A Giantess For James by The_Necromanswer
Summary: A young man named James struggles through life as the size of a baby. His many female friends and easily achieved arousal cause him to gget caught in lots of sticky situations.
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2. Chapter 2: Beer Pong Problems by The_Necromanswer

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Chapter 1: James's First Party by The_Necromanswer
The Great Nuclear War of the 21st century changed the planet tremendously, and forever. Most of the population was killed. Those that survived, could no longer live their lives in the same way. The radiation affected the biology and evolution of all animals, especially humans.

The most noticeable change in biology was average height. Each generation grew significantly taller than the last. By the 23rd century, both men and women were growing to over seven feet tall, on average. But for some reason, women were affected by the radiation more than men; they were growing at a much faster rate than men. To this day, scientists still cannot determine why.

Some women even developed supernatural abilities, such as: the ability to grow and shrink at will, the ability to grow and shrink others at will, among other abilities. Though rare, these abilities were becoming more common with each generation. The abilities are usual a result of a hereditary mutation. However, they have never been exhibited in men. Supernatural abilities are, for now, considered a female-only trait.

By the 25th century, the global average height of women had risen to nearly ten feet, while the global average height of men was only eight-foot-six. Nearly all consumer products had to be specialized towards either women or men; there was no such thing as unisex anymore. . The sexes even had to drive differently-sized vehicles.

By the 27th century, women were growing to an average height of eleven-foot-six, while men grew to an average height of nine-foot-six. The United States exhibited a more stark difference in height than the global average. In the U.S., women were growing to an average height of slightly over twelve feet. However, the average height of men in the U.S. was only an inch taller than the global average, nine-foot-seven. Despite laws protecting their equality, mean were often socially treated as second-class citizens, due to their smaller stature.

Women became the dominant sex, socially and sexually. Despite their giant increase in size over the past few centuries, female genitals did not increase in size proportionally, due to evolutionary adaptation. If they had, men would not be able to satisfy them sexually. Due to the proportionally small size of their vaginas, women generally found shorter men more desirable. Men above average height were generally considered "too big." Conversely, men were more attracted to taller women, the taller the better. Now in the 27th century, women controlled almost all governments and banks. They were totally dominant over men and for the most part, men submitted to them willfully.

I had just finished my second year of college. I was nineteen, going on twenty, and I still hadn't been in a relationship. The idea of having a girlfriend, or ever having sex with a woman, seemed impossible. My friend John often encouraged me to pursue women. Throughout high school and college, he always pestered me to talk to girls I had been crushing on. He was relatively popular among the girls in our school. They never seemed to notice me, however. I could never find the courage to talk to any of them, so John would take it upon himself to inform them of my interest. I believe he was genuinely trying to help, but his attempts were never successful. Their responses were always the same: polite rejection. Women tend to see me as more of a novelty, than a man. In the words of Sara Martinez, a girl I was crushing on during my senior year, "He's so cute and he seems really nice, but... I can't. He's so little, I'd be worried about accidentally hurting him. But, we could be friends." Those words accurately sum up my high school career.

I held the record for being the shortest man in the country. I had to use a device call d a TallWalker to move around without being stepped on. The device stood on four wheels and had a platform on the which I stood. The platform had a topless twelve-inch cage around it, for my protection. There was a control panel which allowed me to control its movement. The joystick was for directional movement and there was a lever that allowed me to adjust the height. The platform was able to move between a height of one foot and six feet. There was also a retractable staircase that allowed me to get on and off.

At just 23 inches tall, I felt like no woman would ever want to be with me. I kept to myself, for the most part. I lacked confidence due to my height and I avoided socializing with others at all costs. Other than John, I didn't have any friends, only a few acquaintances.

"You got any plans tonight, bro?" John asked me, while we sat in his parked car, smoking reefer as we often did.

"Nah, I think I'm just gonna spend the night looking at schools for next year." I replied.

"Bro, school is over. It's summer now. Melody is having a party tonight, let's go."

"I don't know. Parties usually aren't fun for me."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you know... it's not much fun being surrounded by amazons whom I can't even talk to." I informed John.

"You know, there's gonna be guys there too, if you go that way." He responded jokingly.

"Shut up, bro. I'm not going. None of the girls there will be into me and you know I don't have any other friends."

"Dude, you need to get over it. So, you didn't have much luck in high school. So, you're two feet tall. So, most women can literally crush you with one hand..."

"You're not helping." I interjected.

"The point is none of that is going to change. You need to get over it, bro. Or else, you're gonna be a virgin forever. Please come to the party with me. You just need to loosen up and talk to some people. There's gonna be plenty of girls there who haven't rejected you.

"Like who?" I inquired.

"Christine is gonna be there, remember her?"

"Yeah, I remember her. She had the locker above mine in high school."

"Oh, so you've talked to her?"

"Not exactly. The only interaction we've ever had was that time she almost killed me."

"What?! Almost killed you? What?!" John asked feverishly.

"Yeah, it was an accident. I was by my locker when a pen cap got stuck under the wheel of my TallWalker. I lowered it and got out so that I could move the pen cap. Christine was walking towards the lockers and didn't see that I was on the ground. I didn't see her either, until it was too late. Her foot caught me mid-stride and she accidentally punted me into the wall. She didn't even notice, at least I don't think she did. I was knocked out for a few seconds until Ms. Garcia found me."

"Damn. That's crazy, bro. It was an accident, though. I'm sure she didn't realize, she would've helped you. She's really friendly. Just come to the party and strike up a conversation with her, you'll see."

"I still don't wanna go. I'm sorry, bro."

"Kristi is gonna be there too, have you met her?"

"No, who is she?"

"She's like the hottest blonde at our school, bro. You might like her more than Christine. Kristi is a lot shorter. She's got nice tits too. They're not as big as Christine's tits but I mean, all tits are big to you. Hahaha."

"I guess that makes me pretty lucky then, doesn't it." I suggested.

"That's the spirit bro. So are you gonna come out and try talking to Kristi? I promise, she's gonna like you." John assured me.

"You know what, fuck it, I'll go if you'll shut up about it."

"Good. Go inside your house and get ready. And don't wear any nerdy shit. I know you wear clothes from stuffed animals but try to look cool, haha."

"You're not funny."

"Christine thinks I'm funny. She might have a fond opinion of you too, if you ever would've talked to her. Maybe she wouldn't know you as the creepy midget who used to stare at her tits."

"Whatever, John."

"Be ready by 8 o'clock, bro!" John ordered as I exited the car.

I showered and got dressed in the nicest outfit I had. I wore a blue button-up long sleeved dress shirt with a black tie, black jeans and black dress shoes. I thought I might be a little overdressed but I wanted to look good. I didn't think I was actually going to hook up with any girls, but I was going to try and I wanted to be ready.

John pulled up in his car and before I even got in, he was already making fun of me.

"Bro, I told you to wear something cool, haha!" He said.

"This is my best outfit. I think it makes me look more grown up." I replied. Now help me get my walker into the car."

"Can you not bring that thing into the party? It makes you look like a robot."

"I need it. How am I going to talk to twelve-foot women if I'm on the ground? And if one of them steps on me, I'm screwed."

"Calm down, bro. You're not THAT small. It's not like they won't be able to see you." John persuaded.

"I never go anywhere without my walker. I don't feel comfortable without it."

"Look, bro. If you don't bring the walker, the girls will probably pick you up off the ground so they can talk to you. It gives them a reason to touch you and pay attention to you. Isn't that what you want?"

"I guess you're right... how about this? I'll go in with my walker and say hi to everyone and then I won't use it the rest of the night."

"Good choice. Let's get you laid tonight... by the way, where did you find normal clothes in your size anyway?"

"I had everything custom-made. It cost me an entire month of paychecks."

"Damn, dude. That's a lot of money for one outfit. At least, all you have to do at your job is stand at a podium and say hi to people." You're lucky."

"Nah, bro. You're lucky. You're nine-foot-six and stores carry clothes in your size." I declared.

"Touché." John replied.

John parked the car outside of a liquor store, a few blocks away from Melody's house. He told me to wait outside the car while he went inside.

"Why are you stopping here?" I asked. "Melody said we can park in her driveway."

"We have to get booze. Nobody at the party is old enough to buy it." John responded.

"But you're not twenty-five."(That was the legal age for drinking at the time.)

"I have a fake ID." John informed me.

He came out of the liquor store with a five-liter bottle of vodka and another five-liter bottle of cognac. The bottles were over three feet long. He placed them in the back seat and returned inside the liquor store. He came back out with two more five-liter bottles of vodka. He struggled to fit them in the back seat but was successful. He closed the door and approached my window.

"Almost done bro. I got all the girls' bottles in here. I just gotta get two bottles for the guys. There's only gonna be four guys at the party, including us, so that's all we'll need." John informed me.


John returned with 2 two-liter bottles of whiskey. They were about twenty inches long. He placed them on the floor below my seat and started driving to Melody's house.

We pulled up to Melody's house and parked in the driveway. There were two female cars already parked there, but there was just enough room for a male car to fit.

John carried the bottles to the front door and rang the doorbell.

"We're gonna get laid tonight, bro." John said.

I looked at him and nodded. I knew I didn't have any chance of hooking up with a girl but I didn't want to insult John's efforts. I appreciated his encouragement, no matter how pointless it was. Without John, I wouldn't even have been invited to the party. Even though I was going to get laid, I figured I could at least make a few friends.

Melody opened the door. She was dressed informally, which was appropriate since it was her house. She wore a long white t-shirt and gray sweatpants. On her feet, she wore only baby blue socks. She was relatively very short, about ten feet in height. Although, she was only nineteen and could possibly grow taller.

Melody was overweight and unattractive. She was the closest female friend I had, mainly because I didn't find her looks intimidating. I could never find the courage to talk to an attractive girl.

"Hey guys, oh good you got the bottles!" Melody said.

She bent down and pinched my torso between her thumb and index finger; that was her way of greeting me. She gave John a kiss on the cheek and then stood back up.

"So who's here?" John asked Melody.

"Everybody. Mike and Jeremy said they couldn't make it though, so you two are the only guys here. I hope that's not a big deal."

"Doesn't matter to me." John replied. "But James doesn't know anyone here. Can you introduce him to some people."

"Sure!" Melody said eagerly. "You wanna meet my girls, James? ...Christine! Mandy! Kristi! Come help me with these bottles!"

I started to panic at the thought of meeting three new girls at once. Although I knew one of them, I had never actually spoke to any of them.

The three girls approached us simultaneously. They were all very pretty.

"John, you already know Christine and Kristi." Melody stated. They both bent down and gave John a kiss on the cheek.

"This is Mandy. Mandy, this is John." She added.

"Nice to meet you, John." Mandy said as she bent down and kissed his cheek.

Mandy was incredibly gorgeous. I considered her the most attractive girl at the party. Her hair was died an unnatural, bright red and pulled back into a pony tail. She wore very little makeup, only eyeliner and pink lipstick. She had wide-set grey eyes and plump cheek bones to go along with her broad cheeks. Her jawline was strong and square, forming a right angle below her ears. It complimented her pronounced facial features very well. Her breasts were supple and she quite large, protruding about eighteen inches from her chest. Her frame was thin and she was very tall. She stood a few inches under fourteen feet. She wore a tight white dress, cut at her mid-thigh. The combination of her tight dress and push-up bra showcased lots of cleavage. On her feet, she wore twelve-inch stilettos that brought her height to nearly fifteen feet. Just the sight of her was unbearably arousing.

"And who's this little baby?" Mandy asked as she looked down at me. Her voice was high-pitched and pleasant.

"That's James. And he's not a baby, he's my age." Melody stated.

Mandy bent down to get a better look at me. She accidentally hit my walker with her elbow and tilted it forward. I lost my footing and fell over the edge.

"Oopsie." Mandy said as I fell face-first onto her colossal bosom.

My head and torso became trapped between her breasts, causing them to jiggle subtly. She pinched my ankle with the index finger and thumb of her right hand, and gently pulled me out of her cleavage. She held me upside down, in front of her face. My body swung like a pendulum as she inspected me.

"Wow..." she whispered to herself.

My body swung back and forth while I remained subjected to her grip. My face collided with her lips for a brief moment, as I continued to swing. I became hard as a rock, my erection ran down the length of my pants. It was blatantly noticeable.

"Mandy, you've got to be careful with him!" Melody exclaimed.

"Don't worry, he's safe with me." She replied.

"Well, stop holding him like that!" Melody fired back.

Mandy respected Melody's wishes and placed me onto her open palm. She stared at me as I sat on her palm.

"You're so cute." She said as she ruffled my hair with her fingers.

Without warning, she closed her hand around me. Only my head and feet were exposed. She removed her thumb from her fist and stroked the side of my face with it as she hummed under her breath. She stared directly into my eyes for a few more seconds. She tilted her head and continued stroking my hair. Then, she suddenly moved her fist closer to her body until her hand was pressed against her bosom. Only her fingertips separated me from her glorious rack. With me still in her grip, she touched the back of my head with the index and middle fingers of her left hand as she ran her left thumb through my hair one time. She opened her right palm and placed her left underneath it as she offered me a warm smile. Both of her thumbs pressed lightly against my chest while her palms supported my backside. She pulled me closer to her body until I was surrounded by her breasts. I felt a stream of semen trickle down my leg. I knew I wouldn't be able to hold it in. My penis continued to throb until my shin was covered in it. I laid there, panting.

"Oh my god, I love him. Can I have him?" She asked jokingly.

"Mandy, he's a human being, not a toy... and you're smothering him. Melody replied sternly.

"It's just a hug. He's fine. Right James?" Mandy asked as she removed me from her chest. I hung between her cupped hands.

"Uhh, nice to meet you..." I said unconfidently.

"Aww. It's nice to meet you too, sweetie."

She placed a thumb on each side of my face and closed her eyes as she lifted me upwards. Her lips puckered as I inched closer to them. I thought she was going to kiss me, but not quite. I realized her lips didn't line up with my face. I tried to maneuver myself in front of them but her firm grip wouldn't allow me to move anything but my feet. She pressed my face against her cheek as she kissed the air.


Just centimeters away, I listened to the sound of her lips in disappointment.

"Are you done yet, Mandy? Other people would like to meet James..." Melody said.

"Oh hush up, short stuff." Mandy fired back as she carefully placed me back into my walker.

"I'm not short, you're just a giant freak." Melody responded.

"Shut up, bitch."



"James, just so you know, we're actually friends. But Mandy can be a bitch sometimes, haha." Melody informed me.

"Only when Melody won't hush her loud mouth." Mandy replied.

"Anyway..." Kristi said, mildly frustrated. "Is it my turn to meet James yet, orrr..."

"Kristi, this is James. James, Kristi." Melody said.

Kristi took a few steps forward and stood a couple of feet from me. She was a total bombshell. Her long blonde hair was fixed into a ponytail and her brown eyebrows were shaped nicely. She had big forest green eyes and a small nose. Her facial features were very feminine, including plump cheeks under her pronounced cheek bones, and a small but defined jawline. A few loose strands of hair gently graced the sides of her beautiful face.
She wore a silver corset-like top. It was sleeveless and cut above the naval. It was held together by a string instead of buttons. The string was loosely tied, her black push-up bra was visible through the top two loops of the string. Her breasts were supple and stood out about ten inches from her chest. They weren't particularly large, but still big enough to trap me between them.

Perched atop my walker, I was about eye-level with her belly button, which was exposed between her top and her black jean shorts. Her waist was impressively thin and her abs were slightly toned. In contrast to her tiny waist, her thighs were quite sizable. The waistband fit loosely due to her slim size, while her pant legs seemed on the verge of ripping from the sheer size of her thighs.

She bent down carefully as she extended her hand in my direction. I looked up, wondering what she would do with me.

"Hi, James. It's a pleasure to meet you, I'm Kristi."

She held her hand within my reach as she spoke. I grabbed her finger with my right hand and shook it. She withdrew her hand and stood back up, electing not to touch or lift me like Mandy did.

After introducing herself, Kristi walked back into the midst of the party. John and Mandy both accompanied her.

"And last but not least, this is Christine." Melody stated.

Christine moved towards me until her thighs were pressed up against my walker. They were even thicker than Kristi's thighs, and very well-toned. She leaned forward slightly, causing the front wheels to go airborne. I fell backwards and slid to the back of the cage. She took a step back. The front wheels hit the ground hard, launching me forward.

"Oh no!" Christine exclaimed.

While airborne, I felt her hand close around me. She raised me up and held me at chest height. Her grip was tight.

"You know, that thing is dangerous." She stated. You should just let me carry you around tonight, I don't mind."

"Ok." I said faintly, submitting to her will.

This was the closest I had ever been to Christine. She was devastatingly gorgeous, even more gorgeous than I remember. She stood at a remarkable height of fourteen feet, maybe slightly above. She was the tallest girl at the party and one of the tallest teenagers in the country.

Her long, brown hair laid in front of her, flowing around the outside of her bosom. Her eyes were amber-colored and appeared to stare right into my soul. She had plump, pink lips and perfect teeth. Her cheekbones sat high and her cheeks were attractively contoured. Her jaw was wide and her jawline was incredibly square. It looked sharp enough to cut through a block of ice on impact. As a whole, her facial features were similar to Mandy's, but not quite as pronounced.

Her shoulders were compact but her breasts were large, almost as big as Mandy's. They were perfectly round and sat high on her chest. She wore a blue crop top that covered little more than her bra did. It was cut very low, leaving the entirety of her cleavage visible. Her stomach was untoned but flat, and her hips were substantially wide. She wore ripped, light blue jeans that looked as if they were painted on. Her meaty thighs protruded through the holes in her jeans, begging to be released.

She clenched her hand a little tighter, preventing me from taking full breaths. I kicked my feet repeatedly, desperately trying to alert her of my discomfort. Melody walked into the living room, leaving me alone with Christine.

"Hey, didn't you go to my school?" She asked. "Yeah! You were a senior when I was a sophomore. You had the locker below mine for two years!"

She looked at me blankly, waiting for a response. Her grip was too tight and I was unable to talk. I kept kicking. I couldn't tell if she knew what she was doing to me.

"How come you never said hi to me?" She asked.

I tried to muster up a response but I was still struggling to breathe.

"Is it 'cause you thought I was ugly? Did you think I was a bitch? I mean, you knew me for two years and never bothered to say hi. Are you scared of girls, or something?"

She continued staring, still waiting for a response. After a few seconds, she grinned menacingly and tightened her fist some more. I felt my face starting to turn blue. It became obvious that she knew what she was doing but didn't care.

"Cat got your tongue, sweetheart?"

I stopped kicking, my energy was depleted. Just seconds away from losing consciousness, she finally opened her hand. I sat in her palm, hyperventilating.

"You okay?" she asked. "A little too excited to finally meet me? Haha. I guess I can't be too upset with you, I never said hi to you either... lets's start over. Come play beer pong with me!"
Chapter 2: Beer Pong Problems by The_Necromanswer
Christine carried me into the living room where the beer pong table was set up. John, Kristi, Mandy, and a few other girls were already in the room.

"Who wants to play against me and James?!" Christine shouted.

"You guys can't beat me and John!" Melody replied.

"Shut up, Melody. You can barely see over the table! Haha!" Christine remarked.

"I can see enough to beat you."

"I wanna play." Mandy chimed in.

"You shouldn't even be drinking, Mandy. You're only fifteen." Melody said authoritatively.

"Well you're underage too. Everyone here is..."

"Well, it's my house. First game is Christine and James against me and Kristi. You can play next game, Mandy."

The table was about eight feet tall, as high as Melody's chest. She needed a step-stool in order to play. It made her just slightly taller than Kristi. There were ten cups on each side of the table, shaped into triangles. The cups were over ten inches high, the height of my stomach. They were wide enough for me to stand inside.

Christine held me in her right palm with a moderately firm grip. She propped me against her right breast as she waited for the game to start. The length of her breast spanned a little longer than my body. Her fingers separated me from it, only my face and feet made contact.

"Oh shit, we don't have beer." Kristi informed everyone.

"Let's just use the vodka." Christine suggested.

"Okay, I guess. I'm down." Melody affirmed.

The bottles were on the floor next to the table, a couple of feet from where Christine stood. One of the vodka bottles was already open, the one closest to her. The bottle was nearly twice my height. She bent her knees and lowered herself toward the floor. Her long brown hair draped over me. Without concern for my safety, she took hold of her hair with both hands and moved it behind her. I descended from her chest and braced for impact. I fell onto the bottle and managed to grab the neck of it. I held on as the bottle started to tip over. Before it could hit the ground, Christine caught it. I felt her fingers cover the back of my legs as her hand surrounded the bottle.

"Haha, I saved it!" She exclaimed proudly. "I think I just earned a shot!"

With her left hand, she twisted off the cap of the bottle as her right hand pinned me to it. Nobody else seemed to notice my predicament, but Christine looked straight into my eyes as her lips approached the bottle. It almost seemed like she got some sort of pleasure out of humiliating me.

I held the neck of the bottle tight and lifted myself from beneath her hold. I managed to free most of my legs but my ankles remained trapped under her index finger. The tip of the bottle was now just inches from her mouth. With one final jerk, I managed to free my feet. With my hands still around the neck, gravity pulled me to the underside of the bottle. I hung from it, with my back to her face. She ignored this and began to sip from it.

I peered down at her mammoth bosom, my feet hovered atop her cleavage. I listened to the sound of her gulps. She guzzled it down without any difficulty. Clearly, she was an experienced drinker. Finally, Melody noticed the situation i was in.

"Christine, watch out for James." Melody warned. Christine was not paying attention. She was only concerned with achieving inebriation.

After mustering every ounce of courage within me, I closed my eyes and let go of the bottle. I descended onto her breasts and slipped deep into her cleavage. My head and shoulders remained free while my legs became constricted, trapped inside her bra. She reacted instinctively. Her left hand flung around and slammed against her chest, forcefully. Her swift touch sent a surge of motion into her breasts; they jiggled vigorously for a moment as I slipped a little further into her cleavage. I felt the inside of her bra under my feet. Two of her fingers laid across my face as she continued chugging.

"Christine! Save some vodka for the game!" Kristi suggested humorously.

Christine finished drinking after a good ten seconds and removed the bottle from her lips. She put it down on the side of the table as she clasped her fingers around me and pulled me from her bosom. She placed me on the table and started to set up for the game. She poured a few ounces of liquid into each cup, as Melody did the same on the other side.

"Okay, who gets to shoot first?" Christine asked.

"You guys should get to shoot first since you have James." John chimed in.

"What's that supposed to mean?" I snapped back.

"Uhh... nothing. It's just that, you've never played beer pong before."

"Well this isn't beer pong, it's vodka pong." I replied cleverly."

"Haha, that was a good one, James." Christine said as she gently touched the top of my head. "I'll take the first shot."

Christine took the pong ball in her hand and bounced it on the table a couple of times, next to me. The ball was about three inches wide, too big for me to throw with one hand. I wasn't sure that I could reach the cups, even if I used two hands. I didn't want to embarrass myself in front of all the girls, but I had to try to throw it. I feared the possible repercussions of disappointing Christine.

Christine held the ball with two fingers and tossed it to the other side of the table. It fell directly into the front cup. Melody removed the ball and drank the vodka inside of it. Nine cups remained.

"Wooh! You like that, James?! Come here, give me a hug!" She said as she closed her hand around me, lifted me up, and slammed me into her left breast with great force. Her erect nipple punched me in the gut as my face collided with her upper breast. She bounced up and down as she hugged me. I looked up at her giant, shining smile. Upon completion of the hug, she slid me back into her bra, a place I had become very familiar with in the last ten minutes.

"Okay, James. You're turn." Christine said happily as she handed me the pong ball.

"Wait, I don't know if he'll be able to reach from there, Christine." Melody suggested. "Just hold him over the table, carefully."

Christine cupped her hands around me and lifted me out of her cleavage. Her fingertips pressed on my chest as my legs dangled. She stretched out her arms and pulled me away from her body with a quick jerk. I hung above the table, at the center of it. Christine handed me the ball, I held it with both hands. I prepared for my shot as Christine held me securely in her grip.

"Go ahead James, take your shot!" Kristi said encouragingly. She smiled at me, presenting her beautifully white teeth.

I lifted the ball over my head and lined up my shot. With all my might, I launched the ball forward and let out a loud grunt. The ball fell short of the cups and bounced over them.

"Aww, that's okay James. You'll get it next time." Kristi said, breaking the silence.

The girls looked at me with a collective look of pity. My face turned beat red with embarrassment. Christine flipped me around and held me level with her face.

"Come on James, you can do better than that."
She said as she squeezed her fingers around my body for a moment, and then released me.

I couldn't do better than that. Even with the tallest girl at the party holding me, suspended halfway across the pong table, even using two hands, I still couldn't sink a cup.

Christine held me about a foot from her chest while the other team shot. Her fist covered everything from my shoulders to my shins, pinning my arms to my side. I faced her as Melody and Kristi took their shots. She didn't acknowledge me again until it was my turn to shoot.

Melody and Kristi took their shots and each hit a cup. Christine gathered the pong balls out of the cups and plopped them into her cleavage. She clenched my body a little tighter as she drank the contents of both cups. She placed the empty cups on the side of the table and picked one of the balls from her bra. She bent her knees and lined up her shot. With a quick bounce, she sprung up and tossed the ball into the front left cup. She picked the other ball from her chest and held it in front of me, condescendingly.

"You gonna let a girl do all the work, James?" She asked.

Her fingers opened, freeing my arms. I grabbed the ball with both hands. Christine held me as far away from her body as she could. She bent her body over the table, bringing me a few inches closer to the cups than last time. I bent my arms back and held the ball behind my head. I let out a groan as I pushed the ball forward and threw it as far as my tiny arms would allow me to. Everyone's eyes followed the ball as it left my hands. I watched, in shame, as the ball bounced off the rim of the front right cup and landed on the table.

"Ohh, you almost had it, James. Good shot!" Kristi said with a hint of sympathy.

Christine looked at me, disgusted. She pinched the back of my shirt with her index and thumb, and held me high in the air.

"Okay, I need a new teammate. Somebody come take little James." She said. She moved her fingers up and down as she spoke causing me to bounce.

"Stop it, Christine! Give me him!" Melody cried.

"No, let me hold him!" Mandy exclaimed as her fingers approached me. "Here." Christine said as she dropped me into Mandy's open palms.

"John, come play with me. Get a step stool." Christine ordered.

Mandy pressed me against her chest as she walked out of the room. Her boobs jiggled with each step, colliding with my face as I tried to view my surroundings.

"Where are we going?" I asked her. She didn't respond.
Chapter 3: Meet my foot, little man by The_Necromanswer
Mandy walked to the couch in the living room with my tiny body stuck betwixt her titanic breasts. She gave me a light push to make sure I would stay in there, then took her hand off of me. She grabbed her hair-tie with one hand and used the other to work her ponytail through it. Once her hair was free, she shook her head a few times, letting it fall into place. I watched it surround her shoulders, a wave of bright-red loveliness.

"She's so gorgeous." I whispered to myself, while trying to hold my boner down. She was truly breath-taking.

She pinched the back of my shirt between her index and thumb, and gently raised me out of her cleavage. She sat me down on the couch cushion right next to her.

She leaned over me, towards the end table next to the couch. Her boobs dangled over my head and out of reach, as she grabbed two shot glasses from the table. She held them between her fingers as she bent over and grabbed a bottle of vodka from the coffee table. She placed the bottle on the floor.

"You want a shot, James?"

"Sure." I replied.

She placed one of the glasses between her legs and held the other one up as she poured a small amount of vodka into it.

"Is that too much?" She asked.

"No, that's good." I responded.

She presented the glass to me and I took it with both hands. It was six inches tall, almost as long as my head. She filled the other glass near to the top and held it in front of her.

"Cheers." She said as she clinked her glass against mine and drank the entire contents of it. I brought the glass up to my lips and took a sip.

"Do you need me to help you with that?" She offered.

"Nah, I got it." I told her. I took a few more sips until the glass was empty.

"Sorry Christine kicked you off her team. She can be a bitch sometimes."

"No, it's okay. I understand. I'm not very good at beer pong. I never got the chance to play before tonight."

"Well, it's not your fault. That table is so long and the ball was too big for you. If we had a smaller ball, I'm sure you could sink a shot."

"Maybe, but it's okay. I'm just happy Christine tried to include me. Usually, girls like you and her don't even notice me."

"Girls like me and her?" She asked, confused.

"Yeah... I mean, you know... girls as tall and pretty as you are. Melody is the only female friend I've ever had. I guess what I'm trying to say is... I'm just glad to meet you girls. I hope we can be good friends."

"You think I'm pretty?" She asked as she placed her empty glass on the coffee table.

"Well, yeah... of course I do. You're beautiful."

"Aww, you're so sweeeet." She said in a high-pitched tone.

She lowered her hands toward me. I dropped my glass in anticipation as her fingers closed around me and my feet came off the floor. Her thumbs poked my chest as I ascended through the air and collided with the center of her bosom. My face was plastered between her breasts, the top of my head was level with the top of them. My legs dangled over her bosom, not quite reaching the cusp of her breasts. She applied light pressure against my back as she hugged me.

"You know... I, I think my boob is a little longer than you. Haha." She giggled. "Let me see something real quick."

She slid me over to her right breast. My hard penis pressed against the soft flesh of her breast. She flipped my body over so that I was facing her. Her gorgeously-sculpted face hovered over me as her bright red hair draped around me. She pushed up against the underside of her breast in order to get a better size comparison. I laid across the top of it, looking up at her face with my cock throbbing. Some people might consider me perverted for being aroused by a fifteen-year-old, but she looked twenty-one, at least. And age is just a number, after all.

"Yup, haha! My boob is a little bigger than you."

"That's cool." I said, insincerely, trying to hide my arousal. "Can I get down?"

"Oh, yeah. Sorry, baby. I think I'm getting a little drunk. Haha."

"That's okay. What's a little boob size comparison between friends."

"Hahaha. You're funny, James."

She placed her hand over me and removed me from her breast. At first, she set me down next to her. However, she quickly changed her mind and placed me on her lap.

"That's better. I felt like you were too far away from me. So, you're in college?" She asked me.

"Yup. Just finished my second year."

"You're so lucky. I still have three more years of high school before I get to go to college. Ugh!"

"Yeah well, college is not all that great either."

"Why do you say that?"

"I don't know... it's just, campus is really big and there's so many people. It's hard to make friends, too. Although, I'm sure your experience will be completely different. You'll probably be really popular."

"Hopefully. So you're friends with Christine?" She asked.

"Sort of, I guess. I went to high school with her but we never talked much. I hope we all become good friends though." I told her.

"Me too, I'd like that. I've known Christine for a few years. She can be overwhelming sometimes but she's a nice girl."

"Hey, umm... do you think she likes me? Maybe?" I asked.

"Christine? Yeah I think she likes you. Why wouldn't she like you?"

"No, I mean... do you think she likes me... like that?" I asked, bravely.

"Ohhhh. Hahahahaha!" She laughed.

"Yeah, I guess I'm dumb for asking that..."

"No... no..." She said between laughs. She pressed her fingers against my legs as she spoke.

"Don't take it personally, James. You seem like a great guy and all. The thing is... Christine likes girls. She's a lesbian."

"Oh, I... I didn't know."

"Don't worry, I won't tell anyone." She assured me.

It was only a matter of time before I embarrassed myself, I knew that. Luckily, John approached us and started talking before I could embarrass myself any further.

"Hey Mandy, me and James are gonna go outside for a minute. Okay?" John said.

"Can you wait a second? We're in the middle of talking."

"It's kind of important. I just need to talk to him alone for a minute."

"Umm, okay." Mandy replied.

"Here, James. I got your walker." John said.

Mandy scooped me off the couch and dropped me onto the platform of my walker. I followed John outside. We walked over to where his car was parked. He unlocked it, reached inside the middle console and pulled out a joint. He lit the joint and began smoking it.

"That's why you brought me out here alone? You didn't want to share your weed with anyone?" I asked.

"Well yeah, but we gotta talk about stuff too." He replied.


"Bro... you know what. Don't you?"

"Not really."

"Bro, Christine was all over you." John said as he passed me the joint.

"I guess. She was... until she realized I suck at beer pong."

"That doesn't matter bro, she's still into you. She told me herself!" He exclaimed.

"What? But... Mandy told me that Christine is a lesbian."

"Well, I guess she's confused tonight 'cause she told me she likes you."

"Maybe she meant she likes me as a friend." I suggested as I passed the joint back to him.

"Nah, bro. She said you're cute and she wants me to set you guys up."

"Are you fucking with me, John? Be serious."

"Bro, I'm dead serious! She's pretty drunk but that's what she said. She likes you."

"Well... so, what do I do now?" I asked.

"You get her alone and talk to her. Then, when the moment is right - kiss her."

"Yeah, she doesn't seem so interested in talking. She seems more interested in humiliating me. And in case you didn't notice, she's twelve feet taller than me. How am I gonna just kiss her when I can't even reach her face?"

"Bro, you're making this more complicated than it has to be. So she's a little overbearing, so what? She's hot as fuck! Just talk to her alone and if you play your cards right, she'll kiss you herself."

"Okay, okay. I guess I'll try."

"You got this bro. Let's go back in."

John put out his joint and placed it back inside his car. Just then, Mandy opened the front door and called for us.

"Guys, come back inside! Christine wants to show everybody something!"

"Show us what?" John asked.

"It's a trick she does at every party. It's kinda dumb, honestly. But just act interested."

We followed Mandy inside. The music was much louder than it was a few minutes earlier. Everyone stood in a circle around Christine. She was heads taller than everyone at the party, except for Mandy who was just a few inches shorter.

