Towering Temptations by PleaseStepOnMeDamnit

Welcome to Seijou General Trading, voted Best Mixed Size Company for over a decade and great place to work no matter what size you are! These North American offices are host to a wide range of different employees, big and small doing their best to turn the wheels of the world's premier general trading company.

I am pleased to announce my latest anthology series, Towering Temptations! You can expect fun, lighthearted and comical short stories featuring big OLs (office ladies) and tiny coworkers going about their day!

I hope you enjoy!

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After Work Party by PleaseStepOnMeDamnit
Author's Notes:

It's Friday night, the work is done and a group of employees are headed to a bar to celebrate their achievements!



A loud sigh snapped Jeremy’s attention, and he turned behind him to face the source. High above his desk, the gigantic form of his boss, Cindy, slumped back in her chair, a worn-out expression plastered on her face.


                 “Almost done!” She exclaimed, “Just gotta get this sent off and then we can go party!”


                 “Hm?” Jeremy mused in reply. “What’s going on?”


                 “Did you not check your email? Ichibe is taking us all out to a local pub!” Cindy smiled, “You’re 21, right? You should join us!”


                 Jeremy opened his email, scrolling through the inbox until he saw the email. Giving it a quick scan, he turned back to Cindy.


                 “Sure, I’ll be there.”


                 “Yay! It’ll be a great chance for us to get to know you more!”


                 After a few more moments of work, the two rose from their seats in unison. Cindy stretched for a moment before looking down on Jeremy’s cubicle.


                 “Need a lift?”


                 “Ah, thanks, I believe Ichibe told us tinies to meet up at the pickup spot, so if you could just set me there, we’ll be good.”


                 “No problem! Hop aboard Cindy’s taxi service, free rides for little cuties!” Cindy cheered, setting her hand palm-up in front of Jeremy’s doorway, beckoning him to climb aboard.


                 Once Jeremy got situated on her palm, Cindy’s fingers curled around him, carefully enveloping him in the warmth of her hand. With her passenger situated, she rose from her seat and walked from her office towards the front entrance.


                 After a few moments, Cindy gently set her passenger down on the platform in front of a door by the main entrance.


                 “I’ll see you there, Jeremy!” Cindy waved cutely before walking out the gigantic main entrance herself.


                 Jeremy turned and walked through the smaller door, which led outside to a covered platform. Several other tiny coworkers waited patiently outside, talking with each other or scanning their phones. A middle-aged Japanese man turned from his conversation to beckon him over.


                 “So, you’re our new intern, Jeremy right?”


                 “Yes sir, that’s me!” Jeremy excitedly replied.


                 “I’ve been meaning to meet with you. My name is Ichibe Tanaka, Regional Vice President of Seijou North America. I too just transferred into this position, and I wanted to make sure to put my name out there as a fellow tiny and coworker. I hope you have enjoyed your time here so far. You work under Cindy, right?”


                 “Yep, and she’s been pretty good as a mentor and a boss. I’ve been enjoying working here so far and thank you for reaching out.” Jeremy extended his hand, and the two shook hands.


                 “It’s a pleasure to have you on the team, and to have someone take interest in our company. I hope you enjoy hanging out with us tonight. These kind of after work drinking parties are common back in Japan so I wanted to bring some of that energy back here. Company’s paying the tab so eat and drink to your heart’s content.”


                 After a few minutes of idle chatter, a young man riding a scooter pulled to a stop in front of the pickup area.

                 “PocketPassengers pickup for… Seijou Tiny Staff?” The man read out from his phone.


                 “That’s us, I’ll take care of the payment on the way there. Thanks for the pickup.” Ichibe responded, flashing his cellphone.

                 “No problem, dude, I’ll extend the bridge, just climb on in and let me know when you’re ready to head out!”


                 He rolled the scooter forward, aligning the window-lined box above the rear tire with the platform. He pushed a button on the handlebar, and a bridge extended out to the waiting area. The tinies quickly filed onboard the box and took a seat, before Ichibe sent a quick text to their driver.


                 A few moments later, the door closed, and the bridge folded up before their driver kicked off and meandered his way onto the road. Inside, the box was filled with a few rows of simple seating, and Jeremy took up a seat by the window, watching the world speed by. After a few minutes, their ride slowed to a stop outside of a small bar. Once again, the bridge extended out, and the tinies filed off onto the tiny pickup platform.


                 “Just saw your payment go through. Thanks for choosing PocketPassengers and we hope to carry you again!” He flashed a cheeky salute before kicking up the kickstand and speeding off into traffic once again.


                 “Alright, let’s get down to business.”


                 Ichibe led the group to the tinies entrance, checking in with the waiter before the group was led to a platform overlooking a large private room.


                 “Pretty cool they had a proper Japanese-style izakaya room here. Brings back all sorts of memories.” Ichibe commented to himself as he overlooked the paper-walled room, complete with tatami mats and low tables. Already, a few of the human employees were seated around the table, working on a round of beers.


