normal, I didn’t know what I wanted to do after graduating either.” Cindy remarked, “I kinda fell into this job at a friend’s recommendation.”


                 “I thought you got this job to work with tinies.” Jeremy replied.


                 “That’s just a side perk.” She chuckled. “However, now I’m able to look back on my 5 years at the company with pride. I’ve been able to do a lot of cool stuff, most recently taking on an intern. That and the working with tinies.”


                 “You’re a good boss.” Jeremy replied. “A lot of tinies might be afraid of working this closely with humans, but you’ve made it comfortable.”


                 Cindy’s phone chimed, and as she checked it rose to her feet. “Hey, I don’t want to take up the rest of your weekend, ready to head home? I ordered a cab a bit ago and it’s here now. I still need to go to the bar to pick up my car as well.” she said, as she placed her hand on the table.


                 “Yeah.” He replied before carefully climbing into her outstretched palm.


                 Cindy gently slid him into her shirt pocket as she grabbed ahold of her keys, walking out the door to the waiting cab.

After Work Party 2: Monday by PleaseStepOnMeDamnit
Author's Notes:
The gang deals with the after-effects of a event-filled Friday night at the start of the next work week.

“So how was your adventure with Cindy?” One of the tinies grinned as he playfully elbowed Jeremy in the side.


                 “For the last time, we didn’t do anything. She passed out like as soon as she got to her bedroom.” Jeremy groaned in reply.


                 “Just teasing!” He laughed as he walked away. Jeremy grumbled to himself as he closed the lid of the copy machine, watching absentmindedly as the machine sluggishly printed a copy of the file in the tray. He had been the third person to comment on the events of Friday, and only one of them was even there.


                 Meanwhile, Cindy sat idly in Ichibe’s office, quietly looking down at the cubicle on the pedestal while Ichibe sat facing away from his computer.


                 “Look, I’m not going to penalize you in any way. I already spoke to Jeremy and he’s not upset. Said that you treated him pretty well, so I don’t think he’s unsafe with you or anything like that. Just please be careful in the future when it comes to handling tiny coworkers, even if you’re friendly with them. We can be pretty fragile.” Ichibe remarked.


                 “Thank you sir, I am so sorry for any trouble I might have caused for anyone. I promise you that I never did anything to harm Jeremy.” Cindy replied, staring down at her feet.


                 “That’s good to hear. You and Jeremy seem to work well together so I’m glad to see you two getting along. It can often be intimidating for us tinies to work with humans, but it seems like you’ve done an excellent job working with him. I’m impressed. Have a good rest of your day!”


                 Cindy stood up with a sigh and walked out of his office with renewed confidence.


                 “Oops! Excuse me!”


                 Ichibe’s blood ran cold as Rachel’s voice filled his ears. In a panic, he spun around to his computer, pretending to work on a form as he stared deeply into the monitor.


                 “Morning boss!” Rachel cheered in her usual chipper tone.


                 His confidence wavered. “Did she not even remember last night?” Ichibe thought in his head as he remained frozen in place, paralyzed by the vortex of thoughts in his head.


                 “Boss? You ok?” Rachel leaned over the cubicle, staring down at him with a worried expression.


                 “Y-yeah. I’m fine.” Ichibe replied, straightening his tie. “Tell me, when is my meeting with Keystone Manufacturing? I know we’re meeting to discuss selling their metal fab stuff in Japan, but I don’t remember when.”


                 “That would be 2:30, sir, so you have plenty of time. Want some coffee?”


                 “That would be great, thanks.”


                 Rachel beamed with pride as she grabbed a coffee pot from a nearby table and skipped out the door.


                 Ichibe sighed with relief as the door closed behind her. For a moment, he stared into the blank computer screen, completely wordless as he pondered his future relationship with Rachel. Whether they actually started dating or not, her drunken words seemed to have impacted their relationship and how they approached each other. Ideas of what a life with Rachel would be like swirled around his head. His solely career focused drive had left him single, so there was really nothing stopping him from going out with her. Nevertheless, the idea of actually talking to her about such things send chills down his spine.