"Okay, everybody! Ready?" Christine asked.

"Yeah! Let's see it!" The others responded.

"Wait, where's James?" She asked.

"He's right here!" Mandy replied.

"Okay, good. Watch this, James!"

Christine lifted her hand above her head, showing it to the crowd - she was holding a walnut. She placed the walnut between her teeth. She chomped down and destroyed the walnut with one bite. After performing her trick, she looked over at me and offered me a wink.

"Wow!" The crowd responded as they clapped.

"Holy shit. With that jaw, I bet she sucks a good dick." John said to me.

"Ahaha... I'll let you know when I find out." I replied, jokingly.

"Hahahaha! That was a good one, bro. Are you drunk already?"

"Yup. Mandy gave me a shot, I'm fucked up. Ha!"

"Like a normal person-sized shot?!"

"Almost. For me, it was like five or six shots."

"Nice, bro. That's how you do it!" John said excitedly as he patted my back.

I felt more confident after the alcohol kicked in. Confident enough to approach Christine and start up a conversation with her. But what could I talk to her about? Should I ask her a question? Should I give her a compliment? I couldn't decide, so I consulted John.

"Bro, I'm gonna go up to her right now. But... what should I say to her?" I asked him.

"Umm, just tell her that you like her top. It's a subtle way of saying you like her tits and it's a good conversation starter." He suggested.

"Okay. I'll go with that."

I bravely rolled through the crowd of amazonian teenage ladies. Most of them were around eleven or twelve feet tall. Atop the platform of my walker I stood a shade under eight feet. I maneuvered through the crowd as carefully as I could. One wrong step by one of them, and my walker would be toppled, sending me to the floor. I finally made it through the sea of ladies. Christine stood before me; fourteen feet and two inches of stunning, amazonian splendor. With her platform heels on, the top of her head surpassed fifteen feet. She was holding a large mason jar, as tall as me, halfway filled with a home-made cocktail. Obviously, she was determined to achieve belligerence. I was eye-level with her mid-thigh. She didn't notice me for some time.

"Hey, Christine... Christine... I wanna tell you something!"

She couldn't hear me over the music. She stood closely to another girl whom she was conversing with. I waved my arms around as I called for her to no avail. Finally, the other girl noticed my attempts and pointed towards me. Christine turned around and smiled.

"Hey, James!" She yelled.

With one fell swoop, her arm swung down and I took a deep breath as her fingers locked around me. Her palm was warm and constricting. She held me a lot tighter than she needed to. It took her less than a second to move me from the top of my walker to the front of her face, and she almost snapped my neck in the process.

I suddenly lost all the confidence I had when I first approached her. Trapped by her grip, I felt like a play thing. A tiny, insignificant toy, that she could control and maneuver any which way she wanted. What would an illustrious beauty, such as her, want with me?

She held me in front of her face, very closely. My stiff penis was adjacent to her nose, covered by her fist. My feet hung out of the bottom of her fist, and were touching her cleft. She scrunched her eyebrows as she inspected me. Her intoxication was blatantly apparent. And although her stance was uncoordinated, her grip was very firm. She relaxed her eyebrows and giggled subtly as she pulled her hand backward, creating a couple feet of separation between us..

"How tall are you, James?" She asked.

"Too... tight..." I muttered, barely audible. It seemed that the longer she held me, the tighter her hold became.

"Two... what? Two feet?" She asked, seemingly ignorant of the constraint she was putting on my lungs.

"Too... too.... tigh-"

"Two feet... so like exactly two feet?"

I nodded, hoping to speed up the process of her questioning.

"Are you sure? I don't know if you're quite two feet. Let me see..."

Finally, she undid her fist. While I was panting, she manually stood me up on her right palm as she positioned her left palm next to me, trying to estimate my height.

"Melody!" Christine yelled. "Do you have a tape measure?!"

"No, I don't!" Melody yelled back.

"Shit." Christine said.

"I guess you'll have to take my word for it." I suggested.

"Actually... you know, my foot is exactly two feet long."

"You want me to stand next to your foot? Is it that important?"

"Tell you what..." She said as her fingers closed around me. She pressed my face right up against hers as she held me.

"If you're right, and you are two feet tall, I'll kiss you... But if you're under two feet tall, you have to kiss me."

"Isn't that the same thing?" I asked, containing my excitement.

"Haha, I guess you'll have to find out." She said with a wink. "So what do you say?"

"You're not going to give me much of a choice anyway, are you?" I asked.

"Nope. Hehe." She laughed.

She kept her fist clenched around me and lowered her arm to her side as she walked into the kitchen.

"Wait, Christine! Let me just use my walker! I don't wanna leave it there, somebody might knock it over!" I yelled.

She couldn't hear me over the music, so she kept walking. When she reached the kitchen, she lifted her arm over the kitchen table and dropped me on top of it. She bent down and took off her shoes. She raised her right leg as high as she could and plopped it down on the table. Kristi and Mandy both stood at the side of the table with a few other girls.

"What are you doing, Christine? Can you stop torturing him?!" Kristi asked.

"Calm down, he agreed to it! I just wanna see if my foot is bigger than him." She responded.

"For what? That's ridiculous!" Kristi exclaimed.

"We're having a bet, just chill out!" Christine fired back.

"Thank you Kristi, but it's okay." I told her.

"Mandy, hold him up against my foot and tell me who's taller - James or my foot." Christine instructed her.

Mandy bent down and faced me.

"Okay. Just stay still, baby." Mandy said to me as her fingers approached my torso.

Mandy's palm covered my body as she pinned me against the bottom of Christine's foot. She inspected closely while she determined which was taller. I felt the exhale of her nostrils blow through my hair. The tip of her thumb touched my erection as she held me.

"Your toes are above his head. Sorry, James." Mandy said.

Mandy released me. Christine took her foot off the table and slipped it back into her heel.

"I knew it! I win!" Christine declared as she took me in her palm.

"Okay, gimme my kiss. Haha!" She demanded.

I stood atop her open palm, in front of her face. I puckered my lips and closed my eyes. She turned her head to the side and pressed my face against her cheek.

"Aww." The other girls said.

I thought she meant a kiss on the lips... I guess that would have been the prize if I won the bet.
Christine placed me down on the table and turned her attention to something else.

"Hey! Christine! Can you put me in my walker?! Christine!" I yelled.

She didn't acknowledge me. She was too distracted by the song that was playing - one of her and Mandy's favorites. They both turned towards each other and began dancing to the beat. Christine held Mandy's waistline as they danced, their bosoms just inches away from each other. Luckily, Kristi walked by and noticed my situation.

"Kristi! Could you put me in my walker please?" I yelled.

She lifted me off the table. She held me loosely, close to her ear so that I could tell her where my walker was. I pointed to it and she started walking towards it. Her blonde hair grazed the side of her beautiful face as she marched towards it. My eyes were glued to Christine and Mandy as they danced with each other. Their massive breasts flailed about in the wake of their movement.

Suddenly, the lights went out. Kristi tripped over my walker and unintentionally tossed me through the air. I flew through the air, attempting to grab onto anything in my path. My flight ended when I crashed into the side of Mandy's left breast. I grabbed her dress and held on for dear life. Her breasts flopped around and I bounced with them as she danced.

"James! James, where are you?!" Kristi yelled. I didn't bother to respond.

Courageously, I let go of Mandy's dress when her tits reached the peak of their bounce. I managed to toss myself to the center of them, just before Christine squished her bosom against Mandy's. Their breasts consumed me and I was unable to move. I was barely able to peer out and witness Christine's tongue slip into Mandy's mouth as they started to make out. Neither of them had noticed my presence. Trapped beneath their four mammoth breasts, my cock started to pulsate.

After the kiss, Christine pulled away from Mandy. I hung onto Mandy's dress and tapped on her breast, trying to get her attention, but to no avail. Christine turned around and unbuttoned her jeans. She slipped them off and revealed her black thong.

"Oh, I guess it's my lucky day. Haha!" Mandy declared.

I clung onto her dress with one hand but I was slowly losing my grip. Christine presented her incredible, voluptuous ass to Mandy. It was astoundingly plump and defined, especially for a teenager.

Christine's massive butt crashed into Mandy's crotch and I lost my grip.

"Help!" I screamed as I descended to the floor.

I fell several feet until Christine's ass crashed into Mandy's crotch again, with me pressed against it. She bent over and looked back, admiring her own handiwork as her ass pounded against Mandy. Even while looking back, Christine didn't notice me, due to the darkness. Her pounding ass crashed harder and harder each time. Everything below my eyes was covered by her round cheeks. The pounding of her butt kept me from falling until one forceful blow trapped me between her cheeks. Her crack swallowed me. Mandy took one butt cheek in each hand and squeezed them together, unaware of my suffocation. I reached the peak of my arousal and climaxed inside the leg of my pants. They continued dancing for a few more seconds until Christine finally stood up to her full height. Mandy let go of her ass and I fell straight to the floor.
Chapter 4: Kissable Kristi by The_Necromanswer
I hit the floor hard and twisted my ankle. I laid there in agony for a few seconds, between their giant feet. I looked up at the lofty bodies of Christine and Mandy. The pain prevented me from being able to walk and they had no idea I was underfoot. They could easily squash me with one step.

Just the heel of Mandy's stiletto was more than half my height. The top of the shoe reached my chin. Christine had slightly small feet for her height, Mandy's were were a couple of inches longer.

Kristi approached Christine from behind and tapped on her shoulder.

"I dropped James! Help me find him!" Kristi yelled."

"You what?!" Christine asked, struggling to hear over the music.

"I tripped while I was holding James and I dropped him!"

"Oh my god!" Mandy interjected.

"Well, he's probably dead now." Christine said.

"Shut up and help me look for him!" Kristi demanded. "I hope he's okay..."

"I'll check over there." Mandy said.

"I'M RIGHT HERE!!" I cried, desperately. Nobody heard me.

Mandy took a step. I felt the floor vibrate, I was in the way of her path. She lifted her foot, about to take another step. Her shoe was headed right for me. Just before it hit the ground, I rolled over to the left and narrowly dodged the sole. The heel landed right between my legs, centimeters from crushing my package.

I forced myself to stand up. If I stayed on the ground, I wouldn't be alive for much longer. I limped towards the couch, it was the only area that wasn't flooded with women. The party had gotten much more crowded than when I first arrived. I walked to the couch as quickly as I could, dragging my foot behind me. Just before I made it to the couch, Kristi spotted me.

"There you are!" She exclaimed.

She cupped her hands around me and carefully lifted me up to her face.

"Are you okay? I'm so sorry!"

She put her thumbs on my face as her fingers cradled my back. She planted a kiss on my stomach and then smiled at me. She sat me down in the corner of the couch.

"Can you get my walker?" I requested.

"What, sweetie?" She asked, as she bent down and moved her ear in front of my mouth.

"Can you get my walker? It's over there."

"Sure. I'll be right back."

I watched her toned butt jerk and bounce as she walked away. Just as she left, Christine and Mandy started walking towards the couch. I guess they had given up on their search for me. Mandy plopped herself down at the center of the couch.

"Do you think James is okay?" She asked Christine.

"I don't know, check the bottom of your shoes. Haha." She said, jokingly, as she lowered her ass towards the cushion.

Her tremendous rear came plunging towards me. I scrambled to my feet, trying to move away. My feet sunk into the cushion, making it impossible for me to avoid her incredible posterior.

"WAIT! Mandy, help!" I screamed.

Mandy looked in my direction at the last second, just before I was enveloped my Christine's right cheek. The weight of her body pushed down on the cushion, creating an opening between it and the couch. The opening led to underneath the couch. I clawed at the cushion of the couch and dragged my body out from underneath her. I slipped between the cushion and the armrest, and lowered myself into the underside of the couch. I fell onto a hammock-like piece of cloth, the lining of the couch. It kept me from reaching the floor. I decided to stay inside the couch until the party was over. I knew I'd be safe there.

"Get up, I think you're sitting on James!" Mandy said to Christine. Her voice sounded muffled.

"No. He's not here, see?" She responded.

"I could've sworn I just saw him, right before you sat down."

"Well he's not here, maybe you're drunk. Why do you care so much about him anyway?" Christine asked.

"I don't know. It's just... he's so little. I feel bad for him."

"Why? I don't even see him as like a person... my cat is bigger than him."

"Just because he's a dwarf doesn't mean he's not a person. That's not nice..."

"Haha. Dwarf is an understatement. He's like the size of a newborn. Actually, most newborns are bigger than him. I see him as more of a toy than a person."

"That's terrible, Christine!"

"Well, it's true. Why should anyone go through the trouble of making sure he's safe? Someone should just step on him and get it over with. I mean, I know women like shorter men... but I've had stuffed animals bigger than him. My tits are bigger than him, haha! I could floss my teeth with his arms."

"Haha. I guess you're kind of right..." Mandy replied. "But that's still mean. He's a living thing and he has a purpose in life."

"I think I'm gonna make him into my slave. That'll be his purpose in life."

"Stop it, you can't do that. That's so fucked up and it's illegal!"

"Well, what is he gonna do about it? Haha, he's so puny, I could lock him in this mason jar. I could even fill it up and drown him... watch him squirm as he desperately tries to breathe... haha, that would be great."

"You're sick! Jesus, Christine. I know you're like sexually dominant or whatever, but that's murder!"

"Haha, I wouldn't kill him. I would pull him out just before he drowned. It would be fun!"

"Not much fun for James. Why can't you just be normal friends with him? He's such a sweetie pie."

"Hey, you think I could fit his whole leg in my mouth? I bet that would scare the shit out of him."

"Come on, Christine. He's not THAT small."

"You don't think I can do it? In that case, let's bet on it." Christine suggested.

"Well, I don't want you to do it. But since you're going to anyway, what are the stakes?"

"Twenty bucks?"

"Deal." Mandy agreed. "Now we just have to find him."

"Hey! You guys, where did James go?!" Kristi asked. Her voice sounded distant at first, but it got louder and she moved closer to the couch.

"We don't know." Christine replied.

"He was sitting right there!! Did you sit on him?!" Kristi asked, frantically.

"I could've sworn I saw him right before Christine sat down, but we checked her butt and he wasn't there." Mandy replied.

"Did you check under the couch?"

"No, we didn't think of that." Christine said.

"Well, help me lift it! He's got to be stuck under there."

"Ugh, fine."

The side of the couch that I stood on came off the ground. The floor dropped out from below me. The cloth that I stood on turned from horizontal to vertical. I held on with both hands as my feet dangled below me. It would be about a ten foot drop, if I fell.

"Nope he's not here." Christine said uncaringly, as the couch slammed to the floor.

"Well then he must be inside it." Kristi suggested. She put her face to the seat of the couch.

"James! Can you hear me?!" She yelled. I didn't respond.

I heard her hand press against the leather. Her fingers crept into the inside of the couch. Her fingernail scraped my face as I dodged the capture.

"Oot, I think I felt him. I felt something. Please be okay, James..."

I crawled towards the other end of the couch as she squeezed her arm into the couch. Her fingers crept close behind me. She finally gave up and pulled her arm out. I stayed underneath the middle cushion.

"Stick your hand in there." Kristi ordered.

"Why me?" Christine asked.

"Your arms are longer than mine."

"I'll do it." Mandy offered.

She stuck her hand in the couch, through the same opening that Kristi had. She was able to reach a littler further than Kristi but I was still able to evade her. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my something on my head... it was a hand. I grabbed the index and pinky and tried to pry them from me, no luck.

"I think I got him." Christine stated.

"Pull him up, pull him up!" Kristi said excitedly.

I kicked my legs as my feet came off the ground. I kept trying to pry her fingers from my head but they wouldn't budge. Without warning, she let go and I fell onto the cloth.

"I gotta get a better grip."

Her right hand swooped down and covered my body before I could even stand up. Her index finger sat over my right shoulder and her middle finger sat over my left shoulder. The rest of her fingers wrapped around my torso as she pulled me out of. I was greeted by her tremendous breasts which hovered over the seat of the couch.

"Here he is. And he's alive, haha." Christine informed the other girls.

"Oh thank god!" Kristi exclaimed. "James, I'm sorry; your walker is broken. I'm not sure how it happened but I feel responsible."

"That's okay." I replied. "I have insurance, don't worry about it. I guess I'll just sit on the couch for the rest of the party."

"I'll carry you around, I don't mind." Christine offered. I cringed.

"No, let me hold him. You're not responsible!" Kristi responded.

"You're the one who dropped him!" Christine fired back.

She closed her fist around me and lifted her hand to it's maximum reach. Her grip tightened significantly as she held me nearly twenty feet in the air. The lights came back on and everyone's attention turned towards Christine, except for Melody and John, who were nowhere to be found.

"Christine, just give him to me! He's not a toy!" Kristi informed her.

"No! Me and Mandy have a bet, we have to settle it first!" Her fist clenched even more firmly.

Christine's strong fingers compressed my body to a point where I was now struggling to breathe. She seemed ignorant and uncaring of the agony she effortlessly put me through. I did the only thing I could do; I bit her index finger and sunk my teeth into it.

"Oww! What the fuck?!" Christine said as she surrendered her grip around me.

I fell from her hand. Unfortunately for me, she was still holding the mason jar full of alcohol. She managed to move the jar underneath me just before I fell into it.

"Hahahaha, look at that! I caught a little munchkin." She said, condescendingly.

"Get him out of there!!" Kristi yelled.

"Wait, I wanna win this bet. Plus, it's kind of funny. Hehe." Mandy chimed in.

I stood inside the jar as Christine laughed at my misfortune. The liquid only came up to my waistline but the opening of the jar was above my head. She really could've held me trapped in there, forever, if she wanted to.

"Aww. You're all wet now, my poor baby. Let me dry you up."

She lifted the jar up to her face and presented the opening to her lips. I flipped my body around as she turned the jar towards her. I stretched my arms and legs out and pressed against the sides of the jar. I looked at Mandy and Kristi's faces through the glass. Mandy was smiling and chuckling. Kristi was very concerned for my safety, but she was just too short to take the jar from Christine. Any time she tried, Christine would hold it up in the air, as high as she could.

She kept drinking until there was almost no liquid left. She took a short break, smiled and giggled at me.

"Please, Christine. Why are you doing this?! Please, let me out of here!!"

She raised the jar back up to her mouth and finished the last of the alcohol. I continued pressing my limbs against the jar, preventing me from falling. She began to shake the jar, vigorously.

"Get outta there, you little shit!"

The violent shaking compromised my grip and I fell. Christine had her mouth wide open, ready for me.

"AHHHHH!!!" I screamed.

My feet fell right into her open mouth, and my legs followed. My genitals rubbed against the inside of her lips as she closed them around my legs. She fit the entirety of my legs in her mouth. My feet hit the back of her throat but she did not gag. After a few seconds, she wrapped her hand around my upper body and slid me out of her mouth. She held me upside-down, with her pinky and ring fingers covering my face. My drenched legs hung in the air.

"See, Mandy?! I told you I could do it, haha. Pay up!"

"Shit. Let me get my purse."

"Stop holding him like that! Give me him, now!" Kristi ordered.

"Calm down, short stuff." Christine said, as she dropped me without caring where I would land.

Kristi held out her hands and I fell into her cupped palms. She covered my stomach with her thumbs and carried me away from the other girls. She set me down on the kitchen table. In front of me stood the upper part of her monstrous thighs. I was eye-level with the cuff of her shorts.

She gently brushed my hair with her fingernails and offered me a toothy smile as she took a seat at the table. She dropped her hand onto the table and I took a few steps back out of instinct. She lowered her face toward me.

"You don't have to worry. I'm not like Christine and Mandy. They get a little crazy when they're drunk."

"Yeah, I noticed."

"You can stay with me for the rest of the party, if you want. And I'll talk to Christine about her behavior, when she's sober. It's not right, the way she's been treating you."

"You don't have to do that. It's just because she's drunk."

"It's okay, James. I don't mind."

"Don't... I mean, I appreciate it but I don't want you to talk to her."

"Oh, okay..." She said as she gave me a confused look. "I just figured... you know, she was being pretty rough with you."

"I know, but... it's not so bad. I don't want to upset her."

"James... I understand if you don't want to confront her yourself. She's very tall and she can be overbearing, there's no shame in being nervous around her. But I can fix this for you. Let me talk to her. I want us to all be friends and have a great time. I don't want you to get hurt in one of her stupid stunts."

Her gorgeous face stood just inches from me. Her intoxicating green eyes held my undivided attention as I listened to her hypnotic voice.

"I'm not scared of her. It's just that I kinda..." I started.

"Kinda what?"

"Well... it's kind of hard for me to say. I just met you an hour ago and it's kind of a secret of mine." I informed her.

"Oh... well, now I'm confused. I guess you don't have to tell me if you don't want to. I just want to help you."

"Fuck it, I'll tell you. You seem like someone I can trust. Just don't tell anyone."

"Of course not."

"Okay... See, the thing is... when she 'bullies' me, I guess 'bully' would be the word, I kind of... like it."

"You like it?"

"Well, yeah... I don't know. You see, I've never gotten so much attention from a girl before. Maybe I just like the attention, I guess."

"Awwww, sweetheart!" She said in a high pitch, as she covered my body with her fingers and pulled me toward her cleavage. Her perky breasts pressed against my wet pants.

"You can get attention from a woman without being bullied! From now on, I'm your best friend. Your best female friend. You can talk to me anytime you want, okay?"

"Thank you." I said from the pit of her bosom.

"You're welcome."

She lifted me from her chest and gently kissed my forehead.

"Your pants are soaked." She stated

"Yeah. And I gotta use the bathroom really bad but it's upstairs and my walker is broken." I replied.

"I'll carry you upstairs."

"Thanks but I'm not sure if you want to do it. The toilet is obviously much too high for me so... you'd have to hold me over it. I understand if you don't want to"

"No, it's no problem. I won't look." She assured me.

"You won't have to." I said coyly.


"Nothing. Uhh... just said thank you."

"Aww, you're welcome."

She held me loosely, with one hand as she marched up the stairs and entered the bathroom. She placed me on top of the closed toilet seat and kneeled on the floor.

"So how do you want to do this?" She asked.

"Umm, I guess just hold me over the toilet. I'll unzip and uhh... do my business."

"Do you want to take those pants off first? I know they must be uncomfortable; no need to be shy."

"Yeah. If you don't mind, I'd rather take them off."

"Go for it." She encouraged me.

"Ok, I'm ready." I said, as I kicked my pants to the floor.

"OH! Oh, wow..." Kristi exclaimed. I scrambled to cover myself.

"What, what is it?!" I asked frantically. Kristi started to chuckle, I blushed; I was semi-erect.

"Nothing... hehe, it's just... I didn't think you'd be that big! My gosh, haha! You're like... bigger than my ex-boyfriend!"

"Bigger than your... but I'm the shortest man in the... OH!"

"It's like almost as big as your leg, jeez."

"Yeah, I'm not proportional. But, I guess you already knew that."

"Haha. Wow, I'm impressed. Hope I'm not making you feel uncomfortable."

"Nah. For some reason, I feel really comfortable around you."

"Good. You should. Wanna take your tinkle now?" She asked with a smile.

"Let's do it."

Her left hand closed around me as she opened the toilet seat. She held me with both hands as I faced the water. My armpits hung over her index fingers while my erect phallus extended between her pinky and ring fingers. By the time I finished peeing, I was rock hard.

"You done?" She asked.


"Good boy."

She flipped my body over and my dick waved hello to her; she giggled. She sat me down on the windowsill behind the toilet after flushing and closing the seat. My legs hovered over the edge. She put her hands between her knees as she bent over. Her breasts hung in my direct line of sight. Loose strands of her blonde ponytail grazed the sides of her face as she stared at me affectionately. Those forest green eyes; they could see right through me.

"So, John tells me that you don't really party a lot."

"Yeah... this is actually my first party. I have a hard time associating with other people, as you can probably imagine."

"Aww." She said softly as her fingers touched the side of my head. "Well I'm proud of you for coming tonight. I know it's tough. I get teased for my height... so I can only imagine how you feel."

"You get teased? But you're like... perfect."

"Thank you, sweetheart. But yeah. Christine and Mandy are my best friends but... it's hard to be friends with them sometimes. They're so tall and gorgeous; they get all the attention from men... even though they're younger. Christine doesn't even like men and they throw themselves at her. It gets to me sometimes..."

"But you're gorgeous too. Any man would be lucky to have you, and I mean that. If they don't see that, they don't deserve you. I wish I could have a girlfriend like you, honestly."

She leered at me with a grin for a moment. Then, she pressed on my chest with two fingers and pushed me against the window. My dick had gone soft, through my own will, but it stood back up as soon as she touched me. I gasped as my back smashed against the window. She immediately let me free.

"Sorry! Did I hurt you?"

"No. But what was that for?!" I asked.

"Dramatic effect."

"Dramatic effect for what?"

"Your first kiss...."

She pushed against my chest again and pinned me to the window. She slid my body up the window until I reached the height of her lips. My dick stood straight up. She reached behind her back with her left hand and untied her top. It fell onto the toilet seat. Next, she unclipped her bra. I was greeted by her perky, supple breasts.

She closed her eyes and puckered her lips as she pursued me. Her lips covered my face. My hard cock punched the underside of her jaw as she slobbered on me. I felt the strong wind of her inhale and exhale as she kissed me. My tiny tongue met hers as it covered me in saliva. She kissed me for about ten seconds. After the kiss, she slowly backed away from me but continued to pin me to the window.

"Wow." I said appreciatively.

"Hehe, you like?"

"Oh yeah. But how do you know that was my first kiss?" I inquired.

"John told me."

"Well, he's lying!"

She snickered as she touched my nose with her fingernail.

"It's okay, James. It doesn't matter. Now, I have another little gift for you."

"Really? What is it?"

She smiled and giggled softly as her lips approached me once again. She opened her mouth wide as her lips surrounded my penis and cloaked it in saliva. My legs went numb as she moved her lips up and down my shaft, slurping emphatically. My spine began to shiver intensely. She pressed her thumbs against my legs and her index fingers against my head, pinning me firmly. She slowly advanced down the length of my penis until her nose hit my chest. After only about fifteen seconds, I felt a disturbance in my testicles.

"I... I'm... I'm gonna cum!" I said between pants.

The vibration of her voice consumed my penis as she chuckled in satisfaction. She slowly pulled her head backward. The tip of her tongue stroked the underside of my shaft as she retreated.

Once I was free, she gave my balls a playful tug and held me with both hands as she slammed me into her naked bosom. I exploded upon impact, my stream covered her cleavage.

"Ahhh. There you go, honey. Let it all out."

She cradled me against her bosom as the final remnants of my semen trickled down her chest.
Chapter 5: Kristi's Clitoris by The_Necromanswer
Kristi held my naked body between her breasts as she walked into the hallway and to another room. She covered my naval with her thumb and gently tugged me from her chest. She held my wet pants with her other hand.

"Thank you, Kristi."

"Ew, don't thank me, sweetie. That makes me feel like a whore."

"Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to..."

"No need to apologize. Just... don't mention it, okay? Don't mention it at all and maybe it happens again. Maybe... something better happens next time." She said as she winked at me.

"Something better?"

"Ah ah, you're mentioning it..."

"My bad, won't happen again." I told her.

"And you can stop trying to cover your dick. I just had my lips on it; I've already seen it, haha."

"True, haha. Didn't think of it like that."

"I'll put these in the wash for you. We can put them in the dryer afterwards, so you can wear them home.


"No problem. By the way, I was wondering... Do you wanna exchange numbers?"

"Oh, definitely. But I lost my phone earlier. I think it's destroyed now, anyway. I'm gonna get a new one tomorrow."

"Aww, that sucks. Well, type your number in here. I'll text you and you can just reply when you get a new phone."

"Okay, definitely." I promised.

She held the giant phone in front of me with the keypad onscreen. It was about fifteen inches long; the length from my toes to my chest.

"Hey, do you want something to cover yourself so you can go downstairs?" She asked.

"Yeah, please. If you can find anything..."

"How about a washcloth?" She suggested.

"Hmm. I think it'll be kinda big for me."

"Well, yeah. But I'll fold it up."

After getting dressed, Kristi walked down the hallway to a closet and retrieved a washcloth. I sat atop the washing machine while she went to get it. She folded the washcloth in half and wrapped it around my waist. It draped down to my shins.

"There you go. Haha!" She laughed.

"I look ridiculous."

"No, sweetie! It's cute!" She assured me, as she poked my stomach. "Wanna go back down to the party?"

"I guess..." I responded, unenthusiastically.

"Aww, it's only for like an hour! Come on."

She cupped her hands around me and pressed me softly against her chest as she marched downstairs. She walked outside to the deck in the backyard. Christine, Mandy, John and a few other girls I didnt know, were all sitting at the patio. They were smoking multiple joints in a cypher. They stared at us for a moment.

"Where's Melody?" Kristi asked.

"She's passed out in her bed."Christine answered. "Why is he wearing a washcloth? Haha!"

"Because his pants got soaked after he fell in your drink!" Kristi told her.

"Well, he bit me. It wasn't my fault." She claimed.

"It was an accident." I told her.

"No, it wasn't! You know you bit me on purpose!" She said as she pointed her finger in my face.

"Christine!" Mandy yelled. "Stop being ridiculous, he wouldn't bite you on purpose."

"Well... maybe it wasn't on purpose." Christine admitted. "But it's still not my fault that he fell into the mason jar."

"Whatever. Let's just drop it." Kristi said.

"Wanna take a hit?" John offered Kristi, as he presented the joint to her.

"You know I don't smoke." Kristi replied.

"Yeah. That's why I was asking James."

"Oh, oops. You want it, James?" Kristi asked me.

"Nah. I'm good, John."

"Do you wanna get down, James?"

"Yeah, I think I'll just stand on the table."

Kristi placed me down on the table and I walked to the center of it.

"So, are you coming to the beach with us tomorrow, Kristi?" Mandy asked her.

"Who's going?"

"Me, Christine, London... and I think that's it. Are you coming, John?"

"Nah, I got work in the morning." John told her.

"Do you wanna come with us?" Mandy asked me.

"Umm... yeah, sure." I responded. "The only thing is... I don't drive."

"I'm gonna drive. I'll pick you up tomorrow, just give me your address." Christine offered. I didn't know how to feel about it.

"Do you wanna sleep over at my house so we can get picked up together?" Kristi asked me.

Christine, Mandy, and John looked at her in shock.

"Yeah, that sounds great." I replied.

"Whaaaaaat?!" Christine exclaimed.

"Did I miss something? Mandy asked rhetorically.

"I thought you two didn't know each other." John stated.

"We didn't." Kristi clarified. "But we met each other and now we know each other. So, he's sleeping over my house. So what? No big deal."

"Uhh, okay. I guess it's not a big deal. I'll be right back, left my phone in the car." John said as he excused himself.

"So you guys aren't uh... you know?" Mandy wondered.

"Don't be stupid! We're just friends."

"Sureeeee you are." Mandy taunted.

"Actually, that makes more sense. Christine chimed in. "I mean, how would they have sex? James is... I mean, unless he's packing something serious under that washcloth."

"Hahahahaha." Mandy and Christine laughed together.

"Should we find out?" Mandy suggested.

Mandy and Christine looked at each other, devilishly.

"Do it." Mandy encouraged her, thinking I didn't hear.

Christine quickly reached her arm across the table, towards me. I jumped out of the way, narrowly dodging her fingers. Before I could move again, her fist closed around me; she snatched me with ease. My feet raised from the table as she held me imprisoned. Her fingers held my arms at my sides and covered everything from my face to my waist. I kicked feverishly, while I held onto the washcloth with both hands.

"Christine, put him down!" Kristi yelled.

"Oh my god... she's really gonna do it!" Mandy exclaimed.

Christine stepped atop her chair as she dangled my puny body over the table. My entire upper body was rendered useless by her grip; my legs swung freely, covered only by the washcloth.

"The moment we've all been waiting for!" Christine exclaimed.

"Wooohooo!" Mandy cheered.

"NO!!!" Kristi cried.

Christine pinched the upper portion of the wash cloth with two fingers and peeled it from my waist in one fell swoop. My boner flung upwards and hung in the air, for everyone to see.

"Whoa..." Mandy whispered.

"Oh wow, it's way bigger than I expected." Kristi said, trying to seem surprised. "Now put him down, please!"

The other girls turned away. Christine flipped my body to face her; my shaft smacked her in the nose. She moved her hand back a few inches.

"Well, look at that. I guess you're not completely useless. Haha, just joking. Here's your washcloth."

She set me down on the table. I fixed the huge washcloth around my waist and held it closed. It trailed behind me like a wedding dress.

"Mandy, can you take James in the living room? I need to talk to Christine alone." Kristi requested.

"Kristi, it's fine. She's just playing around. I don't mind that much." I told her.

"No, she needs to stop. Mandy, take James inside." Kristi ordered.

Mandy cupped her hands around me and lifted me from the table. She pressed me against her breast with her left hand as she slid the back door open. I clung on to my washcloth as she walked. She sat down on the couch and dropped me onto the arm rest. She loomed over me as she spoke.

"You alright, James?

"Yeah, I'm fine. I didn't want Kristi to make a big deal about it... I know Christine is a little aggressive and... kind of perverted but it doesn't bother me... that much. Before she started drinking, she was being really nice to me... sort of."

