Herrscher of Size - Honkai Impact 3 Commission by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher

Kiana has been having nightmares for weeks, each one the same, a strange voice whispering to her in the dark. Little did she that the Herrscher of the Void was awakening inside her. 

With the power taking over her body, what destruction will this horrible force unleash to bring about the downfall of humanity?

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1. Chapter 1 by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher

2. Chapter 2 by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher

3. Chapter 3 by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher

4. Chapter 4 by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher

Chapter 1 by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher

Kiana screamed, abruptly sitting up in her bed. Her body was soaked in a cold sweat, her breathing was long and hard as she tried to calm down. It was still the dead of night, street lights still on outside her window.

'It was that nightmare again,' she thought to herself.

Kiana had been having nightmares for the past few weeks, and it was always the same one. She?d be walking down a dark corridor, with a strange voice whispering in her ears. When she woke up she couldn?t remember what the voice said, but she knew it was dark and threatening. The voice kept getting louder and louder, until it was shouting inside her brain, the darkness soon melting into a savage orange forcing her awake.

But that was just a dream, right?

Kiana laid back down on her side, looking out the window by her bed. Everything would be better tomorrow, right?


Kiana shambled along the city streets in a drowsy haze. She hadn?t gone back to sleep since the nightmare, if she did it?d only happen again? It?d been weeks since she?d gotten an actual night?s sleep. But even with this unprecedented bout of insomnia, a girl?s gotta eat, so here she was, a mindless zombie trying to make her way to the store without passing out on the sidewalk.

Kiana just went out in her white body suit trimmed with black lines today, not that she'd have the energy to put on anything more. Since the suit cut off at her ankles she was also wearing a cute pair of snow-white ankle socks inside a pair of white boots.

There were so many people passing by her, some staring at her outfit with curious stares, thought many of those stares drifted down to her ample breasts, made extremely evident by her tight clothing. She tried not to bump into them as she stumbled along.

?S.. Sorry..? Kiana groaned as she accidently bumped into a woman in a red dress.

?Hey watch it, damn kid!? an older man scolded, narrowly avoiding bumping into her head-on.

She didn?t care, or rather, couldn?t. Her mind was blank.

?Just don?t sleep, just don?t sleep? she thought to herself.

And then it hit her.


Or rather, a pole did.

Kiana didn?t see where she was going and ended up walking face-first into a metal street lamp. Her body fell limp onto the ground, a dull thud as she landed on her back, a red line now on her forehead.

People around her gasped as the young girl hit the pole, the ringing still hanging in the air for a moment as she fell. A small crowd formed around Kiana as she lay motionless.

?My heavens, what happened!?? one woman cried.

?Should we call someone?? one man asked no one in particular.

Concerned comments continued for about a minute or so, all the while no one was actually doing anything to help, a completely realistic reaction. Someone was about to reach out and try to lift Kiana when suddenly the girl stirred, her head quickly snapping forward, her eyes staying closed.

?Heh heh? heh heh heh, hahahahahaha!? Kiana suddenly burst out laughing. Only now, her voice was different. It wasn?t just her voice this time, there was another, darker voice that laughed along with hers, like an in-time echo. When she finally opened her eyes mid-laugh, Kiana?s blue eyes were now a wild bright orange.

The crowd of people crept back suddenly, surprised by the now hysterical laughing that filled the air. The ground began to shake like a small earthquake, the concrete beneath Kiana cracking apart as she began to float into the air, her body turning until she was completely upright.

No one could tell by looking at her, but that smiling face was going to be their demise. Herrscher of the Void had awakened.

For the past few weeks, Herrscher of the Void, a strong concentration of sinister energy, had been building inside of Kiana, slowly attempting to take control of her body. The goal of a Herrscher is to bring the downfall of humanity, and they are all gifted with the incredible power to do so. Even the mightiest of warriors would die before defeating one in combat. This Herrscher, for example, was a master of spacetime, able to effect her surroundings with ease in any way she wanted, whether through reality or the use of illusions.

