(Commission) Detention punishment by christiawi9
Summary: This is a commission I am doing for Vanderband. It will have 9 chapters.

A powerful, magical teacher often takes detention in order to permanently punish the naughty and disobedient students. She has set up a series of games to punish them for their crimes. Will any of them survive? No, they won't.
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Introduction by christiawi9
Author's Notes:
This is merely the introduction. Shrinking but no torture
It was the end of another school day at Blackwood High School. The temperature was finally coming down after a long, hot and humid day and everyone was eager to get home and relax in their nice, air-conditioned rooms. However, not everyone was allowed to leave the school just yet. Not those who had to serve detentions for misdeeds and wrongdoings.

Marissa Mayweather, a beautiful 25 year old teacher, was walking down the hallway making her way to the detention room. Hip wide hips swayed side to side seductively, getting many glances from the male teachers and students alike. Because she had only been at the school for about a year she was always given detention duty so that the other teachers could head home on time. However, Marissa quite enjoyed her detention duties as it gave her ample opportunities to enjoy her ? Games. And sly smirk crept across her red lips as she thought about what was to come.

Making her way to the end of the hallway, she firmly pushed the door open and strolled confidently into the room, giving a quick gaze to the students who were present. 10 in total. 5 girls and 5 boys. This should be fun thought Marissa as she sat at the front desk, flicking her long, red hair out of her face and pulling out a file containing details on each one. Quickly scanning it , she looked back at the bored, frustrated students, and finally spoke.

?John and Maverick? She said sharply, her eyes looking around the room for the two boys.

?Yes, ma?am?

?Yes, Miss?

?You can both leave? There was an instant uproar from the rest of the class as the two boys quickly got their things and left. A bewildered look on their faces. She let them live because this was their first time in detention.

?Why the fuck did you let them go? Asked a blonde boy at the back of the class. He had a football Jersey on and so Marissa guessed he was ?

?Micheal ? Please don?t swear in my class?

?I?m already in bloody detention, what more can you do??

?Oh ? Quite a lot, actually? She didn?t reply to his questioning look and simply referred to the rest of the class next ?So, looking at your files I see that all of you, every last one, are a repeat offender at this school?

Everyone suddenly sat up straighter and looked sharply ahead. Perhaps they were afraid she was going to suspend or even expel them. After she?s finished, they will wish she had.

?This is your 3rd detention within this month. And so I?ve decided to use a different method of punishment?

?I don?t think you can do that? Said Katelyn, a black haired, ebony girl ?You?re only supposed to watch us and then-?

Just then, Marissa stood up and held up her hand. Closing her eyes she began to quickly recite something under her breath

?The fuck you doing Miss ?? Micheal wasn?t able to finish his sentence before everything went black.
However, it was black as in he fell unconscious. He was definitely awake. And surrounded on all sides by a compressing forces. Soft walls that were radiating intense heat into him. Suddenly, he was hit with a deep sense of vertigo as his world opened up with light and he found himself plummeting to the ground. He must have fell ten feet before coming to a hard crash on the ground. The screaming and noise around him suggested that his class mates were still with him.

Opening his eyes, he got up and saw that he was on a giant field of yellow. A hard, yellow surface that seemed to spread out for ages. He saw his other class mates also getting up and looking just as confused and frightened as he was. Him, and everyone else was then thrown off their feet and a deep earthquake shook their world. A repeating earthquake got louder and harder every second. Micheal was about to look around for the source of the thumping when his attention was drawn by Clara (A short, Arab woman with black hair and blue tips) screaming up at the sky. Micheal looked up and nearly screamed himself.

Off into the distance, which seemed like thousands of miles, the enormous, heaven consuming figure of Miss Mayweather was approaching them. At that moment, Micheal began noticing other features of the distance.
The faint walls, the giant door, the heavens that seemed to have six suns blinding them. They were still in their classroom, but at an unmeasurable size.

Micheal?s panicking thoughts were ripped from him as Miss Mayweather took another step towards them, her stomach now covering everything they could see in a single direction and her face looking down at them like a colliding moon. That smirk now wide across her face. Everyone looked up stunned, not knowing what to do.

?Now that I have your undivided attention, I can resume. I ask that you don?t break my rules again or the consequences will be severe? She almost laughed as she drank in their fear. Despite them being only ? of an inch tall, she could still clearly see their faces and hears their pitiful moans of despair. Another gift she had.

?Today?s detention will be a little different then your usual detention. 3rd time repeaters need serious lessons hammered into them otherwise they?ll never become proper members of society. Either way today goes, you will leave this room more use to society then when you came in. I promise that?

The teenagers screamed when her hand descended down to them and they were almost knocked off their feet from the gust of wind resulting from her lifting her ?small? folder. She opened it up and began reading.

?Now, let?s take attendance? She said, as if the students weren?t nearly microscopic to the world?

?Micheal Borne ? Seems you lack respect and don?t know how to use proper language. Every time you?ve been sent to detention it?s because of your foul mouth?
She ignored his cries of apologies and begs for forgiveness. She no doubt that all of them would straighten up if she let them go today. But then she?d be left with no fun. Not to mention too many witnesses to her crime.

?Katelyn Sullivan ? Apparently you thought it was fun to disrupt swimming class by splashing and messing about.

?Clara Watson ? Being rude and disobedient and not being able to follow instructions.

?Jeffery Oswald ? Refusing to listen and being loud.

?Anita Taylor ? Also disrupting class by ? My, goodness, farting? What sort of children are you lot??
She stared down at the entire group as they shuddered and cowered in fear.

?Timothy Gleeson ? Picking your nose in class and ? Ew, gross. Wiping it on other people. Really? You?re in high school, not kindergarten

?Alex Richardson ? Talking to your friend repeatedly in class. Apparently you were discussing science fiction and ? Other dimensions?

?And finally, Chris Chipper ? You refused to participate in P.E. Don?t you enjoy running? You sure look like you could use? She was referring to Chipper?s large size. The obese boy would have hung his head in shame if he weren?t staring terrified at the goddess before him.

?Well ?? She continued ?Let the punishment commence!? She clapped her hands in delight, causing everyone to block their ears from the sound.
Anita's fart torture by christiawi9
Author's Notes:
This contains farting, including wet farting.As well as micro shrinking
?Well, let?s start with you ? Anita? Marissa bends under the desks and pulls out a round glass container with a narrow top and a wide bottom approximately 6 inches in diameter. ?Since you think it?s funny to disrupt class by farting, I think I have the perfect punishment for you?

Anita screams as a godly hand comes down from the heavens towards her. The diminutive girl quickly got up and ran but was unable to outrun the giant teacher?s nail. The large claw came down and easily scooped up the fleeing insect, keeping it secure and trapped under it. The others did nothing but watch in horror as one of their own was taken from them, only glad that it wasn?t them.

Marissa brought Anita over to the large glass jar sitting on the floor and casually dropped the girl inside. Everyone watched in horror as the tiny flea of a woman fell for what looked like a hundred stories before landing on the bottom. However, she quickly got up, apparently unscathed which seemed completely impossible. The giant teacher then began to pull her skirt and panties down that she?d been wearing all day and discard them to the corner. Her gigantic vagina and forest of a bush was now on terrifying display for the entire group.

?Now, little one, your goal is to get from one end of this glass jar to the other. You might be able to see that there?s a big red mark on the other side. Get to that within the time limit and you win. I, meanwhile ??
She then got on her knees and brought her ass down on top of the glass container. Spreading her cheeks, her wide ass easily sealed the opening with her butthole at the centre. Her brown eye staring down at the shrunken woman quivering in fear.

?Will provide the obstacles. Seems quite easy, all you have to do is get from one side of the jar to another and all that?s stopping you is my little farts. A short jog and you?re free! You?ll have ten minutes. More than enough, I think, to cross that short distance?

Everyone watched in disbelief at what they were witnessing. Off in the distance (Form their perspective) the giant form of their detention teacher was half naked and sitting on a jar keeping their fellow classmate trapped inside and forcing her to play games for her freedom.

?And ? Begin? Marissa said sternly, pushing her red hair out of the way to get a better look of what was happening inside of the glass prison. A devilish grin spread across her beautiful ruby lips.

Anita looks around in shock at her surroundings, her psyche obviously not able to process this information. Her entire body was shaking in fear. Finally, after about 30 seconds of simply standing there, something clicked in her brain and she began running as fast as she could.

?Oh, here we go. I was afraid you?d stand there the entire time? Marissa jested

For Anita, it was simple. It was just running. Block everything else out and get to the other side. That?s all she needs to do. After about a minute she had already passed the half way point. If she kept this pace up then she?d make it in no time. However, that was until she passed under the centre and under Marissa?s arsehole.

Suddenly, as if by god?s power itself, the tiny girl was lifted off her feet and threw across the jar, slamming hard into the glass. Getting to her feet, she couldn?t understand what had happened. One second she was standing there, the next she was halfway across the container. Then the smell hit. Like a truck carrying a ten tonne of faeces. It was so strong that it brought the teenager to her knees. That?s right. The obstacle that Miss Mayweather was putting in her way. Anita looked up at the winking brown eye in the sky and the smiling face of Miss Mayweather.

?You better get going? Marissa warned ?You don?t want to see what happens when you fail. Surely someone such as you who farts in class can stand a few farts herself, right??

Her lungs were burning just from a few seconds of smelling this foul gas. Was it because she was shrunken? Or was is another kind of magic the witch was using? There?s no way that a fart should be this strong, yet it somehow was. She breathed hard and focused on the finish line. It was practically as far as it was at the start of the ?game? which was strange since she was almost half way there. Maybe the gas was playing with her head or something.

?Aren?t you supposed to be good at sports, Anita? I heard you were a rather good runner? Marissa said, your large green eyes staring into the jar at the miniscule woman ?Don?t tell me you can run a couple of inches?

Marissa was simply sitting on the glass jar, resting on her knees while keeping her butthole pressed firmly against the hole of the jar. There was no way that any air was getting in unless she allowed it. She watched as the tiny girl ran as fast as she could across the jar once more, taking significantly longer then she did last time. Marissa wondered when she was going to figure it out. When the girl was at the half way mark and almost directly under up hanging booty she gave her gut a heavy squeeze, pushing out a heavy fart into the glass container. She watched in amusement as Anita was once again thrown across the jar, right back to the beginning once more.

?Oh, was that me?? Marissa asked, referring to her passing gas ?So unlady-like. I hope you don?t mind?
Anita got up once more and found that she hadn?t sustained a single injury. There must be some kind of magic involved so that she wouldn?t get hurt. Looking over to the other side of the ?field? she could?ve sworn that it looked much further than before. And every time she runs it feels like it takes her longer and longer to get to the centre before she?s blasted back by her teacher?s rancid farts.

She looked around and decided she needed to take a different approach. It?s already been at least 3 minutes. If she doesn?t change her tactics then she?ll never escape and who knows what might happen then? She decided to run next to the wall to try and avoid the centre and hopefully not get blasted across the glass. She made her run and was almost half way (Which felt like it took longer than usual which was something that was seriously scaring Anita. Was she still shrinking?)

?Oh? Trying a new tactic are we?? The booming voice of Miss Mayweather said ?It?s pretty sad when you have to try and outsmart a woman who?s simply farting. Speaking of which? She grunted and another blast hit the bottom of the glass and spread out.

The horrid smell spread throughout the confined container like a plague. With the only outlet sealed, the gas simply built up until the pressure was about double. The temperature had increased steadily until it was about 37 ?C (100 ?F). The humidity had risen to the point that Anita could physically feel sweat running down her back. However, the humidity that filled the air had the distinct and disgusting taste of shit. Breathing was becoming a chore. It felt like being trapped under a blanket where the CO2 slowly builds up and it becomes uncomfortable and the free air quickly disappears. However, in this case, it isn?t CO2 that?s building up but the methane from Miss Mayweather?s colon. However, the entire glass jar was quickly feeling like a glass Dutch over.

The wave of gas quickly collided with Anita who was once again thrown off her feet but rather than being shot to the other end of the glass she was previously at, she was hit up against the wall she was running next to. She still remained unwounded but then she finally realized why. As she grabbed the side of the glass to pull herself up she felt the glass under her hand expanded. Looking at the fine imperfections and tiny smudges on the glass, she watched in horror as they slowly rose up into the air until she was only about the size she was previously before stopping. And that?s when she figured out what was happening. Every time she was injured, she was instead shrunk. Looking around her glass prison, observed just how large it appeared compared to when she first entered. Knowing now that it wasn?t an illusion or mental effects from the gas. She was indeed shrinking further.

It was getting hard to run. Her leg muscles weren?t aching but her lungs were. Her body wasn?t getting enough oxygen and she could feel the toxic fumes of Miss Mayweather?s bowels making its way through her system. She was over halfway to the finish line yet it felt like she was all the way back at the beginning. Was she even making any progress? How small had she shrunk?

?5 minutes remaining. It sure is taking a little while, isn?t it? It?s like you?re getting slower and slower? Marissa gave a slight laugh at her mocking. ?Oh, that?s a big one?

Anita looked up in fear. Big what? What?s big? She watched the giant brown eye twitch until it seemed to blast open and a shock wave of gas filled the glass. This was a ripper of a fart for Marissa at normal size.
To Anita, who was less than a tenth of an inch, it was a tornado. Forget being blasted off her feet into a wall, she was lifted right into the air like a particle of dust, floating on the currents of fart. She rocketed through the glass, smacking into wall after wall until she was lifted up towards the top of the jar.
She looked ahead and saw, in absolute horror, what she was heading towards. The winking hole of her detention teacher. There was nothing she could do as she smashed into the sticky, icky surface of Miss Mayweather?s asshole.

?Oh, my. Are you where I think you are? Is this your way of telling me you give up? Do you want your punishment already? Goodness, you almost right inside my butt. A couple of clenches of my anus and I bet I suck you right up. How about we play a new game for a little while? I?ll give you 5 squeezes. If you can stay out of my hole then I?ll let you continue the original game. With a new ten minutes. But if you get gobbled up ? Well, let?s just say you?ll be spending a lot of detentions with me. Are you ready??

Anita was stuck to the sticky, sweaty surface of the woman?s hole. She could see the centre a couple of metres (from her perspective) away. Her eyes wide in fear, her face sweaty and her lungs still burning, more now than ever since she was so close to the source of her breathing pain.


The hole clenched hard and Anita felt herself sucked towards the centre. She screamed in fear and she tried to grab a hold of any surface she could. She tried to pull herself along the surface but the adhesion of her entire body was much stronger than her body muscled could overcome.


Another clench. Anita was getting closer and closer to the centre. Her uniform was being smeared with the thick, salty sludge that had crusted on Miss Mayweather?s arsehole from her sweat. She felt like she was becoming another dust particle wedged within the folds of her skin. Looking around, the anus looked like it was the length of a bus and as deep as a pool and she was slowly being dragged down into the centre.


She finally found something could save her. Her legs were almost within the sinking hole. But she found a fine hair sticking out of the skin. Grabbing hold of it, Anita tried to pull herself out as hard as she could.


She felt like she was about to be sucked up into the hole but luckily the hair she was holding onto saved her life. All she had to do was survive one more ?


Miss Mayweather gave the heaviest clench she had so far. Anita was ripped from the hair and found herself halfway into the hole. Her legs and waist were completely trapped within the crushing folds of the anus. All around her were the high walls of the anus. She couldn?t move her lower body at all as it was crushed and squished by the powerful muscles. She felt no pain but she did feel a strange tingling as the folds around her began to get bigger and bigger. She was shrinking again.

?Well, I don?t know if you won or not. You?re technically within pucker but not completely. Though if you keep shrinking like you are you?ll soon be small enough for the slightest twitch to send you up there forever. In fact, I bet another good clench would get the job done already?

Anita listened in terror as she waited for the anus to twitch once more and seal herself away from the world.

?However ? That wouldn?t be as much fun as what I have planned. So I think I?ll give you another chance. But how am I supposed to get you out of there? Do you have any ideas? Perhaps I should take a page from your book of tricks?

Anita felt the anus expand slowly as she realized what was about to happen.

?Mind the fall. I don?t know if you can handle any more injuries? Just then, Marissa farted and shot Anita out of her butt at the speed of a bullet. The tiny girl slammed heavily into the bottom of the jar before being slammed into the side of the jar where she came to a rest.

Now that she knew what to look for, Anita could clearly feel the effects of her shrinking as the world around her began to expand. She laid on the bottom of the glass crying as she felt the glass expand under her body. It didn?t seem to stop for over half a minute where she was so small she could see the tiny holes located within the glass like imperceptible bubbles. The entire glass was so big and it was going to take her far more than ten minute to make it to the finish, even without the ?obstacles? of Miss Mayweather. It was best if she just gave up and stopped giving this evil woman amusement and her own suffering.

?Oh, why have you stopped? Don?t tell me you?re giving up already? Marissa?s voice sounded truly disappointed, as if she had been neglected tasting a delicious treat.

?Well, I suppose it is your choice. I can?t make you ? However, I think it might be in your best interest to keep moving because I think these farts are about to get much wetter?

Anita looked up in terror at that statement just in time to see the giant hole high above her open up once more. Another explosion like a jet engine erupted and blasted the shrunken woman off her feet and against the glass wall. However, spraying around the jar, giant cat sized specks of shit landed everywhere as well as near Anita?s head.

?Mind the rain? Miss Mayweather said ?I suggest you find cover ?cause I think it?s about to start pouring soon. Oh, wait, you have no cover to find. Well, I suppose you better get to the finish line before you?re buried if you want this to end?

Marissa was now holding her gut, pressing and squeezing various pockets of gas around her abdomen preparing more ammunition for the coming assault. She felt another bout of gas press up against her puckering asshole and tensed her stomach muscles tightly, exploding the gas out of her rectum with intense force. She looked inside of the jar and watched as the diminishing woman was flown against the jar walls while her own shit covered more and more of the glass surface. She wondered how long the tiny girl could last.

Anita now knew that she couldn?t stay in the same spot if she wanted to avoid these falling meteorites of shit. If she stayed still, then she would eventually be crushed or trapped under these growing masses of crap. Her only hope is to try and survive or get to the finish line. Anything to make this nightmare end.
She got off her feet, breathing deeply (Causing her lungs to burn intensely from the toxic air) and made a run for it. She only made it a couple of feet before another giant fart erupted. However, this tiny a tiny flake of shit landed on her chest, crushing her into the floor. She watched in horror as she slowly shrank while the dark brown mass slowly oozed over her.

Taking both hands, she forced the sludge onto the ground and got back up. But she couldn?t even make it two steps before she was blasted once more, this take her head being compressed under. Unable to breath, Anita thrashed her arms and legs, forcing the faecal material off of her head as it slowly expanded and attached itself to the floor. As she slowly suffocated, Anita felt herself dwindle further and further, the ass growing larger and larger until it was as large as a horse and covering most of her body.

Finally, the tiny girl was able to force her body through the squishy mass and come out the other end, breathing deeply the toxic air she was denied. She had never been so grateful to breath in her teacher?s farts as she was now. Looking back, she saw that the speck of shit, the type of shit that you don?t even notice on your underwear when you let loose a wet one, was the size of a car. Standing straight, the brown covered girl?s head barely came above the mass itself.

?Looking a little dirty down there? Marissa said ?Would you like to take a break? We can stop any time you want?

Anita knew she was lying but she was desperate. The only part of her body that wasn?t covered in crap was her ankles and feet and her lungs were killing her. She would do anything to escape this misery. Looking up into the sky she screamed for mercy.