                 “I swear to God, if one more person asks me about Friday night, I am going to lose it.” Jeremy complained, throwing himself against the back of his chair in frustration.


                 “Who’s been talking to you like that? I’ve been getting it too, but I’m not going to stand for my intern getting harassed.” Cindy replied, grimacing.


                 “Some of the marketing guys, when I was photocopying those documents.”


                 Cindy scowled. “If you see them again, tell them I am going to stomp on them if they talk like that to you again.”


                 “You don’t need to go that far!” Jeremy replied in horror.


                 “Nobody fucks with my people.”


                 “Please don’t step on people though.”


                 Cindy sighed, relaxing her shoulders. “Fine. I will talk to them though. I act nice with the tinies but if I need to scare the shit out of them, I will. I have no tolerance for that sort of stuff.”


                 “It’ll be alright. Anyway, what’s he status on that order?” Jeremy replied as he tried to change the copy.


                 “Oh yeah, that, right now it’s backordered still. I’m waiting on a call from the manufacturer.” Cindy replied, taking a deep breath to calm herself. She returned to her keyboard, once again filling the office with the rhythmic clacking of keys.




                 A nervous tension hung in the air as Ichibe and Rachel each buried themselves in their work. Silence, broken only by the sound of keyboards filled the air as the two did their jobs.


                 “Is the materials for the meeting ready to go?” Ichibe commented flatly.


                 “Yeah, check your inbox.” Rachel replied in a similarly monotone voice.


                 Once again, the two stewed in the tension in silence, throwing themselves into their work in order to push past the nerves running hot in the room. Ichibe came to a stop and stretched with a big yawn.


                 “Hey, do you want to talk about Friday? It seems to be stressing you out.”


                 Rachel was thankful the high walls of his office sheltered the tiny from view as her cheeks burned red in embarrassment. She froze, before burying her hands in shame as the memories of her drunken confession looped over and over again like a gif in her mind.


                 “I know, I know, I was really drunk, and I am so sorry. Please don’t get mad at me, I know you probably have a family and I just let it slip.” Rachel whimpered as she continued to hide herself in shame.


                 Ichibe frowned, before rising to his feet. He dashed to his office elevator, tapping his foot nervously as it hurtled down towards the ground. As soon as it opened, he ran across the tile floor, barely even paying mind to the vastness of the space around him as he rushed towards the mahogany wall of Rachel’s desk. He scoured around for a moment as he searched for the elevator, before frantically banging the up-arrow. Finally, a few moments later and he was standing on Rachel’s desk.


                 Despite how long he had spent in the room, he was never able to properly see Rachel’s desk from his office, or from the floor he walked across to get there. To his relief, Rachel’s desk was meticulously organized, with the enormous office stationary neatly stacked in one corner, while her sticky notes were carefully organized along the bottom of the vast monitor in front of him. For now, however, this was of little mind, as his main concern, the terrified mountain of Rachel had buried her face in her arms as she cowered on the table.


                 “Hey! Rachel! It’s ok, you’re not in trouble.”


                 The mountain shuddered before Rachel’s reddened face emerged, staring straight at the tiny on her desk. She wiped tears from her puffy eyes.


                 “I’m not mad, and you did not do anything wrong.”


                 Rachel sniffled.


                 “If it means anything, I’m single. Haven’t had a chance to meet anyone with how busy I’ve been. Really, I think I feel the same way as you.” Ichibe replied quietly.


                 Rachel’s face lit up immediately with an enormous smile.


                 “I’m so glad you feel like I do!” Rachel beamed, her fears vanishing into pure joy.


                 “I’d like to take this slowly if you’re ok with that. I still need to figure out how to make this all work since I am still your boss.”


                 “I’m ok with waiting as long as we need. I’m just glad to be able to admit this to you but I love you!”


