Shrunk, Found, and Used by Thatgirlyouknow

Evan has been shrunk! His sister's friend will take care of him until they find a cure....

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Inhibitions Obliterated by Thatgirlyouknow
Author's Notes:

Behold! The final chapter in the Shrunken, Found, and Used storyline. Probably.

Or, Beholdl! Giantess lesbian sex!

Lea pulled back from Tanya’s lips and looked her friend in her deep green eyes. There on Lea’s bed the two had shared a deep kiss, driven by Lea who was unable to control herself while Tanya told her what she’d been doing with Evan. Sure, Lea had known everything Tanya wanted to do with him, but actually hearing it directly from her best friend was incredible.

“Wow,” Tanya breathed out as her best friend was on all fours above her. The two had done far more than kiss over the years, but there was real passion in that one. “I think I’m ready for more.”

Lea grinned and felt herself get even more excited. She’d spent months leaning on Tanya to let her use tinies on her, and finally together they’d hatched a plan that let Tanya take her crush, Lea’s brother Evan, home with her.

It was a win-win for Lea: if Tanya had Evan as a tiny, he was no longer a person, he was a toy, and Lea no longer had to deal with him. And if Tanya finally had Evan as her ‘first,’ then her and Lea got to play with more tinies. The two always had fun, of course, but Lea had a sadistic streak that was only half met by having tinies struggling inside of her. Tanya had thus far resisted, waiting for Evan to be her first in one way or another.

“Finally!” Lea said with a giggle and a butt wiggle. She was just as toned as Tanya; each had medals in cross country running. Then she lowered her chest to drag her nipples across Tanya’s as she kissed her way down her friend’s chest and belly.

“I mean wait!” Tanya said. Lea didn’t stop her downward journey. She’d expected Tanya to grow doubts at the last second; they’d known each other for ten years now. There was no stopping her.

In her hand she held two squirming tinies, one that she had picked up at the mall earlier that day, and Evan, who had been her brother. The changing rooms were always a great place to lure in horny boys who were soon to get far more pussy than they bargained for. Lea had found that when a teenage boy was chasing sex, he would agree to almost anything.

“Give me your phone!” she’d say as she stroked them in an out of the way spot. Minutes later that phone would be in the trash can and the boy would be in her purse if he was lucky. Her ass if he wasn’t. Meanwhile, she’d be enjoying an iced coffee and already scoping out her next acquisition.

“I don’t know if I can do this,” Tanya said again, suddenly nervous. Sure, she’d stuffed her friend with dozens of tinies recently, but she’d only had the one. Was she a bad person for using them if they didn’t like it? Did that mean she was bad for using Evan the way she had?

“Relax,” Lea said near her belly button. “They’re tough, they’re just toys,” she continued in a soothing voice as she shifted herself further south.

“But Evan-“

“Evan is in the drawer catching his breath before he gets to serve you again,” Lea lied. “What did we agree again?” she asked as she ran a finger along her friend’s inner thigh. “You’ve gotta relax around these things, girl!”

Tanya took a deep breath and tried to relax. The situation was unbelievably hot, even for the two friends who had spent years learning each other’s bodies.

“Just nothing cruel to Evan, right?” she said as she looked down at her best friend.

“And you’ll enjoy it all this time, with me?” Lea asked with a raised eyebrow.

Tanya nodded her head and laid back on the pillow. Lea felt the tension flow out of her body. It had taken some time, and two drinks, but she’d convinced Tanya to use the tiny toys as cruelly as Lea liked to. If she didn’t think it was fun, next time she could use them how she liked, and she’d at least have tried it. Of course, Lea was very convincing.

Finally she kissed her way down to Tanya’s shaved lower lips. Lea gave her friend a long lick, tasting her lubrication already flowing. Then her hand approached. There was the distant sound of screaming that always got Lea so excited. The boys had seen their new home.

With an evil grin Lea gave the two boys a lick; at two and three inches tall her tongue easily covered them both. Evan screamed up at her in anger, unbelieving that his sister would do this to him. His scream was cut off as her finger pushed him deep into her best friend as she smiled at him. The second tiny didn’t get the smile. Lea simply positioned him, looked up at her friend, and shoved him in, causing him to hit Evan further in and something in his little body to snap.