?Please! ? I?m sorry! Please stop this. PLEASE!?

?What was that? I can?t hear you. Well, I suppose it would be hard to hear something that?s only 1/30 an inch?

Anita was shocked. She couldn?t believe how small that was. She was almost microscopic.

?Well, since I can?t hear you protesting, and my hearing is pretty good, I?ll assume you want to continue. It?s so nice to see young people who can really stick it out there and work through their problems and not give up. Hopefully you?ll apply this fortitude to your school work ? Well, that is if you make it out of here?

Just then another blast threw Anita off her feet and once again caused her to fly around the jar like a dust particle until she gradually came to a landing towards the opposite side of the jar. The side of the jar with the red marking. She was so close to it, she might actually make it.

Quickly getting up, she ran past house sized flakes of crap. If she could get to the red mark she might actually be able to escape this nightmare. Her one glimmer of hope. And it was that hope caused her to do what she did when she looked up and so the anus puckering for another explosion. Not wanting to be thrown around again and lose her location she jumped into a nearby boulder of crap and wedged herself inside. As the tornado of gas expanded into the jar she was relieved to see that she did not move. She was still as close as she was to the red mark as she was before. Better than that, she found she had not shrunk. She might have final found a way to win this game.

She forcefully extracted herself from the giant boulder and kept running. She was surprised to find that the teacher hadn?t let loose any gas. Anita was getting closer and closer to the giant red mark and yet the teacher hadn?t farted once. Was she all out? Was she waiting for her to get close before she did it, just to torment her further? She kept looking up to see if the anus was puckering for another blast. Yet it constantly remained calm. What was happening? Was the teacher showing her mercy?

She made it. Her feet touched the red mark (Now the size of a run way strip) and breathe a toxic sigh of relief. She had won. She was free.

?You made it! Congratulations! I?m sure you want to know what your prize is. Well, unfortunately you won?t be seeing it. You see ? The time limit has run out. You failed the game. Even with all that extra time I gave you, you still weren?t able to do the simplest thing of moving from one side of a jar to another. Well, it?s time for your punishment?

The anus puckered once more and Anita wondered what the punishment was going to be. Her eyes opened wide in fear as she thought that maybe the teacher was going to shit on top of her. However, her fears were unfounded as the asshole let loose only another bout of wet gas. However, something was certainly different.

When the girl was shot across the jar and rammed into the walls she felt the definite break of her arm. Her bone snapping cleanly in two as she collided at high speed with the hard surface.

Another spurt of gas and she was shot in the air, bouncing against wall after wall, purple bruises quickly forming as well as her wrist shattering from one particular collision. She came to a rough landing at the centre of the jar. Her back giving an eerie and horrifying crack as it smashed into the ground.

Her arms and legs unresponsive. The shrunken woman looked directly up at the gaping hole of hell, unable to move out of the way. She tried to scream but blood was slowly seeping into her lungs from internal bleeding causing her to sputter and cough as she drowned on her own blood. The hole above her quivering for another round.

A wet explosion erupted, the force of the air compressing her ears and bursting both ear drums as a boulder of shit the size of a truck smashed into her legs, crushing them instantly. She continued to try and breath as her body began to slowly shutdown. She watched, terrified as the crap on her legs slowly worked it?s way over her body, threatening to bury her alive and her unable to do anything to stop it. She begged within her mind for it to end. For the witch to put her out of her misery.

Marissa looked into the jar and saw the near microscopic woman dying slowly. Picking up a cork from the ground she quickly lifted her anus off of the opening and plugged it with foam device. Picking the glass container up, she brought it to her eyes and looked inside. From her vantage point, it simply looked like there was a light spraying of shit covering the surface but she knew (And could see) the tiny girl at the centre slowly dying. Unseeable to normal eyes. She smile as her eyes locked with Anita?s before she put the jar under the table and turned her attention to the rest of the horrified teenagers.
Chris's exercise training by christiawi9
Author's Notes:
This is the second chapter of the commission that I'm doing.
It contains a LOT of scat material.
if that's not your thing then don't read.
One down, seven more to go Thought Marissa as she eyed the cowering shrunken students stranded on her desk. Her eyes focused on them like a cat deciding which cornered mouse to eat first. If she could, she?d probably purr with the anticipation and excitement she felt for the coming event.

She looked down and noticed that one student stood out. A young man with a beanie and long sleeve shirt. Though he looked scared, he also looked determined as he stood in front and ?protected? the remaining frightened girls. Marissa recognized him instantly as

?Alex Richards? Her voice boomed down to the microns below. Any resolve and determination the boy might have held instantly crumbled as she came to his knees at hearing his name spoken ?You were the one talking in class with you friend ? The possibilities of different and alternate dimensions if I recall correctly?

The boy, just like the rest, just the dozens if not hundreds who had come before him, broke down with weeping apologies at his crimes. Promising never to do them again If only he was given a second chance. She had heard them all before but never grew tired of watching once proud and arrogant teenagers being broken and shown how weak they truly are.

?I?m going to grant you your wish? The teacher voice shook the shrunken teenagers, vibrating through their small bodies as if they were jello. The boy looked up in happiness and joy, until ? ?I?m going to send you to another dimension?

Her finger came towards the group. The boy quickly got up and in shear fear ran towards the edge of the table. He leapt off but his fallowing body wasn?t quick enough to avoid the approaching finger. Marissa index finger collided with the tiny speck of a human and, to the amazement and fear of the group, his body erupted in a pure white light. His for now just a sparkling form connect to their captures finger. Marissa brought the finger up to her abdomen and poked it causing the light to be sucked into her skin.

?There? she said finally ?if he wants to experience another dimension, he can navigate the world of my colon and a truly microscopic size. If he can survive long enough then I?ll let him live. But I doubt he?ll be able to evade and fight against the horrors that dwells deep within my bowels. Maybe I should absorb his soul so he can experience the adventure for all eternity? She gave a slight giggle as she thought to herself about the possibility before turning back to the children.

?Now, onto the next round of games. The question is, though, who to choose. Ou all look so fun and frightened, hmm? She then began to play ?Eeny, meeny, miny, moe?. Finally, her mighty eyes landed on the quivering form of

?Chris Chipper ? You?re the one who refused to run in gym class. I can see why, if I was a little chubster boy like you I?d probably find it hard to move as well. Of course, I would never let myself get that way.?

?It?s hard, I?m sorry! I can only run for a short time! I sweat and chaff and I find it hard to breathe! If you let me go, I promise to try harder. I?ll exercise at every opportunity. Just please don?t kill me!? The fat boy screamed up at her, tears rolling down his face as his knees shook in terror, threatening to fall under his weight.

?Oh, silly little boy, don?t worry ? I?m going to give you ample opportunity to prove that to me?

She then once again bent over and picked something up from under her desk. Rather than a large glass jar, this thing more resembled a plastic bed pan. She placed it on the floor and turned back around facing the frightened boy.

?Let?s get started, shall we?

As if taking que from the previous fellow, Chris Chipper made a run for the side of the desk. However, because of his weight, he didn?t make it anywhere near the edge before the giant hand of Miss Mayweather came down from the heavens and swooped him up, bringing him to her face. He continued screaming and writhing as she dropped him into the centre of the clear, round plastic container. The then turned around and slowly brought her behind down towards him. The tiny boy experienced a horrifying sight as Miss Mayweather?s cheeks gradually parted, revealing her winking asshole. Still smeared with small flakes of shit from her previous ?game?. Of course, that small amount of shit would be enough to cover his entire body in the brown sludge. The light within the container quickly faded until there was only faint light coming from some exposed areas around Marissa?s butt and hips.

The container he was trapped within was much smaller than the one Anita was trapped within. But to Chris and his ? inch form, it was still larger than an airport, and the ass above him, the size of a small comet. A comet threatening to come down and crush his tiny form. He couldn?t help but collapse under his own fear, staring up with wide eyes as her anus started to part.

?You?re in detention because you refused to run during gym class. I think you simply lacked sufficient motivation. I hope this-?Marissa grunted heavily ?Will be motivation enough?

Chris stared, wide eyed and horrified as the crown of a giant turd started peeking out of Miss Mayweather?s increasingly expanding anus. The thing kept increasing in diameter until the lump of waste was at least wider than 2 cars were long. Chris couldn?t imagine how long the giant snake was going to be. And just like a predatory snake, the humungous mass started slithering down towards him as Marissa?s gut pushed harder and harder.

Chris got off his feet and started running as hard as he could towards the edge of the container, not knowing what he was doing but hoping that if he ran long enough than he would be safe. There was a giant tremor which knocked him of his feet, causing him to slam face first into the cold, hard plastic ground. Looking behind him, he saw the snake had rammed into the ground and the huge, brown body was now ?slowly? falling towards him as Miss Mayweather pushed more and more out. He got off his feet and ran once more.

Looking behind himself once more, he saw that the falling body was quickly catching up with him. If he didn?t change his direction then he would soon be squashed flat by this woman?s bowel movement. Making a decision, he quickly took a 90 degree turn and began running towards the left, hoping that coiling mass would continue on its path.

?Oh, trying to outsmart me little one? Thinking that you?ll be able to escape my falling poop if you change direction? What if I do this, though?? Marissa then twisted her body and tilted her hips. To Chris?s horror, the coil had now changed direction and was once again making it?s way towards him.

The fat boy could feel the pains in his chest as he continued to try and outrun the falling mass but knew that if he slowed down then he would surely be crushed. He had at most ten seconds before he became a small speck of dirt in the swirling bowel movement of Miss Mayweather. Not being able to think straight and figure out how to survive, he took another quick left turn. But Miss Mayweather was ahead of him and already knew his tactic and turned her body to compensate for his change in direction.

?Too slow, little man. I win? With that, Marissa clenched her sphincter and allowed the massive turd to fall into the container.

The plan was for the long, wet, long of shit to land right on top of Chris and crush him flat. However, through divine intervention or a cruel jokes by the gods, the shit landed next to Chris instead. The shockwave and air pressure of it slamming into the ground sending him flying several feet. For the tiny boy, this seemed like a blessing, until he saw the torturous results of this act. The end of the turd had landed on top of the start of the turd, creating a small donut of crap. The walls of which were several metres high compared to Chris and the smell and heat emanating from his now apparent prison was intense.

?Oh, dear me? Marissa said with a laugh as she looked between the legs at the unfortunate scenario Chris had been placed in ?You look absolutely exhausted. Well, you know your breathing would be better if you ran more. Bet you wished you put exercise as a higher priority, huh? But I suppose even if you were an expert runner it would still be rather difficult to breathe in the toxic fumes coming off of that crap. You don?t even have the defensive spell Anita had. Hmm ? I wonder how she?s doing?

The teacher pondered for a few seconds on the fate of her previous victim. Whether she had succumbed to the mass of faeces consuming her or if she was still in agonizing pain. She shrugged and forgot about it, instead turning to her current captive ?

?Well, I think that?s enough of a break. Time for you second exercise training: Climbing. I want you to climb those walls of poop for me. And if you need more incentive, well it?s coming right now?

The giant teacher gave another series of grunts. Chris looked up, his face sweaty and his breathing ragged as she saw a larger and far firmer turd making it?s way out of her colon. The giant walls around him were only soft turds, easy to push out. But this. This was a true turd. One that took full effort to push out and looked as if it were the as wide as a semitrailer was long. That?s right, its width looked the length of a full scale truck. The full scale of Chris?s sized dawned on him once more. Just how small he actually was. He was nothing. Practically dust.

?I say you have less than a minute before this *grunt* little turd comes down and crushes you *grunt* flat? Miss Mayweather said as her face turned slightly red.

Chris quickly turned and began attempting to climb the brown wall. His hands sinking into the gooey mass as if he were climbing a wall of mud. In his frantic endeavours as he was scaling the mound, his foot slid causing him to slide down and create a semi avalanche of shit which covered his lower legs. His entire front was now covered in the brown filth. He could smell and taste the disgusting substance and almost found it hard to see as the muck got in his eyes. He couldn?t event remove it since his hands and arms were covered in the same muck.

He looked at his hands and body. The realization of what he was covered in. The smell, the warmth. The squishy feeling. No matter what he did he could get the little human waste off of himself. He would have fainted if he didn?t have the sudden and uncontrollable urge to vomit, unfortunately getting more of the filth in him mouth.

?Can?t you even climb some poop? Maybe your climbing wouldn?t be so bad if you participated in PE more, hmm? Well, you better hurry, unless you?ve resigned yourself to being collateral damage of a woman?s bowel movement. Honestly, it might be the highest achievement in your life. Lazy people don?t tend of achieve much on their. Here, let me help you? With that, the descent of the turd continued.

Chris laid defeated. Bruised. Battered. And shamed. He was wondering if it would have just been better to let her take him out. But then, a fire broke out inside of him to prove her wrong. To prove that he was better than her. Or at least her shit. He was going to win her little game. And expose her for what she was.

Getting up, he rammed his hands into the shit wall, and yanked himself up. He climbed with renew determination as he pulled harder and harder. Going faster and faster, until finally he reach the top, just in time as well. As his feet crossed the edge and made it back onto steady ?land? the massive turd flew passed him, landing with a tremendous *thud* on the plastic container floor. Chris actually fell over as the shockwave knocked him off of his feet. Turning around, he looked in awe at the giant, erect monolith, 100 times bigger than he was tall. A truly marvellous sight, he thought at first, until he remembered what he was looking at: A regular, old turd. One that almost killed him.

Sliding down the other side of the shit wall, Chris looked up into the ?sky? and saw that he was no longer under the arsehole. If he could get to the edge then he?d be able to avoid any more attacks from his psychotic teacher. As he made his way to the unscaleable plastic wall in the distance he heard a thunderous giggle coming from the heavens. He didn?t like the sounds of that but kept moving anyway.

?Oh, think that you?ll be able to avoid me if you simply hide on the outskirts? Is that your usual tactic when doing sports? Wait on the side lines for the period to be over? I thought you were going to show me that you?re now dedicated to exercise and you were going to prove to me that you?d changed. But first chance you get ?? She sighs in a fake attempt at disappointment. ?Well, that won?t work, buster! You aren?t getting out of my PE class?

Suddenly, she started grunting again and repositioned her butt so she wasn?t directly over the centre anymore. Several airy farts erupted from her bowels, sending Chris flying several meters before ending. Then more shit came rupturing outwards. But this wasn?t hard or even soft crap. It was pure diarrhoea. A waterfall of runny, liquid shit flowing onto the plastic container floor and spreading out. Chris looked on in horror as the wave of crap quickly started rushing towards him. If he continued to head for the wall then he would be surely consumed once it got to him. His only chance was to seek refuge on her bowel movement island.

He dashed as quickly as he could. The pains in his chest growing heavier and more prominent. His legs feeling like thick weights of lead. His sweat mixing his the shit on his face, causing it to run down his skin and into his mouth and eyes and nose. Everything about this situation was hell. Terrifying, painful and humiliating hell that he couldn?t escape.

?Well, you were so against running. Maybe you?d prefer a nice swim. Are you more of a swimmer, Chris??
He was almost there. He had almost made it. He. Just. Needs. To. Run. Faster.

The waves of liquid shit collided with Chris?s back, completely knocking him off his feet and running over his, submerging him in a liquid tomb. The diarrhoea crashed into the side of the poop island, creating a small swamp surrounding the stack of human waste. It was only about half a centimetre deep but it was still taller than the shrunken boy was.

Marissa looked down between her legs, quickly reeling back from the smell.

?Geez, that is one hell of a potent smell. Surprised you didn?t die from that alone. But I suppose you?re gone now. I guess swimming wasn?t your forte either. Isn?t there anything you can did??

She looked down in satisfaction, seeing tiny air bubbles desperately try and escape to the surface above where she knew Chris was buried. She wondered how long he would last until a hand shot out from the swamp. After the hand came a head which screamed as it breathed in fresh air. It turned out Chris was alive after all.

The shrunken boy, now blind from the filth covering his entire body, found the wall of shit and quickly pulled himself out of the brown liquid. It was hard before when he was simply trying to climb the wall to escape the falling waste. But now he was tired and weighed down by the shit that was covering his entire body. He looked like some kind of mud monster with no part of his actual body visible.

?Oh, try harder!? Marissa gave mock encouragement ?You can do it! Climb out of my poop and onto my other poop! This is a real achievement for you. Harder than you?ve ever worked before, I?m sure?

The boy finally made it onto the ?dry? land where he promptly collapsed. The liquid waste slowly coming off of him as he wiped it away from his face, allowing him to breathe better and actually see. He would do anything at this point to make this all end. And as if the demoness above him could read his mind, she spoke.

?Hey, you look pretty beat down there? She said with false care ?Do you need a rest? Or maybe you want our little game to be over? Well, I?ve got good news. You simply have one last trial to got through and if you pass it then you?ll go free. All you have to do is eat a handful of waste that?s surrounding you. Just pick up a large chunk, shove it in your mouth, chew, chew, chew and swallow and you?ll be free. It can?t be worse then what you?ve already ea- Oh, god. What are you doing??

Before the teacher could even finish her taunt, the fat boy had picked up some waste and was shovelling it into his mouth, swallowing large mouthfuls at a time. The teacher instantly started bursting out laughing, not only at the levels that she?d driven her latest victim to, but at the readiness he was willing to defile himself and lower his character to such depraved and degenerate actions.

?Well, I?m sorry to say there might be no helping you, little dung beetle. I?m ashamed to admit it, but even my training methods could improve your pathetic character. Best to put you out of your misery. And I think I have just enough ammunition left in the trunk to do so?

Chris spat the shit out and looked up in horror. In the back of his mind he always knew that he was never going to survive today. But having it confirmed to him was still a terrifying blow. In panicky fear, he jumped to his feet and began running. He still didn?t know where he was going to run to but simply didn?t know what to do.

Suddenly, the ground underneath him collapsed and he fell through an air pocket with was contained within the wall of crap he was running along. Looking up, the ledge was at least half a head higher than his arms could reach and his legs were slowly sinking into the warm and squishy mass beneath him. Not only that, but high above him, in the hellish heavens above, the arsehole was situated directly above his current position.

His legs continued sinking until he was up to his knees as he watched the opening of the anus and the exit of one last turd. The turd that was going to decide his fate. He continued sinking as the turd very slowly creeped out, almost as if it was getting ready to pounce.

?I hope you?re ready? Miss Mayweather said ?This is going to be a high speed cannon?

Chris was now up to his waist in waste, his hands clawing at the wall as the turd above him continued to exit until finally. BOOM. The hard turd nugget shot out of the young woman?s butthole at high speeds. Chris couldn?t even blink before the mass collided with his hole, completely crushing him and seeling his corpse inside. There was absolutely no evidence that he ever existed within this container. His body would be flushed down the toilet, contained with a single turd.

Marissa got up and slid the plastic bowl over to the desk, putting it next to the glass container holding the dead? Body of Anita.

She once again looked down at the scared faces of the teenagers, deciding which to choose next.
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Timothy's nose problems by christiawi9
Author's Notes:
The chapter does not contain scat. It contains nasal action and very micro shrink.

Marissa stared down once more at the frightened mass of shaking bodies. Which treat would she take this time? She held a hand over her gut and felt a presence move within it. Not only could she sense Alex running for his life, but she could also feel a more bodily movement making its way through her intestines. Though it will take a little while before it makes its way out. So for now, she should play a game with a different part of her body. And she instantly got the perfect idea when her eyes locked with ..