?Well well, what do we have here?? the new Kiana said in her eerie double voice, looking around at all the shocked faces around her.

?Insects,? she smiled, still floating in the air, ?it?s always enjoyable toying around with you pests.?

As she spoke, screams began to erupt from the crowd as people began to run away in fear of the scary floating girl.

?Look at you all run, it?s so pathetic,? Kiana said with a hand to her face, ?why don?t I make you all a little more pitiful, if that's even possible.?

As she said this, she snapped her fingers and the air around her began to spark and crackle with purple lightning. The metal pole she ran into began to bend in the opposite direction as force radiated from her body. Her smile only grew larger as her body began to grow as well. At first it wasn?t noticeable, but in a matter of seconds her body was double in height. As she continued to grow the once crowded street became more and more empty as everyone fled into side streets, hiding behind the buildings.

Soon Kiana?s boots touched the ground once more as she began to tower over the neighboring buildings. The ground beneath her began to crack more beneath her increasing weight. She couldn?t help but giggle as she was soon able to look over the sides of some of the smaller buildings around her and surprise the hiding people. Their little screams pleased her to no end. Soon, Kiana?s gate took up nearly the entire street, her legs needing to stay closer together to keep her boots from smashing into buildings, at least for now.

As she grew, her clothes began to change as well, her white boots turning pitch black, elongating to roughly midway up her calf. Her body suit also experienced some changes, the legs turning from white to black stockings that stretched further with every second.

Kiana reached the towering height of 150 feet tall when she finally stopped growing. Her true form was actually on the planetary scale, but for now this would suffice. She was able to see further into her city now, and more of them could see her. Countless people in the distance began to run at the sight of the giant girl in the distance, smiling down at them. They all looked like panicking little insects trying to scurry away. It was absolutely pathetic.

?Now,? Kiana said, lifting her foot to take a step forward, ?let?s begin the extermination.?
Chapter 2 by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher
The newly possessed Kiana looked out over the city before her, a little smile on her face but her eyes hot like the setting sun, scanning the ground at the little pests.

At 150 feet tall, the high and mighty human race now looked like a bunch of runts running around; none of them even going so far as her ankle in height. It was pitiful, really. But, still not enough.

Kiana took a step forward, her black boot falling with a rumble onto the pavement below. Some cars shook noticeably on their suspensions. One car got more than a shake, however, as Kiana?s boot came down and flattened a sudan. The top creaked and caved in quickly, all the windows shattering as their frames bent in. To Kiana, it had the same feeling as stepping on a small cardboard box, feeling the frame try and withstand her weight until it all finally collapsed. She enjoyed the feeling of metal bending beneath the sole of her boot.

Kiana continued her walk down the street, though going rather slowly. She wanted to properly enjoy the screams of those who feared her. And since it was the middle of the day, there were plenty more cars for her to get warmed up, all of which were abandoned by their drivers.

As Kiana trod along, she was soon surrounded by larger buildings, going from the smaller shops that went midway up her calf, to multi-story offices that went up to her hips. Many office workers going through their usual days could only crowd around the windows as the gigantic black-clad thighs would jiggle past as the giant girl passed them by.

The girl looked around her feet, finally stopping as she seemed to be in the thick of a larger local city, though no buildings even went higher than her bust. Tiny business people began to flood out of their offices, either to find safety from tremors they thought to be the work of earthquakes, or the massive girl who was actually causing the shaking.

This was fun, but it just didn?t feel like enough for the Herrscher of the Void. She?d called them insects before, but at this scale they were more like rats to her. And while she could easily torment them all individually like this, it wouldn?t really be as effective or as fun as taking them out in mass.

?Well, little ones, I hope you?re ready to feel even more insignificant than you already are,? Kiana said, her double voice echoing even further off the buildings below, not that anyone could really pay attention.

Kiana raised a hand tentatively, smiling down at the people below as they ran away. How futile.


That single sound seemed to carry a long distance. Longer than it really should have, being distinct to the rushing crowds at the giant?s feet.