                 “Jeremy! So glad you made it!” Cindy cheerfully waved from the table at the figure. “Let’s have some fun!”


                 Jeremy simply waved in reply before turning back to the tiny area, which was similarly decorated to the human’s room.


                 “I’ll take one of these.” He pointed to a beer on the menu before one of the other employees tugged on his shoulder.


                 “So, you work with Cindy huh? Lucky bastard. You get to look up at her chest every day.”


                 “Eh…?” Jeremy said, confused.


                 “I saw you on your first day, she let you in her boobs! None of the ladies let me near their chest!” He whined, clearly distraught.


                 “Guys, guys, break it up. Darren, leave the new guy alone.” Another employee leaned over the table.


                 “You’re one to talk, Tim! Jennifer sat on you that one time!” Darren replied frantically.


                 “Just… calm down dude.” Tim replied and Darren turned back to his beer.


                 “Sorry about him. I’m Tim, in the accounting department. You?”


                 “Jeremy, I’m an intern in the purchasing and operations department. I work for Cindy over there.” Jeremy pointed to his boss as the enormous woman poured another silo of beer down her throat.


                 “Cindy’s great. Haven’t worked with her too much but the purchasing guys I know like her.” He looked back at Cindy. “Something tells me she’s going to be a hassle in a bit.”


                 “Probably.” Tim agreed. “Anyway, have you been here before, or do you need help with recommendations. I normally get the Gyoza and this beer here.” He pointed to the menu.


                 “Alright, I guess I’ll get that then.” Jeremy replied. A few moments later, he relayed his order to the waiter.


                 “Jeremyyyy!!!” Cindy called out to him from the human section. Her face was reddened and flushed, and she stumbled as she rose to her feet. “Come hang out with meee,” she slurred as she staggered over to the tiny platform.


                 “Cindy, are you ok?” Jeremy replied. “You seem kinda drunk.”


                 “It’s okkkk, I’m taking a cab back… I got some rice if you want some…” Cindy added, blasting Jeremy with alcohol scented breath.


                 “Fine.” He muttered, and Cindy snatched him up with a cheer.


                 “C’mon! Let’s have fuuun!”


                 Cindy set him down on the human table, a crowded space of gigantic plates of finger food, towering silos of beer, napkins and cell phones. All around him, a crowd of gigantic women loudly socialized among each other. A towering brunette waved at him, smiling through rosy cheeks.


                 “Hey! You’re the new intern, Jeremy right? I’m Rachel!” Rachel boomed, extending her pinkie finger. Jeremy nervously grasped ahold and shook the gigantic digit. “I work for Ichibe!”


                 “Thanks, nice to meet you too.”


                 One of the other women rushed over to the tiny shelf before returning, delicately holding onto a miniscule tray with a miniscule cup on it. Miraculously, nothing was spilled as she handed it off to the waiting tiny.


                 “Is it good?” Cindy inquired, leaning in to the tiny, who was able to set his tray down just in time to stagger back from her breasts slamming down on the table.


                 “I haven’t tried it yet, please be careful with your boobs.” Jeremy replied, sitting down and taking a sip of his mug.


                 “I wish I worked with more tinies, My department doesn’t really work with them.” One of the other girls commented.


                 “It’s great,” Cindy replied. “I get to see this little cutie every day. It’s like working with a little pet on my desk.” The other girls cooed down at the minuscule guy in response. Once again, the attentions of a half-dozen gigantic women were firmly locked onto him keenly observing his every movement as he finished his food.


                 Meanwhile, the attentions of the rest of the tinies were focused on the scene below. A mixture of nervousness and envy enraptured them as they watched the massive women toy with him.


                 “Do you want me to grab the waiter to get him back?” One employee asked Ichibe as he observed the humans.


                 “I’m going to keep an eye on it, but I don’t think Jeremy is in danger. I might have a talk with some people on Monday though.” He replied. “I’d tell Rachel to remind me to reach out to him but…” He pointed as his secretary patted Jeremy with her finger, beaming with a slightly intoxicated smile. “I’ll write a memo for it, but I don’t think they’ll hurt him. Cindy’s a good person.”


                 A comment from Rachel suddenly grabbed his attention.


                 “I wish Ichibe would let me do this to him.” Rachel mused, ruffling Jeremy’s hair with her finger.


                 “Wait, you’re into Ichibe?” Cindy replied, and the rest of the girls leaned in, salivating at the latest office gossip.


                 “Mhm! I don’t think he views me like that at all, but a girl can dream! He’s just so cute sitting in his little office.” Rachel sighed. “Probably has a wife and kids at home so guess I’ll have to keep looking.”


                 Ichibe blushed while clenching his fists.

                 “Sir?” Tim leaned towards him.


                 “Don’t worry about it.”


                 “If it means anything from me, I think Rachel is a lovely girl. You two would be cute together.”


                 “Don’t worry about it.” He repeated.