I thought back to the moment she unwittingly punted me into a wall, three years prior. Then, I thought about the moment she introduced herself, earlier that night. Without so much as a hello, she nearly squeezed the life out of me. She could effortlessly crush my bones into dust with a firm clench of her fist. I thought about her giant, dainty feet; how they towered over me. I thought about the multiple times she had already humiliated me and nearly killed me. It was child's play to her. I knew that associating with her would be dangerous, but I was undeniably, fatally attracted to her. On top of that, she was Kristi's best friend. If I was going to have a chance with Kristi, I needed Christine to like me. And if I came between their friendship... I would have Christine as an enemy. I shuddered at the thought of it.

"It really doesn't bother you?..." Mandy inquired.

"Uhh, what?"

"You know, Christine... it doesn't bother you?"

"Oh. Uhh... nah. She seems like a nice person. She's just having a little too much fun tonight. But it's fine, I'm sure she wouldn't hurt me."

"Kristi does overreact to things sometimes." Mandy stated. "Are you excited to go to the beach tomorrow?"

"Yeah, I'm very excited."

"Hehe. What're you excited about?"

"I don't know. I guess, I'm just excited to be friends with all of you."


She pressed her thumbs into my chest and cradled my head with her fingertips as I moved skyward. She plastered my face against her cheek, puckered her lips and kissed; the washcloth fell from my waist. She then pulled me away, turned her head, and thrusted my face into her other cheek as she kissed again. My penis slid across her nose as she maneuvered my body; she didn't seem to mind. Her lips didn't actually touch me during either kiss. Finally, she dangled my body directly in front of her and pushed her lips into my face as she gave me an affectionate peck. She lowered me back down and placed me on the arm rest.

"Hey... can you hand me the washcloth." I asked.

"Oh, hehe. Here you go..."

Kristi entered the room.

"James, do you wanna head out now?" Kristi asked. "I'm kind of tired."

"Uhh, yeah. I'm pretty tired too. I replied."

"I guess we should all head out soon if we're going to the beach tomorrow." Mandy stated.

"I'll go grab your pants and we'll head out." She said as she headed upstairs.

"I can't wait for you to meet our friend, London!" Mandy told me.

"Oh yeah, why is that?"

"I don't know, I think you'll find her... interesting."

"Well, now I'm worried. Should I be worried?"

"Nah... I don't think so. But you'll see what I mean tomorrow."

Kristi came back downstairs. She handed over my pants and I put them on.

"Did you get my shoes?" I asked her.

"Yup. Got em right here." She said as she opened her palm.

"He's so cute..." Mandy whispered to Kristi as I dressed myself.

"I know." Kristi replied.

I pretended not to hear.

"Night, Mandy. I'll see tomorrow." Kristi said, as she kissed Mandy on the cheek.

Kristi lowered her hand towards me. I lifted my arms as she closed her fingers around my torso. She held me with one hand.

"Wait, James! Give me a hug goodbye." Mandy ordered.

She took Kristi's fist into her palm and placed her hand behind me as she pulled my body into her ample bosom. Her fingernails prodded the back of my neck as she kissed the top of my head.

"Goodnight, baby." She said softly.

"Ga... goodnight, Mandy."

Kristi carried me out to her car and pinned me to her chest as she entered the driver's seat. The tires were more than twice as tall as me. The diameter of the steering wheel was significantly longer than my body. She sat me down in the passenger seat and immediately noticed a problem.

"Hey, umm. So..." She started. "How do you normally sit in a car?"

"I have a car seat, it's in John's car. But I can't use it in a car this size, the seatbelt won't fit into the slot of the car seat. But it's okay, I'll be fine."

"Erm... I don't feel safe with you like that. Is it okay if I sit you on my lap and strap the seatbelt over you?"

"Yeah, I guess that's fine."

She slid me under her seatbelt. My legs sunk into her thighs, I laid my head against her abdomen. She tickled my hair with her fingers, I looked up to her smiling face.

"Do you wanna stop at your house and get some swim trunks, and whatever else you need?"

"Yeah, if you don't mind. My house is kind of far from here. I live in Little People Village, up in Peekskill."

"Okay, that's no problem; It's only 11:30."

"Awesome, thank you."

"Of course, sweetheart. So do you live by yourself?"

"Yeah. I can't really have a roommate since my house is specifically made for someone my size and almost all little people are over four feet tall. I'm the only one who fits in my house."

"Really? I can't wait to see it."

"Yeah. Your car is actually bigger than my house... a lot bigger. You could probably run over it."

"Aww. Haha. So is it only men that live there?" She wondered.

"Mostly. There's one lady who lives in the development. She's the tallest one, though; five foot eight."

She pulled up to the gate of Little People Village and scanned the area, looking for my house.

"It's the smallest one in the corner, over there." I told her.

"Oh my god, it's so cute!"

The second floor window of my house stood at the height of her knees.

"Can I go inside the gate to get a closer look?" She requested.

"No, sorry. You won't fit through the door. The door is only six feet tall. Plus, you'd terrify everyone who sees you. Big people... I mean, normal people... only come in here when they want to terrorize us. Some young girls squeezed through the door last year and destroyed a few houses."

"Oh my god! That's horrible!"

"I know... Anyway, I'll be right back." I told her.

She looked at me, blankly, as I sat on her lap.

"Umm... could you, maybe, help me get down?"

"Oh, right! Sorry!"

She let me down from her lap and I walked towards my house. I took a quick shower, brushed my teeth and changed my clothes. I carried my swim trunks and flip flops back to the car. Kristi slipped me under her seatbelt and started driving to her house.

"I should let you know about London..." She stated.

"What about her?"

"Well, she's a really nice girl, but... she's got a similar personality to Christine. She can be a little overwhelming. She's also fifteen feet tall..."

"Wait... London? 15 feet tall? I know her!"

"What? Really?"

"Yeah. She's the tallest girl in America, and she's only eighteen. She's expected to be the tallest girl in the world in a few years. Guinness World Records had us take a photo together; it's gonna be published in this year's book. I don't know her well but I know her."

"Oh, wow. Small world."

"Yeah, I never would've guessed that you know her."

Kristi pulled into her driveway and carried me into her house. All the lights were off. She appeared to live with other people but nobody else seemed to be awake. She set me down on her mattress and began to undress.

"So, I don't have another bed. I'm assuming you won't mind sleeping in my bed with me." She proposed, as she removed her top.

"That's fine with me." I told her, as she slipped her shorts off.

She picked me up and placed me on top of her pillow as she slide under the covers. I got under the covers next to her. I usually slept in the nude, due to my anatomical situation. Out of discomfort, I pulled my pants off. After a few minutes of talking to Kristi, my dick stood up and made a noticeable bulge in the covers.

"Oh, hi." Kristi said jokingly. I pushed it downward under my leg.

"How about I just take care of that for you?" Kristi offered, as she licked her lips.

"Wha... what do you mean?" I asked, confused.


She stood up and threw the sheets off the bed with one swing of her arm, revealing my erection. She kneeled on the bed and slid her tiny thong down her thighs, exposing her genitals.

"Do you know how to eat pussy, James? She questioned.

"Not really, but I can figure it out."

"Good... Figure it out." She said, as she held the back of my head and pushed my face into her vagina."

I licked her clitoris gently as I fingered her.

"Uhh! Yes! Keep going."

She pushed my head harder. I continued licking.

"Uhh... uhh... almost... Ahhh!!" She exclaimed, as she squirted me in the face.

Right after climaxing, she wrapped her hand around me. She held her thumbs against my stomach and cradled my backside with her fingers as she slowly inserted my penis inside her. My legs swung freely between her robust thighs. She manually maneuvered my body, back and forth, in and out, howling with each thrust.

"Oot... ahh... Uhh!! Yes!! That's it, James!! Yes!!"

My legs jerked back and forth as she fiercely shoved me inside her body and pulled me out. Her face displayed an expression of pure satisfaction. I fucked her for about two minutes before it became too much.

"I'm... I'm gonna bust, I told her."

She giggled as her pussy exploded again, leaving me soaked. Her fist closed around me. She slammed my helpless body against her toned abs, and I blissfully climaxed. She pushed my backside with her palm, pinning me to her firm stomach, as semen gushed through my urethra. She held me there until I was done.

She removed her hand from my back and I fell to the mattress. She reached over the bed and grabbed a tissue from the nightstand. She wiped her stomach with it and threw it into the garbage. She grabbed another tissue. She picked me up from the bed and I laid across her open palm as she wiped the end of my penis. She threw the tissue away and got under the covers, I joined her.

"Sleep good, James." She said as she poked my nose."

"I will now." I said happily.

She giggled and kissed my head.

"Just remember, don't mention it."

She shut the light and we went to sleep. This would be my first time going to sleep a non-virgin.
Chapter 6: Fun in the Sun by The_Necromanswer
I woke up the next morning, to the sight of Kristi's fleshy, toned ass. It was nearly bare, covered only by a skimpy, red bikini bottom. She stood at the other side of the room, in front of her vanity. She was applying her makeup. I slipped my legs out of the covers and stood up on the bed.

"Morning, James." Kristi greeted me. "Get dressed, my mom made breakfast. She wants to meet you."

"Your... your mom?"

"Yeah. Don't worry, I told her all about you. She's waiting for us to get ready so she can meet you."

"Is she coming to the beach?" I asked.

"No, she's just eating breakfast with us. Christine will be here in about a half hour to pick us up. Do you need to shower?"

"Ehh... nah. We're going to the beach so I guess I'll just shower after."

"Okay. I'm almost ready. You wanna get your trunks on?"

"Yeah but they're on the nightstand; I can't reach them."

She walked over to the nightstand and pinched my tiny swim trunks between her fingers. Her breasts, contained by a red bikini top, hovered over the bed as she passed the trunks to me.

"Hey... just wondering, but how come you did your makeup if we're going to the beach? Haha."

"It's just a habit for me. But I don't go in the water anyway."

"Oh. Why not?"

"I don't like the water. I just like to tan and drink. Are you ready?"

"Yup. Just need you to help me down."

Kristi slipped a tanktop over her bikini and clipped her sunglasses to the neck of it.

"Okay, let's go!" She said eagerly, as her fingers collapsed around me.

She cradled me in her open palms as she walked into the kitchen. Her mom stood by the table, anticipating our arrival.

"Awwww. Hi, James! My name is Stefani." She said, enthusiastically, as she advanced her hands towards me.

She stood about twelve foot eight, a foot taller than Kristi. She appeared to be in her late thirties, maybe a little older. Her curly blonde hair draped down her shoulders. She had colorful tattoos covering her arms and legs. Her build was similar to Kristi's, but her breasts were much bigger. They protruded about fifteen inches from her chest and stood about two feet in height. She had striking blue eyes and pouty lips. She wore a blue tube top that failed to conceal her deep cleavage. Tight denim shorts covered the upper portion of her thighs. Her thin waist was accentuated well by the belt she wore around her shorts. There was a small gap between her thighs that I wanted to fill...

"Hi Stefani."

She latched her fingers to my backside and pressed her thumbs against my cheeks as she plucked me from Kristi's palm. I ascended towards her face; her thumbs peeled my face back slightly, as she clutched me.

"Kristi told me that you are a world record holder; it is an honor to meet you, James."

She spoke very properly, projecting her voice. Her tone was modulated and pleasant. Her fingernails prodded my spine as she spoke.

"Nice to meet you too." I told her, as her thumbs continued to pull my cheeks.

"If I may ask, James... what is your zodiac sign?"

Her blue eyes stared, endearingly, into my soul as she awaited my response.

"I'm a Virgo."

"Ahhh, Virgo. My favorite sign among men, personally. We're both earth signs; I'm a Taurus. Our energies match up well, James... I can tell."

"Our energies?" I pondered.

"Mom, you don't need to read his energy!" Kristi said.

"Oh, hush. He is enjoying it." Stefani assured her.

"Whatever." Kristi replied.

"You see, James - I am an empath. That means that I can read the energy of other people. I am in tune with everyone's emotions."

"Wow." I replied, pretending to be interested in anything other than her tremendous knockers that hung just inches from me.

"Cool, right?" She asked. "You know, James - you may be an empath as well. Everyone has the potential to be one!"

"Maybe." I replied. The force of her thumbs hadn't let up at all.

"James... I sense distress within you. Are you feeling afflicted or anxious?"

"Uhh... I don't think so."

"Are you sure?

"I feel fine, I think."

"Maybe you're feeling anguish in your subconscious." She suggested.

"I guess it's possible."

"Is it okay if I give you an empathetic hug, to expel those negative feelings from your psyche?"

I nodded.

She pulled her hands towards her chest and imposed her bosom upon me. Her breasts devoured me as she forced me into her cleavage.

"Mmmmmm. Shh, shh, shh, shh." She chanted, as her incredible bosom jumped up and down. I felt her heartbeat as she hugged me.

"You are important. You are loved. You will do great things."

She spoke softly as she comforted me.

"Do you like this, James?"

"Yes." I answered, from the pit of her jugs.

"Do you know why you like it?"

"Empathy?" I guessed.

My boner was rock hard; it stuck out the leg of my swim trunks and touched her chest.

"Correct, honey. You are in-tune with me right now; our energies are aligned perfect."

"Yeah, I would have to agree with that." I admitted.

"Hahaha." She laughed, as she gently peeled me from her cleavage. She held me in her fist, my feet dangled by her chin.

"Just one more thing to dispel the negative energy..." She whispered, as she pursued me with her lips.

She kissed my forehead several times, pausing between each kiss. She then held me away from her face and opened her palm.

"Oh! Oh no! Umm... Kristi. I think accidentally got James a little excited." She stated, as she handed me over to Kristi.

Kristi held me against her chest, pinning me to her body until my erection subsided.

"I'm sorry, James! I did not mean to... I'm flattered, James."

"It's okay, mom." Kristi stated. "Can we just sit down and eat?"

"Of course, honey."

The kitchen table jutted out from the wall, about eight feet above the floor. The chairs were tall stools. There was a tiny chair and table on top of the kitchen table; they appeared to have come from a doll house. There was even a tiny fork and knife. The utensils were a little big for my hands but I was able to use them. Kristi sat to my left and Stefani sat to my right. Their plates were stacked with blueberry pancakes. The pancakes were about two feet in diameter. Kristi sat me down on the toy chair.

"I made these juuuust for you." Stefani said, as she carefully placed a miniature plate on the toy table in front of me.

"Hope you like blueberry pancakes, honey." Stefani said.

"I love blueberry pancakes. Thank you!"

"Aww. You're welcome, James." She said as she patted the top of my head.

"So... how long have you two known each other? Stefani asked.

"We just met last night, mom." Kristi replied.

"What?! But you were in bed together... James, are you turning my daughter into some kind of whore?"

I looked at her nervously.

"Mom! Stop it! You're making him uncomfortable."

"I don't know, he seems pretty comfortable with me." She joked.

"Oh my god, mom! Please, stop it!" Kristi pleaded.

"Calm down, I'm only teasing. You two are adults, you can make your own decisions."

"Thank you." Kristi replied.

We finished our breakfast and said goodbye. Stefani motioned as if she was going to give me a hug, but then decided against it and gave my torso a light squeeze instead.

"It was wonderful meeting you, James. I hope to see you again soon."

"Bye, mom." Kristi said as she walked out the door with me in her grip.

Christine was in the driveway, waiting for us. Mandy was sitting in the driver seat. Kristi opened the back door and hopped in. She sat in the middle of the back seat, holding me in her lap. Christine wore her hair a ponytail and had sunglasses covering her eyes. She wore a yellow bikini; the cups of the bikini were small triangles that covered little more than her nipples. Her mammoth boobs protruded out from all angles. Mandy let her fiery hair flow freely. She wore a black bikini; hers was a little more conservative than Christine's, but still very revealing. It left a hefty amount of side boob visible.

"Hey, James." Mandy said, as she ruffled my hair with her fingertips.

"Hi, Mandy."

"Where's London?" Kristi asked.

"She's gonna drive herself. She said she'll meet us there." Christine replied.

"Drive carefully, okay?" Kristi requested. "James is not secure back here, the seatbelt is too big for him."

"Yeah, yeah. Don't worry, nobody is gonna die." Christine replied, rudely.

"With you driving, we can't be sure." Mandy interjected.

"Ha ha, you're hilarious." Christine said, sarcastically.

There was no seatbelt in the middle seat, so Kristi protected me with her hand as we rode. She held me as I sat atop her thighs. Unfortunately, I wouldn't be there for long.

"Kristi, can you pass me a water?" Christine requested. "They're in the cooler, back there, in the trunk."

"Sure... James, I'm gonna sit you down on the armrest for a sec, okay?" She declared, as she did so.

She reached over the backseat, into the trunk of the SUV. Seconds later, the tires came to a screeching halt. Mandy stuck out her hand, in an attempt to protect me. The lower half of my body collided with her fingers; causing me to flip forwards. After two front flips, I slammed into the navigation screen, face-first.

"Oh no! James!" Mandy shouted.

I felt a hand against my back. The fingers slowly stretched around my body and met each other at my stomach. My unidentified captor pulled me backwards.

I was greeted warmly by the front of Christine's copious bust.

"What happened?!" Kristi asked nervously, as she turned around and saw that I was no longer on the armrest.

"James just almost got seriously hurt because of you, that's what happened!" Christine answered.

"Because of me?!" You stopped short!"

"Well if I didn't stop, we would have crashed into the car in front of us!"

"Okay, it was an accident. It's nobody's fault. Let me have James, so I can strap the seatbelt over him." Kristi requested.

"No. He's staying up here with me. And don't argue, I'm driving." Christine proclaimed, as she pushed her fingers against my back and shoved me further into her cleavage. I pressed down on her breasts to get leverage, and turned my body around to face the windshield. I sat down and sunk further between them. She moved the seatbelt over the center of her chest to protect me. Her succulent jugs were fixed tightly around my body for the rest of the ride.

"You okay in there, James?" Mandy inquired.

"I'm good." I responded, struggling to speak with Christine's bosom molded around my face.

Even with two massive airbags surrounding me, and the seatbelt over me, I still didn't feel safe submitting to Christine. But she didn't give me a choice.

After about twenty minutes, we pulled up to the parking lot of the beach. Christine stepped out of the car, leaving me betwixt her mammaries; I didn't complain. She walked to the back of the car, opened the trunk, and slid the cooler out. It was about four feet tall, with plenty of space to freeze a little man to death. I hoped Christine wouldn't get any ideas...

"Do you see London?" Christine asked.

"Not yet." Mandy replied.

"Call her." Christine ordered.

Mandy dialed London, she answered immediately. They had a short conversation and hung up.

"She said she's pulling in now." Mandy declared.

London pulled into the parking lot and parked next to us. She stepped out, looking breathtaking as ever. She had moved here, to New York, as a little girl. She was originally from the Caribbean; however, by her voice, you'd never know she had lived outside of the U.S.

At over fifteen feet tall, her height was nearly unfathomable. She currently held two Guinness World Records; the tallest girl in the U.S., and the longest legs in the U.S. Her illustrious legs spanned the length of one-hundred fifteen inches (9'7") long. She completely dwarfed Kristi; her shoulders stood well over Kristi's head. She even made Christine and Mandy, two of the tallest girls I'd ever met, look short.

She wore a lime-green two piece bikini. Her wavy, dark hair ran down her back, and stopped about a foot above her tailbone. Her light sepia skin glistened in the summer sun. Her face exhibited well-defined bone structure, with attractively contoured cheeks and a defined jawline. She had brown eyes and luscious, plump lips. She wore hoop earrings, almost big enough for me to stand inside.

Her frame and breasts were somewhat small for her height, and she had a slender waist. Her lower body contained, possibly, the most impressive natural proportions I'd ever witnessed. Her thick, powerful thighs and outstandingly plump posterior, demanded the attention of any room she entered. I felt like an insignificant speck of dust in her presence. Every part of her body made me feel microscopic. Just her head, alone, was about three inches longer than my body. Her giant feet stretched over thirty inches in length, big enough to stomp me with ease.

I found her thighs and legs irresistible, ever since I met her at our photoshoot for Guinness. We took one photo where London sat on the floor with her legs spread and I stood between her mighty thighs; the top of them stood taller than my head. I've thought about that moment every day since it happened...

"Hey guys!" London said energetically, as she greeted each of the girls with a kiss on the cheek. Somehow, she didn't notice me beneath Christine's bikini until a moment later.

"Where's... Oh! There he is! Hi Jamesy!" She said as her massive hand moved towards me.

"My little munchkin." London said warmly as her fingers enveloped my body. She pulled me from Christine's cleavage and held me in front of her face. Her grip was moderately tight. My feet hung in the air, just below her pinky.

"How have you been, Jamesy?! Long time, no see!"

"Other than almost dying a few times, I'm doing great." I told her.

"Hahaha! You're too funny! I missed you." She confessed, as she sent me barreling into the side of her gorgeous face. She cradled me with both hands as she hugged me.

"You two know each other?!" Christine asked, in shock.

"Of course I know Jamesy. We're both world record holders." London replied. "If you Google our names, you'll see pictures of us from a photoshoot. And we have a photo together in this year's record book."

"Wow, James. I didn't know you were famous!" Mandy reacted.

"Well, I mean... London is famous, I'm just in the book."

"Don't be so modest, Jamesy." London told me. "Only the most amazing people get in the book, and you are an amazing little munchkin. Muah!" She said, as she planted a forceful kiss on the side of my head.

"Amazingly small, I guess." Christine chimed in.

"Shut up, Christine." Kristi replied.

"Haha! Aww. You're such a bitch, Christine!" London told her.

We walked onto the beach. The girls set out their beach towels and folding chairs. London placed me down on her towel, next to her colossal left thigh. Christine opened the cooler and pulled out a bottle of water; it was about twenty inches long.

"Pass me a beer." London requested.

"Me too." Mandy added.

Christine passed out the drinks and laid back down on her towel.

"James, come over here. I'm gonna put sunscreen on you." Kristi said.

I started to walk towards her until I felt something clasp around me and my feet came off the ground. I looked down and saw London's fingers covering me. She carried me through the air and dropped me into Kristi's cupped palms.

Kristi set me down on my back, sideways, atop her sun-kissed thighs. I felt a stir in my genitals. She smiled at me, as she spread the sunscreen across her fingers. Her eyes were covered by her sunglasses and her hair was tied into a ponytail. She placed the index and middle fingers of her hands on my chest, and began to rub the cream into my skin. She pressed lightly, gently forcing me into the meat of her thighs. My erection poked out the leg of my trunks.
She continued to carefully smear the cream into my torso and legs. She noticed my throbbing erection and giggled.

"Close your eyes." She said.

She held my temples with her index finger and thumb, as she applied the cream to my face. Then, she flipped me over and applied the cream to my back.

"All done, sweetie." She declared.

I stood up on her thigh. She closed her hand around me and moved me onto the towel.

"I'm gonna take in some sun and maybe take a nap for a bit. You think you'll be okay?" She asked me.

"Sure, I'll be fine." I assured her, knowing that I certainly wouldn't be fine.

"Okay. Wake me up if you need anything."

I sat on the towel next to her and waited for the other devastatingly powerful ladies to decide my fate. They conversed with each other for a few minutes, happily sipping their drinks. None of them acknowledged my insignificant presence until London stood up and locked her eyes on me.

"Jamesy, I wanna get a picture with you for my Instagram."

"Okay." I submitted.

"But it has to be artsy." She continued.

"Artsy?" Mandy pondered.

"Yeah. Like, something that grabs your attention." She clarified. "Maybe I can stand with my butt facing the camera and James can stand between my feet."

"That's a good idea." Mandy stated. "I'll take the picture."

I accepted my fate, and walked into the sand. London passed her phone to Mandy, she opened the camera. London's enormous rear end blocked the sun and casted a shadow over my scrawny twelve-pound body. Above me, stood an irresistible, 2500-pound goddess of incomprehensible stature. I trembled with fear as Mandy took the picture.

"Okay, I got it. It looks really good." Mandy said, as she passed the phone back to London.

"You wanna see, Jamesy?" London asked, rhetorically, as she proceeded to lift me from the sand. She pressed my back against her chest and pinned me there as she held her huge phone in front of me. It was about as long as my body, not including my head.

"You like it, munchkin?"

"Yeah I like it, a lot." I replied, secretly referring to her ass.

"Let's go in the water." Christine suggested.

"I gotta go use the bathroom." London stated. "I'll meet up with you guys in a minute."

"Let me have him." Mandy said to London.

London placed me into Mandy's hands and Mandy pinned me to her bosom. She held me there as her and Christine walked towards the ocean.

"You're bringing your phone?" Mandy asked Christine.

"Yeah, I wanna get some pictures. I have a waterproof case."

They walked to where the water was over ten feet deep; it came up to the cusp of Mandy's bikini. I would have no chance of being able to swim to shore on my own. My safety, and life, now depended on these two stunning, irrepressible, and very immature young ladies.

I faced the water, protected by Mandy's palm, as her breasts cushioned my backside. She held a beer in her other hand. My feet hovered just above the surface of the water, inside her bikini. Whenever a wave broke, the water would rise to my stomach.

"Maybe we should've left him at the shore." Mandy said.

"Why? He's fine. It's 95 degrees; he's probably safer in the water."

"Okay... I guess that's a good point." Mandy capitulated to Christine's observation.

"Yeah, I'm fine!" I affirmed.

"Aww, man." Mandy said randomly.

"What is it?" Christine inquired.

"I left my football at the shore... I wanted to play catch with you and James."

"How would you play catch with James? Haha! The ball is bigger than him! It's a good thing you're so pretty, or else, everyone would realize how dumb you are. Hahaha!"

"I'm not dumb. And, I don't know... he can do anything we can do! And the ball is not bigger than him; they're like the same size."

"Hmmm..." Christine pondered.

I watched Christine's lips form a grin while she glared at me. Droplets of cold water rained over my body as she snatched me from Mandy's bikini. I was confined to her unyielding fist; her grip spanned from my shoulders to my knees. She held me adjacent to her head, with her elbow bent; just as a quarterback does before he passes the ball.

"Whoa... what are you doing?" I asked, fearfully.

"Go long, Mandy."

"Noooo, haha! We can't..."

"Just a couple throws! Don't worry, James. It'll be fun!"

"Please... I don't want to!" I begged.

"Come on, Mandy. Back up some."

"Fine... but just one throw each!"

She swam away from Christine and created about a hundred feet of space. Accepting that my attempts were futile, I stopped pleading to Christine and submitted to her will. I awaited my fate, in fear.

"Okay! Here he comes!"

I felt my stomach sink as she tossed me into the sky, with all her might. I flipped through the air, desperately trying to get my feet underneath me. I was airborne for only less than two seconds, until I crashed into the water, feet-first.

I submerged briefly and floated to the surface, a few feet in front of Mandy. She extended her arm and plucked me from the freezing cold water. She held me horizontally, with her palm facing her. She gazed at my frail body, indecisively.

"Please don't do it, Mandy." I begged her.

She stared at me for a few more seconds, as she debated her options.

"I'm sorry, James. I'll make it up to you. Muah." She promised, as she moved me to the front of her lips and kissed my stomach.

She threw me with even more force than Christine, surprisingly. I careened through the air, flipping uncontrollably. Christine stretched her arms over her head as I descended towards her. She leaped upwards and tried to grab me, but miscalculated her catch. I slid directly into her cleavage, head-first, with my arms in front of me. I became smothered by the center of her bosom; my feet dangled above it as I hung upside-down. I kicked my feet, feverishly, hoping to be freed.

Christine pinched my leg between her fingers and peeled me from her soaking wet tits.

"You're a tough catch, little guy." She said, playfully, as she hung me by my ankle.

She plopped me back into her bikini top. My penis began to stiffen. Mandy swam towards us.

"Where the hell is London?" Mandy asked Christine.

"Probably signing autographs or something, since she thinks she's a celebrity." Christine replied, sarcastically.

"Seems like you're a little jealous." Mandy suggested.

"I'm not jealous! I'm just saying, she's conceited."

"Maybe, a little. She is really hot though."

"She is. I would definitely fuck her if she was lesbian." Christine admitted.

"Wanna go back to the shore?" Mandy proposed.

"Wait, let's get a picture first!"

Christine held her phone above her head and turned the camera on.

"Hug me and kiss my cheek." Christine instructed Mandy.

Mandy wrapped her arm around Christine's shoulders as her glorious breasts smashed into Christine's, swallowing me. My cock started to pulsate as they held me captive in a carnal prison of soft flesh. I pulled my swim trunks down to my ankles and began to rub my cock against Mandy's moist breast. After only a few strokes, I exploded onto her boob. A moment after my climax, their hug got tighter. I was exhausted and struggling to breathe.

Mandy separated from Christine; I inhaled deeply after being deprived of oxygen. They reviewed the photo together.

"Oh no! James isn't in the photo!" Mandy exclaimed.

"You were... suffocating me." I said under my breath.

"He's there. You just can't see him. Haha!" Christine laughed.

"Aww. Poor James. Let's take another one." Mandy requested.

"Nah, this one is good." Christine replied.

Mandy looked at me with pity as she brushed my hair with her fingertips.

"Don't feel bad, James. I'll take a picture with you later."

I remained in Christine's bikini top as the girls walked back to shore. Kristi was awake, reading a book. London was sitting in her folding chair, drinking a beer.

"Oh, you're back!" Kristi said. "Are you having fun, James?"

"Oh yeah, I'm having lots of fun."

"Christine - can I talk to James please?" Kristi asked.

"Yeah, one sec. Let me just grab a water."

Christine opened the cooler and bent over as I started to slip from her bosom. I fell into the cooler. She grabbed a bottle of water, looked at me, and smirked.

"NOOOO!!" I screamed, as she shut the lid.

The cool temperature felt nice at first, but before long, I started to shiver. I knew I only had a few minutes before I would freeze to death. Luckily, Kristi noticed my absence and opened the lid.

"There you are! Thank goodness! Come here."

She held me loosely, with both hands, and lifted me up to her mouth. She kissed my face repeatedly, in relief.

"Who put James in the cooler?" Kristi asked the other girls.

"I guess he must've fell from my bikini. It was an accident, I swear." Christine told her. Kristi looked at her in disgust.

"Why didn't you come in the water?" Mandy asked London, breaking the silence.

"Eh, I just don't feel like getting wet."

"Wanna make a sand castle?" Mandy suggested.

"Sure!" London replied.

"I'll help." Christine added.

They started to walk towards the water, where the sand was wet.

"Coming, Kristi?" Mandy asked.

"Nah, I'm just gonna lay here."

"Can I go with them?" I asked Kristi.

"Of course, sweetie. Mandy, come get James. He wants to go with you."

Mandy carried me as they walked towards the shore. She set me down on the sand and my feet sunk into it. I was unable to lift them out.

"Help, I'm stuck!" I cried.

"Look at him, hahahaha!" Christine laughed as she kneeled down over me.

She scooped out a handful of sand next to me and pushed me into the hole; it consumed my entire body.

"Oh, no. Hahaha! Get him out of there!" London said, as she laughed.

"Watch this." Christine stated.

She stood up and turned around. She snapped the string of her bikini bottom, causing her mammoth ass to gyrate. My eyes opened wide as I watched in awe. It came hurling towards me as she sat down.

"Dont... No, no, no!!" I yelled, as her butt stifled me.

She wiggled it a few times as it rubbed against me and sent me further beneath the sand.

She stood back up and faced me. All three of the girls started to laugh simultaneously. Christine grabbed her phone from her cleavage and aimed the camera towards me.

"This is definitely going on Snapchat." She declared, as she snapped a picture of my helpless body, trapped in the wet sand, between the imprint of her tremendous, round cheeks. After she got the photo, Mandy lowered her hand towards me and pried me from the hole.

They began to build the castle, occasionally kicking piles of sand into me as their giant feet moved around me. It was dangerous for me to be on the ground, but I refused to ask them to pick me up. None of the three seemed to have my best interest at heart.

Once they were finished, the castle stood about six feet tall. It's detail was unimpressive but they deemed it picture-worthy nonetheless.

"Put James on top of it, I wanna get a picture." Christine ordered.

London raised me from the ground and carelessly dropped me atop the castle. Christine took a photo of the castle, then walked towards it. Without warning, she kicked the wall of the castle and I came tumbling down. She stomped the castle into oblivion, with me underfoot. She stomped with her left foot, I narrowly dodged it. Then her right foot descended towards me and I rolled out of the way again. The other girls laughed at her antics, seemingly unaware of my peril. Finally, she stopped. She bent down and stared at me for a second before clasping her hand around me. She introduced me to my familiar place betwixt her melons, and walked back to the towels.

"Are you guys about ready to go?" Kristi asked.

"Yeah I'm ready."

"Me too."

"I'm ready."

The girls carried their things back to the car and we headed home.
Chapter 7: An Apple A Day Won't Keep Christine Away by The_Necromanswer
The next morning, I sat home and waited for Christine to arrive. She asked for my number, while we drove home from the beach the day before. I didn't want to give her my number but, of course, I couldn't tell her that. I told her that my phone had gotten broken at the party. She mentioned that she needed to go to the Apple Store as well, and offered to bring me with her. I accepted her offer, nervously. Kristi had to be at work early, so she couldn't take me, but London was coming along; I wasn't sure if that made things better or worse.

Christine arrived at precisely 10 A.M. I watched as her SUV pulled up. It was just a few feet shorter than the twenty-foot gate. She stepped out of the car and stood at the gate, trying to figure out how to enter. She wore a red halter top with a deep V-cut that showed her entire cleavage and A good portion of her tits. She also wore black, spandex leggings and black, platform flip flops that gave her another eight inches of height. I headed over to her, hoping to arrive before she terrified anyone.

Only one person spotted her, Jack, a kid who was playing basketball in his driveway. He was seventeen, and about four feet tall. He drew my attention as I walked past his house.