For a moment there was no obvious change other than a sly smile spreading across Kiana?s face. It had already started, very slowly before it gradually sped up. One key reference were her hips. In the wide streets she already had very little room for movement, but now that space was being closed off. Both sides of her hips edged closer and closer to the buildings at her sides, until her hips and thighs were pressing up against the glass, sliding up gently as she was growing taller. Stares of bewilderment continued from inside the buildings, especially from the males, of course. The urge to flee only seemed to kick in as the glass began to crack from the increasing pressure. Soon the buildings themselves began to rumble on their foundations, as they were being pushed apart by the expanding girl in tights.

Kiana couldn?t help but chuckle coldly as the world itself seemed to dwindle away once again. The buildings at her sides creaked and cracked, until finally snapping off about three floors up. They were pushed to the side, toppling over with everyone who stayed inside, falling over onto neighboring buildings, raining down heavy debris onto the streets and people far below. Who knew one could cause so much damage with just their thighs?

Kiana kept growing steadily, causing more destruction as soon one of her boots were big enough to take up more than a single street, effectively bulldozing what little foundation was left standing at her sides. Some of the people who were spared by all the debris also found themselves run over and crushed by the quickly expanding underside of Kiana?s boots. Though run as fast as they could, they were no match for the massive rubber soles that seemed to be stretching towards them until finally overtaking them. Even just the act of growing was destructive.

Eventually the growth slowed, with Kiana finding all the people down below looking more like the insects she already believed them to be. Standing at a tall 1500 feet tall, Kiana was ten times as tall as she was just a few moments ago. But? ugh, the buildings were still a little too tall for her liking.


This time, Kiana instantly shot up to a nice and even 2000 feet tall. It was only a little better, but she didn?t want to over do it just yet. With just another snap of her fingers, the girl could easily reach planetary size in moments and make quick work of this entire continent; but where?s the fun in that? The key was to find a nice balance between the ease of extermination, and just how long she could torment them before doing so.

?Much better,? Kiana said out loud, bending down to see the tiny dots running frantically from street line to street line, ?you all look just like tiny little ants. Nothing more than mindless insects to be taken care of beneath my feet.?

Her voice flooded the streets below her, impossible to ignore for the panicking civilians, though they hardly cared about the content of her words, they all could feel it. This wasn?t going to go well.

Kiana lifted her foot slowly over a neighboring block of apartment buildings, all filled with people still trying to rush through the doors all at once. Soon her shadow fell upon them, causing their screams to grow even louder as they tried to rush and push faster to get out of the boot?s impact range.

?I think it?s time someone eradicated this little ant hill,? Kiana said, still smiling cooly.

She gave only 3 seconds pause before finally slamming her black boot down onto the complexes beneath her. The buildings, though now just below her ankle in height, easily gave way to Kiana and the force behind her step. It was like a sudden earthquake whose tremor radiated for miles. Screams seemed to grow louder throughout the city as the ones beneath Kiana stopped abruptly.

As she lifted her boot back up, Kiana could see the large footprint she?d left on the block, flattening everything into rubble. But it wasn?t just grey stones. Around the larger chunks of rock that used to be homes, tiny spots of red now decorated the pavement. None had survived, obviously.
She smiled, seeing her handy work. There were a lot of people killed in just that one step. Easily over a hundred lives instantly snuffed out beneath her sole. Kiana looked back out over the rest of her surroundings. An entire city in panic, everyone rushing to get away, hundreds already dead. She couldn?t help but chuckle softly once again. This was definitely going to go well.
Chapter 3 by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher
Kiana smiled ruthlessly as she felt the rubble grind beneath her boot. She couldn?t feel all the humans she?d killed in that one step. Nor did she feel them in her next step. Or the next one. Or the next one as she continued her slow walk through the neighborhood. This was turning out to be a very productive stroll through the neighborhood.

Miles away, a small group of high school students were gathered on the roof of their school. They were eating lunch together like any other day when suddenly the building beneath them began to shake.