?Timothy Gleeson ? The naughty little boy who was picking his nose in class and wiping it on people. Very disgusting of you, I must admit.?

The tiny boy shook and began hyperventilating, though unlike Chris Chipper or Alex Richardson, he didn?t try and make a run for it. He simply stood scared, looking up at the beautiful face of the goddess above her. Her long red hair contrasting well with her pale complexion.

?I know the perfect little game to ? Teach you the errors of your way? She gave a sinister smile ?Once you win, I?ll let you go. It?s as easy as that?
It took a while but finally the boy spoke.

?You?re lying! I know you won?t let me go! I know you won?t let any of us go! We?re all dead!? he screamed up at her, tears flowing from his eyes.

Marissa gave a wide smile to the boy. She had dealt with many people like him before. Once they realize they can?t survive, they refuse to play in order to try and spite her. But she?s found they?re more willing to play once something else is on the line.

?Wasn?t your little brother in detention just last week?? She asked, her smile gone as she looked sinisterly down at the boy, realization spreading across his chalk white face ?I let him go, of course, but it would be a shame if I didn?t extend that courtesy a second time. I wonder how he would fair in these trials. Hmm??

He was defeated. Holding his head down in submission to his fate, he stepped forward, away from the crowd and towards the goddess before him.

?Excellent! Now, the game is really quite simple?

Suddenly, the giantesses face came rushing down to the tiny boy causing him to fall on his ass. He was sure that her face was going to crash into him like a meteor. But, she stopped just above him, her giant nostril, now over ten times his body length in diameter, hovering deadly above him.

As if she were taking a line of cocaine, Marissa blocked her spare nostril with her index finger and gave a soft inhalation of air, snorting the shrunken teenager up her nose. Like a dust particle, he instantly disappeared from view, zooming up into the sky and deep into the black void.

He flew up until he collided with a group of fine nose hairs covered in a thin layer of mucus, quickly slowing him down and ensnaring him within their binds. Though he could tell he wasn?t very deep within the nose by the Giantess?s standards, he was still dozens of metres deep within the hole from his perspective. He was immensely happy she didn?t give a deeper snort, otherwise he might have found himself lodged within her lungs, drowning in snort or worse.

?Now? He heard the booming and felt the vibrations all around him from the capture he was now trapped within. ?All you need to do is climb up my left nostril and make your way down my right nostril. If you do that within the time limit then you?ll have passed the test. If you fail, or if you don?t give your best, then both you and your little, naughty brother will be receiving a very unpleasant end?

Timothy wasn?t going to let her play her little games and try and intimidate him. Before she could even finish her spiel he was climbing as fast and as hard as he could, determined to pass her little test. If not for him then for his brother. He couldn?t imagine his little brother going through the same horror he has gone through.

The climb was hard an arduous. There was barely any light that filtered upwards from beneath the shrunken teenager. The made grabbing onto fairs and walls incredibly difficult. Not only was it almost impossible to see where you were grabbing, but there was an almost constant flow of air hitting him as the teacher gently breathed in and out. This had the effect of forcing Timothy?s body against the wall repeatedly making him smear himself into the snot and mucus with lined the nostril passage.

The worst danger, however, was the possibility of making Miss Mayweather sneeze. Every hair he touched would cause the muscle surrounded him to twitch slightly. One irritation too many and he would find himself rocketed out of her faster than a bullet. One thing he noticed as he climbed slowly higher and higher was that the hairs seemed to be thicker and longer which was rather strange to him. Form his understanding of biology the hairs were supposed to get smaller and finer. Of course, he might have been mistaken, and he had more pressing matters to think about.


Marissa simply sat at her desk doing paper work. She paid no attention to the tiny termites living on her table as she was far too wrapped up enjoying the miniscule struggles of the shrunken boy occupying her nose. The teacher could get up leave this room right now and no one would know that a student was lodged within her nasal cavity. She was excited to see the outcome of this one since it was rather rare that she would use her nose. She finally decided to herself that it was time to make the journey a bit more difficult for the shrinking child.


Timothy was almost to the top of her nose when a deep gust of air forced him up. He went right past the bridge that connected the two nostril passages and was sent straight towards the hole of the giant woman?s throat. Tim smacked against the fleshy walls collecting more mucus and saliva on himself until he found himself lodged deeply in a small pocket of snot. He was almost at the tunnel of Miss Mayweather?s throat and would have been completely inhaled if he hadn?t been caught by the woman?s natural bodily defences. Of course, he wondered how the tunnel was so wide this deep in and how he was able to get caught in the mucus so easily. He was only about ? of an inch not ?

Then it hit Timothy. The reason the hairs were getting stronger. Why the tunnel was so wide. Why the mucus was able to catch him as if he was nothing but a particle of dust. He was a particle of dust. Or, at least the size of one. The tiny boy started freaking out as he screamed in his fleshy prison. His voice being absorbed by the deep muscle and fat of the nose he was trapped within. He could barely move his body as his arms and legs slowly but surely sank within the gooey mess.

?I?m shrinking ? Into her ? Snot?

It was like being swallowed by a thick bog. Except the bog was a deep yellow and warm. Soon, the boy?s arms and legs were completely swallowed, with only his head exposed. He was going die inside of a booger. The same death dust, or pollen of dirt faces. He truly was tiny and pathetic.

However, his death didn?t come then as just before his head sunk beneath the surface there was a giant pressure and gust coming from deep within the throat. Both him, his booger enclosure and the surrounding mucus was ripped from their surroundings and sucked down backwards into the throat. Timothy was sure that he was being swallowed. But instead of going towards the stomach the mucus and snot clumped together into a giant gelatine swamp towards the base of the throat. Tim, crushed at the centre, screamed as the liquid, yellow and clear mucus slowly morphed around his head and threatened to swallow him whole. He felt like he was trapped within a giant water balloon filled with phlegm and there was no way to break the plastic skin.

To the bystanders sitting on the table, the event was horrific and surreal. They each knew that their fellow classmate was trapped within this goddess?s nose. They knew that he was climbing in deeper and deeper. And they knew that one small sneeze could end his life. And so it was terrifying to see the evil witch of a woman begin snort and suck the snot towards the back of her throat as if she were preparing to spit a loogie. The surreal aspect to this observation was that they were afraid of a woman doing a normal bodily function like getting rid of phlegm.

Miss Mayweather reached over to her desk and pulled some tissues out of tissue box and brought them up to her mouth. She then spat a giant, dark yellow ball of snot onto the tissues and began examining it, prodding her finger into the yellow bog of her creation.

Finally, after searching for several minutes she came across the tiny, dark speck floating within the sea of yellow. The crumb was definitely smaller than ? of an inch and was more the size of a tiny grain of fine sand if not smaller. It would be completely unnoticeable to anyone unaware of what they were looking for and even those who did would still find the search difficult.

?Well, well, well, my little detention booger. Did you enjoy your time?? She waited for the shrunken teenager to give a response but knew that we wasn?t going to. Currently, he was trying to swim inside of her snot and was having difficulty paying attention. ?I?m sorry to say, but you failed the test.?

She watched as the black dot finally crawled onto a dry piece of tissue. Over the past minute, the saliva had slowly been drawn in and absorbed by the tissue. The goo of yellow phlegm became more gelatinous and hard until the shrunken student was able to easily walk across it as if it were hard custard.

Timothy collapsed onto the tissue. He had swallowed several mouthfuls of saliva and phlegm which now sloshed around inside of his stomach. He felt the thick slime stick to his insides gumming up his intestines and gut. No matter how hard he tried, he was unable to throw the foreign material up. It was stuck inside of him.

He looked up into the heavens, the planet of Miss Mayweather looking down at him like some kind of godly celestial being. Even her face was slightly obscured by the dust particles and light between him and her, truly making her look like an orbiting planet. Her deep red lips twisted into a small, her red hair slightly covering her face. Each stand longer than a plant to him.

The ground beneath him was made up of deep tunnels, several kilometres in diameter and infinitely deep which was merely the tiny pours which make up tissues. The snot he just escaped from resembled an ocean with no end or horizon as he continued to shrink further and further. The white surface was made of giant strands of rock, giving his world a completely alien image. Suddenly, the black hole of Miss Mayweather?s mouth opened and sound began echoing all around him, vibrating the land as he beautiful lips moved up and down. He couldn?t even comprehend what she was saying.

?Don?t worry, my little germ child, I shall give you another chance. Another test to see if you have learned your lesson? Timothy had vanished from visible sight a while ago but she could still see him with her special eyesight. ?If you don?t pass this test then maybe I should give the same trial to your little brother as promised?

The woman gave a slight giggle, her laugh sending ?earth? quakes through the tissue Timothy was on. He simply wanted this to end but knew she was far too cruel to simply let him die peacefully. He dreaded what she was going to do next.

Marissa took the tissue within he hand and slowly began crumbling it up into a ball. She smiled as her snot coalesced into a single mass once more. She watched the havoc it was wreaking upon her prisoner. Finally, the ball was crushed into a small sphere, a living, human student trapped within its folds. She looked over to the bin, considering whether she should simply throw it away until a better idea popped into her mind.

For Timothy, the last ten seconds were mayhem. The ground itself rose high up into the sky, covering the image of his tormentor. Darkness quickly took over and the ocean he had escaped was lifted to the heavens and flipped upside down, now becoming the sky. The tiny boy was thrown and tossed about until he rolled down a deep canyon of a single pore within the tissue, coming to a stop deep within, not knowing where he was or even which way was up. Finally, the movement stopped and everything seemed quite. It was still dark and warm (The snot ocean slowly consuming the tissue was also warming it up) He had no idea where anything was or even if he could escape. However, he was glad to see that he had appeared to stop shrinking. Now, he just had to wait for Miss Mayweather to make her next move.

Marissa looked down at the tissue in her hand and concentrated. Slowly, the tissue itself began to shrink smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller. Soon it was merely the size of a grain of sand, propped on top of her pointer finger. Barely visible to the naked eye and housing a student who was far, far, smaller. Finally, it popped out of sight as it became microscopic.

Once again blocking a single nostril, the giantess brought her finger up to her vacant nostril and gave a deep snort, sending the tissue, and the student, to their doom within with her body. Turning back to the students on her desk, she felt a grumble within her bowels as a smile crept across her face.

?Who?s ready to get a little messy??
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Katelyn can't swim by christiawi9
Author's Notes:
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Marissa was having the time of her life. She had already punished 3 naughty children and she had 4 more to punish. And the growling in her gut gave her the perfect torture in mind as well as the perfect victim to inflict it upon. She looked down at the group and quickly noticed something strange. The boys were gone. They had ran away and left the shivering, crying forms of the girls behind. A dangerous smile crept across her ruby red lips.

?Oh boys? She hummed, looking across the cluttered desks at all the places they could be hiding ?Did you get tired of waiting for your turn? Do you want an early punishment? It isn?t very manly for you to leave the women behind, is it?? She scanned the table with her powers and realized exactly where they were: Hiding behind a small stack of folders. ?Well, I suppose if I can?t find you then I?ll simply have to issue you an ultimatum: if you don?t come out by the time I finish giving my next test then I won?t be lenient at all with you. You won?t even be given a test to prove your worthiness to live. However, if you do come out then I?ll forgive this ever happened and give you a fair test just as I?ve given everyone else. Your choice?

Of course, whether they showed themselves or not was irrelevant. She knew where they were hiding. She was simply seeing if her mind games could force them to willingly come to their doom. She smiled once more at before turning to the two crying girls and staring straight at her next victim. Raising her long fingers, she quickly snatched up ?

?Katelyn Sullivan? The tall, toned girl was wriggling between her fingers, resembling a trapped ant. The larger woman?s long nails absolutely dwarfing her miniscule size ?Splashing around in PE rather than doing the laps you were supposed to. What one Earth brought about this level of laziness? I thought you were one of the best swimmers on the female team?

The tiny girl stopped wriggling when she realized that the giant teacher before her was expecting an answer. She shuddered in fear as her tiny body was pieced by the gigantic eyes. Each several times larger than her entire body. Finally, she meekly spoke up.

?I-I-I ? I?m Sorry. I ? Just wanted to have ? Some fun?? She couldn?t really think of a better answer and definitely didn?t want to lie to the teacher. She felt that the goddess holding her would be able to instantly tell if she were.

?Well, that?s not a very good attitude to have. Sometimes we have to forego play and work hard to become better people. And the test I have for you will perfectly help you develop determination, strength and fortitude.?

Marissa, with her free hand, bent down and remove a clear, plastic bowel from under the table. It was in a long rectangle shape with a rounded bottom. It looked a lot like a miniature pool. The tiny girl started freaking out once she saw it, remembering how the others were killed in similar ways. She continued screaming and struggling as the giant, painted fingers brought her over and dropped her into the wide, deep bowl and colliding with the cold, hard surface. She was down trapped with the grinning face of Miss Mayweather hovering above her.

?Since you don?t want to swim, I think a test of forced swimming would be perfect for you?

Before the tiny girl could protest, the half-naked form of Miss Mayweather rose high into the air, turned around and brought her shit covered ass towards the bowel. The shrunken student would only scream as the brown splattered cheeks spread revealing an even browner, wrinkled hole. She was sure the comet sized derriere would crush her, but as the light was quickly blotted out the massive form above her stopped. Miss Mayweather now sat comfortable atop this rectangle container, her anus directly above the girl and her legs apart.

Unlike with the rounded containers she had previously used, this box did not fully conform to the giant woman?s impressive backside. Therefore, there was considerably more light piecing the inner container from the uncovered sides and corners. This gave the benefit of allowing Katelyn to see what exactly was happening but also forced her to witness the mighty and terrifying threat above her. Her eyes unable to pull away from the twitching hole above her.

The rectangle bowel quickly filled up with the disgusting, pungent smell of Miss Mayweather?s shit. The smell was so strong and hit so quick the Katelyn?s stomach couldn?t take it, and she quickly threw up. And horrifying realization also hit her that this was the same shit that killed at least two of her class mates. A chill went down her spine as she realized the full danger right before her. She could very well die in the next ten minutes.

?Now, this test is very simple. Simply continue swimming until I?m finished. If you?re still on the surface once I?ve done then you win. Simple, right?? Miss Mayweather?s voice vibrated around the hard container, hurting Katelyn?s ears slightly.

At first she wondered what she meant by ?Until I?m finished? but quickly realized as the anus quivered threateningly. The tiny girl quickly got off her knees and ran as fast as she could, knowing exactly what horrors were about to befall her. She only got a few seconds head start before the puckered sphincter burst open and brought a tidal wave of shit done into the bowel.

Unlike the crap that had attacked Anita and Chris, this was incredibly liquidly, spread out far quicker as well. Katelyn was almost instantly bulldozed by a wall of shit as tall as she was. Of course, to a normal person, it wasn?t thick as all. But to Katelyn?s ? inch body, the mass of brown was truly like a flood of people ramming into her fragile body.

Miss Mayweather hadn?t even really started to push that hard and Katelyn was already submerged under the small lake forming. The giantess closed her eyes as her bowels slowly relieved the pressure they had built up. She had almost forgotten about the teenage girl she was supposed to be torturing as her colon rumbled with relief.

Katelyn was in serious trouble. She hadn?t had time to take a deep breath before her entire being was engulf in the brown wave. Her eyes were sealed shut and she could feel the pressure from the warm liquid around her crushing her body. Her lungs burned with a need for air, forcing the teen to get a grip and start moving. Her powerful arms started pushing through the muck, making her way to the surface. She was lucky she was one of the best swimmers otherwise she doubt she?d be able to make it. After half a minute he face broke the surface, causing her to involuntarily take in a lung for of tainted, shit tasting air.

While taking in air, the tiny woman was also forced to swallow several mouthfuls of watery, warm shit. The disgusting, brown waste washing down her throat every time she opened her mouth for a breath of air. She would have thrown up again if her body was preoccupied with staying afloat in this rising sea of crap.

She was still completely blind from the shit covering her head and face and so had to rely on her other senses to guide her through this torment. She could hear the heavy waterfall of shit behind her as it created thick, powerful waves pushing and pulling her. She had to push her arms and legs as much as she could simply to stop the waves from dragging her under once more.

Unbeknownst to Katelyn, the waves were slowly, but surely, bringing her closer and closer to the centre of the bowel once more where the avalanche of shit pouring out of Miss Mayweather?s sphincter. The tiny girl only realized what was happening when she noticed that the sound was getting louder and the waves her getting heavier and stronger.

Marissa opened her eyes as the flood coming out of her backside ceased. Putting a hand on her gut she sighed in relief. She wondered how this apocalyptic event affected Alex Richardson who was still travelling through her colon at the size of a microbe. She definitely put him deep enough that he wouldn?t get shat out with her next bowel movement. However, that shit definitely would have thrown his world into chaos.

Remembering the tiny girl she was tormenting, Marissa spread her legs and peaked in, almost not seeing the miniscule school student who was almost perfectly camouflaged with the brown sea around her. She could tell that the girl was completely covered in her waste with only her mouth uncovered.

?My, my, my, Katelyn. You look like you?re having a swimming time down there. You sure know how to deal with a shitty situation? The giant teacher laughed at her terrible puns as the girl continued trying to stay afloat ?You seem to be doing well down there, so far. But I?m not anywhere near done. This was simply the first wave.? Bringing her knees back together ?Hope you?re ready for round two?

With that, her anus opened up once more, unleashing yet another rushing river of boiling, brown waste. Katelyn, who was getting tired at this point, didn?t even have a chance to react at this time as she was buried completely under the falling faecal matter. The tiny woman was pushed deeper and deeper until her ears actually popped form the pressure building. She attempted to pull herself through the murky brown water in order to get out from directly under the anus but the falling waste was too strong and simply pushed her further down. Finally, the pushing force subsided and Katelyn was able to swim to start swimming away. However, she had no idea how deep she was or how deep the ?lake? was going to get or even how far she had to swim to be safe of the crap-alanche.

Holding her breath as hard as she could, she ripped her skirt and jacket from her body until she was only in her underwear and started her ascent upwards. Now that her clothes weren?t weighing her down her powerful legs found it much easier to kick through the hot, thick mess. She couldn?t help but feel the horrible texture of the ?water? rubbing against her skin as she swam. The coarseness, the tiny lumps, the viscosity. All of it reminding her every second that she was swimming through someone else?s bowel movement. The only thing vaguely taking her mind off of this fact was the burning feeling in her lungs as they cried once again for any kind of air, tainted or not.

She swam for what seemed like a full minute and knew that she hadn?t sunk this deep. There was no way that she had been pushed down this far and she knew that she was making good progress. Then she quickly remembered that Miss Mayweather was still shitting which means that the longer she took, the deeper she was going to be. This point terrified Katelyn. After all her training, if she couldn?t swim faster than some woman could shit then she was going to die.

However, her she seemed to still have some kind of luck as she her face could feel the liquid thinning, a tell-tale sign that she was reaching the surface. A 2 seconds later her face broke the barrier and reached the outside world once more.

She quickly realized that the sound of rushing shit had stopped and that she was no longer being barraged by wave after wave of shit anymore. She took this opportunity to quickly wipe her face with her hand so that she could clearly see once more. She looked around and saw she was halfway to the edge of the bowel and that Miss Mayweather had indeed stopped her bowel movement. The bowl was almost filled to the brink with crap and Katelyn realized she could possibly climb over the edge if she was able to go unnoticed.