"Dude! Do you see that?!" He asked, pointing at Christine.

"Yeah. She's my friend."

"What?! Are you crazy?!"

"Yeah, I guess I am. But, I think you can see why I associate with her."

"She's fuckin' hot, bro!" Jack remarked. "I've never seen one as tall as her."

"I've seen taller, but she is pretty tall." I stated.

"Is she your girlfriend? Jack asked.

"Nah. My girlfriend is blonde; you'll probably see her soon. But they both let me bust nuts on them so who cares which is my girlfriend? Haha!"


"Well sort of." I said, without clarifying.

I walked up to the gate, the only thing separating me from Christine's staggering body.

"Can I come inside?" She asked.

"The door is only six feet tall, you'll never fit. Sorry."

"There's no other way in? I wanted to see your house."

"It's right over there." I told her, as I pointed to it. "It's the smallest one. I'd invite you inside, if it wasn't for the door, and the fact that my house isn't even as tall as your knees."

"Haha, what?! Really?!"

"Yeah... maybe a little taller than your knees, and there's two floors. It was made specifically for me and, I mean, I am just two feet tall."

"Not quite two feet tall, you mean. Haha!"

"Well... yeah."

I walked through the door and up to Christine's feet. She quickly snatched me from the floor; I gasped as her fingers collapsed around me. She lifted me up and plopped me between her breasts.

"I really need to get a baby carrier for you, or something. You must be uncomfortable in my bra."

"No! I'm good like this. Please don't put me in a baby carrier..."

"We'll see what I decide to do." She stated, cryptically.

She sat down in the driver seat and strapped the seatbelt over me while I sat down in her bra. She began driving towards London's house. I started to sweat from the heat of Christine's skin.

"Oh my god... Your heart is beating so fast, James. I feel it pounding out of your chest."

"It's kind of hot in here." I told her, as the sweat trickled down my face.

"Once London gets in, I'll sit you on her lap. I'm getting kind of hot, as well; my boobs need to breathe."

About twenty minutes later, we pulled up to London's driveway. She was waiting outside, i watched as her towering legs strutted towards the car. She wore a green t-shirt that left her naval exposed, along with a pair of thin, gray, cloth shorts. On her feet, she wore green flats.

Suddenly, Christine ripped me from her cleavage, giggled, and dropped me between her thighs without explaining herself.

"What's going on?" I asked her.

"Shhh!" She ordered, as she pressed her palm over my mouth. I tried to stand but she opened her thighs and I fell between them. She chuckled as her thighs closed and consumed me.

London opened the passenger door and maneuvered her extremely wide hips into the seat. Just before she sat down, Christine plucked me from between her legs and flung me onto the passenger seat. I laid on my back, sweating and panting. My heart pounded with anticipation, I had no choice but to accept my feet. London's incredibly gargantuan ass plummeted towards me. Each cheek was substantially larger than my body, both in length and width. The distance from the outside of her left cheek to the outside of her right cheek, was as long as almost three of my body lengths. I stood no chance against her behemoth butt. It crushed me as her crack swallowed my head. Every part of my body was flattened; I couldn't move.

"It feels like I'm sitting on something..." London shared, as she dug her fingers under her bum.

"You are. You're sitting on James. Haha!"

"Oh nooo!!" She cried as she pulled me out by my leg. She dangled me in front of her face, upside-down. My shirt hung over my face, exposing my stomach.

"Sorry, munchkin. I didn't so you there."

She playfully poked my stomach with her fingernail, a few times, as she spoke. Then, she lightly pressed her lips against my naval. She carefully dropped me onto her expansive lap and laid her hand over my body.

"Why didn't you have him on your lap. Or in your bra?" London asked Christine.

"He wanted to sit in the passenger seat. I told him it was dangerous. Right, squirt?"

"Right." I lied.

"Well, your sitting in my lap for the rest of the ride." London proclaimed. "Got it?"

"Yes, London."

"That's my good munchkin." She said, as she squeezed my cheeks with her index and thumb.

"Did you thank Christine for taking you to get your phone?" London asked.

"Thanks for taking me, Christine. Kristi appreciates it too."

"What do you mean, Kristi appreciates it?"

"Well, she was going to take me when she gets out of work but now she doesn't have to."

"So are you guys, like, together?"

"Umm... I think so."

"You think so? Haha! If you're not sure, then you're probably not together."


"Have you ever had a girlfriend before?" London inquired.

"Not really... no."

"Well, I think Kristi likes you. She's a good girl for you - sweet and innocent. Better make it official before another guy gets her attention. Watch out for her mom, though..." Christine warned me.

"Huh? Her mom seems really nice."

"She might seem nice but she's a total man-eater... and she can literally eat you, haha! So, be careful - she's crazy..."

"Look at the pot calling the kettle black..." I muttered to myself.

"What did you say?" Christine asked, angrily.

"Uhh... nothing. Never mind."

She seized me from London's lap and clutched my body more firmly than ever before. I kicked my feet rapidly as I gasped for air. I hung in front of her face, desperately trying to form words as she constricted my lungs.

"What... did... you... say?!"

"Christine! Let him go, he can't breathe!" London cried.

"Not until he tells me what he said!"

"All he said was that he doesn't think Kristi's mom is crazy! It's not a big deal, let him go!!"


With an effortless flick of her wrist, Christine tossed me across the car. My back slammed into the passenger side window. Before I could fall, London's palm covered my body. It stretched from my feet to my eyebrows; her fingernails grazed my forehead. She turned her hand sideways and clasped me with it.

"Christine! You could have hurt him!"

London placed me into the vast sanctity of her lap. This time, she put the seatbelt over me.

"Hurt him?! After everything he's been though, he must be indestructible. Besides, he knows I'm just playing around."

"Playing around?! He just did a backflip through the air and crashed into the window!"

"Yeah, but he only weighs like ten pounds and he's soft like a teddy bear."

"It's okay, London. Just let her do what she wants... she's not gonna hurt me."

"Okay, If that's what you want. Sorry I made it into a big deal." London apologized.

"Don't worry about it, London." Christine told her. "Me and James just have a different kind of friendship, I suppose. He's my special little buddy. Right, James?"

"Yeah..." I replied, confused.

We arrived at the mall and parked in the lot. London unbuckled herself and held me with one hand and she stepped out of the car.

"Here, put him in your bra. I don't want to hold him in my hand." London stated, as she moved me in Christine's direction.

"Just put him in your back pocket."

"You think he'll fit in there?" London pondered.

"Trust me... he'll fit."

"But what if someone sees his head sticking out of my pocket?"

"So what? I doubt they'll even think he's a person."

"Good point."

London slid me into her pocket, feet-first thankfully. I imagine if it was Christine doing it, she'd have put me in head-first...

While in her pocket, only my head and arms remained free. With everything below my shoulders inside her pocket, my feet didn't even come close to reaching the bottom seam; her ass was incomprehensibly massive. I turned around and face it, just for fun. My weightless body, subject to her movement, jerked with each bounce and sway of her hefty butt. I felt my erection start to rise. Countless men ogled the two girls' astonishing bodies as they walked towards the store.

"London, wait up a second. I need to ask James something." Christine said.

She squatted down behind London. She grabbed my head with two fingers and turned my body around to face her. My hard phallus stood just inches from her lips.

"No offense, James... but I don't feel like explaining to the employees that you're actually a human. Just type your Apple ID and everything into my phone. That way, I can get your replacement phone for you."

"You don't have to do that. They know me, here. I've been here a bunch of times."

"Yeahhh. Uhh... I'm still not gonna take you out of London's pocket, though. I don't wanna deal with people staring at us."

"But... then, you didn't even need me to come."

"I know. But I have more fun with you around. Hehe." She said as she poked my nose.

"Can I stay in the car, then?"

"No, silly! Somebody could steal you. Look, I'm going to pay for your phone so just do as I say."

"Really? You're gonna pay for it?"

"Yeah. I'm sure it was my fault that it got broken. You're a little intimated by me, I know. That's why you didn't want to blame it on me."

"That's not true! I'm not intim..."

She put her index finger over my lips.

"I'm not a person you want to argue with... munchkin."

She was right. I'd never have the guts to confront her about my phone, or any form of torment she chose to impose upon me. I was no longer human. Fear kept me quiet. Lust kept me content with my insignificant fate.

She held out her phone with the Notes app open as I typed in all the information she would need. She stood back up and walked into the store.

Christine got the attention of an employee and asked for his assistance. Though he was nearly ten feet tall, he was utterly diminutive compared to the girls. The top of his head barely surpassed Christine's waist.

"Hi. I need to pick up a replacement phone for my... brother." She told the employee.

"Sure." The man replied, gawking at them. "My name is Dave. I'd be.... uhh... I'd be happy to help. I just need his Apple ID and his phone number."

"I have it."

"Okay, just enter it on this computer and I'll go get the phone for you. What size does he need?"

"Well, he's little. Like, really little. I think he had the smallest model."

Christine entered my information on the computer. I realized that she now had my phone number and a bunch of other information that she could misuse, if she chose to. However, that seemed like the least of my problems.

Dave returned with the phone a few moments later. As promised, Christine paid for it and we left the store.

Once outside, London retrieved me from her pocket and held me in her open palm as we walked to the car. Christine walked next to her.

"Thank you, Christine. I really appreciate it."

"Aww. You're welcome, sweetheart."

She handed me my new phone and I did the initial setup. It was odd that Christine was treating me nicely, even for such a short period. However, I knew that it wouldn't last long.

After setting up the phone, I noticed Christine's plump ass, bobbing forcefully with the rhythm of her powerful steps. He thong, and the outline of her cheeks was clearly visible through her leggings. I looked up at London, she wasn't paying attention to what I was doing. Seizing the opportunity, I opened the camera on my phone and started to record. I managed to get a hi-def video of Christine's booming ass without either of them noticing. Now I just had to make it home without them finding out about the video.

Before we arrived at the car, I received the text that Kristi sent me two nights earlier. Apparently, she had texted me a few times after that, too. To my surprise, the messages were really personal and sexual.

The first message read: 'Don't be shy, I already sucked your dick. Lol"

The next message read: 'I know what you did last night, cuz I did it with you ;)'

The final message read: 'Let me know when you get your phone. My mom wants to know if you want to come over for dinner."

"Can I have James for the ride back?" Christine requested.

"Oh. Now, you want him?" London questioned, as she dropped me into Christine's palm.

"I always want James." Christine declared.

She casually plopped me between her breasts and I fixed myself into a comfortable position. She entered the car and we headed home.

A few minutes into the ride, I replied to Kristi's text and let her know that I'd join her for dinner. Unfortunately, I saved her number to my phone. That was my biggest mistake of the day...

Christine turned her attention towards me.

"Who you talking to, Jamesy?" Christine asked, nosily.

"Uhh... nobody. Just looking at Facebook."

"Let me add my number to your phone."

"Okay. What's your number?" I asked.

"Just let me have the phone, I'll do it myself" She demanded.

"Umm... it's none of my business but I think you're fingers are too big to use it, and you're driving."

"It'll take two seconds!" She whined, as she pinched my phone between her fingers.

"Wait, wait!" I shouted.

I clung to the phone with both hands as I ascended from her bosom. She shook it back and forth until I lost my grip and fell to her lap. She held the phone out of my reach.

"London, hold the wheel." She ordered.

"This is kinda reckless, Christine. Just let James put the number in for you.

"Fine, don't hold it. I'll just use the voice command. But first... Oh... my... god!" Christine exclaimed.

"What?" London asked.

"Are you going through my texts?!"

Christine stared at me for a moment.

"You fucked Kristi??? She sucked your dick??? Haha, oh my god! I can't believe it!"

"What?!" London asked in shock.

"Yup, it's right here." Christine stated, as she showed London the phone.

"Well, good for you, Jamesy." London said.

"Don't worry, James. We're not gonna tell Kristi that we know." Christine assured me.

She proceeded to add her number to my contacts. Then, she inserted me into her cleavage and returned the phone to me. I was angry, but of course, I kept it to myself. After all, I was powerless in her presence. And as much as I hate to admit it, the dominant nature and unruly subjugation turned me on. My cock throbbed with shame.

She dropped London off first. Before exiting the car, London chose to give me a kiss goodbye. She leaned over and grabbed the outside of Christine's bosom with both hands. Her face lowered towards me and closed her eyes, as her lips covered my face. Overwhelmed with stimulation, I blissfully climaxed into my pants. Soon after, I fell asleep betwixt my favorite pillows. Christine let me sleep for the remainder of the ride.
Chapter 8: Stefani's Energy by The_Necromanswer
Christine gave me a body-consuming hug against her chest as she dropped me off. She placed me on the floor, outside of the gate to the village, and drove off.

I ate lunch and took a seat on my couch, in front of the TV. It was only noon, so I still had a few hours before Kristi would be here to pick me up. As expected, my trip to the Apple store with Christine was absolutely exhausting, so I decided to rest for a while. I was going to need my energy for Kristi; I hoped to last a little longer than I did the previous times I was presented with her body.

I invited John over to my house so that I could tell him about what happened and ask for his advice on some things. He arrived with a joint in his hand and a proud smile on his face.

"Bro!! Is it true?! Christine told me you fucked Kristi!"

"Yeah, it's true. And she wasn't supposed to know. I don't want Kristi to think I'm bragging about it."

"How'd she find out?"

"She took my phone without my permission and looked at my texts."

"Damn. Yeah, it's hard to have privacy around Christine."

"She thinks I'm like a toy or something. It's really annoying, but... I mean, she's soooo hot."

"I know what you mean, dude."

"And I didn't want to complain too much about it because she did pay for my phone."

"Really? Why?"

"Well, I mean, she did break it at the party when she put me in the mason jar. But I wasn't gonna confront her about it." I told him.

"Well, that was nice of her. Sort of."

"As nice as she gets, I guess."

"Could be worse, bro. You could get tortured by an ugly girl. Hahaha!"

"That's one way to look at it. I guess it's not so bad. I can deal with her... I have to. She's Kristi's best friend and I really want things to work out with me and Kristi."

"So, are you and Kristi official?"

"I don't know. I don't really know how this stuff works."

"Have you asked her to be your girlfriend? Or did you guys talk about making it official."

"No, not yet."

"So then it's not official yet. How did Christine react when she found out?"

"Honestly... it seemed like she was jealous."

I'm not surprised, bro. I really think she likes you. I think she wants to be your girlfriend." John proposed.

"I doubt it. She wants me to be her stuffed animal, not her boyfriend. If she wanted to be my girlfriend, she would just decide that she's my girlfriend and I wouldn't be able to do anything about it."

"True. Well, she is Kristi's best friend. Maybe she doesn't want to tell you how she feels because Kristi already hooked up with you. I mean, I know she's overbearing but she's not evil..."

"Debatable." I replied.

"So what are you gonna do? You're gonna not date Kristi just because Christine might be jealous?"

"Nope. I'm gonna keep fucking Kristi and let whatever happens, happen. I'll have to hope that Christine chills out and doesn't decide to kill me. And if she does, I just hope she does it by smothering me with her ass."

"Ha ha! That actually doesn't sound like a bad way to go." John stated, as he lit his joint.

We smoked the joint and talked some more. A few minutes later, I got a call from Kristi.

"Hey, James."

"Hey, Kristi. What's up?"

"I just wanted to let you know that I have to stay at work for an extra half-hour. If you want, my mom offered to pick you up now."

"Actually, John is here right now. I'll just have him drive me."

"Okay, great! I'll see you soon."

"Bye, Kristi."

"So you're just gonna volunteer me without even asking me?" John asked.

"So, you're not gonna drive me?"

"Yeah, I will. But you could've asked."

"I didn't see the need, since I knew you would."

"You're a dick. I liked the old James who didn't get girls."

"Shut up and help me get in the car."

"Okay, Mr. Capella."

"Mister who?"

"Capella. Kristi's last name. I was implying that if you guys get married, you'd take her name. Because you're a bitch."


"Or, you could be Mr. Ispolin... Christine's last name."

"You just get funnier every day, don't you?" I asked, sarcastically."

John dropped me off outside of Kristi's house and rang the bell. He didn't stick around to say hello to Stefani; the consensus among our social group was that she is crazy. I did find her a little eccentric, but not dangerous.

Stefani opened the door and, somehow, didn't notice me right away.

"Hello?" She asked, confused.

"Down here!" I shouted.

"Oh! Hi, James!" She said, endearingly.

She picked me up from the floor and cradled me next to her chest. She wore grey contact lenses that suited her surprisingly well. Her hair was tied into a ponytail. She wore a pink and blue, floral-pattern top that showed moderate cleavage.

"Kristi won't be back for a while, but I've got some stuff planned for us. Are you excited?!" She asked, as her fingers cradled my back and her thumbs pushed against my cheeks.


"Oh, good. I'm so glad!" She said, as shoved my body into the midst of her cleavage for an emphatic hug.

She carried me into the living room, set me down on the couch, and sat down next to me. She gently prodded my face with her fingers while she stared at me.

"What's going on with you, James?"

"Nothing much. I'm doing good I guess. How about you?"

"No, that's not what I meant."

She pressed her thumbs into my face and held my head still, while she stared into my eyes. Her comforting gaze and gentle touch gave me a rise.

"I meant... what is bothering you?"

"Nothing, really. I'm doing just great."

"James... you can't lie to me about your emotions. I can see them. Tell me what's wrong. Confide in me. I can help you."

"Well... there is one thing that's been bothering me a little. But it's not a big deal."

"Tell me, sweetie. No matter how small a problem, it should not go ignored."

"I wanna tell you, but... I just don't want to start an argument between Kristi and Christine."

"Whatever it is, it stays between us. I promise."

"Okay. It's just that... Christine is kind of aggressive. Honestly, it's nerve-racking for me to even be around her."

"Aww. What does she do to you?" She asked, as she ran her thumbs across my cheeks and stared at me, sympathetically.

"She kind of just does whatever she wants with me. She squeezes me really hard, to the point that I can't breathe. She's thrown me, sat on me. And I heard her tell Mandy that she doesn't consider me a person. She's evil.

"Oh my gosh! That's terrible! Come here, you poor thing."

She slipped her index fingers under my armpits and slowly lifted me towards her chest. She gently introduced me to her cleavage and cradled me against her chest as she comforted me. I felt my penis stiffen.

"You are a very special man, James. I want you to know that. Don't ever be ashamed of your size. It was destiny that made you this size; we should never question it. It was destiny that brought you to Kristi, and to me. I think that is pretty special. Don't you?"

She pulled my face from the crevice of her bosom and directed my eyes toward hers. My hard cock lurked between her breasts.

"I do... I mean, yes... it's very special."

She raised me from her cleavage and planted a compassionate kiss on me; her lips covered my nose and forehead. After the kiss, she slid me back into her comforting rack.

"Christine is a troubled girl..." She continued. "I'm sure she is a great person, deep down. But... she's got a very selfish, narcissistic personality. She doesn't seem to think about how her actions may affect others. She's also very superficial and impatient. I don't think she's evil. In fact, her nature can be explained by her zodiac sign - Leo. She's still a young girl... I'm sure she will grow and see the error of her ways. But for now, just try to ignore her. If she sees that her actions don't bother you, she will stop."

"You think so?" I asked.

"Oh certainly, sweetheart."

"Okay. I'll give that a try. Thank you, Stefani."

"Good boy. You are very welcome."

She plucked me from her chest and let my body dangle in front of her face as she held me, loosely. She stared at me with squinted eyes as I looked, blankly, into hers.


"What is it?" I asked.

"I'm sensing that you are still withholding emotions. I sense shame... and perhaps a tad of guilt?"


"Remember, James... you can't lie to me."

"Okay... I'll tell you. See, the thing is..." I struggled to find the words.

"It's okay, baby. Whatever it is, you can tell me."

"Okay. You see, when Christine tortures me... it's scary. I don't know what she's capable of. Part of me hates it. But, part of me... likes it. It's like... I can't say it."

"It makes perfect sense. You're sexually submissive and you like to be dominated. That's nothing to be ashamed of..." She assured me.

She set me down on the couch. She leaned towards me and pushed her hands against the couch. I stood between her arms.

"Now, I have a couple of activities planned for us, if you're interested."

"I'm interested." I replied without hesitation.

"Excellent! I just want you to know that these activities are meant to expel your bad energy, and fill you with a new sense of hope and positivity."

"Let's do it."

"Alright. The first activity is acupuncture."

"Wait, what?" I asked, concerned.

"Don't worry, honey. I'm here to help, just trust me. Now, remove your shirt and pants, and lie on your back."

"Do I have to take my pants off?"

"Yes. It is necessary to your healing process."

I took my shirt off first. I knew what lurked under my pants, and it would be blatantly visible beneath my underwear. I slowly took my pants off. Stefani giggled at the sight of my erection. I tried to cover it with my hands.

"Haha! You don't have to cover it sweetheart. It's nothing to be embarrassed about. Just lie on your back, don't worry about it. Just slide your boxers off, if they are making you uncomfortable. It doesn't have to be awkward. This is a judgement free zone."

I did as she said. She ran her index finger over the length of my body and then playfully poked my stomach.

She spent the next twenty minutes shoving tiny needles into my neck and torso, occasionally offering a smile. My erection stood tall the entire time.

"You're doing great, sweetie. Now just lie there for a few minutes while the needles relieve your anxiety and balance your energy."

"I think I'm feeling better already!" I told her.

"That's wonderful, sweetheart! And, you know, you can come receive this treatment from me any time you want."

"Thanks, Stefani. I think I'll take you up on that offer."

"I look forward to it." She said warmly, as she took the side of my head into her palm and stroked my face with her thumb; my dick was throbbing.

"I'll be right back, James. You just lie there and let the good energy enter your form."

She walked into the bathroom and ran the bathwater; I wasn't sure why. A few minutes later, she came back into the living room. She sat next to me and hummed as she carefully removed the needles. Once she was done, she lightly tapped the tip of my penis and winked at me.

"You've got good taste, James."

My toes curled. I felt a small amount of cum slither out my urethra. I wanted to unload, but I did my best to hold back.

"How do you feel, James."

"Soooo hot... err, I mean... I feel great!"

"I'm sure you do... Now, are you ready for the next part of your treatment?"

"Whatever it is, I'm ready." I said, eagerly.

"That's the spirit! I'm sure you'll like it..."

She carried me into the bathroom and set me down atop closed toilet seat. The tub was about thirteen feet long and six feet deep. It was almost full, the faucet continued to pour water into it. There was a piece of wood floating in the water. It was square in shape, painted white, and spanned about two feet across. The water was dyed a deep blue, which I assumed was part of the "treatment." The water was full of purple and yellow things that looked like dead flowers. At first sight, it was rather odd. Although I didn't fully believe in Stefani's ideas, she didn't need to know that.

She undressed herself while the tub filled, only her bra and thong remained.

"Okay, James..." She started, as her fingers consumed my body and lifted my feet from the toilet seat cover. My stiff penis hung in front of her nose as she spoke. She didn't seem the least bit fazed by it.

"I'm sure you already know... nothing that happens here should be considered sexual. Not that you want anything sexual to happen, do you?"

"Umm... I don't... I mean..." I stammered.

"Of course you don't. Because we are about to embark on something much deeper than sex. Because... when you see me, you don't see a beautiful woman. You see an empathetic soul... reaching out to another soul, a special little soul, in his time of need. That's what you were trying to say, right?"

"Wow. It's like you read my mind." I said, insincerely.

"Hehe, I can't read your mind but I can read your emotions. So, watch out!" She said, playfully, as she poked my nose.

She carefully placed me atop the wooden board, making sure I wouldn't fall over. She removed her undergarments and stepped into the tub, forming significant waves that caused my make-shift boat to wobble. She sat down in the tub as I floated above her lap. Her hands rested at the sides of the board, holding it still. I stared at her voluptuous bare breasts for a few seconds before I caught myself and moved my eyes up to hers.

"You see these things in the tub, James? This is a special, enchanted bath soak. It's going to fill you with good energy and positivity. First, take in the aroma."

She watched me as I sniffed the air and enjoyed the scent of lilac and lavender.

"How does that smell, James?"

"I like it. I think your treatment is really working for me."

"We're not done yet. In order for the treatment to really be a success, you have to be saturated with the enchanted water."

"So, should I just jump in?"

"If you possessed more of an independent, confident character, I would say to jump in. But in your case... Now, I don't want to offend you, but you seem very subconsciously uncertain, due to a lifetime of feeling unvalidated. I think you need to be in the caring arms of a friend when you enter the water. This way, your subconscious will feel more secure and less fearful."

"Whatever you think is best." I replied, hiding my excitement.

She smiled wide and showed her teeth as she held the underside of the board with both hands, and locked her thumbs around the top of it. She pushed her chest forward and presented her illustrious bosom as it descended towards me. My erection throbbed with the anticipation of release. Her cleavage swallowed my puny body as her breasts enveloped me. She held me pinned between them and the board, as I submerged beneath the water. She held me there for about ten seconds. Satisfaction surged through my body as I put a hand over each of her nipples and unloaded into the pit of her mighty bosom.

She let go of the board and let it float to the surface of the water. Her right hand wrapped around my body as she lifted me from the board. She pressed me against her chest and covered my body with both hands as she hugged me. I laid there, breathing heavily, while my penis shrank back to flaccid size.

Chapter 9: In Your Face by The_Necromanswer
Stefani handed me a washcloth to dry off with, while she dried herself with a regular towel. We got dressed and she carried me into the living room. She placed me down on the couch and sat next to me.

"Now, James... it's important that we don't tell Kristi about what we just did, okay?"

"Umm. Okay. Can I ask why?"

"She doesn't quite understand my empathy rituals. She's not very in-tune with her spiritual side. If we tell her, she will probably react negatively. And we don't want negative energy surrounding us, do we?"

"I guess not."

"But that doesn't mean it was wrong. You see, Kristi won't be able to get past the fact that we were naked in the tub together. She won't understand that the bath soak ritual is a spiritual activity. Not a sexual one."

"Okay. I won't tell her."

"Good boy. Hopefully, we can get her to join in on the fun next time. I'll try to convince her; how does that sound?"

"That sounds great! Sharing positive energy with my two favorite people, it doesn't get better than that!"

"Aww. You're so cute." She said, as her hands lowered towards me.

She held me loosely, with her thumbs pressed against me chest. She rammed me into the pit of her cleavage, emphatically, as she hugged me tightly. During the midst of our hug, Kristi entered the door.

"Hi, mom! Hi, James!" Kristi said, warmly.

"How was work, honey?" Stefani asked.

"It was really busy, I'm kind of tired. But, at least I made over $200 in tips."

"That's great, sweetie! I hope you're ready for dinner. I'm making roast beef with mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli."

"That sounds, amazing. I'm so hungry."

"It'll be ready in about forty-five minutes. You kids hang out and I'll call you when it's ready."

Kristi carefully lowered her butt to the couch. She sunk into the cushion, causing an impression that compromised my balance and pulled me into her thigh. She pinched my shirt with two fingers and plopped me into her lap. Her legs were soft and smooth, without a trace of stubble. After I was securely placed in her lap, she grabbed the top of her shirt and unbuttoned the top two buttons, her bra was now visible. Then, she undid her pony tail and shook her hair about, as she ran her fingers through it.

"Ahh, that's better." She stated. "Did you miss me, James?"

"Yeah. A lot."

"Aww." She said, as she placed her hand over my legs. "You're so sweet."

She kissed the top of my head as the front of her breasts pushed down on my pelvis.

"So, how was your little adventure with Christine and London? Was Christine nice to you?"

"Umm, yeah. She didn't throw me or anything... But, there's something I should tell you."

"What is it, sweetheart?"

"Please don't be mad."

"Don't worry, James. You can tell me anything."

"Well... Christine... kinda knows that we had sex."

"What?! But... how?!" Kristi asked, furiously, as her hand gripped tightly around my body. I was terrified. She lifted me up to her eye level.

"Please don't hurt me, it wasn't my fault! She took my phone and went through my texts!"

"Oh, James. I would never hurt you. It's just... I wanted it to be a secret. Now, everyone is gonna tease me about it. No offense."

"So... does this mean we can't see each other anymore?" I asked, disheartened.

"James..." She whispered.

She opened her palm, and pressed both of her thumbs against my chest as she held me with both hands. I moved towards her lips until they gently kissed my forehead.

"It wasn't your fault. I know you couldn't stop Christine from taking your phone. I'm sorry for getting upset and grabbing you. I have strong feelings for you, James. I just... I just wish the situation was different."

"You mean... you wish I was taller?"

"I, I don't... I mean... Well, that would make things easier. Yes. I guess I do wish you were taller. But, not necessarily. I just wish we were more compatible, you know?"

"And we're not compatible because you're ten feet taller than me... I get it. I guess I'm not compatible with any woman."

"Aww, James. You had to expect that a relationship between us would involve challenges. I mean, I can fit you in one of my socks. My fingers are the size of your legs. I could accidentally kill you without even trying, if we're not careful. Aside from that, people are going to judge us left and right. But you know what... I don't care if our situation isn't ideal. I want to be with you... and I'm going to be with you." Her eyes never left mine as she spoke.

"Does that mean we're officially together now? I asked.

"I guess so. Hehe."

"So... I can call you my girlfriend now?"

Without answering, she offered me a smile. She continued to hold me with her fingers under my armpits as my legs dangled free. Slowly, she pulled my body towards her face. She kept her eyes open as her chin collided with my chest. I stretched my arms across her jawline and held her face as the tip of her tongue filled my mouth. She wiggled it up and down, coating my gums in saliva. She bit my lip, gently, and slid it through her teeth as she retracted her tongue. She smiled at me again, as she lowered my body to her chest and forced me against her bosom. I became erect as she hugged me for about thirty seconds.

"You're poking me, baby." She said, as she pulled me away from her chest.

"Sorry... That was some kiss."

"I'll finish you off after dinner." She whispered.

She placed me atop her lap. I laid across her lags as she brushed my hair with her fingernails. My boner wasn't going anywhere. We watched television quietly until it was time for dinner.

"Dinner's ready!" Stefani yelled.

Kristi's fingers enclosed around me. She carried me, with one hand, into the kitchen. She sat me down atop the kitchen table, in the tiny chair that Stefani provided for me. It appeared that the doll-sized chair and table had become a permanent part of the kitchen. I sat between the two giant goddesses, facing them.

"Here you go, James." Stefani said, as she carefully set my plate down on the miniature table.

"Thank you, Stefani. It looks great!"

"You are quite welcome, sweetheart." She said, pleasantly, as she poked my nose.

"So what did you guys do while I was at work?" Kristi pondered.

"Oh, not much." Stefani began. We just watched some t.v. and talked for a while. James is a very smart and special boy, you know. You're lucky to have found him."

"I know. He's great isn't he?" Kristi said with a smile, as she touched my chin with her index finger and directed my face towards hers."

"James, I cannot tell you how happy I am that Kristi has finally brought home a boy that I approve of."

"Yeah, she never likes any of my boyfriends." Kristi informed me.

"Well you always bring home such big and burly guys with no intellectual substance. Your last boyfriend was such an imbecile. And he was almost as tall as you! I'm surprised you even found him attractive."

"Honestly, I only dated him because he liked me. Not a lot of boys liked me in high school, mom. Guys always want the tall girls."

"Well you're tall to me." I told her. "And I think you're perfect."

"Aww. Thank you, James. You're such a sweetie pie." Kristi said, as she touched my chin and kissed my forehead.

"I'm so glad my Kristi found you. I can't imagine a better suitor for her. Your soul is so pure and beautiful. And unlike Kristi's other boyfriends, I can be sure that you'd never hurt her." Stefani told me.

"I would never dream of hurting Kristi. I only want to make her as happy as I can."

"Well you're off to a great start, sweetheart." Stefani said, as she pinched my cheek.

"By the way, this roast beef is delicious!"

"Thank you, honey. As long as you're with Kristi, your little stomach will be filled with a delicious meal every night."

"That sounds great! I could get used to that!" I responded, as Stefani smiled at me.

"So, James." Stefani started. "Kristi tells me that you guys attend the same college. What are you studying?"

"I just finished my second year. My major is Business Administration."

"Oh, that's Kristi's major as well. Have you two had any classes together?"

"Not yet." Kristi answered. "But we can coordinate our schedules so that we have a class or two together."

"That would be perfect for me." I responded. "I have trouble getting around campus in my walker. It would be nice to have a beautiful woman escort me."

"Well, just call me your escort... erm, I mean, you know..."

"Hahahahaha!" Stefani broke out in laughter.

"Shut up, Mom! You know what I meant! Haha!" Kristi laughed, as she nudged Stefani's shoulder.

"I guess it won't be long now until you move into James's place and start your new life, huh?" Stefani joked.

"Mother! Really?! Can you stop?!"

"What? I'm just saying... he's in college. He's got a house, he's got a job. What are you waiting for? Haha!"

"Mother, please!"

"Umm... actually, I kind of got fired yesterday." I confessed. "My boss fired me over the phone. She said that, for safety reasons, they couldn't employ me anymore because of my disability."

"What disability?" Stefani asked.

"My height."

"Oh no. That's terrible. How will you pay for your house?"

"Well, I don't need to worry about that. My house is paid off; it only cost $2,000. It's only five feet tall because it was specially made for me."

"Oh. Of course. I apologize for my joke about Kristi moving in. I should have figured it was... considering your size..."

"It's okay." I assured her. "I wouldn't expect you to know the size of my house. It would be nice if I could have people over, but... yeah."

"I can't believe they fired you. I'm gonna go down there and give them a piece of my mind." Kristi stated.

"It's okay, Kristi. They won't hire me back, even if they wanted to. It's against safety regulations, apparently."