?Wow.. was that an earthquake?? one boy asked aloud.

When another tremor followed soon after, a girl screamed as she pointed towards the horizon. In the distance were the usual cities, in the further distance a mountain or two could be seen against the skyline, only now there was something else. A figure they could see in more detail but could tell was incredibly far away. They all saw this grinning girl with white hair and bright orange eyes. Black boots and tights that went up the length of her thighs, ending elegantly at the white crotch of her bodysuit. At her size she now easily dwarfed the mountains below her knees, skyscrapers were no taller than grass to her. She strode easily in their direction, crushing blocks of fleeing people beneath each step.

Only one or two of the kids ran down the stairs off of the roof, everyone else just stared at Kiana, transfixed on the approaching horror. The screams around them growing louder and louder as the surrounding neighborhood became more aware of the gigantic girl.

As she got closer, the giant girl only seemed to be getting taller. Finally she stopped walking, with the high school only a single step ahead of her.

With her eyes, Kiana could see every terrified face trained on her, all the pitiful humans running from the destructive power of her boots. This level of power was almost intoxicating, their fear was delicious. The only thing that could make it better was if she could actually feel them getting crushed beneath her like the ants they were. Luckily, that was as easy as taking off her boots.

Kiana bent down slowly, still savoring her view as she easily slipped off her right boot. She lifted her right foot, now wearing only her dark stocking, into the air. Far below, the outline of her massive elegant toes could be seen through the light filtering through. As she lifted the boot with her free hand, she brought her right foot back down onto the buildings below. She could feel almost everything. It was like walking on a thin layer of ice and snow, she could feel the harder buildings putting up a slight resistance before eventually caving in under her weight. It even had that satisfying crunch to it. And even then she could feel some more movement beneath her, as some people were still alive somehow, squirming slightly between her toes or the wrinkles in her soles. Everyone else was eradicated, squished flat beneath her heel and the ball of her foot into tiny blood stains that soaked into the enormous fabric.

Kiana repeated this with her left foot, taking off her boot and stepping down before setting both of her boots to her side on another small neighborhood.

Kiana smiled even brighter as she saw people fleeing, absolutely terrified of just her stationary boots. Really, if it wasn?t by her, this species of lowly worms would die out from its own stupidity. She now turned her attention back to the section of city before her. She flexed her toes eagerly, wondering how she could best exterminate this batch of pests. Her grin continued as an idea came to mind.

?How about I show you all another one of my powers,? she said rhetorically, bringing her hand closer to head before giving a loud, echoing-


As hundreds continued to flee, running as fast as they possibly could to escape the massive Herrscher, many ran head first into a strange purple wall. As they fell back from the impact and onto their backs, they fell flat onto a now purple ground, staring up at a now purple tinted sky as the buildings in their peripherals began to fall away.

Kiana could see the countless purple cubes lifting up and out of the city towards her. These were containment cubes she formed around people at random in the city. As they flew upwards, quickly drifting towards Kiana?s face, all those inside them were becoming hysterical, either huddling in the corner to cry, or bang against the side of their purple shaded prisons, hoping to break free despite being at a lethal altitude. Kiana giggled as the humans finally stopped just in front of her head. Those who were banging against the sides stopped and stared in horror at the giant cute face. Hundreds of them were gathered, their purple mass looking almost like a small purple cloud to the denizens below.

"Pathetic," Kiana said to the terrified bugs within her power, "and to think you call yourself a respectable race. You're nothing more than insects, no greater than the lint within my boots. Actually.."

Kiana looked down at her boots thoughtfully for a moment. That actually wasn't a bad idea. Kiana raised her hand once more.

"Yes. Nothing more than lint.?


Slowly, the small prison cubes began to drift back down towards the ground, this time floating towards the opening of Kiana?s boots. There came more inaudible protests and screams for mercy as the cubes fell into the darkness. As they came close to the sole of the boot, the cubes seemed to shatter away, the shards dispersing into the air before disappearing, leaving many people in the depths of each boot. As they fell to the ground, they all felt slapped in the face by the dense musty air that made it hard to breathe. If they could see more in the darkness, they?d find themselves all spread out across a massive footprint soaked into the sole of the boot. The ground beneath them felt soft and moist, making a squishing sound with each uneasy step.