?Oh, there you are? The voice echoed down to her from up high. Looking up, Katelyn saw the terrible vision of Miss Mayweather smiling down at her ?for a second there I thought you had disappointed me the most and died way too early. But I can see your swimming skills have been to good use. If only you had used them before rather than messing around like a child.?

Katelyn?s heart filled with joy. She had passed the test. She was going to survive. She was going to see her family again, and avenge her fallen classmates. She had done it-

?What?s with that smile on your face? You seem very happy with yourself. I hope you don?t think that you?ve passed the test. Sure, you survived but that wasn?t our agreement. I said you?ve win if you remained on the surface by the time I finished. And you were deep under once the game was over. So, unfortunately for you, you?ve failed my game?

Katelyn?s joy was instantly ripped from her, her heart skipping a beat and racing faster and faster with fear. She saw the smile across Miss Mayweather?s face grow ever so slightly larger as if the bitch got pleasure from seeing Katelyn?s distress and fallen hope. She wanted to run away and hide. Every instinct she had was telling her to flee from this massive predator before her. But she couldn?t. She was completely at her mercy, trapped within a container of her shit. How humiliating a defeat this was for the proud teenage girl.

?But don?t look too frightened, tiny one? Marissa said to the cowering form of Katelyn ?Being the merciful and wonderful woman I am I?ll give you an extra chance to prove yourself. You might have failed my first test but if you pass this next test then I?ll let you live.?

The smile Miss Mayweather had on her face told Katelyn everything she needed to know. There was no way she was getting out of here alive. However, what choice did she have? She knew that this woman wasn?t beneath threatening people?s friends and families. And if she refused, this witch might do something far worse to her. She still remembered what she did to Alex. Was it true that he was trapped inside her gut, fighting off bacteria? And what did she say about his soul? Does she truly have that kind of power? Everything she had seen so far led her to think so. Therefore, she only had one option. She had to play this woman?s game.

Marissa was delighted to see resolve re-enter the teenage girl?s eyes. She loved it when they got determined once more. It made it all the more fun to knock it out of them the second time. The giant woman stood up, opened her desk and pulled out what looked like a stop watch.

?Now, since you?re a swimmer who refused to swim laps I think it?s only fair that this should be your test. You must swim from one end of this container to the other end within the specified time?

Katelyn knew that this sounded way too easy. There must be some sort of catch

?And, if you fail to meet the lap time then you?ll be shrunken further. You?ll shrink every time you fail to make the lap. You win once you complete 5 successful laps?

There it was. The catch. And it was more terrifying then Katelyn expected. The thought of shrinking smaller than she already was and watching as this ?pool? turns into a river and then an ocean. She couldn?t imagine a worse way to go. Not to mention her muscles were already getting tired and the heat of the shit was completely over heating her. It was getting hard to breath with there being more crap fumes than actual oxygen round her. All in all, she was in no situation to play a time based swimming game.

?Swim to one side and we?ll begin? Miss Mayweather said with a smile, holding the stop watch up.

Katelyn breathed deeply for several seconds to collect her strength before pushing herself through the mud to end closest to her. One thing she quickly realized was that the liquid shit was condensing as the water evaporated and the solid shit clumped together. That meant that it was going to be harder and harder to swim. The longer she took, the harder it would be to win.

She touched one end of the plastic, rectangular container. Her hand leaving a brown hand print on the clear wall. Looking to the other end, Katelyn guess that the length of the bowl was at least the size of an Olympic swimming pool which was roughly 50 Metres, or 160 Feet. This was going to be incredibly hard, but not impossible if she could make each lap without shrinking.

?And ? Start? Miss Mayweather clicked her stop watch, prompting Katelyn to go

The tiny girl pushes against the hard plastic wall, propelling herself forward in the thick, brown water. It only took her a few second for her to feel the burning sensation from her arm and leg muscles. Pushing through the incredibly liquid shit was more difficult than pushing through a thick swamp. But instead of clumps of dirt mixed throughout the water, it was human waste.

The most prominent thing that went off in Katelyn?s head was the unthinkable and unignorably power taste and smell of the crap. She was forced to push her head in and out of the water to breathe as she swam as fast as she could. This resulted in her constantly getting shitty water rushing into her mouth. She knew that she would fail the test if she stopped to spit it and so she found herself swallowing mouthful after mouthful of foul-tasting, sewage. It stained her tongue and got stuck in her teeth.

She saw she was almost at the end of the container. She twisted around and kicked off and propelled herself in the opposite direction.

Breathing through her nose wasn?t that easy either. After trying it a few times she got a piece of shit stuck up her nostril. If she tried breathing through her nose again she would snort the shit down her lungs. Therefore, she was forced to swim with literal crap stuck up her nose, burning her sinuses.

Katelyn found this whole scenario completely humiliating. She could feel the intense gave of Miss Mayweather on her back as she pushed herself to swim through this woman?s waste in nothing but her underwear. She knew that she probably had that same grin on her face and was enjoying every second of this. How she wanted to simply stop. To deny this evil bitch her torture. But she knew that if she did that then Miss Mayweather would probably just push her under, let her drown and continue on.

She finished the first lap. She brought herself up and starting panting for breath and cleaning shit out of her nose. She could still feel the shit in her teeth but with her hands covered in the filth she wouldn?t be able to use them to get it out. She looked up, breathing hard at the smiling face of Miss Mayweather.

?My, you really are a good swimming. I see your time swimming in my latest bowel movement has certainly knocked the desire for splashing right out of you and made you far less lazy. You beat the time faster than I expected, so you won?t shrink this time. Do this four more times and you?ll be free. Okay, get ready?

Katelyn turned around to prepare herself but she instantly knew that she wouldn?t make it. Her muscles were screaming for help. Her stomach was folding in on itself from ingesting literal shit. Her skin was developing rashes everywhere (Including her privates) and her hair felt like it was going to fall out from being covered and pulled by all the sticky crap she was swimming through. Once she started swimming she could feel the difference in her speed.

Her legs were seizing up and the crap covering her skin was beginning to harden, despite her being in very liquidity shit. After she gets about halfway she fucks up. Her body, almost ready to die from exhaustion, breathes in when it should have not while she was under the faecal water. Katelyn?s throat quickly filled with thick shit causing her to pull herself to the surface, retching and coughing, trying to make herself throw-up. By the time she clears her throat she hears Miss Mayweather speaking.

?Oh, dear, it looks like you didn?t make it. I?m afraid that means you lose this round?

Once the stars disappear from dancing around Katelyn?s head she notices her surroundings getting bigger. The water she?s floating in gets thicker and thicker until it feels like it?s made from chunky yogurt, with the chunks being shit. The pull looks like it?s twice as long and she wonders how much she had shrunk and how small she was now.

She swims to the end, preparing to try again but she knows that she can?t. Swimming through this muck would have been difficult if she was at full strength. But it?s like pushing through custard or warm mud. There is no way she can make it.

However, it would appear that she wouldn?t have to as Miss Mayweather spoke again

?Oh, looks like you failed again. I wonder why you were sitting there waiting. I hope you didn?t think that I would wait for you to get to one end before starting again. Once you fail a lap, a new starter begins, no matter where you are in the lap you failed on. Oh, dearie, I?m afraid you?re going to be shrunk again? The smile on the giant woman?s face showed just how not sorry she was.

Katelyn looks at Miss Mayweather in fear the sky expands before her. She was almost pleading with her eyes for her to end this. To show any sort of mercy she could. Just end this torture and humiliation.

The tiny woman felt her body get smaller and smaller as the shit around her got bigger and bigger to the point that she could not swim through it at all. She was now able to climb on top of the coating of shit that covered the surface without breaking the surface tension and falling underneath. She must have been smaller than a fleas droppings. Practically invisible to the naked eye as the bowl of shit stretched out like a vast swamp.

?Well, it looks like you failed this game as well. I thought you were good at swimming, yet here you are, unable to swim a few laps. I guess you?re just a shitty athlete, with a crap performance?

The giant woman put down the stop watch and looked down at the tiny bug. She had to use her special vision to see her since she was so small. She must have been 100th of an inch. If Marissa mixed up the liquid, the tiny little girl would never be able to reach the surface simply because she wouldn?t be able to break the surface tension. Her shit would seal her underneath until she suffocated.

?You have failed all of my tests? Miss Mayweather said with a fake sad expression ?There?s nothing I can do to help you?

Katelyn looked up in horror and shock and the woman bent down and picked up a lid. The dark plastic surface came down until it completely blotted out the ?sky?. With a final *click*, Katelyn knew that she was now sealed in this tomb.

She felt the vertigo as her whole world was lifted up until the container was eye level with Miss Mayweather. The goddess outside gave her an evil smile before she slowly tilted the container. Katelyn screamed as her world started bending sideways. She tried to hold onto the shit around her but everything was simply too liquidity. In a single, great motion, the entire ocean moved to one side, burying the microscopic girl in tonnes and tonnes of waste. There was no drowning. Her body was crushed instantly under the tremendous weight. There was absolutely no hope for her.

Marissa put the shit filled container on a shelf before turning around and staring at the students once more. Who to choose next, she thought.
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Alex in an Alternate Dimension by christiawi9
Author's Notes:
Here is the next chapter of my commission. It involves a lot of scat like material and an ending that might be different to what some people may be used to.
Alex Richardson looked up at the giant, beautiful face before him as she called his name. Declaring him to be her next victim. He had already seen the horrors that she?d inflicted upon others and there was no way that was going to go it as well. He would rather die. He would rather end his life.

Then he snapped. He?d had enough. He needed to end this. To end himself. He was going to die anyway. Why not make it on his own terms. Save himself from this cruel world and enter the great beyond of the afterlife, away from the cruel mistress that was Miss Mayweather.

In a fit of fear and determination, Alex jumped to his feet and ran for the edge of the table. He heard the laughter of his demonic teacher but didn?t care. He leaped over the edge and felt, for the first time in his life, truly free as gravity slowly took over and brought him rocketing downwards. But then he felt finger of power touch him. Miss Mayweather?s pointer finger collided with his back and in a single second his skin burst into painful light. His vision, hearing, thinking capabilities, memories. They all disappeared for that short second as all he could feel was pain. Then darkness.

Alex woke up with a throbbing ? Everything. His muscles were sore, his lungs were on fire and his ears were shooting with pain. Everything was dark. Either his eyes weren?t open or there was no light anywhere. As his mind came back to reality, the scared teenager was able focus and analyse his surroundings a bit better.

The air was incredibly thick, warm and toxic. Each breath felt like breathing in coal dust except the smell was unimaginable. Alex?s mind couldn?t process or even understand the full odour that he was being subjected to. His lungs sagged and jerked with every inhale he took and exhaling was even more of a chore since the air pressure was so dense. The gas seemed to force its way down his windpipe.

There was the constant *THUMP* *THUMP* every few seconds which shook Alex?s head and made his ears ring with pain. Not only that, but there was a cacophony of other horrible sounds which permeated the air and forced its way into his head, no matter how hard he blocked his ears. Groaning, gurgling, and squelching. Just the noise itself made him want to throw up.

The heat was stifling and agonizing. It was worse than a hot summer?s day since there was absolutely no cool air blowing. Everywhere was simply hot and dark and stuffy. Whatever hell he was inside of, he wanted out right now. At that moment, his prays appeared to be answered as a blinding light appeared in front of him. Covering his eyes from the piecing aura, Alex heard it speak words in the unmistakable voice of Miss Mayweather.

?Well, here you are: another dimension of my own creation?

Clearing his throat and preparing himself, Alex pleaded with the goddess before him

?Please! Please! Whatever you want, I?ll do it. Just don?t leave me here! Please, don?t kill me!? He couldn?t handle it and instantly began to break into tears. The horrors of the situation getting to him psychologically.

?Oh, I?m not going to kill you ? Directly. And definitely not if you can pass my little test. You?re being punished because of your obsession with different dimensions. Well, if you can escape my little dungeon, then I?ll let you go free. There is no time limit. Simply wander my little world and find your salvation. Explore, discover, adventure, be the hero you always imagined yourself to be. This whole universe id yours for the traversing. Oh, and I believe you?ll probably need this if you ever hope to escape. Bye, bye now?

With that a small object dropped out of the light before the blinding aura disappeared. Alex screamed in sorrow, calling the witch back, begging her to let him go free. But he was met with no response. He finally, groped the spongey, wet ground and found the strange objet she had let: A flashlight.

In an instant, the world around Alex was filled with light as a thick beam shot out of the small torch in his hands. The cave he was inside was larger than he could imagine with the roof being so high up the might couldn?t even reach it. The beam simply entering the deep darkness of the heavens and disappearing. The ground was the strangest. It was a faint red colour with almost a flesh-like quality to it. There were no walls around the shrunken teen as the expanse of darkness seemed to stretch on forever in all directions.

Alex knew he needed to get moving if he ever wanted to escape. Picking a random direction, he began walking, feeling the resistance of the thick air on him. It felt like he was walking through a heavy mist of hot air. His eyes burning slightly from the tainted oxygen. The ground squelching with each step, oozing disgusting liquid which slowly soaked his shoes. The *THUMP* *THUMP* still beating in his ears, hammering the sound into his mind. Even the vibrations of that mysterious thumping sending shockwaves into the teen?s body.

Walking for about half an hour, Alex didn?t find anything except darkness and the occasional brown mass. These masses being incredibly warm, almost to the point of being hot, and smelling far fouler then the surrounding air. He suspected that these strange mounds of filth might be creating the toxic atmosphere he found himself in.

It took a while before he came across something of importance. In the darkness ahead, he heard the eerily creepy groaning and grumbling sound. Something was moving in the darkness and as he got closer he started hearing more and more of the groaning and squishing indicating multiple, possibly hundreds of things. Whatever they were, they were moving about and coming getting nearer by the second. The hairs on the back of Alex?s neck stood up as the noises became louder, to the point of almost being deafening.

The teen swallowed fearfully as the light finally began to shine on the shadowy figures. Blobs. That?s what they were. Large, gelatinous beings, roughly twice the size of an adult male. Each with hundreds of long tentacles coming off of their bodies. Bodies which were clear and almost see through, with Alex being able to see other strange blocks and organs inside each monster. Whatever these creatures were, they were the strangest and coolest thing that he had ever witnessed.

?Amazing? he whispered to himself as he slowly walked closer to the large beings. ?This strange dimension is sort of cool?

To Alex, even though this dimension had a horrible smell and ear throbbing sounds it was still a different dimension. A place no one had ever been. To him, this was incredibly fascinating and was very excited about finding these strange, alien-like creatures. Of course, Alex wasn?t where he thought he was and he certainly wasn?t in another dimension.

Unknown to the tiny teenager, he was travelling through the colon of Miss Mayweather while she tortured the other students. That intense, thick air that felt like it was pressurized and smelled so bad that it burned Alex?s lungs was nothing but a fart stuck deep within the teacher?s bowels. The groaning and thumping was simply the heart beat and natural bodily functions of her body. The liquid oozing out of the ground was just water that was being reabsorbed back into her large intestines. And, of course, those large creatures, bigger than the teenager, was bacterium commonly located within the human colon. He had been shrunk smaller than a microbe and forced to wander the bowels of his captor and he was none the wiser. After all, who would imagine that they might be walking through some girl?s butt?

Right now, he was stumbling around in the upper large intestine of Miss Mayweather. She didn?t want him being near the entrance since she didn?t want to shit him out too quickly. She also didn?t want him to find the exit anytime soon. Of course, being the size of bacterium, it would take Alex years to walk the length of her colon to get to her anal sphincter. And that?s assuming he would be walking in the right direction, which he wasn?t. He was, in fact, walking deeper into the young woman?s colon. Further into her ?dimension?.

Alex continued walking slowly towards the ?monster?, his eyes wide in amazement. He didn?t, however, realize just how dangerous these creatures could be. After he got closer enough, the tentacles of the closest being lashed out and grabbed a hold of the teenager?s arm, wrapping tightly around his jacket. Alex screamed in fear, realizing how much of a fool he had been. He pulled as hard as he could but the vines of the monster were simply stronger than him. It slowly pulled him towards its gelatinous form, groaning as it squished in his direction.

Not wanting to end up trapped within the blob and digested into nothing, Alex undid his jacket and ripped the garment away from him, falling towards the ground in the process. He looked up in fear as the creature gobbled up his jacket and moved towards him once again. He had to get out of here if he wanted to live. Jumping to his feet he ran in the opposite direction, coming face to face with another blob. Spinning his torch around him he saw that he was almost completely surrounded by these horrid monsters. Unknown to him, them being colon bacterium. He dashed for the only opening he found, quickly avoiding the tentacles less he be dragged into their blobby forms and devoured.

He ran as fast as he could, his lungs burning from having to quickly inhale large amounts of the poisonous gas. His body vibrating as the ground shook every few seconds with the *THUMP* *THUMP* caused him to stumble and slowed him more than he normally would, but after a while he found himself a safe distance from the dangerous monsters. The squishing and groaning sounds now off in the distance once more. His breathing slowly returning to normal. He finally comes to a giant wall which rises high up into the sky. The wall is wrinkly with many crevices. Fearing the return of the monsters, Alex decides to try and take refuge within one of these gaps. Of course, these are just lines within the intestinal tract of Miss Mayweather.

Alex takes his time to try and compose himself. To attempt to understand what?s happening. He feels that his head has been getting foggier and foggier ever since he entered this strange dimension. The putrid air, which at first choked him with every breath, is now almost tolerable. The tang of the winds which taint and rot his tastebuds wasn?t even noticeable. And his mind was almost able to ignore the deep thumping. What was happening to him? Was he acclimating to this world? He hopes that there isn?t any lasting damage from any possible changes.

The shrunken teen is suddenly wrenched from his thoughts by the most deafening groan so far. Not only that, but the entire world seemed to be convulsing. Shaking as if the realm was about to crumble in on itself. The wall that Alex was hiding in began to violently wobble, throwing him out of his hiding spot. The floor rose up and down repeatedly, making him feel like he was in a bouncy castle. Everything was in a state of complete spasm. Unknown to Alex, this was simply a bit of intestinal gas moving through the colon. It barely registered to Miss Mayweather who to her it was merely a slight grumble coming from her abdomen. But this pocket of gas moving down the intestine had the force of a hurricane behind it for the microscopic teen.

Alex dropped his flashlight as the rumbling got closer and closer until a wall of gas collided with the tiny man and sent him rocketing down the large intestine. At his size, he was less than a piece of dust caught in a breeze. He shot through the dark abyss, carried on the wind of toxic fart fumes. Fumes, which when compared with the current atmosphere, were 100 times more toxic. Eroding Alex?s nose hairs, scarring his throat and actually slightly burning his skin with the intense heat it had. He didn?t know how far he travelled before he came tumbling down. But he knew that it was a great distance.

He collided with the top of a pile of sticky, wet sludge, quickly breaking through the top and falling down layer after layer of slime and gunk before coming to a soft *thud* on the squishy bottom floor. His entire body was now covered in disgusting mucus which he was unable to remove. IT tangle in his hair, soaked through his clothes and got in his mouth. There was an even greater oppressive heat all around him and the scared teenager could tell he was in a confined space. He just realized he was blind without his flashlight when a hard object hit him in the back of his head and tumbled onto the ground. Picking it up, he shone the piecing light on his surroundings.

This alien cave was filled with holes and composed of a very wet and very soft mucus material. The smell made Alex?s eyes water and his chest heave. He wondered what sort of strange place within this dimension he was unaware that he was simply stuck in a small film of intestinal slime. This entire cave, which was ginormous to the microbe teen, was nothing more than an imperceptible layer of slime that builds up naturally within the bowels.