"You know... I could give you a job in my salon. I could use some help taking calls and scheduling appointments. And I'm sure the girls would absolutely adore you."

"I would really appreciate that. I don't have any other prospects for work right now."

"You start tomorrow! I'll take you to my salon and introduce you to everyone. This is going to be so much fun!"

"Are you sure you want to work in a salon, James?" Kristi asked. "You don't have to."

"How bad could it be? Taking calls and scheduling appointments? Should be a piece of cake. Plus I'll have a great boss."

"Well, I'm glad you're looking forward to it. We are going to have such a great time!" Stefani exclaimed, as she touched the side of my face.

After dinner, Kristi took a hold of me and excused herself upstairs. Stefani didn't seem to think much about what we'd be doing. Kristi carried me up the stairs, quickly, without exchanging any words. I already knew what she was about to do...

She opened her palm and left me drop onto the mattress, with little regard for the four foot drop I'd endured. She feverishly unbuttoned her shirt and ripped it off, revealing her pink bra. With no hesitation, she ripped that off too. Next, she unbuttoned her pants, slipped one leg out, and kicked them to the other side of the room. She stared at me, devilishly, as she quickly removed her thong.

"I've been thinking about this all day, James. I need you, right now."

She snatched me from the bed with her left hand. She stuck her index finger into the neck of my shirt and effortlessly tore the fabric, ruining it. This seemed out of character for her, but I was enjoying it. I unbuttoned my pants on my own. She pinched the waist of them with 2 fingers and ripped them from my legs. She smirked at the sight of my erection, as she slipped her index finger into the waist of my boxers and easily split the seam until they too fell from my body. Once I was naked, she carefully placed me on her bed, on my back.
She kneeled over me, her heavenly thighs surrounded both sides of my puny body. I looked up at her, she looked into my eyes. After a short pause, she took me in her hands and propelled me forward. My stiff erection entered her drenched pussy, as she held me.

With her thumbs covering my chests, she jerked my body back and forth. She started slow and increased speed with each thrust. I felt my dick pulsate with pleasure as she climaxed almost immediately, and repeatedly. Her secretions showered me each time. After a few minutes, she let go of me and I fell to the bed, drenched in her cum. She turned herself around. Still on her knees, her ass now faced me. She looked back and lined up her vagina with my dick, as she lowered her bare ass towards me.

Her soaked pussy consumed my erection as her ass pounded against my face and torso. She bounced up and down in short, jerking motions as she panted with pleasure.

"Oh!.... James!... James!... James!"

She breathed heavily as she shouted my name. Her pussy continued to drip with cum. It seemed odd that I still hadn't climaxed, but I was enjoying every second of it. After another five minutes of being pounded by her perfect butt, Kristi had enough. She lifted her butt from my person. My shaft reluctantly slipped from her pussy lips, and I fell to the bed once more. She turned around to face me, still on her knees.

"Did you bust?" She asked.

"Not yet." I muttered. My heart was beating out of my chest.

"Wow!" She exclaimed. "I'm impressed... but also, a little insulted."

I didn't know what to say. She gave me a grin, and slowly lowered her face towards my cum-soaked body. Her tongue made contact with the underside of my shaft as her lips enveloped it. I placed my hands over her cheekbones and pushed against them with all my might, overwhelmed with satisfaction. Her eyes remained locked on mine, as she masterfully slurped. My legs began to shake, my toes curled involuntarily. As if consuming a delicious treat, she emitted moaning sounds that added to my enjoyment.

Desperate for release, I watched as she gradually retracted her lips from my cock. Her eyes never left mine, as the tip of her tongue grazed my scrotum and her lips surrounded my testicles. She tugged them, gently, with her lips.

"I'm... it's... I'm gonna...!" I stammered, trying to inform her that I was going to bust.

Just as my testicles fell out of her mouth, I shot my load directly onto her face.

Chapter 10: Christine's Teddy Bear by The_Necromanswer
The following weeks went remarkably smooth for me. My relationship with Kristi was blossoming into something amazing. She even told me that she loves me, and I told her that I felt the same. I hadn't seen Christine or the other girls in those weeks either. Although I did miss seeing Christine in her beautiful, giant glory, I didn't miss being pulverized by her. Kristi seemed to rather spend time with me than her friends, and I didn't mind at all.

After a suggestion made by Stefani, it was decided that I would live with her and Kristi, indefinitely. Stefani claimed that she'd rather I live with them, seeing as how she drove me to work every morning. However, judging by her flirtatious behavior, I couldn't help but think maybe she wanted me there for another reason...

"You about ready to go?" Stefani asked me, as she slung her purse over her shoulder.

"Yup, let's go."

I drove my walker outside, to the driver's side of Stefani's Mercedes. She lifted me from the platform and slipped me between her illustrious breasts, which she proudly displayed in every revealing top she wore. She lifted my walker with one hand and placed it on the floor of the backseat. Then, she sat down in the driver seat and buckled her seatbelt, as the belt pinned me, firmly, to her bosom. That was the only safe way for me to ride in the car, she claimed.

We drove to the salon. Stefani always drove very slow, with regard for my safety. Every little bump would cause her boobs to jiggle and I would bounce beneath them. Although I enjoyed it, it worried her, so she took precaution.

It was Saturday, the busiest day of the week in her salon. I knew I'd be taking a lot of calls. All of the employees were women, and they all worked on Saturday. Stefani owned the salon, but she was also a hairdresser. Stefani was the most talented and favored employee, so her chair was closest to the entrance. In the next chair was Tanya, behind her was Elisa, and furthest from the door was Beba. It was as if Setfani had hand-picked her employees from Hugh Hefner's mansion; they were all very attractive.

Tanya was the oldest among the girls, at just twenty-five. Upon first meeting her, I felt like I had seen her before. Later, I found out that she's actually Mandy's older sister. The resemblance between them was very apparent. Tanya was several inches shorter, with a more bodacious body. Like her sister, she had very large breasts which she showcased in her scantily clad tops. Unlike her sister, she had a very round ass and no gap between her wide thighs. Her hair was dyed red, the same shade as Mandy's, and she had brown eyes.

All the girls dressed rather suggestively - that was their gimmick. Stefani never installed a dress code; she actually encouraged the girls to show off their bodies. For a salon, they had an impressive amount of male clients.

In the next chair over was another beauty, Elisa. She moved to the U.S. from Germany several years prior. She spoke English well, but with a thick German accent. She was twenty-one and stood about twelve-foot-eight. She was a skinny girl, with virtually no fat on her body except for her voluptuous breasts. She had long, black hair which she usually kept in a pony tail. Her eyes were an intoxicating hazel color. Her most impressive attribute was her perfect teeth, considering the fact that she smokes a pack a day.

Furthest from the door, Beba, was the youngest. Her real name was Kassandra, but she preferred to be called Beba. She was eighteen, with a birthday coming up soon. Like Tanya, she also kept her hair dyed a bright red color. Though she was the youngest, she was also the tallest among the employees, standing thirteen-foot-six. Her waist wasn't quite as thin as the other girls, but she was not heavyset. Half-Colombian and half-Ecuadorian, her eyes were dark brown, and she had light tan skin. Her breasts were average size but her ass was astonishingly massive. In size, it was similar to Tanya's. I couldn't be sure if either of them were natural, but it didn't matter to me.

Stefani and I always arrived to the salon before the girls. Both Tanya and Elisa would give me a breast-filled hug each day, upon their entry to the salon. Beba, instead, would run her fingernails over my body in a tickling fashion, as her way of saying hello. Sometimes, she would cause me to fall backwards, but she always helped me get back up. She seemed unable to comprehend that I was a grown man, and not a baby, but I didn't mind too much.

We arrived at the salon at 8am, an hour before opening. Stefani liked to have ample time to meditate and "mentally prepare" before beginning her workday. Normally, Stefani would bring my walker into the salon, in case I wanted to use it. But, I guess she forgot this time, and I didn't mention it. I hardly ever used it at work; it was really just a safety net. Stefani walked into the salon with my body betwixt her outstanding rack. She pinched my shirt and lifted me from her bosom, then plopped me down atop my desk. She provided me with a tiny chair, appropriate for my size. The phone was much too big for me to lift, but it had an answer button and a speaker button which allowed me to use it without lifting it.

Stefani meditated quietly for the next forty or so minutes while I entertained myself with my phone and waited for the girls to arrive.

Beba was the first to arrive. Her booming body came through the door as I watched, in awe.

"Hi baby!" She said cheerfully as she sat her purse down on my desk.

She giggled happily as her fingers poked and prodded my body, in a tickling fury, finishing with a final poke to my naval that knocked me off my feet.

"Oops!" She said with laughter, as she pinched the front of my shirt and lifted me up.

She smiled and patted my head, as she retrieved her purse from my desk and walked to her station. I stared at her ass; covered by thin spandex leggings. Her cheeks bounced and pounded against each other with each stride. I wanted to touch it, hold it, be smothered by it. But, to my dismay, it was always quite literally out of reach.

A few minutes later, Tanya walked through the door, dressed provocatively as always. She typically wore outfits that would only be appropriate for one other line of work: stripping. Today, she wore a red top that could hardly be considered a shirt. It covered only her breasts, and not completely. Her bright red hair was tied back into a pony tail. Her luscious lips were coated in a hot pink lipstick that matched her nails. Her thighs were almost fully exposed, except for her cargo shorts that fit her skin tight and hardly covered her mountainous butt.

She walked to the side of my desk and began to bend towards me. I reached for her massive jugs, expecting a hug. She lowered her face to me, offering a warm smile.

"Morning, James." She said, softly.

Her fingers pressed against my back and pulled my face into her lips. She had never done that before, but I wasn't opposed. Her lipstick left a smear that covered my face.

"Aww, I got some lipstick on you. Here, let me wipe it off."

Her hand closed around me. My feet came off the ground as she stood up. She pinned me to her bosom and rubbed my face against her top. She slid me across her breasts, back and forth, attempting to clean the lipstick. They were enormous. I remembered thinking Mandy's breasts were enormous - Tanya's were even fuller and rounder. I felt disdain towards her tube top, preventing me from entering the sanctity of her cleavage. After several rubs, she lifted me up to her eyes and inspected me.

"Nope, still there." She informed me.

By the will of her hand, I plummeted into her bosom, once more. This time, she pinned my body to just her right breast. With her index finger and thumb, she held the sides of my head, while the rest of her fingers wrapped around my torso. She moved my head from side to side, while she forcefully held me against her boob. My dick began to stand up, I wondered if she felt it. Suddenly, I ascended towards her face as she inspected me again.

"There we go! You're good." She claimed, as she set me down on my desk with a throbbing boner.

Just two minutes before opening, Elisa finally showed up. She wore only a revealing, white sports bra and and grey, spandex leggings. She burst through the door with a bright smile, enthusiastic to start the day. She immediately walked to my desk. She chuckled, as she smiled at me and stretched her arms towards me. She cupped her hands around me and pressed her thumbs into my crotch. She pulled me upwards and paused with me directly in front of her marvelous chest.

"Morning, my pumpkin." She said, in her sexy German accent, as she slammed me into her bulging bosom. She moved her body side to side, as she held me against her soft breasts, emphasizing the hug. It was just an affectionate greeting to her, but to me, it was an absolute thrill ride. After a few moments, she peeled me from her chest and dangled me in front of her face. She gave me a wink, as she always did, before placing me down on the desk. She didn't quite understand what a wink meant, and I never corrected her. I liked to think that she knew she was arousing me, and enjoyed doing it.

The girls' greetings were usually the highlight of my workday. After that, is was just answering calls and typing on the computer. Today was going to be far different, though. The phone rang, I picked it up.

"Stefani's Salon, how can I help you?" I answered.

"Hi, it's Christine. I have an appointment with Tanya at 12:30. Can you let her know I'm gonna be a few minutes late?"

My heart stopped. Of all people, Christine... Now she would know where I worked. I started to wonder if I would ever escape her.

"Sure.... I'll, uhh, let her know." I replied.

"What's your name, by the way?" She asked. "I don't recognize your voice. Are you new?"

I panicked and hung up the phone.

"Stefani! I need to talk to you, please!" I shouted.

"One moment, honey. Just let me finish Dana's coloring and I'll be right with you."

"It's important!"

"Okay, sweetie. Just give me five minutes."

It seemed odd that Stefani didn't run over to me, asking what's wrong, as I expected her to. However, she did take her work very seriously. Anxiety consumed me during the five minutes that I waited for her attention. She finally walked over to me and squatted so that she could be eye-level with me.

"Okay, James. I'm all yours. What's wrong?"

"Christine... she... just called! She's coming in for an appointment?!"

"Oh, yes. She gets her hair done by Tanya. Are you a little scared to see her?" She asked, as she rubbed the side of my face with her fingertips.

"You can't let her come in here!" I exclaimed. Or, at least hide me somewhere. What if she hurts me?!"

"Now, James. I think you're being a little irrational. Remember what we talked about - we mustn't question fate, nor should we fear it. Whatever is meant to be, will be."

"But.... she's coming in at 12:30, you'll be on lunch break. What if my fate is to be killed by Christine? Could you please get my walker and let me hide in the back while she's here?!"

"Look, James..." She said in a soft tone, cupping her palms behind my back as she pressed her thumbs against my cheeks. Her fingers were warm and clammy.

"...you're getting hysterical, now. I'm not going to get your walker and you are not going to hide from your fears. Christine is not going to hurt you, not in my salon. She would never get away with it. I will tell the girls to keep an eye out for her. But, don't worry. Remember, you and I are connected spiritually. If you are ever in trouble, I will know right away."

"Okay..." I responded, unconfident that I would make it through Christine's arrival, uninjured.

"That's my big man. Mmmm." She said, comfortingly, as she stuffed my body between her stupendous breasts.

She set me back down on my desk and paid me no mind for the remainder of the day. I stared at the clock, watching the minutes turn, in fear. There was no telling what Christine would do to me, but I doubted that she would let me be, unbothered by her. I didn't let her know that it was me, on the phone. This way, she wouldn't have time to plan anything. But, a lack of planning didn't stop her past efforts to make my life miserable. I didn't know what to expect. But, as usual, I wouldn't be able to stop her from doing whatever she wanted to...

At 12:37, I saw Christine's car enter the parking lot. Stefani was a few blocks away from the salon, eating lunch. She wouldn't be back for another twenty minutes. I could have asked one of the girls to protect me, but that would go against Stefani's orders. Plus, I didn't want them to think less of me than they already did. I was going to have to face her and hope for the best.

Before entering the salon, Christine noticed me through the window. Her eyes opened wide, and a joyful grin overtook her face. I stared at her, in horror. She put a finger over her mouth, instructing me to be quiet. Then, she slid her finger across her throat. I was defenseless and there was no escape...

She looked devilishly sexy in her yellow tube top that left her cleavage and flat stomach exposed. Her hair hung free, and she wore square-framed sunglasses. Though I was in a crippling panic, I couldn't deny my immense attraction to her. I was stiff as a board, just by looking at her. She began to type something on her phone, as she stood outside the door. Suddenly, my phone vibrated. Christine sent me a text: "Keep your mouth shut. If you make any noise, you will face the consequences :)"

Now, I was sure that I was doomed. Even if I did scream for help, I'm not sure the girls would be able to stop her. I wasn't brave enough to test Christine, so I stayed shut and accepted my fate, as Stefani had told me to.

She opened the door, slowly, and crept inside. Unfortunately for me, Elisa and Beba were working on clients and Tanya was in the bathroom. As fate would have it, they failed to notice the fourteen-foot giantess, Christine, enter the salon. She walked to my desk and quickly bent down behind it; only I was able to see her.

"Be very quiet.... or else." She whispered.

"What do you want from me?" I asked, nervously.

"Give me your phone." She demanded.


Unwilling to explain herself, she ripped the phone from my hands, turned it off, and slipped it into her cleavage.

"You're next." She stated, in a sinister tone.

I started to run to the other side of my desk. Her hand caught up to me, with ease. Her fingers squeezed me so tightly, I couldn't talk, or breathe. She held me inches from her face.

"Don't make this more difficult than it has to be, squirt. You're coming with me, whether you like it or not. If you don't keep your mouth shut, things are going to get a whole lot worse."

She dropped me into her purse and zipped it closed. I knew I was done for...

"Hey, Christine!" Tanya shouted, as she exited the bathroom.

"Oh, hey! Umm, I'm here! Haha!" Christine responded.

"You ready for your appointment?" Tanya asked.

"Yeah. Uhh... I just wanted to come in and let you know that I'm looking for a parking spot. I'll be right back."

"Okay, no worries!"

Christine exited the salon and headed to her car. I heard the door open as she entered the car and set her purse down on her lap. I watched the zipper open, revealing her gorgeous face and beautiful bosom that loomed over me. She imposed an unwavering clench around my body as she spoke.

"Here's what's going to happen... you little shit. You're going to sit in the middle console, right here. You're going to be quiet and wait until I'm done with my appointment. I'll open the window so you don't die. You'd be no fun to me, if you were dead. Hehe!"

With a high-pitched giggle, she dropped me into the middle console and closed it. Everything went pitch black. The lid of the console was much too high for me to escape. I would have no choice but to wait, and hope.

About an hour later, the car door opened and Christine plopped her fat cheeks down in the driver seat. The engine started and the car began moving. Whenever she hit a bump in the road, the force sent me into the air. Each time, I tried to reach the lid of the console, to no avail. Even if I had managed to get it open, it would only make her angrier...

Once we reached her house, she finally opened the console. Her hand covered my puny body as her fingers created a vice around me. She carried me into her bedroom and carelessly flung me onto her bed. It was covered with stuffed animals of all sizes.

"Stefani thinks you ran away because you were scared of me, what a dumb bitch. Haha! She's really worried. Kristi is gonna be worried, too..." Christine stated, as she placed her hands on the bed and lowered her face to mine. "That's too bad, hehe."

With a quick swoop of her hand, she grabbed me and held me, as I dangled in front of her chest.

"Please, don't do this! Why, why, Christine?! Please! At least let me call Kristi and tell her I'm okay!" I begged.

"You're not calling anyone. I don't think you understand what's going on here - you're mine now. Kristi can't save you. No one can save you. Isn't that great? Haha!"

She was right, Kristi would never be able to save me. At least, not by force. At Christine's incredible height, she had 30 inches on Kristi, and nearly a thousand pounds. Even Stefani wouldn't stand a chance. Though she was a foot taller than Kristi, Christine still had an 18 inch, six-hundred pound advantage over her. London was the only girl I knew who out-sized Christine. Beba and Tanya also might be able to put up a fight, but sadly, none of them knew where I was.

"What are you gonna do to me?"

"A lot. Let's just say that from now on, you are my own personal, little toy."

"But, I'm not a toy! I'm human! This is insane!"

She paused and smirked at me. She chuckled, as she flicked my chest and effortlessly sent me flying across the bed. She stood up, and clenched her fist around me, once more. She plopped my face against her nose and tightened her fist as she spoke.

"Don't ever call me crazy again, little squirt. I don't care if you're human, you're a toy now. You're my toy and you always will be."

She loosened her grip, slightly, and moved me away from her face.

"But it doesn't have to be all bad. You're the only boy I've ever been attracted to, James. If you're a good boy, this body will be allll yours... But... if you're a bad boy, you get the squeeze." She informed me, as she squeezed the air from my tiny lungs.

She dropped me to the bed, without a care, and began rummaging through her stuffed animals. She selected one, picked me up, and held it against me.

"Hmm. Too small." She decided.

She grabbed another one and held it next to me.

"Nope. The legs are too long."

She continued selecting stuffed animals and comparing them to me. I had no idea what she was comparing, or what she had planned. Finally, she made a decision. It was a standard, brown teddy bear, a little bigger in size than me.

"There we go, this one is perfect!" She stated, as she dropped me to the bed again.

She pulled a knife out of her dresser and jammed it into the teddy bear's back, creating a long slit. Then, she jammed the knife into the front of it, at the center, creating a hole. I watched as she pulled the stuffing out, still wondering what she could be planning. Then, it hit me. I cringed at the thought of it, my spine began to shiver. She stretched her hand towards me. I walked backwards, until I finally tripped and fell. She lifted me into the air, holding the teddy bear with her other hand.

"This is your new costume, James..."

"What?! You mean... you're gonna put me in there?!"

"Yes! Aren't you excited! Let's try it on, hehe!"

She inserted my legs into the slit she had created. Her grip covered my arms and legs, rendering me unable to resist, not that I would have been able to. Once inside the stuffed bear, I decided to comply, out of sheer terror. I slipped my arms and legs into the appropriate places, while Christine taped up the back so that I couldn't remove the costume. She stuck her finger into the front hole, I felt it caress my already stiff cock. She chuckled, as she tugged on it, and pulled it through the hole. The deed was done. She had effectively turned me into a stuffed bear with a raging boner. Why? I couldn't tell you. But I had a lot of mixed feelings about it...

"Aww! You're so much cuter now. Muah!" She declared, as she pulled me toward her lips and planted a forceful kiss on my new face...
Chapter 11: Goddess Christine by The_Necromanswer
Christine carelessly dropped me to the bed and left the room to fetch some undisclosed items. I still wasn't aware of exactly what she had planned for me, but I figured things couldn't get any worse. In the bear suit, I could barely see through the fur. Christine didn't cut out holes for my eyes. I assumed it was intentional; to leave me blind and even more powerless. However, I was able to see well enough to make out the objects around me.

Across the room, was Christine's vanity. The dresser was about eight feet high. The mirror above the dresser was about ten feet high, almost reaching the ceiling, and equally as wide. The T.V. was bolted to the ceiling, it hung a few feet from the edge of the bed. The doorway to her room, like most doorways, was fourteen feet in height. Even barefoot, she had to duck down a little, upon entering or exiting.

Between the entrance to her room, and her closet, there was a tank suited for a pet reptile. The tank was about five feet high and eight feet wide. It stood atop a wooden frame that was about six feet high. There were no animals in the tank, but there was a bowl full of water. On the other side of the bed was, perhaps, the most peculiar item in her room. It was a model of New York City. The buildings were made of cardboard and were not extremely detailed, but it appeared to have taken quite a long time to create. It took up much of her room, the tallest of the buildings stood about seven feet high.

"Okay, I'm back with some fun stuff!" Christine said excitedly, as she entered the room.

I turned around to face her. I cringed with fear, at the sight of Christine holding a drill in one hand, and a big hook in the other. Draped over her shoulder, was something that looked like a jumprope. She walked over to the closet, opened it, and retrieved a chair. She set the chair in front of the empty wall, next to the vanity. She stood atop the chair and began drilling a screw into the ceiling, to hold the hook in place. Once it was secure, she hung the rope from it and tested the resistance. The rope bounced up and down by the force of her hand, it appeared to be elastic. Once she was content with her creation, she put the chair away and walked over to me.

She slid her hands between her knees, bent down and lowered her face towards me until her cleft chin was in my lap, and my legs lined her lower jaw. She stared into my eyes.

"We are going to have soooo much fun with my new invention, squirt." She said. Her voice sent shivers through my spine which I found oddly pleasing.

Being unusually gentle, she cupped her hands behind me and slowly lifted me as she stood up. With just one hand, she slid my legs into her cleavage until her breasts swallowed all but my face. I noticed that my phone was still betwixt her bosom. She walked over to the rope and stood in front of it, with me secured in her plump melons.

"Do you know what this is for?" She asked, as she played with the end of the rope in her fingertips.

"No." I muttered.

"This is so that we can have fun without having to worry about you getting hurt. With the rope tied around you, you can't fall."

It was odd that she was suddenly concerned for my safety. She had put my life in risk many times already. Of course, I still didn't like the idea of being tied with a rope - but what could I do?

"Tied around me?" I asked, nervously.

"Yup. Haha!" She giggled as she plucked me from her cleavage and began to tie the rope around my torso. Her devious expression was barely visible to me, but her grip was as commanding as ever. I felt the rubber constrict around my waist, as she pulled both ends of the knot. Once the rope was tied around me, she let go and let me hang. I started to sway like a pendulum; her eyes followed me. I hung parallel to the peak of her bosom. She stood just inches from my swinging body. There was about a foot of space between myself and the sheetrock wall behind me. I felt her fingers close around me, encasing everything below my chest. She held me still, but not firmly, allowing me to breathe. My hard cock stood between her middle and ring fingers.

"You've made my dreams come true... munchkin. That's London's nickname for you, isn't it? Seems kind of insulting, which is why I like it. I'm think I'm gonna make it your new name. 'James' is just too formal. I don't think London will mind, since you'll never see her again anyway. Haha! You'll never see Kristi either, or Stefani, or anyone who might take you away from me."

"You don't have to do this, Christine! Please! I'll... I'll dump Kristi, I'll be your boyfriend! Please, just let me be free!"

"That offer might have interested me yesterday. But why would I bargain with you now? You're trapped in here and you fit in the palm of my hand. I can do whatever I want to you, now. You're going to be my little munchkin, forever." She declared, as she opened her palm and poked my stomach, insultingly.

"I don't understand, aren't you a lesbian?! Why do you want me?!"

"It's complicated, munchkin. You see, I always thought I was a lesbian. I always found men repulsive; ever since my disgusting father used to beat me, as a child. Maybe that's where my hatred for men came from... the only male friend I've ever had is your friend, John. I was planning to kidnap John and make him my bitch, but then I met you... I was never really attracted to John. I just, like all women, have a thing for dominating. Maybe my thirst for domination is a little harder to quench than most women. I've only ever had sex with women and, the thing is... they're just not small enough. I need someone that I can really have my way with, someone who can't fight back. Someone... who I can toss around, hold in my hand, squeeze between my tits. Someone who will beg for dear life when I smother them... that's where you come in. Haha! I never thought I would be attracted to a man. I guess I just needed to find one puny enough for me."

"But... I..."

"Just accept it, squirt. There's nothing you can say to change my mind. You're lucky, you know. There's plenty of guys who would kill to be in your position, right now."

"Can you at least get me out of this teddy bear? Why do I have to wear this?!"

"No, you have to wear it. I have a few more fetishes that I don't wanna get into. Let's leave it at that. Any other questions?"

"Umm... what's that?" I asked, motioning my head towards the model of the Manhattan skyline.

"I'm glad you asked! That's for my videos. I have a pretty big following on YouTube and Instagram. My fans call me Goddess Christine. I even have a website where people pay for subscriptions to see my content. Tons of pathetic little men, like you, pay to see me destroy that cardboard city. I set up dolls and action figures on the streets and walk through the city, stepping on them. It's a way for me to simulate a gorgeous giantess stomping through the city, terrorizing the little helpless people. I do other fun stuff in my videos, too, but I always had to use dolls. Now that I have you, I can make much better videos. My fans are gonna love you! Well, they'll mostly love how I humiliate you, but - same thing. Haha!"

She pulled my phone from her cleavage and held it in front of me.

"Unlock it." She ordered

I typed in the passcode, shaking with hesitation. She accessed the settings, struggling to use such a small phone with her giant fingers. Out of frustration, she turned the phone towards me.

"Type your passcode in again so I can change it." She ordered. "I can't type on this tiny piece of shit! So, you're gonna type in a new passcode without looking; I'm gonna cover your eyes." She explained.

Her palm covered my entire face and her fingers wrapped around my head. I typed in four random numbers while she covered my vision. She now had total control of my phone, although, she could hardly even use it. She tossed it onto the bed. My only access to the outside world was now inaccessible to me..

Her thumb pressed down on my chest and her fingers clenched my body. I watched as her lips formed a toothy grin. She was as beautiful as she was deadly. Alas, I could hardly enjoy the view through the fabric. My hard cock throbbed between her fingertips as they compressed me.

"Let's give it a test run."

My view of her face was gradually covered by her breasts as she pulled me downward. I kicked my legs in subordination. I wanted to beg her to stop, but I couldn't get the words out. With me parallel to her navel, she paused.

"Aww. Haha! Don't worry, munchkin. I'll go easy... this time."

She flicked the center of the rope with her index finger, inspecting the tension. I watched the rope shake feverishly, waiting for it to stop.

"Weeeeee!" Christine yelled, as she opened her palm and launched me into the air.

I felt the skin on my face peel back, with my mouth locked open. My dick slammed into my chest; my arms and legs were pulled back as I hurled towards the ceiling. I only reached the height of her chin before gravity caused me to flip forwards and pulled me back down. The free-fall made my scrotum tingle for a moment, until Christine's open palm broke my fall.

"See, that wasn't so bad!!" Christine exclaimed, as she took hold of me.

It wasn't so bad, but I was sure things would get worse. But before things got worse, they were about to get better. Christine pulled me towards her, forcing my entire body between her ample breasts, as she hugged me with authority.

"Mmmmm. Hehehe! You're poking me, munchkin." She told me, while she throttled my frail body.

Her grip tightened, as she raised me towards her face. My feet hovered in front of her chin, she stared at my pulsating boner. She raised her other hand to me, and with her index finger, she touched the underside of my shaft, right where it meets the scrotum. I began to shiver with pleasure. She slowly grazed the underside of my shaft, until she reached the tip, coercing a few drops of cum from my penis.

"Uhh... ahh... Ahh!" I exclaimed, trying to keep myself from exploding in her face.

"Hehe! I guess I'm already a pro at this, huh?"

My dick continued to throb between her fingers. Drenched in sweat, I panted heavily. She revealed her teeth as she slowly opened her mouth. Her tongue poked through and crept towards me. The tip of my dick sat on her tongue, as her lips surrounded my shaft. My legs buckled and I let out a grunt, as I shot a load of cum into her mouth. She quickly pulled my penis from her mouth and looked at me, in disgust.

"Yuck!" Christine said, after spitting the cum onto my teddy bear suit.

"I'm sorry! You made me do it! I... I didn't mean to!" I pleaded.

"You could've at least said something..."

Her fingers covered my view as she throttled me with both hands. From pinky to pinky, her hands stretched from my eyes to my knees. Her fists tightened, as she pulled downward until I was level with her crotch.

"Next time, tell me you're about to cum... little shit."

Upon the completion of her sentence, she removed her hands from me.

"NOOOO!!" I screamed, as she sent me flying into the ceiling. The collision rendered me unconscious. She let me hang there...

I regained consciousness sometime later. My legs had gone completely numb from the rope around my waist. Christine was lying on her bed; wearing only a bra and panties. She lied on her back with her legs crossed, watching T.V.

"Oh, you're finally awake." She said, as she stood up and walked towards me.

She stared at me, intently. I cringed, waiting for her to grab me. She didn't. She reached her hand into her cleavage and pulled out my phone; it looked extremely small in her fingers. She turned the screen towards me, revealing the picture of her ass that I had taken a few weeks prior. The room suddenly felt colder. Impending terror surged through my bones.

"Can you explain this, munchkin? She asked.

"I... uhh... it was..." I stammered, as her hand slowly crept towards me. "I just... I didn't... hmph!" Her fingers closed around my torso, cutting me off mid-sentence.

"Don't worry, squirt. I'm not mad. Luckily for you, a lot of my fans would love to see me smother a tiny midget with my bare ass. Would you like that, munchkin?


"I said..." Her grip closed tighter. "....would you like that... munchkin.?"

I nodded.

"Okay! Haha! So, here's what we're gonna do..." She stated, as she walked towards her dresser.

She opened the top drawer and retrieved a container. It was longer than me, and big enough for me to fit inside. She opened the lid and pulled out a bunch of tiny cameras; six in total. Each of them was fixed with a velcro strap that covered most of the screen, but allowed for versatility of placement.

"I use these to record my videos. I like to get lots of different camera angles. And they're so small, even you can work them!" She explained.

"Is it gonna hurt?" I asked.

"It won't hurt me at all. Haha!"

She walked over to me, holding one of the cameras. I was still exhausted from her previous antics, and my legs were still numb.

"Hmm..." She pondered. "I guess we can take off the bear suit for this one; I want people to see your facial expressions while I crush you. Hehe!" She declared, as she poked my stomach, condescendingly.

She slipped her palm under my feet and pushed up to release the tension from the rope. I lost my balance and fell backward as she took me in her palm; she snickered at my
misfortune. Her fingers tickled my crotch while she undid the knot around my waist. Once I was free from the rope, she ripped the tape from the back of the teddy bear suit. Her nails caressed my back as she slipped her hand inside. Her cold touch sent a shiver down my spine. She maneuvered my body out of the suit, carefully, making sure not to stretch the hole. I breathed heavily, finally freed and able to fill my lungs. She clamped her right hand around me and tried to stand me up in her left; I immediately fell to my knees.

"Haha! What happened? You can't stand up?"

"The rope was cutting off my circulation." I informed her.

"Oh. Well, you better pull yourself together because we have things to do."

Once again, she attempted to stand me upon her hand. Once again, I fell to my knees.

"Stand up! You're just being dramatic; I only had you tied for three hours!"

I pressed both of my hands against her palm and tried to lift myself up. My legs wobbled fiercely as I slowly lifted my hands to my sides. Out of sheer will, I managed to stand for a short moment, until I collapsed for the final time.

Before I could flinch, she imposed her grip, covering my eyes with her index finger; her thumb held my head still. Her middle finger covered my mouth and held my lips closed. My elbows were pinned uncomfortably to my chest, subjected to the pressure of her ring finger. My legs dangled freely underneath her possession. I kicked feverishly, trying to regain mobility in them.

"I want you fully naked for this..." She stated.

I felt her fingernail scratch my neck as she slipped her finger into my shirt. With one yank of her index finger, she effortlessly tore the shirt from my body.

She finally removed her hand from my face and I could see again. Next, she strapped one of the cameras to my chest, wrapping the velcro around me.