?Let us out!? someone screamed in the darkness.

?Please!? one woman screamed between coughs.

Kiana loved hearing their screams. Now with them secured in her boots, she turned her attention back to the city before her, their own screams still echoing throughout the emptier streets.

Kiana bent her knees, squatting down over multiple city blocks. Those beneath her ass screamed as it came closer, effectively eclipsing them as the black mass blocked out the sun. She scanned the city gleefully. Her steps alone were enough to crack the pavement and cause some buildings to crack, especially the older ones. Car alarms were still ringing out from the very vibrations, and the occasional lamppost lay crashed into windows and cars. Amidst these scenes of destruction there were still plenty of humans running around. From this height they really did look like a colony of bugs running along their little paths.

Kiana rocked gently back and forth, forward and backward until her massive ass landed onto the ground behind her. The skin tight suit hit the still hard ground with a slap, the rest of her ass giving a slight jiggle as buildings were quickly crushed beneath Kiana's massive behind. She gave a giggle as she felt everything crumble and flatten as she shifted her weight. Kiana took out entire blocks with her ass as she stretched her legs out.

Hundreds more were flattened beneath the unbelievable thickness of her thighs. She proved too thicc for even the buildings as her black-clad legs settled against the pavement. Hundreds scrambled between her legs, unsure of where to run now. On three sides they were surrounded; by both Kiana's legs and her crotch.

There was nowhere to run now.
Chapter 4 by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher
The students on the school roof all stood near the edge of the building, frozen in fear.

?Wha? What the fuck?? was all that one boy could whisper with his throat clenched.

Miles ahead of them, what was once the peaceful horizon now lay the massive crotch of a girl that didn?t look much older than themselves. It was a surreal sight, almost like something out of a dream. Not only that, but mere minutes ago, three of their friends became trapped in strange purple cubes and flew up into the sky until they were lost in a huge violet cloud. You couldn?t write this stuff?

Now on both sides they were surrounded by high walls of thighs, maybe dozens of times larger than the school itself. Her legs stretched out almost elegantly while they rested on the collective city blocks, all of them getting ground further into rubble and dust with each slight shift of Kiana?s weight. The black walls continued on each side, surrounding everyone between them in a circle of covered flesh, ending only at the slight gap between her resting feet. Both feet were massive compared to the people fleeing from them, with the outlines of her toes showing easily through the thinly stretched fabric, muted light struggling to shine through the gaps of each individual toes. Hundreds began running away from Kiana, trying to escape through the opening between her feet before she did anything further. For many it was hopeless, hardly even worth the effort if they could think about it rationally, but fear clouded their judgement, as was often the case with pathetic humans. The most hopeless were those who let fear keep them from moving at all, like those frozen in place on the school, which just so happen to lay precisely between both of Kiana?s feet.

?Ants,? Kiana scoffed at the fleeing, terrified crowds between her legs, ?hmm, not even that. More like fleas. For far too long you pathetic things have ruled over this planet, and what have you accomplished? Building these structures that fall so easily beneath me. You are no more than playthings to I, Herrscher of the Void. Now, come and greet the emptiness of death.?

The ground began to rumble beneath the fleeing masses. Something was shifting.

Those nearest Kiana?s toes noticed first, as the collosal digits scrunched together and began to slide forward, bulldozing the buildings and streets that lay before them. The rubble and debris from the collapsed structures began to pile up in a small hill that slid across the streets, gathering into an even larger wave. Countless people were mangled and crushed by the falling concrete and cement. Many continued to run as they were overcome by the piling destruction around them. Within seconds the balls of Kiana?s feet were nearing each other, getting closer and closer to the normally tall school building.