Alex walks up to the walls and begins pulling away the mucus which melts away very quickly and easily, dripping over his hands and arms. The cave starts wobbling and deforming both from his impact through it, the earthquakes that had taken place and the regular break down it does through natural colon processes. The teen suddenly found himself in a collapsing cave, large waves of slime landing on and around him, sticking to his arms and legs and slowly dragging him down. He clutched his flashlight as tight as possible before he was completely submerged within the gooey mass of bowel slime.

At this moment, Marissa was driving home from school after finishing her torturing for the evening. She still had some activities planned at home, though. As she drove she heard a slight gurgle coming from within her guts and gave her lower abdomen a soft pat. She could sense the life force of Alex deep within her colon. He was still alive. She smiled wickedly as she wiggled her backside into the seat, loving the fact that she had a teenager trapped within her rectum and there was nothing he could do about it.

Alex was half swimming, half walking through the now pool of slime that had cascaded onto him. It was so thick that he was unable to swim to the surface and had to move horizontally within the hot, sticky mess. Flashlight gripped lightly in his mouth, the shrunken teen pushed through as hard as he could, his mouth slowly filling with the tangy, toxic gunk. His lungs began to heave and burn inside his chest when he felt his hand reach free space. Thrusting forward, Alex flipped free of the wall of goo he had been imprisoned in, falling to the ground with a wet thud. His entire body still drinking with the disgusting mucus, making him resemble and over iced cake.

Alex laid on the ground, panting and heaving. His body slowly regenerating from the trauma. However, his rest would soon come to an end as he heard another rumbling which shook the Earth. Not only shook much once again caused the entire cave to wobble and convulse as if it were alive. What he didn?t realize was that Miss Mayweather?s colon was simply processing some more food and right now a new wave was approaching him. A giant mass of liquid, brown filth that had just finished digesting and was ready to be drained of water by the large intestine.

The quaking got louder and harder until Alex finally got up and looked around. He couldn?t understand what was happening. He couldn?t understand the strange rules and laws of this new dimension.

Shining the flashlight ahead of him, Alex was shocked and terrified by what he saw. In front of him, about a hundred metres, was a wall of moving lava. A wave of dark mud slide towards him, reaching high up into the sky. His flashlight only barely illuminated the top of this monstrous avalanche that was snaking its way towards the shrunken teen. Of course, this mobile mountain was really only a couple of millimetres thick in reality and yet it was half the size of a skyscraper to Alex.

The teen turned a started running before collapsing under the weight of the gunk covered clothes. Stripping to his underwear as quickly as possible, Alex left his jacket and pants behind before bolting for safety. He could hear the groaning of the mountain get closer and closer and knew he was making no progress at all. He could feel the intense, burning heat from the brown lava and knew that if it touched him he?d be consumed with no hope of escape.

Just then, a miracle happened. Marissa was getting out of her car. She smacked the car door shut with her wide booty before making her way to the front door. However, this motion caused some built up gas to become dislodged and she felt the sudden urge to fart. Letting out an airy squeak from her powerful behind, she pondered how this would affect the microscopic teen within her.

Well, the change in pressure sent Alex flying once more. Soaring through the air like he was a bullet and landing in a lake of some sort. His bruised and aching body doing a body slam into the hot liquid and sinking towards the bottom. Of course, being liquid tis was much easier to swim through and Alex was able to reach the surface and to breathe. Clutching the flashlight in his teeth once more, Alex looked around for any land to try and swim to.

He had no idea that at this point he was swimming through a small puddle of water and shit which was being absorbed into the large intestine. The intense taste of the water, the heat, the soupy qualities. He just assumed this was water from another dimension. But it wasn?t. It was water from his teacher?s large intestine. He swam for several minutes looking for land all the while drinking in this water, even swallowing a few chunky bits of digested shit.

Alex finally found safe land to collapse onto, not knowing that it was a soft piece of stool floating in this lake of intestinal water. He had gone on quite an adventure inside of this strange dimension, the teen realized. He?d fought off monsters, survived slime avalanches and even been shot through the air by strange, tornado like winds. Though dangerous and horrifying, Alex had to admit this dimension was pretty amazing. He was happy that he didn?t have a time limit to find the exit, since he can stay here as long as he wants to explore.

Suddenly, his stomach gave a grumble and Alex realized just how hungry he had been. All of this running, swimming and fighting and given him a huge appetite. He made his way over to a small pool of thick, soupy brown liquid about a metre in diameter. He didn?t know if this was going to kill him but figured that he had been through enough that if this dimension was poisonous then he?d already know.

Putting his hand into the hot, sticky liquid, he scooped some up and began to drink, instantly retching and spitting it out. It was possibly the foulest taste he had ever experienced. Not only that but it left the strangest feeling in his mouth. Unknown to him, this liquid was a mixture of food material, excess water and enzymes left over from digestion. If he kept drinking it then the enzymes would have digested him from the inside and turned him into a literal piece of shit to be compacted within Marissa?s colon and expelled in the morning. After tasting something so bad, Alex had to lay down for several minutes to recuperate.

Getting up, Alex walked over and found a small mound of very mushy brown stuff. He couldn?t tell what it was but appeared to be made out of the same stuff everything else of was made of. It had the same intense, horrible smell everything did. Though he was pretty much use to that smell by now.

Feeling the pile, he realized that it was pretty soft and comfortable and realized just how tired he was at that moment. The best thing for him, right now, would be to take a rest and look for an exit later when he?s fully energized. Slowly easing himself onto the bed-sized brown form, Alex closed his eyes and started to drift off to sleep.

He slept for a little while which allowed gravity to pull his body deeper into the mass until most of his body was inside of it. As he dreamt, his penis became erect and started pushing up against the brown mass around him, exciting him more. In a now half asleep daze, Alex began humping and rubbing his crotch against the shit he was slowly being consumed by, enjoying the sensation as his primitive male brain was overcome by pleasure.

Marissa had finished her games. Everything was done and she decided it was time for her to go to bed. However, before she fell asleep she wanted to see how tiny Alex was doing exploring her colon. Using her powers, she peered into the microscopic depths of her body to see what horrors the teen had befallen. However, what she saw was him having sex with her shit. A tiny piece of shit a thousand times smaller than a pin head, and he was using it to get off. Marissa couldn?t help but burst out laughing at how far this tiny freak had dropped. First there was that fat kid who ate her shit without hesitation, now she has a guy fucking her stool. Well, if he wants a fuck, she?ll give him something to get it on with.

Alex was still have humping the shit around him when he felt the pile begin to move and slowly transform. This caused the dazed teen to fully wake up as the brown mush mutated and altered until it was the shape of an attractive young woman. A brown, squishy woman made out of the material that Alex was half consumed by. The teen couldn?t tell if he was hallucinating or if this was just another thing about this strange reality.

?Hey? The brown mass says seductively.

The woman slowly moves towards Alex, all the while squeezing and caressing his crotch. Since she was still connected to the mound around Alex she was able to control it as if it were her own body. The teen, who was surprised and shock by this strange development was now moaning and panting as the soft and slimy material compressed and massaged him. His mind started going into overdrive and didn?t hesitate to kiss the woman once she started kissing him.

He had no idea that he was having sex with a sentient pile of crap at the size of a microbe within the colossal form of his evil teacher. To him, this was just another dimension. An amazing dimension. Filled with mystery, danger and excitement. And now that he?d discovered that there were also beautiful women who he could bang inside of this dimension, he was absolutely in love with it. His mind slowly caved in to this new world as a powerful orgasm rushed through his system. In the heat of his passion, he swore his love and allegiance to this world. It may be weird and horrible sometimes, but he loved it none the less.

He groaned in pleasure as his orgasm pumped out of him harder and harder to the point that it was almost painful. However, then another pain suddenly washed over him. A legitimate pain that mixed with the pleasure of his orgasm within his mind creating a horrifying mixture of feelings overloading his senses. The woman started laughing as the massaging and caressing turned to a crushing pain. In an instant his crotch and legs we crunched and obliterated within the mass, completely destroying his bottom half. The teen howled in agony as the woman kissed his, forcing the brown material down his throat.

The woman pumped more and more disgusting, warm and thick sludge down his neck, filling up his stomach and lungs. He could feel his body beginning to fill up. His stomach starting to burst, his intestines rupturing and his lungs collapsing. In the last moments of his existence, his entire body was filled up with the mass until he was more brown mud then he was human. All this this happening while his bodily aggressively orgasmed until both ultimate pleasure and final death met in unison.

He opened his eyes to a blinding light ahead of him. A beautiful and shining beacon calling to him. He could swear he heard the voices of his grandparents and his uncle whom he had lost many years previous. They were calling to him, drawing him into their embrace as he floated up to the heavens above. But then he felt a sharp tug at his being and he could no longer head for the light above.

?And where do you think you?re going?? A voice behind him said. He knew instantly that that beautiful voice belonged to his twisted, demented detention-teacher

Twirling around, he came face to face with the shimmering image of

?Miss Mayweather?? He was terrified. He didn?t know what was happening but didn?t like it one bit

?Oh, come now. You don?t need to call me that anymore.? She smiled wickedly ?Now that you?re dead?

?Wait ? What do you-?

?It?s simple, sweetie. You?re dead. You died in that ? Dimension?

?Then ? What are you doing ? Here? Isn?t this ? Heaven?? He shuddered.

?Well, usually you would go to heaven. I may be powerful but I don?t have the ability to consume people?s souls. Unless, of course, they give them to me.?

?I never-?

?Oh, yes you did.? Miss Mayweather chuckled softly. Suddenly, the light behind him disappeared and the world transformed back into the dungeon he was before. The dimension ?You gave me your seed. You swore your allegiance. You became one with me?

?What do you mean?? Alex was freaking out. He didn?t like where this was going

?You weren?t inside of another dimension. Not one you?re thinking of, at least. You?ve been trapped somewhere a little more closer to home?

Marissa took his hand forcefully and put it on her stomach. Her gut gave a gurgle and a grumble and Alex wretched his hand away horrified.


?Yes. You?ve been inside of my bowels all this time. Those monsters? Bacterium. Those tornadoes? Simply my intestinal gas having its way with you. I don?t think I need to tell you what all the brown stuff was. So when you had sex with that beautiful woman made of soft, mud ??

?I was having sex with ??

?My shit!? Marissa couldn?t take it. She burst out laughing at the horrified look of realization on the teen?s face?

Suddenly, Alex turned around and started running. He needed to get away from this woman. But he only got two feet before she appeared in front of him again.

?No, no, no? She waved her finger disapprovingly ?You aren?t going anywhere ? Ever. You belong to me now. Your mind. Your body. And your soul. Your entire existence belongs to me, by cosmic law?

Alex couldn?t take it anymore. He clenched his fist and went to punch her but found himself instantly reduced to a hundredth her size. Her wide smiling hanging above him.

?This realm will be your afterlife. You?ll never get to see your family again. Never get to see your friends. For all eternity you?ll be trapped within the dimension of my colon. After a million, billion, trillion years you?ll be here. After I?ve forgotten you, you?ll still be here. Even after I, myself, die you?ll still be within my body. Within my bowels. But don?t worry, I know you might get lonely living here forever. So I?ve got you a friend?

Suddenly, the brown sludge around Alex transformed into that woman again. This time, though, she was several times bigger than Alex.

?My littler servant here will make sure you never forget where you are. She?ll consume you, beat you, torture you, rape you, and hurt you. Forever. I hope you?ve learned your lesson about talking in class?

And with that, Marissa disappeared, leaving Alex to his new existence. To his new life. Trapped within the confines of Miss Mayweather?s colon for all eternity. No matter where he went or how fast he ran, he could never escape the shit-woman that Miss Mayweather had left to torment him.

In his eternal stay as Marissa?s soul bacterium, Alex experienced everything a million times over. He?s been compressed into her shit, drowned in a literal ocean of liquid crap, chased down and consumed by her bacterium and even absorbed by her large intestine. No matter how much pain he went through he would always come back. Because it wasn?t possible for him to die. He was already dead.

The creature left to torment him did so without reprieve. She would never let him sleep or catch a moments rest. She would beat him, rape him and force him to do the most humiliating and degrading acts imaginable. He was the bitch of Miss Mayweather?s shit. And Miss Mayweather was literally his god now. She had power over his very existence.
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Jeffery gets an Earful by christiawi9
Author's Notes:
Here is the next chapter. Let me know what you think. The next two chapters will have a shit tonne of scat and torture. The story is coming to an end. It might rap up in the next two weeks


Marissa looked down at the group before her. There was only the one girl, who had ceased her huddled crying and was now doing a sort of crying dance. Clara Watson was standing in the one place, huddle over slightly as if her stomach hurt. Other than her, there were the two boys who were still playing hide-and-seek. She stared down at the girl, her eyes burrowing into the poor teenager who whimpered under the terrifying glare.

?Dear girl, if you keep crying like that you?ll run out of tears. Trust me, you should save them for your turn? Her eyes narrowed in curiosity ?What are you doing, by the way?? The giant teacher bent down so her face was level with the girl. The teenager screaming and falling backwards from the goddesses sudden movement. After the girl refused to answer for several seconds ?Speak, girl. Unless you want to be next?

This made the girl far more talkative. After sobbing and swallowing her tears several times, Clara finally said ?I ? I-I Need to go ? To the bathroom?

Miss Mayweather was quite amused by this. Here the girl was about to die and her body chooses now to be the perfect time to void itself.

?Well? Said Miss Mayweather ?It would be rude to go now, and considering that?s why you?re here I think you should simply hold it. Consider it punishment?

The giant teacher then rose to her full, intimidating stature ?As for you two boys: this is your final chance. Come out, or face further consequences. Worse than any of your friends have gone through, by far?

Jeffery Oswald and Micheal Borne were hiding behind some files. Both shivering in fear as they were being spoken to directly. Now was the time to make a life changing decision: Rebel or concede. After arguing for several minutes, Jeffery decides it was best to come out and face their trial, whilst Micheal knew that it was pointless.

?I would rather face a possible painful death rather than an absolute demise. If I refuse, I?ll die. That?s a fact-?

?If you go, you?ll die. That?s also a fact. The bitch is messing with us. There?s no way we can win. I?m not giving up my life on some fake hope?

?Well, then good luck?

The two boys shook hands, having gone through quite a bit together in such a short time. They wished each other the best of luck in their survival before departing. Jeffery watched as Micheal ran away, dashing between folders and out of sight. Probably off to find another hiding spot.

Turning around, the pale tall boy began walking to his test, quickly emerging from behind some books. His eyes widened when his gaze met the piercing stare of Miss Mayweather. She didn?t move her head to look at him once he reveal himself. She was looking already. Which meant she knew where they were all this time. She always knew, Jeffery realized. Which means Micheal?s efforts are futile.

Miss Mayweather gave a wide smile. Her red lips splitting to reveal pearly white teeth. The terrifying woman truly was beautiful with her snowy complexion complemented by her fiery red hair. The teen?s stiffened legs collapsed once the giantess took a step towards him as the shockwave pushed him down. He looked up mesmerized by the goddess before as she drank in his fear.

?So, Mr. Oswald, you?ve decided to reveal yourself after all and play my little game? Delightful! Now, if I recall, you are in detention for repeatedly not listening and disobeying instructions. Well, I see my punishment has already taught you to obey and behave. But if you?re going to be truly taught be lesson you must go through your trial.?

Within a second, Miss Mayweather?s giant hand had descended down and snatched the tiny boy up, raising him high up into the air. The boy squealed in primordial fear as he was brought to the wide expanse of his tormentor?s face.

?Now, I?ve left you a little present deep within my ear and it?s going to be your job to get it. However, I?m afraid that my ear?s awfully messy and could use a good clean. Simple Q-tips won?t cut it and so you might have to carve a path to find what I?ve left you. If you can get what I?ve left you then you win?

The force of Miss Mayweather?s voice shook the teen?s entire body, vibrating through his bones and giving him an almost instant headache. She wasn?t even speaking that loudly, yet her soft voice was able to dominate him so easily. Jeffery was sure he would have peed himself there and then if he could, but his body had practically cramped up in total fear.

?Of course? Marissa continued ?There?s a catch. You?ll have a time limit. If you can?t get my little present before then I?m afraid you lose?

She smiled as she watched the tiny boy croak out a few words. His voice had almost disappeared in fright.

?How ? H-how ? Much-?

?How much time? That?s part of the catch as well. I?m not going to tell you. Just know that the longer you take, the harder it?ll be for you. You best hurry if you want to win?

The goddess of a teacher didn?t wait for a reply. She licked her index finger and pressed it into Jeffery?s body, sticking him to the giant digit. Feeling almost like being crushed by a wet mattress. The boy couldn?t see where he was being sent to as Miss Mayweather gently tilted her head and rubbed her finger into the opening of her ear canal, smearing Jeffery against her skin. Putting her head right again, she sat down and prepared for the games to begin. Before he could move, however, he felt a strange object drop into his pocket. Feeling it, he found that it was a flashlight.

?Wouldn?t want you to get lost? She spoke gleefully ?Now, start?

For Jeffery, the single statement rocked him more than her previous voice did. Now being inside her head, her voice vibrated all around him causing giant earthquakes from every direction. He was barely inside her ear and yet the shaking was easily enough to knock him to the ground and roll him around a bit.

Getting up, he looked around his alien environment. Behind him was the vast world which seemed to stretch for thousands of miles. The distant walls were even slightly hazy to him since they were so far off into the distance. The ear opening acted as a giant cliff face with the edge being a deadly drop off. In front of him was the steep hill that took him up to the deep, dark cavern of Miss Mayweather?s ear canal. Even from this distance, Jeffery could see the light yellow hue coating the walls before the interior became pitch black.

Remembering that he was on some sort of timer, the teenage boy swallowed his fear and began climbing his teacher?s ear. The outer ear was fairly steep but not impossible to ascend because the skin had a thin layer of crust that allowed Jeffery to get a good grip. He tried to not think about the fact that what he was grabbing onto was crusted wax. Wax so thin that the naked ear probably wouldn?t be able to detect it. But he, at such a small scale, was quite able to.

He finally made it after about ten minutes of strenuous climbing. Getting to his feet, Jeffery breathed a sigh of tiredness before being awestruck by his surroundings. He was definitely within the canal at this point and his world was already looking alien. The pinna and ear flap (upper and bottom ear curves) stretched all around him like some strange, misshapen rock face. The inner walls that he could see had a definite yellow smear to them and he knew that there was no way he was going to avoid the disgusting wax as he ventured further inwards. This is where his torturous journey truly began.

Before he could take another step, however, a blinding light shot into the cave. He wasn?t even facing the visual blast yet he still felt blinded by the glare. He couldn?t exactly tell, be he assumed that Miss Mayweather had shined a light into her ear to make it easier for him to see. Such generosity wasn?t like her and he feared her ulterior motives. After all, why would she give him a flash light if she was going to shine a light anyway? Jeffery didn?t like how this was going.

?Wouldn?t want you to get lost, now would I? This should make it easier for you.? Miss Mayweather?s voice once again shook through his body as the world vibrated violently.

Once everything had settled down again, Jeffery continued his journey. The ground was sticky and made it hard for him to take steps. He constantly had to put in a little extra effort than he normally would and it was quickly tiring him out. His shoes were readily becoming messed with thick, yellow paste, the heat from the wax warming his feet uncomfortably. He couldn?t even hold the walls for support since they had the same thin layer of wax coating it. This world was terrifying, with walls rising up 20 metres and an ominous thumping coming from the walls.