"This is the most important camera, squirt. I'm trusting you to do a good job. The buttons are on the side of the camera. All you have to do is click record before each scene, and click stop when the scene is over. Got it?"

"Yes, Christine." I answered.

"Oh. One more thing... don't call me Christine. I'm not your friend or you're girlfriend; I'm your owner. You can call me Ms. Ispolin."

"Okay." I muttered.

"Say it! I wanna hear you say it. Haha!"

"Ms. Ispolin."

"Good boy." She said, as she touched my nose.

She laid me down on the bed, on my back, moving slowly and carefully. She was probably more concerned about the camera than me. She unclipped her bra and slipped off her panties. I gawked at her decadent, nude body, as she continued setting up for the video.

She kneeled down to the floor. There was a long, thin slit in the hardwood floor. She placed a hand on each end of the five-foot long slit, and lifted upwards, revealing a glass wall. The wall stood nearly as tall as herself, a couple of feet in front of the rope she had just installed. She kneeled down again and fastened two latches to the bottom of the glass, to keep it in place. I had no idea what the purpose of the glass was, but it seemed very odd. She grabbed the side of the glass and made it wiggle; it was flexible. Next, she placed a camera on a shelf that stood behind the glass, about a foot shorter than the height of her ass. She placed another camera on the shelf above it, which was level with the height of her chest. Then, she placed a camera on each of her palms, strapped around her hand.

"Hmm... I think that's all the angles we'll need. Are you ready, squirt?"

I stared at her without saying a word.

"I'll take that as a yes." She stated. "Stay just like that - don't move. I'm gonna set this camera over here so we get a side view... okay. We're ready to record the first scene!"

She extended her index finger and stretched her arm towards me. I tensed up, preparing to be captured. To my relief, she clicked the record button on the camera strapped to my chest, and retracted her finger. She initiated recording on the other cameras while I waited to be obliterated.

"Here we go! Hehe!" Christine declared, joyfully.

She kept her eyes on me, peering from the side of them as she turned her lower body towards me. She dropped her hands to her sides, with her palms facing me, recording my defenseless body. Her giant butt crept towards me, slowly. I kept my arms out and hands open, as if ready to catch her massive cheeks; I didn't bother trying to move. She haulted.

"Don't just lay there! Move your arms and legs around; look scared! I'm about to flatten you into a little pancake! Scream like you're about to die! Try again."

This time, she bounced on her heels to make her butt jiggle, before sending it towards me. Exhibiting impressive control of her posterior muscles, she continued to gyrate her plentiful cheeks as they approached me.

"NOOOOOO!!!" I yelled, insincerely. She laughed at my pathetic, squeaky voice.

My limbs were consumed by the meat of her booty, as the entirety of my torso became impacted by her crack. I let out muffled screams as she suffocated me. After five seconds, the insincere screams turned into authentic fear. Just then, a strong wind pushed my hair back; the vibration deafened me, as Christine let out a thunderous fart. She stood back up, with me glued to her ass. I fell to the bed, panting heavily, and hard as a rock. I pressed the Stop button.

"See, that wasn't so bad! Sorry about the fart, some of my fans are into that. Haha! Turn the camera back on; I want it to see me pick you up!"

I did as she said. She cupped her palms and slipped them underneath me, with her thumbs pressed firmly against my pectorals. She reached around my back, undid the velcro and removed the camera from me. She clutched her left hand around me, giggling as she squeezed me like a stress ball. With her right hand, she reached into her container and pulled out a roll of duct tape. I shivered uncontrollably, as she opened her grip and slammed me against the glass. My hard cock was pinned between myself and the glass wall; the tip almost reached my face. She stuck the duct tape to the glass and pulled it over my back. She pressed two fingers into my back, to make sure I wouldn't fall, as she stretched another piece of duct tape over my legs. She slowly removed her hands, making sure that the tape would hold. It did. It only took two measly pieces of tape to trap my 23-inch, 12 pound frame. Before me, stood 170 inches and 2300 pounds of irresistible, impending doom.

"Umm... what's happening in this scene?" I asked, relictantly. It was hard to speak with my faced mushed against the glass.

"What do you think, munchkin? I'm gonna smother you again, duh! The purpose of the plexiglass is just so that people will be able to see your face while I crush you. It's not going to shatter or anything."

That provided me with some relief, but not much. Even if it wasn't her intention to kill me, it could easily happen by accident.

She ran her finger across my body, from the back of my head down to my bare rear, as the camera recorded my visible fear. She pinched my ass between her fingers and chuckled.

"Owwww!" I cried.

"Hehe! Calm down, squirt. Here, hold this camera next to your head so you can record my butt." She ordered, as she attempted to place the camera on my shoulder.

"I can't." I told her. "It's too big, I can't hold it with one hand."

"You're pathetic, squirt. I guess I'll set up the tripod for this one."

She walked to her closet and fetched the tripod. I could hear the subtle sound of the duck tape, starting to peel from the glass. My dick went soft, but probably not for long. She set up the tripod adjacent to me, in order to capture a side view. The camera stood level to my imprisonment. She pressed the Record button on all of the cameras; her butt jiggled fiercely with each of her stomps.

"I think the tape is coming off." I told her, in a concerned tone.

"That's okay. I'm gonna be pushing against you pretty hard, that should help keep the tape up." She assured me.

She stood in front of the glass and bowed her head toward me. She blew a soft gust of wind into my ear that sent a tingle to the back of my neck; my erection returned. She stood back up and turned around.

"Here we go, munchkin!"

I looked forward at the cameras, waiting for Christine to pummel me. Her mighty butt casted a shadow over me; I started to sweat. I pushed the glass with my hands and prepared for impact. BOOM! The glass bent with the force of her slam. I let out a yelp, as her cheeks pounded the glass and her crack condensed my shoulders. My dick throbbed, sandwiched by my torso. My face pressed firmly against the glass; I couldn't even move my mouth.

"I've shat turds bigger than you, munchkin. Haha!" She remarked.

After a few more seconds, she finally pulled her butt from the glass. I swayed back and forth, with the glass, as it returned to it's idle position. Before I could regroup, her whirling cheeks pounded the glass again. BOOM! This time, she compressed my entire entity, with only her left cheek.

"Just one cheek covers your whole body! It's so funny! Haha!"

She pulled her ass from me again, I tried to keep my muscles tense. With all the blood rushing to my dick, I started to feel dizzy. Then, BOOM! Even more powerfully than the previous times, her cheeks crashed into me again. They collided with the glass multiple times, in succession. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! She alternated cheeks as they pulverized me in a chain of compressions, draining the life from my body. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Between the collisions, I grabbed my dick. BOOM! I tried to force myself to climax, but couldn't; the glass was too uncomfortable. BOOM! I didn't have the energy anyway. After what felt like hours, she finally gave me a break. She walked to the shelves and clicked the Stop button on the cameras. Exhausted and delirious, I waited for her to turn her attention towards me. My boner went soft out of fatigue, yet, Christine hadn't even broken a sweat yet.

"Okay squirt, this scene will be a little more fun for you." She assured me, as she ripped a new piece of tape.

She pinched my head with two fingers as she removed the tape from the glass. She flipped my body to face her and applied the first piece of new tape to my chest. She patted it with her fingers, evaluating its hold. I felt a stir in my loins while I stared at her perfect smile. She applied the second piece of tape to my legs, followed by a flurry of forceful pokes to my stomach with her index fingers, which amused her. She handed me a camera.

"Now you have two hands to hold the camera with. Don't drop it or you get the squeeze! Haha!"

I took the camera. Though Christine was able to hold it between her fingers, it spanned as wide as my chest, and I struggled with the weight.

"It's still kind of heavy. Couldn't you just undo the tape and put the velcro around me, and they put the tape back?"

"Hmm... I could. But I'd rather have you struggle with it. Hehe! Now, hush up. We're gonna start recording again.

She initiated the recording and assumed her position in front of me. This time, she faced me. I hung there, plastered to the glass, level with plump lips of her vagina. She dropped to her knees. I watched, with anticipation, as her stiff nipples moved closer to my entrapment. While kneeling, her ample breasts pushed against every part of my body below my neck. Her gorgeous face loomed over me. My current view included only her stupendous jugs, her neck, and her phenomenally sculpted, square jaw. She grabbed the backside of the glass, allowing her to push her breasts into my body with even more force. She held me there for a moment, emitting a soft grunt. My dick started to grow, trapped inside her moist cleavage. By the noticeable rise in her body temperature, it seemed she was beginning to get aroused. She moved her hands to sides of boobs and grabbed a hold of them. She squeezed them together as they molded around my shaft. She pulled backwards, gradually, as her breasts slid down my penis, reluctantly forfeiting their hold of me. Overwhelmed by her sexuality, I bobbled the camera. My life flashed before my eyes as it slipped from my hands. Luckily, I managed to grab it before it fell.

"Good catch, squirt. That would have been really baaaad for you."

"Are we done?" I asked, nervously.

"Nope!" She responded, gleefully.

She whipped her hair from side to side, as her breasts jiggled feverishly; putting on a show for the camera. My dick continued pulsating. Suddenly, she pressed her index fingers into my cheeks and pushed my lips together, holding her palms away from me so that the cameras could catch the view. She closed her eyes and puckered her lips.


My toes began to curl as her lips gently made contact with my face. Next, she applied her tongue to my skin and coated my entire face in saliva with one lick. She giggled at my pathetic existence, before pleasuring me with the embrace of her lips again.


She kissed me repeatedly, progressively moving down my body until she reached my naval.

"Muah! Muah! Muah!"

She poked my bellybutton with her tongue, then moved it downwards across my pelvis, to the base of my penis. My body shook with satisfaction, as her tongue moved to the back of my scrotum, up to my shaft, and along my shaft until it reached the tip. I was almost ready to bust. Without warning, she stood up to her full height and presented me with her booming posterior. She looked back at me.

"At least you get to face my butt this time." She consoled me, insincerely. "Don't drop that camera, munchkin."

She leaned her upper body forward, and began to twerk. I watched the emphatic movements of her ass, in awe. It almost seemed as if it was happening in slow-motion. Her formidable cheeks flopped about, gyrating vigorously as they careened into each other. In the midst of her glorious movement, she thrusted backwards. BOOM! Her beefy cheeks clobbered me, stealing the air from my lungs. With unequivocal dominance, she slid her butt across the glass, causing a loud screech. Her powerful movement lessened the integrity of the duct tape. I tried to focus on holding the camera, but her savage eroticism made it difficult.

She retracted her butt from my body for a moment. Immediately, the left side of both pieces of tape lost their grip of the mirror. My body swung forward. I held onto the camera for dear life, as the tape forced me to flip around. My face hit the glass. BOOM! Christine's monstrous cheek devoured me. Much like before, she unleashed a relentless barrage of posterior thrusts. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! After a short pause, she mercilessly slid her ass to the left and, unintentionally, separated me from the tape. The force of her butt was the only thing keeping me from falling. Like a knife smearing butter, she slid her buns to the right, as my dick skidded across the glass. SCREECH!

"MS. ISPOLIN!!!" I screamed.

"Huh?" She asked, confused, as she peeled her giant fanny from the plexiglass.

I tried to grab ahold of her cheek, but I needed both hands to hold onto the camera. I plummeted towards the ground. At the last second, her heel made contact with my stomach and redirected my upwards. I zoomed through the air, to the height of her face. Still holding on to the camera, I looked into Christine's eyes with despair, as gravity began to pull me back down. She reached her arm out and grabbed me. I felt oddly relieved to be in the possession of her clammy palm. Her fingers pressed my hard cock into my chest. She quickly pulled me towards her lips, and kissed my face.

"Good job, Munchkin! You held on to the camera! I'm so proud of you! Hehe!"

"I'm about to cum!" I told her, frantically.

Without hesitation, she shoved me between her soft, sweaty melons. My body quivered with bliss, as I exploded upon impact. My muscles went limp and I closed my eyes. I felt her thumb creep across my chest and press against my right pectoral. Deciding to use me as a rag, she wiped her body with mine, removing the cum from her cleavage.

"Keep recording!" She ordered.

The camera was getting very difficult to hold. It felt twice as heavy as it did before Christine began to smite me with a bombardment of lustful blows. My arms shook while I held it. She could have held the camera against me with one finger, but she'd rather see me struggle. The cum dripped from my face.

She grabbed the end of the rope with her right hand as I laid in her left palm. She moved her index finger and thumb to the sides of my head as she wrapped the rope around my waist.

"This will be the last scene of the video, squirt. It's a special request from one of my fans. He probably expected me to do the scene with a doll. I'm sure he'll be very happy to see a teeny, tiny munchkin man sucking the milk from tits. Haha!"
Chapter 12: Taking Christine's Virginity by The_Necromanswer
Christine wrapped the rope around my waist and gave me a soft toss. I swung back and forth for a moment while she smiled. She placed her palm in the path of my swinging, and clenched her fist around me. Since I wasn't taped to the glass anymore, she was able to strap the camera to me. She slipped the velcro under my armpits and strapped them together behind my back. She also fastened velcro around her neck for another camera. It sat just above her collar bone, pitched downward.

"So, you're just gonna breastfeed me and then the video is over?" I asked.

"Yup... you sound a little disappointed?" She replied.

"I just thought you'd want to do more."

"We will do plenty more, munchkin. This is just one video. I do a new video every day. Haha!"

"Are you gonna fling me into the ceiling again? It really hurt last time..."

"Aww. Haha! I'll make you a deal - if you do a good job on this scene, I won't hurt you for the rest of the day."

"How do I do a good job?" I asked

"Umm... I don't know. Just don't piss me off and you'll live. Haha!"

"Do you think I could have a towel? I want to wipe this cum off."

"No. You can clean up afterwards. Maybe you should learn to control yourself around me, and not make a mess! Hehe!"

She held me like a baseball and chucked me over the tall glass wall. My black slammed into the other side. The tension released and I was pulled backwards, until her palm surrounded me, covering my torso. Her pinky finger laid just under my scrotum. She clicked the Record button.

Her right palm held me in place while her thumb and index finger squeezed the sides of my head. She slowly sent her left breast towards my face, as she lined up her nipple with my mouth. Her nipple stood erect, and her breast was warm with perspiration. It began to lactate as she inserted it into my mouth. I stretched my arms and legs over her breast, and held it tightly, as it squished me and pushed my back into the plexiglass. She moved her index and thumb, from the sides of my head, to the corners of my mouth. She pinched my cheeks together and forcibly held my mouth open. Her areolae covered my face, I tasted her nipple on my tongue.

"Suck it." She ordered.

I closed my lips around her erect nipple. She thrusted it towards me, repeatedly, as a stream of luke warm milk shot into my mouth and down my throat. Christine pulled her nipple from my mouth, while the milk poured out and soaked my body. I dangled by the rope as I watched the milk drip down her breast. My dick was still soft, due to exhaustion.

"What's wrong, Squirt? Is this not turning you on?" She questioned.

"I'm too drained. I need a break. Please, Ms. Ispolin."

"No breaks until we're done. Maybe gravity will help you bust."

She pinched my legs between her index finger and thumb, pushing my knees together. She flipped my body, with ease, and dangled me upside-down. She pushed my back against the glass wall and sent her soft, milky breast towards me. Her nipple filled my mouth as her breast forced me into the glass. My legs laid over the top of her breast and my arms hung freely. Cum and milk dripped from me. She thrusted her breast, vigorously, plowing me into the glass as milk squirted from her nipple. She thrusted harder and harder, becoming frustrated with my inability to get erect.

"HURRY... UP... AND... BUST!!" She said, as she slammed her plump breast into me with each word."

She continued thrusting her breast until the milk finally stopped pouring out it. I was soaked, and still flaccid. Her clammy palm surrounded me; she squeezed me out of frustration. I kicked my feet and shook my head, the pressure of her hand left me breathless. Finally, she eased her grip. I panted heavily for a few seconds.

"I'm sorry... I just can't do it. I need a break."

"Fine. I have something that'll make you stand up longer than ever." She stated.

I watched, full of worry, as she walked to her nightstand and opened the bottom drawer. She pulled out a blue pill and walked over to me. She stuck the pill between her teeth and cracked it.

"I don't know what the right dosage would be for someone your size. I'll just give you a piece for now and we'll see what happens. Open up!"

I opened my mouth and Christine shoved the pill inside. She held my jaw closed until I swallowed it.

"Umm... can I ask what that was?" I questioned.

"Don't worry, squirt. It was just a Viagra. It'll take a little while for it to kick in. But once it does, you'll be hard for hours. I'm gonna go get some food." She said, as she began to walk away.

"Wait!" I yelled.

"What, squirt?"

"Can I come? I'm starving."

She wrapped her hand around me and gave my body a tight clamp.

"I'm going outside. You don't get to go outside. I'll feed you later." She stated, as loosened her grip and let go. I bounced by the pull of the rope as I swung back and forth.

"Haha!" She laughed, as she exited the room.

After thirty minutes, the Viagra started to affect me. My dick stood up, hard as a rock. A hunger for sexual lust overcame my entity. I suddenly needed Christine. I needed her to grab me and pulverize me. Her buxom body personified sexual allure and comprised my every desire.

Finally, she entered the room. My heart began to beat rapidly, my testicles were ready to burst.

"Haha!" She snickered, as she approached me. "I guess you're ready to finish the video."

She turned all the cameras on and stood in front of me. She flicked my stomach with her fingers and propelled me into the glass wall. The back of my head banged again the glass, just before her left breast crashed into me and covered my body. Her hard nipple poked me in the stomach and my dick pressed into her boob. She slipped her finger under my shaft and lifted it upwards until it slammed into my chest. She held the other side of the wall with her palm, as she pressed her breast against me. She moved it in a circular motion, while my back scraped against the glass. My dick throbbed fervently, under the pressure of her superb rack. I only had seconds left before explosion. She separated her breast from me. My heart pounded as I gasped for air.

She smiled at me as she took a breast in each hand and pulled them apart from each other. Her moist cleavage approached my swinging body.

"Ms. Ispolin! I'm... I'm gonna... I'm gonna..." I stammered, trying to warn her that I was going to climax.

She plowed her breasts into the glass and squeezed them together as her cleavage swallowed me. My legs buckled from the immense arousal, as a stream of semen shot from my penis onto the underside of her mandible. She let go of her titties and I fell from them.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" I apologized frantically, as I bounced with the movement of the rope.

She clenched my body with one hand and wiped the semen from her neck with the other.

"I'll let that one slide." She stated. "I don't want to knock you out right now, we have more to do."


"Yup. Mandy is coming over. Her and I are going to make a video together, so we have to get the bear suit back on you. Haha!"

"But I thought you said none of your friends knew about your videos?"

"She doesn't. But I'm gonna tell her. Her and I have sex occasionally, so I'm sure she'll be into it. And as far as she'll know, you're just some kind of teddy bear dildo. Haha!"

"Okay." I said, reluctantly.

"Okay? Aren't you going to beg for your freedom or something?"

"There's no point. You're gonna do what you want with me... and I accept it."

"Good boy, munchkin! Now, I just have one rule for our threesome... DO NOT cum on Mandy. I can't have her knowing that it's you inside the bear suit. If she finds out, there will be consequences."

"But... I can't really control it. You're both so beautiful... I'm bound to cum."

"Well, I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get to it! Haha! Now, let's get you into the bear suit."

She slipped my feet into the teddy bear, followed by my arms and torso. This time, instead of taping up the back, she fetched a needle and thread and sewed it up. She really didn't want Mandy to find out about her toy-sized hostage. After trapping me inside the suit, she dropped me into the top drawer of her nightstand.

"Mandy just texted me. She'll be here in ten minutes. I'll let you out when we start the video." She assured me, as she closed the drawer.

It didn't seem necessary for her to lock me in the drawer but I wasn't going to question it. Other than the moments of absolute peril, I was beginning to enjoy being her sex slave. Adding Mandy to the equation could only add to my enjoyment, I hoped. Though she was the youngest, I considered Mandy to be the prettiest of all the girls. In the real world, I'd have no shot of hooking up with Mandy, it'd also be completely illegal. But in Christine's fantasy world, where I was nothing but a teddy bear dildo, my sexual pleasure was practically required.

Due to the teddy suit sticking to my skin and the lack of oxygen in the small drawer, I began to sweat. Perhaps my fear of being abrogated by Christine could have been a contributing factor to the sweating, as well. Knowing Christine, I assumed she would do everything in her power to make me cum on Mandy, and then punish me for it. I decided to close my eyes and try to relax. I quickly dozed off into sleep.

I was awakened some time later by the sound of Mandy's high-pitched voice. My boner was still raging with anticipation.

"Oh my god! You really think this video will make us internet stars?!" Mandy asked.

"Well, you... it'll make you an internet star. I already am one. Haha!" Christine clarified.

"Well, where's this teddy bear dildo thing?!" Mandy pondered excitedly.

"It's right in that drawer. Let me just start all the cameras before I take it out."

"I can't believe your fans are really turned on by this stuff. Well, not the two naked girls part, but the part about the teddy bear getting raped is kinda weird to me. Haha!"

"Yeah. A lot of my fans are weird. But as long as they pay for the subscription, I'll give 'em what they want. I'll edit in some screaming sounds afterwards to make it seem like the teddy bear is alive - they'll love that." Christine explained.

"So what do I do. Where do you want me?"

"Just lie down on the bed, on your back."

"Okay." Mandy conformed.

Christine pulled the drawer open. I was covered in sweat and partly delirious. I opened my eyes and looked up at her gorgeous, smiling face. Her long, brown hair was fixed into a ponytail. She had a camera strapped around her neck, pitched downward toward her bosom. She slipped her fingers behind my back and pressed her thumbs into my chest as she lifted me out of the drawer. She had two more cameras strapped around each of her palms.

She carried me over to the bed where Mandy laid. Mandy had cameras attached to her in the same fashion as Christine. Her bright red hair was also tied back into a ponytail; her lipstick and nails both matched her hair. There were also two tripods set up, one at each side of the bed.

Mandy, as well as Christine, was completely naked. Her body was absolutely perfect. She was astonishingly beautiful for such an incredibly young girl. Ironically, despite the fact that I could stand in the palm of her hand, sex with her would still be considered statutory rape. Regardless, it was going to happen. I just had to hope that no one would ever find out...

Christine handed me to Mandy, and proceeded to kneel over her, with her knees surrounding Mandy's hips. Mandy grasped me with both hands. She held me over her plentiful rack while she stared at me.

"Oh my god! Haha! It looks so real!" She noted, as she scraped the underside of my shaft with her fingernail. "It's weird, but it kind of reminds me of James. They're about the same size."

"It's funny that you say that because I actually named him James! Haha!" Christine informed her.

"Hi, little James!" Mandy said, sweetly, as she poked my furry nose. "So... what do we do now?"

Suddenly, Christine slapped her hand against my back and pushed me into Mandy's bosom.

"Oop! Haha!" Mandy reacted.

Christine held me pinned to Mandy's chest, while Mandy pushed her breasts towards me and squished me between them. Christine removed her hand from my back and slipped her tongue into Mandy's mouth while Mandy held me trapped. I heard the sounds of their emphatic kissing; my boner continued to rage.

"Flip James around." Christine ordered.

Mandy slipped her thumb under my stomach and effortlessly turned me onto my back, as my dick slid across Christine's breast. She grabbed Mandy's face with both hands and dropped her chest towards Mandy's. She thrusted her bosom up and down, against Mandy's, while they continued to make out. I rubbed my dick up and down, pinned between my chest and her cleavage, already dying for release. After about thirty seconds, Christine lifted her chest from Mandy's and returned to her kneeled stance. She placed her hands on the mattress and pulled herself forwards until her crotch was above Mandy's bosom. Then, she snatched me from Mandy's cleavage and slapped me against her dripping pussy.

"Bite his butt." Christine ordered.

"Okay! Haha!" Mandy complied.

Christine moved her hand from my back as Mandy held me pinned to it with her face. I felt her teeth clamp down on my butt. I gritted my teeth and kicked my feet in agony, trying to keep from screaming. Christine grabbed the back of Mandy's head and pushed it towards her pussy, constricting me as she laughed at my pain. Finally, she removed her hands from the back of Mandy's head and Mandy stopped biting. I fell from between Christine's thighs, back into the sanctity of Mandy's bosom.

"Squish him!" Christine directed Mandy. "Cover his whole body so that only his dick is sticking out from your tits. Haha!"

Mandy followed orders and fastened her breasts around my tiny body. Like two walls closing in on me, her breasts formed around me until I could see nothing but her skin. My feet poked out from the bottom of her cleavage, and the tip of my penis stuck out from above them.

"Hold on tight, Mandy! Our little bear is about to lose his virginity! Haha!"

I stood perfectly still, not that I was able to move, anyway. I felt something soft and warm surround my penis; it was Christine's pussy. With me now attached to her, Christine bounced up and down, atop Mandy's bountiful rack.

"Uhhh! Yes! YES!!" Christine exclaimed, as she forcibly raped me.

My dick continued to pulsate with satisfaction. Almost immediately, Christine climaxed. Her cum showered my penis and Mandy's bosom. I felt it seep through Mandy's cleavage as it drenched my bear suit. Before I could climax, she slowly slipped her vagina from my shaft. I watched as her fingers crept between Mandy's breasts and surrounded me. She plucked me from Mandy's cleavage and lifted me to the height of her face. She looked at me for a second, before passionately closing her lips around my cock. She swiped the underside of my testicles with her tongue and slowly slid her tongue along my shaft. My entire body began to tingle with pleasure. She gradually moved her lips down the length of my cock until it was free. Then, she turned me around and slammed my backside against her bosom.

Mandy sat up until her face was level with me. She grabbed Christine's breasts, one in each hand, and pushed them together until they consumed my legs and torso. Everything but my face and the tip of my penis was covered. I gazed at her perfectly symmetrical face. There wasn't a single part of it that wasn't perfect. Her intoxicating eyes, her broad cheekbones, her plump lips, her sharp jawline - it was all impeccable. With her eyes closed and mouth agate, she moved her face in my direction. With every fiber of my being, I tried to suppress my inevitable explosion. Alas, I failed.

Before she could even purse her lips to kiss me, I unloaded my white stream into her mouth. She paused and opened her eyes.

"What the fuck?! Ptui!" She spat the cum onto the mattress.

She let go of Christine's breasts and I fell onto her lap. I scrambled to my feet and tried to run away. Before I could gather myself, she spread her legs apart and I fell between them. Christine moved from atop her and stood at the side of the bed. I looked up at Mandy's stunning face and robust bosom. Her hand swooped down and approached me, quickly, until it was all I could see. With her middle finger over my head, her index and ring ringers draped over my shoulders, and her pinky and thumb wrapped around my back, she lifted me into the air. She looked at Christine.

"James is in there, isn't he?" Mandy asked.

"Wha... no... you mean, James the bear? Yeah, the bear's name is James."

"He just came in my mouth, Christine!"

"Oh, that! Yeah... that's uh... a special feature! It's to make it more realistic."

"Oh, really? I'll see about that..."

Mandy turned me around to face her. She clamped her fingers around my penis and gave it a tight squeeze.

"OWWW!! PLEASE, STOP!!" I yelled.

Chapter 13: London's Gift by The_Necromanswer
Mandy rammed me into her chest, between her mammoth breasts. I yelped, due to the force of her pull. She pressed her palms against my back and cradled me, protectively, as she scolded Christine.

"You can't do this to him! He's human! I know he's little, but that doesn't give you the right to torture him!" Mandy exclaimed.

"Torture?! He's busted his nut like four times today! He should be thankful!" Christine responded.

"No, Christine! You've gone too far this time! I could call the cops and have you arrested for kidnapping!"

"No, no, no! Mandy!" Christine pleaded. "Just listen to me!"

I felt Christine's breasts press against my back as I became squished between both of their chests. She placed her hands on the sides of Mandy's face and asserted her tongue into Mandy's mouth. They kissed, passionately, for a few seconds. My dick, still hard as ever, stood propped against my torso, smothered between Mandy's bosom. She tightened her grip around me and pulled me from between their bodies. She dropped me onto the bed and I fell into the cup of her bra, which laid on the mattress. Our of curiosity, I glanced at the cup size - 82H. '82' referred to the distance around her chest. It was a rather small circumference, in relation to her large cup size. 'H' meant that the peak of her breasts stood a whopping 18-19 inches from the base of her chest. At only fifteen years old, her bra size was truly remarkable. I sat in the cup of her bra and waited for one of the girls to return their attention to me.

"You can't tell anyone about this, Mandy." Christine continued. "Just think of it as if I'm doing him a favor. Kristi is so plain and average. But I've got it all... you know this. James will never find another girl like me. And plus, Stefani is batshit crazy. Did you know she forced James to work in her salon?! It's not safe for him, out there in the real world. He's safe here, with me. So... you can go alert the police, if you want. You can get me sent to jail. But you'll ruin our friendship, our relationship, and James's new, wonderful life in the process. Or, you can keep this to yourself and you can be part of the fun."

Mandy turned and faced me. She leaned over and lowered her hands toward me. I stretched my arms out and welcomed her grip as her fingers wrapped around my back. She pressed her thumbs into my chest and lifted me up to her face.

"Is this... is this what you want James?" She asked.

It was a difficult question to answer. Of course, I loved the idea of being able to have sex with two gorgeous girls, whenever they wanted. However, I also would like to have my freedom. The idea of not having to work also intrigued me. But that would mean I'd have to rely on these two immature girls to take proper care of me. I knew that Christine would stop at nothing to have her way. She would brainwash Mandy to be okay with my fate, just like she brainwashed her to throw me like a football at the beach. She not only had complete control over me, but Mandy as well. If I told Mandy that I wasn't okay with the arrangement, it would only anger Christine and prompt her to hold Many captive as well, or worse. Of course, looking at Mandy's beautiful face, staring into her captivating eyes - it wasn't a difficult decision.

"Yes. This is what I want..." I told her.

"See! I told you! Haha!" Christine remarked.

"Can I come out of the bear suit now?"

"Of course you can, baby." Mandy responded in a comforting tone, as she flipped me around to reveal the stitching.

"Ugh, fine. I guess he can come out for a while." Christine said. "Let me get a pair of scissors."

Christine fetched the scissors and motioned her hand, for Mandy to pass me to her. Mandy placed me in Christine's palm. She slid the scissors across the stitching. I felt her hand clamp around me as she pulled me out of the teddy bear.

"Wait!" Mandy exclaimed. "What about Kristi? She's already looking for him!"

"So what? We're the only ones who know. As long as you don't tell her, she'll never know. Just keep quiet about it and you can come over whenever you want to play with him. You're my best friend, Mandy. I hope I can trust you..."

"I won't tell anyone... as long as you take good care of James and treat him with some dignity."

"Okay. I'll be nice to him... except when we're making a video. I've got to dominate and abuse him in the videos because that's what my fans want. He likes it anyway. Haha. Right, squirt?" Christine asked, as she turned me to face her.

I nodded feverishly, without hesitation. She pulled me towards her mouth and forced me to yelp, as her lips collided with my stomach.

"Muah! That's my little munchkin!"

"Do you have clothes for him?" Mandy inquired.

"What does he need clothes for? It's not like anyone is going to see him. He can just stay naked."

"No, Christine! You just agreed to treat him with dignity. Now, let's go to the baby store and see if we can find any clothes that'll be small enough for him."

"Ugh, fine." Christine complied.

Christine set me down on her bed. Mandy turned the television on handed me the remote, followed by a poke at my nose with her index finger.

"We'll be back soon, sweetheart." She assured me.

Over the next few weeks, Christine continued to sexually dominate and abuse me for the entertainment of her fans. Between adding a real, live infant-sized man to her videos, as well as another stunning girl, Christine was quickly rising to internet stardom. Before she kidnapped me her videos typically saw an average of 20,000 views. By adding me and Mandy to the equation, the view count of each of her videos quickly rose to millions. Since Kristi would probably never search for giantess porn, Christine didn't fear that she would be caught. She even allowed me to participate in some of her videos without wearing the bear suit. I soon became attached to Christine and Mandy. I didn't have any desire to return to Kristi. Maybe I was brainwashed. Maybe it was a case of Stockholm's Syndrome. But, after being pummeled by Christine's divine body every day, I didn't think Kristi could satisfy my desires anymore.

It was Christine's birthday. She invited Mandy, London, Kristi, Melody and a bunch of her other friends over. She didn't invite John, for fear that I would somehow alert him of my captivity. She wasn't aware that I had grown attached to her, and I wasn't going to tell her either. I would've liked a chance to at least say hello to London, but I knew Christine wouldn't allow it.

Christine set me down on her bed, before the party started. I was trapped in the bear suit. She stitched up the penis hole, to suppress any possible questions that it could cause. She wanted to put me in the drawer of her nightstand, but Mandy wouldn't allow it. I sat on the bed, lonely and uncomfortable, as the party begun.

Christine entered the room, a few minutes later, followed by London. Christine wore an a white top that showed off her breasts, and a blue skirt that stopped just before her knees. On her feet, she wore tall, blue pumps. It was somewhat of an odd sight, considering I had grown used to seeing her naked. London looked devastatingly gorgeous, in a purple dress that accentuated the stark difference between the width of her waist and the width of her hips. The dress was cut very high, over her incredible, thick thighs. She wore 12-inch stilettos that made her appear even more amazonian. As she entered the room, she had to duck significantly. The top of the door frame only reached her neck.

I watched London's behemoth butt descend towards the mattress, as she sat down. Christine followed. Her butt, although large in it's own right, was dwarfed by London's. Christine turned her head and fixed her eyes on me. She motioned her lips, forming the words 'keep quiet.'