                 “Ok sir.” Tim returned to his seat, taking a bite out of his food as he glanced back at Ichibe, who was scrawling notes onto his notepad.


                 A few hours later back on the human table, Cindy checked her phone.


                 “It’s getting late! Here, Jeremy I’ll take you home!”


                 Jeremy had little time to protest as she plucked him from the table. Cindy hummed to herself as she booked a cab with one hand and slid Jeremy into the chasm of her cleavage.


                 Walls of warm flesh slightly wicked with sweat enveloped his tiny form as Cindy absentminded fondled herself. Jeremy found himself rubbed around, bouncing between the two enormous mounds. Despite Cindy’s brash action, he could feel a certain gentleness in her actions.


                 “Ichibe! I’m heading home with Jeremy. See you on Monday!” Cindy waved to the tiny platform.


                 “Yeah… we’ll be talking.” Ichibe replied.


                 Cindy wandered her way from the restaurant out to the street, where the cab driver hurriedly flagged her down and she climbed into the back. As they drove down the street, she whispered to the tiny as she played with herself.


                 “I’m so lucky to work with such a little cutie! I’ve wanted to do this for so long you have no idea.” She mused to herself, savoring the feeling of her tiny subordinate bouncing softly between her breasts.


                 A few minutes later, they arrived at Cindy’s house, and she fumbled with her phone to pay the driver digitally before stumbling into her door.


                 “Let’s go to the bedroom.” Cindy slurred her words as she wandered through the bedroom door. Without warning, she grabbed Jeremy from her breasts and pressed him against her lips.


                 Jeremy’s body sank into the plush, wet surface of Cindy’s lips. Alcohol-laced saliva soaked his body as the enormous woman enveloped him in her unstoppable kiss.


                 Cindy staggered to her bed and placed Jeremy down on her nightstand before crawling into bed, letting her shoes dangle and fall from her feet as she quickly passed out. Jeremy himself yawned slightly before laying down on the hard wooden surface, allowing sleep to claim him as well.




                 Jeremy woke up the next morning on a strange nightstand. A gigantic, simple bedroom formed the skybox of the place he found himself in. Through his grogginess, he quickly remembered where he was.


                 “Ugh…” A groan snapped him from his concentration. Looking to the right, a disheveled Cindy rubbed her temple before glancing at him.


                 “Fuck… please tell me I didn’t…”


                 “You just kinda stumbled into your room, kissed me some, dropped me on the nightstand and then passed out. You were quite drunk. I’m not hurt or anything.”


                 “I feel like shit, wow.”


                 “I told you to drink water. Please go get some.”


                 “Can you, please?” Cindy whined


                 “Um… about that.” Jeremy replied in disbelief.


                 “Yeah, right, tiny and all that.” Cindy awkwardly lifted herself off the bed, pulling down her disheveled pantsuit before gently grabbing ahold of Jeremy. Setting him on her shoulder, she dragged herself to the kitchen, grabbing a glass from a cabinet and filling it with water from her fridge.


                 “I’m sorry for dragging you through all of this. Next time, I’ll be a lot more careful, I promise.” Cindy said before gulping down half of the glass. “That feels much better. Are you hungry? Can I make you something?


                 “If you have some bread, that would be great.”


                 “Sure thing, I could use some too.”


                 Cindy rose from the chair and walked to her breadbox. Grabbing a loaf of french bread and a knife, she returned to the table and quickly sawed off a slice, ripping a small piece for Jeremy.


                 “So… I really am sorry for all of this. I’ll make sure you get home safely.”


                 “It’s… it’s ok. I’m not mad. I trust you. It’s scary as a tiny, but out of all the people that could have snatched me up, at least it’s you.”


                 Cindy sighed. “You’re a good kid. I’ve watched you at work and you know your stuff. World needs more people like you,” she remarked, taking a bite of her bread.


                 “Thanks. Truth be told, I’ve had a lot of anxiety about my future recently. Figuring out what I want to do and all that.”


                 “That’s normal, I didn’t know what I wanted to do after graduating either.” Cindy remarked, “I kinda fell into this job at a friend’s recommendation.”


                 “I thought you got this job to work with tinies.” Jeremy replied.


                 “That’s just a side perk.” She chuckled. “However, now I’m able to look back on my 5 years at the company with pride. I’ve been able to do a lot of cool stuff, most recently taking on an intern. That and the working with tinies.”


                 “You’re a good boss.” Jeremy replied. “A lot of tinies might be afraid of working this closely with humans, but you’ve made it comfortable.”


                 Cindy’s phone chimed, and as she checked it rose to her feet. “Hey, I don’t want to take up the rest of your weekend, ready to head home? I ordered a cab a bit ago and it’s here now. I still need to go to the bar to pick up my car as well.” she said, as she placed her hand on the table.


                 “Yeah.” He replied before carefully climbing into her outstretched palm.


                 Cindy gently slid him into her shirt pocket as she grabbed ahold of her keys, walking out the door to the waiting cab.

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