The smell was incredibly odd. It wasn?t as pervasive as a fart would be but it certainly was ? Thick. A very powerful and pungent odour that made Jeffery feel slightly queasy. The smell only seemed to get stronger as he walked deeper and deeper, as one would expect, and he suspected that it was due to the immense heat. The air was so very warm and humid. Jeffery could feel the heat entering him with every breath and as the temperature increased the smell also got smellier and the wax squishier.

After about 10 minutes of painful walking, Jeffery finally came to his first real challenge: the wax. Before him was a lake roughly 30 metres long and covered the entire floor of the ear canal. The small lake had a dark yellow hue to it and almost seemed to move ever so slightly as the ear gradually pushed it out. Getting on his knees, Jeffery put his hand on the surface of the yellow pond. The surface was crispy like coated sugar but with a bit of pressure his hand quickly broke the surface tension with a disgusting squelching crunch. The wax beneath was grotesquely warm and sticky and the tiny teen actually had a hard time removing his hand. The wax acted almost like quick sand and sucked his hand in and Jeffery had to pull rather hard to get his appendage out. Once free, he saw that there wasn?t really any wax on his hand but it did have a wet sheen to it and was incredibly slippery as if covered in oil.

The teenager now had to make a decision. The lake was only about half a foot deep, quite shallow indeed, but it was terrifyingly strong. He might only have to travel about 30 metres but if he somehow got stuck in there then that?d be the end of him. He immediately thought of the game ?the floor is lava? but in this edition winning was impossible. Jeffery couldn?t see any other way across and the words of Miss Mayweather rang through his head: Time limit. Have to move fast

Jeffery couldn?t believe that he was being challenged by god damned ear wax. The shit he digs out of his ear every day without thinking about it, and yet now it?s a threatening opponent. This woman?s ear gunk was a challenge? The arrogant teen shook his head in anger at the thought. Fuck that. I?m not going to lose my balls over wax

Getting to his feet, Jeffery began to walk through the bog. He almost threw up as his feet sunk through the surface with a crispy crunch and squish. Cringing, he tried to pull his foot out but found that a simple tug wasn?t enough. He had to groan in effort to pull his shin out, his foot popping to the surface with a similar squelch. If it took this much effort for one step, he hated to think how hard it was going to be later. His leg muscles were already getting sore from the exercise so far.

And later was certainly painful. Jeffery was a little over half way across the bog of Miss Mayweather?s earwax. His legs felt like iron bars and he was readily becoming overheated. Both from the warm wax and surroundings shooting heat into his body and also from his internal exhaustion. The air was hot and thin, each breathe feeling like he was getting more wax tasting carbon-dioxide rather than fresh oxygen. He couldn?t tell if it was his exhaustion, but he swore that the wax was getting stickier and harder to pull away from. His footsteps no longer entered with a crunch through a dry top layer, but instead through a thick cream which held onto him tightly. Sweat poured down his face as he struggled to pull one foot out after the other.

Then it happened: The teenager tried a little too hard to pull his foot out and he fall over forward. He quickly put his hands out to cushion his fall and he watched in horror and disgusts has his hands hit the surface and slowly sunk underneath, like falling through heavy mud. Jeffery couldn?t believe it. He was now stuck on his hands and knees partially submerged in ear wax. The yellow mush had consumed his wrists and most of his lower legs. He pulled and struggled and found his hands were trapped tight and he was simply too exhausted to pull them out. His face was close to the creamy lakes surface with the deep aroma wafting up to his making him feel sick. In his frustration and fear, the boy snapped.

?Mother fucker!!? He screamed as he tried to yank his appendages out of the bog.

?Excuse me?? The thundering voice boomed around him. So loud, and yet he was unable to covered his ears with his hands stuck ?How dare you use such language, young man?

Jeffery?s face turned pale in fear. He had forgotten where he was. But even so, she could still hear him at his size?

?I?m sorry? He blurted out ?I was just ? scared? There?s just so much wax-?

?Excuse me? Remember whose ear you?re inside. I?d take care of whom you insult like that?

?What I meant, was that at my size, the wax is so strong!? He knew he was digging a deeper hole but just couldn?t stop.

?Perhaps I should take a Q-tip and clean out my ear for you, hmm? Of course, I doubt you?d like that in your situation?

Jeffery?s world vibrated with Earth-quake level force as Miss Mayweather gave a ?small? giggle.

?Well, whatever the reason, I can?t let you go ? unpunished?

Jeffery watched in horror as his wrists and legs sunk deeper and deeper as the wax expanded. No, it wasn?t the wax. He was shrinking. The wax rose higher and higher under it was at his chest with his face so close he could like the yellow muck with his tongue. He guessed that he was shrunk to half his size considering the wax rose up to twice its height. The situation dawned on him and he almost screamed in fear and horror: He might actually die in someone?s ear wax.

?There we go. That should teach you to be more mindful of what you say. And if I was you, I?d hurry up before the wax melts any further?

Jeffery was confused ?Melts? he whispered to himself

?Of course. Haven?t you noticed??

The teenager looked around and noticed the dark yellow lining the walls of the ear canal did look more liquid than before. And the bog he was walking through was getting squishier and thicker. Than he realized what it was. The light that was shining in the ear and giving him vision. It was warming the wax and causing everything to melt. Jeffery was trapped inside of a melting world of wax and if he didn?t move faster than it would keep building up until he was buried under it. Crushed under a tonne of yellow, foul smelling wax.

This realization awoke something inside of Jeffery. He tensed is arms and pulled as hard as he could, trying not to think about how he was attempting to overcome ear wax. Slowly, but surely, his wrists, hands and fingers emerged, all coated in squishy, oily yellow paste. He did his best to wipe the yellow muck on his pants as he pulled himself to his feet.

At his new size, the world was far bigger and scarier. The walls rose up as tall as apartment buildings. The lake of wax he was walking through was now 60 metres, and he?d only crossed half of it. He couldn?t believe that this wax he was walking through was probably only about a millimetre long at most and not deep at all. Yet to him, it was everything. It dictated his reality for the time being and there was nothing he could do about it.

It took another 20 minutes for Jeffery to traverse the ear wax. After finally making it across his pants were almost completely covered in the mud and his arms were slowly becoming stiff as the wax hardened on his arm. As he laid on the hot ground that was Miss Mayweather?s ear canal, he tried to catch his breath. The deep thumping of her heart beat shaking through him.

Getting up, he began to make his way through the ear once more until something caught his attention. It looked like long grass spread out, partly covering the canal floor. The long stalks came up to Jeffery?s waist and were a deep red colour, similar to Miss Mayweather?s hair. IT didn?t take long for the boy to realize that these strange ?plants? were nothing more than his tormentors ear hairs. Designed to collect dust particles and dirt and stick them to ear wax so they can be removed. The horrified teenager realized that if he shrunk any more than he might fall under that category and these things would become predators to him. Waiting to snag him like the dust he was. Jeffery made the mistake of sliding his hand across one. Not only was it revolting to the touch as it was slimy with oil, but the irritation caused Miss Mayweather to suddenly jerk her head.

The sudden movement sent the teenager flying across the ear canal. He was lucky he wasn?t sent back towards the lake of wax, but rather into the side of the ear. His body collided with a painful smack and he fell several metres to the ground. Screaming, Jeffery fell fast and hard into a ?small? pile of hard wax which significantly cushioned his fall. His body sunk easily through until he was up to his neck in the hot substance. And hot was the right word as the wax quickly warmed up the already overheated teen, causing his to dehydrate and pant.

?Oh, dearie me. Did my little jerk send you flying? You might want to watch out, at your size you could very well find yourself drowning in there. Better watch yourself, you?re not the big, tough man you use to be?

Jeffery wondered if she could actually see him. Was she using some kind of magic to watch is performance? Well, it didn?t matter, what he needed to focus on was getting out of this ball of wax he was encased in. Unfortunately, it hadn?t melted as much as the other wax and still had a rather crusty outside and a gooey inside. This made breaking it rather hard. However, he realized that there was only one way he was going to get out.

Taking a deep breath, he pulled his head into the thick yellow cream. His entire body screamed as he submerged himself within the woman?s earwax, completely cut off from the outside world. Or even just the world of her ear. He felt around until he found a wall and began to push as hard as he could against it. His breathe was running out quickly and his body was overheating but he continued to push the waxy, hard wall. In his mind, he realized that if this failed then his grave would literally be a miniscule scraping of wax that Miss Mayweather would clean out and not even notice.

However, that was not going to be a reality this day. After a while of pushing, the wall cracked and broke until Jeffery was able to break free. His head popping out and breathing the beautiful, sweet tainted air he had been denied. Never had he been gladder to inhale the air of a woman?s ear before. As he fell to the ground once again, panting hard, he found that his entire body was now coated in the thick substance from his matted air to his clogged shoes. Every part of his body had been invaded by the invasive mush.

Wiping the filth from his face, Jeffery naturally got it in his mouth and eyes. He screamed in both pain and disgust as his senses were overloaded. It had an incredibly strong and bitter taste. It burned his tastebuds with the overpowering bitterness and nasty flavour. His eyes were also beginning to glue shut from the cream hardening on his face.

It was then that Jeffery realized that the ear wax was slowly hardening on his body and cocooning him within it. He was slowly becoming sealed within the wax like a fly in amber. He had to take his clothes off before he became just another ball of wax within this woman?s head, destined to be scraped out like nothing but dirt. His clothes were already almost as rock and were only getting harder. At his scale, a little bit of hardening was like mud turning into steel. Is this how an insect feels when it becomes stuck in something?

Jeffery wiggled aggressively as his clothes and skin hardened faster and faster. He first had to stretch his arms to unbutton his vest then wiggle out of his before it locked around his chest. His pants were easier as he simple had to pull them off his legs. However, once he got up to pulling his pants, he found that the wax had hardened into stone with him now completely unable to move his legs. He wiggled and pulled and finally got his legs out of the wax trap he found himself in. Once he was standing in nothing but his underwear, he looked down at the clothes which had now become petrified. Looking less like fabric and more like clay carvings of clothes.

If he had waited any longer than he would be stuck in place right now, completely trapped and at the mercy of this world. He?d be treated just like the wax around him and there?d be nothing he could do. Would Miss Mayweather simply end the game then and clean him out with a Q-tip? Or would she leave him there to dehydrate slowly and painfully within her head, taking pleasure in the sounds of his suffering. At that moment, he truly appreciated and respected the dangerous world he found himself in and realized just how low on the food chain he was. He had to be careful from now on, or the simplest things would kill him. Namely, the wax.

As he walked through the cave, he felt his skin become dryer and itchier at the oily wax dehydrated him and became harder. His imagination got the best of him as he imagined the wax turning his skin hard as he slowly turned into a stature. Or the wax turning him into a loving creature of wax forced to live in Miss Mayweather?s ear. Of course, that could never happen. Or, at least he hoped it couldn?t.

His next obstacle was far larger than his previous ones. After ten minutes of trekking, he came to a mountain. An entire mountain within this woman?s ear. It must have been 10 storeys high at least and was completely made from a dark yellow wax. Jeffery realized that this must simply be wax that accumulates deep within the ear when you clean. As you clean out the wax with a cotton tip, you drive some wax deeper into the canal. Is this mountain residing in everyone?s ear? Does everyone have their own little miniature Everest?

He saw the waxy walls melting a little bit and felt the intense heat himself and remembered that he was on a biological timer. If he didn?t move faster than he was going to be swamped by melting wax. And as he?d seen earlier, he is far down on the pecking order when it comes to bodily fluids. And so if he wanted to escape he?d have to scale this mountain. Of course, he could go through it since the yellow mass was covered in holes, resembling a disgusting mountain of Swiss cheese. But he knew that would be a death sentence. He might as well climb into a lake of wax and drown himself.

Walking up to the start of Mount Wax, he sized it up and found a good spot to begin climbing. He was happy to find that there were many hard wax spots that he could grab onto without sinking into the large mound. Of course, there were also many soft areas that he needed to avoid, lest he drown in a avalanche of deep yellow wax.

This test was by far the easiest. All it was, was climbing which was something that Jeffery could do. And he felt that his goal was on the other side of this mountain. If he could get to it then he might just be able to survive this horrible mess. His mind went back to all is other classmates: Katelyn, Anita, Timothy, Chris. He was going to avenge them all. He didn?t even know what happened to Alex after he disappeared but Jeffery assumed he must be dead as well. But not him. Jeffery would survive and stop Miss Mayweather from ever doing this again.

Speaking of, Miss Mayweather was having a rather dull waiting for Jeffery to fail his test. She was having a little fun watching him through her mind?s eye, but that wasn?t the same as actively tormenting him. She promised herself that next torture would be extra gruesome and fun. She breathed a sigh of boredom as she casually tried to crush the Clara with her fingers. She was getting some amusement from watching the girl run and scream as her giant digits came down almost killing her. She couldn?t wait until it was this girl?s turn. The tiny woman was holding her gut as she tried desperately to hold in her shit. Marissa didn?t admit it, but she was using a spell to make the experience extra painful for the shrunken woman. She wanted nothing more than to shit at this moment and Marissa was making it even harder for her by clogging up her butt. Even if she tried she probably wouldn?t be able to push out the massive turd ramming against her back door. She had turned this own girl?s body against her. But it still wasn?t enough. She pinned the girl down and slowly pushed on her gut, causing Clara to scream in pain as her bowels begged for relief.

Jeffery was almost at the top fo the mountain. A little further and he?d be out of this nightmare. However, as the law of Murphy goes, if something can go wrong, it will go wrong. The boy made a fatal error in his footing causing his to slide a few feet down the wax mountain, coating his body in a fresh layer of yellow sludge. In his frustration he moaned to himself.

?Son of a bitch?

?I see you still haven?t learned your lesson? The booming voice of Miss Mayweather rocked Jeffery to his bones, even causing him to fall further down the hill. ?Perhaps you need an even greater punishment, hmm??

?No, please! I?m sorry-?

His pleas went ignored as the entire world began shaking violently. If it wasn?t for the wax sticking him in place, Jeffery was sure he?d be thrown about. He had no idea what the hell was happening but just wished for this apocalyptic event to stop. Unknown to him, this was simply Miss Mayweather starching her ear a little. Nothing much to her, but to the microbe within her head, it was like the end of the world.

The wax holding him in place began to break apart as the mountain crumbled slightly. Jeffery watched in horror as an avalanche of wax came tumbling towards him, ramming into his tiny form and pushing him down the mountain. He was instantly buried under an ocean of wax and was unable to do anything until the rumbling and movement stopped. Once everything was calm once more he was able to try and pull himself out of the squishy bog that now encased him. The pressure from the wax pushed on him intensely, even forcing some wax into his mouth, sealing it up tight. The taste slowly corroding his tastebuds and destroying his ability to taste anything ever again except wax. His saliva mixing with the yellow sludge causing some of it to trickle down his throat and into his stomach. Soon, his mouth was completely dry with a wad of hard wax sealed inside. Air was running out quickly as he dug in the direction be believed was up.

Finally, his hand broke the surface and he pulled himself to freedom, breathing deeply through his nose as his mouth was too clogged. Everything was pitched black and the air was strong with the smell of wax. First his taste buds were destroyed and now his sense of smell was being whittled away as well. Jeffery concluded that he must be trapped within the cave of wax since there was no light to see. He wondered how he was supposed to find a way out when he remembered the flash light. But then his heart sank in fear as he realized where it was: his pants pocket. And he left his iron hard pants over near the lake.

He couldn?t believe that he had forgotten his flashlight but then realized that he wouldn?t have needed to if he hadn?t fallen inside of this cave. The light source from the lamp outside gave plenty of light. So why did Miss Mayweather give him his own light source then? Did she know that he was going to be trapped within here? Did she know he would encounter this mountain of wax? Did she know everything or had she simply set everything up? In either case, Jeffery?s chances of success were zero considering Miss Mayweather knew the outcome. Was Micheal right after all?

Forgetting about that, Jeffery focused on the problem at hand, getting out of this cave before he dies from any number of things. He found that he was in a decently sized cavern since her was able to move around and everything was made of wax. He had no idea how deep he was but knew he had to try and find some way out of here. It was becoming increasingly hard to move as the boy?s hair was solid wax, his ears were clogged and his mouth was filled. Not to mention his skin was heavily coated in a layer of wax which had been slowly encrusting his skin, dehydrating it and sticking hard. If he didn?t get out of here soon he?d become a living wax puppet.

After a while, he found a tunnel he was able to crawl through. The floors, walls and roof were all squishy and he knew that everything was slowly melting. This cave was going to collapse in on itself if he didn?t hurry. He crawled for about a minuted until he came to another cave (he assumed since he couldn?t see) with some more holes in the wall. It really did feel like he was traversing a giant block of cheese, navigating the holds and trying to find a way out.

During this time, the wax continued to harden on his body. His head was starting to throb as the yellow mud hardened and shrank around his scalp, completely sealing off one eye. His hair had started to fall out from being pulled hard by the wax around him. And his skin had started to feel incredibly itchy. Every time he tried to scratch he just found a hard layer of wax covering his skin.

He comes to a final cave and finds that there are no holes inside this cavern. He?s reached a dead end. Which means he?d have to crawl andlook for another way out. Of course, he doesn?t have time for that. Every second his body is slowly being taken over by the wax and every second the prison he finds himself in slowly melts. In a fit of fear and horror, the teen begins to screams. His roars of carnal panic only coming out as a heavy groan as his mouth remains sealed, keeping his screams inside.

He can?t believe it, yesterday, he was a rather popular kid. He got decent grades, he was liked by most and only got in trouble a few times. Now, he was trapped inside of a woman?s ear, trapped inside of a tiny dot of wax which, to him, is a cave he?s lost within. Not only that, but his body is slowly being consumed by the yellow substance. He?s being defeated in every way and there?s nothing he can do. In defeat, the teen falls to the ground and sobs. His will and spirit broken by the horrors of his circumstances.

Marissa was still playing with the tiny girl as she screamed in pain. Her gut throbbing and groaning for release. She looked over at a book on biology where she knew that Micheal was hiding. She wondered what he was planning. She continued to make the girl run while her bowels churned in pain as the sadistic witch looked through her mind?s eye. She could see that Jeffery had stopped moving and was completely defeated. This wasn?t good, she hadn?t finished with hi yet. He needed a little motivation. Taking her finger, she gave her ear a deep scratch, knowing that this would have the desired effect.

Jeffery continued to sob in despair as he knew this was the end for him. There was nothing he could do to get out of this hellhole. However, just as he thought that, everything started shaking once more. Even more violently then the last earthquake that imprisoned him in here. The walls and floors started shifting and shaking and in an insane moment of horror, the floor gave out. Jeffery fell through level after level of Miss Mayweather?s ear wax. The walls crashing down on him, sealing him deep within a mountain of the yellow, putrid paste. Instinct quickly took over and Jeffery started pushing the he very soft waste. Finding it easy to push now that it was squishy, but was now also highly sticky. There were tiny pockets of air everywhere that he was able to breathe as the world continued to cave in on itself.

This horrific moment went for over a 2 minutes as Jeffery was constantly on the brink of suffocation and being crushed. However, as fates would have put it, the shrunken boy found himself pushing out into the open world. He was able to breath freely once more (Or, as much as you can with a mouth clogged with wax).

Through the mask of yellow wax coating his eyes, Jeffery was able to see the light from the lamp piecing the world. Bringing his hands to his face, he was able to rip away a few chunks of the yellow crud, enough for one eye to become useful once more. What he saw was terrifying.

