An Advernture of Small Importance by Shrunken Mazerunner

Warren wakes up and realizes that the world is so much bigger than he thought. But why is his room on a stranger's TV? And why are there tiny people in glass jars? Just what has Warren woken up to?!

I no longer have an desire to add to this story. It is being marked as completed. Be warned it is not finished.

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1. Anything Good On? by Shrunken Mazerunner

2. A change of channel by Shrunken Mazerunner

Anything Good On? by Shrunken Mazerunner

The blackness slowly lifted and feeling returned to my body. My head stung. My whole body felt like an over blown balloon. The world around me spun. I forced my arms under my body and pushed up. After a few unsure steps, I managed to stand up. One look around and I knew I was either high out of my mind, or something was very, very wrong.

Everything around me a gigantic. And when I say everything, I mean everything. The pink sofa miles behind me. The end table next to the sofa. The half-eaten bag of peanuts on the end table. All of that was giga sized. But that's not what scared me. What scared me was the fact that on the giant TV in front of me, was my room. I could still see my laptop with my half-written chapter on it, my glass of organ juice, and I could hear my alarm going off.

Before I had anytime to wonder what was going on, a distant sound caught my full attention. It wasn't a boom per se, but it was close. There was also a small tremor that shook the very tan carpeted ground beneath me. The noise got louder and the tremors stronger. I looked to my left. A place that could only have been the kitchen, when I heard another sound. It didn't take me long to figure out what it was. Someone was humming Body Moves by DNCE.

Suddenly a giant female figure filled the doorway. On her head was a pair of headphones, though I couldn't see a wire connecting them to anything. Her brown hair hung to her shoulders. She had a brown pair of glasses on. They appeared to be tilted to one side. Her eyes were closed as she hummed. She had on a t-shirt with an outline of Perry the Platypus. Just below the shirt I could make out a pair of blue panties. She had a large white bowl in one hand, and mug with the fossil of a T-rex in the other.

Her walk to the sofa was mesmerizing. She'd take a few steps then she'd stop, extend her arms all the way out, and swing her hips side to side. After that she'd give the duck lips and start walking like she was a model. She put the white bowl on the end table, and sat down. She pressed a button on the side of the headphones, and dropped them around her neck. She took a sip from the mug. Then she looked confused. Her head jerked down and locked on me. I just stood there too scared to move, and she stared back with her blue eyes for what felt like an eternity.

"Fuck." She finally said. Before I could even think she flew up throwing her mug to the side. She ran back into the kitchen. The mug landed in front of the sofa as its brown contents began to soak into the carpet. Before I knew it, she was back. This time though, she had a glass jar in her hands. Without saying a word, she picked me up, dumped me into the jar, and sealed it. She then held the jar up to her face the glass distorting her. Then she said in fast, quiet voice.

"I'll explain later. Just keep quiet, or you're going outside. Got it?" Scared out of my mind I gave a fast nod. She suddenly stood up and quickly walked back out into the kitchen. At first all I saw has Perry's bill, so I turned around. We went through the kitchen, and into a deep blue hallway. I looked up to get a look at her, but I couldn't see much except for the perforated lid of the jar. She opened a door on her left. Inside were lots of science-ie looking devices strewn about on various tables and shelves. On the table pushed up against the left wall though, was row upon row of glass jars. And I could only see into a few of them, but I saw a person inside each one. Most where either laying down or we balled up.

The giantess set me next to a jar containing a girl.

"Stay put" The giant woman said to me. "I'll be back in a few hours, then I'll explain everything." I didn't even have time to question it, before the door slammed shut, with her one the other side.

A change of channel by Shrunken Mazerunner

I stood in my glass jar, just trying to think straight. It wasn't long though before I heard the tink tink tink of someone tapping on glass.

"Hey, new guy!" I heard a female voice say. I turned around and saw the girl in the jar next to me pressed up against the side of her jar. She had emerald eyes, and short hair as black as a shadow. She had on a sweat shirt, that was many sizes too big, with the word Avon written in big gold letters. Pjs with snowflakes on them covered her legs.

"What's going on? How'd you get here?" She asked.

"I...I don't know." I said timidly.

"Well look, we have to get out of here, and you might just be the key." She way cut off by the guy in the jar next to her.

"Izzy. Knock it off." His voice was low and gruff. Though he only looked like he was in his early twenties. He was sitting with his legs pressed against his chest.

"Knock it off?!" Izzy said turning towards him. "What the hell for?"

"Cause if Fay hears you saying that crap, then she'll take you apart first. Not to mention that you're gonna make him snap."

"Take me apart? The fuck are you talking about?" He just shook he head.

"Listen sweet heart, oh and you too Mr. Surprise visit" He said looking at me. "Both of you are new. You don't know how Fayanna works. I've been stuck in this hell for almost six years, and I'm not even one of the oldest. Point is, we know Fay. We know how she works, and trust me, once you know you'll wish you were never even born." He lowered his head. Izzy started yelling at him to explain, but I didn't need an explanation. All I had to do was look out at some of the science equipment to get my answer.

"New guy!" Izzy yelled. I turned back to her. "Look no matter Grumpy Magee over here says, a few of us think that we can escape. Are you game?" My head was spinning. Too much was happening too fast.

"I don't know." I mumbled.

"What?" She said. "I didn't hear you."

"I! Don't! Fuck-ing know!" I yelled louder than I ever thought possible. Izzy backed off to the other side of her jar. "Look, Izzy it is I guess. I have no fucking idea what in the fuck is happening. Like an hour ago I was working on a new chapter for one of my books, then suddenly I'm in some giant's living room. And my fucking room is on the Goddamn TV? Then I'm suddenly thrown into this piece of shit jar and then I dropped of here with a bunch of people that I don't fucking know. One is pressuring me to escape, the other is fucking telling me that Fay, or whatever her fucking name is, is gonna open up our bodies for science. And all I want is to know what is going the fuck on for fucks sake!" I was heaving massive breathes. Izzy looked sad and slowly sat down.

"Told ya he was gonna snap." Said the other man. I took a seat too. This was a load of shit, and I knew it. I had to find out what was going on. We sat in silence for what felt like hours, before the door opened again and the giantess came back.

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