"I just don't understand what could've happened to him." London told Christine.

"I know, it's so weird." Christine responded.

"I don't know if he knew this, but... James was actually my closest friend. I've known him for years, we've done so many photoshoots and stuff together. Most guys are too intimidated to even talk to me. But James... even though he's little, there's just something special about him. I don't have many girl friends. Girls are jealous of my height and success. But James was someone I could always talk to... I'm sorry Christine, I don't mean to ruin your mood. Let's get back to your party." London said, as she wiped a tear from her face.

Christine wrapped her arms around London. She looked at me for a moment and rolled her eyes. Clearly, London's feelings were more of an annoyance than an importance to her.

"It's okay, London. You're not ruining anything. We all miss James. You know, I go through the same thing. I may not be as tall as you are, but girls still get jealous, and guys are scared of me too. It's really hard to make friends. But at least we have each other."

"You're right. I guess we just have to accept that he's gone. It's been weeks... and he's so little, who knows what could've happened to him."

"No, London, don't think like that! James will be back. We just have to have hope! Now, let's go back to the party and take a shot together. Okay? We'll find him eventually, I'm sure of it."

"Okay... I guess I could use a shot." London stated.

"That's my girl!" Christine replied.

The two girls exited the room, and I was alone again. Christine forgot to turn on the air-conditioner, and I was sweltering. Thankfully, Mandy had cut a tiny hole in the mouth area of my bear suit. So, I would be able to drink some water, if I could reach any. Unfortunately, the only water I could see was the bowl of water that Christine strangely left in her empty lizard tank. There was no chance of me being able to reach it. Then I realized, London had left her purse at the side of Christine's bed. I walked over and peered into it. She had a giant bottle of water, taller than me. I wasn't sure if I'd even be able to lift it out of the bag, but I had to try. I laid down at the edge of the bed and reached my fingerless bear arm into the bag. It was just out of reach. I stretched as far as I could. I panicked, as I felt my legs slipping from the bed.

"Nooooo!!!" I yelled, as I fell into London's purse.

It was a very large bag, more than twice as tall as me. I'd have no chance of climbing out. I began to wonder if I'd be better off in London's possession. Unlike Christine, London actually cared about me. However, I'd grown addicted to Christine's body, as well as Mandy's. I doubted that London would be as open with her body as the other girls. And I had reached a point where I'd definitely choose lust over safety. Regardless, I no longer had a choice. Unless Christine were to realize that I had fell in London's bag, I was going to be stuck in here for a while. Even worse, I was going to have to come up with a bunch of lies, to tell London about how all of this even happened.

Three hours later, the girls entered the room. By the sound of her voice, I could tell that Christine was drunk. London seemed a little tipsy, but still able to function.

"Thanks... for uh, coming, London. I love... you, so much!" Christine said, slurring her words.

"It was fun, Christine. Happy 18th, honey! Oh! Before I forgot, can I have my chemistry textbook that I let you borrow?" London asked.

"Oh yeah! It's... uhh, right here!"

She handed the book to London. I watched, as Londons giant, slender fingers crept into the bag and unwittingly dropped the textbook on top of me. It covered my entire body, pinning me to the other objects in her bag. Directly underneath me, was a crushed box of tissues and a few loose tampons. I felt weightless, as she lifted the bag off the ground and began to walk away. My insignificance suddenly became very apparent, as she lifted the bag without even noticing the added weight of my body.

Goosebumps came over me and I began to shiver at the realization of what had just happened. What would London do when she realizes that this teddy bear can talk? Would she fling me across the room and injure me? Would she get angry at Christine and tell the police? I was going to have to come up with some really good lies.

She carried me out to her car and placed her bag on the passenger seat. I was trapped beneath the textbook for the entire ride since I wasn't strong enough to free myself from it. I managed to keep calm.

It felt like a thrill ride as London lifted the bag from the passenger seat and exited the car. She walked into some kind of office building, I could only hear voices.

"Hello, Lavona! How have you been?" I heard a female voice ask.

"Hi, Dr. Smith! Great! And yourself?" London inquired.

"I've been well. I must say, I've been looking forward to this appointment. You are my favorite among all the participants."

"Aww, really?!"

"Well, of course! I mean, you are the tallest! Haha!"

They shared a laugh and London followed Dr. Smith into the examination room. After hearing their conversation, I realized what she was doing. This was the research facility she had told me about, occasionally. They monitor the growth of exceptionally tall women, documenting the incremental size increases of each part of their bodies. She had told me that they ask her to come back every six months and get remeasured. It only took a few minutes, and they paid her very well.

"Okay, Lavona. You know the drill. Strip down completely and step on the scale." Dr. Smith instructed.

I couldn't believe my own misfortune. London was completely naked, in the same room as me, and I couldn't see a thing.

"Okay. 2,697 pounds. An 80 pound increase since our last appointment. Very good."

"Oh my gosh!" London exclaimed. "That sounds like a lot!"

"Don't worry." Dr. Smith assured her. "You're still growing. At you're height, every additional inch will come with a seemingly dramatic weight increase. But, you've got a remarkable figure. You could gain another 300 pounds and you still wouldn't be overweight. Now, let's measure your height."

"Phew, that's a relief." London stated, as she prepared for her height measurement.

"Wow! 15 feet, 2 inches. I was right. You're certainly still growing."

"How much taller do you think I'll get?" London asked.

"It's hard to say, considering you're so young and already the tallest girl in the country. But, I think you'll definitely surpass 16 feet, maybe even 17. I won't be able to give you an accurate estimate for another couple of years. Let's get the rest of your measurements."

Dr. Smith recorded the rest of London's measurements as she stated them aloud. Although I knew London very well, hearing the numbers was mind-boggling to me.

"Your head measures 26 inches, just about the same as last time. Your chest measures 7 feet, 7 inches. Slight increase. Your waist measures 5 feet, 5 inches. And your hips measure 10 feet, 3 inches around. All within proportion. Very good. Now, let's measure those legs. Wow! Astonishing! 9 feet long, even. It seems almost all of your height increase has occurred in your legs. But, that is normal for a woman of your stature. Let's measure your feet, and your booty, and then we'll be done. Have a seat."

London sat down on the patient table. I heard the slam of her mighty butt against the seat. It aroused me. Her legs surrounded either side of her purse as Dr. Smith measured her feet.

"30 inches. A little big, but not out of proportion. Stand up and let's measure that booty!"

London stood up and presented her butt to Dr. Smith. Even though I couldn't see, my dick started to stand up, just at the thought of it.

"Excellent! Your left and right buttocks measure identically. Just over 27 inches a piece. You must be a real hit with the boys! Hehe!"

"Oh, Dr. Smith. You make that joke every time and I still love it! Haha!"

"Alrighty, Lavona. You're all done. I'll see you in 6 months"

"I hope I can impress you again, at my next appointment."

"Me too, honey. And I'm sure you will. Take care."

She drove home and my boner raged the entire time. Although fearful of how she would react, it was thrilling to know that I'd be going to her home for the first time ever. When we arrived at her house, she placed her purse atop her bed and proceeded to take a shower. I was covered in sweat, and literally dying of thirst, as I waited her to notice me. About fifteen minutes later, she exited the shower.

Finally, I felt her thumb graze against my leg, as she grasped the textbook and lifted it out of the bag, revealing me. She placed the textbook onto her bed and looked back into the bag, confused. Her beautiful face only increased my arousal.

"Huh?" She asked aloud, as her fingers closed around me and raised me from the pit of her purse. "What is this doing in here? And why is it all wet? Yuck! What was Christine doing with this thing?!"

She stared at me, as she pulled me closer to her face. Her thumb pressed firmly against my pelvis.

"Why is there a hole at the mouth?" She wondered.

I started to panic, as she slipped her pinky finger into the mouth hole. I tried to keep my lips closed, but her finger slipped between them, and down my throat. I gagged.

"BLEH!!" I shouted, involuntarily.

London retracted her finger, in shock.

"What the FUCK?!" London yelled, as she slammed me against the headboard of her bed.

She took a few steps back and stared at me. I had no choice but to come clean. I brought myself to my feet.

"London...." I started.

"AHHHH!!" She screamed.

"It's okay! It's me... James. I'm inside the teddy bear."

"What?! James?! Why?! How?!"

"I can explain! Please, just let me explain! Sit down."

London lowered her ass to the bed and sat next to me. She had a blue towel covering her torso and the upper portion of her thighs, and another towel wrapped around her hair. She still looked confused, but not as frightened.

"Do you think you can get me out of this thing first? At least the head part. It's really hot in here."

She inserted both of her index fingers into the mouth hole and pulled apart. I heard the fabric rip, as she freed my head. I inhaled deeply.

"Ahh, that's better. First, I want to apologize. I didn't mean to come home with you, London. I didn't mean to go missing, either. This was all an accident."

"Okay. I believe you, munchkin. Just tell me what happened."

"Well... I was working in Stefani's salon when Christine showed up one day."

"I knew it! She kidnapped you, didn't she?!" London interrupted.

"No! No! She said hi to me, and when she stood up, I fell into her purse. Kind of like what happened today. She didn't even know. I should've said something right away, but I'm kind of... scared of Christine. And she put her bag in her car right after it happened. I didn't want her to know that I was there because... who knows what she would've done with me."

"Aww! My poor baby!" London said affectionately, as her fingers grazed the side of my face. "But how did you end up inside the teddy bear?"

"It was already ripped so I, kind of, used it to hide."

"And you stitched up the back of it by yourself? Munchkin, are you... are you lying to me?"

"No! I swear! I uhh... Mandy came over later that day. Christine left her in the house by herself. So, I had her stitch me into it. She gave me water and food, until I could figure out a way to get out of there."

"Why didn't you ask Mandy to take you out of there?"

"I did. But she... she said she wouldn't do it, because then everyone would think that Christine kidnapped me."

"I can't believe that girl! So she just left you there and didn't tell anyone?!"

"Uhh, yeah."

"My poor munchkin... come here." London said, as she wrapped her fingers around me, and pressed me against her towel-covered chest. She placed me on her lap, between her voluptuous thighs.

"I'm gonna have to talk to Mandy. What she did was not okay!"

"Please, don't! Can this just stay between us?"

"She held you prisoner for weeks, James! She should be in jail!"

"I know, but... the thing is..."

"What?" London inquired.

"She's been abusing me. Sexually. And, uhh... I think I'm in love with her now."

"Munchkin... she's only 15. I know you fit in the palm of her hand, but she's still too young for you. And you deserve much better. What about Kristi? I'm sure she misses you very much!"

"I miss her too... I'm still in love with her, but... I'm obsessed with Mandy. I need her."

"Oh, Munchkin. That's because she was raping you. Rape victims can grow attached to their assaulters. But you have to go back to Kristi. You'll get over Mandy, in time."

"I know you're right, London. But you promise not to tell anyone? I only told you because I feel safe with you."

"Okay... I won't tell anyone. But if something like that happens again, you have to promise to call me for help."

"Okay. I promise."

"Good boy." She said, as she patted my head and brushed my hair with her fingers.

"So, umm. Do you have anything I can wear? It's kind of awkward, being naked."

"I don't. But it's okay, Munchkin. Don't feel awkward. I'm just glad you're safe. Do you want me to pull you out of the teddy bear?"

"Could you? It's really hot in here."


She flipped me over so that I was face-down in her lap. I felt her fingernails against my back as she tore the stitching. She closed her hand around me and pulled me out of the suit. My stiff cock raged beneath her grip as she sat me down on her lap. I threw my arms in front of it and tried to hide it.

"Oh! Haha! Wow!" She exclaimed.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to... I can't help it."

"It's okay, Munchkin! I just... didn't expect it to be so big. Kristi is a lucky girl. Haha!"

"So, you're not mad that I'm... attracted to you?"

"Of course not! You can't help it."

"You're a good friend, London."

"So are you, Munchkin. Oh! I just realized, your birthday is in three weeks! What do you want? And don't say a hug, again. You always get me such thoughtful gifts. I wanna get you something nice."

Every year, London asked me what I wanted for my birthday. And, every year, I wanted the same thing ? for her to sit on me. It was a fantasy that I'd had since I met her. But, I could never muster up the courage to ask her, so I always asked for a hug. I stared at her, blankly, in hesitation.

"Well?" She asked.

"Umm... there's one thing that I've always wanted. But I don't know how you're going to feel about it."

"Tell me, Munchkin. I'd do anything for you. You're my best friend."

"I don't know. I shouldn't say it."

"Just tell me. Is it something I can buy?"

"No. It's more of a... fantasy."

"Oh. Well, like I said, I'd do anything for you. You've always been there for me. Just tell me what it is."

She touched my chin with her fingers and directed my face towards hers, while she waited for a response.

"Well, you know... I've always considered you very beautiful."

"Aww, you're so sweet."

"And, I've always had this fantasy. It's kind of hard to say, because... it's inappropriate. I'm just gonna say it. I want you to sit on me."

She pulled her hand away and stared at me for a moment.

"Sit on you? But... you'll be crushed."

"I know it's weird. And I know it's ironic, given my size, but I have a fetish for really tall women. And just one of your... butt cheeks... is like, bigger than my entire body. It would be a dream come true if you could lower your butt to me, with just enough pressure to keep me from moving."

"Okay. That's not so bad, I guess. How long would I, uhh, sit on you for?"

"Umm. Until I... climax? If that's okay with you. I understand if you don't wanna do it. I shouldn't even be asking you. You know what, forget I said anything. I'm sorry for asking."

"No, no, Munchkin. It's okay. I'll do it."


"Yes. If that's what'll make you happy, I don't mind doing it. So, should I do it right now?"

"Uhh, yeah! Oh my god. I can't believe you said yes. Just lay me on my back, and... I guess you know what else to do."

"Alright, Munchkin. Here we go.

London turned around so that her back was towards me, and dropped her towel. Her freshly cleaned ass glistened beautifully. I had imagined, for years, what her plump booty looked like nude. It was even more glorious than I could have ever dreamed.

She pulled the towel from her hair and shook her head, left and right. Droplets of water flew from her long, black hair. They cooled my sweaty body as they touched my skin. My dick continued to pulsate. She looked back, giving me a friendly smile. She started to bend her knees, lowering her titanic cheeks towards me.

"Wait!!" I yelled.

"What is it, Jamesy?!"

"Can you like, make it jiggle as you drop it onto me? And when it reaches me, can you bounce up and down a little bit?"

"Haha! Whatever you want, Munchkin."

She resumed. Our eyes met, as her behemoth, gyrating butt approached me. She proceeded slowly, until it monopolized my view and I could no longer see her face. I laid on my back, reaching up with both arms, as if I was ready to catch each of her colossal cheeks. Her left buttock made contact with me, leaving just enough room for my tiny lungs to operate. She bounced three times, slowly. BOOM... BOOM... BOOM. Then, without lifting it, she slid her gargantuan butt to the left, as my body rolled beneath it. As I faced her right buttock, she bounced again. BOOM... BOOM... BOOM. Pleasure surged through every vein in my body, as the blood rushed to my pulsating penis. She paused for a moment, as she centered her crack over me. She pressed it against me, plastering my entire body between her incomprehensibly plump cheeks. She held it there for a few seconds as I rubbed my cock against it. She started to bounce again. BOOM... BOOM... BOOM ... BOOM... BOOM. My legs buckled and my body went stiff, as I began to seize with satisfaction. She lifted her posterior from me. Without warning, her giant hand swooped down towards me. She clenched my body, with her fingers behind my back and her thumb against my chest. She smacked me against her right cheek, forcefully. Her immense buttock jiggled feverishly, from the force of her hand. She dropped her butt to the bed, with me sandwiched beneath it. I finally climaxed, blissfuly, as a white stream of cum exploded from my urethra.

She stood up and looked back, as my puny, depleted body fell to the bed. I breathed heavily, trying to regain my composure. She turned around and faced me. With her left hand, she moved her hair out of her face and behind her ear. She took my body into her right hand and lifted me up to her luscious lips.

"Happy early 20th birthday, Munchkin." She said, as she planted an extended, passionate kiss on my bare stomach. "Mmmmmuuah!"

Chapter 14: Baby Shopping with London by The_Necromanswer
I slept next to London, in her bed that night. She kept her hand draped over me, covering most of my body as I laid across her pillow.

The next day, she woke up with a sudden, moral change of heart.

?I?m sorry, James, but we?re gonna have to tell the police about what happened to you. Mandy deserves to be punished. I know you you think you love her but she will just do this again, if she gets away with it. I?ll go down to the police station with you so you can give them a statement. Then, I?ll bring you back to Kristi. I?ll call her now and let her know that you?re safe.? She stated, as she reached across the bed and grabbed her phone.

?NOOO!! You can?t!!?

I climbed atop her lap. I jumped up and reached for the phone, trying to stop her from dialing Kristi?s number. My entire body was only a few inches longer than her phone. She raised it above her head, far out of my reach. With her other hand, she stifled my body. Everything from my knees to my shoulders was constricted by her grip. I wriggled beneath her fist, as she held my arms pinned to my sides. She proceeded to dial the number.

?Please, London! Please listen to me! You can?t tell her!?

She dropped the phone from her ear and ended the call.

?Why not? She asked.

?Because... I lied.?

?What do you mean?!? She held me close to her face and stared into my soul. For the first time in our friendship, London was angry at me.

?I?m sorry, London! I lied to you. Mandy wasn?t the one who abused me. She did squeeze me between her breasts... and some other stuff, but I consented to that. Christine was the one who kidnapped me, and abused me.?

?So why did you lie?!? Her grip became a little tighter.

?Because I knew you would tell the police. I figured that if I told you it was Mandy, you wouldn?t tell the police, because she?s underage and I could get in trouble for statutory rape.? Her grip loosened, slightly.

?Jamesy... no offense, but no jury would convict you for statutory rape, for that. You?re not even capable of raping her. I mean, you fit between her boobs... Her head is bigger than your entire body. But, this isn?t about Mandy, is it? No. This is about Christine. I get it ? you think she?s attractive, you have a little crush on her. You don?t want her to go to jail because you like it when she teases and bullies you... Am I right, Jamesy??

?Yes, you?re right... You always see right through me.? I told her.

She placed me down onto her lap. I wasn?t even fazed by the fact that she could see my raging boner, anymore. I was kind of used to it, and so was she.

?You know what...? She started. ?How about we just try to forget this all happened? I won?t tell Kristi. I won?t tell the police. I won?t ever bring it up to Christine or Mandy. As long as I can get you back to Kristi without anyone thinking that I kidnapped you. That?s the most important thing. But... you gotta make me a promise. Actually, two promises.?

?Sure, London. Anything!?

?Number 1: You don?t EVER lie to me again!? She ordered, as she poked my chest several times. ?Number 2: You wear a Tiny Protector from now on... It?s a little belt that goes around your stomach. If you ever get kidnapped again, you press the button on it, and it will alert the police and give them your location. I will buy it for you and register myself as your emergency contact. Deal??

?Okay, London. Thank you. But shouldn?t Kristi be my emergency contact since I live with her??

?No. She?s your girlfriend; relationships are temporary. I?m your friend for life, and I?ll always be here for you.?

She lifted me up to her chest and held me against it as she kissed my head, multiple times. Then, she pulled me away. Her hands rested under my armpits, while my legs dangled between her fingers.

?By the way, munchkin, I don?t want you working in that salon anymore. Not if Kristi?s mom can?t keep an eye on you. I?ve been getting plenty of bookings lately. Why don?t I hire you as my manager? It will basically be the same thing you were doing at the salon; answer phone calls and schedule my appointments. Plus, we?ll get to spend more time together. Would you like that??

?That sounds great. I hope Stefani understands...?

?She?ll understand, and if she doesn?t, I?ll talk to her.? London assured me.

?Okay. Thank you again, London! For everything.?

?No problem, Munchkin. I love you! Aww!? She cooed, as she pressed my face and torso against her cheek, while she made kissing noises with her mouth.?

?Oh!? She said, suddenly, as she quickly yanked me towards the front of her face.

?One more thing...? She continued. ?Obviously, I don?t want you around Christine or Mandy without someone there to protect you. But, I need you to especially avoid Mandy...?

?Why especially Mandy?? I inquired.

?Because she?s a Reducer... At least, that?s what Christine has told me. She has the rare, genetic ability to shrink people who are under six feet tall.?

?Is that a real thing?!? I asked, panicking.

?It certainly is, Jamesy. It?s extremely rare, but it exists. It would make sense that she has it; that would explain why Christine likes her so much. I wouldn?t be surprised if she was planning on having Mandy shrink you.?

Goosebumps overtook my body. I began to shake with fear. I always knew I was puny and helpless, but to know that I was so insignificant that I could be shrunk by some young girl for her own amusement... that filled me with terror.

?B-but... but that?s not...?

?I know, Munchkin, I know. It?s not fair. But you really need to avoid her. If she is a Reducer, she can probably shrink you so small that she won?t even be able to see you... if she ever wanted to. And if she did, nobody would be able to bring you back to your normal size, except for her. Not even another Reducer could do it.?

?London... t-this... I can?t believe... I always thought... it was a myth.?

She pressed me against her cheek again, with force this time. Her palm supported my backside and pinned me to her face as she spoke.

?I wish I could tell you that it?s a myth, Munchkin. But my mother has seen it with her own eyes. She told me a story of her first husband, who was reduced. She never told me the whole story, but I know the gene exists, and it might be becoming more common. I don?t know. Only scientists, and stuff, really know about it.?

She slowly pulled me from her face and sat me down on her lap. She rustled my hair with her fingernails.

?I don?t want you to worry, Jamesy. I will do everything I can, to protect you. I?m sure Kristi will too. Honestly, I think you?d be safer with me, than with her, but you deserve a normal life. At least, as normal a life as you can have. Now, let?s go get you some clothes.?

?Clothes? From where? Even infant clothes will be too big for me.?

?I know, Munchkin. I?ll get you a shirt from the baby store. It?ll, at least, be long enough to cover your... you know. I?ll have to take you with me. I can?t take a chance that Christine will figure out that you?re with me, break into my house and kidnap you again. I?ll wrap you in a blanket; everyone will just think you?re a baby. We?ll get you a shirt and then we?ll come back here and think of a way to get you back to Kristi without her thinking that I was the one who kidnapped you.?

?You know I won?t let you go down for this, London. If it comes down to it, I promise I will confess that Christine was the one who took me. I just don?t want to, if I don?t have to, because...?

?It?s okay, Jamesy. You don?t have to explain it to me. Turning Christine into the police might not be the best idea anyway. She would get out of jail eventually, and that would just put you in more danger. Let?s just focus on getting you home. Let me get a tape measure so I can measure you and get the right size shirt.?

I didn?t know if it was the weeks I?d spent away from Kristi, or the affection that London had shown me lately, but it seemed like my feelings for Kristi were starting to diminish. I was falling in love with London. I couldn?t tell her, though. She wasn?t attracted to me, but Kristi was. I couldn?t be sure that any other girl would ever want a relationship with me, so the choice was obvious.

London placed me down on her mattress, while she fetched a measuring tape. She instructed me to lay on my back. She held my erection down, with one finger, pressing it against my chest. She stretched the measuring tape along the length of my body.

?Alright. Thirteen and a half inches, from your neck to your knees. Boop!? She said, playfully, as she poked my naval with her index finger.

She wrapped a blanket around me, leaving only my head exposed. She held me next to her chest, like a baby, as she carried me to her car. She kept one hand along my backside, securing me against her bosom, the entire time that she drove to the baby store.

?Any preferences, Munchkin? A color you like?? She asked, as she walked into the store with me cradled against her breast. ?I?ll get you whatever you want.?

?I like red.? I told her. ?But anything is fine.?

?Okay, I?ll get you a red shirt.?

She walked through the store, with me nestled against her chest. Her breasts bounced gently as she walked. She found the section of the store with clothes intended for newborns and began to search through them. Unhappy with the selection in the first aisle she searched, she turned the corner and headed towards the adjacent aisle. Suddenly, she stopped in her tracks.

?London?!? I heard a familiar voice cry.

She swiftly turned around and retreated a few steps. With her quick movement, the towel fell from my body, leaving me exposed.

?Shit! Shit! Shit!? She whispered, in a panic. ?It?s Tanya! I can?t let her see you...?

She wrapped her fingers around me and stared at me for a moment, until an idea struck her.

?Sorry, Jamesy.?

Without warning, she shoved me into the front of her pants. With her left hand, she pulled the waistband away from her body, as she pushed against my head with her right hand, until I was totally consumed by her jeans. She spread her thighs, and pushed my legs between them. Then, she closed her massive thighs around my lower body. My face was firmly planted against her plump vagina, constricted by the denim of her jeans. It was warm and moist. My arms laid over her thighs. My hard cock was squished between them; it throbbed vigorously.

?Hey girl!? Tanya greeted. ?What are you doing here? Are you expecting?!?

?Oh god, no! My uhh... friend... is having a baby.?

?Oh! My older sister is due in a couple of weeks. It?s a baby boy!?

?Oh my gosh! Congratulations!? London exclaimed. ?Auntie Tanya!?

?I can?t wait! I?ve been going crazy buying baby stuff; I love him already!?

I couldn?t take it anymore. I took her mammoth thighs in my grip, and pushed against them. I continued to push and release her thighs, using them to jerk my penis, as they straddled it. She rubbed her thighs against each other; probably trying to stop me, but only adding to my satisfaction. With one finally push, I blissfully climaxed and let my body go limp.

?Oot!? London yelped, as she felt my cum trickle down her leg.

?Everything okay, babe?? Tanya asked.

?Yeah... just some, uhh... stomach pain.? London told her, as she pressed her hand against her pelvis, forcing my face into the soft, warm lips of her vagina.

?Hey, is this your blanket?? Tanya asked, as she picked it up from the floor.

?Umm, no. I... I don?t know who?s it is.? London responded.

?Oh, okay. I?ll bring it to the front desk. Someone is probably looking for it. Well, it was nice seeing you!? Tanya exclaimed, as she wrapped her arms around London. I felt her body push against my back as they hugged.

?I?ll see you soon, okay??

?Yes! We have to hang out soon. I?ll call you!? Tanya replied, as she walked away.

I felt London?s hand push against my back again.

?Sorry, Munchkin. I gotta leave you in there until we get to the car. I found a shirt for you so we?ll be in the car soon.?

My lower body danced beneath her legs as she walked to the counter. Her powerful strides caused me to bounce between them. The crotch of her jeans found its way into my crack. My legs went numb. It was uncomfortable, but still arousing.

London paid for the shirt and walked to the car. Once we were safely inside, hidden from others, she unbuttoned her jeans. I took a deep breath. She spread her legs, wrapped her fingers around my torso, and gently lifted me from her crotch. She placed me atop the middle console while she buttoned up. Then, she sat me down on her lap.

?Lift your arms up.? She instructed.

She placed the shirt over my head and I maneuvered my arms into the sleeves. Though infant-sized, it was still very big on me. It stretched almost as far as my knees.

?There you go, Munchkin! Now, let?s go back to my house and figure out how we?ll get you home.?

She lifted me up to her chest and cradled me against her bosom, with one hand, as she drove home.
Chapter 15: Christine Gets Her Toy Back by The_Necromanswer
London woke up early the next morning. I had been sleeping next to her, underneath the protection of her palm. She squeezed her hand around me, gently, to wake me up.

?Up, up, up, munchkin.?

I opened my eyes and looked up at her face. She removed her hand from me. I looked at the clock ? 6:00AM.

?Morning, baby.? She said warmly. ?Good news ? I have a plan to get you back to Kristi without anyone knowing what happened to you.?

?Really?? I asked.

?Yup. But we have to get you to her house before Stefani leaves to the salon. When she opens the door, she?ll see you at the doorstep.? London told me.

?But... she?s gonna ask what happened to me, and I won?t know what to say.?

?I got that covered, munchkin. I realized that you can easily fit into one of my shoeboxes. So, I?m going to blindfold you, put you in a shoebox, and leave you in front of her door. You can just say that you were blindfolded the whole time and have no idea what happened. Sound good??

?Yeah. That actually sounds like a really good idea.? I attested.

?I know, right?! Now, after I bring you back, don?t be a stranger. Okay?? She requested, as she wrapped her fingers around my body and lifted me to the height of her face. ?I want you to call me every day and let me know how you?re doing.?

?Okay. I will. I promise?

?Good boy. Muah!? She pulled me towards her and her lips covered my face. ?Let me go get a shoebox and a rag, to cover your eyes, and we?ll go.?

The shoebox was about three feet long, plenty of room for me to fit. London put a rag inside of the box, along with a blanket. She carried the box under one arm, and me under the other arm, as she walked out to the car. She placed the shoebox in the passenger seat. Then, she spread her thighs and slipped me between them. She closed her thighs together, leaving only my head free. My legs dangled between them; my feet couldn?t reach the seat.

?Is that comfortable for you, munchkin?? She asked, as her fingernail met my chin.

?Yes. Very.? I told her.

Her massive thighs jiggled with every bump in the road, as I bounced between them. I was nervous about returning to Kristi. Mostly, I was nervous that she would find out about what Christine had done to me. Naturally, she would confront Christine about it. In my head, I viewed Christine as a dangerous, unstoppable force ? and that?s absolutely what she was. The last thing I?d want to do is anger Christine.

London parked two blocks from Kristi?s house so that Kristi and Stefani wouldn?t see her car. She covered her face with sunglasses and pulled her hood over her head. She pulled the cover off of the shoebox and grabbed the blanket. Then, she spread her thighs, took me in her hand, and placed me atop her lap. She wrapped the blanket around me, leaving only my head exposed.

?I love you, Munchkin. I?ll call you later to make sure everything is okay. Let me know if you need anything.? She said, followed by a lengthy, passionate kiss on my face.

She placed the rag over my eyes and tied it behind my head. Then, she laid me down in the shoebox and placed the cover over it. She walked up to Kristi?s doorstep and left me on the porch.

?See you later, munchkin.? She whispered, as she tapped on the box with her fingernails. I listened to her footsteps as she walked away.

?WAIT!! LONDON!!? I cried, suddenly apprehensive about leaving her. She didn?t return.

I kicked and squirmed, trying to free myself from the blanket. I was unsuccessful. I realized that, in London?s possession, was the only place I truly felt safe. I should have felt relieved to return to Kristi. But I only felt lonely and scared.

I sat in the box for a while, anxiously waiting to be discovered. After what felt like hours, I finally heard the door creep open.

?Oh... what?s this?? Stefani pondered.

She bent down, grabbed the box with both hands and brought me inside. She placed the box down on the kitchen table, cautiously opened the cover, and peered inside.

?Is that a baby?!? She asked herself.

She pulled the cover off of the box and looked at me. It only took a moment before she realized who I was.

?JAMES!! You?re alive! Oh, thank goodness!?

I felt her fingernails touch my face as she removed the rag from my eyes. With the blanket still around me, she took me in both of her hands and shoved me into her exposed cleavage. She kissed the top of my head, repeatedly, in relief.

?Kristi!! Kristi, James is back!! Come down here!!? She called.

?JAMES?!? A voice yelled from the living room. I recognized the voice, immediately; it was Christine. A shiver ran down my spine.

Stefani continued to squeeze me, tightly, against her hefty bosom.

?Oh, James. I?m so glad you?re alright! What happened?!?

?Wa... was that... Christine?? I asked, ignoring her question.

?Yes, it was.?

?Wha... what is she doing here??

?She?s been staying with us. Kassandra is here too. We?ve all been looking for you, tirelessly, James. Now, I know you?re a little afraid of Christine, but let?s give her a chance. Okay? She really cares about you. She?s been searching for you non-stop.? Stefani told me, as she freed me from the blanket.

Christine came running into the kitchen. Her majestic breasts, covered only by her pink bra, flopped in the wind as she ran. Aside from her bra, she wore only skimpy, gray nylon shorts. She ducked her head in order to fit her towering stature through the open doorway. She rushed over to Stefani, thrilled at the sight of me.

?Oh my god, Jaaaames!! It really is you! Come here, sweetheart!!? Her high-pitched yelling surged through my bones and ignited my loins.

She imposed her signature vice grip around my body as she ripped me from Stefani?s hands. My eyes bulged out of my head. Her constriction of my lungs was confirmation of my insignificance. She smiled gleefully, disregarding my discomfort, as she quickly rammed me between her breasts. My dick stood up ? instantly. She undid her fist and pushed against my back with both hands. It was just a hug, but it was somehow more than that. I was her toy again. Though I lived in Stefani?s house, and Kristi was my girlfriend, I belonged to Christine. I was her property ? and I probably always would be. The most terrifying part, though, was that I loved being her plaything.

?Christine, honey, don?t you think that?s kind of a tight hug? I don?t think James can breathe.? Stefani declared.

?Oh, it?s fine. He likes it. I think it actually turns him on! Haha!? Christine retorted.

?Christine! Stop it! Put James down!?

?Okay, Stefani. I?m sorry. You don?t have to yell... geez.? She replied, as she placed me down on the kitchen table. It was the first time I ever saw Christine take an order from anyone.

?Kristi! Kassandra! Get down here! James is back!!? He?s safe and sound!? Stefani called.

A few moments later, I heard Kristi?s feet pound against the stairs as she quickly descended down them. She entered the kitchen and paused, in disbelief, gasping at the sight of me. She wore a white t-shirt and a black thong.

?James?! JAMES!!? She exclaimed, as she ran towards me.

She pressed her thumbs against my chest, her fingers wrapped around my back. She raised me up to the height of her face.

?James... I thought you were dead. Are you okay? What happened? Did somebody hurt you?! Who took you?! How did you get away?!? She asked, frantically.

?Umm...? I replied, hesitantly.