Everything, from the walls, to the wax, to the hairs that sprinkled the cave floor, were huge. Everything had grown immensely. The hairs that use to come up to his chest, were now great oak trees. And the walls? They were true skyscrapers now. He didn?t want to imagine how small he was inside of Miss Mayweather?s ear but he knew it was tiny. The only good news he could see was that judging from the direction the lamp was shining from, he must have come out on the opposite side of the mountain. Which means he?s at the end. Of course, at his size, he probably still had a ways to go.

He started his trek, his spirit newly invigorated, hoping to find salvation in this hell. His senses had almost completely shut down from the wax clogging everywhere on his body and his movements were getting harder and harder as he slowly hardened in place. He was wondering how long it was going to take him to find what he was looking for when his eye met something off in the distance. About 20 metres ahead.

Running towards it, he found that it was the strangest thing to find in a place like this. It was a marble podium which came up to Jeffery?s waste and on top of the podium was a plaque. A golden plaque with a single sentence written on it. It read

?He was right, you know?

Then the entire world began to shake. The shrunken boy flew into the air until he landed in a pool of melted wax, instantly sticking him in place. The avalanche of wax then moved, colliding with other mountains of wax. Jeffery had no idea what was happening but there was nothing he could do. His skin was now made of wax, his muscles were unresponsive and his mind was slowly shutting down. He was turning into a human ball of wax inside of a mountain of wax.

Marissa was cleaning out her ear with a Q-tip, feeling the tiny scrapings of wax become mixed up and attached to the fibres of the cotton tip. She couldn?t imagine what this was like for Jeffery. Probably an earth shattering event in which only a god could create.

Bringing the Q-tip up to her face, she saw that there was a deep yellow smear covering it, however there was no Jeffery. She knew that he?d been scooped up but she couldn?t sense his essence. It was then that she realized why she couldn?t sense it. He no longer had the essence of a human. His body had been slowly transformed by her dominating and powerful ear wax, turning him into her bodily fluid. Namely, her wax. He was slowly dying on the Q-tip but now as a human. Just a simple ball of wax.

Putting the cotton tip on the shelf with the other containers, she turned to the table and prepared for the final games. Who would it be?

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Micheal's family troubles pt1 by christiawi9
Author's Notes:
Chapter 8 will be split into a 2 part-er. I've completed both parts already. The chapter is rather long and I don't like uploading such long chapters. So I'll upload the first part now and the next part a little later. Both parts contain heavy scat and fart material/

Marissa stared down at the little girl whining and crying on the table. She was the only one left except for Micheal who was currently hiding on the opposite side of the desk. For an impulsive idiot, he sure was taking a while to enact his plan of escape. If he refused to take action, Marissa decided she would.

For Micheal, he had finally figured out what he was going to do. There was a cord that he could shimmy down and make it to the floor and then escape outside of the classroom. Once Miss Mayweather started her next game with Clara, he?d make his move. He didn?t like the idea of leaving her but he knew that if he stayed then he?d meet a similar gruesome fate. The best he could do is let others know what this witch has done and have her punished for the lives she?s taken.

Looking out from behind the folder, he took a peak to observe what Miss Mayweather was doing to see if the coast was clear for his plan. However, when he looked up he saw that she was gone from in front of the desk. Simply vanished. Suddenly, he started feeling a warm breeze was over his over. Turning around, he came face to face with the gigantic and beautiful for of his captor. Bending over the desk, her eyes were level with his as her soft smelling breath washed over his tiny form. Her long red hair draped across her pale face and a ruby coloured smile gave her a stunning yet terrifying image at his current size.

Quick as lightening, her hand came down to him with her finger twisted in a loop. He could barely register what was happening before her powerful flick sent him flying across the table, an almost instantaneous bruise appearing across his chest and stomach. He soared up into the sky before falling down over the edge of the table towards the hard ground. He prayed that this was the end for him before Miss Mayweather?s palm covered his vision, her hand catching him mid descent. Despite her hand being incredibly soft, Micheal still felt the hard impact damaging his shoulder and back. In the span of a few seconds he?d gone from unhurt to broken and bruised. The shrunken boy rolled into a foetal position from the pain as dark purple bruises continued to appear on his body.

The hand rises into the air until the wounded teenager is brought back in front of Miss Mayweather?s smiling face. A shiver ran down Micheal?s spine as he stared into the deep blue oceans of her eyes.

?Well, would you look at what I?ve found? A tiny bug thinking that it can outsmart a person. I mean, I could just crush you right now? Her finger came down on his body and started pressing him into her palm. The tiny boy felt his ribs bend to the point of almost shattering before the fingers lifted off of him ?But then, where would the fun be in that? I?m going to play so many games with you, Micheal Bourne. So naughty, so disobedient?

Micheal looked up at his captor, a fire of resistance beginning to re-burn within him.

?Fuck you? He gasped through the pain.

?And so rude. That mouth of yours got you into this situation, better watch out or it might get you somewhere worse?

?Just shut it! You killed all of them! They never stood a chance. I?m not going to play your sick games?

The goddess above him tsk-ed both disapprovingly and condescendingly. ?You boys just don?t learn, do you? If you don?t value your life being on the line then I can just use something that is. Perhaps ? Your mommy??

Micheal?s eyes widened in fear. Her smile widened ever so slightly as she knew she had him.

?I?ll make you a deal: since you refused to come out earlier you?ve already forfeited your life. So, instead you?ll be playing for the life of a family member. If you pass my little test then your mother will be spared. Deal??

Reluctantly, Micheal agreed. He wish he?d simply come out earlier and played her games. Now his family may be doomed because of his reckless behaviour?

?Wonderful? She excitedly said. Her voice filled with sugary niceness, hiding the evil, twisted nature behind her words.

The first trial

?Your first test? Marissa said as she dropped Micheal on the table and turned her butt to face him ?Is to climb deep inside my backside until you reach my brown eye. If you can reach it within the time limit then your mother will be spared?

Micheal was about to argue. To say how there was no way he would ever do something so disgusting. His eyes hovered over the brown crack which he knew hid a far darker and dirtier interior if her cheeks were to ever spread. But then his mind jumped to the image of his sick mother and how he had put her in this situation. He can?t back down. He had to do this for her.

?Now, let us begin? Miss Mayweather plopped her juicy behind onto the table, almost crushing the shrunken teen ?You?ll have thirty minutes ?. Starting now!?

Micheal was not prepared for this. Once the gigantic butt slammed onto the table he was instantly hit with the most noxious aroma he had ever smelt. It was a thick, strong smell that punched his nose with the pungent stink of shit. And before his head could clear and focus again, he was told to climb into that hellhole and that he had a time limit to do it. Micheal felt like he was being asked to jump off a cliff with no parachute. Every sense was telling him to run away but he was strong enough to overcome the urge and to leap forward in desperation.

Without thinking, the tiny teen ran towards the great divide known as Miss Mayweather?s butt crack. Each of her cheeks easily rose 20 stories into the air. He wondered if he was going to be able to climb to her asshole within thirty minutes with how far it must be.

He walked under the vast canyon of the giantess?s crack until he was far enough under it to be able to grab a hold of her soft skin. He tried to find an area of her behind that was not covered in her faecal matter, but knew that avoiding it was going to be impossible as he climbed up further. Looking up high into the sky that was Miss Mayweather?s crack, he saw nothing but a dark brown canopy that he would soon be climbing into.

Ignoring the smell, Micheal pulled himself further and further up, amazed at how easy it was for him to grip her skin. Looking down, he saw that he was as high as a one storey building and yet he was only a fraction of the way up. The heat and smell above pummelled him, like standing close to a heater. He slowly got higher until he reached it: the entrance to the crack. Covered in deep layers of brown filth. Some areas crusty and dry, others wet and smooth.

?Better hurry, buggy. Your mother doesn?t have that long?

Micheal realized that he had stopped unconsciously as he stared at the great dark void of shit. But there was no time for fear and hesitation. In a great, unthinking move, the shrunken teen grabbed onto the shit covered skin and pulled himself deeper up his teacher?s crack. The crap was so squishy and smooth causing his hand to sink easily into it. The warmth and texture almost made him vomit then and there.

It had been ten minutes. Micheal was deep within Miss Mayweather?s butt crack. All light had gone and his entire body was coated in shit. His hair was thick and pressed against his head and his eyes were squeezed shut as the faeces passed over his face. The teen constantly had to wipe the shit from his mouth and nose so that he could breath. Unfortunately, the only air was tainted with the aroma of this woman?s bowels.

The shit that he climbed through was filled will hard rocks and sticks. Of cause, they weren?t actually rocks and sticks but tiny, miniscule bits of food debris and faecal matter almost imperceptible to the human eye. But to Micheal, who was the size of a gnat, they were like apples that he had to push aside in this swamp of shit.

Swamp, however, was not an accurate description. Instead, it was more like climbing in between two large mattresses covered in hot, steaming mud. The tiny boy knew that if he let go right now he wouldn?t fall but instead stay right where he was. Stuck in between the cheeks just like a little grain of shit. Pulling himself up higher and higher took great effort until his arms felt like lead and his nose was actually burning from the pain. He couldn?t even take off his clothes to make the climb any easier since he was squished so tightly against the ungodly mounds of flesh that surrounded him. However, things were only about to get worse.

Micheal was barely able to hear sounds from the outside world anymore as everything was muffled by Miss Mayweather?s flesh. But he was able to hear a terrifying grumble and groan coming from the terrifying heavens above. Something monstrous was stirring deep within the bowels of his teacher and he didn?t want to find out what it was.

Marissa was simply sitting on the table enjoying the tiny, desperate struggles of her student. He only had about ten minutes left but if he hurried she knew he might be able to make it. However, that was before she felt a tight gurgle coming from her lower stomach. A heavy force was moving through her intestines like a train and it was steadily making its way out. She giggled as she thought about what it must be like for the microbe student still trying to survive deep within her bowels but her attention was quickly brought to Micheal, her current victim.

Placing her hand on her gut she gave a decisive push and felt a hot, airy fart burst forth from her sphincter. The gas was so warm and thick meaning it must have been stewing in her colon for some time. Possibly even days. A quick whiff told her everything she needed to know about the flatulence as she recoiled from the stench. And now, at his size, Micheal was completely enveloped by it.

Micheal tried to forget about the sound as he pulled himself through the sludge and grime. He didn?t care that the shit got into his mouth or up his nose. As long as he was able to breath he would push forth. But the sound got louder and louder until suddenly it just stopped. Silence permeated the air for several seconds until the explosion occurred.

Even though he knew it was about to happen there was no way for Micheal to prepare for the horror. If it felt like climbing through hot mud squished in between some mattresses before then this was as if some turned on a jet engine. The tiny boy and the shit-like-sludge were pushed down in an avalanche. Micheal instantly consumed by a tsunami of wet, thick crap.

The heat was unbearable. It was probably only body temperature but at his miniscule size it was the same as a burning wind. The friction alone caused burn marks and scars to slowly appear across Micheal?s naked skin. His face, getting a full blast, was burned the worst with his eyebrows singeing off.

Then there was the smell. Imagine being sprayed with perfume. Your body reacts and you cough and splutter. Imagine being inside a room filled with the perfume mist choking you and preventing you from being able to breathe normally and you claw for clean air. That was what it was like for Micheal, except the mist of perfume was the thick, toxic smell of Miss Mayweather?s colon gas. Concentrated into a biological weapon that assaulted every sense of the teen boy until his entire brain started screaming for mercy.

?Whoops, was that me?? Marissa giggled.

She could feel the heat rise within her crack and quickly squeezed her cheeks closed. Micheal was far up that the cheeks didn?t crush him. Instead, they simply sealed him deep within his prison with the toxic gas. She knew that there was no way he would be able to complete the test while his body was convulsing in pain from her fart.

For Micheal, his brain had gone into a primitive state of survival. Clawing and wriggling, trying to find some safety from the woman?s gas but it was no use. After several minutes, his mind regained its sanity and he realised what he was supposed to be doing and what was at stake. Even though his body was shaking, his brain burning with pain and his body coated in thick, hard shit, he continued on.

The ?ground? around him slowly became rigid and hard, almost as if it were made from valleys and hills. It took him several minutes to realize what they were and as his mind clicked the voice of Satan spoke from above. Her booming speech shaking his already weakened form.

?Congratulations? Miss Mayweather said in her usual happy voice ?You completed the test and made it all the way to my adorable little bum hole. The hole which you?re currently laying on right now, directly in the centre.?

Micheal froze in fear. His hands felt the hard surface of the skin and knew that she was telling the truth. He was crawling along her browneye. It was so large and must have been at least the size of a house, if not more. How small was he? Had he shrunken further? There was no way he could be this tiny! He was less than the smallest insect at this point. Food for bugs, or worse.

?Isn?t it strange? One twitch from me and you?ll be gobbled right up. Lost to the world forever. But not from me? Her sphincter gave a terrifying twitch as she said this to reinforce the point ?But that would be silly. No fun in ending the games just now. After all, you?ve already completed the first task?

Micheal?s heart pounded in happiness. Despite the misery that he was in, he could at least take pride in knowing that he had protected his mother from the hell-

?Unfortunately, you didn?t complete it fast enough. It took you 34 minutes and 27 seconds. Which means that you?ve failed the test?

Micheal screamed, not caring that his voice would never carry to the outside of his flashy prison. He was dropped into an abyss of fear and despair as the reality hit him. Had he truly doomed his mother? Could this be real?

?It?s funny? The goddess continued ?If I hadn?t let that little toot out you?d have made it with time to spare. You fought with all of your might and strength to protect your mother but in the end a single fart from me was able to beat you. Who says men and stronger than woman when a single blast from a girl?s behind and defeat the most desperate of man?s attempts. Well, time for me to go through with my end of the bargain?

Marissa?s hands began to glow as she focused her magic.

Fiona, Micheal?s mother, was sitting in her bed. She had been sick for quite a while but the doctors said she was getting better. In a few months she would be able to help and care for her family just as she use to before her illness. She laid in bed resting when she felt the strangest tingle overtake her entire body. In a single flash she was taken to a world of darkness. Groaning and gurgling noises filled her ears to the point of it being painful. The air toxic, burning her lungs and making her vomit her lunch in an instant. Over time her eyes adjusted to the darkness and she found she was trapped within an endless cave system. Was this hell?

Micheal?s minds were filled with the images of his mother walking through the dark abyss. His mind penetrated by these visions as he was forced to watch his mother retch and cry, not knowing what was happening to her or why she was there.

?There we go? Said the terrifying voice of Miss Mayweather ?Now there are two people trapped deep within my bowels. Ohh, I love the way they walk. The tiny movements feel so good. Like teeny, tiny massages along the walls of my intestines.?

Micheal?s spirit was crushed. He couldn?t believe that his mother was currently trapped within this woman?s colon. And there was nothing he could do about it. It was because of him that she was doomed to live like this.

?And don?t worry. I decided to cast a little protection spell on her. No matter what happens, she won?t die within my glorious booty. Every gurgle, every fart, every shake of my hips will be felt by her as if they were cosmic events. Until I die, of course. Then I suppose she?ll go to the great beyond. But that won?t be for quite a while.?

Micheal was crying uncontrollably as the realization that he had doomed his mother washed over him. The unbearable despair was simply too much for the young boy to handle. He would rather die than go on. Or, at least he would have, if it weren?t for what Miss Mayweather said.

?Now, time for the second test. Of course, since you?ve lost dear old mommy I guess we?ll need another person to fill in for you. If only you had simply chosen to fight for yourself rather than use your family as a shield like a coward. So, since you were obviously never taught how to be a man how about we put daddy up for bids, hmm? He clearly failed at teaching you so it wouldn?t be so bad if he disappeared.?

Micheal couldn?t believe what he was hearing. First his mother, now his father? Was he going to lose his entire family to this evil bitch?
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Micheal's family troubles pt2 by christiawi9
Author's Notes:
Here is the second part of Micheal's tests. It's a little longer than the last chapter and contains 2 more tests.

The second trial

?Well, for your second trial I think we should try something a little harder. Your first test was practically a piece of cake.?

?You ? You evil whore! I?ll kill you!? Micheal screamed into the dark, disgusting world around him.

?Such a dirty mouth you have. I think it would be best to show you what happens to those who speak filth. Over time they become more and more disgusting, their mouths filled with only immorality and obscenity. Therefore, an adequate test for you would be to clean my filthy butthole ? With your mouth?

Micheal, his mind filled will sorrow and rage couldn?t quite understand what she meant. Clean her arsehole ? With his mouth? What did she want him to do, eat her shit?

?In order to save the life of your father, you?ll have to consume every bit of crap that has coated my lovely rosebud. If you fail, then your mother will be getting a very familiar visitor. Hmm, perhaps it wouldn?t be so bad if you failed then. If you succeed you?ll simply be sentencing your own mother to a life of loneliness. At least this way she?d be with someone she loved as she stewed within the lowliest part of my body?

Micheal?s sanity was slowly slipping away. He had to eat ? Her shit? All of it? Her butthole was the size of a house and absolutely coated with faeces. How in the world could he possibly eat it all?

?Now? She continued ?You may be wondering how something as tiny as yourself could fit all of it. Don?t worry, I?ve got that sorted?

A strange tingling feeling overcame Micheal?s stomach until he felt himself getting hungrier and hungrier to the point of starvation. He had never felt this empty of food before.

?There, now everything is set up. If you can clean my butthole then your father will be spared. If not, then I suppose you?ll have one less person to disappoint in your life. Your time starts ? Now!?

Micheal doesn?t have time to think as he closes his eyes and opens his mouth. It?s actually a rather hard feat as his face has become caked in so much shit that it has dried up and encrusted his entire head. His jaws muscles had to move against the strength of her faeces just to open up.

His teeth sink into the squishy brown mass in front of him, causing an instant reaction of retching. It felt like sinking your teeth into warm pudding that had congealed into a gooey mass. The taste burnt his tongue with its horrid flavour but the texture was far worse. Being so thick, it was similar to chewing and swallowing peanut butter. In a single swallow Micheal could already feel his mouth dry up and clog as the crap clumped in his throat. It took him several swallows just to get it down and this was merely the first bite.

Swallow after swallow, the teen boy kept piling the shit into his mouth and swallowing, tears streaming down his already dehydrated face. It slowly became hard to open his mouth at all since the brown sludge would harden in his dry mouth. His insides were becoming as coated with Miss Mayweather?s faeces as his outside.

After twenty minutes of non-stop shovelling and swallowing, the pressure within the shrunken teen?s stomach was getting painfully strong. He must have eaten at least twenty kilograms of waste by now yet he was still able to consume more and more. He could feel the large mass within his body squishing causing him to clench and hold his stomach in pain. He couldn?t understand what was happening but it was as if his stomach was larger on the inside now.

?I do love the feeling of your tiny hands tending to my chocolate rosebud? Miss Mayweather sung from above ?You might want to watch out though, a single twitch from me could send you off to see your mother. Prey animals fear their predators, and since my browneye could swallow you whole I?d say that makes it your predator. So best pay the respect it deserves?

This was absolutely humiliating. Micheal tried to drown out her constant remarks as she joked and laughed at his expense. All the while his stomach became fuller and fuller, the mass within building larger. Yet, no matter how much he ate, his stomach didn?t bulge on the outside, despite the fact that he?d eaten almost twice his body weight. Twice his body weight in faeces. Which means that two thirds of his body was actually Miss Mayweather?s crap.