                 “I… love you too, Rachel, thank you for being so amazing.” Ichibe replied, sighing with relief. “Glad we can get this resolved and I do want to discuss this further to make sure there’s no issues in the future, but I do need to go to this meeting real quick. Can I get you to take me to the pickup lane?”


                 “Sure thing, boss!” Rachel replied with pride, setting her hand down on the desk, stifling a squeal of delight as she felt his tiny feet sink into her soft palm.




                 “Hey, Jeremy, having a good day?” Tim inquired, downing the last of the coffee in his cup.


                 “Eh, I’m doing alright, still catching some shit from people about Friday, but other than that, things are fine.”


                 “Gonna go ahead and guess that what everyone thinks happened didn’t happen, right?”


                 “Nope, she kissed me a bit and then passed out. Nothing sexual happened at all. She was cute when she was sleeping though.” Jeremy chuckled, placing his water bottle under the tiny dispenser.

                 “Hey Tim! How are you? And Jeremy, on Friday, mountain climbing or cave diving?”


                 “Uh… I…” Jeremy stuttered.


                 A dark shadow suddenly engulfed the tiny’s water cooler platform. By now, Jeremy had managed to get used to the sheer scale between him and Cindy, but standing in her shadow with her furious expression made him feel smaller than ever.


                 Cindy’s enormous hand shot down like a missile, effortlessly lifting the offending tiny into the sky. He instinctively squirmed between her fingers as her billboard-sized face scowled at him.


                 “Listen here you little shit, if I ever catch you harassing MY staff like that again, I will fucking swallow you whole and add you to the fat on these ‘mountains.’ Do you understand?”


                 The tiny employee was nearly catatonic with fear as she dropped him back onto the platform. He instantly spouted an incoherent babble of apologies to Jeremy before quickly darting back to the cubicles.


                 Cindy turned her attention back down to Jeremy, who instinctively recoiled under her harsh glaze. Sensing the fear in his eyes, her expression softened, and a soft smile quickly returned to her face.


                 “Sorry you had to see that, guys. I’ll probably get bitched out by his department, but oh well, he had it coming.”


                 Tim smirked. “Cindy can be quite scary when she gets angry. I worked for her for a bit, though when I needed defending, it was good to have a building-sized woman on your size.”


                 Cindy giggled in response. “You were a good employee, Tim, really glad to see you succeeding in your current role.”




                 “Filled your bottle Jeremy?” She added, waiting for his response. “Alright, let’s go!” Placing her hand next to the railing, she allowed Jeremy to climb on before carefully curling her fingers around him and walked back to her office.




                 “Oh yeah, by the way, the marketing head did send me a shitty email, but I forwarded it to Ichibe and he’ll deal with it. Sorry you had to put up with all that nonsense.” Cindy leaned back in her chair.


                 “Thanks. That really was a weird night, huh. Mountain climbing and cave diving, what a weird thing to say.”


                 “You didn’t get what he was saying?” Cindy inquired.


                 “Kinda, I knew it was something sexual.” Jeremy replied.


                 “Yeah, it was. Some people have no filter and add in the unusualness of human-tiny relations, and everyone wants to know everything. I had some of the girls ask me where I put you, and I said, ‘I put him on the nightstand’ and they didn’t believe me. Some people.”




                 “I’m hoping after all this shit blows over, we can go back to being normal coworkers.”


                 “I mean, I feel like it made us a bit closer at the very least. It was definitely an experience.”


                 “Amen to that, Jeremy.” Cindy patted him on the head. “It’s been an interesting day, wanna get dinner after this? My treat.”


                 “Thank you, I would love to.”




                 “So now that we’re… dating I guess…” Rachel asked, sitting next Ichibe’s cubicle in her chair, “What do you want to do?”


                 “Would you like to get dinner somewhere after work? I’ll pay, of course.” Ichibe replied.


                 “I’ve been waiting so long to hear that, sir.”


                 “Please, call me Ichibe.”


                 “Yes, Ichibe!”

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