?Mmmm.? She hummed, as she smooshed me against the side of her face, my penis embedded into her cheek. ?You know what, we?ll talk about it later. Right now, I?m just glad you?re okay. What would I do without my little baby??

She slid me to the front of her face, pressed her lips against mine, and inserted her tongue into my mouth.

?Muah! Muah! Mmmmuah!?

She was unfazed by the tapping of my stiff cock against her chin as she kissed me. When she was done kissing me, she slid me along her face, untiI the tip of my penis returned to the center of her cheek. I left a trail of pre-cum as she moved me, staining my shirt. She pressed her fingers against my back, causing me to yelp, and unintentionally coercing the semen from my testicles. I blushed with embarrassment. She continued to hold me pinned.

?Uhh... me and James have to go upstairs really quick.? Kristi told Stefani, after realizing I had busted a load on her cheek.

She walked towards the stairs while she held me against the side of her face. Once we were out of sight, she finally peeled my limp penis from her cheek. She wiped off the semen with her hand.

?Aww, James. You stained your shirt. I guess you?ve been holding that in for a while.?

?Uhh... yeah.? I replied, thinking of all the climaxes I had expelled in the last month.

?Well, I hope you?ve got something left in the tank, ?cause I?m horny as fuck right now.?

When we got to her room, Kristi pulled the front of her thong away from her body and dropped me inside it. The crotch of her thong split my legs. She pulled her shirt off, revealing her breasts. I looked up at them; they seemed noticeably larger than I had remembered. Next, she undid the scrunchy from her hair and shook it about. My penis quickly grew to fully erect, once again. I took it upon myself to start licking the lips of her vagina.

?Oh, yes!! Yes, baby!!? She exclaimed.

I bounced my tongue against her clitoris while I gently nibbled it. She forcefully pressed her hand against my back, overcome by pleasure.

?Uhhhh, yes!! Stick it in, James!!? She commanded.

She closed her fist around my legs, holding them together, with her thumb over my stomach as I positioned my dick for insertion into her moist vagina. She moaned, and pushed against my back with her index finger as my erection crept down the length of her vaginal wall. Once inside, she manually pushed and pulled my body; increasing speed with each thrust.

?I love you... JAMES! I LOVE YOU... so much...? She yelled between moans.

I soon became dizzy, due to her violent pushing and pulling. I put my hands behind my head to prevent her from accidentally snapping my neck. I closed my eyes so that I wouldn?t notice the vertigo as much. She continued to mercilessly manhandle me like her own personal dildo. My cock raged, though reluctant to climax, since I had just unloaded, minutes earlier. After a few minutes, she orgasmed and sprayed me with her ejaculation.

?Ah... ah... Unfff!!? She exclaimed, as she doused me with cum.

She pinched the back of my shirt and lifted me upwards as my hard cock slid out of her pussy. She raised me up to her face. She seemed... taller than usual. Maybe it was just my imagination. She stood my feet atop her tongue. Then, she slowly ran her tongue up the length of my legs until it reached my scrotum.

?Now it?s your turn.? She declared, in a seductive tone.

She parted her lips and showed me her tongue. She slipped it underneath the tip of my penis, closed her lips and slowly worked her mouth down the end of my shaft. She hummed softly while she slurped on my hard cock. My heart raced. Her eyes met mine; she held her gaze through the duration of the blowjob. Her thumbs pressed down firmly on chest, causing my to exhale through my mouth. My knees buckled and my toes curled as she moved her lips to the base of my shaft, consuming my entire erection. I placed my arms over her cheeks and hugged her face. My cock throbbed, violently, as she worked her tongue around it. A few minutes later, though extremely stimulated, I still wasn?t able to climax. She slid my penis out of her mouth, slowly. She held me out in front of her face and tilted her head, keeping her gaze on me.

?Do you want to keep going, baby? It?s taking a while...?

I nodded feverishly.

?Any special requests?? She asked, cutely, as she slid her fingernail along my face.

?Uh... any... anything.? I responded. ?Whatever you want. I love you... so much.?

?Awww!! I love you too, baby!? She said sweetly, as she pulled me towards her bare chest.

Her palms covered my backside, one over the other, pinning my erection to my torso. With her index finger, she pushed the back of my head, embedding my face into her cleavage. Finally, I climaxed, unleashing my cum onto her skin, as well as my own neck.

?There we go...? She said softly.

She slipped her fingers under my armpits and slowly lifted me up to her face. She covered my neck and chest with her tongue, cleaning the cum off of me. Then, she grabbed a rag and wiped me dry. She started to wipe the cum off of her bosom when, suddenly, Stefani opened the bedroom door.

?AHHHH!! MOM!!? Kristi screamed.

She quickly moved her hands over her chest, slamming me against her right breast.

?Oh hush, Kristi. It?s not like I?ve never seen you naked before.? Stefani pointed out. ?And what have I always taught you? The human body is beautiful and should never be ashamed of. If it wasn?t for a few pesky laws, I would never wear clothes. Anyway, I just wanted to say bye to James, before I head out to work.?

?Can?t you just wait until I bring him back downstairs?!?

?I?m running late, sweetie. I?ve got to go.?

She walked toward us, totally unfazed by the fact that we had clearly just had sex. She pinched my head between her fingers and carefully lifted upwards as she plucked me from Kristi?s breast. She clasped her hand around me and turned me to face her, offering a warm smile. Then, she opened her palm as she pulled me into her cleavage. She hugged me, tightly.

?Mmmm. I?ll see you later, my sweet baby. I?ll be back soon. We?ll do an energy cleansing ? just you and me. Okay??

?Okay.? I responded.

She placed her thumbs over my cheeks and puckered her lips as she lifted me towards her face.

?Muah! You be good, James. Have fun with the girls until I get back.?

She placed me in Kristi?s outstretched palm and exited the room. Kristi placed me down on her bed and started to get dressed.

?Sorry about my mom.? She apologized. ?She has no respect for my privacy. I hope she didn?t make you feel uncomfortable. And you don?t have to do the cleansing thing, or whatever, if you don?t want to. I mean... she usually doesn?t take no for an answer, but...?

?It?s fine.? I told her. ?I don?t mind. I like your mom ? I think she?s great.?

?Well, that?s a relief. I know she can be a bit much, so, just let me know if she ever bothers you or makes you feel awkward.?

?Don?t worry, Kristi. I?ll admit ? she?s like no one I?ve ever met before... but she doesn?t bother me.?

?Good. So, do you wanna talk about what happened? Who took you? Do you know what it was? Did they hurt you? Err... we can talk about it later... if you want.? She said, as she brushed my hair with her fingers.

?Umm... no. I was blindfolded the whole time. I don?t really wanna talk about it, if that?s okay. Are you off work today??

?Hmph.? She sighed. ?I actually have to work a double shift today. I don?t get out until midnight. But when I get home, I?m all yours.?

?Oh. Okay.? I responded, disappointed.

?Aww, baby. I?ll see if I can leave work early. But, Christine has nothing to do today, and Beba has the day off. You can hang out with them. You can invite John over, if you want. Or London. Whatever you want to do.?

?You?re not worried about leaving me alone with Christine??

?Honestly... ever since you?ve been gone, she?s been, like, a totally different person. I automatically assumed she was behind your disappearance. But, my mom said that it couldn?t have been her, since she was getting her hair done when you went missing.?

?Yeah... it couldn?t have been her...?

?You know I would never put you in danger, baby. But, I can?t be with you 24/7. Just trust me, she won?t hurt you.?

?Okay. I trust you.?

There was no doubt in my mind that Christine hadn?t changed her ways, at all. She, somehow, had everyone fooled. Though the thought crossed my mind, I wouldn?t dare tell Kristi the truth. Being tortured by a beautiful goddess, for whom I lusted, immensely, seemed like the obvious choice, over telling Kristi the truth and risking being killed. Like Stefani once told me, I had to accept my fate.

Kristi finished getting dressed and brought my downstairs. Christine was sitting on the couch, watching television. Beba was still asleep.

?Your walker is right there, next to the couch. There?s food in the fridge, but my mom gave Christine money in case you want to order pizza or something. I go on break at 5 o?clock, so I?ll call you then. I?ll see you later, baby. I love you. Muah!?

?I love you, too.? I told her, as she hugged me against her cheek.

She sat me down on the couch, next to Christine, and left. I watched her car pull out of the driveway, knowing I had only moments of freedom left. Goosebumps covered my skin as I peered up at Christine?s face, which seemed miles above mine.

?Hey... squirt.? She said, in a devilish tone.

She smacked her hand down on the couch and covered me with it. My little limbs were rendered powerless by her mighty palm. She turned her hand sideways and wrapped her fingers around me.

?I told you, squirt ? you?ll never escape me. Hahaha!?
Chapter 16: A New Beginning by The_Necromanswer
Christine brought her clenched fist towards her face, constricting everything from my knees, to my shoulders, in her assertive grip. She smiled, pleased to regain possession of her favorite toy. To my surprise, she undid her fist and held me with only her thumb over my chest. My feet dangled just below her palm.

?I know who took you from me, squirt.? She claimed.

?You do??

?Of course... I?m not an idiot. The shoebox you were in ? it said ?Size 38.? I only know of one girl with feet that huge ? London. So... how did she do it??

?Sh... she... I, uhh... what??

?Don?t play coy... you little shit.?

She closed her fist around me and squeezed moderately tight. She pulled me closer to her, until her nose was touching my face. My heart began to pound. Sweat began to drip down my face. She kept a straight face, appearing suddenly furious, as her fingers compressed around me and her grip progressively tightened. I gasped repeatedly, unable to intake oxygen.

?I?m going to ask you one more time. How... did... she... do it??

She loosened her grip, allowing me to respond. I inhaled deeply.

?She didn?t mean to! I... I was thirsty. There was a water bottle... in her bag. I tried to grab it, but I fell in.?

?So, she knows that I kidnapped you. Doesn?t she?? She asked, as she started to clench her fingers around me, with her thumb constricting my chest.

?No! I swear, I... didn?t... tell... her...?

I struggled to get the words out. My voice faded, underneath the pressure of her grip. I was sweating profusely.

?Please... let... me... explain...? I begged.

She loosened her fist, and I inhaled deeply.

?I swear, Christine! I didn?t tell her! I lied, and said that I fell into your bag and hid myself in your teddy bear. She believed it! Nobody knows what you did. I would never tell!?

?Alright, squirt. I guess I believe you... If you had told anyone, the police would have arrested me by now.? She realized.

?So, I guess you?re gonna take me to your house again, now. Right?? I asked.

?Well...? She started. ?Things are gonna go a little different, this time. You see, Squirt, I know now, that what I did was wrong.?

?Really? You... you?re apologizing??

?Haha! Of course not! Don?t be silly! I meant that I was wrong for keeping you at my house, permanently. I almost got myself in a lot trouble. I should?ve known that wouldn?t work. You?re too famous, being the shortest man in the world, or whatever. Any time you go missing, it?ll be all over the news. So, instead, we?ll have our fun while Kristi and Stefani are at work, and I?ll bring you home before they get back. Problem solved!?

?Are you gonna make me wear a costume again??

?Hmmm. I?m not sure. Some people liked the teddy costume but I think more people prefer you naked. I gotta give the people what they want!?

?You know... I... I?m just saying... I could?ve told London. And she could?ve told the police. But I didn?t.?

?And? What?s your point?? She asked, angrily.

?So... could you maybe... go easy on me? I?ll do whatever you want. Just please don?t hurt me. I don?t wanna die...?

?Hahahaha!! Don?t be silly, Squirt. I won?t kill you. Well, not on purpose. I don?t really care about my other pets. But you... you?re my mealticket. Before you, I only had 30 subscriptions on my website. Now I?ve got over 1,000. They?re all paying $10 a month. Now that I have you back, I?ll be a millionaire soon.?

?Your... your other pets? What does that mean??

?Hehe. You?ll see...?

Christine looked over at the stairs, Beba was walking down them. She carelessly dropped me to the seat of the couch and directed her attention to the t.v. Beba walked towards the living room, rubbing her eyes. She wore a loose-fitting gray shirt and a purple thong. Her hair was fixed in a messy bun, and her eyes were only partly open.

?Morning, Christine.? She said, as she entered the room.

?Hey, Beba.? Christine responded.

She glanced at me, grinning, then looked back at Beba. Beba didn?t seem to notice me.

?I had the weirdest dream that Kristi found James...? She started, as she bent down and lowered her ass towards the couch.

I looked up at her monstrous butt. The back of her thong was hidden beneath the crack of her astoundingly plump cheeks. A shiver ran down my spine as they casted a shadow over me. I threw my arms over my face. Christine giggled, knowing I was about to be crushed.

?BEBA!!? I yelled.

Her butt met the cushion of the couch and clobbered me. Everything went black as I was completely consumed by her right cheek. I sank deep into the cushion, paralyzed by the weight of her gargantuan cheek. I gripped the meat of her ass with both hands and pushed with all my might, in a futile attempt to stop her from crushing me. She wiggled her rear, left and right, getting comfortable, rubbing my sweat-drenched body against the leather. Luckily, it was only a moment before she questioned what she was sitting on, and rose to her feet. I remained glued to her flesh as she stood up, even after I released my grip. Her ass jiggled vibrantly as she quickly swung around. The force of her turn sent me flying. I landed on the floor, about three yards away from her feet. Beba looked at the empty couch cushion, perplexed.

?What was I sitting on?? She asked.

Christine tapped Beba?s shoulder and pointed at me, giggling. Beba covered her mouth and gasped at the sight of me.

?JAMES?! Oh my god!!?

Her feet pounded against the rug as she moved towards her. I closed my eyes, pulled my knees towards my chest and threw my arms in the air. After just two steps, she stood directly over me. I turned my head to the left and opened my eyes. I was greeted by her big toe, which was almost as big as my head. Her toenails were painted pink and perfectly trimmed. The room began to spin. I faced forward and looked up at her towering, thick thighs, which blocked my view of her face. She bent down and lowered her hands towards me, slipping her fingers behind my back. I felt her warm thumbs press against my face, as she slowly lifted me from the floor. I closed my eyes and shook my head, feverishly, trying to relieve my dizziness. She removed her thumbs from my face as I did this, and then returned them to my cheeks. She stared at me, with worry, as she slowly pulled me towards her face.

?James! I didn?t see you there! I didn?t even know you were here! Are you okay?! Say something!?

?Err... an...em...kay.? I muttered, incoherently.

?My pobrecito! Come here!? She ordered, as she pushed me against the side of her face.

She pressed her lips against each other, making kissing noises as she cuddled me against her cheek. Though still disoriented, I couldn?t help but become aroused. She moved me in front of her lips.

?Muah! Muah! Muah!? She gently kissed my chest twice, and then the top of my head. My erection grew.

With one hand, she held me against her bare thigh as she sat down. Once seated, she pulled her hand away. I slid down her thigh, to the center of her plentiful lap.

?Why didn?t you tell me James was there?!? Beba asked Christine, as she angrily smacked her arm.

?I didn?t know! I didn?t see! I was watching t.v.!? Christine claimed. ?You?re the one who sat on him!?

?I?m sorry, pumpkin.? Beba apologized to me, as she poked my stomach with her index finger. ?Are you mad at me??

?No, it?s... it?s okay. I?m fine. I?m just a little dizzy.?

?You want some water, pumpkin?? She asked, in an affectionate tone, as she poked my stomach once more. My soaking shirt was the only thing covering my raging boner.

?I?m fine, really. Can I just lay here for a minute??

?You promise you?re not mad??

?I promise.?

?Kay. I?m glad you?re back, pumpkin. I missed you.?

?I missed you, too.? I told her.

She stared at me silently, and smiled. I smiled back at her. She placed her fingers over my shirt and tapped them against my torso, playfully. I laughed. She smiled wider and started to giggle. She slipped her fingertips under my shirt, thankfully avoiding my stiff penis. Her fingernails prodded my stomach as she began to tickle me, somewhat aggressively. She giggled with joy. I kicked my legs, overwhelmed with stimulation. I grabbed her fingers, but my tiny hands couldn?t prevent the movement of her giant fingers.

?Stop! Stop!? I yelled, in the midst of my laughter.

My stiff cock throbbed with pleasure as she continued to tickle me. I looked up at Christine. She had her phone camera aimed at me, as if she knew what was about to happen. Beba, on the other hand, had no idea that I was sexually aroused. She moved her fingers faster and faster, with more and more force. Finally, I stopped kicking. My knees locked, and my legs stood straight forward, as semen shot from my penis, onto her wrist. She yanked her hand from underneath my shirt, and looked at me with disgust. My faced turned beat red, I was frozen with embarrassment.

?EWW!! EWW!! GROSS!! Get him off of me!! Eww!! Get him off of me!? She shouted in horror, as she spread her legs apart, causing me to fall between them.

I laid between her legs, facing the couch. Christine laughed hysterically, as she pinched the back of my shirt with two fingers and lifted me from between Beba?s legs.

?I can?t believe you, James! YUCK! You could?ve told me to stop! That?s so fucking gross! I gotta take a shower... EW!?

?But I... I did say to stop.? I muttered to myself, as Beba walked away.

Christine dangled me by my shirt, adjacent to her bare chest. I grabbed the neck of my shirt with both hands and pulled it downward, to prevent it from choking me. She held her phone in front of me, still recording.

?Oh, James. Are you just turned on by everything? Haha! I mean... didn?t Kristi just stuff you in her pussy, or whatever she does with you, not even twenty minutes ago? Hahaha! You?re just ready to go at all times, aren?t you??

My body dangled beneath the grip of her fingers. Overcome with embarrassment, I was at a loss for words. She shoved her phone into her bra and dropped me onto her lap.

?I can?t wait to show the video to Mandy. She?s gonna die laughing! Hehe.?

?No! Please! You can?t show that to her!? I pleaded, as I rose to my feet.

?Why not? What?re you gonna do about it??

?I?ll... I?ll tell Kristi! I?ll tell her everything!?

Christine slowly stood up. I desperately tried to hold on to the skin of her thigh, as I slid towards her knee. I fell from her lap and landed between her feet. I scrambled to my feet and started to run away. She laughed, as she took one step towards me. I had no chance of escaping. Even if I could somehow reach an exit, I?d never make it there in time. Her feet were as long as my body, and one of her strides was as long as about eight of mine. She stomped her foot next to me, the force knocked me forward, onto my face. I turned around and looked up at her. Before I could move, I was surrounded by her hand. She quickly lifted me to her eye-level and slammed my back into the wall. Her open palm covered me. Her middle finger poked the underside of my jaw, pushing my chin upwards. Her wrist sat a couple of inches below my feet.

?Those are brazen words for such a little guy.? She said, as her palm compressed my body. ?You?re not gonna tell her anything.?

?I will! I can?t take this anymore! I don?t care if you can... *gulp...* snap me in half, or... step on me... You?ll never get away with it! And I don?t wanna live if I have to be tortured by you every day! If you?re gonna show that to Mandy, just kill me... cuz I can?t take it anymore!?

?Hahaha! Calm down, Squirt. I?m not going to kill you. I don?t wanna hurt you. Like I said before - I need you. You?re gonna make me rich. Look...? She paused, noticing that her phone started to vibrate.

She pulled her phone out of her bra and looked at the caller.

?It?s Kristi. Why is she calling already? You better keep your mouth shut!? She ordered.

She stared into my eyes while she held the phone against her ear.

?Hey, Kristi. What?s up??

?Sorry I?m calling already, I know I just left. Is everything okay? Is James okay??

?Don?t worry, Kristi. He?s fine, everything?s fine. I was about to get dressed and bring Squi- err, James to my house, to hang out.?

?Okay. Thank you! Just make sure he eats, please. Can you put him on the phone??

?He?s actually taking a nap right now. I don?t wanna wake him up. Poor thing is exhausted.?

?Help!! Kris-!! I yelled.

Christine quickly wrapped her fingers around me and pulled me towards her chest, burying my face in my cleavage, to silence me.

?What was that? Was that James?!? Kristi asked, in a panic.

?No, no.! That was the t.v.! James is asleep in your bed. Don?t be so worried, Kristi! Haha! Everything is fine, I promise. You can trust me.?

?I know. You?re right, I shouldn?t be so worried. I?ll call you on my break. Tell James that I love him!?

?I will. I?ll talk to you later, okay??

?Okay. Thank you, again, for looking out for my Jamesy.?

?Of course! Anytime! Don?t even mention it!?

?You?re the best! Muah! Love you.?

?Love you too, hun. Bye.?

She ended the call and pulled me away from her bosom, as she shoved the phone into her bra. She kept her fist wrapped around me, loosely. I pulled my arms from her grip and let them rest above her thumb. My feet dangled freely. I tried to conceal my fear, but my trembling made it obvious.

?Wow. You were really gonna tell her.? She said, surprised. ?Maybe you?re not as pathetic as I thought.?

?I?m not going to your house.? I stated. I don?t wanna do this! If you bring me to your house, I?m gonna tell Kristi everything! And the only way you can stop me, is to kill me!?

?Haha! Stop being so dramatic! I think there?s another way I can keep you from telling Kristi...?

I looked at her blankly, waiting for her to explain.

?How about this - I?ll give you 10% of everything I make from the videos. And I won?t tell anyone about your little incident with Beba. All you have to do is follow my instructions without arguing, and not tell Kristi about anything.?

?I don?t trust you.? I told her. ?You?re not gonna pay me. You?re just gonna use me.?

?Yes I will pay you! You?ll sign a contract. Everything will be totally legit! I had my other pets, I mean, employees, sign a contract. I?ll just modify it for you.?

?Other employees?? I asked, confused.

?Yup! I have a few other midgets working for me. They live with me, too. Except, none of them are nearly as small as you. That?s why I need you. My fans love you so much because you?re so tiny.?

?Well, I still don?t wanna do it. I want more than 10%.? I told her.

?More than 10%?! Hahaha! My other pets don?t even get paid. Being owned by me is a dream come true for them. I don?t think you realize how much money we?re talking about, Squirt. I?m going to make millions from these videos. You?ll never get an opportunity like this again. Do you wanna work shitty jobs for the rest of your life??

?I don?t... I don?t know.? I replied, weighing the pros on cons in my head.

?Face reality! Without me, you?ll always be worthless. You?re two feet tall... You can?t do anything! And you think Kristi is gonna stay with you forever?! Hahahaha! She just feels bad for you! Soon, she?ll get tired of taking care of you. She?ll realize she can have someone better. And when she does, she?ll dump you, in a heartbeat. Then, you?ll be nothing. You know it?s true! The only way you can have a purpose in life, is work for me. Let me give you purpose. I?ll never leave you. As long as you?re making me rich, you?ll be important to me. And you?ll be making A LOT of money, too! So what?s it gonna be, Squirt? Be my toy and be rich? Or, be lonely when Kristi leaves you, and be poor for the rest of you life??

Though I didn?t want to accept it, I believed that everything she said was true. This world wasn?t designed for someone like me. My size held me back my entire life. But, finally, my small size was actually useful. I could finally have a purpose.

?I... I still don?t know if I can trust you. But, I guess you?re right. My life is... pointless. I can?t do anything. I don?t even know why Kristi is with me. I?m worthless...?

?Without me, you?re worthless. That?s just the honest truth. But, as my toy, you?d be the most valuable thing in my life. You need me, Squirt. Wether you accept it or not. I can?t make you bigger, but I can make you matter. So, this is the last time I?m gonna ask you. Are you gonna work for me, or not??

?Okay... I?ll do it. I?ll... I?ll work for you.?

?Hehe. Of course you will!? She said, gleefully, as placed her thumbs over my torso and wrapped her fingers around my back. She pulled me towards her and plastered my body between her breasts. ?Oh, Squirt, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.?
Chapter 17: Christine’s Big Mouth by The_Necromanswer
I sat on the couch and waited while Christine showered and got dressed. She came downstairs wearing a short-sleeved white top, showing an uncharacteristically small amount of cleavage. She wore skimpy denim shorts and high-heeled sandals. The shorts were so small that the lining of her pockets could be seen underneath them. Her hair was tied into a ponytail, and her face was covered by a pair of oversized square-framed Gucci sunglasses. The vibrant sway of her hips and bounce of her breasts as she walked down the steps reinforced my conviction that all of her abuse was worth it.

?Alright, let?s go, Squirt.? She said, as she walked towards the couch. ?I?m gonna pick up Mandy and then we?ll go to my house.?

?Can we bring my walker?? I asked, doubtfully.

?What for? You won?t need it.?

?I know, but I just like having it with me. You never know...?

?I really don?t feel like putting that thing in my car for no reason.?

?Please? I... I would really feel better if we brought it.?

?I said no!? She replied, angrily, as she dropped her left hand to the couch and trapped me in her fist.

She carried me out to her car and sat in the driver?s seat. I looked in the rear-view mirror as she adjusted it, and was greeted by her devious smile. I was suddenly filled with regret.

There was a peculiar container in the cup holder. The circumference of the bottom part was only the size of a soda can, which allowed it to fit in the cup holder. Above the cup holder, it opened up into a small bucket.

?What?s that for?? I asked, motioning my head towards the bucket.

?Hehe. I got that a while ago. I was starting to think I might never get to use it.?

I stared at her blankly, confused. She moved her hand over the bucket and dropped me in it. I stood up and looked at her smiling face hovering over me. The bucket was as tall as me, I couldn?t see over the rim.

?Don?t stand up. It?s safer if you sit.? She informed me, as she poked my chest with her index finger and knocked me down. ?Hehe.? She giggled, amused by the ease at which she overpowered me. She put the key in the ignition and started the car.

?Can?t you just put me in your...? I requested, pointing to her chest. ?Or between your thighs? I just don?t feel safe in here.?

?You?re just full of requests today! Aren?t you, Squirt! Haha! You?ll be fine. You?re safer in the bucket, I think. Plus, I just showered - I don?t feel like cleaning semen off my boobs. Hahahaha!?

?I promise that won?t happen! I won?t let it happen. Just, please, take me out of here.?

She put on her seatbelt and reversed out of the driveway, ignoring my pleading. I began to tremble with anger. I gritted my teeth and clenched my tiny fists. Other than the walls of the bucket, her profile was the only thing in my view. I stared at her, consumed with rage.

?You only put me in here to humiliate me!? I blurted out.

She slammed on the brakes, causing me to slide across the bottom of the bucket and bang my head against the side of it. Clearly annoyed at my outburst, she put the shifter into park and pulled the emergency brake. Then, she removed her sunglasses and shoved them between her breasts. She removed her seatbelt. She leaned over the bucket, keeping her eyes locked on me. In one swift motion, she pressed her index finger into my gut and pinned me to the side of the bucket. Using only her index finger, she pushed me upwards, until my feet were just barely off the floor. To my dismay, I became undeniably aroused.

With it still pressed against my chest, she flipped her finger over so that her palm was facing up. Then, she curled it and took a hold of my shirt. She slowly lifted me out of the bucket, while blood surged to my erection. I tried to force it down with both hands, to no avail. It started to pulsate. I dangled in front of her face, with my boner adjacent to her smug grin. With her other hand, she pinched the bottom of my shirt and pulled up, exposing my raging penis.

?Oh, look at that. Hehe. Hey, little guy!? She said, playfully.

She grabbed my torso with one hand, constricting my arms. With her other hand, she held my legs together, completely restricting any movement. She closed her eyes, opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. Without warning, she slapped my tiny body against her face, forcibly inserting my penis into her mouth. I felt her soft lips press against my pelvis and testicles, as she gently squeezed the base of my cock with them. She caressed the underside of it with her tongue, as she slowly slid her lips down the length of my shaft. She emitted a monotone hum, that sounded as if she was enjoying a delicious treat. Filled with pleasure, my head shook involuntarily and my entire body quivered intensely. My penis continued to throb emphatically, as if it wanted to grow larger than it could. She pulled it gently, with her lips, as her tongue approached the tip. Then, she opened her eyes and poked my urethra with her tongue. She giggled happily; I felt the vibration of her voice around my shaft. She quickly moved her lips back down to the base, consuming the entirety of my dick. She removed her hand from my legs and grabbed my testicles with three fingers. She slowly tugged them downward, as I finally climaxed and blissfully shot a load of semen onto the back of her throat. My cock slipped out of her mouth as she pulled me away. She looked at me and gulped, swallowing my cum. Then, she undid her fist from my torso, pinched the front of my shirt, and dropped me back into the bucket.

?Hehe! That should keep you quiet for a while. Take a nap, Squirt. You must be exhausted.?

She was right - that did keep me quiet for a while. I followed her order, closed my eyes, and fell asleep.

I was awakened sometime later by Mandy?s finger poking my stomach.

?Wake up, sleepy head.? She said, in a soft tone.

I opened my eyes and looked up at her gorgeous, smiling face. Her hair was died a golden blonde. It was slightly curled at the ends, which reached the peak of her chest. The new hair color somehow made her look even more beautiful than usual. She wore a red crop top that barely reached the bottom of her bosom. The neck was cut into a deep V-shape that exposed the totality of her cleavage. I could tell she wasn?t wearing a bra, since the outlines of her nipples were
clearly visible through her top. There was a small sweat stain over each of them; I couldn?t help but stare. It was still hard for me to fathom that she was only fifteen - she had a body that most grown women would kill for. She moved her finger to the top of my head and stroked my hair, twice, then retracted it. I stood up. She looked at Christine.

?Does he have to stay in that stupid bucket? He can ride with me, if he wants.?

?No, leave him! He?s safe in there. My house is only 10 minutes away, just leave him in there.?

?Oh, come on Christine! He can?t even see out the window! I?ll slip him under my seatbelt - he?ll be fine.?

?Why are you so concerned with him anyway??

?Because he?s my little buddy. Right, James?? Mandy asked, in a sweet tone.?

I nodded.

She placed her left hand on the side of the bucket and rested her thumb along the rim as she spoke to me. She leaned over slightly, her prodigious breasts loomed above me. I just wanted to throw myself between them, but they might as well have been a mile away...

?So, are you excited to work with us?!? Mandy asked me.

I stared at her chest, lost for words.


?Oh! Uhh... yeah. Excited. Yes.?

?He better be excited.? Christine chimed in. ?He?s getting paid to have sex with two beautiful women and I practically had to beg him to agree.?

?Well, he?s probably worried that you?re gonna hurt him!? Mandy replied, sassily.

?He knows I?m not going to hurt him. We made a deal. Right, James.?

?Yeah. I?m not worried... I guess.?

?So, what do you wanna do in the video?? Mandy asked Christine.

Just then, Christine?s car hit a bump and was violently jerked upward. I was sent flying, almost hitting the ceiling of the car, until Mandy instinctively reached out and grabbed me in mid-air. Her initial clutch on my body was very tight, but she quickly loosened her fist when she realized I was safely in her grip. She drew her hand to the left side of her bosom. Only her thumb separated me from her giant, luscious breast. I felt the warmth of her nipple sweat against my genitals.

?See?!? Mandy exclaimed. ?I told you putting him in that bucket was stupid!?

?Well, that?s cause I didn?t put the lid over it! Otherwise, he would?ve been totally safe!? Christine retorted.

?You?re ridiculous. He?s riding with me until we get to your house and that?s it!?

Mandy raised her fist to the height of her face.

?That was a close one. But don?t worry, baby, I got you.? She assured me.

Her gentle voice sparked a tingle in the back of my neck that ran down my spine. She moved her lips to the top of my head and kissed it, softly.

?He?s not a baby, Amanda.? Christine snarked.

?Shut up! I know he?s not a baby. But he?s small and the world is a scary place to him. We should make him feel safe while he?s with us. You don?t do a good job of that...?

?Don?t act innocent! Do you recall throwing him like a football at the beach??

?I apologized to him for that. You didn?t. And you did more mean stuff after that. At least he knows he?s safe with me.?

?Whatever.? Christine replied, dismissively.

Mandy slipped her thumb under her seatbelt and pulled it away from her chest as she stuck me underneath it. It covered my torso while her soft, bulbous breasts pressed against my backside. She pinched my head between her fingers and gently pulled me upwards so that the seatbelt wouldn?t cut into my neck. Then, she pressed against my chest with her index finger, pushing me deeper into her cleavage until my torso and legs were consumed by it.

?Comfortable?? She asked me.

?I can?t move my arms.? I informed her.

?Oops! Here, I?ll fix that.? She said, as she pinched my head between her fingers once more, and gently pulled me upwards until I was able to rest my arms atop her breasts.


?Yeah. This is good.?

?Hehe.? She laughed softly, as she patted the top of my head with her finger.

My penis slowly stood up until it was fully erect for the remainder of the ride.

Christine pulled into her driveway and the girls exited the car. Mandy left me between her breasts as she walked inside Christine?s house and up to her bedroom. Since she wasn?t wearing a bra, I sank further with every step she took. I hung onto her necklace with both hands as gravity pulled me down her cleavage until all I could see was the inside of her shirt.

?Are you ready to meet my pets, Squirt?? Christine asked.

Smooshed by Mandy?s hefty rack, I was unable to respond.

?Don?t panic when you see them, James. Remember that they all agreed to work for Christine. They all signed the contract.? Mandy assured me, unintentionally frightening me at the same time. ?You okay, James? James??

She looked down at her chest and finally realized my predicament. She dug her fingers into her cleavage, took a hold of me and plucked me from it. She held me in her fist as she walked up the stairs. My erection was still raging; I was worried that I?d bust again before the video even began.

?Let me have my tiny.? Christine requested, as she reached her hand out.

Mandy opened her fist and carefully placed me into Christine?s palm. She clamped her fingers around me and opened the door to her bedroom. I was instantly horrified by what I saw...
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