Number two wasn’t super-tough, and Tanya’s first real tiny play was going to take her all the way. Just as Lea had planned it.

Tanya’s hips bucked violently as Lea returned her mouth to her opening. Lea searched inside her friend as deep as she could with her tongue, occasionally returning to massage Tanya’s clit before she dove back inside again.

Come here you little shits! she thought as she pushed her tongue deep into her friend. As Tanya approached her orgasm her vaginal muscles started pulsing harder, rewarding Lea with her first tiny of the night.

“She’s got my leg!” the other man shouted to Evan in the darkness. Wet sloshing sounds and a raging heartbeat surrounded them. Distant, surreal moans punctuated their screaming.

This was far different than when Tanya had played with him alone. He’d been roughly balled up by Lea’s pushing finger and his instinctive drive to fight only spun him in circles near Tanya’s cervix.

“He’ll be an Evan-Wa ball!” Lea had told Tanya as the two laughed over their second wine cooler earlier.

“Take my hand!” Evan shouted, pushing one arm in the other man’s direction. He had no way of knowing he wasn’t even close to helping, but he tried. The other man screamed with a mixture of pain and fear; Evan knew his leg had been broken on the insertion, but the rest of the events had been too chaotic to learn anything else.

“Help meeee!” the man’s voice screamed, quickly dwindling away to nothingness.

“Buddy?” Evan yelled questioningly, trying to right himself in Tanya’s writhing pussy. Then her muscles clamped down around him in a sensation he recognized: Tanya was cumming.

Lea sucked out the tiny, finally, and started rubbing Tanya’s clit in earnest as she rose up and crawled to where Tanya could easily see her. When her brown-haired friend saw the tiny screaming in Lea’s mouth she came; her friend’s finger on her clit, combined with another struggling tiny and one about to be eaten was far too much for the runner.

When Lea saw her friend start to orgasm, she leaned forward with her mouth open and Tanya reflexively leapt up to meet her. The two shared a passionate kiss, their tongues dueling each other for passionate supremacy. Then Tanya felt the tiny in Lea’s mouth. Her orgasm redoubled, causing her to scream into her friend’s mouth as the tiny was pushed past her teeth.

Without thinking Tanya sucked the tiny into her mouth and continued the kiss. The two continued Frenching for almost two minutes as Lea’s finger deftly manipulated her friend’s love button, expertly prolonging her orgasm. Then Lea had to come up for air; Tanya was an incredible kisser.

The two girls breathed heavily, Tanya from exertion and Lea from the lack of air. Carefully she pulled her hand away from Tanya’s pussy.

“Holy shit that was hot!” Tanya said, feeling the tiny fighting in her mouth.

Lea leaned forward, putting her lips close to her friend’s ear and resting her hand on her friend’s neck.

“Swallow him babe.”

For once Tanya didn’t hesitate. Lea almost came just from feeling the bulge of Tanya’s neck swallowing down the tiny man. When Lea couldn’t feel the bulge anymore, Tanya dragged a finger along her torso above where she could feel the struggling man, until her esophagus dropped him into her stomach.

“Oh wow!” she said as the man started buzzing furiously in her stomach. Tanya kept her eyes closed to focus on the sensation. “Is he mmhph!?”

Lea didn’t wait for her friend to ask the obvious question. Instead, she had blindly grabbed two more tinies from the toy drawer, two fragiles in a Tupperware container, and shoved them inside her own hungry snatch. As her friend had followed her meal’s journey, she’d moved herself into the sixty-nine position. She sat down when Tanya started talking, pushing her own sopping snatch against her friend’s familiar face.

Immediately Tanya’s tongue shot outward. Just like Lea had expected, not giving her time to think would keep this good thing moving. She giggled then leaned forward herself, lowering her head near Tanya’s pussy again but staying on her elbows slightly above. Her hands held a toy each, and she intended to watch this action from up close.