Those on the roof finally snapped out of their trance, as the obvious danger came closer and closer. But they were too late. Though to be more accurate, they were finished before they even noticed anything. Those who ran at the first sight of trouble were about to suffer the fate as the shadow of two soles were cast over them, trapping them in a valley of rubble and flesh covered in a black mesh.

A girl of 17 panicked, as anyone would in such a maddening situation. And in the irrational fear of getting crushed to death between two feet like a bug, instead elected to jump off the school building herself, to escape such a cruel fate. She screamed as she jumped, tears welling in her eyes as the wind roared past her. At least soon she?d be free from this nightmare. Hopefully she?d wake up and this would all just have been a bad dream. She hoped and hoped with all her heart as she braced for the sidewalk below.


She didn?t make it.

Before the girl could make it to the ground, everything around her turned black and warm. For hardly even a second she could hear the muffled crunching of the school, then nothing. Her body felt warm and stuck, with nothing but darkness all around. Time seemed to stop in that black nothingness. In that moment she felt at peace, almost ready for death. She closed her eyes. She had fallen into the Void. In the next fraction of a second, the black void around her grew hotter and heavier on all sides. The pressure grew and grew, until it became too much for the girl?s body to bear. Until-


The girl who fell into the ?void? became a small red stain, soaked in the fabric of Kiana?s black tights. A truly pathetic ending for a pathetic member of a pathetic species. And did I mention how pathetic they were?

Kiana gave a small giggle at the sensation between her now closed feet. Not of the girl, she didn?t even feel the miserable runt, but of the buildings her feet had scraped up along the way. She ground them, and whoever was fortunate enough to survive inside, to dust, coating her pitch black stockings with a more brown and grey mix, with a few tiny red dots here and there. Truly there was nothing sweeter than crunching beneath her feel, be it buildings or bones, destruction was always a delight.



What the?

Kiana looked around in mild surprise. What was that noise? It certainly wasn?t her, it would have been much louder if it was. So what could?

Boom, kssshhhh

There was the noise again! And this time, Kiana felt a slight tingle on her right knee.

She shifted her weight a little to get a better look, now concentrating less on the screaming noise between her legs. Suddenly there was another booming sound, accompanied by a small burst of light on her knee that tingled a little, almost like she was gently scratched by her own finger. It wasn?t that unpleasant, only slightly annoying.

That light, as I?m sure you?d assume, was a tiny explosion. And the source of the booming sound was none other than a military tank, only one of several that lay lined in the street aimed at Kiana?s knee. They each took turns firing by lines before reloading, so now a continuous wave of explosions were landing on Kiana?s right knee. What felt like a small scratching had now graduated to a minor itching sensation, as warheads pelleted her tights again and again.

Did they really, honestly think their tanks would do any good against the Herrscher of the Void? They were as stupid as they were pitiful, which proved to be unimaginably so. Kiana raised a single finger and dropped it onto the first rows of tanks, as well as a few of the surrounding buildings by proxy. They flattened as easily as balls of tin foil.

?Trying to hurt me?? Kiana said in a more flat tone than before, ?I don?t know if I should laugh at you or scold you like children. So, why don?t I compromise and just smash you all??

A smile crept across Kiana?s face again as she slid her finger down the street, flattening more of the puny little tanks beneath her finger. A small tingle traveled up her finger as they flattened and exploded as the rockets went off inside, only this time it was far more pleasant knowing the tiny soldiers were also burning up inside before they were crushed.

While Kiana gazed down smiling at her new little toys, Kiana soon became aware of the scratching sensation again, only this time it was on her face?

Kiana felt confused again as her nose and cheeks all itched at the same time. She glanced back up and for a moment could hardly even see the tiny black jets flying around in front of her face. Three of them had turned around to reload as three more came from behind them, once again firing missiles that only irritated Kiana?s skin.

How annoying.. It seems the bugs have learned to fly. No matter, she?d just have to swat them out of the air like the gnats they were.

But all this artillery had to be coming from somewhere. The Herrscher of the Void may have to pay a special visit to a local military base.

Mmm.. but that meant getting up first.
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