After half an hour, Micheal?s insanity became to falter again. His tastebuds were completely gone and his tongue dead from exhaustion. He doubt he?d be able to speak if he tried since his mouth was coated in so much brown waste. It was like eating a jar of peanut butter. The taste of Miss Mayweather?s excrement was burnt into his brain so that even though he could no longer taste anything, he would always remember it.

His body was also nearing complete exhaustion. The shit around him was completely preventing any movement as it slowly dried, trapping him like an animal in mud. His only choice was to eat the shit that surrounded him to get free. The only thing keeping him going was the thought of his family. If he failed this again then both his mother and father would be sent into hell for the rest of their lives. He couldn?t let that happen.

The worse bits of shit were the tiny hard granules. At normal size they?d be near unnoticeable. Barely the size of a flea. Tiny bits of undigested matter that simply passed through the intestines. However, at his size they were the size of apples and were hard as rock. He was forced to push them down his throat until they entered the bottomless pit of his stomach where they joined the growing monster of shit deep within him. Micheal was terrified at the amount of crap that was inside of him as it painfully pushed against his insides.

Suddenly, the world around him began to move. The giant flesh walls clamped down on his tiny body as the muscles of Miss Mayweather?s giant form got to work. In an instant, the goliath was standing up straight.

?Well, times up? The booming voice of Miss Mayweather decrees. Micheal screams in agony knowing he has failed the test. If only he had a bit more time, he knew he?d be able to finish. He was so close, he could tell ?Time to see how much you?ve cleaned?

The humungous mountains of flesh that made up the sky moved to the side. A wave of fresh air filled the void Micheal was trapped within, almost making him cry. His lungs and brain had forgotten what true breathing was like. However, quite peculiarly, Micheal couldn?t see anything. Everything was still pitch black. Feeling his face, he found that it was covered in crusty, dried crap. Digging his nails into the hard surface, the teen managed to rip away the brown mask causing his eyes to sting in pain as they were exposed to light once more.

He could tell that Miss Mayweather was standing in front of a mirror with her cheeks spread wide so that she could see how clean her hole was. Micheal looked off into the distance at the huge reflection meeting him. He saw the huge, pale, healthy cheeks of his teacher. The filthy shit staining their insides and right at the centre was the dark, brown covered hole.

The tiny teen looked on in horror. He couldn?t believe it. Her hole was still completely coated in shit. It was almost clean at all. In fact, there wasn?t even any sign that someone had been cleaning it in the first place. Micheal stressed his eyes trying to find where he was until finally his eyes met his mirrored counterpart.

He was located in the tiniest patch of skin lodged in between one of the smaller wrinkles on her butthole. Along that tiny wrinkle that would almost go unnoticed by those not looking for it was the faintest whiteness that was clean skin. Micheal didn?t know how long he had been working but it was clear that he had done practically nothing. Fighting against the drying crap, burning out his tastebuds, filling his body with thick, hardening waste, running his muscles to exhaustion. All of his work and pain did nothing.

?My, my, my, would you look at that? Did you even try, little boy? I gave you plenty of time and yet it seems you haven?t worked at all. My cute little sphincter is just as filthy as it was before. Perhaps this game was a little too hard for you, huh? But I thought you could handle it. After all, you constantly would talk shit so eating it must have been quite natural for you. Evidently not.?

The giant teacher gave her monster of a sphincter a squeeze, pulling some shit back into its maw. Micheal felt himself get drawn closer as well. If she did it several more times he may get eaten by her hole.

?Of course, at your size, my booty shits out more crap than your family eats in a year. So maybe the odds were stacks slightly against you?

Micheal once again began to cry. However, no tears appears as Miss Mayweather?s butthole and shit had dehydrated him to the point that his body simply couldn?t produce the fluids. His failures crushing his spirit and driving him more and more to the brink of insanity. His family were slowly being consumed by his mistakes.

?Well, I suppose it?s time for the papa to join the mama? The giantess clicked her fingers causing a bright light to appear at her fingertips, similar to before.

Bill was your average working man. Average in intelligence but had a kind and dutiful soul. He was currently doing his job at the local firm pushing papers and taking calls. He didn?t love his job but it was enough to pay the bills and keep his family happy. Getting up, we went for a five minute break to have a smoke outside. Once he shut the glass doors and walked towards the wooden chairs he pulled out his pack of cigarettes. That?s when a strange tingling sensation swept across his entire body. Dropping his smokes, the older man shivered as the whole world changed around him until everything was nothing but darkness.

The world he once knew was now filled with terrifying groaning and gurgling sounds. The air pressure so strong that it was hard for him not to breathe in. However, the air was so poisonous and foul smelling that it caused him to instantly gagged and choke. Yet he couldn?t help it. Once he pushed out the horrid air more forced it?s way inside of him, burning his lungs and paralysing his body with the horrid odour.

He moaned and panted in pain, wondering what sort of hellhole he had been summoned into. Was he having a stroke? Did he die and this was the actual after life? Had he sinned too much and this was god?s eternal punishment for him? These questions seemed rather meaningless compared to the immediate and horrible threat that he was presented with.

After several minutes he started hearing crying and groaning coming from a little further up. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness he could see a figure laying on the ground in presumed pain and suffering. Walking up to the moaning figure, Bill?s eyes widened in both relief then immediate despair. It was his wife, Fiona.

?Fiona!? Bill gagged, unable to yell effectively as the poisonous air continued to rot his insides ?What are you doing here??

?Bill? Oh, thank god!? She embraced her husband, taking some comfort in knowing her husband was here to protect her ?Where are we??

?I was about to ask you that. You don?t think the kids are here as well, do you? If we are, then there?s the definite possibility-?

?Oh god? Fiona realized it was true. If both she and her husband were trapped within this hell, then maybe their two children were as well.

Before either one of them could reply their world was shook by several thunderous earthquakes. They were thrown onto their sides as they landed and sank within a nearby pile of hot, squishy mud.

Marissa patted her gut several more times, content with the feeling of another person entering her colon. She was enjoying the knowledge that several lives were now existing within her body, all unknowing of their true location. She was slowly becoming a walking town.

Micheal was once again forced to witness everything unfolding as the images forced their way into his mind. He had now sent his father into the horrible world of Miss Mayweather?s bowels. The only person left was his little brother whom he couldn?t bear to lose. Let alone lose him to such a cruel fate. Suicide would be preferable.

?Well, that?s two down, one to go, I suppose? Miss Mayweather spoke from the heavens once more. ?Now it?s time for the final and ??

The Third trial

?Please? Micheal begged, his mouth barely able to form the words as his jaw muscles were still so weak for the previous test ?Just kill me. I?ll do whatever you want. Just don?t hurt him?

?Well, that is noble of you. Perhaps in another life you?ll learn not to be so rude. But a deal is a deal. You should have come out when I asked. But because you?ve finally learned some decency and respect I?ll make this final test much easier for you. All you need to do is crawl away from my browneye and your brother will be spared. However, if it gobbles you up like the tiny morsel you are then your entire family will be getting a very long vacation together.?

Micheal couldn?t go on. Nothing made sense anymore. He didn?t want to continue. Part of him didn?t even want to fight for his brother?s life. His body was just too broken. He just wanted his eternal sleep.

?Now, this test is possibly the easiest one I?ve devised? Miss Mayweather?s voice continued to shake him as he passed in and out of consciousness. ?All you have to do is call away from my winking eye. If you?re still on the outside within ten minutes then your little brother will be spared from the same fate you?ve given your parents. Sure, he?ll be an orphan, never knowing what happened to his family. But at least he?d be free, hmm? Well, let us start already. The little girl sitting on the table looks like she?s about to burst?

The world around Micheal suddenly started to shift. From his vantage point, it looked like the entire landscape was rising up and down into a giant sinkhole several kilometres away. However, it was more like several millimetres, and that giant sinkhole consuming the entire horizon was in fact Miss Mayweather?s butthole. The tiny teen gasped in fear as he realized that as the browneye tensed, the shit around him (Which was practically small landmasses as this point) were slowly moved towards the hungry maw. If he didn?t move soon then he?d be consumed forever.

Even though his muscles were burning and thick with agony, his stomach and guts were groaning and squelching with digesting crap, and his head was pounding with pain to the point that his vision was blurry, Micheal grabbed onto the boulders of faeces around him ad started crawling away.

These boulders, of course, were only tiny grains of shit that now one ever noticed. If the teen tried crawling down towards the skin of the wrinkled hole he would have to dig several storeys. That?s how deep the crap was despite it only being a thin layer to the goddess all around him. And despite him practically being inside of the butthole he was so close, at his scale he was still a half-an-hour walk away, which would put into perspective just how heavy and powerful each tense of Miss Mayweather?s sphincter was. It was like an entire town rising and falling into a sinkhole slowly.

Marissa stood in front of the mirror, her beautiful long red hair draped across her slender back while she looked behind herself into the reflection. She was only casually tensing her sphincter but she could see that it was a cataclysmic event to the shrunken boy who was currently at her mercy. He was completely unseeable to the human eye but her vision was quite better than the average human?s. She decided to throw in sum curve balls to really mess with the desperate teen.

Micheal continued crawling as hard as he could through the encrusted and hard shit that made up his landscape. It would take him forever to crawl away from the butthole at this rate but he didn?t actually have to get free of it. He only needed to avoid being consumed by it before the time was up. That he could do. Suddenly, however, the sky began to close up as the giant angelic hands of Miss Mayweather gently let go of the mountainous cheeks. The titanous flesh slowly came together until the light was completely blotted out once more. As the cheeks pressed against each other they once again sealed the inner cheeks off from the rest of the world. Almost instantly Micheal felt the rising heat and pressure coming from the warm, festering faeces all around him.

Miss Mayweather smirked as she once again felt the pressure build up inside of her abdomen. Placing her hand upon her lower stomach, she felt the ever so slight bloating as her colon began to fill with toxic fumes.

If it were scaled to Micheal?s size, the gas she was holding within her gut would easily envelop the entire city she lived in and would spread out to kill millions before it dissipated enough to be non-lethal. Yet, this powerful weapon was being held in place by the laziest of muscle control and was simply one slight push away from blasting forth.

She waited until the gas had filled her rectum enough before she gave a slight squeeze with her fingers and felt the hot winds seep out of her sphincter. She didn?t want to blast Micheal away since that would have him win the game. But she did want to make his experiences a little more difficult. The gas started whistling out of her hole, heating up the insides of her cheeks that were now sealed off. Because she was only releasing a small stream rather than a full blast, she felt like she?d be able to do this for quite a while. A smile crept across her face as she imagined what torment this must be for tiny Micheal.

For Micheal, the event was like Armageddon. The cheeks closed, everything was dark and then the tensing of the giant sphincter came to an end. As the landscape ceased moving from the powerful muscle the shrunken boy knew something bad was going to human. The butthole gave several more tiny twitches which shook his world before it tensed up tight and opened slowly. The air the rushed forth was even worse than last time.

Previously when Miss Mayweather had farted she had done it in a single hot blast that left Micheal wounded but alive. However, this wasn?t a blast but instead a constant stream of blistering, toxic air. Rather than a jet engine, it felt like being in a very strong wind storm. The any shit that might have still been squishy and malleable on Micheal?s body quickly hardened as the boiling air cooked it as if it were clay pottery. Micheal quickly found himself stuck in place by the hard, encrusted shit that covered his body and had no choice but to take the blast head on. He couldn?t even pray that he might be pushed back away from the sphincter since he was now trapped in place like a Terracotta warrior.

Over half a minute later of the constant stream Micheal was starting to feel faint. His face had gone bright red from being slowly burned by the rushing cooked wind and had started to develop painful dry rashes. His lungs were convulsing as every breath slowly rotted them from the inside. There was clearly a big difference between smelling constant shit and smelling a fresh, fermented fart straight from the source. The pure raw power and the strong potency was like nothing the teen had ever face before. He couldn?t believe something this powerful had been stewing away inside of this woman?s bowels.

A full minute later and the gas was still seeping out at a snail?s pace. Of course, that pace to Micheal was a baby hurricane. The tiny student was now panting and trying desperately not to faint as his body temperature continued to rise. It felt like being inside of an oven as it slowly got hotter and hotter. Micheal?s eyeballs were practically dead at this point as the intense heat and wind dehydrated them even through the closed eye lids. The boy?s lungs were still slowly decaying as less and less clean air travelled to the brain. In fact, the only gas that was actually making it the teenager mind was the toxic fumes he was being hit with. There was nothing he could do as his lungs were forced to inhale the gas, that gas was then dissolved into his blood and transported throughout his body. Like a neurotoxin, the gas slowly took over the boy?s body, crippling it from the inside out.

Micheal wondered what it must be like for his mother and father. Were they being thrown around now? Was it like an earthquake or a tornado to their shrunken forms? Is this the air they?ve been force to breath? Forced to live on for the rest of their lives?

2 full minutes later. Marissa finally clenched her sphincter shut, marvelling at just how long she was able to go with that. She couldn?t imagine what state her victim was in but could sense that he was still clearly alive, if not in great pain. Giving a small whiff, she recoiled at the smell of her own personal aroma, laughing at herself that this was the only thing Micheal could smell at the moment. His entire reality had been boiled down to the smell of her colon gas.

Micheal was in a land of illusion and pain as his mind tried to process what had happened. It was still being slowly poisoned by the woman?s fart causing it to slowly die. Parts of the teens brain had already began to fail, instead being replaced by the power of Miss Mayweather?s fumes. He was unable to remember many of his memories, instead only being able to remember the smell and feeling of her fart. His life as a student replaced instead with years and years of being tortured by the evil woman. His mind could no longer process reason or rationality but only the core, primal feeling of fear towards the super predator of Miss Mayweather. To him, she was now a terrifying beast. A lion ready to gobble him up. And like a mouse, he had nothing but animalistic fear towards her and reverence for her power.

The world began to shake and quiver once more as Miss Mayweather resumed her clenching. However, even though Micheal was now cooked in place like a ceramic pot he didn?t move towards the gaping hole. He remained still, trapped in the cacoon of crap around him.

Marissa felt that nothing was changing. No matter how hard she clenched her butthole the tiny boy didn?t move closer. She realized she must have dried up the shit around him so it was much harder to drag it into the centre of her browneye. She was about to give up and simply push him up there with her finger when another idea came to mind. A better way to end the game.

Getting down on her knees, Marissa laid down on her stomach. Giving her gut a few good rubs with her hand she was able to feel a thick snake slither along her colon. Her power intestinal muscled were able to easily move it towards her end even though it was almost as thick and hard as her intestine was wide. It was a goliath turd, one that would strike fear into the hearts of any man if they saw it at Micheal?s current size. Giggling to herself, she addressed her little victim.

?Okay, Micheal, I think it?s time we end this once and for all. You?ve played a long game but unfortunately you have no more family members to bet after this. Time to meet your family in your new home?

After this, she began to grunt and the turd began to fill up her rectum before sliding up towards her hole. She moaned in both pleasure and pain as the giant beast expanded her entire backside like a super-sized dildo. Eventually, the head poked out of her hole to meet it?s little morsel.

Micheal was still rather delirious and freaked out when gravity suddenly changed. Now the butt cheeks truly were his sky as they parted ever so suddenly to let in light. He imagined his tormentor must have been laying on her stomach at the moment.

The shrunken boy was even more afraid when the giant canyon, larger than any canyon on Earth, slowly expanded and began to open. He didn?t know if he could take another blast of hot, steaming gas and wished that this would all be over. However, what appeared from the depths of the beast was definitely not gas. A huge brown mass, larger than a mansion, arose from the dark abyss. To pushed the land aside with its great girth as it rose higher and wider until it was the size of a small town, then a large town, then a city. The dark brown monster was nothing less than a mega turd. So big it would put giant Russian body builders to shame with its size and it was coming out of the petite backside of a high school teacher.

To Micheal, it was nothing short of biblical. The beast rose higher, expanding further and further and it slowly got closer and closer to him. The weakened teen was unable to do anything but stare and horror and scream as it approached. He tried as hard as he could to pull away from the crusty brown shit that held him prisoner but it was no use. The dried shit would have been stronger than him if he were at full strength and right now he was weaker than a 6 year old girl.

He craned his neck to see the beast eclipse the light, sending the boy into darkness once more as the size sized turd slid over the tiny crevice he was trapped in. He was stuck inside of a miniscule wrinkle barely visible to the naked eye. So tiny that this wrinkle was the size of a canyon in its own right. And this goliath mass of human waste was therefore easily able to completely gobble it up. It pressed into the dried up crusted shit and absorbed it all, along with any shrunken teen boys who were trapped on that encrusted shit.

Marissa smiled as she felt her log of crap wash over the student. With a few tenses of her abdomen muscles, she felt as the snake halted its movement and slowly retreat back into her hole. It had eaten its meal and was now going back to its home to rest.

Micheal looked up into the sky as he was slowly dragged into the dark abyss. He looked to the horizon and saw as the woman?s sphincter gradually rose up into the sky until it was higher than he was. As he passed the barrier, he felt the intense heat and stench that he was now going to live with forever and whispered to himself-

?I?m sorry ? Brendon?

Marissa closed her eyes in content, happy to feel the life force of the naughty student enter his new home. She knew he was going to die since she hadn?t cast any protection spell on him to protect against her horrible gas or intense heat. No human could survive another human?s bowels without some magical help. He was destined to call her bowels his grave. It was only a matter of time.

Getting back up onto her feet, she place a hand back onto her lower gut and felt the beast of a turd slide back into place, tracing the life force of Micheal with her finger as he was pulled deeper and deeper inside. She raised her hands to perform the final part of the deal she made.

Brendon was getting off the bus he took to go home from school. He was super excited to tell his mom about the A+ he got on his assignment. He was always a good student and loved the smile she would get when he brought home good grades. Being only in 4th grade, his work wasn?t really that hard but it still meant so much to her when he made top of the class every month.

Opening the door to her room he was surprised to find that she wasn?t there. A tingle suddenly overtook his body as he dropped his grade card on the floor. In a split second he was thrown into a dark and steaming hot world. The boy threw up from the smell as he collapsed to his knees. Frightened, he tried to look around in the darkness for any sign of what might have happened.

?Mommy? ? Daddy?? He screamed into the void, hoping for any sign that he wasn?t along in this strange and terrifying world.

However, it turned out that he wasn?t as his call was met with a response. A response from the exact people he was after. In the distance, he watched as two dark figured quickly approached whom he instantly recognised as his parents. As his eyes adjusted to the dark he was able to make them out more clearly as she ran towards him.

?Brendon? His mother screamed, holding him tightly. The boy reciprocated the tight hug in fear.

The boy asked the same questions they did when they entered this hellhole but none of them were any closer to getting answers. However, it was clear to them that whatever this was had been affecting their family specifically. The trio then began their journey through the dark void to look for their last family member.

Marissa was so happy as she felt the last life force enter her upper colon. The entire family was now nice and safe nestled inside of her bowels. She was also happy that the last life force was so young and strong. A happy family, living within her. She couldn?t wait until they started breeding. She could grow an entire population dedicated to existing within her colon.

However, she had more pressing matters to attend to. Walking over to the desk, she stared down at her final victim. The whimpering and crying girl who was laying on her side holding her gut in pain looked up in fear and despair at her tormentor. Marissa smiled a deep, sinister smirk.

?So, little girl. Shall we finish this??
End Notes:
The final part (Clara's punishment) will probably be divided into two parts since it will be longer than Micheal's punishment
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