But first…she thought, sending two fingers up Tanya’s snatch. When she felt tiny kicking legs she pulled her fingers out with a smile. Good, stay in there! she thought, having made sure what had been her brother hadn’t escaped. He was the cap to tonight’s action, so having him vanish wouldn’t have been a good thing for her plan.

As Tanya’s tongue encountered the first tiny in Lea’s snatch, Lea picked up her anal beads. Several of the larger beads were hollow, and she’d filled those spaces with super-tough tinies. Their bodies smushed down well enough to fill the beads entirely, and their struggles were just enough to distort the plastic of the toy. With these trapped tinies, she’d effectively made a string of vibrating anal beads.

The first two beads were small, and she easily slipped them into Tanya’s asshole. Lea moaned, both from the sight and from the gentle sucking motions she felt at her pussy; Tanya had gotten the idea and was trying to pull the tiny out of her with her tongue. The third bead, filled with a boy she’d met at a theater, entered with only a little more resistance, and Tanya moaned into Lea’s pussy as she felt the tiny’s vibration.

Of course she knew what was going on down there; hadn’t she put these beads into Lea a dozen times?

Tanya decided to surprise Lea herself, and she blindly reached into the toy drawer. Her fingers searched for a moment, then found the little Tupperware container full of gathered tinies. The little people screamed as her giant fingers grabbed two at random, snapping one of their arms as she awkwardly squeezed him to pull him upward.

She was too lust-driven to be concerned when the first tiny bent the wrong way as she shoved him into Lea’s brown hole. Lea’s cry of surprise drove her on, and she licked her friend’s pussy in earnest as she more carefully pushed the second in feet first. His eyes turned to her, desperately searching for mercy in her massive eyes, and finding none as her fingertip pushed on his forehead.

Elwood landed in the giantess’s colon and was immediately overwhelmed by the darkness, heat, and smell. He stood then immediately fell as the giantess wiggled her rump and landed on something that felt different from the rest of her spongy insides.

“Oh shit!” he yelled, the last of his sanity leaving him as he realized he’d landed on the unfortunate person who had made the trip first, already dead from how their spine had been bent. Elwood screamed in terror and crawled blindly to where he knew not, his mind desperately driving him forward, neither knowing nor caring that moving faster would exhaust his oxygen sooner.

“Oh, Tanya!” Lea said with a laugh, shaking her backside to make the tinies bounce around. “I didn’t know you had it in you! Pun intended!” Together the girls laughed, never too serious with their playing to not laugh.

Lea then leaned forward to lick the fourth bead for lubrication, and to remind the tiny inside of how easily she’d made her cum with her tongue before she allowed Lea to shrink her. The woman inside screamed, unheard over the sounds of sex in the room, as Tanya’s asshole slowly widened around her. She banged against the side, stretching the material slightly as the widest part of the bead almost entered the tight hole.

She succeeded in widening the bead’s diameter slightly. Which only made Tanya moan around the tiny man she’d just sucked out of Lea’s pussy before she swallowed him without a second thought. He hadn’t been moving, to her chagrin.

No fun! she thought as he slid down her throat without giving her the pleasant vibrations she’d been hoping for.

Then the blonde tiny’s strongest efforts to make the bead too wide to be inserted were overcome by Lea exerting a slightly stronger push. Tanya’s sphincter jerked the bead inward hungrily and the little folded-in-half blonde vanished screaming into the brown-haired girl.

“Ready for the last one hon?” Lea asked her friend rhetorically. She let her friend’s hands push her hips upward so she could speak more easily.

“Um, that last one was about all I could handle Le---aamrrph!”

Lea lowered her pussy onto Tanya’s face and pushed it over her mouth and nose. Tanya wasn’t a huge fan of face-sitting and breath control, but Lea was. So they did it often. And this time, Lea used the distraction to push the final bead up against Tanya’s asshole.

Tanya hadn’t lied to Evan when she’d told him she’d never had anything bigger than a finger penetrate her asshole. Lea spit on the too-large bead, filled with a surprisingly nice boy that she’d gone on several dates with, and pushed the two-and-a-half-inch sphere into her friend’s near-virgin hole. Tanya’s scream was muted nicely by Lea’s snatch, and between the sight of her friend’s asshole being unreasonably stretched and the vibrations from her scream, Lea had her first orgasm of the night.

Steve screamed as the tunnel around him exploded with sound and clamped down tightly. His eardrums burst and his head threatened to explode between the oxygen deprivation and the heat. Suddenly the tongue that had been pulling lightly at his ankles suddenly was closer as he was shoved outward, and it snaked around his legs to yank him the rest of the way free of his vaginal prison. There was a brief moment of falling, then the heat of Lea’s pussy was simply exchanged for the heat of this new girl’s mouth.

He struck his head on her front teeth, making him see starts briefly.

The tongue stopped its upward licking motion for long enough to press him against her palate, to pull him backward. Then he screamed once more as he found himself forcefully swallowed, helped along by the muscles of her throat and the copious lubricant he was drenched in.

Lea ground her pussy into Tanya’s face until she felt her orgasm finally start to slow, then she rolled sideways. She caught her breath as she stared at the ceiling, and heard Tanya doing the same.

“Oh Lea,” Tanya said with a shaking voice, “That was wild, but I don’t think those beads are gonna come back out. And why are they slowing down inside me? Don’t you make them all super tough?”

Lea reached over to stroke her friend’s clit, knowing she had to keep her friend in her sexual fervor so that she wouldn’t over-react. She saw what had been her brother start to push his way out of Tanya’s snatch, and this time she let him fall to the bed.

“That jar in there is fragiles I picked up over the past couple days,” Lea replied as she idly picked up the tiny that was screaming at her. This one was resistant to everything, by Tanya’s request. The three-incher was popped into her mouth and tucked into one cheek. “I think it’s hotter that way.”

Tanya stiffened briefly, then relaxed as Lea’s finger brought her closer to another orgasm. Her hips rocked up and down with the movements of Lea’s fingertip.

“Oooh!” Tanya squirmed, her feelings conflicted. Part of her realized that meant the tinies inside were dying slow, horrible deaths. The other part of her felt so powerful, and so close to endless orgasms, that it was telling her that everything was fine. That this was what they had been meant for. All the things that Lea had told her when she’d first started introducing tinies to their nighttime romps.


She was close, and Lea knew the last step of getting Tanya over the hump was nigh. Without removing her finger from Tanya’s clit she rose back up and gave Tanya a gentle peck on the lips. Tanya stared up into her eyes, gave her a smile as the last of her recovering inhibitions finally eroded away, then pulled her down for another kiss.

The two writhed in passion, their mouths pressed together, then Lea pulled what had been Evan from her cheek with her tongue. She tried to ignore her annoyance at how quickly the tiny in her colon had stopped struggling and instead focus on Tanya for once.

“When you cum,” she told Tanya as their tongues writhed around his tiny body, “Don’t swallow this one.”

Tanya gasped as Lea pushed the three incher into her mouth. Somehow, despite it all, this one felt familiar. Had she already gotten used to using tinies? The fact that several were dying in her stomach seemed to say yes.

“He’s invincible,” Lea said, staring into Tanya’s eyes. “He told me he wants to be chewed on.”

It didn’t matter to Tanya that Lea was probably lying. Or that tinies were dying in her stomach. Or that in the drawer next to her Evan was hearing everything they were doing. All that mattered was Lea’s voice in her head, and the orgasm that was exploding as she maneuvered the tiny between her back teeth.

Evan screamed as he was switched between mouths and raged against the two tongues that battered him from each side. The last half hour had been a nightmare of chaos as the two girls had used him, but the worst of it was probably this: Tanya had almost let him go before Lea had re-entered the room. And now, from the sound of Lea’s voice, he could tell that Tanya had no idea he was in her mouth.

Tanya screamed when her orgasm hit and bit down hard on the tiny in her mouth. Evan screamed again as massive molars squeezed his legs far past the point of them being ripped off, yet he was relatively unharmed. Aside from the blinding pain and mental anguish. Then it all was relieved just long enough for her to turn her head, causing him to fall further between her teeth.

“Shiiit!” Evan yelled as one entire half of his body was smashed into nothingness. Then he lost the ability to cry out; the pain was too great to even shout. His entire left side was momentarily as thin as paper, ground between her molars in an explosion of fire mixed with broken glass.

There was faint scream from within as Tanya chewed the tiny. She gave in entirely to the devil on her shoulder, pushing the tiny around to chew on different parts of him as Lea expertly prolonged her orgasm. If she’d been more rational she would have been impressed with how quickly he snapped back into shape. But right now all it meant was that his pain was making this the strongest orgasm of her life. Her power over him was intoxicating beyond anything she could have imagined.

Far beyond even the feeling of several dying in her stomach.

Better than when Evan had first slid into her pussy. Better than when her ass had devoured him, to her surprise. Better than when Lea had introduced her to oral years ago. She bit down hard on the tiny, making sure she smashed him as thoroughly as she could while she rode out her orgasm.

Lea finally pulled her finger off of Tanya’s clit, and her friend stopped writhing on the bed. The redhead leaned forward and kissed her friend once more, snaking her tongue into her mouth and skillfully sucking the tiny into her own mouth. She resisted swallowing him; she didn’t feel like getting him out of her stomach, from either direction.

Quickly she spit the tiny into her hand and dropped it into her toy drawer, which had remained open.

Evan landed in the drawer with a heavy thud. He cried out in exhaustion. The constant chewing had taken its toll; after everything his mind had had enough. There, next to a small jar stuffed full of terrified moviegoers, his mind finally stopped and the world went black.

“That was incredible!” Tanya said when she finally opened her eyes. Lea was laying next to her, idly stroking her own sex while she waited for her friend to come back from the moon. She still had a pleasurable vibration coming from her backside, and she realized the beads and their occupants were still inserted.

“So, how was it finally letting loose?” Lea asked her friend with a self-assured smile. Tanya turned to look at her, with her pupils large from excitement, her breasts heaving as she continued to breath heavily. She nodded, unable to speak.

“Oh, I need to tell you something,” Lea said as she reached under her friend and grabbed the loop at the end of the anal beads. She tugged gently, causing her friend to moan and the tinies within to redouble their struggles.

“What?” Tanya asked, her voice quiet as Lea’s other hand held up a stiff clear dildo, on which the two had carefully super-glued three tinies around the tip of the fake cock’s head last month. So far the glue had held up well; the tinies could use their hands and legs to push, but had been stuck around the end of the dildo for weeks. She’d been on the fence about it at the time, but she couldn’t deny she wanted to feel it in action. Lea certainly loved it when Tanya used it on her.

“You were chewing on Evan.”

Tanya gasped as her mind screamed and Lea shoved in the dildo. The tinies on the end pushed her tender flesh outward in a flurry of wonderful activity. Her desire to have another orgasm fought her desire to make Evan love her. The object of her obsession tortured by her own mouth.

It was Evan? she thought, suddenly terrified. He’d never love her now!

Her worries were overwhelmed by the sensations in her pussy and distracted by the pain of Lea pulling out the largest anal bead.

“Just relax,” Lea whispered in her ear. “He’ll always be yours.”

The two writhed together for hours that night, testing their endurance in ways that cross country running couldn’t keep up with. The girls shared tinies between them, both the tough and the not. Tanya found them crunchy and salty, while Lea simply loved seeing her friend finally give in to her darker side.

Toys found their way into each of their holes, stretching Tanya much further than the beads had, and filling Lea in ways that she simply couldn’t manage alone. When they finally reached exhaustion it was past midnight and Lea knew that it would take her weeks to replenish her tiny stock. The girls had been unable to restrain themselves; it would be awkward in the morning as they carefully pulled tiny bodies out of their still-tender holes.

The girls collapsed next to each other, Tanya laying her head on Lea’s breasts as they pulled the covers over each other. Each continued to enjoy pleasant vibrations from the tinies they hadn’t bothered to pull out. Soon those vibrations would slow, then cease as the tinies ran out of air. Well, not the ones in Tanya’s rectum. She’d questioned why Lea brought out a coffee straw but appreciated the airflow that kept her toys alive that night.

Lea had been slightly annoyed at only finding one straw, but tonight was about Tanya, not her, so her friend’s toys got to pleasure her for longer.

 “We can clean up in the morning,” Lea said as she felt sleep overwhelm her. Tanya was already in an orgasm induced coma.


In the morning Tanya woke up alone. The house was quiet, and so was her belly. With a frown she felt by her backside and realized the coffee straw had come dislodged at some point during the night. Her belly grumbled and she rushed to the bathroom.

Several minutes later she walked out, relieved that her friend’s plumbing could handle the number of unmoving tinies she’d sent its way.

Funny how that doesn’t seem bad, she thought. How many did we shove up there? she asked herself as she headed to the kitchen.

Evan awoke slowly. Tinies of his super-tough condition were extremely difficult and nigh-impossible to harm, but that didn’t mean his mind was invincible.

The first thing he noticed was that his knees were near his chest, and that he was laying on a smooth rounded surface. Evan’s eyes opened and the world was a pink blur, but he had the sensation of being inside a see-through barrel. Distantly a mountain moved, bringing an object several times as large as he was toward him.

He jerked backward with a scream, but the hand stopped on the other side of the pink barrier and smeared something around. Evan breathed a sigh of relief until he tried to stretch out. Before he was halfway up his head struck something that was also pink and partly clear. His mind awoke the rest of the way, and he panicked, pushing his face up against the pink plastic that now bound him in a prison just a little too small for him to stand or move.

With his face pressed against the material, he could see his sister’s face smiling down at him, and she put something down on the table. He couldn’t make out the words, but he recognized a bottle of glue when he saw one. Then another blurry figure entered the room.

“What’s that?” Tanya asked Lea as she entered the kitchen. Her arms crossed her chest; it wasn’t particularly cold, but in the buff it always seemed chilly.

Evan screamed as his prison was violently yanked upward.

“Oh, just something special I made for you, hon,” Lea said with a smile, handing her friend the special dildo she’d ordered. “I told you that he’d be yours forever.”

Tanya gasped and took the dildo from her friend. The tip shook violently as the tiny inside shifted. Every little movement he made caused the tip to spin and rotate; something inside used his energy to make it an exceptionally effective vibrator. Only the tip spun, like a giant curling fingertip.

“Is that Evan in there?” she asked, bringing her eyes closer to the almost see-through tip. Worry ran across her face. “It is! But—”

“Shh shhh!” Lea shushed her, putting a finger to her lips and pushing her backward until her back touched a cold wall. She plucked the dildo from her friend and started to lower it downward. Tanya took the hint and spread her legs slightly.

“You chewed him up last night!” Lea said, rubbing the head of the dildo against her friend’s outer lips. “What do you think he’d do if we made him big again?”

Tanya moaned, letting her friend’s words overwhelm her reason yet again. It helped that Evan’s movements were causing the dildo to swirl lightly around her opening, causing her juices to flow again. Unseen by both of them, a tiny body fell out of her pussy to the floor, finally released by fresh lubrication.

“How about,” Lea whispered in her friend’s ear as she started pushing Evan into her, “You just keep him forever? He’s the perfect toy.”

Tanya nodded as her friend’s words overwhelmed her reason and Lea pushed the toy upward as she bit Tanya’s ear. Evan screamed, having heard enough, as his pink prison was engulfed in darkness. He leapt at the side as best he could, and only felt himself be thrown to the side by the dildo’s somehow magnified movements. Lea gasped as the feeling. Knowing Evan was inside her, and would be hers, forever?

It was perfect.


Three years later, Tanya unpacked the final box in her dorm room. Moving was never fun, but she was excited about college. And the fact that she had a private room. Her framed picture of Evan went on her nightstand, the first item she’d unpacked.

For the ten thousandth time she pulled her pink dildo out from her underwear drawer. The tip immediately started to shake as Evan squirmed around.

“I know, I’m excited too!” Tanya said as she peeled off her leggings.


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